Nancy Pelosi let the cat out of the bag on her plans to impeach Trump

It’s crunch time for Nancy Pelosi.

After months of the Speaker trying to put off any talks of removing Donald Trump from office, the release of the Mueller report finally forced her to show her hand.

And on a secret conference call, Pelosi finally let the cat out of the bag on her plans to impeach Donald Trump.

On a conference call with the entire Democrat House Caucus, Pelosi was forced to admit there are no immediate plans to impeach the President.

The Washington Post reports:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told lawmakers Monday that there are no plans to immediately open impeachment proceedings against President Trump, rejecting calls from several Democrats to initiate steps to try to oust the president.

In a rare Monday night conference call, the California Democrat stressed that the near-term strategy in the wake of special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s report is to focus on investigating the president and seeing where the inquiries lead. Members of Pelosi’s leadership team reaffirmed her cautious approach, according to four officials on the call who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss private conversations.

“We have to save our democracy. This isn’t about Democrats or Republicans. It’s about saving our democracy,” Pelosi said.

But Trump and his supporters should not see this as the final word.

The Post reported that several influential Democrats were furious with this decision.

They will continue to agitate for impeachment.

And some observers thought Pelosi’s comments were a set up.

Pelosi knows impeachment is politically unpopular, but the Democrat base is demanding the House go through with this fight.

That’s why she held this call.

Pelosi wanted it to leak out that Democrats don’t want to rush headfirst into politically motivated impeachment proceedings.

That way, when the Democrats inevitably try to impeach Donald Trump, they can portray the proceedings as sober and less partisan.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Bob, you are a blessing! Actors of sedition deserve assassins. They beget their own infamous deaths. May you and all your secret parties pronounce and carry out the ‘sentences’.

      • why is it no-one will run for her job ?? why is a ‘few’ people the only ones that cause the trouble and think their mouth is the LAW of the land. leave the president be, let him make this country strong. mind you’re own faces – and mouth,
        stay at hone and pout, and if you can not work for America to benefit the country than quit. then wipe both ends and go hide.

  2. All right Pelosi, it’s time for you to go back to work. As far as the tax payor is concerned, you have done absolutely nothing for over 2 years. Time to earn your pay. The taxpayer wants to see the results of you getting your extravident pay. Better yet it’s time to go back to your ivory tower and stay there.

    • Nancy has a Huge problemmo w/ ‘freshman’ in House.
      ie. AOC / 0mar/ Tlaib & the old crow Maxine Waters.
      Nancy Already Told Schiff/ Schumer to STFU.

  3. Don’t worry. Trump won’t get removed from office. He will be re-elected,Republicans will take back the house and hold the senate. And Nancy the Botox bitch will be history. The commiecrats knows they can’t win.

  4. Nance, you can’t control 3jihadists in your own party LOL, LOL LOL, How do you expect to control the Democratic Party?? I have an idea, why don’t you become the laughed at bafoon that you are?? Just think you know so much more than they do and they don’t give a shit!!! Get it!, get it!!

  5. No wonder the damn democrats are so screwed up, Nancy Pelosi thinks the United States is a democracy. Hey, idiot Pelosi, we are a Constitutional Republic. Get your head out of your ass for five minutes and you might wake up and see how stupid you and your democrat followers really are. Take you investigations and stick them where your head has been for the past couple years. Get on with legislating and do something good for all Americans. Start doing your job or better yet, get the hell out of Washington and take the rest of your idiotic party with you. God Bless America.

  6. Introducing legislation that’s against the will of the American people time after time is “democracy” you stupid idiot Pelosi? I think not.

  7. On the table, off the table, on the table. The fact is, none of the loony liberal politician’s constituents are screaming ‘impeach’. Let it go. Hey, liberal politicians, you lost and you keep losing. Also, you look and sound so foolish and idiotic when everyone now knows that there was NO COLLUSION and NO OBSTRUCTION. Two and a half years of spying and investigating and you got NOTHING. Please just sit down and do your politician job, quit wasting all of our hard earned money on a continued ruse to cover up actual crimes committed by the O admin, HRC campaign, and the DNC. The truth and facts always prevail and they will continue to prevail with the current POTUS at the helm. Thank God.

  8. I like to know what Nancy’s definition of Democracy is that she wants to save. I bet it’s all the free s**t that she doesn’t have to pay for.

    • Or…might it be she doesn’t want to see all the perks she’s had over the years disappear. She’s a master of working the system. Remember the Trump, Schumer Pelosi meeting captured on TV where Trump stood up to both of them and Schumer lost it. Pelosi said in her masterful way…leat’s not debate this in front of the cameras…let’s go back and discuss it. Another way of saying…kick the can down the road which is how we got into all these foolish situations like ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION for one.

  9. its a Republic not a democracy……A constitutional republic is a form of government, where the head of state and other representatives are elected from a group of people. It also means that there is a constitution. The constitution says how the state may be run. The constitution limits the power of each officeholder. Pelosi is out of touch and needs replaced

    • Bob: May I remind you that this is a public forum and other people might read this and do something you might regret. I empathize with you but just think maybe we could just go with it and see. I wish that you would not talk about doing violence forward other people you don’t agree with. We all should overlook the meanness the Democrats are doing and show them the right way to act.

    • Jeanne
      I normally don’t respond as I have already made my thoughts known. However, you sound sincere but I mean every word. As kind as your words are intended they are basically wrong. Part of the problem is people have looked away, over looked, forgiven and made excuses for lying, stealing, foul language,.discourtesy, attacking family members, threats, coercion, attempted to overthrow a president, used Federal agencies to wire tap on another political party, disseminated false information to effect the outcome of a presidential election, used false documentation from a dossier of false information which was obtained from agents of a hostile foreign power, obtained innumerable FISA warrants under false pretexts, should I go on. As far as I am concerned these are some of the most heinous crimes committed, let alone the assassination of honorable persons reputations. Then we can add attempts to alter the Constitution to PREVENT the citizens from rebelling and taking back control of their government. Abolishment of the second amendment, change the wording in the first amendment to preclude “hate speech”, language that would incite social unrest or instill a request of any action opposed to the government. Abolishment of the Electoral college. That is a great idea. The only way states like Montana, Idaho or Maine for example to avoid being ridden over roughshod by states like New York and California. Sure, let’s listen to the pied pipes and throw away one of our checks and balances the Founding Fathers built in. If you live in New York or Illinois and were a politician you would be salivating. So yes, I am all in when it comes to my freedoms as the right of a lawful and law abiding citizen of our great nation. And yes, I will no longer accept the excuses and treason being committed in Congress, but more so by the House of Representatives. There is NO excuse for treason, there is NO excuse for attempting to take away MY rights or to limit them by castrating the Constitution, there is NO excuse for profiting in an illegal manner from my government and there is NO DAMN excuse for not protecting our borders or the citizens of our nation. These are crimes punishable by death for those that are chief amongst the instigators and life in prison for those that aided. And yes I am in favor of an armed insurrection if that be the course necessitated for the preservation of our country and Constitution.

  10. The House is so out of touch with anything other than big cities and the east and west coast. The fools had best do a general poll nation wide, as the BALANCE OF THE POPULATION LIVES IN BETWEEN. AND WE ARE NOT HAPPY. This assinined rhetoric is about to bring the whole nation down. Do the members of the House think for one moment that the rest of the nation is going to let them impose the absolutely stupid ideas they come with on WE THE PEOPLE? Go ahead. Impeach the President. You dumb sumbitches will touch off a powder keg of which you have NO idea of the amount of destructive force THE PEOPLE are capable of. I am talking this is the last straw before armed insurrection! The Citizens, the people that OWN YOUR JOBS ARE PISSED! You are literally playing with matches in a powder magazine. DAMN you all for the treasonous cur you are and for the traitorous acts you committ upon our laws and rights. Keep going and REAL Americans will see you all burn in hell! Remember the words of the founding fathers well, “The Tree of Liberty must be often watered by the blood of its Patriots”. “Trade not one of your Liberties for a false sense of security”. “It is the duty of every citizen to confront acts of sedition and treason in the strongest terms possible even unto use of arms.” This is our requirement as a free people. I thoroughly admonish the House to so remember.

  11. Pelosi is a stupid Bitch who just loves shooting off her mouth. She wants everyone to know she has the biggest set of balls. The Democrats are a bunch of stupid ASSHOLES. They want to run everything. They need to back off and let President to his job. The American People voted for him and want him as President. All the Democrats need to go to Mexico and then let us build the wall and not let them back in.They are a bunch of Morans

  12. She is the one that needs to go as she is guilty of so many things because she has been trying to take away the rights of the people that voted for this Pres.

    • Kahlcke… The people writing their opposition to what is taking place in Washington are far from being morons. Even the most peaceful people have a tipping point where rebellion finally takes hold.

  13. Before you impeach President Trump make sure you have a valid argument. If you don’t a good evidence you can’t win. Check who started the collusion first and obstruction and who signed the FISA not telling the truth…..

  14. Pelosi is always nibbling something in her mouth…CBD gummies?l Americans are not that stupid as she likes to see us…Bernie and Schiff…among others should release their tax statements instead of badgering Trump…we will see all the Democratic so call reps have how much in their banks, besides walls surrounding their castles….IF they want their State to be open borders, etc…when their time comes to ask for aids in $$signs…they should pay not the other states that oppose to their ideology…better said…throw the free loading bums out of office …vote others who are more in tune with the rest of the country…career politicians do not need to be in office

    • M, she needs to go to her dentist and have rose FALSE TEETH made to fit right. It disgusted me when she was sitting behind President Trump on the state of the union address. Her constant tongue movements and chewing her lips was putrid! She has NO CLASS!

  15. When will the dems learn
    1. You can’t impeach Trump because you don’t like him
    2. We don’t live in a d3mocracy, we live in a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC?

  16. Adam Schiff and Maxine Waters will fight against Pelosi. Don’t forget three freshmen stooges that shouldn’t have been elected in the first place. Pelosi resisting them may not last long.

    I’ll say … to bring Mueller report to the Supreme Court that would admonish Trump haters to end the harassment immediately with a stern warning that they may be bordering the treasonous ground.

    Keep the justice filled with righteousness and sanity. Liberals are indeed crazy.

    • Here’s the deal try to oust a president is a treason ing offense. impose a subpoena for every democrats that frighten for impeachment then when they don’t find any impeaching offensives then put them on trail for treason. You at the constitution and what it says about treason. That what democrats been doing every since he became president.

    • There’s 2 sets of rules in the government… the guilty, clinton, her hubby pervert,obamantion, comey and the others go free and the innocent are harassed, persecuted and not being treated fair. Dems hope you WISE UP before it’s to late!

    • Nancy Pelosi just looks petty and stupid. She always seemed sweet in the past, but since her coronation as Speaker, she has shown her true colors and they are not pretty. I hope she is going to ride away on her broom very soon. Good riddance!

      • The demogogs and news media are trators. They tried to over throw our
        country with a coup like in a 3 world country. What the hell is happening with this great nation. The commie lib’s are crazy dumb ass’s need to be ln getmo for life or shot at dawn. Wake up people before it is to late SEMPER FI USMC ( It means Always Faithful)

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