Nancy Pelosi is reeling after suffering this humiliating impeachment setback

The Democrats’ impeachment witch hunt continues to implode before their very eyes.

Each day brings more bad news about the disastrous course of action House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has charted.

And now Nancy Pelosi is reeling after suffering this humiliating impeachment setback.

Democrats know impeachment has landed with a thud with the American people.

All polls show stalled or declining support for impeachment.

And in a desperate move, the House Judiciary scheduled a public hearing for Wednesday to try and make the legal case for impeachment.

Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler invited White House lawyers to participate, but in a scathing five-page letter, White House counsel Pat Cipollone blasted the proceeding as partisan and nonsensical.

Politico reports:

The White House informed House Democrats on Sunday that it will not participate in the Judiciary Committee’s first impeachment hearing, excoriating Democrats’ impeachment inquiry as a “baseless” and “partisan” exercise in scathing five-page letter to the panel’s chairman.

The decision indicates that President Donald Trump has listened to his allies and some congressional Republicans who argued that a White House presence at the hearing would validate a process they have harangued as illegitimate and partisan.

It also means Trump will lean heavily on his closest GOP allies on the panel — including Reps. Jim Jordan of Ohio, John Ratcliffe of Texas and Matt Gaetz of Florida — to mount an impeachment defense during the Judiciary panel’s first hearing on Wednesday featuring legal scholars.

“Under the current circumstances, we do not intend to participate in your Wednesday hearing,” White House Counsel Pat Cipollone wrote in a letter to Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.), adding that “an invitation to an academic discussion with law professors does not begin to provide the president with any semblance of a fair process.”

The main reason that the Democrats’ impeachment witch hunt has collapsed is because there is no bipartisan support from Republicans for a sham proceeding that provides the President no due process over a manufactured scandal.

President Trump and his lawyers’ refusal to participate in the Democrats’ kangaroo court will allow Republicans to rightly point out impeachment is nothing more than a partisan power grab by the Democrats.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



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  2. Dan, I am part of the sleeping giant and dreamed about the day this country would get a real President like Trump that would execute decisions in the best interest of Americans and not fall victim to the worthless establishment and thinking of the USA first rather than the other countries! We are so blessed having Donald Trump as our Leader!

  3. If believe that Russia did not convince Trump of Ukrainian conspiracy, just read the Russian press, they hail Putin as Trump’s puppet master, Trump is too stupid to see that he is being played by Russia and North Korea.

  4. Anyone who actually believes President Trump should respond to the snap of Pelosi’s skinny fingers don’t understand the law. First off, “Obstructing Congress.” Why don’t you put the shoe on the other foot. Can Congress “Obstruct the President?” They’ve done that since he first took Office!!! Congress HAS ADMITTED TO THAT MANY TIMES. This is Pelosi making a fool of herself, yet again. She’s brain dead.

  5. To funny , in 2016 the DemonRats had dead people from the grave yards voting , haha , also illegals by the hundreds of thousands . So Anthony , just Zip your lying pie hole , when it comes to blaming anyone for cheating . Because you communist liberals are the GUILTY party , when it comes to voter fraud . ” Liars ” , that’s the DemonRat Party of No Truths n No Facts !!

  6. Anthony,
    That is even dumber than anything Trump has said. The Constitution already states who can vote. Also, who is to determine who can be trusted to vote? Should it be a left wing liberal nutjob or a right wing racist? This is a democracy, and every dumbass in this country has the right to vote and believe their views are correct.

  7. Voter ID caused Trump to win as it disenfranchised millions. For example a hunting license is enough to vote but a driver’s license, proof of residence for decades and students’ aren’t good enough. If there was other voter fraud it has been Republican hacking the machines as they are close to the computer and software companies and they control way more than half the governors and legislatures and make the rules for voting and have limited voting days and hours. Every voting machine was and still is vulnerable to hacking. The very cases when people were caught with voting fraud, voting twice, losing ballots have been Republican operatives.

  8. Absolutely. Voter ID will significantly help prevent voter fraud. That’s why the Dems don’t want voter ID and claim it causes bias. B-A-L-O-N-E-Y. Lack of Voter ID is what caused Hillary to “win” the popular vote. Too bad it didn’t work for the crooked one.

  9. PEG
    Interesting – but who is supposed to decide that? I believe this is still a free country (though if the Democrats
    get their way we will all be serfs, paying 70 percent (earlier they were talking about 90 percent of our earnings to the govt. .

  10. I do agree with that. I think everyone should have to provide evidence that they have the right to vote in this country. Not just assume that they are who they say they are or that they belong to the United States.

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