Nancy Pelosi left America in a coronavirus crisis with this baffling decision

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is only making things worse.

No one could believe the games Pelosi is playing.

And Nancy Pelosi left America in a coronavirus crisis with this baffling decision.

The White House and the Senate agreed on a $2 trillion economic relief package to keep small businesses afloat and protect jobs in distressed industries.

Negotiations restarted after Pelosi blew up the initial bill with a wish list of far-left social justice agenda items.

Donald Trump said at a press briefing that he terminated that agreement and his administration and the Senate got back to work.

On Tuesday morning the Senate and the White House announced an agreement that the Senate intended to pass on Wednesday.

The stock market surged over 2,000 points in a massive rally.

But Nancy Pelosi once again held up relief for small businesses by adjourning after 115 seconds so Democrats could “review” the bill.

The Daily Caller reports, “‘House Democrats will now review the final provisions and legislative text of the agreement to determine a course of action,’” Pelosi said about the nearly $2 trillion emergency relief deal which will be voted on Wednesday afternoon in the Senate after a long night of negotiations. Meaning, the House will not be able to vote on the package for another day. Pelosi also said there is ‘no way’ to pass the bill through the House on Wednesday.”

This pushed the vote to at least Thursday and added to the anxiety of Americans who face rent and mortgage payments on April 1.

No one could understand what Pelosi was thinking.

Pelosi and the Democrats were dragging their feet at a time when the American people needed swift action.

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  1. Make no mistake. The dems are using this virus to further their sick demented agenda. There is a battle raging between God and satan and they are on satan’s side. Thank God that when Jesus comes He will free us from them for eternity

  2. fluffy, I did not lose my job yet, but I got my hours cut and cannot make ends meet. But guess I don’t deserve anything according to you. So are YOU going to pay my bills??

  3. fluffy, are you really that stupid???? Do you not know anything at all about retiring?? You can still work when you get SS!!!!! LEGALLY!!!!! I know lots of people who are or were still working after retiring and they are NOT breaking any laws. It must be nice that you are rich, but there are a lot of people who cannot afford to retire after getting SS. Guess we are nothing to you, but we love this country and our president.

  4. Every crisis is an opportunity for the democrats to bring us closer to their social ist dream for America.

  5. John CLyburn, House Democrat, says this is a ‘tremendous opportunity to restructure things to fit our vision.’ In other words, Pelosi and her House Democrats are going to hold the country hostage to their leftist wish list. Pelosi is an evil person, and John Clyburn is just as much an evil opportunist. Remember this in November. Any vote for a Democrat is a vote to keep Pelosi, Clyburn and their rotten gang in power.

  6. I read a deranged tweet the other day that said, “thank God for Pelosi and Schumer.” Made me sick that someone was so stupid!

  7. Pelosi, Schumer and all their Trump hating friends should follow her advice. If they get the virus from doing so, they should be refused treatment.

  8. So my friend you are representing the whole web now..Sad.. I got where you are coming from.. I respect your opinion I do really… Everyone has that right However all these bloggers can see as well what you don’t represent… You call it freedom of expression we all have that… No harm taken I get it… Hope for better days for our nation that’s my message. Not selling anything to anyone just concerned as you and the rest are… I earned my RANK that’s why I use it. If you don’t like the food go to another restaurant… It’s the MESSAGE that people are putting out there not sarcasm… stay safe ‘ My Friend ‘

  9. Lieutenant ‘ T ‘

    I don’t know what you got, but I don’t want it. NOW! Move along and quit polluting my environment with your rank carcus.

  10. Cannot say it any better than all of you except for one or two Trump haters.but hey who cares about them.
    Pelosi and Schumer MUST go.

  11. Nancy Pelosi should be locked up on the grounds of being a clear and present danger to the American people.

  12. James 75th Regiment

    Are you referring to a group of raccoons? They are called a “Gaze.”

    Or, are you just another racist trumpty cult follower.

  13. James of the 75th… Outstanding Sir Outstanding… See what our Nation is facing… I have been reading all the blogs as well… Americans are Hurting unsure as to the outcome… The GOOD thing is let them VENT. We will get through this we will.. We are WATCHING VERY VERY CLOSELY. We are learning as a Nation who these HACKS are during a time of NATIONAL EMERGENCY.. THANK YOU JAMES of THE 75th Regiment and WAYNE GLAD YOU MEN AS WELL AS Hundred of Thousands of well Trained Americans out there…Let them VENT their hurting but NOT ALONE…

  14. Where we go…Turning on each other like Demorats. Together we Stand…Divided we Fall…Don’t be like a tribe of coons.

  15. FluffyPillowFive I respect your opinion, even though I totally disagree. I also respect your decision to remain stupid. And your post shows the latter to be fact.

    Just wondering what bj ia an acronym for?

  16. I agree with Fluffy. It seems like there are too many greedy people that haven’t lost their jobs, or are already retired, that think they should get stimulus money too.
    These are the same people that cry about democrats and their social-ist policies but then act just like democrats holding their hands out for free handouts from the government when the opportunity arises. Shame on you people.

  17. No matter if we work or not people we are human and the last I knew humans were getting the checks let’s all remember everyone will retire at some point in time let’s not use the excuse they don’t have jobs at one time we did and after paying all our lives into Social Security now we are collecting it story ended

  18. julio: i have seen evidence of ignorant people on this site but you are at the head of the class. bet you have been on welfare for a long time.

  19. JoAnn, don’t be greedy in your old age. You are still going to get your full SS payment every month. That stimulus money should go to people who have lost their jobs and can’t make rent or families with children to take care of. Not greedy old people who want to get something from the gravy train. If you are truly a republican you sound more like a democrat with your ‘what’s in it for me’ attitude.

  20. bj, All I meant was its completely unfair and morally wrong to give people money who are already retired because they have not been adversely effected by this virus. They are not out of work because they don’t have jobs. And if you can manage to still work and collect full social security with a cash job you don’t have to report to the IRS I think that’s great. I will do the same thing when I retire. Just remember, all this money Uncle Sam is doling out will have to be paid back out of the pockets of hard working Americans. Social ism never works. It’s a morally bankrupt ideology.

  21. Also just because we feel we deserve the same as you does not make us a Democrat I am full Republican and stand behind the president you are offensive to me because I’m old?

  22. How the hell did we get ss we worked just like you and we paid into Social Security for our retirement some of us could not get a 401K I still paid a lot into Social Security if I could work I would but I’m old and I guess I’m not good enoughTo be an American citizen like the rest of you it is a disgrace that we are denied the same as anyone else just because we are old

  23. fluffy, ?????????? I said nothing about bailing me out. I was merely stating a fact. You said SS recipients don’t have jobs. That is false

  24. bj

    You are correct Trumpty Dumpty did not call the virus itself a hoax. However that does not stop the majority of Americans believing that the whole presidency is a hoax.

  25. Why can’t one of her beloved illegals do her in? Jump her fence and bash her ugly botox brain in

  26. bj, the stimulus package is not to help people who can’t survive on social security.
    It’s to help Americans who are out of work. If you can’t survive on your social security that is all your doing, not a virus. You should have saved a 401K or IRA.
    Why do you think the tax payers should bail you out? Are you really a democrat in republican clothing?

  27. The only way to stop her BS along with her partners is to get rid of them.Put them on a flight to another of our enemies country and tell them they are out to bomb them with their BS.

  28. Linda Ames

    Please understand that there are those that lack the mental capacity to understand that they are being conned. They are lazy and do not have the motivation to read a wide range of articles and other factual documents to make an informed decision.

  29. Fluffy, I know people who are getting social security and still work, as I will do also. I will not be able to live off of it

  30. julio, that is a LIE!!!!! If you actually had a brain and knew how to check it out, you would know that he DID NOT call the virus a hoax!!!! You are truly a fool

  31. Pelosi, Schumer, will go after Trump again and again… This time the IMPEACHMENT will, be that Trump did not respond faster on this Corona virus and people died… Four more years of Impeachment Hearings… Look at Pelosi’s California district homeless CAPITAL OF AMERICA… that’s Pelosi’s vision for America.. Pelosi, Schumer time to pack your bags… WE ALL SAW what they did holding relief for AMERICAN’S Because they wanted things that did not pertain to the Corona virus… They will not stop they are OUT OF CONTROL!!!

  32. Please stop calling that bag of bones & wrinkles MRS. That woman doesn’t have feelings she doesn’t care about WE THE PEOPLE, she is DISGUSTING!!!😡😡😡😡😡

  33. This country does not need any enemies when they have Pelosi/Schumer and the D o Rats. We should never forget their moto….NEVER LET A DISASTER GO TO WASTE.

  34. I’ll be so happy when the time comes to put my military training to use. I’m not the only one I’m sure of that, but I can imagine thousands of us putting our skills to use in taking out all enemies both foreign and DOMESTIC!
    It would be nice to sit outside of Congress and wait for Pelosi, The Squad, Schumer, and all the rest of these traitors to come out and receive their just reward for failing to represent the people of this country.

  35. The people on social security (which i am one of them) shouldn’t get a check and neither should welfare recipients should not get one either. it will be by the 2018 tax return you sent in, or the 2019 if you have already sent it in.

    i work so i did file my 2018 taxes. if you didn’t work and file taxes your probably not going to receive a check.

  36. Pelosi hates the President. I would look back in her life and see where and when she connected with him to find the reason. It isn’t that he is alive but that she was not part of his rise to the presidency, Were they friends at a younger age? She is just so against him being at the top and she had nothing to do with it. She is wealthy, her husband in his own right is wealthy, I assume her son who works in the Middle East has loads and we know she shared the campaign monies with her daughter, which I understand was illegal. What does “the Squad” have on her that they are manipulating her? We are a Christian nation, if they do not like it, go somewhere else.
    You would think that they are taking the monies out of their pockets, but they get paid for life after their term is over. Bible has it right, “The love of money is the root of all evil”, and it appears the Congress loves money more than the people they are suppose to help.


  38. Why do people keeping bringing up social security recipients regarding this coronavirus stimulus package? Social security recipients don’t need any extra help because they haven’t been told they can’t work. They don’t have jobs folks. Use your brains for a change.


  40. Remember folks, in her own words she takes her religion seriously, as Catholic, she is also foursquare for abortions anythine4, anywhere, for zany reason even up to the very time of delivery!
    Does she rule the4 Pope???

  41. I would think Ms Nancy will need to make more changes tomorrow before the signing. She hates the President more that anyone on earth. And will do anything to disrupt everything to piss him off. She is so full of herself she can know longer lead a parade.

  42. As soooo many of these DEMON-RATS, Nancy is part and parcel of the Progressive Political Assassination Squad!This along with the Liberal-Media acting as their Propaganda arm, have been so engaged ever since 2016’s election.
    Just what is the perceived connection with the Kennedy Center and this Pestilence of Biblical Proportions NANCY???????

  43. I agree with all your comments the so called speaker doesn’t care about low life Walmart shoppers and trump supporters but now is the time to put that behind all she cares about is her own Democratic Party and money who ever supports those democratic crazy’s our nuts trump all the way 2020 plus he’s the greatest we have had 😍❤️😘🥰

  44. If California re-elect her then we can bend down and kiss our a** goodbye. The other 49 States is going down in flames being led by California.

  45. Pelosi and her four horsewomen all have to go. People have to stop voting our enemies into the gov,t. It,s bad enough we have all the Clinton and Obama,s still in play. They use the black people, the middle and lower class people on their own for everything. They lie about everything, promise to help us and they,re all liars. Start listening to FOX, OAN, and NEWSY. They tell the truth, not like ABC, NBC, CBS, NSNBC, CNN. We have to stick together, the Democratic Party no longer exists. God help and bless us all.

  46. Can not believe any human being with a brain follows this crazy person…the devil’s helper….

  47. Nancy Pelosi is the one who said we need to pass the bill to find out what’s in it. This was obamacare. Why now does she need to look at the bill to see what’s in it?
    Just do your job and pass the bill.

  48. To Julio Loredo,
    Get your facts straight……President Trump did NOT call the virus a hoax although the media attempted to portray it in that manner !
    He implied that the media reported it as a hoax. He is right, we are living life with a dishonest and corrupt media…..wake up Julio and watch something other than CNN, etc.

  49. The Republican bill was meant to favor big business, big donors to Republican campaigns, and Trumps wealthy friends. They want to turn thus country into a Russian style oligarchy run by the rich and the powerful. I don’t understand how any patriotic American could support them.

  50. May that POS bowels of the earth woman get a good case of the pandemic virus. No mercy for her. Satan is calling her to his home.

  51. I am surprised that someone hasn’t attempted to do away with Nancy. She is killing so many Americans and putting people in such dire financial situations.

  52. i agree with everone who thinks peolsie and shumer should be the one who gets the virous then she and him would do the right thing for our country and it’s people,they bothh dont care for anyone but themself. that includes all the democrats that are to numto see that.

  53. we must all understand that since the 4 new women were elected to the House, Pelosi’s Dementia has increased at a rapid rate. I have watched her Dementia since 2015.
    She is not responsible as her hatred and her Dementia make it impossible for her to make competent decision.

    “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” (Isaiah 5:20).

  55. The only thing worse than the coronavirus is the democrat party.
    The democrat party will cause more damage to this country than any virus is capable of.

  56. Put or remove this evil person from congress. She is a major problem her selj she must of lost her mind over her hate for President Trump, remove her now. Look what her nephew has done to California.

  57. Coming soon! The time when those on the left side would wish they weren’t! The bills was created with ALL AMERICAN in mind! But PELOSI doesn’t care who you are! As long as her DONOR are taking care of!

  58. I can visualize the pitchforks and torches, and yes, the French guillotines being erected outside Nancy and chuckie the cheese homes Some day. Alas,some day.

  59. She’s making about as many friends as Robert Kennedy did & Pendejo Julio…Incoherently running off at the mouth…

  60. Nancy is only concerned with the special interest groups and her donors.We need to all understand the real problem now is the corona virus if our Country doesn’t stop all leisure travel for a few weeks this virus could continue to spread and devastate the Country and kill thousands of Americans.

  61. be that as it may, HumpityTrumpity had called the virus a hoax rather than making need preparations.

  62. She’s a traitor to her country. She just has concerns for HER agenda. Which includes her hatred for the President. I have difficulty in seeing how anyone can have respect for her. She has acted childish (the tearing up of the Presidents speech….the look on her face was disgraceful – she looked childish while doing that-looks of a spoiled brat.)

  63. Nancy Pelosi is a disgrace to humanity. She is only out for herself and the Democratic party, and her childish actions regarding the stimulus only prove the issue. She should be impeached immediately, without even a trial, and tried for unamerican activities and if found guilty jailed for the rest of her life. She is the most evil person on earth!

  64. If this bill is not on the presidents desk on thursday (should have been monday )
    without the pork. nancy peeloosy should be dragged from the house and excommunicated, and shipped home to Sh*t francisco on a slow mule

  65. It should be clear to all American Citizens at this point that the only thing Democrats care aboutis themselves and being in power. They have wasted tax payer money in the millions with investigations, and impeachment that has gone no where because in essence they fabricated the evidence and the charges. The lowest of all was trying to force unrelated legislation into the pandemic aid package for millions of American Citizens suffering economic hardship. They want votes so their sympathy lies with illegal immigrants and illegal votes, cater to every minority group but give them nothing, and exploit anyone and anything to get votes but when it counts they look out for themselves at our expense.

  66. Democrats are not going to let this bill pass unless they can stack it with pork for all their cronies.
    Americans be damned.

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