Nancy Pelosi is panicking after the corporate-controlled media gave her this devastating news

Nancy Pelosi is fighting to keep her endangered House majority.

Joe Biden’s failing regime is threatening to wipe out Democrats.

And Nancy Pelosi is panicking after the corporate-controlled media gave her this devastating news.

Nancy Pelosi is in the battle of her political life to try to hang on to her position as Speaker of the House.

The Midterm elections are shaping up to be a massive Republican wave.

Democrats only have a slim five seat advantage in the House.

Pelosi needs everything to go exactly right if she wants to keep the majority.

But her problems are piling up by the day.

Joe Biden has been an absolute disaster for the country and his failures are dragging down Democrats.

The Midterms will be a referendum on Biden’s first two years of constant blunders.

With Biden’s approval ratings deeply underwater, Democrats are in big trouble.

Now Pelosi has a new problem to deal with for the Midterm elections.

Even her voters aren’t thrilled with the Democrats’ disastrous control of government.

An ABC News poll found that Democrats have a massive enthusiasm problem heading into the Midterms.

They found that 55% of Republicans were very enthusiastic about voting in the election, compared to just 35% of Democrats.

This whopping 20% advantage is bigger than what some polls found for Republicans in the 2010 Tea Party wave.
Republicans are far more fired up to head to the polls than Democrats this year.

13% of Democrats said they’re not enthusiastic at all about voting in November, compared to just 5% of Republicans.

Even worse for Pelosi, only 23% of younger voters, a key demographic for Democrats, are enthusiastic about voting.

This huge enthusiasm gap is a five-alarm fire for Pelosi and Democrats.

Heading into a tough election, she needs as many Democrat voters to show up as possible to avoid a 2010 level wipe out.

Pelosi had to deal with constant infighting between the socialist wing of the Party, led by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and more moderate Democrats who represent swing districts.

This battle over how far Left to take the Biden agenda appears to have taken its toll.

Infighting combined with how much Democrats have screwed up the country has crushed the enthusiasm for Democrat voters.

The lack of enthusiasm can lead to a vicious cycle for the Party this fall.

Democrats know they’re in for a tough election, which kills their enthusiasm to turn out and vote.

This increases the chances they’ll get wiped out in November.

As the election looks worse and worse for Democrats, their enthusiasm drops.

With Biden unable to turn around his failing Presidency, there’s hardly any chance for things to get better for Pelosi, as gas prices and inflation keep increasing with no end in sight.

The lack of enthusiasm among Democrat voters could spell the end of the line for Nancy Pelosi’s reign as House Speaker.

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