Nancy Pelosi sent out one tweet that let everyone know she wants to take guns away

Nancy Pelosi never misses an opportunity.

Like most gun grabbers, she loves mass shootings.

And she used one tragic event to make it clear she wants to confiscate firearms.

A female suspect stormed into YouTube’s headquarters on Tuesday and opened fire.

The deranged gunwoman killed herself but not before at least three people were wounded and taken to the hospital.

Pelosi pounced on the news and tweeted out her demand that Congress pass gun control.

Conservatives know what Pelosi really means.

And California has all the gun control measures the gun grabbers could want.

The only thing left is to order government agents to march into every gun owner’s home in America and confiscate their firearms.

Democrats are having a more difficult time masking the fact that their real goal is to grab every gun in America.

Former liberal Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens penned a New York Times op-ed entitled “Repeal the Second Amendment.”

This is not a fringe positions.

A recent poll found 39% of Democrats want to repeal the Second Amendment.

And the Democrat State party chair in Louisiana echoed this call.

When Nancy Pelosi says it’s time to take action on gun violence, conservatives know what she means.


  1. Why are the idiots that want gun control blaming the gun and not the criminal? The criminals are to blame not the gun.
    Nutty Nancy is a 2 faced ( I can’t say it here but I think you know what I mean).


  3. Only 39 percent of demoncrats want to repeal the 2A, that’s encouraging because it takes 2 thirds of the 50 States to vote repeal or amend, plus 2 thirds of both the Senate and House to concur.

  4. Patricia Jewula (commenter) has a valid point. It’s only the guarded that seem to have this idea and conviction that no one should arm themselves. Only when the guarded politicians… who live behind guarded gates and have security guards 24 hrs a day, relinquish their protection, will we see a true assessment of their positions. ON ANOTHER NOTE … We need to review the sanity and legitimacy of the voting populace within Nancy Pelosi’s district.

  5. when one of these idiots start yapping about more gun control,i go out and buy some extra ammo for my weapons. they are so dumb, that they don’t realize, that every time they do this, more people go out and buy arms and ammo! keep it up fools, its good for us and the economy!

  6. Let’s organize. Vow to not comply with any gun control or bans. There are more of us than them. I hate the word ban. Hang together or hang speedster!!!!

  7. And David, we all know that CRIMINALS can and always will be able to find big bad guns to kill and maime decent law abiding UNARMED citizens. This cannot be allowed to happen!

  8. Nancy, what is your plan to get illegal guns before those if good honest citizens?? I bet you do not have a plan, so you want to disarm us first but NOT criminal’s.

  9. Nancy Pelosi Has opened her moth again and showed her stupidity. Sit down Nancy and shut up.

  10. Old Nancy! You let me cut out your tongue , then I may, or , may not, probably might relent , then again , maybe I won’t let any of “your people” come into my home for any reason.

  11. The “Botox Bolshevik” and her fellow travelers have ALWAYS been for disarming the American people.

  12. It is not the registration of mentally ill people that is the problem, it is the authorities who don’t follow up on tips on what is going to happen. Just research all the mass killings that have taken place in the last year or so and you will find the authorities had been notified at least a month ahead of time, even with the latest of that gal who shot up You Tube. It is people not doing their jobs. So what is new.

  13. of course she wants guns taken away. She is one of the tyrants that the 2nd amendment is talking about.
    Take guns out of the hands of liberals, they seem to do most of the shootings.
    Until mental illness is addressed the killing will continue. When the killers make the transition from guns to bombs, it will only get worse.
    A woman recently tried to murder students and children with fire at St Catherine University in St Paul, MN. She set 8 fires, 1 was in the day care center. Was was caught, the fires put out and no one was hurt. Her big regret was that she did not know how to make bombs.

  14. If she is going to talk to the people, she needs to purchase a pair of wading boots to get through all the needles and poop in her city.

  15. When the government decides to start gun confiscation, then that is when a revolution/civil war begins, because the 1st and 2nd Amendments are joined together and to mess with either one or both means this country is over.

  16. Past time to put old nancy out to pasture. Get rid of her. She has been there way too long. Send her back to the vineyard.


  18. Nan, don’t walk, run back to your AA meetings. Repeat after me: God grant me the serenity to accept the things that I cannot change, the courage to change the things that I can and the wisdom to know the difference!

  19. This country is messed up because of people, so called politicians, like HER, smells like CANCER of the brain to me, just like McCain, Hillary and Obama is on HIS way to end up with the same DISEASE, that’s the reason why it’s being called “MENTAL ILLNESS”, all Libturds are affected, OBVIOUSLY…..!!! America is in GRAVE DANGER if the American people keep THAT in the Government, even though, I have to say that I agree with the posts here when people claim that the elections of ANY of THEM are RIGGED/FRAUD…..!!!!!

  20. There have been victims under voting age that have beenassulted and some time murder victims to BROKEN BOTTLES.

  21. Considerig Russia needs to include those that have PROPPED UP The regimes that have perpetrated every war merica has been involved in since World War Two???

  22. The EDITORS are the Ones’s that have been COMPROMISED and;thus, puke out propaganda advising You on what to BUY.

  23. MANY HAVE SOLD THEIR SOULS, that were not Their’s to begin with, to sell.Nancy needs to walk thru the POO DISTRICT’s of San Francisco before that last glass of vintage…..

  24. Feinstein & Lady P are a coven of evildoers to the citizens of both California and Our Nation.

  25. Nancy Pelosi is crazy and a mental case. How the hell did she get voted in. She should be in prison Pelosi and her husband ripped off America pure garbage. Pelosi did favors for her husband contact you name it.

  26. This B I have an itch on my leg has her own weapons and armed bodyguards BUT wants all legal weapon owners to turn theirs in? She turns in hers first and gets right of her armed bodyguards. Then the 2nd Amend being still there. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.

  27. Will someone please tell me why this diagusting, lying, thieveig and anti American traitorous old hag is relevant? pPease educate me. It dosn’t surprise me that the liberals which are a bunch of ‘communists’ but hey, ‘communist’ is’nt politically correct want to ban guns. God hlp us if this happens. The Second Amendment of the Constitution gusrantees the right to keep and bear arms. legal and law abiding citizens need the ability to protect their person and property. The thugs, criminals will always be able to get guns. This argument could go on forever so let’s move on.

    Addendum: These liberals live luxury lifestyles in gated communities with armed guards, what’s sauce for the goos’s sauce for the gander.

  28. Will someone please twell me why this diagusting, lying, thieveig and anti American traitorous old hag is relevant? pPease educate me. It dosn’t surprise me that the liberals which are a bunch of ‘communists’ but hey, ‘communist’ is’nt politically correct want to ban guns. God hlp us if this happens. The Second Amendment of the Constitution gusrantees the right to keep and bear arms. legal and law abiding citizens need the ability to protect their person and property. The thugs, criminals will always be able to get guns. This argument could go on forever so let’s move on.

  29. what about the oath they all took to up hold the constitution. that includes the 2nd amendment. if they try that is treason and they should be lock up.

  30. Actually, there is a correct method of reporting those with mental illness, they must have been adjudicated and found a danger to self and others. Until the courts are able to determine they are no longer a danger they can not have access to firearms. The problem with what you are advocating does not allow someone their constitutional due process. One final note, the mental illness is being entirely too much. The real problem is children are and have not been taught coping skills by their parents. Think of when the first mass shooting occurred? 20 years ago ? Think about that, why were there not shooting until then? Too easy to just say mental illness, especially when it is perpetrated by untrained people.

  31. Peloci, What a PATHETIC
    Embarrassment to Washington AMERICA and the NORMAL American People! This LUNATIC thinks these weapons are doing the killing all on their on….REALY? Then Pelosi keep your LUNATIC ass out of all vehicles and walk your butt to where ever you need to go, because
    there doing the same thing, hopefully to retirement soon!!!

  32. At least second stage, if not early third stage. Oh course, being a democrat from CA equals mental illness making it very difficult to determine exactly what her stage of dementia is.

  33. Anything Pelosi says cant be taken seriously since she seems to be in the first stages of dementia.

  34. Pelosi and her comrade, D. Finkelstein, share the same sanctuary state. Said state has more anti-gun laws than any other state ( debatable between California and New York). and yet they still have mass shootings. How do you explain this?

    Pelosi has not been caught explicitly stating that her goal is to confiscate ALL guns, but Finkelstein has.

    There is no LOGICAL reason to confiscate all guns AND remove the second amendment to the Constitution. The ONLY possible reason to promote the confiscation of ALL weapons is so that the citizenry will be defenseless when the idiots who call themselves Democrats make their move to convert this republic into an an aristocracy (while promoting themselves into the position of its rulers, do their self-described “superiority”, of course)

  35. Hogg and his followers are actually old enough to remember a lot of mass shootings. It is sad that they don’t have a clue that President Trump did have a meeting with parents and survivors of parkland. During that meeting Meadow’s father said that he did not want Meadow’s death to be politicized. Apparently the Democrats, Hogg and his followers missed that meeting which was televised. They also missed the meeting President Trump had with the Governors about getting the schools in their states safe for children. Governor Scott of Florida is already passing new laws to get that accomplished. For the first time MENTAL HEALTH has been added to the agenda. These kids won’t remember Mental Hospitals where the criminally insane were kept away from the General Population. I do, and my childhood was not filled with news of Mass Shootings. After those institutions were closed, the Mass Shootings started to become a real and present danger. Taking guns away from sane and responsible citizens will not work. You have to keep insane people away from the General Population. The sooner the better. Guns are banned in Britian, but the big shots are protected by ARMED guards. If they start grabbing guns here they better start disarming the guards of the rich and famous.

  36. FYI, Judy Bell, Some people are not as perfect as you or have composition skills like you do. Sometimes Keys stick or produce double letters some words get deleted while making corrections. And as you should be aware, Spell Checker does not check for the word usage within a sentence. Also be aware that on some sites such as Yahoo News, if I do not become creative on the way I spell some words the post will be deleted as, they will not print the words or abbreviations: scum, crook, crap, KKK and many others.

  37. The problem is that Nancy does know what she is doing to the country. She wants all of the illegals with the plan that some day they will be able to vote and, of course, vote for the democrats. If in the meantime some people die, oh well. As it is with the far left, the ends justify the means.

  38. What you say is too easy, the problem is way too much liberalism, look at FLa school killings, why just because the system want equality without responsibility. Race is not the problem, Charles Barkley said “how can a black man demand respect when he does not respect the back man himself”. I totally believe in human rights, however, when there is no way possible to notify anyone who is remotely connected to gun registration that you know a person who should not own a weapon at this time anything else is a waste of time. Temporary mentally disturbed or even the mentally disturbed are not registered anywhere while 90% are committing the killings. Just look at the lack of reporting that the young man in Fla school shooting got by with, the sheriff, the FBI, the School administration, the local police, the temporary parents, it is totally idiotic to not have a simple system to register these people while it is kept confidential. If someone thought I was not a prospect for owning a gun and their reasoning was reasonable, I would not have a problem proving them wrong before I could get my new purchase gun. I would be inconvenienced, but at least I would have been checked out.

  39. Pelosi should retire and take her hate with her back to California. I agree she should take a walk on the streets, and talk to real people, and actually see what is happening in her State that she has engineered. I doubt if she will wake up to what she has done to the USA.

  40. Well if she would use her brain instead of thinking with her ass she would realize there are no law requiring notification of mentally ill or mentally disturbed people so until they (Congress) start requiring a simple system of reporting current mentally ill persons, nothing changes. No matter what changes they make to registration, or anyone checking those registrations without dealing with simple notification system that forces Doctors, and Parents to list those with problems as well as allowing anyone with reasonable cause to list a person who POSSIBLY is a danger to buying a gun, Nothing changes. I said it b/4 and I will say it again, I would rather be delayed from purchasing a gun to clarify my name if reported, then I would add more BS or modifying the 2nd Amendment. It does not take a nuclear scientist to see the statistics showing 95% of these killings is done by someone mentally disturbed, or currently having mental issues that someone does not recognize as a possible problem and report it. ie, the Fla school shooter! and probably this young lady.

  41. Legally, stupid Nancy Peloci can do nothing regarding the Second Amendment or anything else in the Constitution. Only the people can change the Constitution, and it takes 3/4 of the states to do it, and she doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in Hell, so she had about as well shut up about it. Maybe we can direct all these migrants into San Francisco where they will have to be put up at their expense, and at the same time block any Federal money from going to Kalafornya.

  42. If you are going to post then please spell common words correctly. If you can’t do that then don’t post or pay a professional to post for you or at least use spell check.

  43. Let’em continue to jump up and down and yell. They know this ‘Red Line’ for upholding the Second Amendment, unlike Barry’s, WILL be enforced. MOLON LABE, or in the words of Inspector Harry Callahan, ‘Go ahead punk, make my day’!!

  44. Not all victims are killed by guns and as long as the 2nd amendment is a huge part of our country and the huge part that do own guns never harm anyone, I say to Pelosi to get rid of her bodyguards, take down her walls and/or fences and walk the streets as all other Americans do. Pelosi will never do though because she feels she is more important and better than the rest of the world. She is in a bubble, she has no idea what the real world is like and part of that world in America has to do with what she allows to go on in America by her seat in congress. Does she care that criminal illegals are walking our streets, does she care that gun killers do not receive stricter sentences, does she care about sanctuary cities and all the criminals that exist and are free to go to any state and kill, with a gun, with a car, raping, beating, etc. their victims and all because they are here partially due to her own decision. She is a guarded female that does not care about anyone but herself. She is insane, greedy, selfish, ignorant, stupid and has no idea all the others ways that people are killed. Pelosi thinks only guns kill, not people. I pray for the day that this lying piece of BS is out of government and We The People are free of hers and her idiocy. She has dementia and/or mental illness and must be taken out to pasture because she is NO Master Negotiator but a liar, a progressive, liberal that is resigned to taking America down by going against the Constitution, The Bill Of Rights and common sense!

  45. With the known fact that this illegal immigrant has been appointed, why doesn’t the Immigration dept. pick her up to deport her?

  46. Demoncraps try to start to take our guns, I see them starting to die in the streets. In no way am I promoting violence of any kind, but I just predict that this is one possibility of things that could happen. They are the EXACT REASON THAT THE FOUNDING FATHERS INCLUDED THE 2ND. AMENDMENT IN THE BILL OF RIGHTS!

  47. I’ll give up my fire arms when the politicians and the rich and famous give up their armed body guards. Somehow I don’t think that’s going to happen, so I Will remain armed.

  48. I’ll consider not being armed only when all politicians, the rich and famous give up their armed body guards and are forced to live day to day like us real people. Somehow I don’t think that will ever happen, so I will remain armed.

  49. Nancy Pelosi is a moron. Maybe we should take bats away from kids before they kill a teacher they do not like or cars that are used to kill people all over the world or idiot liberal Democrats that have their head’s so far up their butt’s they can not what reality looks like.

  50. Here we go again. I just read that the shooters father had warned the authorities of what his daughter was going to do a while back and no one took action. Well, it is understandable as so many living in Californicate are absolute nut jobs. Can you imagine being married to Miss Lube Rack? I do agree on term limits however. When you work for the government, really any public job, it is manditory that you retire when you are 72 or that is the way it was in Ohio back when so why can congress people going way into their 80’s. I know they don’t want to give up their lucrative power jobs. Look at McCain for example. He just won’t step down even with brain cancer. His problem is that he would then have to live in his home in Arizona with his wife instead of DC. Please Arizona, if he lives until his next run, vote him OUT OUT OUT. Remember, there was Soros money behind his last re=election putting erroneous ads on TV against the good Dr. running against him. That is another area that I wish we would look at. Whatever happened to liable and slander and down right telling lies in an advertisement?

  51. If you vote for a Democrat you are voting to reduce your God given individual rights, voting for increased Goverment control of your life, voting to have more of your money and/or property confiscated by the Government, and having the Government determine whether or not you are entitled to medical treatment depending on your age, weight, use of unhealthy foods, beverages, and drugs, and social standing. So much for being an American.

  52. How about term limits? Just think how many of the nut jobs would be gone:0
    You were right Navy Doc, she would not step one foot out of her door:-))

  53. They will not make sure that just true citizens vote, because they would not be in office any longer. I agree with you 100%

  54. Start the census on California now! Make sure that only the true citizens can vote. We will see if Pelosi, Waters, Feinstein, and Jerry Brown can win their seat again.

    California has the nerve to appoint an illegal alien in one of the state offices. Violated the federal law.

    Americans come first!


  56. Nutty as a s**thouse rat Nancy Pelosi and her staff were closely salivating over the You-Tube shooting as another opportunity to shoot off her fully automatic mouth. Poor poor delusional Nancy also wants open borders and for mean ol’ President Trump to leave all the illegals who come across those open borders alone. I wonder – nah forget it – Nancy is incapable of thinking – about how much easier open borders will make it to smuggle anything and everything into this country – INCLUDING GUNS. Typivcal of the left wing loon “entitlement people” who think they can have their cake and eat it too…… long as the cake is free – what do they care.

  57. Not so fast there Marla…
    I think we ought to take away her “gated community,” & either remove her Security force or simply
    take away her security’s guns! Now wouldn’t that be something? She’d never leave her house now would she?
    Does anyone remember when she was shouted down by the blm crew? You could visibly see her shaking!
    The only thing she has besides her MILLIONS…is her Big ASS Mouth

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