Nancy Pelosi just got called out by the one person that terrifies her the most

Nancy Pelosi was blindsided.

The Speaker of the House is holding a tenuous grip on power and any one mistake could cost the Democrats everything.

Nancy Pelosi just got called out by the one person that terrifies her the most.

Speaker Pelosi claims to be a devout Catholic.

But that falsehood was just exposed by her hometown Archbishop.

San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore J. Cordileone wrote a powerful document entitled “Before I Formed You In The Womb, I Knew You,” where Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone called out elected officials like Pelosi for supporting abortion on demand for undermining Church teaching.

“If you find that you are unwilling or unable to abandon your advocacy for abortion, you should not come forward to receive Holy Communion,” the Archbishop wrote. “To publicly affirm the Catholic faith while at the same time publicly rejecting one of its most fundamental teachings is simply dishonest.”

Archbishop Cordileone ripped abortion as “evil” and explained pastors for Democrats like Pelosi must deny pro-abortion Democrats communion to send a message the Church teaching on the sanctity of human life is absolute.

“If their participation in the evil of abortion is not addressed forthrightly by their pastors, this can lead Catholics (and others) to assume that the moral teaching of the Catholic Church on the inviolate sanctity of human life is not seriously held,” Cordileone continued on.

“The constant teaching of the Catholic Church from her very beginning, the repeated exhortations of every Pope in recent times up to and including Pope Francis, the frequent statements by the bishops of the United States, all make it clear what the teaching of the Catholic Church is in regard to abortion.”

The Catholic vote is a swing vote.

It’s important in Midwestern states.

If Catholics turn against Democrats in the 2022 midterms because of their extremism on abortion, it could cost Nancy Pelosi her majority.

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