Nancy Pelosi just made one major mistake she is going to live to regret

The Fake News Media likes to build up Nancy Pelosi as the master of power politics.

That reputation is highly overrated.

And that was proven true once again when Nancy Pelosi just made one major mistake she is going to live to regret.

On Thursday, every Democrat and 11 turncoat Republicans voted to strip pro-Trump Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene from her committee assignments.

Democrats used conspiracy theories Greene espoused support for before ever being elected to Congress as the basis for stripping her of her committee spots, even though Greene apologized for these views.

But Democrats severely overplayed their hand.

Many of the Republicans who voted to boot Greene off her committee assignments made a point of listing specific Democrat lawmakers they would support kicking off committees once Republicans were back in the majority.

Republicans cited Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Maxine Waters for their comments inciting violence.

A new GOP majority would also move to boot Ilhan Omar off committees due to her repeated anti-Semitic remarks.

And the Republicans would also kick Eric Swalwell off the Intelligence Committee after Axios reported he was compromised by a sexual relationship with an alleged Chinese spy.

Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats did not think this move through.

Republicans need to flip just six seats to win a majority in 2022 and the GOP base as well as rank and file members of Congress will demand payback for the Democrats dictating to them about how they can dole out committee assignments.

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