Nancy Pelosi let one secret slip that could end her career

Donald Trump called Nancy Pelosi’s mental stability into question.

Speaker Pelosi has done nothing to tamp down these accusations.

And now Nancy Pelosi just let one secret slip that could end her career.

Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats are in a jam.

For months, they lied to the American people about there not being a crisis at the Southern Border.

That falsehood fell apart as the Border Patrol stopped 144,000 illegal aliens trying to enter the country last month.

But when President Trump proposed ICE raids designed to deport 2,000 illegal alien families who skipped their court hearings and had deportations orders against them, Democrats howled in outrage.

Speaker Pelosi called the President to protest and President Trump granted the Democrats two weeks come up with legislation to close the asylum loopholes that act as magnets for illegal aliens.

At an immigration event in New York, Speaker Pelosi described this phone call, but she lost her bearings during her remarks.

When she tried to recover, Pelosi finally admitted that Democrats don’t believe illegal aliens should be deported, or in any interior enforcement of immigration laws.

“What is the point?” Pelosi asked.

Breitbart reports:

Monday during a conversation on immigration in Elmhurst, NY, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) discussed what she said when she telephoned President Donald Trump on Friday to request that he cancel the Immigration and Customs Enforcement raids.

Pelosi said, “When I spoke to the president I said look I’m a mom. I have five kids, 9 grandchildren and children are scared. You’re scaring the children of America, not just in those families but their neighbors and their communities. You’re scaring the children.”

For months, the Fake News Media falsely claimed Trump was lying when he blasted the Democrats as being the party of open borders.

But the media can’t cover for the Democrats anymore.

Not after Pelosi’s latest gaffe.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Nancy Pelosi sure made a mess she will not get away scott free she will pay along with all democrats.


  3. She has Hillary and George pulling all the strings for them I say we have A lot of crooked judges time to deport the whole Damn lot of them

  4. This puss has got it wrong. Children and grandchildren are frightened by the prospect that they may not have jobs, they’re frightened by the prospect that they may have to encounter violence every day of their lives, they’re frightened by the prospect that their world is being tilted in such a fashion that life will no longer be free and safe. These are the things children and grandchildren think and worry about.

  5. they eat their last meal at goathill pizza child traffing then they are offed by her husaband at the boheim grove

  6. I agree Carol and you are absolutely right. Did you happen to see that the Democratic National Committee is broke. I look at the economics of this country and this country is far better off than it was during the Obama administration. Some things I like and some things I do not, or maybe I just do not understand enough!

  7. What criminal act has Trump done that merits impeachment? I do not know of many Presidents that has not done something wrong in the eyes of some people. But the problem is that he was duly elected to office and can be duly unelected to office, but he deserves to try his best. What you propose is a waste of money!

  8. WAKE UP AMERICA before it is too late
    democraps are unhinged and out of control–now they want to legalize prostitution–along with doper 16yr olds voting etc etc

  9. Hello!!! Where have you been? Of course the Democrap party is exempt from the law.. Only conservatives have to comply with the law.

  10. It would be a dream come true if Pigliosi, Scummer, Maxipad Waters, Nadless the Hut, Shifty Schiff and all of the bad actors lost their next election bids?

  11. I think U.S. Marshals need to ARREST her and her MINIONS for Obstruction of Justice, because SHE and the rest of THEM ALL have taken the OATH of Office, which states to SERVE and PROTECT America of which THEY ALL “REFUSE” to do…..THEY ALL “REFUSE” to do THEIR jobs, so OUT the door with THEM and off to PRISON…..!!!!

  12. Awwww, I just read about her being in an induced coma. I am sorry to hear that she has died. Prayers with the family!!

  13. Donna they don’t need to contact you. Stupidity is an illness and you can’t be cured. No one can fix stupid

  14. I also have been saying that for a long time… anyone out there that is hearing this???? Caring about it?? She acts as if the Dem. Party is above the law…illegals are also above the law. Oh, those laws were meant just for Republicans and US citizens…not us! Hypocrisy!!

  15. Pelosi, Schumer, Schift, Warren, AOC, Omar, Jackson and others should be tried with Obama. Pelosi is so fond of illegals, that when they came to her house, she called the police on them. Bye the way Nancy the kids aren’t afraid of the President, they are afraid of you and your evil cronies, who refuse to address the crisis of illegal immigration, while people are being assaulted, raped and even murdered by these illegals. The demonrats have become the newest home grown terrorists, in the country. You should have gotten out of DC years ago.

  16. Since Pelosi doesn’t read I am going to make it easy on her. First of all entering this country illegally is against the law, and “illegal is illegal”, nancy is obstructing justice with her antics. Note I said Obstructing Justice so why does she not get an indictment?

  17. Visit You Tube and see Kevin Shipp.
    You have been hypnotized by the Deep State and the Fake News media.
    Get yourself educated.
    PS It’s not about Trump


  19. Donna
    Being as you are a self proclaimed dumbo crap I understand you are an imbecile but even ray Charles could find the “unsubscribe” button to stop receiving this blog. Maybe rather then running your mouth you should consider you have the right to remain silent. ..this way no one will know that you are a certified illiterate moron…….just saying

  20. Obama is the cause of the problems at the border. He had open borders, and let anyone in.He knew it was getting bad and got rid of most papers saying so. He left the mess for Trump to make him look guilty.Obama needs to be charged with Treason. He did so many under handed things, tried to run America into the ground and would have, if not for Trump.

  21. FYI Donna as really good democrat how many of these poor “illegals” are you & Obama taking into your house – to feed them, & take care of them – check with Pelosi I am sure she is taking in at least dozen or so – they can learn how “garden”!

  22. oh donna if you are sooooooooooooooooo unhappy here – leave we will not miss you – show some respect for America & our President – we all had to suffer through 8 yrs of the worst president ever “oh I forget – what was his name!”

  23. Since you responded it means you are registered . Like most democrats you can’t fix stupid.

  24. Please don’t send me anymore of this crap!!! How on earth did I, a democrat who would love to see Trump impeached and out of office, get on this mailing list?? YUK PLEASE UNSuBSRIBE ME!

  25. The democrats are at fault for the mess at the border and you all know it. QUIT WITH THE LIES AND DO YOUR DAMN JOB. 21/2 YEARS YOU DEMS.HAVE IGNORED YOUR JOBS. This is because of your hate for Trump because the wicked witch Hillary didn’t win. GET OVER IT .

  26. perhaps it’s her mixing up her denture cream with preparation H. Sucking the prep H outta her teeth is causing her brain damage

  27. That’s what’s wrong with the world, we’ve allowed children to control adult matters with their emotions, far too long. Nancy and her big Pelosi are merely trying to project again…

  28. Pelosi learned to be a criminal from her father and his brothers.He ran Baltimore as mayor for years. Need I say more?

  29. The problem is MANY people have been brainwashed by the leftist media. You ask them questions like “Why do you hate Trump?” or “What basis do you have for Trump to be impeached?” and the responses are devoid of any intellect. Many of yhese people are highly educated. That is incredibly scary!!

  30. The dems ARE following The Communist Manifesto to a ‘T’, you are correct Edwin. They want TOTAL control, TOTAL power & they will do ANYTHING to get it. They want riches so great that they can buy entire armies to do their dirty work. They have not a single care about ANYONE other than themselves. Those kind of people don’t even like their co-conspirators. They just use each other to get what they want. Those kind of people…the dems…will say anything, cover lies with more lies, create situations that don’t exist. They will divert attention from what they are REALLY doing & that’s when we REALLY have to be vigilant & keep our focus on them. I’m thinking they actually dislike aoc greatly, but she is serving them well…she just doesn’t know it. While SHE thinks she will someday be a big dog in the dem party she has no clue that THEIR plans don’t include her at all. When they have accomplished what they want they will throw her to the wolves. Meanwhile she is basking in her narsissitic fantasy. PERSONALLY I don’t believe they Will EVER ACHIEVE THEIR GOALS.

  31. The Democratic party isn’t like it used to be back in the days of JFK. Today they’re money and power hungry. We’ve got to keep Trump in there for 4 more years. After his term is over, maybe Pence will run… he’d be a good President. It’d be like having Trump all over again. Trump 2020.

  32. I wonder how many democrat voters have finally seen through their party’s “sewer bound Congressmen” in Washington and either have already switched parties or just won’t vote for any of them in the 2020 elections.

  33. The dumocrats are scum and so are the rhino Republicans who won’t support the President. They all need to wake up and smell the coffee. The rhinos jobs may soon be on the chopping block.

  34. The children should be scared of Nancy, 80 year old hags like you and (Maxine for Impeachment) Ms. Waters.
    Every time you ask something of President Bush you run somewhere and do some double crossing act.
    You are scaring the children.

  35. Don’t hold your breath! Pelosi and her ilk will not relent to what turns out to be reasonable. This doesn’t “feel good” for them. Idiocy reigns in their World.

  36. Not to mention the urine, used injection needles, leftover food and scraps which has attracted and feed Rats and mice along with insects and other vermin.

  37. This is how the Nazi parity started in the late 1920’s& 1930’s checkout history and you see for yourself. They act and sound like Nazi’s, need to get them out of office come 2020. We need Americans in office not Dem’s or Rino’s.

  38. Perhaps if there are any children that young who are being inundated by news, their parents should intercede. But I seriously doubt it. If you want to watch some or all of the news, talk to them about it and set up a schedule when you can participate in what they’re learning. (most kids will opt out)

  39. I find if very unprofessional when you elect an individual to a congressional office,they take an oath to support and defend, only to have them obstruct, lie, and treat Americans like they are ignorant. Immigration is a real problem, it could be solved with a simple bipartisan agreement with both parties and hard headed refusal to work on the problem is unacceptable for any American, much less for any politician elected to make our lives better. We did elect these idiots, I’m just waiting for them to start performing like Americans.

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