Nancy Pelosi is staring the most embarrassing defeat of her life in the face

Democrats reached their do or die moment on impeachment.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi teed up two articles of impeachment Democrats believe will present the best case possible to remove Donald Trump from office.

But Nancy Pelosi just found out she is staring the most embarrassing defeat of her life in the face.

Democrats have drafted two narrowly defined articles of impeachment making phony allegations that Donald Trump abused his power and obstructed justice in the Ukraine hoax.

Pelosi knew no Republicans would support the fully partisan and paper thin articles of impeachment against President Trump, so she ordered the Judiciary Committee to craft articles of impeachment that would minimize Democrat defections.

But Nancy Pelosi got some bad news on that front.

The Washington Post reports:

House Democratic leaders are bracing for some defections among a group of moderate Democrats in swing districts who are concerned a vote to impeach President Trump could cost them their seats in November.

Lawmakers and senior aides are privately predicting they will lose more than the two Democrats who opposed the impeachment inquiry rules package in late September, according to multiple officials who spoke on the condition of anonymity to talk frankly. Two senior Democratic aides said the total could be as many as a half-dozen, while a third said the number could be higher.

Predictions about some defections come as a core group of centrists from districts Trump won in 2016 are having second thoughts. While many knew impeachment would never be popular in their GOP-leaning districts, some have been surprised that support hasn’t increased despite negative testimony about Trump from a series of blockbuster hearings last month.

No Republicans supporting the articles of impeachment and a handful of Democrats rejecting them is a humiliating defeat for Pelosi.

Pelosi is known as a party leader that enforces strict discipline.

But on the single biggest vote in the House, Speaker Pelosi will suffer her most embarrassing setback yet when facing bipartisan opposition to impeachment.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



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