Nancy Pelosi let something slip about impeachment that left Trump seeing red

The Democrats impeachment hoax is moving toward a conclusion in the Senate.

Or so everyone thought.

But then Nancy Pelosi went on TV and let something slip about impeachment that left Trump seeing red.

Appearing on ABC’s This Week, Pelosi discussed – among other things – the state of affairs with regards to impeachment.

Clinton loyalist George Stephanopoulos asked Pelosi if Democrats would subpoena former National Security Advisor John Bolton to testify before the House.

Even though Democrats already voted on articles of impeachment Pelosi did not rule out a subpoena to compel Bolton’s testimony.

Pelosi said, “We are in court on the witnesses. It could take a very long time on the witnesses we have been in court. And we haven’t limited the possibility of ever having subpoena and going forward with Bolton.”

“But,” Pelosi added, “he has said in this two weeks’ period, another piece of progress that we made, he would respond to a subpoena from the United States Senate. But the fact is is that the president of the United States, again, quite different from President Clinton. President Clinton allowed witnesses to come forward. President Trump has prevented that from happening.”

Stephanopoulos followed up by asking, “So if the Senate does not subpoena John Bolton and other witnesses, will the House move to subpoena?”

Pelosi replied, “It’s not excluded. We’ll see what they do. But we do think that there’s enough evidence to remove the president from office.”

Previously, a judge ruled a lawsuit over compelling Bolton to testify despite President Trump asserting executive privilege was moot because the Democrats withdrew a subpoena.

In the ABC interview, Pelosi indicated Democrats are willing to subpoena Bolton again, which is a sign they could be pursuing a second round of impeachment.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. For the last 3 years the demon rats hsve not done their job. All they have done is to try to take down the best president we’ve ever had. They should nit have been paid one cent!!!

  2. Hey Marty farty. I know something else to make you laugh, A nice new little hole in your head about 7.62 size….now that’s funny if I could see you and a million demoncats with that. LMAO

  3. well, Well Mr. Julio. It seems as if there was a misspelled word. My My. Guess you couldn’t understand what I was meaning in my words. THat’s ok not a problem. Some people just can’t think out of the box But they surely do know what poor widdle Trump needs a diaper change. Wear one often? lol Just jesting you. I should have read it but was running late and my laptop decided to change the word. I take your remarks in stride. Actually they made me laugh…lol

  4. Hey, JULIO RICHARD LAREDO, in reading your comment where you said that, “Trump needs his diaper changed.”
    How would you know??? Are you a “diaper dumpster diver”? If not, how can you make such a gross comment???

  5. The demoRAT party has no case. The undeplorables elected Trump POTUS to get busy to MAGA. The demoRAT party has accomplished nothing but hate Trump because they cannot control him. Trump is working hard to help correct the deep swamp draining in Washington. The demoRAT party is working very hard to keep their heads above water.; however, it appears they are shooting themselves in the foot.

  6. nancy peloser had already made the statement that they were working on the impeachment of the President for 22 months and won’t stop until the President is out of office, everything that the Democrats had done are the things that they are blaming the President for , which is their ABUSE OF POWER and COLLUSION WITH THE RUSSIAN’S….The Democrats are no longer the Political Party for the American People, they care more for the Enemies of America , than they do for the American People, and they proved that by siding with the Iranian Dictatorship over Solemani’s Death, The Democrats are TRAITOR’S TO THE UNITED STATES and IT’S CONSTITUTION……….

  7. Truth and facts.most of your posts are blatant lies.why must you liberals always lie?you are a fraud.lie some more..lies and lies not t and f..fraud

  8. Boo Hoo poor ole nasty Nancy needs to have her depends changed little adam and fairy jerry wont do it they smell like Schiff may be scooper pooper chukie will do it HEY can some one from the DNC change nasty nancy’s diaper

  9. House democrats think they can take down this President. The people put him there and it is the people who will keep him there not the house Democrats.

  10. If his testimony was so important then they should have called him in the house trial, but they said they had overwhelming evidence. If they voted on overwhelming evidence already what’s the problem. They know there case is weak. Did they forget they didn’t allow Trump’s side to call witnesses. The republicans need to stand up to them. They need to prosecute these democrats for abuse of power. After all it’s abuse against the constitution, which they like to throw out with every other word.

  11. I agree that the only way to get the House of Representatives out of its “impeachment” fixation and back into the roles that they were voted into office to do is to vote every single democrat OUT of office!

  12. It appears that the only way to get the House of Representatives out of its “impeachment” fixation and back into the roles that they were voted into office to do is to vote every single democrat OUT of office!

  13. Yep! As a Democrat I totally agree! She doesn’t appear to take the action of looking into her own back yard! The Democrates lately don’t see what kthey are doing to the people of this country. They are allowing imigrants and fugitives and allowing them better privileges than they do our own citizen’s? What has happened to to the Democrates? Electing leaders like Pramilla and Omar? Sanctuary cities such as Seattle and LA? Tell me, what have they done to us? We should be on our way to impeach them. Omar is first hand criminal!

  14. Yep! As a Democrat I totally agree! She doesn’t appear to take the action of looking into her own back yard! The Democrates lately don’t see what they are doing to the people of this country. They are allowing imigrants and fugitives and allowing them better privileges than they do our own citizen’s? What has happened to to the Democrates? Electing leaders like Pamilla and Omar? Sanctuary cities such as Seattle and LA? Tell me, what have they done to us? We should be on our way to impeach them. Omar is first hand criminal!

  15. Stupidity is the rule of all evil this lady belongs in the loony bin sooner than later… gosh what a disaster she is the Democratics should be ashamed of themselves

  16. Nancy Pelosi and the rest of her moronic Democrats will never see the inside of the White House in 2020!

  17. Exile Pelosi and the democratic (communist party) to Iran forever or hang their mf ass. I don’t care which as long as one gets done!!

  18. Same here, Margaret! Randy put the hammer down right on the money. Finally, we…the silent majority is speaking out. THAT’S WHAT IS GOING TO TURN THIS COUNTRY AROUND!!! WE DESPERATELY NEED OUR PRESIDENT TRUMP FOR 4 MORE YEARS!!! EVEN MORE IF IT WERE POSSIBLE!!!

  19. Butchy, every dem should be made to walk through EVERY homeless area in THEIR cities. Stepping in human poop, stepping on used needles, stepping over bodies…some may even be dead but no one cares. If they die someone just drags them away from the camps for the packs of wild dogs to eat. Every dem ‘leader’ is responsible for what is happening across this nation. You do NOT see this where Republicans are in charge. The Republicans WANT their people to thrive, where the dirty dems want to control their people by making them live off the government…pittance pay. That way THEY can control the people.

  20. Mysty You are so right when you say the Dimms aren’t even trying to hide it anymore! I actually kind of feel sorry for them because they are going down in a sinking ship and this could be the “end” of the Democratic Party.

  21. That is the most anger I feel….what a waste of everyone’s time….all because of those whiny, green-eyed Dems. I seriously hope those who are Dems will make it a point, for the sake of this nation, to go and re-register as Republican. NOW is the time to walk away from those who do not work for you…unlike our great President and administration.

  22. @Dwight Hartmark You are absolutely correct! This gentleman “Hubert Williston” has bought into the lies the Dems have been pushing since before the 2016 election. It is unfortunate for him to have been so brainwashed by a party that no longer exists…he is still thinking the Democrat Party is the party of JFK…when nothing could be further from the truth. We should pray for him.

  23. Dwight, you are right on the money. The dems are so dirty, corrupt & evil they aren’t even trying to hide it any longer. Every one of them NEED to be de-throned publicly & to have all their crimes laid out publicly for everyone to hear & see. Make every one of them payback monies that they have gained illicitly, to lose their fortunes by being made to go through the homeless camps that THEY created & live with them for a few days. Then their monies should be be spent on building small homes for all the homeless in their states. That would certainly bring them down to ground level.
    Donald Trump is the BEST PRESIDENT we’ve ever had. He loves this country & he loves us. Yes, he isn’t as ‘polished’ as obummer is…but that ‘polish’ is only surface gloss…it wipes off easily. PRESIDENT TRUMP’S ‘polish’ is soul-deep given to him by GOD. It is a ‘polish’ that can’t be dimmed.

  24. Yes, I do believe walking out is another ridiculous card the Dems will play in the Senate trial. For a vote to count, there MUST be a “Forum”. If the Dem Senators walk out
    in mass and refuse to return, there is no forum. There are so, so, so many obstruction cards in the deck left to be played by the do nothing positive party of obstruction, the
    Democratic Party.

  25. All this while human feces,needles,homelessness and crime are piling up in her city!yet Bloomberg said yesterday that every city should follow California’s lead,be just like California!

  26. Seems crystal to me, except that the majority of her constituents in the People’s Republic of California are unAmericans as well, and hate our nation as she does.

  27. The Democratic Party Plan is clear: Do that which they KNOW will fail, but by involving the judicial system, and appeals, will delay once and again any progress in the Senate trial. This starts with a House subpoena for a SENATE trial which EVERYONE with a brain
    knows carries not weight (except for liberal federal judges who believe they have the power to create new laws that fit their own personal judicial concept). The purpose of the impeachment was NEVER to remove Trump which the Dems knew from the utter lack of evidence was impossible, but to obstruct Trump’s ability to serve the American people in countering the very awful and abusive years of the Muslim Obama administration. To
    make it more difficult for Trump to stop the increasing flow of illegal aliens into the USA, to stop Trump and Republicans from filing federal suit questioning state laws empowering illegals with the right to vote, drive, etc. The Democratic party does not care about America whatsoever. POWER is the Mecca they bow to.

  28. Because she is a classic power motivated career politician, it is patently obvious she sees herself as president in waiting. Getting rid of Trump and Pence would fulfill her hopes and dreams. She would fire Barr and install Schiff as AG a position which he wanted if Hillary won. The shadow behind her shows her horns.

  29. Can anyone with a smidgeon of grey matter imagine what Trump could have accomplished in these theee years of constant obstruction from the democrats, the courts and the media? Added to that is this reverse engineered impeachment BS that was planned before the election.

  30. She has lived the life of a self-declared queen for a VERY LONG TIME. She NEEDS to be de-throned. She is beyond corrupt. She is so mean, cruel & driven by satan that I can barely even look at her.
    Our ONLY saving grace in this situation is that GOD knows her & HE WILL take care of her for us.

  31. I agree, Pops. The entire party is full of nothing but corrupt, EVIL, treasonous, devious, SATAN-WORSHIPPERS. Many of them claim to be devout catholics or otherwise some religious creep. If they THINK by saying they go to church therefore they will be going to Heaven, they need to pick up a Bible & read it. If they want to be prepared as is for their ‘afterlife’ they might should look into asbestos suits.

  32. Pops Lemoine You are 100% correct! Term limits would fix so much! These fat-cat politicians go into politics these days knowing they can get rich off of their political positions in the game of “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours”! All this does is create an atmosphere of self gratification and to hell with their constitutes!

  33. She is defying the will of the voters that makes her treasonist and it means we have taxation without representation

  34. Now the commiecrats doesn’t get to have their secret meetings in the capital basement. It’s show time. After this is over, the commiecrats will walk out of the trial with their asses in their hands. They will get their asses handed to them.

  35. isn’t it amazing that the democrats know so little BOUT THE Constitution that they’re purporting to be defending?

  36. John,….. If there is a God, Nancy should suffer, really suffer for her lies etc., Before she dies. Then ship her sorry dead ass to Iran.

  37. The article left out one part of this fossil’s statement that really tells what they’re up too. She said they plan on removing Trump from office “one way or another”. That makes a big difference when someone is considering her motives. She is definitely suffering from dementia. Most people know that when you reach a certain age you slow down. You can’t do the things you used to do, you don’t remember what you used to. What is keeping these aged politicians like Feinstein, Pelosi, Clinton, Waters, and so many others able to articulate a thought? What is available to them that the rest of us don’t have?

  38. Nancy, get it through your head, the House did it’s job. You nor the House have anything further to do with it. If your chairman’s screwed up, so be it. Your fault for putting them into those positions in the first place.

  39. The worst horror from Pelosi and her crazed lunatic Democrats is yet to come! After spitting on the Constitution and making a worldwide laughing stock of America she and her traitors will walk away completely free and unpunished for their crimes!

  40. The office of president is term limited . We need to re-elect President Trump and push hard to get congress to be term limited for the same reasons as the presidency. If we don’t do this while President Trump is in the White House we will never have another chance in our lifetime.

  41. She is an IDIOT. How do people like this keep getting elected. OOPS!! I know. She is trying to control the SENATE??? Push her will on them? Why didn’t they make them testify in the house if the testimony is so important? GO FLY A KITE PIGLOSI!!!!

  42. These are sad time for the American people. Look at the left and, there political stance has never changed it has just become more blatant. There like a group of spoiled children that didn’t get there own way. The Dem’s don’t care what’s good for the country, they care what’s good for there party and united states citizens be damned. What have we as American citizens let this country come to. The Democratic party as allowed e legal immigration in to the greatest country in the world, issued drivers licenses only for one goal voter base, is this good for the masses or just the few.? They spend millions of tax payers dollars on every issue that they feel will help there excessive need for total control and power and to what gain. It appears to this American the true colors of the Democratic party have come to the surface, they have done nothing to help the American people, under there control this Country has declined from being the greatest to third world. If this was there goal to sell this country to the highest bidder, they have almost achieved it. Lets take back or Country stop the on sloth of corruption,if we don’t do something about it now, or children and grand children will be the ones to suffer. This is a very serious time, lets not down play this. the Democrats are selling out to any Country that will play ball with them and there goal for political domination. Ask your self under democratic control has your life gotten better, has you economic status improved. If your honest the answer is no. We have a president now that is changing thing here in America for the better, and what is He getting for his efforts from the left. That’s right he is being accused of ever make believe crime the Dem’s can through at him, not because there true but because they feel it will be disruptive and detour Mr Trump form the job we told us he would do if elected. Even with all the disruption thrown at Mr Trump he has remained committed to his promise to make America great again, I ask you if your an American what is so wrong with that, if you truly have the best interest of America in your heart why do we as Americans allow the Dem’s to continue with this childish game there playing with tax payers money. Let Nancy Pelosi take that money and clean up her State, if you have driven through LA and seen all the homeless living along the freeway, and tarp tent city’s on the side walks you might ask your self is this what the Dem’s want for the entire country? It appears so.

  43. We want Biden investigated for his Corruption
    Not President Trump for Trying to do his job
    for draining the Swamp
    That’s why we elected him
    Polisi & Democrats are Obstructing The Office of The President of The United States of America
    Lock these Traitors up !!!

  44. Agreed! Pelosi was pressured by their radical base to go for impeachment.
    Pelosi isn’t stupid. She knows its a dead dog, and probably cost them the election.

  45. its time every democrat in congress to be removed from office and arrested for high treason and be investigated for high crimes they have committed against the American people

  46. Getting to close for comfort for Nancy. Trump said he will find the corruption and he is doing a good job. Got all the Democrats jittery wanting to get this over with in a hurry. Remember Karma is a B…

  47. HW,
    u are so consumed by the far left ideology that you cannot see or understand what is a lie or what is truth and would prefer to believe the lie because it goes against the pathetic entitlement mentally from the far left. Accusations are more important than the truth and the truth is not to be considered.

  48. She is Obstructing President Trump from exposing Joe Biden’s Corruption by unjustly Bipartisantly remove President Trump from office before he can expose Joe Biden’s illegal unlawful income !!

  49. A complete waste os time and energy. 2020 election will be a complete republican slaughter . Democrats will lose the House and the Senate will have more seats Republicans . I was a democrat now a republican cause the leadership is that stupid. The economy is off the wall with jobs earnings are UP big time and Crazy Nancy is still going on YV makinh a fool out of herself

  50. Hubert W., I wondered, for eight years, why BHO was not impeached and your feelings about DJT, we felt about Obama and his crooked poor excuse of a presidency! You want to discuss corruption, stop throwing rocks at your own glass house and let’s talk about what we all see in there!
    DJT is twice the President BHO was on his best day!
    TRUMP 2020!

  51. I hate thinking of once Trump no longer President Democrats are going go right back telling us lies and making deals for large kickbacks and screwing America over again

  52. Nancy acts like she has got to hurry and get Trump removed from office before Trump finds out Nancy has large kickbacks put in an offshore bank account in her son’s name just like Biden does ..Hmmm

  53. I feel very confident that God has prepared His mansions for the members of the Democrat Party. But what these dimwits do not realize is these mansions are not, I repeat, not in the kingdom of God. Well, where would they be one would ask? I’ll give you a clue. Where do liars and those that maketh lies go to? I’ll let you use your imagination on that one. And since Nancy Pelosi is a natural born leader, she will most definitely be leading the pack. Nancy, you’ve now made your cake, now eat it!!!

  54. Just based on Pelosi’s interview with George S., it is obvious, in my humble opinion, from her “wording” she telegraphed she knows their case is very weak. When George S. asked her if the house was going to subpoena John Bolton, she hemhawed and did not give him a straight answer so, he finally asked her a second time. She said, let’s see what they (the Senate) do, we “believe” we have enough evidence to remove DJT. She was not strong and confident in “how” she said it. If she believed in and knows they have the proof she would have said yes, we are going to continue to subpoena Bolton and others because DJT has committed impeachable offenses and it is our Constitutional duty to remove him! You know all the fake malarkey she blows and goes with! NOTHING from the beginning of Schit’s hearings until today is convincing that the dems believe their own lies and false allegations!
    She knows her impeachment nest is on fire and soon her hair will be on fire as well. The Dems should just let go, the fat lady is singing a Tepublican song!

  55. Makes you wonder just how much see has EMBEZZLED from the American people in all her years in office. I think we need to investigate her expence accounts. I know I saw an unofficial accounting from 2009 that showed that year she had BILKED taxpayers around $65,000 just for the BOOZE on the speakers airplane.

  56. Democrat Pelosi will give America To Mexico & friends.
    We loose benefits & all our life s work.
    We loose AMERICA .
    The END.
    No way to get it back.
    There must be REPUBLICANS, To finance our way of living.

  57. Biden is trying to protect himself from Prison by just running for President !
    And Nancy Polisi is obstructing President Trump from exposing Biden’s Corruption by Partisantly with her Party Unjustly remove Trump from office before Biden could be properly investigated & prosecuted !

  58. What corruption? Trump did not collude with Russia. Trump did not bribe the Ukraine. Trump only obstructed congress because the house democrats have been plotting to impeach him since he stepped into office. This is a war going on inside our government.
    And, bottom line, Trump will not be removed by the senate, so all of this is a waste of time and money. If democrats want Trump out of office their only option is to defeat him at the ballot.

  59. You want honesty? Here it is. You have no clue what you’re talking about. The evil and corruption clearly belongs to Nancy Pelosi and the House Democrats. It is as plain as can be. Donald Trump is a great President and honorable man. The Democrats are projecting their crimes against America unto the POTUS. You sir are the one whose comments are dishonest.

  60. This is a witch hunt and Crazy Nancy is obsessed with this impeachment
    process as long as those stupid irresponsible morons are in power
    in the house they will keep impeaching President Trump over any charge
    regardless how fictitious the charges are. Even though they know it won’t
    stick and can’t stick in the senate. Crazy Nancy is doing it because the
    left hate President Trump more and more every day. They don’t care what
    harm there doing to themselves in the mean time. They also don’t care that
    America is suffering from all this wasted time and money that could have
    been used to save American tax payers money.

  61. Nancy Pelosi! We the People Fire you…… You need to be Locked up for using the military plane for years to go on your vacations and to fly home and back to DC….. You are Corrupt.

  62. How can anyone even comment honestly about impeachment without demanding primary witnesses and documents. That is what is disgusting and evil and in itself warrants impeachment! So much dishonesty how can you call this trash when it is total corruption by our administration!

  63. Someone needs to run against Pelousy and put her out to pasture along with the rest of the Coup- labotators.

  64. Someone needs to run against Pelousy and put her out to pasture along with the rest of the Coup- labotators.

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