Nancy Pelosi looked on in horror at the results of this impeachment poll

Nancy Pelosi committed the Democrats to this impeachment fight.

There is no turning back now.

And the Democrats’ worst fears were realized when Nancy Pelosi looked on in horror at the results of this impeachment poll.

Everyone in Washington, D.C. is trying to figure out how impeachment will play politically.

The Fake News Media is trying to convince Democrats that impeachment is a political winner.

But that flies in the face of the actual data.

The National Republican Congressional Campaign Committee conducted an internal poll and found that impeachment is a stone cold loser for Democrats in battleground districts.

The NRCC polling memo finds:

In NRCC target seats, voters oppose impeachment: 44% support – 47% oppose. In Republican-held battleground seats voters oppose impeachment: 46%-49%.

Fifty-one percent of independent voters in NRCC target seats oppose impeaching the President. Democrats are only consolidating their own base (80% of Democrats across the survey support impeachment) while alienating independents.

Forty-six percent of voters in NRCC target seats are less likely to vote for a candidate for congress who supports impeachment.

Fifty-one percent of voters age 45-64 in Republican-held battleground seats and 56% of voters age 65+ in NRCC target seats are less likely to vote for a candidate for Congress who supports impeachment.

The simple truth is the Democrats have wanted to impeach the President from day one.

On inauguration day, The Washington Post ran a story describing how the fight to impeach Donald Trump began that day.

The Left was an impeachment crusade from the start, and they never cared about either the facts of the case or the political impact.

But they may be about to pay a major price for their impeachment obsession.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Go to hell Redman !!! You are a idiot ! Go bother some of your retarded buddy’s on your side . They have nothing on Trump they have been saying this for over 3 years where is the evidence??? There is not any because he hasnt done anything wrong. He has exposed all the crooks on the democratic side and it is eating them up. He has got in there pockets and that is what has hurt them . Barr is fixing to start busting some ass don’t worry old Redman it is coming !

  2. Eric, you are wasting your time with Redman. He has no job, has no sense, and has no facts. He will deny it even when Trump is vindicated and they arrest much of the dep state. You can cover up corruption for only so long. And if Trump was guilty, he would be gone a long time ago with every resource, media, deep state, left, etc. working against him.

  3. Red man you need to clean up your act and language. If you want to act like LeBron James you are doing a good job! Racist is you! Because no red man or black man every done anything for people like you! It was white men who fought the civil war that change this country. Not a black man even fought for his freedom. Not even today! Except those who love America and serve in the military. So this make you a sore LOSER like little man Spike Lee! Black people didn’t do anything to help themselves just complain about it! Now you got the Democrats party getting ready to throw black under the bus for ILLEGAL. Thank to Candace Owens and other who decided to fight for their Freedom and liberty to reach the goal they set for their life. NOT THE PLANTATION of SLAVERY run by Democrats control.

  4. Trump not going to prison! There is nothing on him! But all your Democrats are going in front of a firing squad. Why don’t you join them? Here your sign!

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