Nancy Pelosi let something slip about impeachment that left Trump seeing red

The Democrats impeachment hoax is moving toward a conclusion in the Senate.

Or so everyone thought.

But then Nancy Pelosi went on TV and let something slip about impeachment that left Trump seeing red.

Appearing on ABC’s This Week, Pelosi discussed – among other things – the state of affairs with regards to impeachment.

Clinton loyalist George Stephanopoulos asked Pelosi if Democrats would subpoena former National Security Advisor John Bolton to testify before the House.

Even though Democrats already voted on articles of impeachment Pelosi did not rule out a subpoena to compel Bolton’s testimony.

Breitbart reports:

On Sunday’s broadcast of ABC’s “This Week,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said if the Senate does not subpoena former National Security Advisor John Bolton, the House will.

Pelosi said, “We are in court on the witnesses. It could take a very long time on the witnesses we have been in court. And we haven’t limited the possibility of ever having subpoena and going forward with Bolton. But he has said in this two weeks’ period, another piece of progress that we made, he would respond to a subpoena from the United States Senate. But the fact is is that the president of the United States, again, quite different from President Clinton. President Clinton allowed witnesses to come forward. President Trump has prevented that from happening.”

Host George Stephanopoulos asked, “So if the Senate does not subpoena John Bolton and other witnesses, will the House move to subpoena?”

Pelosi said, “It’s not excluded. We’ll see what they do. But we do think that there’s enough evidence to remove the president from office.”

Previously, a judge ruled a lawsuit over compelling Bolton to testify despite President Trump asserting executive privilege was moot because the Democrats withdrew a subpoena.

In the ABC interview, Pelosi indicated Democrats are willing to subpoena Bolton again, which is a sign they could be pursuing a second round of impeachment.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



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  2. The demoRAT party has no case. The undeplorables elected Trump POTUS to get busy to MAGA. The demoRAT party has accomplished nothing but hate Trump because they cannot control him. Trump is working hard to help correct the deep swamp draining in Washington. The demoRAT party is working very hard to keep their heads above water.; however, it appears they are shooting themselves in the foot.

  3. nancy peloser had already made the statement that they were working on the impeachment of the President for 22 months and won’t stop until the President is out of office, everything that the Democrats had done are the things that they are blaming the President for , which is their ABUSE OF POWER and COLLUSION WITH THE RUSSIAN’S….The Democrats are no longer the Political Party for the American People, they care more for the Enemies of America , than they do for the American People, and they proved that by siding with the Iranian Dictatorship over Solemani’s Death, The Democrats are TRAITOR’S TO THE UNITED STATES and IT’S CONSTITUTION……….

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  6. House democrats think they can take down this President. The people put him there and it is the people who will keep him there not the house Democrats.

  7. If his testimony was so important then they should have called him in the house trial, but they said they had overwhelming evidence. If they voted on overwhelming evidence already what’s the problem. They know there case is weak. Did they forget they didn’t allow Trump’s side to call witnesses. The republicans need to stand up to them. They need to prosecute these democrats for abuse of power. After all it’s abuse against the constitution, which they like to throw out with every other word.

  8. I agree that the only way to get the House of Representatives out of its “impeachment” fixation and back into the roles that they were voted into office to do is to vote every single democrat OUT of office!

  9. It appears that the only way to get the House of Representatives out of its “impeachment” fixation and back into the roles that they were voted into office to do is to vote every single democrat OUT of office!

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