Nancy Pelosi just got hit with some very bad news about impeachment

Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats are pressing full speed ahead on impeaching Donald Trump.

The Fake News Media has Democrats convinced this is a “can’t lose” fight for 2020.

But Nancy Pelosi just got hit with some very bad news about impeachment.

The Fake News Media is touting biased polls to claim the public is moving in favor of impeachment.

But that may not be the case.

Actual voters cast a much more skeptical eye over undoing the results of the 2020 election through impeachment.

A focus group of swing voters in Youngstown, Ohio revealed voters were frustrated that Democrats were focusing on investigating the President as opposed to trying to pass legislation that would address the nation’s problems.

Axios reports:

Distraction, unease, exhaustion — these were some of the main takeaways from our Engagious/FPG focus group last week.

• We heard from 8 voters who flipped from Barack Obama in 2012 to Trump in 2016, and 3 who switched from Mitt Romney to Hillary Clinton.
• The findings are a counterpoint to the latest national surveys — including a Fox News poll — that show more and more Americans, perhaps even a majority, now favor impeaching and removing Trump.
• While a focus group is not a statistically significant sample like a poll, these responses show how some voters are thinking and talking about the 2020 election in crucial counties.

Impeachment could very well backfire on the Democrats.

Not only could voters throw up their hands in frustration over the Democrats’ obsession with impeachment, but if the Senate acquits Donald Trump on articles of impeachment, it will allow the President to campaign in 2020 on being fully exonerated of the Democrats’ charges of corruption.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


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  5. Ya, I was wondering about RedMan,filthy comments I’m surprised that kind of talk wasn’t prohibited. Thanks for the update. Dems just seem to lack proper education. They can’t seem to carry on a proper conversation without being profane. Trump 2020

  6. That’s why your going to loose the house. Our system was not set up to investigate looking for a crime it’s supposed to be investigate the crime. It’s supposed to be innocent until proven guilty. By the way as far as corruption goes you need not look any further than the new Communist party. You are the definition of corruption.

  7. Are you even old enough to be on the internet without asking your parents permission? Oh wait your just another ignorant, America hating, Communist racist. It’s scumbags like yourself that cause division in this country unfortunately your to self absorbed and ignorant to even realize that you and those like you are the real problem. Perhaps you should consider leaving this beautiful country considering you hate it so much. One way ticket please.

  8. Only a fool would be trying to impeach our president. He is doing a great job as president. Any fool who tries to impeach our president will be known as the fool loser.

  9. IRR… If that would ever happen Pelosi as appointing herself as President though default America is TOAST… Look what Nancy Pelosi, Dem. of California .Adam Schiff Dem. of California…DID to Califorina!!!!!! The Homeless Capital of America.. I for one do not like blogging Civial War hoping for a better way for our Nation… However if this would come to pass… I AM a Minute Man for sure!!!!’ I am not alone…I am a very well trained Agent 38yrs of City Police and Retired Federal Agent… Not on our watch… Lets hope for the better…There are Millions with far more experience then me in our Country watching as well….

  10. Ev, I agree with you 100 plus %. I do wish people would get smart about this and vote the democrats out when their time comes up. They are the most corrupt that I have ever seen in office. Normally it’s one or two but not with these, it’s all. I believe Nancy Pelosi is trying her best to become President. She knows if she would run, she would not get it. If she can get Trump impeached, that leaves the Vice President and after he’s impeached, Pelosi would become President. She certainly knows who will help her out, no other than the liar, corrupt, Schiff.

  11. You calling him a racist you are more racist then him and i agree with everything he said 100% the dems don’t like America they like them self they are a bunch of selfish people we don’t count for them and i wish Trump will be reelected other wise America will be finish god bless our president Trump

  12. Leave RedMan alone. He is a DEMO-BOT. You can tell, because he uses the same language as the trash behind the white sheets, and now the black masks. We all know DEMONrats are all corrupt trash. Just make sure you vote them out of office next time..

  13. The Democrats are playing a political game. They will not impeach until late next year in an effort to distract the president and the senate to the point where he cannot get a Fair hearing before the election. This is what I believe

  14. I thought comments that were placed on this site were reviewed for content which was less than complimentary by use of very fowl and derogatory attacks on the commentators by other commentators, it appears that is not the case.

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  17. They don’t care never did never will… It’s a closed party and we are not invited… All the smoke screen speech they say to get into office.. Once in well we know the rest.. They don’t hear our voices they don’t read these blogs… The ony way is to vote them out… Those Hacks in DC have the Media misleading the Common American’s who’s too busy trying to survive another day… What a Horror Show for the last 3 years we had to witness going on in DC.. Shameful…

  18. The DumbocRATs are shooting thenselves in the foot. They are doing the same thing that the last Republican Congress did–NOTHING. The AMERICAN PEOPLE elect these people to run the Country, not to do political bickering. And the DumbocRARs have fallen a long way down from the Democrats of the JFK time. JFK was an AMERICAN first and a Democrat second. Rember his slogan
    All politicians need to ask themselves What have I done for my country.

  19. He isn’t real Cynthia. He is a fake. No man of the people would call himself what the white man called the people. Check it out.

  20. Hi Apple;

    Still using your pretend name I see. No “man” would use that name, that is the white mans name for the people.

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  22. I think the mob’s old meat hook execution would be fitting for the worst offenders. Give them a day or two to think about where they went wrong while they’re hanging from the hook in the gut, dying

  23. I totally agree with your comment AL. The DEMORATS are the most corrupt & EVIL people in this country. I could go on forever, but you said it all.

  24. Dan I need to try this again.. My first attempt did not go through.. This small blog only has few responders… Not showing what over 300.000.000 Millions of American’s think… Civil War is what the Hacks in DC want… By using the doom and propaganda of the Media. To push false information in an attempt to control it’s citizens… These tactics have been used by Governments around the world since public Media was know as a perfect forum to Control it’s Sleeping Citizens… It’s a control means to keep power… Thank you Dan honor to you…Please stay Awake we are not alone in this Horror…. Just a few Power hungry Hacks are really AFRAID of the MESSES.. Dan there are Millions of Well Honorable American’s WATCHING

  25. So what about the 65,000,000 million who voted against him do you want to shoot all of us you sound like a fascist jackboot.

  26. Redman I Haven’t read expressions like yours since the 1960’s… Deep hate man… What the hell happend to you back there…. You know that it doesn’t go far these days… Stuck in a time loop for sure… Really with out these bloggers your voice is going no where… Attacking people you don’t evern know WHY??? What ever happend to you back in the day.. Will never give you peace of mind… Your already been labelled again in your life as a RACIST by reading these bloggs… So attack away in your lonely life… By the way I am not White and don’t support Trump. A matter of fact yes I am concerned what happens to OUR country… But I am in it for my Family… Not no crooked Hacks in DC… I don’t feel sorry for you at all.. Just advising you to look in the Mirror and realize your not going NOWHERE

  27. No, MJ, he is referring to the ‘progressive’ New York Jews, that mindlessly vote, against their own best interests and even safety, for you anti-semitic Nazis and Muslim partners.

  28. Ignorant white-folks ruined america. Ole white-folks like the ones whining about a stupid white man misleading the country, and these trump-butt-bumps on here praise him for ruining the country. They’re just as worse as their pounding pappies and their worthless “con”-stitution. hahahahahhaahahhahaha

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  30. You are right on target with your comment, Al. These people are an evil cabal of miscreants who belong in prison for their seditious acts against our President, Donald J. Trump. Their hatred for Trump and their arrogance of the Constitution is pure insanity.

  31. It’s so sickening to be living through this seditious act by the corrupt Democrats. This decrepit, corrupt, senile old woman Nancy Pelosi and her ilk, in the House and the Senate, should be all tried and put in jail for their treachery. All the lies and persecution against our duly elected President, his family, and administration cannot go unchallenged by the patriotic American people. This is really a conspiracy to overthrow the Government of the United States of America! And Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, George Soros and the anti-Trump media are actively trying to nullify the November 2016 elections by fabricating evidence to impeach the President. In places like Russia and China they would have been executed. And it may to be done here as well, since they are trampling our Constitution, its laws and legal processes. Go register to reelect President Trump. They want him out because he has exposed their corruption!

  32. Nah, tone-down-tony. Its jes dat most white-folks NEVER admit their wrong doings. They tend ta live deep in denial of their ignorance of hate for no good reasons, and racism. And they lie a lot for gain. hahahahhahahahahah

  33. Millions of people who voted for Obama, left the democrat party to vote for Trump. Funny I wasn’t a racist when I voted for Obama but because I want better for my family I am a racist. Get a life. Trump is far from a racist, funny how everyone loved Trump before he ran for POTUS. Trump use to be a democrat and he left the democrat party. When Trump was a democrat, HRC said he would make an excellent President. All I can say is thank God for POTUS. Trump2020

  34. I am sorry you feel this way
    . I have only known one black fella who had this much anger in him. You should call Jesse Lee Peterson, and talk with him. He is on YouTube, I think. GOD be with you, Sir.

  35. The Democrats have always focused on fighting President Trump instead of taking care of problems in our country. They do not deserve to draw a salary. They have done NOTHING to help our country and they are doing nothing but trying to get Trump impeached. Nancy Pelosi should have been impeached a long time ago and several more should go with her. I have never seen such disrespect to a President in my life, even when Clinton was President. He shamed all of us but walked right out with all the politicians without any embarrassment. Nancy has made the Democratic Party blindsided.

  36. Hey Redman My first message to you did not go through… But I really do not CARE about any person(s) in POLITICAL office… It’s about me and my family concerns that I care about…. The same as you… Your dislike is very well read… I as well respect that. One thing in this free nation is that just maybe one day… A total stranger american will save your life and or family from HARM…. Write your dislikes voice your anger REDMAN But we are in all this Mess together…How can you do this REDMAN… Think man we are a nation when the things go wrong it’s we the people that what gets us forward… So REDMAN are you thinking about your Love ones…Or is you hate that much that your not thinking about us all..TRYING TO SURVIVE as well

  37. Nicholas, Mr Trump talks Civil War but he will be the first person out of the country if a war actually starts. I suspect he will be playing golf in Scotland while we kill each other. I believe that Trump is playing into the hands of Vladimir Putin who would like nothing better than an American Civil War. Imagine taking over the US without firing a shot. Uncle Vladimir will be sipping vodka in the Oval Office and riding his horse on the White House lawn but I hope he puts on a shirt this time.

  38. In a way, impeachment keeps the dems too busy to legislate more laws for illegal aliens, transgenders and others to thoroughly ruin our society.

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  42. Not likely, though. Red Anus would have to put down the crack pipe and grow a pair just to crawl out of his basement.

  43. Dems need to vacate their debacle CRAPFEST impeachment inquiry, because it will not get them ANYWHERE!! BUT THEN, WHO CARES!! THE PRESIDENT WILL WIN RE-ELECTION IN 2020!! ALL the Dems are doing is BLOWING SMOKE, and with a fake whistleblower on top of that, THEY DONT HAVE A SNOWBALLS CHANCE IN HELL, OF WINNING IN 2020!!

  44. OH WOW America do we SEE an awakening here. We the People are finally seeing what the HACKS have done to our NATION…So called trusted Office political self centered who don’t really care for. The hard family workers trying to survive another day. While they make Millions …. LAST word Not on our WATCH…. Let them read and laugh at us…. But they are only a few.. We are MILLIONS learning and Watching…. Want to Tango….

  45. They are doing this behind closed doors because they do not want the AM. Citizens to know about it and the lies they are pushing. Pelosi put Schiff in charge of the impeachment inquiry….AM. Citizens already know where he stands–he refused to read the real phone call script because it did not fit his “Impeachment and hatred of President Trump” agenda…so he made up his own transcript and read it to congress and the world!!! IMPEACH SCHIFF AND PELOSI…

  46. An unbiased poll weighted for party affiliation would have concluded the majority of voters (55.1%) actually oppose impeachment, according to a New York Post analysis.

  47. Ruth, I think the best thing for California, at this point, would be to build the wall up from the border east of the coastal urban areas, then when that’s done, since they like the people so much, remove the current border wall to the west of the new one. We could call the new area the Utopia of Mexifornia, and maybe all the other leftists will decide to move there.

  48. The House does hold Impeachment hearings, but that does not remove the President or anyone else. The House Impeachment hearings is similar to what a Grand Jury does, except in Impeachment hearings both Parties are supposed to have equal opportunity for subpoenas and questioning witnesses. Should the House vote for Impeachment, I then goes to the Senate for Trial. The Senate holds a trial that is under the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. The Senate votes to convict or not to convict. Should the Senate vote to convict that is when the punishment phase begins and the President could be removed from office. Not to convict and that is the end of the proceedings.

  49. Jes look at all the trump-butt-bumps on here posting while whining like old lice bait babies drunk off of trump-ah-hump farts because of brown nosing. Soon they’re gonna be shooting their own greasy racist big heads when trump hump-em on his way into Russia in 2020. bang, bang, you stupid pinkies, bang, bang. hahahahahhahahahahahaha

  50. I’ve got an idea let’s pay congress based on what they have actually done for the country. Not what they think they are worth. If they leave office worth millions after entering with only thousands they must be on the take from someone other than the American people. Unless they are stealing from our taxes. Just something to think about.

  51. time to get the Democrats out of office cause all they have done is RUIN this COUNTRY — hopefully someone in California has the guts to runs against these so called good democrats and put some workers in office –the best answer is TERM LIMITS

  52. time to get the Democrats out of office cause all they have done is RUIN this COUNTRY — hopefully someone in California has the guts to runs against these so called good democrats and put some workers in office –the best answer is TERM LIMITTS

  53. Kinds remind ya of yo big “nose” stuck in trump-ah-hump big flat asz, huh, dan-o-inbred. Tell yo tramp mama “The RedMan” is ready for her long neck. hahahahahhhahahahah

  54. Gee!What a nation we could have what with California Kooks,Pelosi,Schiff &Feinstein, along with disgusting New York Jews,Schumer & Nadler Running the country.Just can’t wait, more taxes for more loopy social programs and special rights for sexual degenerates!!

  55. Don’t use google if you want real facts. Their search engines are programed to show the results they want you to see. Use a different search engine.

  56. The big and I mean the big question is what has he done to be impeached no one can give a believable answer . It’s for sure the demoncrapheads will not give a truthful statement or even a truthful answer.

  57. Nicolis: Trump did not say he is encouraging a civil war. He simply stated that if the Democrats didn’t stop all of their crap, there would be a civil war, & he is right. Many are tired of all the Democrats in congress are doing, along with the Media & their followers, & the citizens aren’t going to put up with it forever.

  58. Impeachment! for what?
    Vote on the floor and start proceedings, so that Republicans can alco participate in questioning and cross examining; Then the impeachment will be fair. not secretly and one party questioning alone

  59. The House can hold impeachment investigations and hearings, but then they recommend to the Senate who must hold a trial and vote by a 2/3 margin in-order to impeach the President. I just wish this entire fiasco would cease and Congress would turn to passing legislation for the good of our country. Leave the elected President alone. If you don’t like what he is doing, then vote against him at the next election.

  60. Add Schumer and Waters, and Clinton, and Obama, and Sharpton, and Warren, etc. they are ALL “fornicating rump holes”, who belong behind bars!

  61. Unfortunately if things continue to go the way they are going then this might be our only option. President Trump isn’t encouraging another civil war but he’s being prudent. He knows that what the Democrats are doing is throwing our constitution away and doing exactly what they want to do. Holding impeachment hearings in secret from the American people over non impeachable issues and then controlling what is leaked out is dangerous for the USA in many ways. Impeachment is very serious and should be done only in the light of day and for good reasons. The American citizens need to be aware of every step as it happens. President Trump understands this and that half or greater Americans will not accept this impeachment by a few representatives and without the American people being involved. He’s just stating facts because he knows that America is worth fighting for so perhaps you shouldn’t get your panties in a bunch. Please don’t start accusations that are inaccurate as I believe Trump has had enough of that garbage. In my personal opinion I can see a major issue if this joke of an impeachment continues to be pushed through over jealousy and hatred for Donald Trump. I don’t blame him for being angry and if this is the first your hearing of people that are ready to fight for their country then your living under a rock.

  62. Come on! President Trump spends every single day working to make America better. He tweets because it’s the ONLY way he can communicate directly with us – the media LIES about everything he says and does. If there is ever another Civil War, it sure won’t be because our president tweeted something to start it! The Dems will start the next Civil War, just like they started the first one.

  63. Add Schumer and Waters, and Clinton, and Obama, and Sharpton, and Warren, etc. they are ALL “fornicating rump holes”, who belong behind bars!

  64. Yes. Voting the Dems out of office will certainly help; but the country is still diseased. More and more I believe the thw 30 caliber solution is the only real way to restore America. We must execute the traitors.

  65. Thought only the House of Representatives could hold the Impeachment proceedings. Not up to the Senate to do so. Would someone please research this article for accuracy?

  66. The MEDIA should really focus on what the DEM’S Have not done for our nation…. The whole Congress has been on FULL STOP!!! Nothing accomplished Nothing… Why has not the Media informed the American people concerning this. Because the media is FAKE NEWS… I can’t stand reading the news…. Impeach Impeach and yes MORE IMPEACHMENT news…. When will this stop…. … Nancy Pelosi and the other Dem Rat leaders should be called out on a FAILED REPORT card for the jobs they were supposed to do… BUT DID NOTHING…. Impeach them What a shame that other world leaders are watching this unfold in our Nations Capital… Nancy Pelosi just step down and go away… Take the other Liars with you…. Your out anyway in 2020…

  67. Trust in the Lord if you are threaten and read your Bible for strength because the Lord will never leave you nor forsake you, TRUST HIM also read 2nd Timothy 1:7 I hope that will calm you?

  68. Yes that’s what the Democrats & there news media wants. Just wait & see how for there going to push it. A
    Civil War could break. Or one hell of a economy crash.

  69. I think the reason they are trying so hard to impeach President Trump is because the Democrats don’t want the people to find out how the democrats okayed everything Obama wanted when he was in office and will not admit that Obama made fools of them that’s why and I don’t know why they are trying to cover for Obama everyone knows that because Obama was half black that was History, yeah bad choice look at what Obama left behind nothing but bad decision’s, spending money like water, and printing it as well and for what, Obama left laughing. But one day he will have to answer for all his stupid mistakes. that’s what the Democrats are trying to avoid. Sorry but the truth will come out.

  70. The Democrats started the last Civil war, and they will start the next one as well. They did not learn the lessen last time and they will not this time. The only way to stop them is VOTE them out of office.

  71. Democrats are a joke a bunch of hogwash this impeachment crap, you have no solutions to offer America.

  72. What would you call ANTIFA Attacks, Death Threats and outright calls to kill all republicans. I call it be prepared because the more they get away with, the more they’re going to try to get further vicious. That’s scary reality happening everyday. Forewarned is Forearmed.

  73. So true it is the commie Demorats who are pushing for a civil war, but fisrt they want to disarm you so you cannot fight back, ha ha good luck with that we will NEVER give up our guns.

  74. Nicolas, don’t believe everything you see on Google, they have been shown to be very biased. And it is not Trump supporters willing to start a civil war for him, but a growing number of fed up Americans starting to push back on the civil war the left has been pushing for several decades, a good example of that bias.
    And while it is regrettable that children do wind up getting killed in such wars, remember, Democrats could care less about them, other than as props while they try to push unpopular legislation or fodder for their ‘sacred’ Planned Parenthood. Same with minorities, women, LGBT, illegals, and all the other props that they keep handy in their little boxes, expecting them all to think with their skin color, gender, etc., rather than using their own minds, all while calling everyone but themselves racist. All they care about is their own wealth and power, and yes, that could be said for many, on both sides.

  75. YES! It is going to be a Land Slid Victory for TRUM! The Silent Majority never fails! NP is to live in regrets when the FULLNESS OF HER TIME COMES!!! God is JUST! His Justice is HIs Mercy!! “As Ye sows, so she YTEY reaps!” Gala. 6:7

  76. I voted for and i have always supported  President Trump.

    But on Twitter President Trump is inciting a civil war if he does not get what he wants.

    People around the country are echoing his civil war threats and wanting to know where they can sign up.

    They are willing to start this war for him.

    If another civil war happens in the United States then millions of civilians will be killed.
    Including children. That scares me.

    I support President trump but I can not support him saying that another United States civil war is okay.

    Go to GOOGLE and type in words like  CIVIL WAR, PRESIDENT TRUMP, TWITTER.

    There is a lot of information on this.

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