Nancy Pelosi just got betrayed by the one person she never expected

Nancy Pelosi runs her caucus with an iron first.

Democrats almost never oppose the direction she chooses for the party.

But in this big fight, Nancy Pelosi got betrayed by the one person she never expected.

The impeachment fight is testing Nancy Pelosi’s ability to keep her caucus in line.

She knows impeachment is politically unpopular.

But rank-and-file Democrats hate Donald Trump and want to remove him from office.

In the past, Pelosi could count on the unanimous support of her leadership team to back her decisions.

But not in this case.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler is siding with the pro-impeachment Democrats and pressuring Pelosi to allow his committee to open an impeachment inquiry.

Politico reports:

Pelosi and Nadler, two veterans of the impeachment drama surrounding President Bill Clinton 20 years ago, appear to be drawing opposite lessons from that experience. And the divide between the two lawmakers is illustrative of what all Democrats are grappling with as they respond to Trump’s efforts to stonewall congressional investigations into his personal conduct, finances and policy moves.

“I think they are articulating the different impulses within the caucus, and also within each of us,” Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-Md.) said of Pelosi and Nadler. “It’s not entirely clear what to do.”

“Put yourself in the position of somebody in the House of Representatives today,” added Raskin, a Judiciary Committee member who wants to launch an impeachment inquiry. “There are a million factors to deal with. And we’re dealing with the most lawless, corrupt presidency of our lifetime. So what is the right time to respond? It’s not entirely clear.”

Nadler’s defection is the highest profile to the pro-impeachment side.

And it is more evidence that the Democrats attempting to impeach President Trump is inevitable.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. take all at border load them into buses and delivery them to all dems or demons and they can by judge order be held responsible until they are to be processed.
    and yes apply for aid just like others or send your receipts in for refund of food
    that would keep them demons dem busy
    they would experience the real.. is it about time ps let them know all stay together while they wait to be processed anyone leaves all are returned per bus load
    no one will leave steak and eggs for breakfast anyone ???????

    good idea YA??

      • And next, Hitler took all the radios from the people and they are trying to run the country thru the news outlets. We better wake-up and ask God for help, He is our only answer, however the way this country is being run, He may have other plans. Were messing with his children and I’m sure he isn’t going to put up with that much longer. Just sayin.

  2. Liberuuuuuuls. ????

    The more diversity in America, the more we see the divisions. How hard is that to understand? Think that the refugees love our flag? I think not. It is best to protect our national sovereignty and welcome LEGAL immigrants that would love our constitution.

    We can’t welcome illegal aliens that come here with no understanding what our country is all about. Nancy is the person that once told the Dem Reps to go ahead to vote for the Obamacare bill to see what it is in this package … she don’t know!

    Nadler got mad that there is no evidence of any Russian collusion documented in Mueller Report, but he went ahead, knowing that Trump was set up. Nadler’s a criminal. End of story.

  3. with the Demos on the run for impeachment, one can only inform all participants that when their present term is drawing near the end, they better get their resumes update to date. they will be looking for new jobs when they pursue their present road.

  4. Nancy and her band of demon democrats should all be put in jail. I wish people will someday soon how Obamas and Clintons set Trump up. They thought he would be impeached a lessor man would not have resigned. Trump called their bluff stood strong and now the world will soon see how evil the last administration was during the campaign and the start of his presidency. I can’t wait. Where’s the popcorn.

  5. But in this big fight, Nancy Pelosi got betrayed by the one person she never expected………………………House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler is siding with the pro-impeachment Democrats and pressuring Pelosi to allow his committee to open an impeachment inquiry…………………Nadler’s defection is the highest profile to the pro-impeachment side…………!. and Maxine….stated yesterday…….She hollered IMPEACH, imPESH, Impeach, Peach! and now I ‘will find evidence’ ? looking for almost 3 yrs. and found nada niet nic! what a moron! and now Nadler is joining? wow!

    Keith A Castleberry Oh really..i thought there already WAS evidence. Been hearing that for two yrs. If any of you had it, it would have been brought to the table long ago

  6. The idiots in the house forget one very important fact. The house can NOT remove anyone from office, they can only file charges. It is the Senate that holds court and can remove people from office.

    • I can’t EVER remember any one person being hated this badly. Good ole georgie soreass’ money is apparently working well with the little, illegal, faggot muzslime and his cronies. My only serious worry tho is MR BARR! The benghazi bitch has many “suicide” MURDERS to her crediit. I’m surprised that the cliton cartel is still functional.. GOD FORGIVE AMERICA! GOD HELP AMERICA!!

  7. Here comes the wild pack of hyenas you know “Betty”, the Old rabid dog, dumb dog biscuits , numnuts of america, Scott 27, and others to bombard us with their usual Trump bashing s***. They’ll be here shortly. Best not to reply to these loosers.

    • Gregory, I think these rabid mutts are the same person using different names so he can look like he has others that agree with his BS comments. Pathetic looser resort to this kind of crap, yet are still irrelevant & stupid!

  8. What is happening now in this country is similar to 1930’s Germany. The reasons and tactics are eerily similar to the populist party led by hitler. Next came krystalnakt where guns were forcibly seized and the populists became the NAZI party? It is happening here now.

      • James,
        Good comparison! The numb nus dems can hate as strongly astg the Nazis. I pray for them, but if God wants to strike some of them dead, they deserve it. Long live truth and real democracy, not this fake stuff of the democrarts and the media.

      • Yes, the rise of the fourth reich. I just wonder if it’s Hillary, Obama or old Beelzebub Soros that’s the new Hitler.

  9. We never hear a specific charge from any of these Dumbocrats just impeach . Keep the senate and regain the House . With so many never Trump’ers gone Trump can really clean that swamp ! Trump 2020 !

    • I completely do not understand where Nadler and his other lying cronies get off thinking the American people are going to stand for his impeachment shenanigans. Does he NOT get that the American people are SICK of their expensive nonsense? We love our President and hate Nadler. What does he think will occur? We desperately need to get these Democrats prosecuted for trying to overthrow our government. Starting with Nadler. Then we can move on to Obama, Pelosi, Schumer, Comey, all of the crooked Clintons, Lynch, Holder, Dean, Warren, Waters, Cortez. LET’S GO AMERICA!!! Let’s get rid of these traitors.

      • Nadler is hoping for the same thing that the vast majority of Liberals are hoping for; civil war. Liberals have the insane idea that only THEY will survive a war, and it will leave them in charge of the country permanently. However, they have overlooked one thing. IF war does break out. then every Liberal becomes a legitimate military target.

        • the democrats actions are so bad I think they could cause WW 3.
          I surprised they all haven’t died having to listen to Nadler And Pelosi’s
          On and on crap that could cause a war among our people!

  10. The only impeachment I want to see is that of nervous Nancy, no nads Nader, upchuck Schumer, AOC and the other Muslims in Congress along with any other politicians who has been associated with Soros

    • Paul, I read recently, where Soros & the black agitator from NY, cannot think of his name now, I have said him & Maxine Waters must be brother & sister, they favor each other. Anyways, he & Sorros were said to have been frequent visitors to the Oval Office when obama was Prez., as much as 3 to 4 times per week.[ reminds me of a little bantam rooster.] Didn’t say what they discussed. I would have thought someone from the CIA or FBI would have bumped both of them off.

  11. Omar and Talib will remain as their respective domiciles are infested with legal AND ILLEGAL immigrants coming from the same region of the world they both came from. Their constituency is a majority of Muslim immigrants. I believe AOC will (or has) shot herself in the foot and she will ge gone.

    As far as Pelosi and Nadler (BTW, notice how quiet Chuck Schumer has been), let them fight it out. Thos will just further divide the Democratic party and will push many of the moderate Democrats to the right.

    ALL GOOD!!

  12. When Mohammed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood was overthrown in Egypt following a year of trying to turn that country into an Islamic state, then U.S. President Obama insisted that since Morsi had been elected president he should be permitted to complete his term. Why then, does this not apply to the presidency of Trump who has been thwarted in his efforts and constantly investigated and threatened with impeachment even when nothing has been proven?

  13. Where is the evidence against Trump? Two years of investigation and Mueller couldn’t bring up any charges… WHY? There isn’t enough sufficient evidence…. Move on…..

  14. Leave them alone………….they are busy arranging deck chairs on
    the Titanic. Ever feel like Karma is very slow ? These Dems are sick,
    sick, sick.

  15. Voters will decide many fates in 2020…CONGRESS can not legislate and would fail an impeachment bid. That would alienate the voters to VOTE DJT.

  16. Like rats scurrying around the deck of a burning ship. The Democrats don’t know which way to go. They are scared and starting to each each other. There’s going to be a whole lot if them that fry soon.????????????????????????????????????????

    • Yes Henry, Congress is expensive and the salaries need to be capped… They make $174,000/yr yet they can’t resolve anything but bickering…. I don’t know about you folks, but I don’t send people to Congress to do nothing…. I send my Congress person to office to resolve the issues facing America. They make three times the average American makes and they think they need a raise…. WE THE PEOPLE say “NO”

  17. Impeachment is politically POPULAR. Except with Constitution betraying Republicans, Which means a just conviction can not now be expected in the Senate. So why shouldn’t the Democrats keep their powder dry for now?

  18. These Democrats just can’t get it into their heads that President Trump did nothing wrong and you can’t Impeach a President if he is helping the Country and he is doing a wonderful job. They are all delusional. The Republicans need to get up off their asses and start Fighting back against these Treasonous Democrats.

  19. When are the dems going to stop this crap!!! It so sickening they sit on their asses and do nothing but to try and figure out how to get rid of Trump. It’s time to stop the bull#$^@!!!

  20. Demorats only care about having power and they are doing to this country what Hilter did to Germany. The president is trying to wake people up here before it is too late. These people doesn’t care about the people as long as they can have power and make people step inline with them. Now some liberals are starting to see what is going on here. We the people need to vote all these liars out of office and put working people in there instead of lazy lawyers in there and then maybe things will get done.

  21. President Trump is the most corrupt president ever? I guess they forgot about obozo’s lawlessness and the lawlessness of those who worked for him but hey it’s ok they’re dims and our laws don’t apply to them.

    • All demoncraps are delusional. The dullards who voted in the likes of Pelosi, Waters,AOC, Warren, Nadler etc etc should be given a test to see if they are mentally prepared to vote.

  22. What a piece of garbage she is!! Her state is infested with drugs, homeless, crime, and she lives in a fortified estate and does not give a damn about the country. Stop this foolish impeachment and work with the best president in your damn lifetime and solve the problems

    • Colleen La Rose: I agree with you and the other previous posters.But since President Trump is being assaulted on all sides, I don’t think we will see justice done. We can only “hope” that she, Omar, Tlaib and Cortez will be ousted.

      • I’ve been waiting for justice to be done since the Bengazi tragedy, & the proven lies about it being over a video some man made. I guess all I & everyone can do is wait & hope justice WILL be done.

        • That video Hillary claims caused the Benghazi attack was posted several months before the attack and only had a handful of viewers before the attack. Plus, the attack was too well prepared to be spontaneous, as Hillary also claims.

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