Nancy Pelosi learned this piece of devastating news that drove the final nail in her coffin

Nancy Pelosi is desperate to find a way to cling to power in this November’s Midterm elections.

But it looks like that train left the station.

And Nancy Pelosi learned this piece of devastating news that drove the final nail in her coffin.

The Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) commissioned polling in the 60 most-competitive House districts that will determine which Party controls Congress next year.

Democrats were stunned to learn the results.

From Joe Biden on down, Democrats expected to be able to campaign on bringing the pandemic to an end and returning life to normal.

Voters in battleground districts ignored that gaslighting.

Instead, voters in key districts identify Democrats as the Party of lockdowns and mandates.

And they are ready to punish Democrats who imposed immoral, illegal, and unscientific vaccine passports, lockdowns, and mask mandates.

“The poll found that that 57% of voters in competitive congressional districts agree with the statement, ‘Democrats in Congress have taken things too far in their pandemic response,’ and 66% of self-defined ‘swing’ voters in competitive districts agree with that statement. White and Hispanic voters in competitive districts were equally as likely to agree (59%), while Black voters (42%) and Asian voters (46%) disagreed with the statement. The poll also did not define what ‘taken things too far” means,’” exclusively reported.

These poll numbers explain why Democrat Governors and Mayors have raced to drop mask mandates and vaccine passport systems in recent weeks.

Democrats hope that if they end the mandates and restrictions, voters will forget it was them who imposed and celebrated these infringements on individual liberty and freedom.

Republicans only need to flip five seats to win back the majority in the House of Representatives and end Nancy Pelosi’s reign as Speaker of the House.

The Democrats’ own polling numbers not only show that it is within reach, but also that Republicans are likely to clear that bar with room to spare.

The 2022 elections are looking like a Red wave.

Democrats are on the wrong side of crime, inflation, the invasion at the southern border, and COVID mandates.

Polls show the public has turned against Democrats on every single one of these issues.

Now even the Democrats’ own numbers show they are set up for defeat.

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