Nancy Pelosi lost everything on impeachment. What she did next will leave you speechless

Democrats pursued impeachment because Nancy Pelosi allowed it.

Pelosi put everything on the line with this decision.

And now Nancy Pelosi lost everything on impeachment. What she did next will leave you speechless.

Impeachment finally ended in the Democrats complete defeat and humiliation.

Despite Mitt Romney’s cowardly act of betrayal, the Senate exonerated the President with clear majorities voting to acquit the President on the Democrats sham articles of impeachment.

Faced with a humiliating defeat that she led the Democrats into, Pelosi lashed out.

Instead of taking responsibility for her disastrous decision Pelosi claimed President Trump wasn’t actually acquitted.

Pelosi wrote:

Our Founders put safeguards in the Constitution to protect against a rogue president. They never imagined that they would at the same time have a rogue leader in the Senate who would cowardly abandon his duty to uphold the Constitution.

President Trump was impeached with the support of a majority of the American people – a first in our nation’s history. And now he is the first President in history to face a bipartisan vote to convict him in the Senate.

The President will boast that he has been acquitted. There can be no acquittal without a trial, and no trial without witnesses, documents and evidence.

Because of the Republican Senate’s betrayal of the Constitution, the President remains an ongoing threat to American democracy, with his insistence that he is above the law and that he can corrupt the elections if he wants to.

Pelosi was lying.

There were in fact documents and witnesses.

The House Impeachment Managers assembled an evidentiary record based on 17 witness interviews and the documents they turned over.

But it just so happened that Republicans evaluated the facts and came to the conclusion that the Democrats’ case was a joke.

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  1. A idiot of the first order, she brought it all upon herself, but will not take responsiblety for anything. Needs to blame everyone but herself. Another witch hunt looming.

  2. Trader mitt romney, the Democratic party is laughing at him for being SUCKERED , fooled by choice. Rejected by Utah Republicans remove this jackass from his office. A lier,a fraud, a immoral Mormon. Should be removed from the morons too. A Leppard can’t change its spots, and now you’ve been brandied.

  3. Nancy Puke-a-losi is guilty of the same abuse of power that she accused Trump of. She conducted impeachment with no evidence, no witnesses and a phantom whistleblower but demanded a Senate trial WITH witnesses. She wanted out-in-the-open Senate trial but did her scheming behind closed doors in the basement of the Capitol Building!
    How much more hypocritical can she get??!

  4. Ronsch, did you follow the sham impeachment? No republican witnesses, no questions allowed by republicans, no counsel for Trump. Only the democRATs got to call witnesses And interview them. A sham impeachment and kangaroo court. It deserved to lose.

  5. Pelosi: Before this is all over you will be sniffing President Trump’s rear end. What do you do after he wins the 2020 election. You don’t deserve to be in the same room as TRUMP//

  6. Nancy Pelosi is a joke and should be removed from office when President job was first elected by the people Pelosi did everything she could do to stop his state of the I union the whole democrat party have gone out of there way to impeach President Trump even before he started working for the people of the state the democrats need to remember who put them in office and they need to be reminded who they work for so I think in 20/20 it’s time to drain the democrat swamp. The democrats think the can abuse power and get away with it they are so wrong I hope they remove from office this year.

  7. Madame Pelosi , your complaints are having no witnesses fall flat ! Why did you hang on to your case for nearly a month , if it was incomplete ? According to your gang ,’ You had more than enough evidence ‘ ( your words) Y whole operation was flawed from the onset , obviously your ‘Rush’ to get it done was ‘ your mistake ‘ and no one else’s ! Your recollection of this whole debacle is seriously flawed, and you just don’t see it! We see it , and your wailing and complaining is a joke ! If I were you , I would go over the whole thing , and pay attention to your own responsibilities in all this .

  8. I think pelosi has made herself look like an idiot. She is to old to do a good job. She has been in Washington way too long. Go home. The country does not need you at all. You are not important I bet I could do your job and so could hundreds more. Go home.

  9. The trial in the Senate was jury nullification. There was no exoneration because the Senate, in contrast to Nixon’s and Clinton’s trials, allowed no witnesses. McConnell and many Republican Senators spoke in advance of the trial how they would vote. Trump paid many of them thousands of dollars. The trial in the Senate was a joke, and everyone, except may readers of this article, know that.

  10. Crazy Nancy, took $1.7 million of social security money to pay for the sham impeachment fiasco. Now, people, that’s our retirement money. fact check it.

  11. Nancy is a washed up hag and if she is not removed she will continue to put down the President. she has not led the Dems in the right direction so what good is she doing? I believe Pelosi, Nadler and Schiff should be held accountable for trying to overthrow the President!

  12. All the demon Democrats need to pay back the money they wasted on the shameful impeachment of our commander in chief Donald j Trump. Nancy pelosi u old shrew u need to resign from my country and move to Russia. Mr Putin will love to have you in his collusion in a Siberian salt mine. Or in one of Stalin’s old death camps. Take all the LGBT’S and all the Democrats with you.

  13. PIGLOSI you dried up old drunk Hag, YOU LOST!! It blew up on your stupid face. We the people are tired of you whiney LOSERS. That’s why we voted Trump, and will do so again. TRUMP 2020!!! IN YOUR FACE BIAATCH!!!

  14. Nancy Pelosi is such a loser. She can’t handle her State that elected her. Plus, she can’t handle being SOTUS. Pelosi has so much hate and evil in her; there is no way she can change in her old age. Impeach her, along with Schiff and all the rest of the satanic democrats. They are ruining our country!

  15. when are they going to impeach Pelosi? she is a disgrace to our government. we are tired of her harassment of the President and her hatred is causing disruption in the government and the people of this country. It is time for her to go!!!!!

  16. Yes, Pelosi has definitely LOST HER MIND!!!!!! She should lose all of her rights as an American citizen considering how she has behaved and starting this entire “WITCH HUNT”!!! She reminds me of a cult where she has devoted followers like Schiff and all the rest who followed her down the rabbit hole! Nancy, you are definitely an evil and vicious woman who needs to be removed immediately.

  17. Alcoholic Nancy’s calling our president sedated is the pot calling the kettle black. She can’t speak without slurring, sit without contorting her face and mouth. She is a total disaster as speaker because in reality she is a speaker in name only and relegated to a back seat by those who are really in charge and definitely the worst speaker ever because she is nothing more than a puppet and cannot get out from under. She leaves no choice but to be fired or to resign. To say she was raised in a catholic home and thus bears no hatred is an utter and complete lie. She displayed nothing but hatred against our duly-elected president and it backfired big time. She was actually raised in a mafia home where her father was a member who was denied running for governor of Maryland due to his corruption. Apple didn’t fall far from the tree just as history repeated itself with her own corrupt son.

  18. Her daughter, Christine, gave an interview where she said her Mother ripping up the pages was “an Italian Thing” – for myself, and many other patriotic children of Italian Immigrants – I resent that! My Family would not speak Italian in front of the kids as they wanted them to speak English. My Grandfather put the flag on the pole early every morning and took it down at night. This was a true patriot and not how many of us were raised.

  19. When Pelosi is thrown out, who will replace her. Schumer, Schiff, Fienstien, I hope not. The democrats have no one stupid enough to replace Pelosi, They are all to dimwitted to hold any positions, so we might be stuck with Pelosi until she resignes or the worms devour her. The democrats have no one fit to fill that office.

  20. Yes, I think she should resign to save fer face.
    Or, Can White House do anything to put her i jail for good.
    She act like our enemy. or she is working for our enemies… China maybe…

  21. I have suspected Romney “threw” his opportunity for the office of the presidency during the campaign against Obama. Remember the first debate between the two candidates? Romney was outstanding and seemed to easily win. Obama looked nervous and unhappy.
    Next, came the second debate and it was a reversal of the candidate’s performances. I was stunned and felt Romney had just lost the election. I have continued to wonder about it because there seems to me there wasn’t a reasonable explanation. At the time I did not pay attention to politics like I do now so I don’t know if it was ever a topic of conversation.

  22. A person with minimal understanding of legal proceedings could see through the Schiff, Sham show with his three-ring circus full of clowns. These people are criminals and have corrupted the entire legal system as well as all investigative elements in the FBI, DOJ and a number of other alphabet agencies. Obama cronies and holdovers from his corrupt administration! Let the true DOJ investigate, indict and convict these traitors!!

  23. Having watched both the House and Senate proceedings, with an understanding of the Impeachment process REQUIRED by the Constitution, it was a no-brainer vote regardless of whether you’re a Republican or Democrat. Once it becomes clear that a Senate trial required a bipartisan vote in the House, which did not happen, it showed the Globalist-Democrats true colors. The Democratic party has been aggressively anti-American for the past decade. Passing legislation that would’ve never seen the light of day, even back in the 1990’s, much less now. We have junior senator’s pandering for creating a voting base out of illegal immigrants and actually demanding ACTUAL American citizens tax dollars to fund it!! AOC seeks to disenfranchise the generations of Americans that fought for, built and invested in this Nation , replacing them with border-jumping felons that won’t mind laying down our national sovereignty since they have no intention of even learning our language. Face it folks, for years they’ve been telling us, in their campaign ads and speeches. They have told us in no uncertain terms that we are the Bad Guys, we’re the ones who stole this land from the first Nations people, we made slaves build every-damn-thing (apparently) all while we got rich, fat and happy!! According to the Democrats WE are the poison, and not just here either, EVERYWHERE. So that’s why we, the USA, need to just lay down, become citizens of the world, no more flags, no more borders, no more guns(wink,wink). Get it? Do you see the trend lines now? Either we unite and stop this “trend” in it’s tracks(and we have the majority of the population TO DO IT) or we go down hard. It’s obvious folks, they’re not playing nice with us either. Just watch 4 hours of TV, ur choice of channel, watch the commercials, look who they’re solely focused on”empowering”. It might have actually worked, honestly, but they can’t manage to do it without spitting in your face with a smile on theirs. Lucky for us huh? That’s how you know its for real, this isn’t going away. Well, neither are WE.?

  24. She is no Christian! Her contempt for the president has consumed her. She is vindictive and cruel. She is trying to hold on to power. She needs to GO!

  25. The majority of the American people supported the impeachment! I dont think so. The American people had no say in it. The Democrats all by themselves had the impeachment which it itself was without a fair trial. She is the one who needs to be impeached.

  26. No he should not be impeached, but pelosi should be , she has lied for just one thing she has done , President trump should remain president another four years, democrats are running scared, that is what all this is about .i see. Bloomberg has gotten Obama to campaign with him, he thinks that will get him the black votes, we can’t let that happen

  27. Poor airheaded Nan. She can’t seem to come to grips with the new reality that what issues from the mouths of the left will no longer be accepted as fact. Even though their ever present media cover will continue in their attempt to validate the Dems incessant B.S., the failed coup det tat “impeachment” has become the altar on which Nancy Pelosi chose to sacrifice the remainder of her political capital AND last shred of credibility. She has “jumped the shark”, and NOTHING she has to say heretofore can be believed.

  28. There were 18 teen testimonies, what happened to the one who put Pelosi and Shiff to the wall, that was not played ? The proceeding did not have that one in it at all. WHY ? Because it put them in a very bad spot and made them look like the communists that they are.The Dems did not wish to play that one, did they ? Because it hung them out to dry. Go back and you will see that there were 18 not 17.

  29. Polosi and her Demorat gangs hate Trump so much because our President has been draining the swamp ( their corruption and their special interest )
    They want power , power and more power for their corruption. They are Hilary Clinton’s clan . Cristal Clear.
    God bless America . God bless our President Trump.
    Not just 4 more years, but 8 more years for Trump !!!!!!!!!

  30. It seems that Pelosi never asked me if our president was guilty or not.
    President Trump was impeached with the support of a majority of the American people
    She never even asked me what I thought of it at all!

  31. It’s a small mind indeed that focuses on the spelling instead of the context of the thought. I bet you learned the core math too!DUUUHHH!!

  32. ALL the demoncraps and rhinos are communist race-baiting puppets of Obama and Soros is pulling all their strings. President Trump was elected to kick ass and chop heads! Nut up or shut up small minded demoncraps!

  33. I can’t believe the Democrats put up with her, she sure is helping to show how pathetic they are all, keep up the good work pislosi, you are really helping to bring down the worthless Democrat party.

  34. It’s too bad we can’t vote these comments up or down, AND comment on the comments!! I think that would make this much more interesting!!

  35. Pelosi is such a loathsome self serving creature, she doesn’t rate being counted as human. Greed and power has definitely warped her small mind!!

  36. The world of politics has psst Nancy by. She has no clue on how to deal with any problem as demonstrated by the impeachment fiasco. People talk about how much of a brilliant tactician she is. That may have been in the past; however, the way things have turned out recently, she definitely is no match for President Trump.

  37. In all fairness anyone who was recieving pens to accomplish thier hatred should be removed from office. They can then sign their resignation.

  38. I am looking forward to seeing Barr get into action and start putting some of the Demorates behind bars. Let’s start with Biden and son, then we can move to Pelosi and pencil neck. Let’s let their heads start rolling and clean this government up so we “The People” can run our country again.

  39. I thought that everyone that is holding office in the House and the Senate had to take an oath to uphold the Constitution! I think Nancy should be held accountable for her actions. She lied under oath and therefore is a candidate for prosecution.

  40. Here we have a mad bulldog on her period! If she still have them! Pelosi is guilty as the fox! Trying hard to put the blame on Trump! Because he NOT A CAREER POLITICAN! IT took AMERICA voter to bring out the corruption in the HOUSE and Senate! Trump lead the way! We know more about what going on with them. And all the stealing of Taxpayers money! So they got to cover up their crime!

  41. Julio, get over it. Trump was found Not Guilty because of a lack of evidence that met the standard for impeachment (high crimes and misdemeanors) as called for by the constitution. The House has two frivolous charges with next to zero credible evidence for either, and NEITHER charge EVEN IF PROVED, met the standard for impeachment. the Dems from day ONE knew their impeachment idea was a total waste of time, and the only reason they went through it was to smear the reputation of the President. Total backfire.

  42. Despite my nick naming Nancy Pelosi, “Ninety-Proof Nancy”,I view her POSITION as Speaker of the House VERY SERIOUSLY.As Speaker, Pelosi wielded immense Influence and Power, both of which she ABUSED egregiously to further the LIBERALS’ agenda. The Democrats’shameful manipulation of the utterly corrupt and COMPLETELY UNRELIABLE Mainstream Media which has served only to further Democrat Party interests and Lies has risen like the Mad Dogs The Democrats so strongly resemble to BITE them, to the COMPLETE RUINATION of ANY hope of their EVER being regarded as Honest And Reliable. THE DEMOCRATS’ DAY-ONE, ENDLESS, FRUITLESS ATTEMPT TO DERAIL OUR GOVERNMENT, their Lies, CORRUPTION and virulent DAY ONE harassment of my President is something I shall NEVER FORGET…NOR FORGIVE.

  43. The ghoulish hatred directed at President Trump is creepy,vile and evil. Demonic. Such hatred is like a person drinking poison and expecting his enemy to die from it.

  44. Pelosi once told a Fox news reporter that she did not hate the President, tearing up the SOTU was an expression of seething hatred proving she is a liar.

  45. President Trump had the articles read, a trial was conducted, a verdict was rendered. Not guilty. End of story. Time for the American people to vote the Domocrats out of office. Vote Republican.

  46. Nancy Pelosi has gotten away with her shenanigans over the years and it has finally caught up with her. She has played “Queen” with her own 757 taking her back and forth to California…stocked with everything for a party on our dollars. It has had to be the FAT Democrat donors that have been working her strings over the years and namely since Trump was elected. I don’t know who these types are…but there’s no way Pelosi would have started what she did without someone directing her. So, there are two or more Iron Hands involved. Pelosi’s tight rein over the House and the tight rein of the big money over her. The difference has been Trump. All previous presidents have played nice and let her get away with her playing “Queen.” It is Trump who has changed all that and she doesn’t know how to handle it. This combined with his calling her out has resulted in her irrational behavior. Trump has “played her like a fiddle.” Say what you want about Trump…but IMHO, he’s a master of psychology and marketing. He has a brilliant mind that can think “outside the box.” Trump started on her as far back as last March…I have been closely analyzing their interactions…when he started putting her in her place. The same goes for Schumer. Never has anyone stood up to the two of them as Trump has and it has brought out the worst in them. I also have to believe that her age could be becoming a factor. She’s got a lot of miles.

  47. Sorry Pelosi, We’re not buying that lie. A majority of Americans can’t want Trump impeached, and at the same time he has higher approval ratings than Obama had at the same time in his first term. If you want to lie to us you’re going to have to do better than that. We’re not stupid.

  48. Nancy Pelosi just disgraced herself before the American viewing audience across America watching PRESIDENT TRUMPS SOTU speech! She is utterly disconnected from the great accomplishments of our economy and his 1st tenure as POTUS! I have no doubt that Trump will serve another 4 year term come November 2020. The Democrats have screwed themselves with their “Sham” impeachment Hoax and their disgraceful leadership. they “GET WHATEVER THEY DESERVE” for they own stupidity!

  49. Pelosi tore up President Trumps State of the Union archive copy after he delivered it before congress. Today Pelosi stated that she tore up the constitution and she felt LIBERATED. Tearing up the Constitution has been going on for years with these “democ-rats” 2nd amendment for one and Pelosi should be liberated from congress instead.

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