Nancy Pelosi just saw the one video that will keep her up at night about 2022

Nancy Pelosi and her allies hope they can cling to power next year.

But they got some bad news.

And Nancy Pelosi just saw the one video that will keep her up at night about 2022.

Republicans shocked Democrats in 2020 by picking up double-digit gains in the House of Representatives.

Before the election Nancy Pelosi boasted Democrats would expand their majority by 15 to 20 seats.

Instead, Democrats limped over the finish line, barely clinging to a majority.

Republicans knocked off Democrats and won every toss-up race on the 2020 map by tagging Democrats as the party of defunding the police.

After the Black Lives Matter and Antifa lootings, riots and terror attacks in the summer of 2020, leading Democrats such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez championed the policy of defunding the police.

When that proved to be a political embarrassment, Democrats and the media tried to claim defunding the police didn’t really mean defunding the police.

That line is out the window after socialist Congresswoman Cori Bush – who is the new media hero after pressuring Joe Biden to issue an illegal order nationalizing rental properties in America – told CBS News that “defunding the police” must happen.

Democrats are sure to see a lot of this clip on the campaign trail next year.

The last thing Pelosi and other Democrats want to talk about is rising murder rates in big cities and the American people’s rising fear of crime.

Cori Bush – one of the emerging new faces of the Democrat Party – helped push that debate front and center and that will haunt Democrats.

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