Nancy Pelosi sent out one tweet that let everyone know she wants to take guns away

Nancy Pelosi never misses an opportunity.

Like most gun grabbers, she loves mass shootings.

And she used one tragic event to make it clear she wants to confiscate firearms.

A female suspect stormed into YouTube’s headquarters on Tuesday and opened fire.

The deranged gunwoman killed herself but not before at least three people were wounded and taken to the hospital.

Pelosi pounced on the news and tweeted out her demand that Congress pass gun control.

Conservatives know what Pelosi really means.

And California has all the gun control measures the gun grabbers could want.

The only thing left is to order government agents to march into every gun owner’s home in America and confiscate their firearms.

Democrats are having a more difficult time masking the fact that their real goal is to grab every gun in America.

Former liberal Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens penned a New York Times op-ed entitled “Repeal the Second Amendment.”

This is not a fringe positions.

A recent poll found 39% of Democrats want to repeal the Second Amendment.

And the Democrat State party chair in Louisiana echoed this call.

When Nancy Pelosi says it’s time to take action on gun violence, conservatives know what she means.