Nancy Pelosi made a demand that will drive Donald Trump insane

Nancy Pelosi escalated her feud with President Donald Trump.

And no one believed that the Speaker of the House would draw this line in the sand.

But Nancy Pelosi demanded Donald Trump do one thing that will make his blood boil.

Donald Trump and other Republicans roundly condemned Michigan Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib for claiming the idea of Palestinian sacrifice after the Holocaust gave her a “calming feeling.”

“There’s always kind of a calming feeling I tell folks when I think of the Holocaust, and the tragedy of the Holocaust, and the fact that it was my ancestors, Palestinians — who lost their land, and some lost their lives their livelihood, their human dignity, their existence in many ways — have been wiped out, and some people’s passports. And just all of it was in the name of trying to create a safe haven for Jews, post-the Holocaust, post-the tragedy and the horrific persecution of Jews across the world at that time. I love the fact that it was my ancestors that provided that, right? In many ways. But they did it in a way that took their human dignity away and it was forced on them,” Tlaib told Yahoo News’s “Skullduggery” podcast.

Trump responded by not only calling out Tlaib, but the Fake News Media as well.

That prompted Pelosi to issue a statement.

But the Speaker did not call on Tlaib to apologize for her lies and anti-Semitic revisionist history.

Instead she claimed it was Trump and other Republicans that owed Tlaib an apology.

Do you think Donald Trump owes Rashida Tlaib an apology?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.


  1. Cathy, the left not only wants to kill the unborn babies in the womb but also, babies that are no longer in the womb. The abortion butchers some times mess up and the baby is delivered, mimed, but not dead. Or when after a baby is born, it’s discovered that the child has some kind of physical deformity or disease, the parents decide that they don’t want a less than perfect baby, and decide t have it killed. The EXTREME LEFT want to do things like what was done in Concentration camps in Nazi Germany. They are TOTALY SICKO!

  2. Makes one cringe to hear the Palestinian refer to America as
    ‘our country’. Same with Omar. Best left out, rather than bring on disguest to mind.

  3. OAC also needs to go! Maybe they can stage more crying for another cause! How is that people go in public service and become millionaires? How is it that Biden his first two years out of the White House made $16.4 million. How is it Hussein Obama became President almost broke and came out of the White House with multi million dollar homes (multiple homes)? It was not by making choices in America’s best interest!!

  4. GOD IS WITH US!! I do not have any reservations in displaying my religious beliefs. I say GOD BLESS YOU TO EVERYONE! If your in our AMERICA YOU SUPPORT OUR CUSTOMS, RELIGION, LAWS AND OUR WAY OF LIFE PERIOD!! So keep the faith and PRAY WITH THE REST OF AMERICA!

  5. Trump deports criminals. Yes anyone coming into the USA ILLEGALLY IS A CRIMINAL!! You must have relatives coming!

  6. Thank you! America is great again because President Trump is fighting the racism of the Democratic Party. History lesson for you. The Democratic Party established the KKK in order to control BLACK PEOPLE SPECIFICALLY!!! The Democratic Party established planned parenthood to control the BLACK POPULATION SPECIFICALLY!! Look in the mirror and you will see the racist!

  7. Trump was elected because the citizens were SICK of the establishment politicians….Democrat AND Republican!!!!!!! But the Republicans are NOT the ones wanting to kill the unborn in the womb!!! THAT is EVIL!!!!

  8. Josh, you need to vote the exception more, the GOP was horrible, and under Trump they are evil.

  9. (First you are talking about President Trump, no Trump” He is not body-body with you) If after all these years you don’t see the difference between Obama’s disaster and a flourishing country, you are infected with democrats lies. Pack your bags, take Obama and democrats with you and and go far away. Have a good life.

  10. Trump has been insane for many years, his egomania, greed, need for adulation, his constant lying, bragging and thievery, lust and vengeance are all elements of a very
    sick person. Congratulations all you racists for supporting the mobster.

  11. You got it! The fourth reich and their brown(black)shirts are among us, trying to set up their fascist regime.

  12. Rashida is a woman who doesn’t care about America. She said she supports ISIS and Al Kaida, sse hates jews, aprove Holocaust and president Trump. (She never said WHY she hate President Trump. To me she looks like a person who has nothing to do with The Congres. She needs to go the hell out of our country and get lost among she suport and loves.Out Satan. Go to hell and stay there forever!

  13. Another dumb democrat talking and not knowing what the hell she is saying. First the Palestinians did not give anything to the Jews. They were along with Hitler,trying to eradicate the Jews,and still are,just no Hitler anymore!

  14. Douglas, you apparently would not know humor if it bit you in the ass!! I added “President Trump should be impeached.” after each line and printer it out and gave it to my anti-Trump friends. Even though it was insulting to liberal pukes they still laughed.

  15. David you are as dumb as a box of rocks…….facts do not matter to you. MAGA, Trump 2020 Why dont you go to cuba I here they have great weather.

  16. Amen….the Donald is the only way to save our democracy from the dumbocrats. They are pissed because the cannot control him. MAGA, no abortions, No non citizens in govenrment , build the wall, and kma

  17. Nit Wit Nan is a bitter, senile old lady and belongs in a mental hospital, not in the US Congress. GOD Save Us and the Republic from the Damn-rat vendetta.

  18. Ginger, I heard from the your hospital, you have been declared insane from being brainwashed by Trump.

  19. Joe the douche bag
    Priests and protestants did not directly participate in the fial solution, but the Palestinians sure as hell did. WTF did you bring religion into it as I could shred you on that cute little angle. I bet you don’t get out in public very often as in five minutes somebody’s kicking your ass all over the place. Every time you open your mouth you turn stupid loose. What a total loser.

  20. What are you talking about Bob? You are in the party of Nazis. Remember Charlottesville, all those groups totally support Trump, the neo-Nazis, David Duke, KKK, Aryan Nations, Alt Right. You can try to turn the tables on the truth but you are another nut case, probably a gun nut, certainly a racist who Hitler would have loved serving for him.

  21. Are there enough us praying is the question? There are so many americans who have strayed so far from God, I am not sure there are. Abortions up to the time of delivery in several states which is just plain murder, singling Christians out as evil but muslims are ok and we must make adjustments for their religion while we are Easter worshipers.I pray he does hear us and have mercy on this land, I am just not sure he will heal us.

  22. With your name you should make Trump disappear because if there is an anti-Christ it is him.

  23. Actually the ruling the Justices made in Roe v Wade, left it wide open to be revisited. and it won’t be overturned, it will collapse according to the ruling. It reads “if personhood is established, then Roe’s case would collapse and the fetus would be protected under the 14th amendment”.

  24. The quran was not written by mohammad, the pedophile was an ignorant illiterate who could not read or write, that book of death was written after his death, which was caused by his wife feeding him poison.

  25. You are right, they do not re-hear cases. But, in this case they should, because they really got this one WRONG!

  26. Pelosi is nothing more then an As* Kisser to these dispicable Muslims. Your being too kind by saying that she’s loosing her mind. She’s becoming a big a traitor as Tlaib,Cortez and Omar. That Senility is setting in I have no doubt. She is loosing the respect of the people and hopefully she will also loose the house in 2020.

  27. The Quran was written by the Devil inspired Muhammad who was gulled and deceived by him to publish it.

  28. How dumb is this article? Trump is not losing any sleep or hair over this rudeness of the Speaker. It is the American people who understand that we have people in Congress and the Speaker of the House who are anti-America and we will vote TRUMP 20/20 to get these heathens and enemies out of our Country. You better believe the day is coming and they will see justice rendered to all of our Swamp Creatures. God’s promises are Yea and AMEN! He promised to hear us and heal our LAND… 2 Chronicles 7:14; Keep Praying and do not STOP!!! I. Thessalonians 5:17; While The Creator and Saviour expose the stink… SaintLuke 8:17


  30. It’s funny that The Children of Israel are mentioned many times in the Quran. Haven’t seen a word about the Palestinians. It even mentions the Exodus of the Children of Israel going back to their homeland. Now if you consider the possibility that the
    Bill term Palestinian could be a translation of Philistine then you have a different narrative.

  31. There should be term limits and age limits on the Senators and Representatives. No one needs to be in the Senate or Congress for more than 10 years. The old ones have lost touch with reality and the true needs/feelings of those they are supposed to represent. It was to be a service to the country to be in the Senate or Congress, not a way to ge richer and stay for life. Pelosi and several other old Democrats need to retire immediately and take the Muslim ladies with them.

  32. Seems like the congresswoman sympathized with holocaust survivors and decried the event. She doesn’t like what happened to the Palestinians and Palestine, all as a result of Israeli actions with USA support and in general defiance of UN resolutions. Both the USA and Israel should be roundly condemned for their actions vis a vis Palestine. The congresswoman stopped short of that condemnation.

  33. Nancy Pelosi is getting old and losing her mind, she doesn’t know what is she doing and this is dangerous to America.

  34. I am with you, why would any woman want to be a slave. That is how the moslems think of women.

  35. Actually, it was the US Supreme Court which decided it is a right, as per Rowe v. Wade, and they don’t rehear cases.

  36. I guess she is trying to say the Palestinians’s love Israel as they shoot more missiles at Israel.

  37. Batty Poop:
    I’ve heard that your friend Nitwit Pelosky along with Burnedup Slanders are saying that abortion is a constitutional right. Too bad that your mother didn’t exercise her “constitutional right” to abort you.

  38. The men own the women. Our Hollywood elitist women seem to think that is a good idea. Just think, if you owned Alyssa Millano, Ashley Judd or whatever woman you could afford to buy, you could order IT to strip and perform anything that pleases you!! IT was not a typo. Under Islam women are not women, they are things.

  39. For more great humor watch your favorite liberal news station, they report stories just as unbelievable and hilarious on a daily basis. You know the ones. CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC and of course most if not all of your local stations.
    Biden wants to grope the goose then give it to China. Obama wants to give it to Iran. Pelosi wants to cook it and serve it in her restaurant. Hillary Clinton wants to give it to the Russians for a significant donation to her foundation. Bill Clinton wants to have a cigar with it.

  40. There is only one problem with what you said. The ones we call Palestinians were never Palestinians. They were nomads that the Nazis herded there. But, as you said, had they stayed they would have been included in the government, even though they did not deserve that kind of consideration.

    As for election meddling, don’t forget that Obama openly gave $140,000 of our tax dollars to Netanyahu’s opposition in Israel. We have been meddling and Russia has been meddling in each others elections since before Reagan.

  41. The Real Joe the “Plunger”, No need for me to add “insult to your injuries”, all these good intelligent patriotic people have you pegged through and through! I would just add I hope you have proof of all your accusations in case you get sued in a court of law by DJT You are such a loser!

  42. We do not own any muslim an apology. Period. Islam is our enemy and very dangerous to our freedom

  43. They are also ruining the rest of the country, not just the cities. But that is what they want. They are sick and deranged.

  44. Joe, NOTHING you say about Trump is ever true. YOU are the liar. You lie every time you come on here, yet you seem to be concerned that Pres. Trump is lying. Since you have no morals, lying means nothing to you. Hillary lies every time she opens her mouth, but that is fine with you. Take your sick hate somewhere else.

  45. How her constituents ever voted her in is beyond me. The American people are becoming like sheep to the slaughter – just like in the 30’s and 40’s when Hitler went on his rampage! Most of our problems right now were set up by our former President Obama – everything he wrote in his books is coming to pass and the American people are too blind to want to believe it! God helps those who try to help themselves!

  46. Nancy Pelosi should take a flying leap off the Golden Gate Bridge and put herself out of our misery

  47. The goal of islam is to replace our Constitutoin with sharia law and the dems are right in there with them. ALL are traitors

  48. Joe…Trump is far from insane, but by your postings I would bet that you are. And at least try and post FACTS instead of lies. Trump WAS NOT a draft dodger. FACT!!!! You are the coward. You are afraid of the truth. sad

  49. why do we have to put up with the muslims in our government the y are traitors deport them and pelosi

  50. I don’t believe Donald Trump loses any sleep over that stupid old hag, he has important things to do, like making America great again. That means undoing what liberals have so totally screwed up.


  52. He does not owe her or Pelosi or any of her Islam pals who have no right to be a part of our congress or senate or any governing part of our country They all owe him a Huge I’m SORRY and then they all need to be IMPEACHED

  53. Joe, stick to something you know like sucking out septic tanks. Next time use the truck and not your soda straw. Guess that is why a self made troll is so full of himself.

  54. I doubt the Donald gets anything more than irritated with her senseless babble. I don’t think she gets under his skin anymore than a bad dog fart. Well, make that a donkey fart. A lot of us pray that she keeps harping on impeachment as between that and the three disgusting little pigs, it is just burning the Democratic party to the ground. Keep on going girls!!! The only apology she is going to get from Trump is he’s sorry her accommodations lined up two years in advance for Leavenworth weren’t as crappy as he’d hoped.

  55. The desperation of nancy is really showing.
    She knows at least 79% of Americans are just fed up.
    She should research history a little bit more.
    PRESIDENT TRUMP IS CORRECT….he’s been right
    all along, about the democrats.
    democrats, lie, cheat, raise taxes, ruin cities,

  56. Trump is already insane, has been for many years including when he hit a teacher that made his father send him to military school. It didn’t work as he is a cowardly draft dodger, a malignant narcissist, a constant insult of people because of their handicap, race, ethnic background and religion. He is an unrepentant liar, thief and money launderer

  57. Way to go B.J. Betty. Eventually if left in office one of these two racist, bigoted, antisemitic, U.S. hating slimeballs will be sitting in on affairs of state, intelligence, ways and means, defense spending, military intelligence, high tech equipment and yes, nuclear armament and protocol. Their effect on the Congress if the U.S. has been nothing short of a disaster and they continue to spew their hatred of whites and the nation. Of course an empty air headed foolish vulgar such as yourself would be ecstatic to the point of pissin your panties. Girl, you’re a total waste.

  58. Trump is already insane, has been for many years including when he hit a teacher that made his father send him to military school. It didn’t work as he is a cowardly draft dodger, a malignant narcissist, a constant insult of people because of their handicap, race, ethnic background and religion. He is an unrepentant liar, thief and money launderer

  59. Philip
    Jan Ssnd is right. Prior to WW2 Hitler’s no. 1 man for training SS commandos was in the middle east, particularly Egypt and surrounding countries. The Caliph of Egypt who was a British puppet invited this colonel to train his shock troops. I can no longer remember the colonel’s name. With this connection one of the designers of the Nazi “Final Solution” was invited to Egypt and helped construct a mobile death lab the Caliph used to silence “dissidents and undesirables”. After the fall of Germany the colonel shows up in the middle east again, training middle east governments in the tactics of SS commandos and SS interrogation and policing. Give you three guesses who was one of the first ones banging on the colonel’s door and if you said the Palestinians you cheated.

  60. Just LIKE hillary, actually, I am starting to believe that ALL of these CREATURES have PROBLEMS with ALCOHOL, PRESCRIPTION MEDS and also even ILLEGAL DRUGS….THEY are getting ILLEGAL DRUGS, not just money, from MEXICAN DRUG CARTELS to KEEP the Southern border OPEN for their DRUG SHIPMENTS, HUMAN TRAFFICKING, GUN TRAFFICKING etc….!!!!

  61. Talib, and Omar did not come to this country because they wanted to be here, and follow our constitution. They both are refugees, and have no place in our government period! But this is the change that the democrats want, and before long the whole Democrated party will be nothing but Muslims that hate this country!

  62. MS Polouse has her head so far up her butt that her head is full of shyt, to think that any sane person would believe what that idiot said was in any way factual cant be thinking with an uncluttered mind.

  63. Kick her old ass out she is the face of hatred and despicable human being. She hates the American people and for who they supported in 2016 election

  64. Seems one an go back in history and make your claim on “custody” either way. Perhaps there needs to be some recognition if that And reach a compromise that could settle the issue and hopefully result in a peaceful condition for both. What makes that more difficult to achieve is the destructive convictions that are known to be in the Islamic religious beliefs.

  65. Pelosi is crazy for saying that President Trump and other Americans owe Tlaib an apology for what WE agree with what Pres. Trump said. Tlaib gets no apology for agregious, continued anti-Semitic statements. Pelosi taking and defending Tlaib, Omar and Cortez shows Pelosi’s true colors. She is anti-American and should be impeached from Congress and impeached as Speaker of the House. She has no legal or ethical scruples. Remove be her and Tlaib and others mentioned ASAP before they do more damage to the U. S.

  66. Kalinowski: Consider it war reparations as the “Palestinians” allied themselves with Nazi Grrmany and assisted in the murder of Jews in the middle east. If you want to quote history do so completely without cherry picking to prove a one sided view.

  67. President Donald Trump is the first President in many years who has made a positive change in this country. Nancy Pelosi should try to get some Congressional work done instead of hating on POTUS. She in no way should be speaker.

  68. The land taken from the sand monkeys was Israeli land stolen from Israel. It is only a very small portion that was theirs and I hope Israel takes back all of their stolen land.

  69. Pelosi is correct. The Jewish state was partially carved out of lands that were previously owned and occupied by non-Jewish owners. You cannot revise history to make this fact go away. While we should support Israel, that support should not be unconditional and preclude saying anything positive about the Palestinians. Trump is just jumping on this as a political election issue.

  70. The POS democrats/liberals owe conservatives/Republicans an apology for screwing up our country!

  71. If any of them were running in my district, I would. But I’ve been voting straight-ticket Republican for a number of years, with only 2 or three exceptions. I’m hot sure it’s had much effect on the nation as a whole.

  72. If any of them were running in my district, I would. But I’ve been voting straight-ticket Republican for a number of years, with only 2 or three exceptions. I’m hot sure it’s had much effect on the nation as a whole.

  73. Make “his blood boil” ? … possibly; “drive him insane” ? NO WAY… for you see, PEWLOSI is a minor irritation to THE PRESIDENT. He’d rather have her as Speaker, than to have to match wits with someone who is alert, smart, and capable of providing him with some sort of “challenge”… NANCE just doesn’t measure up anywhere near that … day by day, she is becoming a smaller potato … a rival? NAHHH … a court jester? maybe on a good day.

  74. pelosi brain is fried, the crap that comes from her is (BS), all those dumass democraps should be kicked out of congress ,moved to thw mexican border ,chained to the gaps in the border wall and get first hand ,look of the crap sneaking in this country! the ones that they releaes send them to all those dammed demondcrats ,home areas to live , they wont like it , pelosi,clintons and obama are all crooks ,put them in a regular prison ,not a golf club,or summer camp


  75. Dem’s do not care how far down they drag this country ! They are the ones that need to say they are sorry ! Vote every one of them OUT ! Investigate every one of them !

  76. Betty, He’s the only thing standing between you and a burqa, baby. Or maybe you already wear one. He is a little over the top sometimes in his vernacular, but Nancy has those muslims on committees with access to our top secrets. Wonder how they control her so well. I think she is afraid of them. Hope you like sharia law, because that is what America will see if the liberals win 2020.

  77. I am convinced Pelosi, like ex-CIA Brennan, are muslims. Brennan admits it. Nancy needs to. Who ever thought some bartender, along with two vile muslims, would be dictating to us – over 300,000,000 Americans what to do with our country, and our lives. While we were living our lives, trying to keep America great, they were plotting to invade our Congress? Now, with the help of pitiful Nancy and the other liberals, they are trying to give us to invaders. Obama’s hope and change started this.

  78. They are all scared..there is no backbone in government anymore except Trump….i wish we could give them all a trophy and send them home and let people who care about this Country govern it..


  80. Come 2020 Dems won’t have enough for a party…..

    Dems are the worst thing that ever happened to any country…..

  81. When you have Government official doing things against the American Peoples Security and going against our Nations Constitution you’ll find that person in the pocket of a Billionaire.

  82. Tlaib’s entire statement makes no sense. I could never figure out what she was saying and I read the thing many times. At the least she is making up false history by trying to make Palestinian’s look good at some point in history.
    I think she was trying to make some kind of politically correct statement regarding Jews in the holocaust despite her true feelings toward Jews, but she failed and it showed her true colors.

  83. Nasty Nancy is evil, un-American, feels she is a privileged elitist, deranged, alcoholic, takes Adrenochrome “thinking” it is a fountain of youth drug (WHAT?) and she has dementia from alcohol and many many meds. With any luck at all the world will be soon be blessed with her absence! She is unfixable!
    So N. N. here is a glass of vodka to chase you next dose of adrenochrome!

  84. The woman of the USA had better wake up as to how women are treated by Muslim men around the world. Name me one Muslim country you would like to move, just one.and that’s what they want to bring hear.

  85. When the state of Israel was formed, the new government offered citizenship and voting power to anyone in the new territory of Israel. If the Palestinians had stayed they would have had the majority voice in the new government. They did not want this. They wanted the Jews dead. They left, and were not welcomed by the neighboring countries. They chose to live in tents in the desert rather than work out their differences with the Jews. For years, Egypt was the country the Arab world pushed into military conflict with Israel. After losing many battles, Anwar Sadat decided to open the peace process with Israel. They killed him for trying. The holocaust threat is not over. The Palestinians want genocide. Rashida wants the same thing.
    In the case of Russia meddling in our election, nobody seems to remember that Secretary of state Hillary Clinton called into question the legitimacy of Putin’s election. Putin said on the international stage that he blamed Hillary for the riots in his country after his election. He swore he would get even for her election meddling. It did not matter who the Republican candidate was, they were going to get Russian support because they were going against Hillary. We did not need to spend millions of dollars to know there was no collusion. Putin was a man of his word. He interfered in our election because we interfered in his. Google it, if you don’t believe me.

  86. I agree, she is a danger to this great nation. The only reason she got elected in the first place, is the people wanted her out of california. Now we are stuck with her ignorance.

  87. Not only un-realistic and anti-semitic, but maybe somebody would present these new, anti-american, anti-anything but muslim air-heads with factual history books where they can read the unvarnished truth, which is that God Himself, gave the land “Palestine” to the Jewish/Hebrew People to hold FOREVER as their own land, and that the only reason Arabs today live in Palestine is that they were conquered by muslims, converted to Islam, and placced – via conquest – into that land. In other words, they try to fit the Jewish people into the role which they themselves embody: conquest.

  88. This is just an indication of how out of touch the Democrats have become. The first step in confronting evil is to call it by its name and look it in the eye unapologetically. Pelosi is so fearful of the radical minority within her party that she is unable to call evil for what it is and take a stand. The Democrats are enemies of the United States of America. They are either avowed enemies like the idiot bartender from the Bronx and the two muslim congresswomen or they are unwitting dupes. It is just that simple.
    The larger question is who and why were all of these radicals allowed into the USA in the first place. Both parties bear the blame.

  89. If the “mud”slums” get control, we will degenerate into the middle ages with their cultic practices in total charge! When stupid “mud”slum” women can’t see how they are being inhumanely used, they deserve to continue to you be stupidly used in inhumane ways! And to think the feminists(?) on this country are to stupid to see this inhumanity towards women will happen to them when “mud”slumism” overwhelms this culture!

  90. i never thought i would see the day that the democrats would plan the destruction of the greatest country that have ever existed or ever win exist

  91. No, Pelosi is not right. It is very plain to see that this Congresswoman is antisemitic. There is no denying this overt show of Jewish hatred, although they always try. I still have a hard time wrapping my head around how a woman who obviously supports certain anti Jew and anti American groups gets to attain such a high position in our government. Everyone should know that Palestinians are brought up to hate Jews and the US. It’s in their DNA and no matter how long she tries to hide it, the ideology always will seep through maybe not in a roar but it will seep through her rhetoric when she isn’t on her guard against it. She can’t help it.

  92. Sometimes our President gets a tad carried away when he’s attacked. Can’t really say I wouldn’t however Nancy in this case you have not controlled your youngsters and first graders not that you can. But your full of crap when you ask them to apologize. Did you forget this is America. They need to apologize and you say nothing. A take them off committees. Help keep their mouths shut. Duhjo

  93. The Luciferion Left has come close to ruining our great country. We will look like the middle ages if this continues. It will be another “Knightfall” event!

  94. Taliban, Omar and All those who support these two TERRORIST LOVERS should be stripped of all they have as members of any part of American Government then tossed into Iran stripped of their US Citizenship.

  95. pislose and that muslim idiot needs to be sent to palestine that these people clam but does not belong to them they moved in and have taken it But God will take care of the problem one day and that day is getting closer every day

  96. President Trump was out for a walk when he found an albino goose. He took the goose home, fed it, put a red hat on its head, and put it in a cage. The next morning he checked on it and noticed the goose had laid a golden egg. Here are the top ten responses to this story from liberal democrats:
    10) President Trump should be investigated for lying to the American people. He said it’s a goose and we’re pretty sure it’s a duck.
    9) President Trump should not be allowed to keep the goose without the approval of Congress.
    8) President Trump should be impeached because he conspired with Russia to hide the goose from the Democrats.
    7) President Trump is a racist because he only found a white goose.
    6) Donald Trump jr. should be investigated because we think he gave the goose water to drink.
    5) President Trump needs to show ten years of his tax returns so Democrats can investigate where he bought the feed that produced the golden egg.
    4) President Trump should be charged with obstruction of justice. Every time we ask him if it’s a duck, he says, “If it walks like a goose and quacks like a goose it probably has webbed feet”.
    3) President Trump is unAmerican because he put the goose in a cage.
    2) President Trump hates women because he wouldn’t let the goose abort the golden egg.
    1) President Trump is a Nazis because he put a red hat on the goose.

    For more great humor watch your favorite liberal news station, they report stories just as unbelievable and hilarious on a daily basis.

  97. Unfortunately, Most democrats feel the USA is is the terrorists and the terrorists are the freedom fighters of the world. Never mind that Israel and the USA have been subject to terrorist (muslim) attacks and Threats for the last 45 years I am aware of. Longer for Israel. We need to eliminate the threat that seems to have become ingrained into the now Democrat party. I hate to say it, but a Civil War seems to be the future of the USA.

  98. Nancy Pelosi the kolonoscopy face has the nerve to defend cesspool mouth terrorist lover Muslim . Send her to Israel so she can see what country those she hates have built. The envy of the moron Muslims!!!!!!

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