Nancy Pelosi is trying to save her job with this one desperate move

Nancy Pelosi knows her day running the House could be coming to a close.

But she’s got some tricks up her sleeves to hang on to control.

Now Nancy Pelosi is trying to save her job with this one desperate move.

Thanks to the disastrous policies of Joe Biden and the Democrats, Americans are being crushed with record high gas prices.

With the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the situation is only going to get worse.

Russian oil imports are being cut as part of sanctions against the country.

Thanks to Biden’s radical Green New Deal agenda, imports of Russian oil have doubled during his time in office.

Los Angeles became the first major city to hit an average price of $6 per gallon.

Industry analysts say that could be coming to the rest of the country.

This is turning into a political crisis for Democrats in an election year.

A recent poll from ABC showed that 70% of respondents disapproved of how Biden has handled gas prices.

Other polls have also shown that voters are putting the blame for the crisis squarely on Biden’s shoulders.

With the Midterm elections coming up, Nancy Pelosi is turning to a desperate political stunt to try to cling to power.

California Democrat Representative Mike Thompson, John Larson of Connecticut, and Lauren Underwood of Illinois are pushing the Gas Rebate Act of 2022.

This bill would give Americans a $100 monthly rebate – and $100 per dependent – for every month in 2022 that the national average price of gas was $4 or more per gallon.

“Americans are feeling the impact at the pump of Vladimir Putin’s illegal invasion of Ukraine, and right now we must work together on commonsense policy solutions to ease the financial burden that my constituents are feeling,” Thompson said.

“The Putin Price Hike is putting strain on our economy, and I am proud to be working with Representatives Larson and Underwood to introduce this legislation to provide middle-class Americans with monthly payments to ease the financial burden of this global crisis,” he continued.

This is a shameless political stunt designed to save House Democrats’ endangered majority.

Pelosi has tried every excuse to take the heat off of Democrats.

She’s blamed Big Oil for “price gouging,” and is now trying to blame it all on Putin.

But voters aren’t buying these excuses, so she’s trying to buy them off instead.

Democrats are hoping that some quick cash will make voters forget that they caused gas prices to skyrocket.

Even worse, a debt-financed cash giveaway like this would only make inflation soar.

Democrats will try anything instead of solving the problem they caused.

Pelosi has killed any efforts in the House to unleash American energy.

This becomes the latest election year stunt involving gas prices.

Vulnerable Senate Democrats have been pushing to conveniently suspend the federal gas tax until right after the election.

With no end in sight to high gas prices, more shameless political stunts could be on the way from Nancy Pelosi.

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