Nancy Pelosi just suffered this soul crushing defeat on impeachment

Democrats thought they had all the momentum on their side in the impeachment witch hunt.

Adam Schiff was working in secret to frame the President with closed-door testimony and selective leaks.

But then Nancy Pelosi just suffered this soul crushing defeat on impeachment.

Democrats finally took the plunge on Thursday by voting for a resolution to lay out the procedures for their impeachment investigation.

However the vote backfired.

Two Democrats voted against the resolution giving the President and his supporters the victory, knowing that a bipartisan coalition in the House opposed the Democrats sham impeachment hearings.

CNN reports:

Two Democrats broke from their party and voted against the resolution the House passed Thursday formalizing the procedures of the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump.

Reps. Jeff Van Drew of New Jersey and Collin Peterson of Minnesota both voted “nay” on the historic resolution. They also voted against going forward with resolution during the preliminary procedural vote.

The resolution passed with a vote of 232-196.

Their votes are no surprise as both were initially part of a group of Democrats who have not made public statements in support of starting an impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump or have only posited conditional support for it. They also represent districts where Trump won in 2016.

Colin Peterson represents a district Donald Trump won by 31 points.

Jeff Van Drew won one of the most Republican seats in New Jersey.

Supporting impeachment is political suicide for them.

Conversely, there was no political pressure for Republicans to support the impeachment resolution and every single member of the House Republican conference voted in opposition.

That told many Americans that the politics of impeachment favor the Republicans.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



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  3. Is it just me I doubt it, but I think anyone in the democratic party who has been a part of this whole mess of impeachment should be put on a boat, that won’t sink and sent on their way. Let them decide which country they want to try and go live in, but the US is no longer they’re home. And I guess give them enough food for their journey, but make it the food that the poorest of people have to buy because they deserve nothing better.

  4. Who are you kidding? This is a false headline. She has not had any “major setbacks” as yet. Poll numbers are moving against our guy. Has he committed impeachable offenses? Not that we know of but his mouth and tweets are starting to build more problems. Let’s play this out correctly—stop all of the whining and beat them at
    Their own game!!

  5. For those whose values only allows them to expunge their limited mentality, we pray for you. You can hide with your comments, but be sure you will have a day of reckoning. I certainly hope you are demoncrats because your comments make you a part of the family.
    Evil and embarrassing, but then again when a party such as demoncrats need follwers you well qualify.

    • VOTE RED …If it weren’t for President Obama we might not have done the intelligence community assessment that we did that set up a whole sequence of events which are still unfolding today including Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation. President Obama is responsible for that. It was he who tasked us to do that intelligence community assessment in the first place. CLAPPER’S OWN CONFESSION

  6. IF madam Pelosi the old COW from San FREAKCISCO think she suffered a defeat on HOLLOWEEN DAY ….WAIT till the DESTRUCTION she;ll EXPERIENCE in NOV 2020 ….gAME IS ON !!!

  7. Sounds like Redman talk’s about his own life experiences , Elizabeth Warren “Redman” or whatever you call yourself ? As for schiff and pelosi their done stick a fork in them . If they need to change rules, hide in basements coach witness disregard America values than you all it’s a dog and pony show I believe schiff was the 2nd hand whistleblower Damm liers

      • C’mon folks, absolutely no excuse for not voting. Those of you that say voting doesn’t matter, try voting and see what happens. This is a privilege not a burden. Change your minds and get out and vote.

        • Mike, I disagree about every vote counting when it comes to the Presidential election. Two candidates have won the popular vote in this century and both lost the election. Nixon won the popular vote vs. JFK and was denied the Presidency. Every vote counts is only true in a handful of states.

          • Praise God for the electoral college. Killery lost. Would we want a small group of states deciding our election?

          • Yes if you live in Illinois your vote doesn’t count. Illinois is the most corrupt state with the highest property taxes and run by Democrats forever and yet they keep voting for Democrats every time. Such a disappointment.

    • That is 100% true no one and I mean no one would be talking about impeachment. In fact the green new deal would not have emerged. Because the left would have had to have been more toward the middle. The Democrats did us a favor thinking that they are so powerful. When they won the House this actually as painful as it has been was the best thing for America. Why because we got the true colors of the democrats, the mainstream media and now as a country we can take back and fix all of the wrong doings that has been happening since the 1960’s with the liberals and communist party started all of this. We thought this would never happen in America, but we were all wrong. Now is the time to right the ship called America….

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  9. I think this hole impeachment B.S. is just about the most stupid thing the Demos have ever thought of and they should realize by now that it’s NOT going to work.I thank the Lord that we have President Trump in office and will support him in the 2020 election.

    • Agree it was pretty stupid of them. But, I think the most “stupid” thing, all the Democrats (and a few RINO’s) did in the past was to promote Billary for POTUS in 16. That will (has already), go down in history as the biggest failure of the Democrat (not democratic) Party ever. AND, whichever of the 30 or 40 Dems running right now is chosen for 20….EPPIC FAILURE NO. 2!!!

    • What most people don’t seem to understand is that the Dems are afraid of Trump. He isn’t a Washington Insider. He isn’t a lawyer. He isn’t a career politician. With all of their opposition to his presidency, take a close look at what Trump has accomplished. Unlike the Dems, he is keeping his campaign promises. The wall IS being built, stronger and more secure. Jobs are available and the economy is recovering. All of the Dems haven’t been able to stop Trump. That is WHY they are trying to get rid of him before the next election. They DON’T want to face him in an honest contest with the American people deciding who will win. The Dems don’t trust us to choose them!

        • Poor Jonathan can not accept the reality that Trump was cleared of Russian Collusion. Just keep it up and you will crying again in 2020 when President Trump wins 4 more years!

          • I expect Trump to be reelected but I won’t cry over it or scream for people to be hung or shot or to face military tribunal. Instead, I will be thankful that his days in office are counting down.

        • There’s Jonathan with his dumbass comments again. So by that metric Obama is a terrorist, and a crook, and a racist too because he’s had all those people in his past who supported him. Tony Rezko crook. Bill Ayers terrorist. Louis Farrahkan and Jeremiah Wright racists.

        • With Obama’s flexibility comment to Putin, his support of Iran, Iraq, Isis, the Muslim brotherhood and ANTIFA, you probably ought to just shut up. We KNOW who is the friend of the enemies of the US and it is NOT Donald Trump. Perhaps you didn’t know the KKK is a Democrat organization. You clearly have NO understanding of Nazis. Their propaganda describes the Democrat party to a T, so just go away. No one here believes your ignorant comments.

  10. At least there are two Dems have came to their senses on this impeachment crap and is just a waste of time and taxpayers money and go down in flames as the Republican senate majority will kill it once it hits the floor there.

    • You are completely right. Those Demonic Demoncraps are going to see what it like to lose everything in a big way. Greed and power is all they want. They could give 2$hi*s about America and the people.

    • I agree with you,Gregory. It will be something if they take a VERBAL vote in a public setting ! TRUMP 2020 and ANY REPUBLICAN ON TUESDAY !!!!

    • Georgy Sullivan, From what I am reading there are a good many others (Dems) who voted for the impeachment to proceed who are already grumbling that they are against and don’t want to impeach. A lot of them remember we, Republicans, got our behinds whipped soundly in the next election after the Bill Clinton impeachment because he had a good economy going and the Dems know DJT’s economy and day to day life is much better than Clinton’s was!
      The Dems will pay dearly in 2020 and beyond for this stupid move.

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  13. Trump has done NOTHING WRONG, but they still move on with impeachment!! What a bunch of losers! They’ll see just how much they lost when the 2020 election is tallied!!

  14. from the election they have done absolutely nothing but try to get PRESIDENT TRUMP not a damn thing try not doing your job for three years and see if you don’t get fired , get out of office you bunch of worthless assholes

  15. If they had any real guts they’d vote to impeach and see if anything gets through the Senate. They just want to keep the horse manure going through the election by which time the public should be asking why they didn’t if they thought he was so bad. If the public doesn’t get that then they deserve EVERY evil that befalls them, like 5 or 6 trillion more to the federal budget every year. That would make the total budget more than 1/3 of GDP if it stays at current and 1/2 of it if the economy goes in the toilet like I think it would. One trillion seconds is about 31,688 years. Contemplate that.

  16. Lets impeach nancy piglosi who has done nothing as well as the other dems since mr trump took office ,? After the elections it should be common ground time and work for the people , escort them all from our buildings !! Marc a vanic

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  19. 2 of the 5 accusations for impeachment are just plain silly.
    Undermining the federal judiciary, and undermining freedom of the press.
    You mean calling out Jim Acosta and CNN, and calling out the Obama appointed activist judges?

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