Nancy Pelosi is reeling after suffering this humiliating impeachment setback

The Democrats’ impeachment witch hunt continues to implode before their very eyes.

Each day brings more bad news about the disastrous course of action House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has charted.

And now Nancy Pelosi is reeling after suffering this humiliating impeachment setback.

Democrats know impeachment has landed with a thud with the American people.

All polls show stalled or declining support for impeachment.

And in a desperate move, the House Judiciary scheduled a public hearing for Wednesday to try and make the legal case for impeachment.

Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler invited White House lawyers to participate, but in a scathing five-page letter, White House counsel Pat Cipollone blasted the proceeding as partisan and nonsensical.

Politico reports:

The White House informed House Democrats on Sunday that it will not participate in the Judiciary Committee’s first impeachment hearing, excoriating Democrats’ impeachment inquiry as a “baseless” and “partisan” exercise in scathing five-page letter to the panel’s chairman.

The decision indicates that President Donald Trump has listened to his allies and some congressional Republicans who argued that a White House presence at the hearing would validate a process they have harangued as illegitimate and partisan.

It also means Trump will lean heavily on his closest GOP allies on the panel — including Reps. Jim Jordan of Ohio, John Ratcliffe of Texas and Matt Gaetz of Florida — to mount an impeachment defense during the Judiciary panel’s first hearing on Wednesday featuring legal scholars.

“Under the current circumstances, we do not intend to participate in your Wednesday hearing,” White House Counsel Pat Cipollone wrote in a letter to Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.), adding that “an invitation to an academic discussion with law professors does not begin to provide the president with any semblance of a fair process.”

The main reason that the Democrats’ impeachment witch hunt has collapsed is because there is no bipartisan support from Republicans for a sham proceeding that provides the President no due process over a manufactured scandal.

President Trump and his lawyers’ refusal to participate in the Democrats’ kangaroo court will allow Republicans to rightly point out impeachment is nothing more than a partisan power grab by the Democrats.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


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  2. Dan, I am part of the sleeping giant and dreamed about the day this country would get a real President like Trump that would execute decisions in the best interest of Americans and not fall victim to the worthless establishment and thinking of the USA first rather than the other countries! We are so blessed having Donald Trump as our Leader!

  3. If believe that Russia did not convince Trump of Ukrainian conspiracy, just read the Russian press, they hail Putin as Trump’s puppet master, Trump is too stupid to see that he is being played by Russia and North Korea.

  4. Anyone who actually believes President Trump should respond to the snap of Pelosi’s skinny fingers don’t understand the law. First off, “Obstructing Congress.” Why don’t you put the shoe on the other foot. Can Congress “Obstruct the President?” They’ve done that since he first took Office!!! Congress HAS ADMITTED TO THAT MANY TIMES. This is Pelosi making a fool of herself, yet again. She’s brain dead.

  5. To funny , in 2016 the DemonRats had dead people from the grave yards voting , haha , also illegals by the hundreds of thousands . So Anthony , just Zip your lying pie hole , when it comes to blaming anyone for cheating . Because you communist liberals are the GUILTY party , when it comes to voter fraud . ” Liars ” , that’s the DemonRat Party of No Truths n No Facts !!

  6. Anthony,
    That is even dumber than anything Trump has said. The Constitution already states who can vote. Also, who is to determine who can be trusted to vote? Should it be a left wing liberal nutjob or a right wing racist? This is a democracy, and every dumbass in this country has the right to vote and believe their views are correct.

  7. Voter ID caused Trump to win as it disenfranchised millions. For example a hunting license is enough to vote but a driver’s license, proof of residence for decades and students’ aren’t good enough. If there was other voter fraud it has been Republican hacking the machines as they are close to the computer and software companies and they control way more than half the governors and legislatures and make the rules for voting and have limited voting days and hours. Every voting machine was and still is vulnerable to hacking. The very cases when people were caught with voting fraud, voting twice, losing ballots have been Republican operatives.

  8. Absolutely. Voter ID will significantly help prevent voter fraud. That’s why the Dems don’t want voter ID and claim it causes bias. B-A-L-O-N-E-Y. Lack of Voter ID is what caused Hillary to “win” the popular vote. Too bad it didn’t work for the crooked one.

  9. PEG
    Interesting – but who is supposed to decide that? I believe this is still a free country (though if the Democrats
    get their way we will all be serfs, paying 70 percent (earlier they were talking about 90 percent of our earnings to the govt. .

  10. I do agree with that. I think everyone should have to provide evidence that they have the right to vote in this country. Not just assume that they are who they say they are or that they belong to the United States.

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  12. The voting process does need some changes to it , just like California had 1,500,000 ILLEGAL votes for Hillary , what about other states? people voting more than once and the dead to. I D should be a requirement.

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  15. And anyone wanting to rewrite the Constitution should not be trusted to vote either . This document was written to define our rights and protect them just as our voting system was designed to provide fairness and prevent a few populous regions from negating the votes of a majority of less populous areas . That is that major cities can not negate rural areas . If anything people with your mentality should be prevented from voting . However that is not how America works . Like all leftists , Hillary and most Democrats blame the system not their message or their intent . There are to many leftists out there who are only interested in power and money that power gives them access to . We had a president who did not have dime one to his name prior to being elected . This individual was one of the worst Presidents in our history yet left office with millions . Enough to buy a multi million dollar home in DC and only recently a even more expensive home at Martha’s Vineyard and taking luxury trips around the world . Another ex-President left the White House claiming that they were broke . Yet this same ex-President bought a mansion on Long Island and has a Multi-Million Dollar charitable Foundation that garners millions in donations yet seems to hand out little to charity . This same 1st couple also tried to remove furnishings belonging to the White House along with assorted door hardware when they left And were made to put it back . Both of these persons were 2Term Presidents and both were Democrats . One abused his office by philandering with a White House intern . The other abused the power of the office and degraded our nation every chance he got as well as belittling the people telling them that they “didn’t build that” People need to see a President who works hard to build up the nation and encourage the people to help make the nation strong . But to many see only what they wish to see due to dislike of the President because he is the President .

  16. “If people can’t be trusted to make the correct vote”

    “The constitution needs to protect this country from men like”

    Spoken like a true leftist. If you want to know who this men are, I have a mirror I’d be glad to give you.

  17. And Mark, group home people can’t help the way they are and these stupid Dems should know better, but don’t. Really disgusting.

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  19. Having a free country is nice but not when it comes to voting. If people can’t be trusted to make the correct vote then they should not be allowed to vote. The constitution needs to be rewritten with a new amendment specifically dealing with voting and who should be allowed to vote. If we had that then Trump would have never been elected and America wouldn’t be on the road to destruction. The constitution needs to protect this country from men like Trump ever getting into political office.

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  24. If the polls are truly low for impeachment is just shows there are too many confused people that should not even be allowed to vote because they they’re too stupid.
    A man like Trump should never have been elected in the first place but now that he is caught red handed committing crimes and colluding with foreign governments means he needs to be removed from office immediately. There needs to be constraints and conditions on voting in this country to stop this from ever happening again.

  25. one sad part of this is these IDIOTS are making laws in this country. Their level of Intelligence is so low I’m surprised they can walk and breath at the same time. I’ve seen smarter people from a group home riding the SHORT bus.

  26. You keep saying that to yourself mary.nothing but absolute lies from you.its eating your insides and I love it

  27. Yep. Reality can be humiliating for dementocraps. Saw chucky todd Sunday squealing and contorting his face and body like some demonic being being subjected to the Light at the mere mention by Rep Kennedy of dementocraptic involvement with the Ukrainians in trying to discredit trump in the 2016 election. Had a picture of Putin and a “confidential secret confession” at the ready which he put up on the screen to make teledopey’s believe it was a secret plan by Putin to plant the Ukrainian story and deflect scrutiny from the Russkies. I seem to remember some sort of 40 million dollar two year “investigation” which turned up zero evidence of “collusion” between trump and the Russkies. ZERO. Not even a hint. Yet chucky screams with his voice becoming a squeal at the mention of Ukraine. Oh how I love to watch these moronic criminally insane try to cover up their malfeasance with lies upon lies. If all else fails they can always count upon the complicit media to bury the story and the teledopey public to forget. They always do.

  28. Yeah. It’s really “imploding.” You know 45 is owned by Russia. If he wasn’t, he would have gleefully waved any evidence he had clearing him in her face a long time ago. But he doesn’t he doesn’t have anything to clear him. You’re supporting a traitor and you know it. Apparently “Make America Great Again” is to make the US subservient to Russia.

  29. Dumbocraptic Congress is broken. If the dumbocraps want to save their pathetic partisan party they better start cleaning house. Literally

  30. Trump will win 45 states in 2020, Eric Trump will win 47 states in 2024, Ivanka Trump will win ALL 49 STATES IN 2032. California will no longer be a state in 2032.?

  31. Amen to that. And she is trying to outlaw President Trumps give away of his appreciation of the caps,tokens,and coins and other things to keep him from thanking the people for there support, If I were able and could afford it I would buy a lot of them for myself and family and friends. I think the whole crooked lot is jealous of President Trump and they want to take over the united States to run it like they want to. If they do get in we all need to be aware that we will be a bigger communist country that ever was formed. So if this is what you want go ahead an vote them in but you will be sorry in the long run. I for one will vote for President Trump again. And if it were possible I’d vote for him a third time if he could run. This one last thing look what he had to put up with when he took office from oboma and clenton. I pray that we get him in again he has done wonders for our Country with what he had to work with.And one more thing what did oboma do withe our raises for the first two years he was in office. I personally think he put it in his pocket. Thank you all for letting me vent my thought with you. GOD BLESS each of you and please think before you vote for the pelois and her cohorts.GOD PLEASE BE WITH US THROUGH THIS and let the right person get into the White house. in Jesus sweet name Amen.

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  34. Historians will regard this as the most boneheaded, diabolical, and infantile procedure ever hatched in the US congress. It will mark this as the beginning of the end for a major political party as well as the race to expose the hidden hands behind it. All this will culminate in Donald Trump’s reelection who will go on to be regarded as one of America’s greatest presidents.

  35. Nancy Pelosi is very busy..she’s is Spain babbling aboutbrimg back the Paris Climate accord, after the Democrats take control of the White House in 2020..obviously undermining the current administration. She is of the mistaken impression that she, somehow gets to establish our countries policies. Now that she’s had her little photo Op, she’ll spend the rest of her time in Spain shopping and eating lavish meals in expensive resorts ..ALL ON THE AMERICAN TAX PAYERS MONEY. The witch needs to be throw out of office..NOW!

  36. This is the first time that one political party said to the other political party “HERE IS THE PRESIDENTUAL ELECTION ON A SILVER PLATTER.”

  37. The demoncraps will have a melt down when President Trump and the entire republican party are a no show at the farce of a hearing. The American people will see how much time and money the Dems wasted.

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  39. Get on some meds! Why would you want those vile democrats in office?! Have you ever taken the time to stop watching those lying media idiots and do your own research? Those devils are lying to you about our president! They want to take your rights away!

  40. Julio,Julio,
    See that’s what everyone is concerned about, no matter what Trump does for this Country,
    It’s wrong and he is a monster, well just let me ask you one question Since the last election, what pray tell has the Democrats done for this country besides spending our MONEY for nothing.

  41. Polls matter to the Democrats so they can decide how much vot and voter fraud they can get away with without looking too corrupt.

  42. Trump is for the AMERICAN PEOPLE! DEMOCRAT ARE FOR BIG PHARMA! Just for you to know BIG PHARMA are very wealthy people who control the Democrat congress in the HOUSE!

  43. Now that the in peach mint is going back to Nutlickers team we all should be really worried that they might succeed. NOT! They really hate us deplorables. Love it!!

  44. Real M look out for two trolls called Anthony and truth and facts. They are beyond crazy. They see their hopes and dreams go up in smoke. One wants to cancel our right to vote if we support Trump. And I thought Diane was crazy.

  45. Why do democrats care what the polls say? If democrats think Trump has broken any laws then they should vote on that and not worry about the polls.
    What judge would ever say “Before I rule on this case I need to take a poll”
    No judge or jury should ever consider public opinion in any case for any reason.
    Because the polls matter so much to the democrats it just shows us that this whole impeachment scam has nothing to do with breaking laws, and everything to do with playing politics.

  46. I’m thinking that we need a NEW political party to replace the Democrats, a party much more dedicated to the people’s business than the Democrats seem willing to be.


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