Nancy Pelosi just suffered the most humiliating defeat of her career

Nancy Pelosi was riding high.

The San Francisco liberal is the incoming Speaker of the House.

But she just suffered the most humiliating defeat of her career.

In the famous Oval Office meeting between President Trump, Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer, Pelosi mocked Trump to his face.

She claimed Trump did not have the votes in the House of Representatives to fund five billion dollars towards the border wall.

Trump said he could get them at any time, and Pelosi dared Trump to do so.

The President called her bluff and the House passed a bill containing five billion dollars in funding for the border wall.

Trump responded by throwing this victory back in Pelosi’s face.

Democrats blocked the bill in the Senate because they live in fear of their identity politics obsessed base that considers any border security white supremacy.

That led to the third “Schumer shutdown” of 2018.

Democrats think they can wait out Trump.

But he proved he will not budge unless Democrats deliver the votes to finally secure America’s border by funding a long overdue wall.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this story.


  1. That’s funny you feel that way about the wall so how do you feel about the people who family members are killed by illegal immigrants? How do you feel that hard working people are footing the bill to take care of them, how do you feel about all the homeless people that we can’t get off the streets now , and how do you feel about farting cows? Do you not see what is happening to this country? It’s wrong to let a veteran 23 years old freeze to death on a street all alone because he had no place to live! That’s what this country need to protect our own Citizens! Build the wall President Trump.

  2. If this country wasn’t populated with lazy, greedy, brainwashed, underinformed useful idiots, life for Pelosi would become long humiliation. She is an absolute stumbling block to progress for this country. She is a symptom of the basic problem of our representative government. She represents a district full of wing nuts and has been allowed to force her radical values on the rest of the country. The voters fell for the con that she wouldn’t be reelected as Speaker, but there she is.

  3. With all due respect, you sir need to check out youtube to see there is a concret wall around Obama’s house as well as several other fences in front of his house. Pelosi also has a 6 ft. Concret wall around her property!! You should really see for your own self.

  4. You’re right. All of the blame goes to McConnell. At any time he could bring up one of the House votes to open the government and it would pass veto-proof, i.e, with 60 or more votes. And Pelosi hasn’t lied about that. We all know that it’s McConnell who’s keeping the government closed.

    And P.S why do you have to holler (i.e., write everything in upper case)?


  6. POTUS Trump has talked about border security. No, the wall is NOT all that is talked about. However, anyone with an IQ above 2 knows the wall is a very important p[art of border security. As far as the other components, some of those are already in place. The current situation on border security is the wall component, which is, again, a major component. The stupid damned dems, and some rino republicans, do not want Trump to succeed at any thing. They are putting politics above our security and safety. The wall is, again, a critical component of border security. Anyone who denies that is a liar or pretty stupid. You know it. Everyone knows it. And any and every person with an IQ above 2 knows the dems are only fighting to keep Trump from getting anything he wants or needs. Just because the dems and rinos and America hating liberals say the stupid things they say, that does not make them true. It does not matter how the conversation is framed. If POTUS Trump wants something done, the dems are against it. Trump should not have to explain to the American people how the wall will help. Everyone above the age of 10 should be able to understand that all by theirself. You write well enough that I can see you have intelligence. However, your words clearly demonstrate you will not apply logic to a conversation that has only one truth, an that truth is one that you do have to accept, as you have the intelligence to see it, but you refuse to acknowledge or accept the truth because you know it will make Trump more successful and more popular. The folks speaking as you do, are not interested in an honest dialogue. If they were, they would remember back when so many democrats were all for border security. At this point, if Trump wanted to cure cancer, y’all would come out in favor of cancer.

  7. “Trump has time and again stated the wall is part of border security.” Did you see the same conference on tv I saw with Trump, Pelosi, and Schumer? Did he say anything about the wall being part of border security? No he said he wanted a wall. Pelosi tried to talk to him about how legislation works, the people get together and talk about what is need and how to pay for it. Trump’s reaction was to say “Wall, Wall” over and over. All he had to do is agree with Pelosi that they should get together and talk about what was needed for border security. The Democrats voted for 1.6 billion for border security in 2017, and Trump has spent very little of that, if any. He told Schumer last week that he couldn’t give in to a compromise because “he would look foolish”. 800,000 people are without paychecks because he doesn’t want to look foolish.

  8. You do know that a border wall is part of border security. Many people who own homes not only use locks on their doors they build fences on their property. Now why do you think that is. Should we also remove all walls around prisons and just leave short step-over fences there instead. I think you are a left wing communist who only hears what they want to hear. Trump has time and again stated the wall is part of border security. By the way he has talked to professional people about what is needed at the border not dems who like to sit on their behinds in Washington and rule from there. The people he listens to are the Border Patrol people on the front lines not people like you who knows nothing about it.

  9. Then why doesn’t Trump talk about border security instead of a wall. All he and his supporters do is talk about a wall. The majority of Americans understand that that is not going to work. Talk to Americans about border security, and with details about what will be done and where, and Trump would easily get people behind him. Trump was stuck behind a campaign slogan during the campaign. He wasn’t citing any study, or research. It was a mnemonic device that simplified his discussion about immigration. And so it still sounds like a campaign slogan to the American people and they don’t buy that. Instead of a campaign slogan, Trump needs to talk with the Democrats about border security and come to some agreement about what needs to be done. During that televised conference Trump had with Pelosi and Schumer, why didn’t Trump talk about wall not being the end all, that it would just be a component? Why didn’t he mention what those other components would be? Why didn’t he ask them to get together to work out the details of border security? Why did he say “Wall, Wall” over and over again? It’s because that is the full extent of his knowledge about border security. 32 billion dollars for a campaign slogan isn’t going to happen.

  10. Ronsch, it appears you are positing that Trump, nor anyone else, has thus far done any research into what would be effective. Not true.POTUS Trump has, on numerous occasions, clearly stated there would be areas where the terrain, and other issues, would be taken into consideration as to what was needed where to be most effective. POTUS Trump has also stated, on numerous occasions, that the “wall” would be an important component of border security, not an end all, be all fix. Intelligent people all know that some sort of border wall will, in fact, reduce the number of illegal immigrants coming into our country. Intelligent people also know some sort of wall will reduce the flow of drugs coming into our country. That would also apply to sex trafficking, terrorists, gang members, etc. Intelligent people also know, from multiple, reliable sources, that it is not just poor women and children coming here illegally. Intelligent people already know a lot of bad actors have been apprehended and a lot of bad actors have made the crossing. Intelligent people know there have been reports of bad actors caught here in our country that want to do harm to our country. Intelligent people also know there have been way too many deaths of American citizens at the hands of illegal immigrants. Intelligent people know the research has been done, to a large degree.Intelligent people know a border wall will help make our country safer. Idiots on the left constantly harp about gun control. They moan about if it will save one life, it is worth it. So, how about we apply that leftist “logic” to a border wall. If it saves just one life, and we know it will save many lives, it is worth it. Of course, intelligent people already know that lives will be saved, tons of money will be saved, many jobs will be saved. Resources will not be nearly as strained as they are now. Intelligent people see the big picture. Where does that leave folks such as yourself who will not acknowledge a good, viable plan when they see one? Folks, such as yourself, who seem to be motivated only by the politics of the situation are wearing self imposed blinders to the truth. How intelligent is that? Zero.

  11. The effective plan is already activated and will most definitely take care of all the problems the deep state has plagued America, along with the rest of the world. There time to wish they would have done things differently is soon , they are sick, stupid and evil,mm

  12. Investigation can last a long time and is an effective way to stone wall anything, and not have tho face an issue.

  13. Trump already knows what and where the wall needs to go. He has talked to the real people who knows what is needed, Border Patrol. The fence around Obama’s house is not a right wing myth. I have been there and have seen it. It is 10ft tall and not a fence, you can’t see through it, that is called a wall.

  14. Real border security arises out of a variety of means, different kind of fencing appropriate to a location, surveillance at some places. Research needs to take place to find out what is best for each part of the border. Trump’s wall is a campaign slogan that has no regard for local circumstances.

    The wall around Obama’s house is a right wing myth.

  15. Let’s see now, during Obamas rein of terror we had far more then 800k not working and how did they survive. So you want more people to invade our country so more local citizens can get laid off as they take their jobs. I think a lot of auto workers worry about their jobs should companies move to Mexico and other countries. How do they survive? How about steel workers who lost thousands of jobs because of the unfair trade policies of Obama. I have been in the same situation as those above. I don’t care if we have to have a 50 foot wall with a moat around it and land mines in front of the moat. We the real people who make this country what it is think some sacrifice for a little while is more then worth it in the long run. Those people laid off will still get their back pay, however, I never got the same consideration when it happened to me. Get off your stupid horse and think for yourself instead of watching communist TV stations like CNN or MSNBC. If those idiot Dems don’t go for the American people instead of illegals it will show the American people how much they hate the U.S. and the people who elected them.

  16. I guess your statement is coming from someone who knows nothing about the walls. It works wonders in Israel, it worked for centuries in China, it must also be a big success around the Vatican, oh yes let’s not forget around Obama’s house. Where the wall is already built on our southern border it reduced illegal entry by 95%. I think all of the above, that I mentioned, is more then enough proof that walls do work.

  17. None of you fans of the wall have any idea what is going to be needed for real border security. Trump’s wall is a campaign slogan not a real solution to the problem. What is needed is research into what would be effective.

  18. You and other commenters are deluded. The salaries of 800,000 people has been removed from the economy. Small business is already feeling the pain as these people are limiting their spending.

  19. There are like 2 million guns in America and trillions of rounds of ammo. If we gun owners were the real problem, believe me you’d know it.

  20. The fact is, no Democrat will ever vote for a wall are border security untill they themselves loose a loved one by a illegal! They don’t care about any of us, just them selves!

  21. I still remember he crying and telling the people of this country and the whole world,that the world was going to end when Trump got elected! LMDAO. I would be ashamed if I were a Demonrat!

  22. Us tax payers paid for that! Damn what a waist of money! All that waisted money could of feed a hungry country! She ought to be ashamed of her self, for being so vain, buts it’s not going to help her dementia! Lmdao

  23. I still remember he crying and telling the people of this country and the whole world the world was going to end when Trump got elected! LMDAO. I would be ashamed if I were a Democrat!

  24. He owns it….but no problem, is it hurting the citizens of this country? No it’s not, and you would never know it if it were not on the news! Obama did it five times, where’s the out cry from the left when he did it? Lmdao That’s what I thought!

  25. I Amen that! We don’t even know that’s there is a shut down, if it were not for the fools in Washington complaning about it! Obama did it five times, and not one person complained about it! It just shows the left are big hypocritical hipicrits! Lol

  26. Lol That’s right most Republicans are gun toting, gun loving, but good people! I can’t see the liberal nut jobs coming after us since they don’t believe in the second amendment! Lol ????


  28. Does it really effect anything? No it don’t, and people still bet paid! We don’t need all this big Government to begin with, and Democrats all need to go home and stay there! They don’t do anything for the American people but tax us more and more,vand steal from us to inrich them selves! They stand for illegal immagrants, not American citizens! The more uneducated, and ignorant they are,the better! And if people don’t see this truth then they also are uneducated, uninformed, are just ignorant! A immagrant kills a American ,they believe he should be released, and come back and do it again! Santuary city’s for murders, rapist, child molesters, drug dealers, and gang members! They love them!

  29. Amen to that! Government should be small, the way our founding fathers said to keep small at all cost? But the Democrat/ communist want it large, larger, and larger, just so they can tax us to the point of being a third world country!

  30. M B, Pissolsi, Okenya etc. have a wall/fence/gate around their homes yet, we Americans don’t have one around our homes. That’s not right…

  31. Shutdown? What shutdown? Did anything happen? All I noticed is that a bunch of people that usually do nothing are still doing nothing. We just don’t have to watch them doing it. That’s why shutdowns are such big taboo. People get to see just how little the country needs these useless idiots. They don’t like that or anything else that has to do with the truth….

  32. Even Satan looks good on the outside but the heart, is where all of the ugliness comes from, she is a child of Satan.

  33. Actually we already have term limits for the House and the Senate. Elected House members are elected for 4 years and Senate members get elected for 6 years. It is the fault of the voters who vote for the left wing communists who are causing the problems.

  34. This is another subject that needs input from all of us!!! I heard the other day that Congress wants to limit the time the Supreme Court Justices can serve.

    When can we see term limits for all in Congress. It probably will not happen in our lifetime, but I pray that it will.

  35. You don’t even know what a shutdown is yet you’ll make some idiotic pronouncement denigrating the president simply because he kicked the fat old lady’s ass in 2016 and you still can’t get over it.

  36. You hit the nail on the head. They don’t have anyone better. They are one as bad as the other. There’s not one who’s presidential material. The sick and dimwitted Democrats keep voting for the same OLD representatives because they are all that they have. Everyone that calls themselves a Democrat is as dumb as they are.

  37. When will people realize the news media, IRS, CIA, DOJ, FBI, Demo-Rats, and some Republicans Jeb Bush, John McCain all part of the DEEP STATE Traders! They all sold us out! Who’s buying are politicians the Communist George soros, The Muslim Brotherhood, just follow the money, the politicians off shore bank accounts. The Clinton Foundation!

  38. I saw a picture of Pelosi taken in about 1955. She was wearing a one-piece bathing suit. She looked good!

  39. They know she will do just that…keep flapping her big mouth.. she runs off at the mouth so much everyone is accustomed to her doing it. However,President Trump doesn’t put up with it.. and I am glad he has the guts to put her in her place..

  40. Hmmm ya can’t drive an SUV full of drugs through a wall,,, and a properly designed WALL is very difficult to climb .
    Wait until some big hot-dog liberl puke has a family member murdered by an illegal,, then see how loud they whine for a wall !!

  41. It is going to be painful to have to watch this wrinkled old B**CH flapping that BIG MOUTH for the next 2 years!! This ugly hag is DUMB AS ROCK, but the Dems keep putting her at the front of the line. Don’t they have anybody better than her to put out there?? This is REALLY SAD!!!

  42. Pelosi is basking in the sunlight’s of Hawaii!! While all the voters, taxpayers are still paying-enduring…let’s really hit their wallets instead of ours…Trump has kept his promises…

  43. You, Ronsh, just like Pelosi and Schumer and the rest of the Democrats, are full of BS! How about you let all these immigrants move into your house and you support them. Make sure they don’t rob and kill you and your family!

  44. No, and they obviously don’t care about the health and well being of the American people. It’s all about greed and power.

  45. I’m hoping the there in an upset with the apple cart regarding the her potential “reign”. Maybe…just maybe she won’t win.

  46. Ronsch,
    Your comment is ridiculous. First of all I do not believe your statistic that more people are opposed to the wall. No one asked me and I have many friends and family who believe there should be a wall. Are you aware of the recent death of a CA policeman shot to death by an illegal? How long do we have to put up with these thugs who just walk into our country? You are so wrong if you think the wall will not prevent illegals from entering our country. Wake up from your La La Land dream!

  47. Building a wall for border security to protect Americans of all colors and religions from human/child trafficking, drug smuggling, and criminals is the correct thing to do. It has nothing to do with white supremacy. I’d say, American Supremacy for American Citizens who pay taxes and abide by the Laws of the Constitution. We welcome Legal immigrants or those in need. The demoncrats will allow anyone into our country with the return favor of voting for them. Pure Bribery. They don’t care if the bring disease nor if they’re criminals. They don’t care about their well being.

  48. I’ve got news for you. This isn’t about money, nor is it about Trump. This is all about votes. The demoncraps desperately need illegals voting for them in 2020. The only way to get those votes is by smuggling in as many illegals as they can between now and the 2020 election. Keep in mind, all it takes to vote in CA is a driver license and illegals can all get DLs in CA. There were more than 3 million illegals who voted in CA during the last election and CA covered this up. It is a corrupt failed demoncrap state. Other dem states like WA, OR, Il, and NY are just as failed and just as corrupt. This is all about power and in order to maintain power, the dems have to rig the next election.

  49. You just posted the biggest collection of BS that I have read in any one place in a very long time! Do yourself a favor and start watching and turn off CNN for a while! It’s not good for you to willingly watch the truth-twisting or outright lying MSM.

  50. For proof, just look to Israel. They built a wall around their country and got rid of 99% of illegal immigration!! There are other countries who have done the same with the results that illegal immigration has been stopped in its tracks. The cost dollar-wise of illegals is being shifted onto the public in the form of local and state taxes to pay for welfare and court costs. This is why an overwhelming majority of Americans is for the wall to stop the nonsense of the illegals coming in.

  51. I’m scared to death that something might happen to Trump and Pence and that Pelosi will then become POTUS! Speaker of the House, for those who don’t know, is 3rd in line of progression for the office of President! Right now, that’s the scariest thing I can think of!

  52. Been saying the same thing for over 20 years can’t change the U.S. into a third world sh* t hole without the illegals to give you the power you need just keep watching CNN to see what you should be upset about next. Also took a poll 100 percent want wall

  53. The Democratic opponents of the wall are not hurting the careers because 60% of the American people oppose the wall (Fortune Magazine and Quinnipiac polls). The Democrats want border security, but absolutely no evidence has been provided that the wall will do that. The Democrats want the research done to find the most effective way of providing border security. Trump only has a campaign slogan.

  54. Pelosi and Schumer now have the blood of that California cop on their souls. This country is now full of irresponsible people like these two. They need to be thrown out of D.C. and the country as far as I am concerned! Dump the trash, I say!

  55. We the people should demand mandatory retirement for all these old persons. Their actions tell us they are not of sound mind. Or they should be subjected to mandatory physical and MENTAL checkups every 6 months.

  56. of which, Ronsch, USA GIVES you ‘freedom’
    & PEACE in your situation. & The ‘Latinos’
    LIKE You !!! That Is Good.

  57. ps. Ronsch, Telling ‘your truth’ Helps ppl
    ‘understand’ your comments & ‘personal’
    situation. 0therwise, your comm’s may appear
    to be, Not USA Patriot/0r Supporting USA Preservation.

  58. Well Ronsch, i understand your reply &
    ‘personal health concern’. You seem to be
    1 of Very few at 76, to ‘feel safe’. You
    Alone? i get that as well. ‘G’ Bless,
    Remain Safe, Ronsch. However, Take Into
    Consideration, 0ver 290 million ‘other’ ppl.
    USA MUST BE SAVED/Protected from 1 World0rder/0pen Borders.
    Stay Well HNY 2019.

  59. I don’t lock my doors. I’m 76 and I’m concerned that if I have a heart attack or stroke and call 911 that I may not be able to open the door for them. So I don’t lock my door.

  60. To all of you leaving your comments, Just a reminder there is only on person in charge he isn’t on either side. He loves us all stop the hate he is in control so you fight all you want but are Lord is in control.

  61. Ronsch. Do you have Home & Yard/ 0r apt.? of Which,
    either would include a ‘Real Estate ‘line’.
    Do you lock your doors ?
    If yes, to questions,
    WHY ? & what is population of your ‘town’ ?
    Is your situation Majority USA ? > NO !
    ps. & Yes!, we Really like authentic Mex. cuisine.
    & in Florida, the ‘roach coaches) Are The BEST !. Do you
    know what a ‘roach coach is’ ? lol.

  62. Rosanne – They have controlled the Senate for 2 years now! What have they accomplished for folks like you (since they control all 3 branches of government)??? Nada, zilch, not one damn thing…..oh wait…..a large tax cut for the wealthy. Turn off Fox……your ignorance is showing.

  63. Luigi – Ummm, Republicans have controlled the Senate since 45 was elected. They DON’T want his stupid wall, just like 60% of Americans don’t want it either. You’re on the wrong side of this argument.

  64. The democrats do not have control of the House yet. Don’t forget the republicans will have control of the Senate come January.

  65. Mitch Mc Connell and Schemer are in love with each other and Paul Ryan thees three people and Pelosi have
    to be recognized, they are the problem for are Government if your running a large Company they would be the first
    to go why lacking interest. at 75yrs old Mine or Our President Donald J Trump has done more in less than two years
    than all past presidents did in my life time, so move on we are building (AMERICA) Thank you Mr President for making

  66. In our town all kids are “our” kids. Public schools are paid for by property taxes which everyone, including any undocumented, pay. Our State doesn’t have an income tax, and so any subsidy by the State for the public schools comes from the sales tax which everyone, including any undocumented, pay.

  67. Ronch, that’s the only crime that happens? White ppl are porch pirates? Hmm wonder if Kate Steinle’s parents think that!! They don’t cost us anything? Every single American taxpayer is paying for their kids to go to OUR schools, be fed, and get medical. Better do some research!

  68. When are those politicians going to wake up and realize that they are hurting their political careers by not providing funding to build the wall? 85% of US citizens want boarder security. And 68% of them want the wall built. So who are the politicians scared to death of offending?

  69. I live in a town that has a large Latino population, many Mexican restaurants and Bodegas. The people voted our town to be a Sanctuary City. I suspect that there might be many here who are undocumented. Whether they are undocucmented or not, they work hard doing things many people don’t want to do. The only significant crime here is due to Anglos. People caught stealing packages or breaking into mailboxes (which is about all that happens) have all turned out to be Anglos. We are also in the most liberal legislative district in the state, and our Congressional Representative is one of the most liberal in Congress.

  70. Let Iran & Obama set things up with our $1.8 Billion McGurk delivered to Iran, in American cash. Pres. Trump said he didn’t know McGurk,never met him, but he knew who he is & what he did for Obama. Was the pay off a trade, give me Bin Laden so I can win the next election & I’ll give you our Embassey? Funny how our helicopters got under radar at 3 A.M., would have made terrible noise & shook the earth, woke everyone up long time before landing. Just a question for Judicial Watch, Tom Fitton & Jim Jordan, Senator.

  71. Didn’t misunderstand it at all. Mocking involves name calling. No one is better at that than Trump. Did you hear any name calling from Nancy Pelosi?
    Mocking also involves a tone of voice which says ” I know more than you know”. None of that tone is to be heard from Nancy.

  72. David, thank you. Feinsteins husband is supposed to be worth 19 Billion,
    Pelosi is worth a billion or more & home worth about 15 Mil. Mueller got a $30 Mil bonus from Lockheed for giving them the plane bid, all other bids were set aside, don’t know how many millions Enron gave him & Comey.

  73. Sorry to hear about your doctor situation. However, you might want to go back and read Rep. Pelosi’s full comment about “not knowing what was in it” That quote has been taken out of context in the “conservative” media in their relentless effort to demonize.
    Likewise, Hillary never said all Trump supporters were “deplorable”. It was an unwise choice of words to be sure. But she was referring to only those white supremacists, like David Duke, who strongly support Trump. Are you a white supremacist, Betty?

  74. I often wonder if Nancy & Chuck are going together. I think the voters will turn against the Dems. in 2020, that is if a lot of dead people don’t vote & illegals. Hope we can monitor the votes better than Mid Term when they were misplaced, lost, disposed of, etc.

  75. After the last 2 years of owning nothing, the libs are so happy… Trump got 2 SCOTUS’s and little shumy, then Trump has gotten rid of Obama care and lil Sully cried again and grossly pelosie went viral.
    So funny.
    And watch and see the, wall will be built. Then the libs will start crying again.

    LMAO, what a bunch of losers

  76. The House already passed the Bill to build the wall. It is blocked in the Senate this year causing the Shutdown. President Trump will wait it out until the new Senate is sworn in next month with a GOP majority where there will be a better chance of passing if some RINOs don’t jump ship. There is a Nuclear option originated by Dem. Harry Reid which McConnell can use if he got the balls.

  77. Great idea! Congress shouldn’t be paid when the government shuts down. They are the ones messing up the
    works so they should be the ones punished. Instead the working class are the ones being punished. This is one of the reasons why our government is so disfunctional. The source of the problem doesn’t answer for itself

  78. What a short memory Democrats have. It was Schumer, and Pelosi voted for a wall when Obama was the president but just because Trump is now the president they make statements like Schumer did when he came out and said he never voted for a wall. Trump also gave in somewhat by inserting an eight billion increase to the disaster relief fund for the people and the states that had hurricanes and fires. Both those communist said no deal, so who is really ready to compromise when it comes to the shut down. The communist democrats wanted to give him 1.3 billion but none for use on the wall. That is hardly a compromise.

  79. But Democrats and their freeloaders do not understand freedom and self respect and the dignity of working to earn their living. DO NOT EXPECT LEGAL U.S. CITIZENS TO PAY FOR YOUR LAZY ASS TO SIT ON THE COUCH WITH YOUR HAND OUT WAITING FOR THE GOVERNMENT TO FILL IT.

  80. Ronsch,
    California already looks like a third world country. If a demo rat gets electedour whole country
    will look like one. Perhaps as you being a liberal you should let some of the illegals live next
    door to the way while you’re at it feed some of them also.

  81. We have term limits already in place as the Senators can only serve 6 years at a time and then have to be re-elected to serve again, and on and on. The term limit is in the control of the voters. If you don’t like the person in the Senate you get the chance to vote him or her out when the have to re-run after the six years. This is why it is so important to get everyone out to vote. The House reps serve 4 years and then they have to run for re-election, so the same applies to them. Get out as many Republicans to vote as possible and not sit on their hands at voting time. Remember our system is based on majority and when more Democrats or turn coat Republicans come out to vote or not vote this throws the race to the Dems.

  82. I love this. The wall isn’t going to happen. The Democrats have control of the house. It’s not going to happen. And all you Trump-lovers are going to freak out against Trump, and a Democrat is going to win President.

  83. Unfortunately the Senate Republicans will only have 53 votes and not the 60 needed to pass legislation. McConnell could use the Nuclear option, however he is reluctant to do so as this would open the door for when and if a Democrat would take over the Senate to use it against the Republicans. Remember Harry Reed used it for conformation in the Senate and now the Republicans can use it also for conformations, such as Supreme Court Justices.


  85. I’m not doubting you but where is the proof of this allegation. I get a little tire of hearing all these theories and nothing ever happens.

  86. Build the wall. Build it big, long, tall and STRONG. you can’t half/ass it as the demonRats will again be in charge and when they are they will stop funding the amt. of border patrol we have on our southern border. They’ll stop the drones and every advanced tech. program designed to slow down the flow of illegals crossing into the U.S. The most impt. thing is not to accept a partial funding bill, and not to let the anchor babies becoming citizens part of our laws on immigration. how can an illegal give birth and that baby is now a citizen? HOW?

  87. Senator Feinstein is head of the committee that is awarded $40 million in contracts to her husband’s company which he owns. talk about conflict of interest. Might as will mention that she had a Chinese spy working for her the past 20 years as her driver. By the way why does the Senator Have a have a driver how can they afford that?

  88. and you are major league envious! typical lib who will Never be satisfied with life as it comes pass your window. rest assured one day this will end and you’ll know then what was important in this life.

  89. Does not matter to the far left what the people want or what the people vote for. Example: 2004 Gavin Newsom just voted in as mayor of San Francisco. IN 2004, Voters pass all 11 bans on gay marriage – politics | NBC News
    2 days after gavin newsom was elected, he decided that the ban was wrong. Even though the public voted FOR THE BAN. He began marrying gays at the court. Defiant San Francisco Marries Dozens of Same-Sex Couples – latimes › Collections
    Gavin is now the GOVERNOR of California. Do you honestly believe that these people will follow the rules of law or care what the people vote for?

  90. Someone needs to remind Nanny Pelosi and her stark raving mad band of Democrats, that the American government spends $137 BILLION yearly on illegal immigrants. If the wall can cut that even by 10% it is a mathematical win. SO SENATE DEMOCRATS, listen up, we want this wall, so get it funded!!!

  91. Pelosi took lessons from Diane Feinstein…feinsteins husband rebuilt Iraq after the war. Ex governor Brown should be investigated for being paid off by the cartel along with Alex Padilla, secretary of state. They fought all border security.

  92. I often wonder how the Globalists recuit people. Are people paid large amts. of money. Are they and their families threatened. Are people promised good positioned in the New World Order. It is a mystery that seemingly intelligent people could want what they offer.

  93. I am pretty sure that the democrats in California keep getting voted in by illegals and outright voter fraud. AND i also believe that a lot of these politicians and getting paid by the cartels to fight border security. We need to have forensic audits on every california politician and their families.

  94. Term limits would be a good thing, but…

    How about QUICK AND HARSH PUNISHMENTS for violating their Oath of Office?

    Like IMMEDIATE REMOVAL FROM OFFICE and replaced by their political opponent in the last election?


    IF the violation damages US SOVEREIGNTY, LOSS OF CITIZENSHIP and life in prison. With no Citizenship, he/she/it has no RIGHTS TO APPEAL, FREE LEGAL or much of anything else.

  95. The illegals are not only Mexican, we all so have a ” REFUGEE ” problem. How many refugees remain in AMERICA look at Liberia for instance or even Nigeria they had a civil war some 20 years ago. Nigeria sends plenty people here as well for college. Now check the numbers and the facts how many became U.S. citizens? How many still remain here. You wonder where this new found Rahim comes from? Why would blacks suddenly want segregation? No I don’t believe for a second that I’d a U.S. citizen, but rather some jerk throwing a diversion or propaganda smoke screen.

  96. The house passed the bill with 5B and all republican senators voted for it. It was Schumer’s democrats that stalled it. Responsibility for the fail falls squarely on Chuck.


  98. He adopted two Irish kids through Brazil, the Irish, by their LAWS, DON’T let FOREIGNERS adopt their children, Roberts did it in some CROOKED way and has committed a FELONY here, put himself out for BLACKMAIL….He needs to be REMOVED from SCOTUS…..

  99. You can bet if the Democrats don’t fully fund the wall and don’t pass Trump’s immigration policies and laws they are then doomed come the 2020 elections!!! I for one can not understand how these Democrats can even think for one minute that they are doing the right thing!!!These illegals are nothing but freeloaders with there arms and hands stretched saying give me give me and this is not the kind of people we want in our country!!! I would like to know when did we ever say come one and all and we will feed you, cloth you, house you, give you free healthcare and free money, this country only offered freedom to work, freedom of speech, freedom to practice your religion, and freedom to get educated and nothing more!!! Those that come here legally are more than welcome but they to have a duty to work for a living and not to be freeloaders that offer our country nothing!!! We want people that are self sufficient and hard workers and that abide by our laws, traditions, and values for we do not want hateful or racist people in our country only people that can respect each other no matter what color, creed, or race that are!!! It is the Democrats that have taken away the needs for people to work and to take pride in themselves, for these Democrats don’t care about the people they only care about power and they know that handing out everything for free gives them votes but it takes away one’s dignity and one’s self worth!!!

  100. Someone should tell Pelosi she is past her prime and should let go. She,along with the others in that group are so focused on the destruction of our country that they have no plans to help us. Their only thoughts are to lay on Pres.Trump the traitorous acts of Hillary and Obama,they are the guilty ones. It’s the whole lot of Communists that can’t be allowed to ruin what the PRES.has done.

  101. I agree! We should have TERM LIMITS! This foolishness of ANYONE working in congress until they die, is absolutely NONSENSE! Two terms and they are OUT!

  102. I just do not understand Mitch McConnell. He really is a wimp and he is another one to old to serve. You have to have guts to be in politics and you have to have conviction or you do not deserve to serve. I just bet the people in his state wish he would retire so they could get somebody with backbone to stand up. I do not understand him so I just hope he realizes (McConnell) is the reason the Government is shut down. McConnell is worthless and useless. I hope term limits will get him soon.

  103. By putting this off for so long, the dems now face the fact that the Senate will be more conservative (as of January 1st) and WILL give Trump the votes he needs to pass this wall bill! Pelosi is not so smart to put off giving in to Trump. We voted for him because the things, (including the wall) are what WE, The People want and to hell with pelosi! He is doing EXACTLY what I trusted him to do! I will vote for him again in 2020! MAGA

  104. I would hate to have a bill passed without knowing what was in it. All they had to do was read it before voting. They passed i I lost my doctor and I did not even have OBC. He just retired rather than face all the red tape. You may count me as a DEplorable because I support the Wall but am glad to have Trump instead ofyour Hillory.

  105. I’ve been tired of Pelosi for 10 years now! What is totally unbelievable is Californians keep voting for this IDIOTIC SIMPLETON!!! Remember when she told the House when she was Speaker . . . “…We have to pass the Bill to know whats in it…”?!? Excuse me for asking, but, how do you pass a Bill you know nothing about??? This is the kind of bull$hit we can expect from Nancy Pelosi all over again . . . unless the House gets smart and puts someone else as Speaker. (…wishful thinking…)

  106. Why does Nancy Pelosi become Speaker of the House? There is no other Democrat that can hold that position? REALLY??????????? Nancy is so power hungry, vile, venomous snake that makes anyone’s skin crawl… She is ineffective and if the truth was known and the Democrats ever told the truth… they don’t want her a Speaker of the House…..

  107. What nonsense. Rep. Pelosi did no “mocking” as Renewed Right claims. She calmly stated the reality of the situation in a firm, yet respectful manner.
    “The Schumer Shutdown”? Really? Trump said ” “I am proud to shut down the government for border security, Chuck. … I will take the mantle. I will be the one to shut it down. I’m not going to blame you for it.”

  108. How in the Sam He–, does she expect the people that voted for her, let her do another term, for she has turned her back on the citizens of the United States, trying to stop the Building of the Wall for the Protection of the people, and National Security of both parties, By not Building she is letting some of the following Crimes come into America, Drug Trafficking, Murders, Robbers, Thefts in the highest degree, Sex Trafficking, Terrorist, Another point of Danger is a many of the kids with the illegals if cross the border illegally, have major Diseases that they will spread to our kids in school.

  109. Suspend ALL CONGRESSIONAL PAYCHECKS until the Boarder Security Issues are resolved. CANCEL ALL CONGRESSIONAL HOLIDAYS until CONGRESSIONAL DEMOCRATS AND CONGRESSIONAL REPUBLICANS have a Boarder Wall Agreement Signed into Law.

  110. Ben – Quit drinking that MSM Koolaid – learn to think for yourself – first thing would be to pull your deeply buried head out of your arse – quit watching them Liberal left loons spewing their fake news – maybe watch some ytube where someone has a camera turned onto the real news that is happening right in front of them

    Trump does suck in someways , but holy molly can you imagine if Crooked Hillary would won – can you say hello to 2 – 5 million more Muslim Refugees – 6-8 million more illegals – and a total war with Russia – Iran

  111. With the world the way it is today, border security should be every person in America’s primary concern. The large number of illegal aliens are infested with criminals and disease’s they bring from their 3rd world countries. If we don’t stop it now, it soon will be to late to stop it. We can no longer afford to support these people and provide them medical care. We should not allow more yearly immigration numbers that exceed our yearly job creation….that alone is a strong common sense argument to control immigration.

  112. Once again … Pelosi makes a fool of herself! It is hard for me to imagine her doing anything right … reality is she is just another Washington Dinosaur! Somebody close to her needs to assist her in her retirement plans and a final return to San Francisco!

    She is all washed up and will be unable to function as needed in the fast lane world known as Washington D.C. Let’s find the right person and put them in the slot so that we can get something done!

  113. what pisses me off is the year she passed a spending bill for a billion dollars of tax payer money went to the co. her husband works for and the same year she made 40 million dollars and no one will investigate it , what the hell , you might as well run a front page add saying i just screwed americans out of a billion and i pocketed 40 million , haha

  114. Anyone who agrees with Democrats should demonstrate it by writing a BIG check to the IRS because the illegals they want to enter the country do not have any skills, this is why they couldn’t find jobs in their own native country; they do not read or write English which means finding a job in the US is virtually impossible.

  115. And you are full of treason and hate. Clean up your act and then ask yourself if you really have something to complain about or is it your hate tha’t overriding your thoughts.

  116. Build the wall. We don’t need Pelosi, Feinstein, Harris, Cortez, B SAnders Soros and the rest of the communist goons.

  117. You do know he is in Iraq visiting the troops? You do know he donates his Presidential salary to designated organizations?

  118. Merry Christmas America, President Trump need to keep the government shutdown until Radical Liberals eat there own! We the people need to keep these illegals out once and for all. And Justice Robert’s needs an awaking! He no longer sides with the Constitution!

  119. And Trumpy is a paycheck to paycheck person???? That’s the impression you give here…..Trumpy is a “poor” excuse of a human being….Funny how he has pity on himself because he cant be at Mar-a-Lago (everyone owns a place like that) playing golf and “smmozing” with his “elite cronies” HE is MAJOR LEAGUE PHONY!!!!!

  120. Exactly. The Demorats would rather see the people of the country eating out of garbage cans before they give an inch to Trump. They are eating their pets in Venezula. What does that tell you.

  121. I hope POTUS Trump will stick to his guns on this issue. I believe every adult in the USA who is capable of a logical thought process knows we need the border wall as an important component of border security. Will the wall be 100% effective? No. Will it be a major aid in cutting down on illegal immigration, child sex trafficking, drug trafficking, terrorists and other criminals? Yes, absolutely. Nonetheless, democrats will fight it tooth and nail. They will fight anything that works to improve America in any way that might also have the effect of making POTUS Trump look good. America is not their top priority. Making POTUS Trump appear ineffective is their top priority.

  122. We have all heard or learned the expression ” It’s a no brainer” Right ?
    Who has the most to gain if the wall is built ? That’s easy…the American people.
    Who has the most to lose if the wall is built. That also is easy ..the Democrats.
    Why ? All those votes that they would gain by having open borders.
    Now…is that a “no brainer ?

  123. Roughly 80% of all voters say U.S. needs secure borders, including 68% of Democrats: Harvard poll. I hope that this info will make your day, Maybe Chucky’s too.

  124. Most people do not realize that in CONGRESS we are dealing with MILLIONAIRES not everyday normal pay check to paycheck VOTERS AND CITIZENS. These people do not need a paycheck to survive and because of that issue they do not THINK like VOTERS AND CITIZENS. These politicians promise anything to get elected but then continue the political agenda they have been representing for decades.
    Now with a president that MADE PROMISES AND BECAUSE HE WILL STAND AGAINST ANY AND ALL RESISTANCE perhaps sometimes past a compromise position to try and fulfill that promise. This is not a failure of the president to defy POLITICS BY POLITICIANS IN DC THAT HAS PASSED ALONG ISSUES AFFECTING LIVES RATHER THAN FIND SOLUTIONS BY LEGISLATION.

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