Nancy Pelosi just changed her mind on one big impeachment decision

The fate of impeachment in the House of Representatives rests in Nancy Pelosi’s hands.

If Democrats move on impeachment, it could tear the country apart and upend the 2020 election.

And Nancy Pelosi just changed her mind on one big impeachment decision.

Democrats have been agitating for impeachment over a number of months.

But Pelosi brushed off these demands because she knows impeachment is politically toxic for Democrats in 2020.

However, in a letter to fellow Democrats over the weekend, Pelosi inched closer to authorizing an impeachment inquiry over the manufactured scandal surrounding a so-called “whistleblower’s” complaint about Donald Trump improperly requesting the new President of Ukraine investigate Joe Biden and his son Hunter for corruption.

Breitbart reports:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) told members of Congress over the weekend that President Donald Trump’s interest in Joe Biden’s Ukraine scandals could bring about a “new stage of investigation” and ultimately impeachment.

“This violation is about our national security. The Inspector General determined that the matter is ‘urgent’ and therefore we face an emergency that must be addressed immediately,” Pelosi wrote in a letter to lawmakers on Sunday.

“If the Administration persists in blocking this whistleblower from disclosing to Congress a serious possible breach of constitutional duties by the president, they will be entering a grave new chapter of lawlessness which will take us into a whole new stage of investigation,” she continued.

According to an anonymous complaint revealed in reports last week, President Trump asked Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to look into former vice president Joe Biden’s son — Hunter Biden — and his business dealings in the eastern European country. However, according to CNN, the whistleblower “didn’t have direct knowledge of the communications,” citing an official with knowledge of the matter.

Pelosi may have no choice in the matter.

Democrats need their base to turn out in 2020.

And unless Pelosi embraces this fool’s errand of impeachment, Democrat voters could sit on their hands next November.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Show some shred of real evidence to support your mouth or shut up and get a job so you can pay for some of those illegal democratic taxes we working class people have to pay

  2. cris
    Is that why 30 republicans stormed the democrats impeachment coup. Is that why, there’s now a criminal investigation to the origins of the mueller report.

  3. The Doc claims he used to be a lecturer but now he just trolls conservative websites. You would think the Doc would know better bein’ a retired lecturer and all. It sucks to be Doc I guess.

  4. dr know nothing
    FACT Donald Trump hasn’t been charged with any crimes. Not from the mueller report or anywhere else. If there’s no crime then it’s not possible to obstruct a crime that doesn’t exist.

    Telling congress that you’re not going to participate in their unauthorised impeachment proceedings isn’t obstruction. It’s saying to the democrats in congress to vote for impeachment so Donald Trump and his administration can bring legal counsel to the investigation to challenge accusations by the democrats supporters.

    Unlike now, where the democrats are holding their secret impeachment proceedings behind closed doors, denying witnesses legal counsel and releasing cherry picked quotes to make Donald Trump look bad.

    FACT adam schiff claimed to have evidence of Donald Trump crimes. Yet failed to provide that evidence for the last two and a half years and still hasn’t.

    FACT adam schiff deliberately misrepresented the transcript of the Ukraine phone conversation. Then called his lie a parody when called out.

    FACT the democrats would rather indorse a corrupt democrat politician like creepy joe. Even when there’s video footage of creepy joe corruption.

    FACT America is now in a better place. Donald Trump is draining the swamp and creepy joe biden will be the first bit of swamp scum to go.

    Donald Trump 2020

  5. That would make sense, her parents are both radicals and would push their daughter to be a left wing puppet to enhance their beliefs.

  6. Wow, than you will be totally unhinged when Obama and Hillary go down for treason. If what you said is true then how come the democrat led Congress didn’t run with the Mueller report findings? And poor useful idiot Mueller did not know jack about his own investigation when he appeared before Congress!!!! The Mueller investigation framed Gen. Flynn which you will find out shortly.
    Tried to frame George Papadopoulos and so on. All of this because the corrupt DNC, Clinton and the Obama Admin. tried to take down Trump to ensure Killerys win. Even she said, “If Trump wins we will all be hanging by nooses”. I hope and pray that is what their sentence will be in the future.
    And don’t even get me started about Hillary and all the money the Clinton Foundation made from foreign governments. But I will say you are a great student of PROJECTION of the democrat party.

  7. Crystal Bradford, I understand this teen has a form of autism and is being used as a easily led tool of these neurotic climate obsessed idiots! People with certain mental illnesses have a brain that doesn’t process information to think, reason and decide for themselves but, have genius memories and never forget anything. This makes them willing parrots to be used for the wrong things sometimes!
    Shame on the users of unfortunate people!

  8. 16-year-old climate change activist Greta Thunberg has quickly risen to become one of the world’s most prominent political leaders, inspiring a mass movement of millions seemingly out of thin air to combat the problem of global warming.
    However, the young girl’s sudden ascent to prominence is not happening by chance. She has deep connections to the globalist elite and activist parents who are supporters of the far-left domestic terrorist group ANTIFA.
    Thunberg’s frequent handler is Luisa-Marie Neubauer, an operative from the ONE Movement. Neubauer can be seen behind Thunberg at many of her public events.
    Climate is a hoax that has been going on since the years. I remember when there was suppose to be the eminent ice age coming. Didn’t happen. Our climate throughout time is always changing. But I especially hate the hypocrite celebrities and elite who traveled to France for a Google sponsored Climate Change conference on private jets and yachts because they are too good to fly commercial then preach to us about climate change.

  9. MJ, what part of the transcripts don’t you people understand???? They have published, printed, documented and posted on the internet of Trumps conversation. The president of Ukraine has told everyone there was no quid pro quo. The real quid pro quo is video taped and documented for the world to see with Joe Biden! Its is pathetic how democrats are still chasing their tales like a rabid dog over documented evidence but still believe what the MSM propaganda news tells them. Research and quit listening to the same people that told you for 2 years Trump colluded with the Russians that proved FALSE.

  10. What the hell are you talking about Cris? Give examples of these injustices. Just another troll mimicking what the MSM tells him.

  11. Hey dr jd
    The copy of the mueller report you brought, was that the report written by 16 angry trump hating democrats. Donald Trump wasn’t charged with any crime. So if there’s no crime. How can Donald Trump obstruct a crime when there was no crime?.

    I bet you brought the Ukraine phone transcript from Adam schiff. It’s probably the same as the fabricated verse told by Adam schiff.

  12. Hello red sook
    I can’t believe that you have answered my previous posts. It’s good to see that you’re still posting Low IQ and poorly written posts.

    Do you really think that calling people who support Donald Trumps names trump butt bumps, white racists, Brown noses or demons in pink skin will get them to become democrats.

    If so you are more stupid than the posts you write.

    This is really good for the 2020 Donald Trump campaign. Nothing like insulting people for your political ideology.

  13. Chris Allington
    If quite clear that you, like so many others here. Suffer a serious case of cognitive dissonance and a lack of comprehension in the understanding of how the democrats are conducting an illegal campaign to remove a duly elected president. Other words a coup.

    You and these others, lack the fundamental ability to compile, assess and organise the truth. Instead you and others are too lazy to do the research.Choosing to believe left wing bias media outlet talking heads.

    The sheer fact that Adam schiff went on national television and gave his account of what transpired between Donald Trump and the Ukraine president, should have been enough to make Americans realise that the democrats are lying. Then Adam schiff called his lies, a parody.

    The released transcript was nothing like the utter fraudulent speech by Adam schiff. Maybe instead of believing what you’re told, you question it..

  14. Hes not a whistle blower cause it’s not 1st hand knowledge neither one of them that came forward at 1st hand knowledge it was all a plan to set up president trump it’s going nowhere you’re correct but that’s because it’s freaking democratic propaganda and treason up your ass

  15. Hes not a whistle blower cause it’s not 1st hand knowledge neither one of them that came forward at 1st hand knowledge it was all a plan to set up president trump it’s going nowhere you’re correct but that’s because it’s freaking democratic propaganda and treason up your ass

  16. The red man “ta know dat” seriously! get your as out of the trailer park you piece of crap. So I can kick it

  17. Sharon Jeanguenat, Very true, great comment! Let’s face it Dems don’t want to muddy their water with truth and facts!
    At least President Trump is giving Ukraina something valueable so they can buy what they need, weapons and supplies, it’s called FUNDS! Obama supplied Ukraina with towels and bandaids, no money, just towels and bandaids! Seriously?

  18. No, SHAME on YOU! I read the transcript of the call, & nowhere in it did he ask them to investigate, or he was withholding funds. The Ukrainians didn’t even know about the money, much less that it was being held back. But, like the President said, he was holding the funds while he tried to get other countries to pay their fair share. But, he finally gave the funds to them when none of the other countries would ante up. So YOU need to verify the TRUTH!

  19. dr jd
    If there was any evidence then the impeachment proceedings would gone ahead. But there was nothing. Cohen crimes had nothing to with Donald Trump. I believe it was mortgage loan fraud and that when for manafort as well.

    Maybe you should present the evidence that you have of Donald Trump doing tons of wrongs to congress.

    The best legal minds looked at the mueller report and guess what, Donald Trump wasn’t charged with any thing. I think that you’re pulling an Adam schiff. Claiming to have evidence but unable to produce any evidence. You should really stop this BS. It makes you look stupid.

    Whenever a enquiry is held behind locked doors and everything discussed is secret. While denying the accused and witnesses legal representation. You can be sure that it’s a kangaroo court with one aim. To find the accused guilty.

    While you’re not posting racist hateful and bigoted rants like red man, you’re both suffering Trump Derangement syndrome.

  20. “Dig up dirt”, was a phrase never used in the call. Read the transcript! “dig up dirt” never appears once in the call. Please state facts based on the transcript. Don’t be Adam Schiff and make it up as you go.

  21. You are wrong. The hatred by the left is beyond insane. That’s what drives them- not the Constitution!

  22. Are you daft? Trump knows the truth. It was not feasible to use it at that time. BY HIS OWN admission Obama was born in Kenya. Hillary Clinton was the one who started that and you can bet your ASS she KNOWS!!!

  23. Cara Moreland, JD, “Claims” to be a “liberal slanted” statistician/pollster.
    Cara, do you know a single person with any concrete confidence in polls? No, didn’t think so since they are so easily adjusted, edited, slanted, and controlled by the poll takers!
    If I sound a little on the “ornery” side it is because the little liberal trolls have been unusually abusive to some nice conservatives for a few days and we are all more than a little bored with them and their combative attitudes! 🙂

  24. Chris, are you a troll? I see you don’t answer questions and don’t seem to want to follow up with your posts. What are people to think about you on here if you only make absurd comments but then refuse to back them up? You are making people think you’re nothing but a troll. Is that what you want – to be known as a website troll?

  25. POTUS did speak with the UK re concern of corruption. You just weren’t smart enough to catch it, but Rush Limbaugh was. The corruption he spoke with him about was what scared the new world order into this FAKE hearsay whistleblower report which is already backfiring by exposing the new world order worldwide for all to see! More traps *baited or not) to broaden the scope & tighten the noose.

  26. O P E N         L E T T E R

    Trump supporters in Congress are COWARDS

    THEY  KNOW EXCATLY  what  kind of person Trump is and
    THEY KNOW EXCATLY  the injustice that Trump is thrusting upon  our country and the world. 

    But they are too afraid of Trump and his threats to tell  him to STOP.

    So they are allowing Trump  to do anything he wants to do without any regard for the Law.


  27. Jes look at these brown nose, trump butt bumps posting their hate for other white-folks. All they do is whine, and hate like demons in pink skin. To full of hate ta know dat they are the very ones ruining the country, nothing butt trump thugs. hahahahahahhahahahaahh

  28. To jd. Your gaffe’s Becoming MORE Apparent.
    ie apologies, “i meant” etc.
    You In ‘FOG’ jd. Yours supp’s are ‘winding u up’
    Drink more h20. Dilute.

  29. To jd. Your gaffe’s Becoming MORE Apparent.
    ie apologies, “i meant” etc.
    You In ‘FOG’ jd. Yours supp’s are ‘winding u up’
    Drink more h20. Dilute.

  30. scot27, The Dumbocrats started the 1st civil war and now their trying to get another one started.. Not the 33 million armed Americans, if those Demoncrats get away with this we have lost America and we become a banana republic.. Apparently that’s what your hoping for. Since idiot voters in California and Minnesota keep voting in the same Communist we will not have a Constitution for We The People, only for Traitorous Demoncrats

  31. zee, I know W. B. are protected and supposed to be protected forever but, I am hoping the name will eventually be leaked, like most stuff. I hope it is the infamous “mole” that has plagued the place since day one and they can rid the place of the vermin!

    (during phone conversation)
    W.B Was ‘Planned’ & IS ‘Protected'<<<!
    0bvious, wouldn't you say .

  33. Dee, That ‘child’ Has Autism/ Aspers.
    Was ‘trained’ by parents etc. To Say
    what she Said. V. V. SAD.
    ‘& called ‘CHILD ABUSE’ /brainwashing.
    Dems WILL DO [ANYTHING] Including
    Further Mental ABUSE TO EVEN Their child.
    jd. Are you comprehending this ?

  34. FYI: jd. ‘Your’ interpretation <<< of
    transcript IS 'twisted' /'slanted'___
    Refer Back TO : " How To LIE w/ Statistics".
    YOU! fool No 0ne but Yourself & Those of which
    'whom You support'.

  35. If no one is above the law, why aren’t Obama and Hillary in prison? There is nothing on Trump. You all just can’t get over that he won.

  36. Real M the proof is there. But righting wrongs only applies to republicans. The commiecrats are so desperate they would argue with Jesus Christ

  37. JD, Oh good one, if you happen to be Diane, Betty, RicB, Eric Granberg, RacistsForTrump, reality check, hell, I could go on with troll name calling for days……………… Instead I will move on to something more interesting! 🙂

  38. Why JD, you are sounding like any old average run of the mill troll with that comment about tweeting from a golden toilet vs a ceramic one!
    WHAT!!!!!!! 🙂

  39. There was a huge cult of personality thing going on with Obama also you have to admit, if you chose to be honest. But I think most people just voted for Trump because they were not happy with the direction Obama took us. Remember how the democrats lost control of both the house and senate under Obama? You could argue then how did he win a 2nd term? Well the answer is Romney. That’s how.

  40. Doctor, there’s also a video of Obama mentioning his muslim faith in an interview with George Stephanopoulos. You should check that out too while you’re searching.

  41. Is is easier to tweet while using a Golden toilet than a ceramic one? One has to wonder why Trump, who played golf at least 289 times, did not use other courses or resorts, and why it always has to funnel more taxpayer money in his pockets, as it includes all the money of staff and secret service. The total bill for his golf was over $100 million dollars so far.

  42. Is that ALL you can come up with, the Real M, is name calling and the false label of TDS? MJ did not say there was a Trump cult but a cult of personality, which are different things (did you not know that?).

  43. Apologies, Dan. I meant to say “the Real M,” and I put your name instead. I know you two are very close, so sometimes confuse the two.

  44. Just more excuses, Dan. I would not be the only one who would read your post, and I am sure others would love to see all the evidence that Trump is leading in the polls, that there were not 10+ charges of “Obstructions of Justice” with evidence and citations in Part 2 of Mueller Report or that Trump did not ask the Ukrainian President for a “favor” by digging up dirt on the Bidens (even though Giuliani admitted that is what he pressed the Ukrainian president for).

    You are just making excuses for not providing any, ANY evidence to the contrary . . . . because I suspect that you have none. You only have the repetitions of right wing propaganda and your opinion that Democrats are all bad, and they “can’t handle the truth,” which is more B.S..

  45. zee, Would you please put a link of the video in which BHO states he was born in Kenya for JD?

    JD, If you are not too lazy, you can find it on YouTube and watch it! Just type in “video of Barak Obama stating he was born in Kenya”. I just pulled it up but don’t know how to copy it and add it to a comment but, zee does! Be sure to acknowledge that you have seen it because, you can bet the farm it is true!

  46. The democrats complain we won’t believe their ‘climate scientists’ and they call us climate change deniers. So what’s their next move? Bring out a child to lecture us on climate change, and we’re supposed change our minds ????

  47. There will be no investigation of both sides. You know that as well as I do.
    Hillary was never investigated and neither was Obama, or any of the other crooks in his administration. No the investigations only go one way because most republicans are spineless, and most democrats are ruthless.
    There is nothing to be proven about Hunter. He did get the job. It’s not an opinion or a conspiracy. It’s a FACT!

  48. And that deranged acting child they brought to the UN to run her mouth,I would give her a bike to get back to her,boat she claimed she came over here on and to all the other global warmers,go today give your car up buy you a donkey to ride on and get off our roads and stop polutting them your ownselves

  49. NO, I have not seen the video and am asking you to find it and post it on this site, because I am SURE many people would love to see that. If you can help direct me to it, since you claim to have seen it, and I see it is valid and true, I will admit it on a post on P.P.. Thanks!

  50. No doctor, it is not me making stuff up. If the democrats think they can win in 2020 then why are they so focused on a futile attempt to impeach Trump?
    Forget about the senate, given the fact they don’t even have the votes in the house to impeach, only something like 211 democrats, when they need a 2/3 majority it makes no sense for this Hail Mary thing. The only logical conclusion is the democrats are desperate. They are hoping this impeachment crap will dirty up Trump enough and turn voters away.

  51. The Real M needs to learn to read. I was responding to the “Angry Republican” who brought up libel, slander laws. Cool down and read before going off on a tangent. And BTWay, the personal knowledge of collusion was brought out in the Mueller Report. I bought a copy and read it – – – you should also. Have you read Part 2 of the Mueller Report. Have you read the transcript of the phone conversation of the Ukrainian and American president?

  52. Doctor, who’s side were you own with Kavanaugh? Talk about libel and slander and false accusations with no evidence. Of course the republicans are angry with the hypocrisy from the democrats with their double standards, and two tiered justice.
    They should be angry.

  53. Careful, Dan, you might displace Cleopatria as the Queen of Denial. You are like the followers that Trump claimed where he could kill someone in broad daylight on 5th avenue and you would still support him. Trump called it, not me.

  54. I can not explain how wonderful the news was that Nancy finally pulled the trigger on impeachment. She just handed Trump the 2020 election and I am so happy. Democrats are morons and imbeciles because they have nothing but innuendo!

  55. If that has the evidence and can be proven (yet none of the fact checkers, even independent ones have found anything), then I would fully . . . FULLY support a conviction and imprisonment for all parties involved in corruption. We should all be outraged by ALL corruption, and if it is true here, I say we should go after it and find out! Will you agree the same for charges against Trump?!?

    How about this – – we fully investigate BOTH and is both found guilty, put the felons in a real prison and sharing the same cell!

  56. JD, Oh please! You are far too brainwashed to accept the truth when you are nose to nose with it. You have all your liberal biased slanted propaganda down pat but, I say to you, if you were honest and open to the truth, I nor any other Republican, would not need to explain anything to you! You are simply not open to the truth!

  57. No Doctor, they do not have enough votes in the house to impeach Trump. Only something like 211 democrats support it but you need a 2/3 majority. The website wouldn’t let me respond to your other post.
    Also, nothing has been debunked concerning Hunter Biden and the Ukraine.
    The whole thing was shady and everyone knows it including the democrats.
    The democrats know Biden is a liability now.

  58. That is only you, Steve, that is making that up and assigning motives to others to discredit them. You guys want to blame all the evidence of Trump’s obstructions of justice, inviting foreign powers to illegally interfere in our elections (Trump did it by inviting Russia to find Hillary’s missing emails and in asking for a “favor” of Ukraine to dig up dirt on his opponent), on some B.S. about losing the 2016 election. That is totally false, the Dems are not only excited about the blue Tsunami in 2018 where they won the House, but are looking forward to restoring the presidency to a Democrat and possibly to winning the Senate in 2020.

    And to be fair, we have to thank Trump for awakening and motivating many elements of Democrats that often do not vote, like the young. Only one in three women support Trump, only 25% of Hispanics, and only 9% of African-Americans (currently). If they all make it to vote and nothing has substantially changed, look for another blue tsunami arriving in 2020!

  59. JD, As studious as you are, you surely have seen the video on YouTube of BHO making a speech in which he publicly admitted he was born in Kenya! Now if it is a lie, Obama told it! President Trump, I am sure was told to tamp down the birther thing because at the time it could not be “debunked”….
    No conservative, anywhere, has any confidence in a thing Shepard Smith, Fox News, says when reporting a DJT story. He hates, loathes, and despises DJT as much as any Democrat, alive or dead! You can see the rage in Shep’s face at the mere mention of President Trump and he cannot help but slant every word he says!

  60. I agree Jonathan. Often Giuliani goes for interviews and does more harm for Trump than good. I have been surprised that Trump did not jettison him long ago. They are friends, but Giuliani does Trump a lot of damage.

  61. Hunter Biden was handed an extremely lucrative board position with an energy company focusing on Ukrainian business with no back background or expertise in energy or the Ukraine for that matter, and that was after Joe was publicly overseeing much of the Obama administration’s policy toward Ukraine, which was also after that same energy company was under Ukrainian investigation for corruption. But yeah, nothing to see here. It’s just the appearance of impropriety and corruption I guess.
    Again the Doctor has selective outrage.

  62. You say I am lying, then back and up and provide evidence that shows that. Anyone can claim “liar” – – – I put out my evidence in post after post, but you never put out anything but name calling. You try to erase all the evidence by a technique called “poisoning the well” and claiming “all Democrats lie.” But the reality is all you do is manipulate and twist names to ridicule when you hear or read something that disagrees with your cult Kool Aid propaganda.

    Children can respond by calling people names. Back it up and provide the evidence that what I am saying is a lie. I have provided numerous evidence of the charges against Trump, and often about the polls showing Trump in serious trouble. Where is any, ANY of your evidence to the contrary?!?

  63. JD, Why are you bringing up slander and libel at this point in the conversation? I guess it could be that you know darn well your Dem leadership has already started and will continue to make slanderous and libelous statements against President Trump with regard to this and other false allegations you continually make!
    Adam “Schit” is already spinning the transcript of the phone conversation with all his un-credible, lying, strength. Say JD, whatever happened to his “personal evidence and knowledge of Russian Collusion” DJT committed that never saw the light of day???? I know, just another Adam “Schit” lie and treachery!
    And yes, no one is above the law unless it is a unindicted criminal Democrat!

  64. Agreed, Steve. I supported his impeachment. BTWay, looks like Trump will have to testify soon like Clinton did. This trial is over one of Trump’s guards violating a protester, and the judge has ruled Trump has to testify. He avoided testifying with Russian probe, but cannot with this case.

  65. M.V., the Uranium One conspiracy junk has been debunked numerous times. Shep Smith did a great job of it for Fox News and I used to post that website. He looked at the evidence and debunked that false propaganda, as have other researchers and journalists.
    What is typical of Trumpers is how you keep repeating false allegations that have been debunked by many, like the whole Kenua BS. Even Trump now admits publicly that Obama was born in America.

  66. Steve, minor detail, but the Democrats DO have the votes to impeach, OR Nancy Pelosi, who is a real stickler on lining up the votes beforehand, would not have called this investigation. An impeachment just means “brought to trial by the Senate< it does not mean removal from office. It takes two-thirds of the vote of the Senate to remove a president, and that has never happened in American history.

    Seems to be a LOT of projection about fear of the election, when Trump is doing so terribly in states he must have to win now. Plus the Democrats have a motivated base now, like they did in the blue tsunami of 2018. They are not afraid, they are determined and active.

  67. Many Republicans are angry, it seems what appears most on blogs. To respond to your requests about laws that were broken, I continue to repeat these were already outlined, with evidence in Part II of the Mueller Report. All the specifics and evidence is provided and cited.

    Let me add one more. From the transcript of the phone conversation, there is the evidence that Trump called the Ukrainian president and after reminding him how much he owes the USA, asked him for a favor to cooperate with his personal attorney, Giuliani, and to dig up dirt on a potential (and likely) political opponent. The involvement of a foreign government in our election process IS A VIOLATION OF THE LAW.

    Lastly, I know enough about the law that most laws on slander, libel do not apply about public officials unless it is a deliberate lie done with malice. These charges are cited, and have backing in evidence. And, angry, I agree with you completely that NO ONE is above the law, and that includes Democrats. If anyone is guilty of falsifying evidence, they should pay the penalties also.

  68. Trump has done tons wrong, as evidenced in the Mueller report (part II outlines 10 Obstructions of Justice), all the crimes committed with Cohen (at the direction of Trump), and the evidence about the Ukraine.

    I have no excuses for Hillary, nor should there have been. If convicted, then I would support throwing her ass in prison. I would volunteer to drive the truck myself.

    All I ask, is that you consider the good of the country over circling the wagons and putting party first. Real patriots want all who commit crimes out of government, even if it includes members of their own political party. Bill Clinton perjured himself, he deserved to be impeached because he violated the law. There is NO excuse for criminal behaviors.

  69. FYI: One can read the transcript of Trump’s phone call with Ukrainian president where he calls attention to how much the USA has done for him then asks him a favor – – to use his government to dig up dirt on Joe Biden and his son, and to use Giuliani and cooperate (Giuliani is not in any government position, but only Trump’s lawyer, and has admitted he asked Ukrainian government to dig up dirt on Biden). The public can read this because it has been declassified.

    The whistleblower complaint should be presented soon, but is unlikely to be available to the public, probably classified and the province of the Intelligence Committees of both the House and Senate.

  70. Correct! The democrat base doesn’t want Biden because he’s not radical enough for them. They don’t believe Biden is sincere when he parrots what all the other candidates are saying – FREE this and FREE that. I think they also know Biden would get crushed on stage debating Trump and they would ultimately lose another election.
    Biden has to go.

  71. Steve Scoutaris, You are absolutely correct! It makes me weary reading all the ways the Dems are working to take down President Trump and America, if DJT goes down. I wonder just how many freaking people the Dems have working 24/7 to come up with all their phony, faux, lies, half truth accusations and charges! They never stop so, we must never stop fighting and exposing them!

  72. Everything the democrats say is BS. They claim there’s no deep state. They claim Trump supporters are all racist. They say there’s concentration camps at the border, and Trump is a fascist Nazi. They claim HRC was just negligent. They claim there were no scandals under Obama. They claim all the illegals are good people that just want a better life. They claim the 2nd amendment only applies to flintlock rifles. All the democrats can seem to do is spew hatred and lies, and all the democrat candidates do is promise FREE this and FREE that knowing full well they can’t deliver on it. It’s a party of flim-flam people.

  73. Jonathan Conover, Very good analysis and I agree!
    Wow, did I just agree with a Dem or other liberal? Of course I did, and will anytime they are correct…….

  74. Steve Scoutaris, You bet your “sweet bippy”, anyone who wants living proof needs to go no farther than James Comey, the very top of the FBI, went all out to protect HRC and all the while he was in our faces trying to justify himself (and her)!
    DJT has done more good for America and her citizens, including the Dems who are desperately seeking to take him down, than ANY President for eons. No one loves this Country more than DJT. He certainly did not need to be President and could be running his companies, making a lot more money, with a lot less harassment! DJT has made great personal sacrifice to come to the aid of America’s many many problems and terrible economic status including creating jobs, jobs, jobs, for anyone who wants one. Might not be the job of your dreams but will bring in wages while you find what you want.
    I consider these things when I am finding fault with anything he has said or done. President Trump loves the Constitution, SCOTUS, and the law of the land and does the best he can to prove that every day!
    But, thanks to the Democrats who cannot accept the defeat of HRC and to not have all the power and control, their feces just gets deeper and HERE WE ARE!
    Yes thanks to you Democrats, WE GOT THIS!

    #WalkAway to the Republican party, we want and need more good conservatives!

  75. They don’t have the votes to impeach. All this impeachment nonsense is just carrots for the rabid left base. The only way to remove Trump is at the ballot.

  76. Jonathan there is also the fact of sleazy commiecrats trying to take “the chosen one “ down because they know that they can’t beat him in the election. Yes he is the chosen one. The American people chose him.

  77. More selective outrage from the doctor.
    If HRC was president you would not be calling for her to be investigated or impeached. You would circle the wagons and stand with your party just like you accuse Trump supporters and republicans of doing.

  78. And what’s wrong with that? Whoever the democrats pick will get full backing of your party along with the MSM. Like I’ve said 100 times, if HRC had won none of you people would be interested in investigating her crimes. Its all hypocrisy.

  79. No need to get your knickers in a twist over possible impeachment of Mr Trump. Compelling evidence or not,the Chosen One has the backing of the Republicans in the Senate. The majority of politicians today are only concerned about themselves and their party, the country be damned. Mr Trump will be reelected to a second term and then the nation can dig out of the rubble and get on with it.

  80. They’re still looking for the proof. But they need to start the impeachment process now just in case they find any evidence.

  81. Scott your party is weaponizing the impeachment process because they are still angry they lost in 2016, and aren’t too sure if they can beat Trump in 2020.
    That’s all there is to it. Not complicated.

  82. We get called cult followers by commie trolls on this site. Poor killery. She didn’t mean to f—k up so Comey let’s lets her crawl away back to her sewer. But Trump has done nothing wrong. Bring it on commiecrats. We have his back.

  83. KUDOS Mr. President TODAY at UN__
    Do NOT let msm, mess w/your Mind.
    Info is Difficult at best To ‘sift thru’.
    E’thing published So Far IS NOT ‘ verified’.
    ‘No Name, Whistleblower’ HAs Yet to come forth/ &
    ESPECIALLY W/NO Personal ‘verification’ of ‘call’.
    > DEMS ‘Desparate’ re 2020.
    >Biden/Son IS ‘the ISSUE’. ie National Security.
    > Dems ‘twisting’ Reality__
    & Put World ‘0n Notice’ AGAINST ‘Globalism’ ie
    ‘New World 0rder’. Save YOUR COUNTRY, No matter Where.

  84. Well, they have said since day one that impeachment would have to be filed by Oct 1 to get it done before the elections. This is their final weapon, after this there is no other for them to use. I hope they truly understand that their futile endeavors will end up crushing them all – when it does not work, there is nothing left for them to do. Dr JD…it’s nice your daddy was a lawyer, but he should have taught you not to claim people have broken the law unless you can site specifics AND the law violated. That is the whole democratic problem, they get confused between their personal likes and the law. Lets here WHAT laws you think were broken, and see what a court says. Remember NO ONE is above the law and this includes Democrats. I suggest YOU check the laws on slander, libel and sedition.

  85. The Democrats are anti-American, and Pelosi should henceforth be known as WWW (the Wicked Witch of the West) for her act of putting Party above Country.

  86. Aunt Nancy . Take your mind off this for awhile . Get a shovel and start picking up the human feces in the streets of your district San Francisco . The 30 thousand plus homeless people in YOUR district will appreciate you finally doing something for them.

  87. Real M I can’t imagine Trump talking stuff that’s illegal knowing that transcripts are kept as well as recording. But no matter what, the spin machine will be running. Just look at the spin from the 3 stooges tonight.

  88. Letter to Nancy:
    Nancy don’t be a jerk you made the choice now go for it. Best I can figure it will only cost you between 50 and 65 seats in the House. It may well cost you every seat in the Congress that is up for this election.
    So Nancy don’t be wimp put your pants on like a man and get it on.
    You are as Stupid as it comes.

  89. Harboring illegal CRIMINALS-MANY OF WHOM HAVE COMMITED RAPE AND MURDER- KATHLEEN STEINLY FOR ONE-in so called sanctuary cities and states and not allowing ICE to do their job is ILLEGAL also….but Democrats have no problem doing that either..they should all be tried and found guilty of the murders that these illegal scumbags have commited and be sentenced to prison!
    Funny how the Democrats pick and chose what is illegal and what is LAW depending on which party is breaking it!

  90. So, Michael, an effort to preserve and protect the Constitution, if successful would somehow give you license to kill fellow citizens because you don’t agree? And you call yourself, I presume, an American??? Hardly.

  91. Marcus Allen, Great comment and all true! I am so proud of all the astute, intelligent, well informed conservatives writing comments! Thank You!

  92. Encouraging and even instructing and helping illegals get across the border is illegal too..but Democrats do it every day!…as is allowing them to vote!..that’s why Democrats want no voter ID!…they can’t win without giving them free EVERYTHING and bribing them to vote democrap!…all illegal!…

  93. Dan T., Without a doubt!
    I just heard that the IG did research on the “whistleblower” and found he/she is biased against President Trump and supports an opposing candidate now and in 2016. Report did not divulge what records were researched. But, that tells us a whole lot, this is someone in the intel community/national security council. The Trump administration has known for sometime they have a mole who has been spying since the beginning of the DJT Presidency, just have not been able to get the name. Its my understanding the whistleblower will testify in committee behind closed doors. The NAME will be disclosed/leaked after that. When that one is gone hopefully the “leaking” will be GONE! Lord, I hope this is the last leaker!
    Its going to be rotten eggs on a whole lot of faces! AGAIN!!!!
    Put a fork in Joe Biden, he is done………

  94. Hey Dan, ‘where’s (‘betty’/diane???) LOL !
    Did the ‘dems ‘gobble her up’ ??? Heh.
    ‘they’ Will Chomp a few more ___

  95. Just another media democratic pony show. This means nothing. She was out of legal bounds as far as impeachment proceedings go to initiate it. Nothing more than a show. She’s an embarrassment. When the transcripts are released in will be nothing more than another egg in their face. Of course the media will paint it in a different light.

  96. Dan T., OMG! You are right, that creepy bunch is lined up little kiddie bumper cars, slamming into everybody and each other! What a mess……………got out of there, don’t want any of that “entertainment”! 🙂

  97. MJ, WOW, all that wonderful historical bloodline and still you are “screwed up”! How did that happen? NO, don’t tell me, I don’t really want to know! I know all I need to know, you have a chronic incurable case of TDS, hate all Trump supporters and wrongly believe there is a Trump cult. You are one sick puppy!

  98. Don’t forget that fat pus gut Nadless Jerry! He’s not only a child molester on top of being a disgusting commie pig!

  99. I’ve got an impeachment proposal for Nancy, flappy neck skin Pelosi. How about we impeach her with a rope. Can we get enough folks around her to string her up a tree and stretch that nasty ugly skin over her mouth???

    Every democrat needs to be strung up

  100. So I should leave the country because I am not a tRUMP supporter. I am not part of the cult of personality. I am eight generation American my people where here before there was USA I have uncles that fought in the continental army. Where do you suggest go back to England ????????????????????????????.

  101. And for the false accusers there needs to be consequences. I’m getting tired of hearing the democrats say “no ones above the law” after all the rabbit holes we’ve been down and nothing but slander on our President is the result.

  102. Real M they smell blood in the water. But it will work out. More false charges. Dr.JD , snott27 and MJ as well as other trolls are having a cow. But Trump will be ok.

  103. All of us need to know what was said if he is telling the truth he has no worry. Wouldn’t you like to know if he was telling the truth. I mean if he is innocent then he is off the hook. But I do think we the people need to know the truth.

  104. Oh put your obstruction where it belongs. Now just how does an inspector General determine credibility in the first place on a second hand source. Urgency, not likely anyone’s life was in danger. Only eight times did he mention it might be worth looking into, we all know President Trump repeats himself.(guilty)lol…love to watch you guys chase rabbits. Nothing there but I suspect your own DNC may have been the whistle blower to shine the light on Joe Biden who clearly did what you’re accusing the President of. DNC does NOT want Biden to be there nominee. Clean the swamp.

  105. All of us need to know what was said if he is telling the truth he has no worry. Wouldn’t you like to know if he was telling the truth. I mean if he is innocent then he is off the hook. But I do think we the people need to know.

  106. All of us need to know what was said if he is telling the truth he has no worry. Wouldn’t you like to know if he was telling the truth.

  107. JD, You are such a “putz”! There are so many things wrong or lies (you choose) with your comment! You are adding and omitting words plus embellishing your message enough that if you were on a courtroom witness stand, you would be charged with perjury and the balance of your testimony would be hearsay!
    I have never seen a Democrat that could tell the truth, the WHOLE truth and nothing but the truth, in my entire life! You are related to Eric Swalwell and Adam Schit, I don’t know how related but, that story sounds just like both of them!

  108. That’s not so no one wants a civil war because it will not be like the last one our ancestors fought. You need to think Serbia, Rwanda or Syria. No states are going to succeed from the Union that was settled last time.

    My question to you have you ever been to a country where there was a civil war between the right and the left. I mean that with no malice towards you. I have been and the stories they tell are both frightening and sad.

    If we have one no one will win and it will be the end of the US as we know it.

  109. Nancy/They demand: A Full report of the Whistleblower? ha! Dang! The far-left outlet was forced to admit the whistleblower did not hear anything….

    A third person relayed information – hearing news by their witness ‘whistleblower’ ? how credible is that? they got a case on Trump? wow!
    CNN has been working overtime to cover its latest fake news story about President Donald Trump, but they were just forced to admit the truth after their blunder blew up in their own faces.
    CNN published a story late last week claiming that a whistleblower filed a complaint alleging that Trump asked the Ukrainian president to investigate a shady deal involving former Vice President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden.

    SHAME ON YOU Nancy!…/…

    SO SO SO Nancy is Impeaching Trump on: Someone Said Something Somewhere but that Someone did not hear anything!

  110. Will, Don’t you just love Dems! They just interpret information to suit their analogy! To date President Trump has had NOT One count of obstruction brought against him and now a Dem is loading the wagon with obstruction charges! What a pathetic lying jerk!

  111. Dan, you are like the person who finds out their friend was caught in the act of a crime and you are mad at the people who brought them to justice . . . not upset at those who did the crimes. I would have thought you would have been upset at Giuliani, because he sank the president in a CNN interview.

  112. Hey when someone is setting you up, and you know it, and people start to believe them, even though your innocent….how you gonna act?!

  113. I take your question honestly, and reply that they are outlined clearly in Part II of the Mueller Report. Will, I know some of the hearings were confusing, because much of it was in the language of “legalese” rather than everyday language. My father was a fine lawyer and instructed us all the time in HOW things have to be stated in legal terms. There is solid evidence also presented to back up these charges of obstruction of justice. I own and you can buy a redacted copy of the Mueller Report.

  114. Hey when someone is setting you up, and you know it, and people start to believe them, even though your innocent….how you gonna act?!

  115. The democratic party/ ruined cities, taxes, California, Baltimore,
    Regulations, immigration, Russian investigation,
    homelessness in California, there’s no excuse except policies that failed the people.
    There’s not enough room here to put all the factual failures down, but it is public record.
    I have never, in my life witness a President expose so much crap done by democrats, and I will definitely vote for Trump in 20/20.

  116. WRONG! You were not paying enough attention, Chainlink. Mueller said, over and over . . . that he put it into the hands of Congress to make the assessment through the impeachment process. Congress has been slowly considering it, and these latest charges are just added to the mounting list against Trump.

  117. I never HEARD about those counts of “obstruction” Are you sure of your facts? I watch ALL the networks, including MSNBC, CNN, Fox, and OAN>

  118. Not so, Dan, as I have said before. I had no problem with the impeachment of Clinton for lying, nor the investigation of Hillary for Bengazi. But you know as well as I, the republicans did not prove their cases in both instances. And, the Dems may not prove their case in regards to Trump, we have to see.

    I am against ALL, and I mean A-L-L corruption by public officials. What I would also like is for the crimes by government officials be increased and for them, when convicted, to be put into a REAL PRISON RATHER THAN THE COUNTRY CLUBS WHERE THEY OFTEN GO.

    But is that your excuse to “circle the wagons” around Trump with his many violations of the law? Put our country before party! If a Democrat sexually harasses, throw him/her out or put them in prison. The standard is THE LAW, and we need to hold those who take this responsibility so seriously that it would scare the crooks from even running.

  119. Maybe you should look up the cost of former President Obama. I have, and President Trump has only used a small portion of the expected amount for a president. You never have the figures on the amount he spends in comparison to previous presidents due to the amount being significantly less, which would show as a positive. Any positive for, our elected, President Trump would be a very bad thing to let out into the minds of those that are so easily persuaded and too lazy to do their own legit research. We live in an age where everything is able to be looked into, why don’t people look a bit deeper than what the biased “news” reports, super simple, everyone has access to the truth. I for one, believe our President is, very possibly, the best one we have had, and I was more than skeptical through the 2016 election, but I have now opened my eyes and see how much he has (and continues) accomplished. I am proud to stand behind President Trump and be part of his efforts (in which he is succeeding) in making America Great Again!

  120. Well, let’s start with 10 investigated and credible evidences of “Obstruction of Justice” as outlined in Part 2 of the Mueller Report. Then add all the crimes Cohen was convicted for, which he did “at the direction” of Trump. Add to that his continual and illegal violation of the emoluments clause where Trump has funneled more than $100 million in taxpayer money into his own pockets by using Trump businesses. Then, as Scott27 so aptly outlined, stepping in to obstruct the whistleblower complaint getting to Congress is against the law.

    Seeking the involvement of a foreign government into our election process is a crime, and we know that Giuliani acted for Trump to press the Ukraine president to do just that. And just for the cherry on top of the corruption sundae, how about withholding Congressional funds of $400 million from the Ukraine to “encourage” the Ukrainian president to dig up dirt on Biden (that crime, if proven is called “EXTORTION.”)

    How long do you have to list his corruption?

  121. What corruption? Where’s the proof?
    For gods sake I haven’t found any documents at all
    related to President Trump corruption, none!
    You do know it’s public RECORDS… long as you don’t
    99.9% of you leftist cannot except anything in regards to truth.
    (Just saying)

  122. And there is clear evidence in both the statements of Giuliani and Trump that they talked numerous time to the Ukrainian President to get that government to dig up evidence of wrongdoing by Biden. That is illegal.

  123. Jack, if we are to continue to be a nation of LAWS, then we must stand up when they appear to be broken . . . and this will continue whether you like it or not. When Clinton lied and perjured himself over his “affair”, then Congress stood up and investigated and tried him for it, whether he was removed or not!

    The same applies to President Trump – – he has a continual practice of obstruction of justice.

  124. Scptt27 is a die-hard leftist making false accusation that trump is anti constitution. When was he born, yesterday. He is a fool and uneducated democrat…..

  125. Not true, the fbi let her off the hook, and believe me it’s not over for her not by a long arm of the law. AND….
    He donates his presidential pay, and oh! Facts has no feelings
    Quoting, a Ben Shapiro.
    Grow up research facts. When you think that the facts are not correct, KEEP RESEARCHING, but always except the truth..
    RESEARCH isn’t for democrats it’s for dummies.

  126. Correct Scott27, and most of it has been admitted to by Giuliani and Trump. Let’s look at how Trump has siphoned off over $100 government dollars into his companies, therefore his own pockets:
    President Trump has been draining off federal funds to go directly into his pockets. It has been known for a long time that his continual trips to Mar-O-Lago has cost over $102 million for the first two years alone. Now evidence has surfaced that military planes (i.e. from USA to Beirut etc.), instead of refueling, as normal at European military bases, have been diverted to a small, failing airport nearest to Trump’s Scotland golf course. The Trump Golf course in Scotland is already failing, and the closing of the only airport nearby would certainly damage it further. Then, the planes having to pay the much higher commercial rates, have the military passengers stay at a Trump property, furthering money going into the Trump coffers. In a recent trip to Ireland, VP Pence was ordered to stay 160 miles from his destination, completely on the other side of the country, at a Trump facility, bringing even more money into the Trump’s pockets.

  127. as opposed to intercepting a report that by law was to go to congress, and hiding it’s contents? If it was nonsense, why did are the breaking the law to hide it? And, as opposed to using his office to enrich himself and his family (Emoluments Clause). And, as opposed to asking russia and ukraine to interfere in our elections? This has nothing to do with hillary not being elected. It has everything to do with preserving and protecting the Constitution.

  128. Dan , that’s a fact , they just can’t help themselves , but we sure as Hell can give them a lesson in respect and honor , they’ll not soon forget !!

  129. Be careful what you advocate for, it may be the worst thing you could get. Any acts such as that would be domestic terrorism and would be met by a response from police, FBI and troops.

  130. Police know that guilty liars often change their stories, and Trump has changed his story on this numerous times, Yesterday he said he talked to Ukrainian president about concern for corruption (although there has been no allegation or evidence on Biden’s son); today Trump CLAIMS he withheld it because other people were not paying their share. Giuliani has already admitted he pressed Ukrainian president for investigation of Biden’s son, as the attorney for Trump. Trump has also admitted that he delayed, withheld the $400 for defense of Ukraine, just days before he “encouraged” Ukrainian President EIGHT times for corruption on Biden.

    IF this whistleblower complaint is false, then why has Trump interfered in the process where, BY LAW, all WB complaints go to Congress? If innocent, why are they refusing to release the complaint? This is obstruction of justice and will come out anyway. Since, as this article states, this matter was already determined by the Inspector General to be both “credible and urgent,” by law this complaint MUST go to Congress – – to the appropriate committees. Trump has already been found to be involved in 10 counts of “obstruction of justice” in the Mueller Investigation.

  131. whole new stage of investigation,” REALLY!!
    Good golly, and more tax payers money!
    This is the downfall of the democratic party
    If they continue on this, it’s going to look like
    they want to be looked at like desperate gang of thugs.
    I know Biden is freaking out when his sons dealings come to light.
    It’s like the democrats are immune to laws, or drugs alcohol dependency.

  132. And there was never a time, since Nixon, screaming louder for impeachment to protect and preserve the Constitution and the republic you claim to love.

  133. Steve, there is this thing called the Constitution. The recent interception and hiding of the whistle-blowers report is AGAINST THE LAW. A whole lot of Americans are sick of him only following laws when it suits him and disregarding them when not. My word, what’s it going to take for you folks to open your eyes to the utter corruption taking place???

  134. You’re missing the point Linda. That report… BY LAW… was supposed to go to Congress and was intercepted and hidden by the white house. If it was such nonsense, why did the DNI call it a serious matter; and why is it being hidden?

  135. dear not…. where’s the outrage that this crook has spent 278 years worth of presidential salary (your tax dollars) on golf trips to his own properties which only serve to enrich him and his family? And were you so outraged at Kenneth Starr’s investigation of the Clintons that lasted four years at untold costs to find nothing? Were you so outraged at the costs of multiple investigations, also revealing nothing, during the last administration? Finally, we wouldn’t be incurring these costs if your dear leader had followed the law and the Constitution.

  136. YOU KNOW EXCATLY  what kind of person Trump is  and
    YOU KNOW EXCATLY  the injustice that he is thrusting upon our country and the world. 

    But you are COWARDS!

    You are too afraid of Trump and his threats to tell him how you really feel. SHAME ON YOU!


  137. Someone needs to make a Petition for this. Sorry that I am not good at writing or I would! I for one am tired of our Tax dollars it being used to Try to Impeach the President so they already used $800 million the first time per what I have read but I am sure it could be more to only LOSE! Now they want to try again why don’t they use there own $ or paychecks instead of our tax dollars instead so they can just lose or have an all out civil war if they win. I agree with everyone who wrote they know they can’t win so this is their hope because the Left is Crazy & the Democrats are all Shady!! I myself would not pick any of them & I wonder how 1/2 of them got into office. If something doesn’t change to a more Republican side then we will lose all our rights! The Constitution means nothing to any of them except to President Trump. It was but there for a reason no matter how old it is. So that we the people have a voice but I guess the Democrats forgot that too.

  138. I can’t believe Nasry Nancy took the bait! Now the democrats will probably fail and look dumb again. Or, maybe she wants the democrats to realize that impeachment is futile and will only lead to a Republican tsunami in 2020.
    Meanwhile, uncle Joe is in deep trouble. Not only did he brag about withholding aid to Ukraine in exchange for cooperation from them in firing a prosecutor who was investigating his son and the company he worked for, he also said that Obama was aware of this ‘arrangement’. The responsibility for this act of extortion of a foreign leader therefore is an illegal act by Obama himself.

  139. Name all these failures, corruption, and corrosion under President Trump? I believe he’s making things better, too bad he’s got the leftist media and d0-nothing democrats obstructing him.

  140. The left cannot name one crime committed by the President. I mean a factual crime … Not baseless allegations. They are hoping that by repeating the same mantra people will begin to believe their lies, but they are failing miserably. Trump has worked diligently to restore the RULE OF LAW. The left, on the other hand, is ready to convict ANYONE that does not believe as they do. Dems have lost sight of INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY premise that is a foundation in this country.

    How can you accept as truth a “LEAKED COMMUNICATION FROM A PARTY THAT WAS NOT EVEN THERE”? Find out facts … at least think about the fact that the people from this country and who knows how many IN Ukraine that were present during the conversation thought there was no impropriety happening. Ukraine was one of five or so countries that were working on the behalf of globalists to undermine our 2016 elections to benefit democrats. Why do you think so many voters turned out to vote for Trump. We knew he had been a lifelong democrat, but his love for this country has never wavered. Don’t waste you time with how many people voted for Hillary. The ELECTORAL COLLEGE is the voting body that counts according to our Constitution. Right now there are at least 14 states where courts have ordered the voter rolls to be cleaned up to prevent voter fraud in future elections. ONE COUNTY IN CALIFORNIA has 1,500,000 questionable registrations that need to be verified as legitimate or not. Citizens have known for years that there is something amiss when you have more people voting that the entire population of a location. Start doing some research and learn some facts.

  141. The left has no basis for even considering impeachment … they accuse Trump of crimes, but offer NO PROOF. This so called whistleblower stuff is a joke. This individual was not even one of the 15-20 people that were privy to the conversation (recorded and transcribed). Hearsay is not accepted in a court of law because it is highly suspect and colored by the biases of the person providing it. Biden is on camera admitting he strong armed the Ukrainian government to get rid of the prosecutor that was investigating his son and the company he worked for. During the 2016 election the Ukraine was participating in the global movement to get Hillary elected. Sounds to me this will be another can of worms the left will regret opening … they never seem to learn.

  142. The only reason the democrats want to impeach Trump is because they don’t think they can beat him in 2020. The impeachment process was never designed for this. Democrats are trying to erode the constitution and turn the impeachment process into a political weapon against their adversary. Democrats don’t like the 1st amendment either – free speech or the 2nd amendment – right to own a firearm.

  143. The simpleton liberals are special indeed , you just have to learn the hard way , oh well , as the saying goes , ” Stupid Is , As Stupid Does “

  144. The only thing holding impeachment back is a political calculation. The Republicans who control the Senate have lost their faith in the United States and prefer to grovel in the face of a renegade president who deceives and fabricates to try and conceal his failures. I truly believe that – in their hearts – Republicans know Donald Trump to be unfit for office and should be removed but are too fearful of his “base” which sadly includes many evangelicals. Republican senators are more interested in saving their own political skins and would rather continue the corruption and corrosion of the United States under Donald Trump.

  145. So true. They know, and certainly Pelosi knows, that impeachment is going nowhere. They have absolutely no grounds. They just sit and wish.

  146. You don’t impeach or impeach based on your base’s reaction. You do it or not do it if it is actually something that needs to be done – not because you want it to be done.

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