Nancy Pelosi is staring the most embarrassing defeat of her life in the face

Democrats reached their do or die moment on impeachment.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi teed up two articles of impeachment Democrats believe will present the best case possible to remove Donald Trump from office.

But Nancy Pelosi just found out she is staring the most embarrassing defeat of her life in the face.

Democrats have drafted two narrowly defined articles of impeachment making phony allegations that Donald Trump abused his power and obstructed justice in the Ukraine hoax.

Pelosi knew no Republicans would support the fully partisan and paper thin articles of impeachment against President Trump, so she ordered the Judiciary Committee to craft articles of impeachment that would minimize Democrat defections.

But Nancy Pelosi got some bad news on that front.

The Washington Post reports:

House Democratic leaders are bracing for some defections among a group of moderate Democrats in swing districts who are concerned a vote to impeach President Trump could cost them their seats in November.

Lawmakers and senior aides are privately predicting they will lose more than the two Democrats who opposed the impeachment inquiry rules package in late September, according to multiple officials who spoke on the condition of anonymity to talk frankly. Two senior Democratic aides said the total could be as many as a half-dozen, while a third said the number could be higher.

Predictions about some defections come as a core group of centrists from districts Trump won in 2016 are having second thoughts. While many knew impeachment would never be popular in their GOP-leaning districts, some have been surprised that support hasn’t increased despite negative testimony about Trump from a series of blockbuster hearings last month.

No Republicans supporting the articles of impeachment and a handful of Democrats rejecting them is a humiliating defeat for Pelosi.

Pelosi is known as a party leader that enforces strict discipline.

But on the single biggest vote in the House, Speaker Pelosi will suffer her most embarrassing setback yet when facing bipartisan opposition to impeachment.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Ad Schiff, Nancy pelosi,jerry nadler,ad Maxine waters, Barack Obama the muslim communist, Bernie Sanders, all Dem POTUS candidates, George Soros,both his sons & over 250 anti-American organizations he runs, John Kerry. The list goes on & on.

  2. After what Schiff and Nadler have PUBLICALLY done over the last few months, THIS will embarrass Pelosi?? First of all, THAT doesn’t bother me in the least, second the CHARGES they’ve put forth is REALLY embarrassing, lastly~~they just had a Dem SWITCH PARTIES…nuff said

  3. seems to me the demonrats aren’t accustomed to working within constitutional values. The office they held was strictly used for bending rules, monetary gains, power, & notoriety. Once achieved, they thought of themselves as ELITISTS –with the ability to pass laws aimed at controlling the smelly peons under them. If you do not agree with them, you are a smelly peon

  4. Hey, just because two dem house members are leaving the party, and now a bunch more are voting against impeachment, doesn’t mean anything. Stop trying to confuse the poor shmekle with facts. His head might explode.

  5. Redfag likes to put things in its rectum. It has a Coke bottle and some green army men in it right now. Seems they got stuck in that stinkeye. It loves looking at pics of Big Mike, and ramming objects in.

  6. I agree, to a point. But most will tell you what you want to hear, with zero intention of ever following through. We need to get rid of career politicians. And, any law they pass for us, must also apply to them. If President Trump wants them to start doing the right thing, he should draft an executive order that would make con gress people have the same insurance they make us have. And no more voting themselves a pay raise.

  7. Sure hope so. I tead that nadler has Personal vendetta against The president, so i don’t believe he should even be in this mess of trying to take the president down

  8. You’re assuming that their deluded constituents will vote them out?

    Not to mention that Schumer isn’t up for reelection in 2020. Neither New York senator is.

  9. Yeah, you mean like the oh so diverse dems are? Please. I’m laughing so hard, I blew one. You know, the democrap mating call.

  10. The article forgot about the two dem house members that are leaving the party altogether. Man, is that a smackdown. Keep it up Nancy, and maybe we can get more defectors on our side. What schmucks.

  11. Their hatred of President Donald Trump is the most important detail of this absurd impeachment charge and they think that is enough without any evidence that warrants it. They hate that he is bringing the economy to the greatest point in recent history, trying to stop illegals ( their voters) from just coming into our country committing crimes including murders and the liberal Democrats turn them loose to kill again. Trump has changed the way our country has been taken advantage of with trade deals, so that we the people are getting the best deals and not letting all these countries push us to accept the absurd deals. Maybe it’s because of the favors and corruption on the part of the Swamp they have gotten in the past ! This is all leading to the point of that we need TERM LIMITS so that these liberal democrats pushing impeachment don’t think they have superior power to do what they want and screw our people and country for their benefit. Stay strong Mr. President ( my president) and continue to bring our country back to the greatness we have had in the past ! And thank YOU and your family, especially the First Lady, for enduring the absurd treatment that all of you have endured and don’t deserve !!


  13. It is so edifying to read some of the comments being made. It is quite an education to see just how “low you can go” in chiding the other person. What ever happened to “love they neighbor as thyself?” Oh well I guess that’s life in the 21st Century. Have a very Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year.

  14. The Wicked Witch of the West is vodka-soaked, leftist lying Pelosi who is elected by the granola people (nuts, fruits, and flakes) of California. We can put her in a minority. All sound-minded citizens need to vote to save this republic. Pray, volunteer to campaign, become poll watchers, volunteer to transport like-minded conservatives to vote.

  15. The fact that Donald Trump and legislators supportive of his presidency might not be allowed to call witnesses in his favor is a sleight against the Constitution of the United States.

  16. Michael I am quite sure you are wrong you we may not get a conviction or a remove him but by god we are going to impeach him. So STFU and sit down while we do we are not in a NAZI FACIST Republithug state yet.

  17. I agree with your sentiment, but we get a say every election cycle. We keep sending the same halfwits to represent us. We have the government we deserve.

  18. I agree compleatly Term limits would help but you will never get past anyone already they will fight to protect their power seats. they already vote themselves pay raises with out the people having any say in that.

  19. While Dems.and Reps.are acting like kids,they seem to be blind to the fact that the on the verge of taking over the U.S.and will try to take over the politics of our great nation to take our guns and hang us out to dry….wake up Americans,and get the U.N.out of our country….don’t argue;get out and vote the American way…..we won’t lose the election;we will lose the U.S.

  20. We’re game on the right. If you can get any death cultist you’ve aptly described to the table, we’ll talk.

    Good luck with that!

    (They don’t want to talk, not one damned one of them.)

  21. Scott, your stupidity shows every time you post. Why do you come here and make a fool of yourself? The media is out to get Pres. Trump just as the dem party is. They do not care about facts any more than you do. Take your sick hate somewhere else

  22. The only “crime” President Trump has committed is to not be one of them. The Washington insider like pelosi schiff nadler schumer and the rest of the swamp creatures. He wants to fundamentally change how Washington DC operates and hold accountable not only those elected to office but also the bureaucrats who are running everything and ruining our country. These bureaucrats believe they are in charge and we should all be grateful that, these unelected operatives, are willing to take charge of our government. The swamp creatures, both elected and appointed, truly believe that our country wouldn’t exist and thrive without them. President Trump believes, with proper leadership and following the will of the people, we can become even greater than we already are , despite the opposition from the career politicians and the bureaucrats currently there now. We need more public servants like President Trump. Those who aren’t concerned about being politically correct, as defined by the minority fringe groups that constantly whine about our great country,The United States of America’s. President Trump is more concerned about results and doing what it takes to enable us to work to Make America Great, despite the Democratic Communist Party and bureaucratic attempts to weaken us and turn us into a third world country

  23. A President is being impeached on the flimsiest grounds who’s primary crime from the Democrat party perspective is winning the election over one of, if not most flawed candidates to ever obtain the Democrat nomination: HRC. There is a pattern and it is an evil one. All over the nation the student bodies of colleges and universities want to ban “Free Speech” because the students have defined all speech they dislike as essentially “Hate Speech” and it must be banned and they will act out violently to prevent anyone from hearing it. We have enclaves of cities in California providing sanctuary for criminals (some violent) and others illegal aliens to prevent their apprehension under the law. In Virginia citizens are turning out in droves not to break the law but in defense from their State government attempting to (without Constitutional amendment) cancelling the protections for citizens to lawfully bear arms. We are facing more than the re-election of a President we are facing the complete dissolution of our Republic, and the rule of law. The States of our nation became the United States by agreement to the principles of its founding documents. If we the people abandon the principles those documents foundational to protecting our freedoms will no longer have any power over us or for us as a nation. We must agree to be allowed to disagree. We must not elevate our disagreements to unrestrained hate and violence and we must begin to work out our differences via civil discourse or we are doomed to fulfilling our own destruction.

  24. Lay off the hallucinogenics you steaming puddle of Feces! You do NOT even qualify as human!.
    Finish Elementary school so you can spell well enough to communicate with humans….

  25. Trump butt bumps only my mindon my lawn with the greezy head moms like mine.hahahahaha black stupid people evil white ruining our country says trump butt bumps hahahahaha

  26. With a secret ballot the number would be really high!!! It is so pathetic…remember the poor dem who actually stood up during the first state of the union address….only to look around and slowly sink/slink back in to his seat????????

  27. Dont ya love the way the Democrats try to fix the election by trying to impeach trump so he can’t win . And blame him of fixing the election at the same time while not having real proof of it . Isn’t that fixing the election ? But then they been doing that all the time and still lost the last election . Trump in 2020 … get used to it

  28. Question? Who hates America more today than Benedict Arnold, Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin, and Fidel Castro? Answer: Hillary Clinton.

  29. Too bad Dershowitz doesn’t agree with you are obsessed,you have tds and everyone sees it.tine to grow up

  30. Nancy should call the Capitol Police and just turn herself. Schiffty, and Nadler in for sedition and treason, and lying to Congress and the American people. Don’t come back to California Nancy, your not welcome here any more.By the way your nephew the Gov. Is going to need a new place to live too.

  31. You need to have your cable cut you psychotic computer that was programmed racist against Whites, I do hope someone tracks you down and does just that.

  32. The worst humiliation that the United States has ever suffered was during the Clinton and Obama administrations! America was tired of all the corruption and treason in our government when Donald Trump came along. Everyone that voted for him knew, up front, that he was not a politician and that he came with baggage. Still, we placed our hopes in him and, to this very day, he has lived up to his promises. His only setbacks have been orchestrated by the Democrats. In 2020 you will see just how many Americans support our President as Democrat after Democrat is voted out of office. Many of those that are currently in office, most likely, will face corruption and treason charges! So, you might want to reconsider who you back and why.

  33. And I’m guessing you also believe the world is flat, Old Sailor. Read that transcript again. And there is no fake media… only media you don’t like.

  34. If the commiecrats use impeachment to over turn elections, then our Republic is Ben Franklin said: “you have a Republic if you can keep it!!”

  35. I agree Sandra.Pelosi is something else. She even admits they have been trying to get President Trump out of office for over two years. This is a circus of horrors. President Trump you will prevail. You’re a tough guy, you have to be to run a country. But I see a man with a kind heart too. Thank you President Trump for signing the executive order on animal cruelty. You care about what the people care about. You are a man among men. Trump 2020!!!!

  36. Another brainwashed lib that believes what the media tells him. I’m guessing you have never read the transcript. Neither of the articles of impeachment list a single crime the President committed. Try thinking for yourself and do some research. You won’t look so stupid the next time.

  37. No, YOU need to remove YOUR blinders, and, take the WAX out of YOUR ears and start thinking for yourself not listening to all the CRAP the Dems keep peddling!

  38. “You are so right, Mary. Trump’s phone call was certainly less than perfect…”

    I keep hearing conservatives say this. What was wrong with it?

    Asking them to look into Crowdstrike and Ukrainian interference in the 2016 election?

    Asking them to investigate an actual quid pro quo by a sitting VP?

    Come on, be specific. What was wrong with the call?

  39. Did you read the transcript? Trump didn’t mention Biden. Zelensky mentioned him. Trump said something to the effect of I heard about that. You should probably look into that. He didn’t ask Ukraine to investigate the Bidens as the fake media keeps saying.

  40. They won’t realize it until they’re laying in a courtyard with a boot on their necks. It’s just sad that everyone else will have to pay for their stupidity.

  41. They won’t realize it until they’re laying in a courtyard with a boot on their necks. It’s just sad that everyone else will have to pay for their stupidity.

  42. Hate drives liberals. Evil drives liberals. Envy drives liberals. Greed drives liberals. Lust drives liberals. Gluttony drives liberals. Selfishness drives liberals.

    When your life is dominated by Satan, all of that negative works it’s way from inside you and crawls up and sits on your face.

    That’s why liberals look so ugly all the time.

    Don’t be a liberal



  45. You’re a clown. You can’t name one credible action that Trump has taken as President that even begins to approach a crime or is unconstitutional. Name the crime. Be specific. Name the credible witnesses. come on clown.

    You obviously don’t even know what the constitution says or means. Here, I’ll prove it.

    Where does the constitution stand on the following, activist courts not with standing.
    Gay marriage

    I’m fascinated to learn how much you don’t know.

  46. The President did nothing wrong to the constitution Scott . But it was to the constitution for “the witnesses “ got their info from time magazine or hear say? Oh and it’s constitutional to say they’ve never met the President but they heard? And it’s constitutional for the republicans not allowed to cross exam ask questions? And it’s constitutional for Biden as vp to tell Ukraine he’s holding funds unless someone gets fired because of corruption? But it’s not constitutional for the President of the United States to not be concerned about corruption and corruption within the Democratic Party for a Vice Presidents son working for a corrupt business in Ukraine getting 50,000 a month ?! Wrong it is his right! No weapons were with held fact!! Fact the communist party has wanted President Trump our since day one.

  47. Please explain to me, when did they change the definition of high crimes and misdemeanors. Every single President has done what these ” Congress people ” have charged President Trump with.

  48. The thing that amazed me is today, when they accused Mitch . M of not taking this seriously, shiffty already leaked all the negative information he could find, so what new information do they have to spend time to talk about, and if they prefer a longer trial, do they want Vinman to be required under oath to answer those questions that Shifty wouldn’t let him answer, to tell who he passed information on too,Next have Shifty under oath to refuse to answer and charged with Obstruction, I don’t think they do, by the way I am a registered Democrat, but almost embarrassed to say so, ,give the people the facts. Sadly not the twist the news , I know which they seem to think they need to do, WE Don’t need your opinion unless you list it as your opinion and not fact, don’t pretend you know so much more .Vinman will throw Shifty and the operative under the bus as well at the thoughts of losing his retirement,

  49. Julio.. how so? Please do tell since the Democrats are unable to produce their own so-called evidence because they don’t have any..the impeachment started out as quid pro quo then it turned a bribery and then neither one of those even wound up in the articles of impeachment anyway because they have nothing that’s why they keep changing it retard

  50. Yes agreed Mary but for Nadler to say he doesn’t want the American people to vote him in because he’s a dictator! Al Greene, Schiff, Nadler, and Pelosi have said they won’t stop trying to impeach. When the Democratic Party wants to take over the elections isn’t there a word for that? I believe it’s called communism! They don’t have ANYONE in their party that is for what America stands for and our constitution. This will never stop unless someone can figure a legal way to get the 4 out!

  51. She owes this to her poor mother whose mot embarrassing defeat of her life was the day Nancy was born. Besides she should be used to embarrassing, She experiences it every time she opens her mouth.

  52. Scott 27.. the tragic thing here is for you to honestly believe that they don’t have to prove any wrongdoing the only thing they have proved wrong doing by is Democrats themselves.. take Joe Biden for example or the rest of Obama’s administration the just got busted in a whole lot of stuff of wrongdoings and criminal activities.. what’s sad is you delusional fools think it’s okay to flip the script on a duly elected president of United States because you’re still butthurt because Hillary Clinton was supposed to win Hillary Clinton is the one that helped rig the election only no foreign interference can interfere with the electoral college they forgot that key part as you do. The Senate can hold an actual trial and he can defend himself by declassifying all kinds of stuff that will get a whole lot of other people in trouble. But this is all the Democrats do they’re delusional little hoaxes against a duly elected president knighted states digs up more dirt on themselves not the president, fool

  53. You are so right, Mary. Trump’s phone call was certainly less than perfect but not bad enough to have him impeached and certainly not enough to have him removed from office. He should not have mentioned the stupid Bidens in his phone call to the Ukrainian President. Some idiotic Democratic congress people said “Trump was afraid of Biden who was ahead of him in the polls.” That is complete nonsense. Trump has nothing to fear from Joe Biden, who was the butt of Johnny Carson jokes for weeks back in the day for plagiarizing somebody else’s words in a speech. Biden is the man who said, “I regret that I have but one life to give for my country.

  54. What negative testimony? The only negatives were against the Dems who stupidly can’t even put into the articles, those charges for which they started these hearings. They are psychopaths. Psychopaths lie and lie and lie and manipulate people with no remorse. That defines Pelosi and Nadler and Schiff. They, along with Strozk and Comey’s Homies, will all go down in history right next to Benedict Arnold.

  55. So true. What have the Democrats done to improve anything for anyone of any race? We’ll wait for you to think of something that Nancy has done for the betterment of her constituents!

  56. All of the Democrats have committed Extorsion. They have not done the job they were hired to perform. They have been collecting the tax payers money while not performing the tasks they were supposed to have done. Instead they have in my own opinion committed extorsion!

  57. Although they the Democrats voted to move forward to a vote in the house it will be interesting to see if they get the vote. Does not matter will not go pass the Senate and President Trump will be re-elected.

  58. If not for the White Man, you would still be living in a TeePee and shooting each other with a Bow and arrow while dry humping Buffalo over a cliff to their death.

  59. It’s a humiliating defeat for the United States Constitution. Had they looked the other way, or as in the case of most of you here, been brainwashed to the point of thinking nothing was wrong, we would have let the Constitution drift away without a fight as we will do when the Senate takes no action. You people are so weak minded you don’t realize what you’re doing. That is beyond tragic for this country, for each of you as well as me, and most importantly for our children and grandchildren. And you don’t realize it.

  60. Whatever happens to Nancy Pelosi she has brought down on herself. That she and her party faithful will grow more desperate as the 2020 elections come close shows in all the interviews they give on tv shows; and what a comedy of errors. Pelosi and her mob have dug their own graves. Let them lie in it.

  61. This impeachment is all just BS . Our president did nothing wrong . While the true law breakers go free like Obama, The Clinton’s, Shaffer and a lot of others . President Trump gets put through this witch hunt . When Pelosi said that no one is above the law did she not stop and think of the criminal activity that she and the others have committed . I thank all of them should be put on trial and removed from office .

  62. julio, PROVE IT!!!!! YOU CAN’T!!!!!! Please tell us ONE THNG that Pres. Trump has done to earn impeachment. Just one. You CAN’T! Pres. Trump has done nothing wrong. He has done a lot of good for this country. But since you hate this country so much you are free to leave. Please do

  63. Looks like MAYBE you went all the way to Third Grade. With any luck you‘ll have your GED by the time you’re 50! Typical Democrat!

  64. Nancy Pelosi WILL be retiring after the 2020 Election, when the Democrats LOSE the House by a large margin. She will slither away like the SNAKE that she is, and will forever be remembered as the Speaker of the House who TRIED to impeach one of the country’s most effective presidents in American history, but FAILED MISERABLY! Be GONE, you wicked witch, or we’ll drop the whole House on you!

  65. Nancy Pelosi DOES NOT CARE ANYMORE. She is on her way out. With a Pocket Full of CASH. She was PAID WELL for her TREASONOUS BEHAVIOR. LOO, this TRAITOR is doing EXACTLY what she was PAID TO DO. (Impeach Trump.) She will go down in HISTORY as a TRAITOR and a LOOSER. And a HORRIBLE example to young women everywhere. Ugggg. (I CHEERED WHEN TRUMP DENIED HER AIR FORCE PRIVLEDGES!!!!! YEA!!!)

  66. Nancy Pelosi is not intelligent enough to be embarrassed. While San Francisco is turning to s**t under her “leadership” and representation. She’ll just take another pull off of her bottle and blame someone else.

  67. Julio you made the crazy statement, Now prove it with some facts. Just how can some one earn impeachment? I have been on earth over 90 years and have found that the Liberal Democrats are slime, who fill their pockets with Payola at the expense of the People.Just what have the these Slime Democrats done? They have put in place over 400 Federal Agencies which now Rule and and I mean RULE and you have no rights. Just who approved Slavery, the KKK, Jim Crow laws, the Trail of Tears when the force marched Native Indians to move hundreds of miles and many die along the way or placed Citizens in concentration camps, stole their money & property? The Democrats that who and that is not the only dirty deed they have done. They allow the Pharmaceuticals to buy the FDA to approve poison drugs that murder over 100,000 people each year just so that they can get their palms greased with Payola. I ask one thing that you really do your research before you make more Stupid Statements. WW2 veteran who loves his Country the USA.

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