Nancy Pelosi just suffered this soul crushing defeat on impeachment

Democrats thought they had all the momentum on their side in the impeachment witch hunt.

Adam Schiff was working in secret to frame the President with closed-door testimony and selective leaks.

But then Nancy Pelosi just suffered this soul crushing defeat on impeachment.

Democrats finally took the plunge on Thursday by voting for a resolution to lay out the procedures for their impeachment investigation.

However the vote backfired.

Two Democrats voted against the resolution giving the President and his supporters the victory, knowing that a bipartisan coalition in the House opposed the Democrats sham impeachment hearings.

CNN reports:

Two Democrats broke from their party and voted against the resolution the House passed Thursday formalizing the procedures of the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump.

Reps. Jeff Van Drew of New Jersey and Collin Peterson of Minnesota both voted “nay” on the historic resolution. They also voted against going forward with resolution during the preliminary procedural vote.

The resolution passed with a vote of 232-196.

Their votes are no surprise as both were initially part of a group of Democrats who have not made public statements in support of starting an impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump or have only posited conditional support for it. They also represent districts where Trump won in 2016.

Colin Peterson represents a district Donald Trump won by 31 points.

Jeff Van Drew won one of the most Republican seats in New Jersey.

Supporting impeachment is political suicide for them.

Conversely, there was no political pressure for Republicans to support the impeachment resolution and every single member of the House Republican conference voted in opposition.

That told many Americans that the politics of impeachment favor the Republicans.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


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