Nancy Pelosi issued one threat she will live to regret

Nancy Pelosi was furious.

She never expected to see her power challenged in this manner.

Now Pelosi is lashing out, and she just issued one threat she will live to regret.

Pelosi ranted and raved about Attorney General William Barr shutting down all the Democrats’ conspiracy theories about a cover up of the Mueller Report.

Instead, Pelosi fell back on the Democrats’ latest talking point – that Barr lied to Congress in his previous testimony when he said he had no idea if anyone on his team had any objections to his four-page letter detailing Mueller found no collusion with the Russians and declined to bring obstruction of justice charges.

Barr said no and Democrats seized on a letter Mueller wrote to Barr claiming the media was not producing enough negative coverage of Mueller’s findings.

Democrats claim this is evidence Barr lied.

Politico reports:

Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Thursday accused Attorney General William Barr of committing a crime by lying to Congress, blasting him in a closed-door meeting and later at a news conference.

“We saw [Barr] commit a crime when he answered your question,” Pelosi told Rep. Charlie Crist (D-Fla.) during a private caucus meeting Thursday morning, according to two sources present for the gathering.

“He lied to Congress. He lied to Congress,” Pelosi said soon after at a news conference. “And if anybody else did that, it would be considered a crime. Nobody is above the law. Not the president of the United States, and not the attorney general.“

The allegation comes as Democrats have intensified their criticisms of the attorney general over his handling of special counsel Robert Mueller’s report, his refusal to testify before the House Judiciary Committee on Thursday, and the Justice Department’s unwillingness to comply with a subpoena for the full unredacted report.

But Barr was not asked about if Mueller had any objections.

Congressman Charlie Crist asked him about Mueller’s staff.

And Barr answered truthfully.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Hey Scott 27 tell us what Barcock Oblah Blah and Nitwit Pisslosi did to make this country a better place. Bet you can’t think one up can you you demented idiot.

  2. Mr. Winder, I have no intention of wasting my time discussing your “alternate facts” with an idiot such as you clearly are. The true facts have been reported and proven countless times by people who are far more qualified than you are! Go off to your alternative universe and play with yourself! I am in no way interested in further discourse with you!

  3. If you’re aware of the facts, Mr. Davidson, why do you continue with the ‘party line’ about all those dead people and illegal immigrants affecting the popular vote? Who needs to learn to think? For themself, I meant to say.

  4. Reading comprehension seems to be a common and continual weak point for most of you, Jim. That is an Op Ed you are referring to. Op, as in Opinion. And an opinion is, what? Everybody has one.
    All anyone has to do in order to make Mr. Barr’s synopsys of the Mueller Report look bad is to actually read the Mueller Report. This is, of course, something I’m quite certain you haven’t done. If you had and could comprehend what you’d read, you couldn’t be making the statements you’ve been making…or at least a rational person couldn’t. It must be difficult to be perpetually adrift in that emotional and intellectual abyss most of us left behind somewhere around age…8-9.

  5. I am quite aware of the facts, Mr. Winder. Unlike you, I am able to think for myself. I do not need to parrot the “party line” as fools like you do. Learn to think for yourself!

  6. ou are, hopefully, aware of the investigations initiated by the Donald regarding this matter and that those investigations were brought to an end for a lack of findings of any evidence suggesting ‘massive voter fraud’?

  7. You continue to make point for me, Harry…another ‘very stable genius’…Bravo

  8. William Winder, you are clearly an ASS and an intellectually deficient one at that! My grammar is entirely correct, and it is obvious that you couldn’t pass grade school English if you tried!! You need to shut your pie hole and go back under the rock where you live, LOSER!! For the record, I have been around and have seen far more than you! Your low intellect makes you an ideal candidate to be a DumboCrap!!

  9. Pam, you are, hopefully, aware of the investigations initiated by the Donald regarding this matter and that those investigations were brought to an end for a lack of findings of any evidence suggestive of ‘massive voter fraud’?

  10. You are, hopefully, aware of the investigations initiated by the Donald regarding this matter and that those investigations were brought to an end for a lack of findings of any evidence suggesting ‘massive voter fraud’?

  11. MAry, you couldn’t ‘hack the English language…much less a piece of code. By the way, which language were you looking at while trying to ‘Hack”?

  12. Seems as though you have a ‘problem’ just in general, Mark. I’ve been around for 65 years and seen quite a bit. I’d like to know when it was, do you think (and I’m being generous here), that this country was ever not ‘Great’? What does that ‘Great’ country you MAGA folks like to keep talking about look like?

  13. Don’t know about you, Texas Belle, but I was asked for my TDL in the 2016 elections.

  14. Myron, is a vote supposed to represent the will of the people or the the geographic size of a state?

  15. You are, hopefully, aware of the investigations initiated by the Donald regarding this matter and that those investigations were brought to an end for a lack of findings of any evidence suggesting ‘massive voter fraud’?

  16. Why did you have to ‘prove’ that your father did not vote for Mrs. Clinton? Who did you have to prove that to? I’m assuming that you’re referring to the ‘voter fraud’ investigations that Donald Trump initiated in an attempt to prove he won the popular vote as well as the electoral vote ‘if you deduct the millions of votes by undocumented immigrants and deceased persons’. You are, hopefully, aware that those investigations were brought to an end for a lack of findings of any evidence of ‘massive voter fraud’?

  17. Sounding like a true intellectual. By the way, Harry, you need to do a little work on your grammar…in this context, the word should be ‘comment’, not ‘comments’.

  18. BTW, Illegals have ID’s & Drivers license. Illegals aren’t supposed to Vote
    Yet the DemonRats want then too along with the inmates in prison.

    Best source of action would be if a system was developed to identify the voter by a finger print.
    To be Legal or Illegal and if they’ve already voted.
    With so much technology, you’d think this could be a simple task
    I worked for the government as a hacker to their new software
    If I broke their code, it would be back to the R & D Department.

  19. Nancy Pelosi is crying and whining like the spoiled little brat that most democrats are. She wants to charge William Barr with lying to congress. Well, well, well. How about all of the lies that Hillary Clinton told congress about her unauthorized, unsecured, private, non-governmental issued server? I don’t recall hearing anything from Nancy Pelosi about charging Hillary Clinton with lying to congress about all that. Or does lying to congress only apply to conservative republicans? Also, how about the lady that accused the latest supreme court justice of rape? Now she is reported to have confessed that it was all a lie. Will she be charged with lying to congress? I very much doubt that will ever happen. After all she did it to further the democrat/liberal agenda of attacking President Trump. It must be so nice to be The Queen of the Hill. Right Queen Nancy Pelosi?

  20. Nancy needs to be impeached herself for the kangaroo court sock puppet theater performance she is currently producing in the House.

  21. Pelosi is nothing more than a power grabbing, hypocritical moron. Everything that spews out of her mouth is garbage. She should have been removed from office years ago. Liberals haven’t done anything for the American people for years, and it is only getting worse. They should have to pay back all the salary they have received for at least the last 12 years. They certainly haven’t done anything to earn it.

  22. When will we ever get voter ID law? Everyone should have to show a picture along with their voter registration. I’m so tired of hearing that it would discriminate against minorities. When will minorities wake up and see that Dems think they are too stupid to get an ID to vote.

  23. William , You have truly spun a bearing if You are dumb enough to believe that , That is like typing that Comrade Chairman Obama beat John ( The Traitor ) McShame in a fair election ,Or that Barry ( The Muslim Rat ) Soetoro AKA Obama beat That Slimy RINO Weasel Mitt Romney in a fair election , If You did your research and learned that The Communist Party formerly known as The Demonic Rats have gotten so good at Cheating ,Lying , Stealing and Voter Fraud many could not believe how good they have gotten at it , The Evil Marxist Witch did not even come close to winning the popular vote , I am sick and tired of the Deranged Anti American Disease Brained Liberal Lefty Lunatics and their useful idiots trying to beat everyone over the head with this lie , It took Me less then three weeks to find out the truth , Judicial Watch / Freedom Watch , True the vote , Project Veritus , Many others exposed all the voter fraud and cheating ,Lying and Stealing , In California alone 1.1 million illegal aliens voted for that Witch Shillary , I read a list State by State , Dead People ,Foreign Criminal Invaders , Felons ,Liberals and Demonic Rats voting two and three times , Many of whom are now convicted of Voter Fraud , 98% of them are Demonic Rats , Try doing your research , Unless You are the same animal that voted for Hitlery Rotton Clinton twice or three times

  24. Sorry but that’s why we have the electoral college so the big states dont control the election.
    The electoral college works…
    That’s why it was formed. Dont give us that majority b.s.

  25. Another whacky decocrat. Better get your good specks on cause we are coming so fast that Nov will be over before you can get your head on straight for them to fit!!!!! You are goofey.

  26. Oh yeah she wasn’t sane for a very long time and should not be in her position in fact there isn’t one single Democrat that can be trusted!!!!

  27. They are all felons and must be prosecuted to the full extent of the Law but not by a Democrat!!!!

  28. I agree she is way past her prime and the truth will never come out of her mouth, she cannot be trusted and should be brought up for treason withe the rest of her Party!!!

  29. In other words, Pelosi’s rant is another example of the Democrats’ intent on overthrowing an election that they lost. An election that was “by the People.”

  30. All elected officials should remember this.

    “Officeholders are the agents of the people, not their masters.”

    – Grover Cleveland

  31. I don’t understand why Pelosie thinks everyone is wrong except her.Some of the biggest lies in congress come out of her mouth. She wouldn’t know the truth if it bit her on the butt. Time for her to leave the cushie job and let someone take over that really cares what her voters want. personally I wanted for her to do her job from day one. so far that hasn’t happened.

  32. Everyone knows Nancy Pelosi ain’t nothing but a flat-back-ho and right now she’s out flat-backing as fast as she possibly can to git-a-little, which her worthless husband can’t give er. I say to hell wi-da-sister, da ho needs to do 15 or 20 johns and she’ll be alright, ain’t nothing to it!

  33. O.K. here’s my view. The Democratic machine is scared. They think and rightfully he is about to come at them. The only way they can save their bacon is by recalling him, bust him on some bogus charge or to discredit him to the point of making him ineffective and force him to resign. These worthless pieces of trash are so without conscience that they have no trouble dishonoring a citizen doing his job, drag his name though the mud and ruin his career and reputation for the sole purpose of preserving their cabal of liars, thieves, users, and power drunk members of the House and Democratic party. With all the terrible, disgusting “legislation” they are trying to cram down our throats I am sure there are many Patriots who are about ready to literally shove a boot up their ass. Euthanasia of infants, open borders, allowing wetbacks and felons the right to vote, attacking the 2nd amendment, Steele dossier, FISA warrants, Bengahzi, private servers, Obama care, uranium sale that ended up in Russia, oh hell I could get tendonitis writing this and never come close to the criminal acts they have committed. And they have the gall to call our attorney general a liar? REALLY?

  34. If, by any chance, have you ever heard of the ELECTORICAL COLLEGE??? This formed to prevent ballot stuffing and a person voting more than once!!!!!!! IT WAS THE ELECTORIAL COLLEGE THAT WAS THE FINAL BLOW TO ENDING KILLERY!!!!!

  35. Scott27,I have read all of your posts below. Since you are so smart and know so much about the Dems please answer a question for me. Everybody knows they are recruting our young adults. Question: Why are they aborting all of their future voters? Are they afraid of those babies? Waiting for your answer.

  36. William Winder, You forgot to put South before American in your post. But we know what you ment to say.

  37. William Winder, My daddy died in 2004. My family had to prove that he did not vote for Hillery in 2016 because he was dead. Here is your proof. William full of Wind. Keep your words soft and sweet you just may have to eat them.

  38. PIGlosi is so full of crap her eyes are brown. I would like to see her level charges against Attorney General Barr. EVERY DEMOCRAP IN CONGRESS AND THE SENATE WOULD BE CHARGED WITH LYING UNDER OATH TO INCLUDE PIGLOSI.

  39. Don’t forget David Muir, George Stephanopolous, Jonathan Karl, and the left wing, lying, mainstream media! They all SUCK!!!

  40. Pelosi is not going to like the “Political Effect” she is about to feel as the walls come crashing down around her, Schumer, Schitt, Mark Warner, Nadless Nadler, Maxipad Waters, Elijah Cummings, as well as their operatives, Comey, Clapper, Brennan, McCabe, Strzok, Page, Priestep, James Baker, and not to be left out, Hillary, Obama, Huma Abedin, Cheryl Mills, Susan Rice, and Ben Rhoades, etc. That’s right Nancy, no one is above the law, not even you and your criminal cabal!!!

  41. Pelosi does not care a fig about honesty or accuracy. She wants political effect, headlines in the press. I just hope the American public is aware enough to see beyond the biased, corrupt press and see the truth of an honest, righteous Attorney General doing his job.

  42. Some how Pelosi was imagining the question asked by the Senator was anyone on Mueller’s staff dissatisfied about how Mr Barr referred to Mueller’s report. But the answer Mr Barr gave was he only talked to Mr Mueller and none of his staff. It is once again a case where the unhinged use parts of some comments and then ad-lib.

  43. Democrats just cannot believe and accept the truth. Everything has to be crooked like they are.

  44. I have a problem with that you cocksucker….this is America!!!!! And we will make it great again you stupid Democrats. Can you see the writing on the wall now…..Hillary and Muslim Obama and the rest of that crew is fixing to go down. MAGA !!!!!!

  45. What’s the matter, Willy Winder? You have a problem with people who don’t ‘understands’ the English language? Hmmm you sound like a racist, xenophobic, bigot.

  46. The majority Hillary supposedly won came from CA and there are tons of illegals voting out here. I saw it first hand by my house. Sprinter vans were dropping them off, and none had any idea how to even line up. I saw a younger woman registering an older woman who appeared to have dementia and spoke zero English. That old woman was still dressed in her apron, and looked like someone dragged her out of the kitchen just to have her cast an illegal vote. No voter ID laws invites fraud. One more thing about elections in CA is that they’re all rigged uncontrollably due to the super majority of Dem control. Do you really think we voted for more gas tax? Give us all a break. I wouldn’t trust any election results coming out of Commiefornia where poop and needles lay on streets, and idiots like Gavin Newsom run the show.

  47. No….take all those illegals votes away and Trump would have win that way too. Democrats were born because their moms forgot to swallow.

  48. Pelosi is a senile old lady trying to look young and act smart both of which she is not. Give it up!

  49. This old leech, thief, liar and anti American POS has done nothing to help America and always has been a joke and failure, pure and simple. In the years she’s been in congress, what’ve we the American people got, basically SQUAT but her, she’s amassed a fortune of over 200 MILLION dollars. Will someone please explain the nath, how does someone earning
    $175,000.00 per year amass a fortune like this without questionable tactics? Th American people need, want and demand to know, as the numbers don’t balance or to put it more simply, ‘don’t add up’.

  50. If you knew how to read, I would ask you to read the WSJ’s lead editorials this week. One described how Barr spoke with Mueller before releasing his synopsis of Mueller’s report. Mueller indicated there were no problems, THEN leaked an objection to Barr’s synopsis, thus setting Barr up for accusations of lying. Mueller is smart, but also determined to make Barr look bad.

  51. I say we need to get out there and vote for Trump and remember Barr believe in the law of this country finally. Let the Democrats fight it out among there self’s you can see that will be coming real soon.

  52. Willy-Poo, you speak like a true MORON who is totally incapable of any intelligent comments! You would do best to shut your pie hole!

  53. I wonder if the Democrats believe Mud is Mud or they would want to go to court and argue about it.What is left for them to believe in such a pity we have come this far in a wonderful country. Everyone needs to look around and see if there is a better place to live. If you find one then you need to go there. We Americans need to start protecting this country or we will end up like where all these people are coming from and even bigger problems.

  54. Tell me where it showed, Mary. Do you remember where you read it? I’d love to see the documentation you’re referring to.

  55. ‘Nasty’ nancy ‘pigliosi’ said something about about this guy’lying’ . Wow, such a hypocrite, kind ‘a like the pot calling the kettle black. After all, this thieving, anti American no good POS has been leeching off the American taxpayers for years amassing a fortune of over 200 MILLION dollars and has achieved this by anti American treason, theft and lying and pure freed. And what have America and the American people have gotten: NADA, ZILCH, ZIPPO, ZERO. SQUAT, BUPKUS and basically NOTHING!

  56. You’re buying into a trope that has no foundation in fact. Show me one shred of objective proof of your claim…something other than a bias against people with brown skin. Most people who are here without documentation do any and everything they can to stay out of the spotlight. Registering to vote and showing up at the polls just doesn’t fit the profile.

  57. About the kind of well thought out, intelligent response I was expecting from most of the readers of this post…Thanks Harry…clearly thinking with your Balls

  58. I only reason it showed corrupt Hillary had popular vote is because she had millions of illegal votes! It showed after count.
    Not too much said because it didn’t make any difference!!

  59. It is high time we bring back the pillory for the group of traitors trying to oust Trump simply due to their own bile. Line them up in a conservative area and let’er rip.

  60. Krymson, your comment is spot on! But remember too how many of those who were long dead also “voted” for the DumboCrap candidate! Tsk! Tsk! William fails to consider this in his moronic remarks!

  61. Must I remind you, William, that thousands of those “American people” who voted for the other candidate were Central and South American people living here illegally and illegally registered to vote. If you doubt what I just posted, ask any leading Democrat about “Voter ID” and record their answer. Democrats are opposed to “Voter ID”! There is only one reason to oppose the identification of A.L.L. voters before allowing them to vote: illegal voting and voter fraud!

  62. Hi, Marilyn! Thanks for sharing those numbers! Even though a low level staffer will be charged to go through the recorded messages, it felt so good to tell those two idiots what losers they truly are!

  63. I am having tremendous trouble following Pelosi’s logic in claiming Barr lied during a congressional hearing because of a letter Mueller wrote to Barr, claiming the media was not generating enough negative response to his (Mueller’s) report. I find this article proof that Donald J. Trump’s presidency has driven Pelosi completely insane!

  64. By the way, people…for all of you who who are so fond of referring to yourselves as though you’re representative of the wishes of ‘American people’, you need to remember that the MAJORITY of the people in this country voted for the other candidate…not for Trump. The ‘American People’ want to see him GONE.

  65. Clearly, none of you understands the English language. The sad part in all this is that Barr does. He knew what he was being asked and he lied to Congress. You can parse this in what ever way you feel inclined to do, but anyone who buys into this sophomoric manipulation of words and their meaning is running scared and looking for a way to excuse what the man clearly did. I’ll go further and say that if any of the readers here who has actually read the Muller report, cover to cover, still supports your analysis of this situation, they simply have no reading comprehension skills. Barr is, converse to his charge, Trumps attorney…not the American people’s.

  66. I have called Nancy Pelosi at 202-225-4965 and told her what I thought. Chuckies number is 202-224-7433. Felt good to get a few things off my mind.

  67. Piglousy needs to retire at the end of this term! The Demonrats in her district should start looking for someone younger and defeat her in the primary! She can always bite herself and die of hydrophobia!

  68. I presume you are referring to Conservatives, David. Certainly the Dems out here are morons in their final death throes before they head to oblivion in 2020!!!

  69. Good Lord Scott! You have a Putin fixation! Try fixating on Xi Jinping for a while. At least he leads the biggest threat to the US.

  70. Faloozi has been lying for so many years I don’t see how she could possibly spot anyone else’s lie!! How can you tell when a damnocraps is lying? Her/his lips are moving!!!!

  71. What’s the matter, Snort 27? Don’t you understand straightforward English sentences? Were all of your mother’s children morons, or just you?? Tsk! Tsk!

  72. Hey Nancy you democrats are foolish if you think the American people don’t see all the childish behaviour from you democrats. You will not get our guns you will not get our VOTE. You better hope people from space come down. Maybe you can get there VOTE. Keep it up. You will put TRUMP in for 4 more years. THANKS DEMOCRATS. LOSER Again.

  73. Dan, it is unfortunate that moronic Dems like Snott27 have to waste the time of intelligent and informed readers and commenters out here.

  74. Nancy Pelosi is in the same low class of morons that Hillary is embedded in. They would be better off keeping their mouths shut. Their days have come and gone. It is now the Trump era. Get over it already. The worst thing Hillary did was throw a tantrum on election night and refuse to come out and thank her supporters. Talk about rude, low-class idiotic behavior. Thank our lucky stars she is not President. God sent us President Trump as a reward for suffering under Obama for 8 long years.

  75. Pelosi keeps putting her foot in her mouth by creating an extended series of attacks on the Administration and the Atty. General.
    She seems to typify and encourage baseless claims that obviously are directed to positioning the Democratic parties better in the 2020 elections. She is painting herself and her party into a deep corner. What I see is a continued ignorance of the oath she took when sworn into the position she holds. What we need is representation that works hard toward getting results that will enhance our freedoms and security in this country. What she and her cohorts are promoting falls far from doing that.

  76. Republicans have been the party of peace for way too long. They play fair too much. Hopefully the Democrat’s crimes are about to be paid for.

  77. only thing is, Lisa, he is supposed to be the attorney general for the nation; not just another shill for Dear Leader. You folks just won’t be satisfied until Putin is in the white house.

  78. Just wait, California is “SINKING” about a foot a year in places. They have no one even paying attention! Farmers are pumping water from deep wells to grow crops, causing the land to sink. Start growing your own garden, if you can! Cause the “$hit is going to hit the fan” before long. Alabama is now the number five automotive builder in the country, maybe we can start growing vegetables and hemp???

  79. Ya got that right stranger! The unions have gotten a law passed that allows them to “LEGALLY” do property damage and do bodily harm to anyone they wish to. Yet if I grab “Pee Low C’s” arm, I would be charged with assault! Get all your conservative family and friends together for a party before the next election and all go “TO VOTE”!
    In Alabama I’m “Legally” able to “Open Carry” with my magnum revolver and 5″ hunting knife on my belt, just can’t go in to vote wearing it. But I will have a party to get as many people to vote on voting day in 2020!
    “Illegals” don’t like to come to Alabama, we don’t like them! I say, “Eisenhower had the correct solution, round up the ‘wetbacks’ and ship them back to Mexico!”!

  80. Scott27 – go back to sleep. You obviously don’t have a clue as to what’s going on – for a long time now.

  81. Nice name, Mike. Haven’t seen that joke since junior high school. I see you never grew out of that juvenile phase. No wonder you’re a republiCON.

  82. Randall, lying to the public is your Dear Leader’s stock-in-trade. Never has a president even approached his level of constant, consistent, misleading BS… outright lies.. and you suck it up like the cult member you are.

  83. Nancy wanted the position again so badly that she didn’t consider the “new kids” that are behaving badly, OR this crazy nut nadler when fighting for it.
    Now she’s stuck between this proverbial rock n a hard place. 😀
    By arguing on their behalf, with no clue what they were even talking about, simply shows she’s winging it day-to-day.
    Power-obsessed wackadoodle (as most dems these days), probably now just hoping she can make it into retirement.
    Has-been like her Senate pal, diane…

  84. Sheldon, no one wants to hang Mueller. He spoke the truth.. it was Barr who proved himself to be nothing more than another shill for Dear Leader Grifter.

  85. You apparently didn’t actually read the report, Francisco. Was it above your comprehension abilities?

  86. Always keep an eye on the bottom lip. Telling – resembling apoplexy. And what’s with the photo op including children?! She’s attempting to drive home a point lost on me.

  87. And once again, Ho, you demonstrate the mentality of a 13-year-old; incapable of grasping bigger truths.

  88. Apparently your Dear Leader is above the law.. well, outside the law, anyway. What’s the matter with you people.. cultists.

  89. No one is above the law except the Clintons, the Obamas, Tlaib, Omar, Cortez and the rest of the lying, thieving and treasonous Democrats!

  90. … and David Stockman is an idiot. Our economy (under TRUMP) far surpasses prior outcomes and projections.

  91. Look at her smug facial expression! She is so self absorbed and thinks she is untouchable. The sky is falling, Nancy and you are to stupid to see it. I can’t wait!

  92. I think, we should just ignore the Democrats. It may help to take the wind out of their sails. Vote Republican and stick it to them, AGAIN!

  93. For sure, the American public is growing tired of the BS coming forth from the Dems and the liberal mainstream media! The Democrap party will no longer exist in 2020. It will be flushed to oblivion! Even former supporters will then come around and support the GOP instead!

  94. everyone but her knows she belongs in an insane asylum , as for the illegals , if i were trump , i would have them rounded up like cattle and put in the coral , till democrats either funds my ideas or they come up with a plan i will accept , feed them gravy train beef stew , this political b/s is really getting old fast , there is only 1 person in d.c. trying to do his job , trump , the rest are trying to convert us to a 3rd world country

  95. This is all an attempt to discredit AG Barr so that when the hammer falls on their Deep State operatives, they feel they can save them and continue their illegal scams. They fail to grasp the reality that a majority of the VOTING citizens aren’t buying their crap any longer.

  96. Pelosi is a dumb c**t just like Waters! Schumer is an a**hole too. Elizabeth Warren is a disgustingly ugly, lying POS!

  97. And Schumuck, and Commie-la, and Dirty Waters, and Schiffted, and Omaliar, and Tlayd. Should I continue? lol

  98. The Democrats bought and the taxpayers paid for a two year investigation by rabid Democrats to determine if there was collusion between Trump and Russia to influence the outcome of the Presidential campaign. The investigation did not find, after two years, any such collusion. So the Democrats want to do the whole thing over again. At the very least, that should be deferred until after the investigation into the Democrat attempts to subvert the election. Let the Show Begin!

  99. Pelosi is done…she can’t even leave gracefully…she’s a laughing stock going down in history as a joke and failure. ..

  100. ABSOLUTELY!!! Agreed she should produce her Evidence or Apologize!!! That was completely uncalled for and very unbecoming for the speaker of the house!!! She should be asked to step down because it makes her sound deranged! Uknow!?
    She is an embarrassment to this Country! Where is the Ethics Board on this!?!? Outrageous Behavior

  101. Only Because They Lost Again! No Collusion and No Obstruction Because they concocted this whole Russia Hoax to begin with! I actually think they are starting to believe the Political Hit Job that they came up with!!! Pitiful!!! Bunch of Corrupt Liars all of the Democrats involved in this HOAX

  102. These Dems are the devils spawn. He is a lier and the father of lies. They are just like their daddy.

  103. She’s as bad as they are. She made up a lie about Barr, she states no one is above the law. LIEING to the public is worse than lies to congresd.

  104. The Conservatives need to protest the Libtards. But do it in a better way that “Makes America Greater” by doing something humanitarian in honor of President Trump and conservatives. Name it “The Non-Protest To Make America Greater” or some such title, then go do something good. Plant trees, cleanup lots and land, feed the homeless, whatever, but do it in huge crowds with news coverage. It will showcase the Conservative Heart and Character and add some class to the latest protests like the hell that was Kavanaugh’s hearing. What a comparison

    However, I was do sick of watching the news because it was old and worn out. The Libtards saying the same words, literally, till I was ready to vomit. Even though Fox is DVRed, I won’t want to wait for the latest news of some new illegal behavior by the Libtards uncovered. I’m all in for the news now. The tape of Pelosi saying that AG Barr broke the law by lieing to Congress, I feel will be played each time another Libtard is arrested. Especially Hillary. Can’t wait. Of course the Liberals will cover thier criminals and try to make only Barr a liar, which of course he’s not.
    Obviously, the Libtards are not aware of how their behavior makes them look. How smart to piss off the Attorney General! The highest legal position in the US. What are they thinking? He has the entire DOJ and more at his disposal. I bet he went back to his office on Wed and said “How long will it take you guys to nail some crimes with evidence on the Dems?” His team answers “At least thru the night”. So they work thru the night and report the irregularities in how the FISA warrants were approved on Trump. Yep, piss those highest ever law officers off! Can’t wait for the next thing!

  105. I am confused. First the Democrats hailed Mueller and his investigation and now the Democrats want to hang Mueller and Barr for the report that they wanted!

  106. The Left Wing Liberal Sniveling Brats need their Butts Spanked , have you ever heard such , Liberalisms Stupidity has No End , Don’t say they couldn’t get any Stupider , because as you see it has no boundaries , as Nancy Pelosi shows her Stupidity once again !

  107. All these dumb Democrats say things they wish to regret but nothing more ever comes from it. Vote the idiots out of office so We The People don’t have to hear about it anymore. Sight sounds like a broken record!

  108. She needs to take a tight reign on her juvenile delinquent children in office. Keep it up Nancy. I will smile all the way to the voting booth. Republican.


  110. Correction in the last two lines of my tweet widen borders should be read “wide open borders”

  111. It seems to me that this Congress wants the investigator to also make the decisions. I do not recall any police investigation allowing the cops to decide if the person is guilty and should face trial. The decision is left to the Prosecutor (in this case AG Barr). Now if it was me I would demand Pelosi produce the backing for her statement on lying to congress or issue a apology on national TV just as she made the comment.


  113. All Nancy Pelosi ever does is threaten people and waste taxpayers money. It’s a pity she never actually did her job – what she was elected to do – which is to represent the people of her district – which has becoming a real s**hole on her watch. We are even hearing now – all the whining from the elitist in California about how their sanctuary cities are becoming overwhelmed with homeless. I remember when Rudy Giuliani was mayor of NYC. Howard Stern used to talk all the time about how Giuliani cleaned up the homeless problem in NYC. They used to joke about how he put them all on busses to New Jersey and elsewhere. I wonder how many cities did that and sent their homeless to California – land of the legal weed and free handouts – Hobo Paradise.

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