Nancy Pelosi made a massive mistake that could cost the Democrats everything

Democrats and Donald Trump are fighting for the high ground in the government shut down over Trump’s border wall.

But one side may be about to emerge as the clear victor.

That’s because Nancy Pelosi made a massive mistake that could cost the Democrats everything.

Donald Trump canceled his 156-day trip to Florida to stay in Washington to broker an agreement to end the standoff and secure funding for the border wall.

He showed the American people he was serious about negotiating.

Pelosi, on the other hand, was caught passing the time at a luxurious five star Hawaiian resort.

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

Democratic House leader Nancy Pelosi is spending the government shutdown at a luxury resort in Hawaii, the Washington Free Beacon has learned.

Pelosi, who has put blame squarely on President Donald Trump for the current government shutdown, was spotted Thursday vacationing in Hawaii at the Fairmont Orchid resort, where room accommodations range from $899-a-night for a standard room to $4,899-a-night for the presidential suite.

The resort, on Hawaii’s Big Island, features a golf course, six restaurants, and a 10,000-square-foot oceanfront pool. It also features a “Spa Without Walls,” where the 110-minute Ali’i Royal Experience is available for $369 and a 50-minute couples massage runs $549, according to the spa menu. While at the spa, guests can snack on a gluten-free grilled prawn summer roll for $19.

Trump canceled his Christmas trip to Florida and remained in the White House, saying on Christmas Eve that he was “waiting for the Democrats to come back and make a deal.” The president left the White House on Christmas to travel to Iraq and meet with American troops stationed overseas.

Pelosi’s stunt hurts the Democrats.

The American people do not like government shutdowns.

And if they see the Democrats acting as if this is a typical fake political fight instead of performing their core duties to secure the border, voters could turn on the Democrats.

Pelosi’s trip is a political gift that Republicans can use to hammer the Democrats in the coming days the shut down drags on.



  1. Pelosi and the DEMS are fools and they will see just how bad things can get for them. As for the 15 GOP Senators who voted with the DEMS they too will just see if they can take the heat for voting for themselves and not voting with their voters. I’m sure they will here from there voters and it will not be nice.

  2. I read that Pelosi’s family is worth $43,000,000. She’s stands there and states she’s for the working people. How do you amass that much money working for $150,000 a year.

    • The same way the Clinton’s got their money James, from ‘We the People’. I’m sure she got a cut from the theft of “our” uranium…

    • LARRY ZENOR I do agree with you folks, and they are the (Deplorable’s) but what I would like to touch on, we spend
      $137billion yearly on Illegal immigrants if the WALL can cut that even by 10% it is a mathematical win. So to my Senate
      Democrats lets support are President (DONALD J TRUMP) and leave are personal feelings at home, lets show the country
      in a bipartisan manner we are hear for the American people that put us hear, we have a National Security Crisis at are border we must all come together, ms13 gang members and so many others human trafficking drugs pouring into our country. so coming from ALASKA we will make AMERICA GREAT AGAIN to our great leader in the white house (we all love you and stand with you (MR PRESIDENT) LETS BUILD THE WALL 01/08/19

  3. Someone made comments today about the ease of getting over the proposed fence or wall. Bad news for them: good news for the US though. Extension ladders are available – made of Aluminum and stretch from 20′ to 40′ but must be leaned against a substantial structure. So when you have your LADDER up to the top and all of a sudden see the over hang with RAZOR WIRE – even though it might be a very difficult thing to pass – just how do you propose getting down from the top once you’ve gotten there? Other problems include the fact that those ladders cost well in excess of $400.00 AMERICAN. Then there is the problem of transporting them? And the worst thing is that such a ladder has a maximum weight tolerance of just 250#. That’s just about two healthy people – so with a caravan of hundreds if not thousands, how will that work out for people: most of who have likely not had any experience on any ladder over 12 foot in height. Hmmmmm. I guess they’re going to have to get something different with which to break over our border????

    • ahhh yes, and today the dumbasscrats take over the “house!” Can’t wait to see what kind of bullshit they come up with! ???????????? One would think that after TWO FULL YEARS of futile trying that they would give up, but good ole geo soreass and the little halfbreed faggot porch monkey won’t allow it. Sure glad that MR PRESIDENT has “veto power!” Sad tho that so many of the repooplicans turned into traitors! ????????????????????????

    • Love Thinker’s…I just burst with rotfl… I’m imagining Democrat’s Pelosi with her groupies “girls in white” holding a blanket to catch sex traffickers as they jump off the fence!

  4. Nancy is still stupid. Watch her mentality when she often tried her lies over the truth. ????

    Brat Obama is a retard. Yeah, a chronic liar.

  5. Pelosi is a ‘dis-graceful’ Hypocrite & Bigot.
    Maxine Waters in Bahamas.
    Where is ‘putz’ Schumer ?. (media PAID, to NOT
    Reveal his ‘activity’.) Ahem, cough -cough.

  6. The American Confederate Democrat Party acts as if they did not lose the Civil War and the Republicans are still their slaves. The Democrats should have learned from the Democrat Republic of Nazi Germany, or the Democratic Republic of North Korea. Since they want that for the American citizens, they should first spend some time in a country they want to make America. Under the present government scheme the only free people in the U.S. are the American Indians living in their souvereign Reservations, and under their tribal laws. The U.S Senator who said that she was part Cherokee was not accepted by the Cherokee Nation as being one of them. The Cherokee’s are a proud people. The opinion of Congress is around 20 %. What does this tell you !?

    • WE THE PEOPLE should expect mone the less. This country was born of aggression. Purportedly my great grandmother was full blooded Cherokee. Don’t know if it’s true or not, but the “once natives” of this country are the ones that were shit on the worst..A group of people come here, take a good look around and tell themselves, “Hey, this is nice, WE’RE TAKING IT!” Saddest was naturally the “Trail Of Tears,” where many, MANY natives died because of diseased blankets. GOD HELP THE ORIGINAL INHABITANTS OF THIS GREAT LAND! ????☹????

  7. Pelosi is a old BITCH and is acting like a little SPOILED 3 year old. The only this she is interested in is protecting her position a Speaker of the HouseThat is all she cares about.

    • If little Timmy Ryan was not such a big pus sy maybe Nancy would alredy be back in Ca, but Timmy is that big a pus sy!

  8. If the media would broadcast this about Nancy Pelosi then we will see a petition for dozens of recall votes.

    Then Nancy Pelosi would be back as MINORITY LEADER NOT MAJORITY LEADER.

  9. I sure hope this get send to all The Decs because they need to see what Pelosi only care about her self. Off playing and not trying to work on this matter for. Shame, Shame on Pelosi again.

    • You folks are all blabbering on about what should happen on that side of the aisle, and specifically, Pelosi. She isn’t going anywhere, and has a ghost of a chance of losing her seat in Congress. If you really knew how politically warped and depraved it is in the San Francisco Bay area, you would know that the hypocrisy of her mere existence in that environment and the lemmings who choose to follow her are inseparable. She has DONE NOTHING for the city of San Francisco in her tenure there. The air wafts of the smell of human fesces piled on the sidewalks. If she has a stroke on the House floor, I believe they would still place her in the seat of leadership. Sometimes, with her speech gaps and inconguency, that may be evident. The population of uneducated voters would don’t give a damn about this country and only fix their attention on free housing, free healthcare and food stamps, is building by the deceptive actions of the Leftists in this country. Have you really given any more thought to the voter fraud we just experienced in the midterms ? When you get good and angry . . . Maybe you will !

  10. All of this may go over big in our conservative echo chamber but hard line liberals don’t give a flying f**k what Leatherface Pelosi or Kike Schumer say or do, they just hate us and will tolerate anything to defeat us. We keep hearing about those supposedly all important indie voters and college educated women who now decide elections and whom the GOP MUST win over. IMO the former are so weak minded and indecisive they cannot be relied upon for a scintilla of common sense voting and the latter are govt. run “education” produced stupid cuhnts whose husbands (if they even have any) are too pu$$y whipped and they lash out at conservatives in reprisal.

  11. Let’s fACE it Folks…..NANCY the Queen of FECES CITY SAN FRANCISCO could care less about Closing the Borders…COP killings by Illegals or if us Citizen are Eliminated by Illegal drugs, Guns or Children are Exploited in Sex Traffic ventures …All the wants is THE GAVEL so that she can Commute on a 757 AIR FORCE JET at TAX payers expense…THE HORE !

    • And who do we blame for the fact she’s now the Speaker? RINO Ryan and his band of spineless GOP pu$$ies who consistently chose their donors over their base, failed to lead, pissed off their base and paid the price. Ryan excepted, my only solace is most of those RINO pu$$ies who lost will NOT get cushy CEO jobs or sweetheart “consultant” deals and will find their standard of living vastly diminished the moment they’re torn from the govt. tit!

    • FECES CITY (San Francisco”) = BULLS EYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Used to be a nice port. Now it’s a sanctuary sewer!

  12. The next two years is going to be interesting. The Democrat House will be passing bills and trying to impeach Trump, along with investigation after investigation. All the while, trying to get their favorite programs through a Republican Senate, and past a Presidential Veto. Talk about getting nothing done. Stalemate again, whats new.

  13. It aint your govt folks, it was formed for the founding fathers…any one who reads the constitution needs to make sure they don’t skip article 1 section 8 wherein it says…that the govt can pass any laws that it deems proper and or necessary…that means there are NO UNCONSTITUTIONAL laws…paradigm shift anyone? ITS NOT YOUR GOVT!!!! It was formed for the founding fathers to protect their posterity, their business interests. Anyone who thinks different is making up their own story…If you don’t think so just show me any proof you might have… What I am saying is written in their hand in black and white for all to read.. then again it seems that reading, writing, and comprehension skills seem to be wantonly lacking in the U.S. today.

    • The government is made up of CITIZEN VOLUNTEERS with a short number of terms intended, say 2, not CAREER politicians as a government ‘OF the people, BY the people and FOR the people. We currently have CAREER government which is wrong in itself by principle intent and laced with CRIMINALS who need to be in prison. The government needs to be taken back.

    • YOU ARE 100% WRONG DANIEL — LOST AND ALONE — TRYING TO MAKE AMERICANS TO FEEL LIKE YOU DO! WE DON’T! Like most dems, you only quote part of the info, the rest you omit. Anyone who teaches U.S. History knows you are 100% wrong. AMERICANS DO NOT SCARE LIKE OTHER CULTURES — Your comments make no sense Dude. Wake Up from that nightmare you are having…

    • The Bill of rights was added to protect from what you are alleging. Plus originally the constitution only gave them powers over the government territory of 10 miles square.

  14. The biggest mistake was made two years ago when some Idiots voted into the White House both a WORM & a WHORE. Cause there is NO “High Ground” is any of CRAZY donald & D for Dumb trump’s actions concerning the goverment shutdown, there is only the “Very Low Ground” of the Bullying, Selfish, Childish Mentality Of a Very Spoiled 3 Year Old Brat who has got to have His Way, 100 Percent in Everything with No Concern At All for Whom He Stomps On or Whom He Hurts. Including the many goverment workers stuck in paycheck limbo thanks entirely to both of that Oval Office Pile Of CRAP & all of his Asshole Kissers.

      • Now that you’re seething a healthy WTF that makes no sense, you now clearly see exactly how your ignorance is viewed by others… as nonsense! Happy new year and a great start to 6 more years of great President Trump! 2 + 4 from 2020!

    • The biggest mistake was voting in democrats like Clinton obama. If you are proud of what Pelosi is doing then you don’t care about our country obviously

    • Betty…my such hatred. Someone had to stand up some day, and here we are. STANDING UP…..I have worked for the gov’t, people will be fine.

    • Sounds to me like you are one of people that want t care more for the illegals than are own citizens. People who love america don’t say the things you say.
      Would you be saying this if you had had a loved one that had been killed by a Illegal or by the drugs that have been brought into our country?

    • You are living in another world, the world of lying scumbag DemoRATS. The party of lairs, child molesters, rapists, murders and just plain trash. President Trump is most honest and hard working for the country and people we have had in years. Democrats are now communist democrat party and truly disgusting as are the idiots who follow them

    • Betty……With the level of your ignorance and stupidity I am amazed you can actually walk and breathe at the same time! You are a typical liberal…uninformed and suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome! Go live in the middle East somewhere since you so obviously hate all things American!

    • You people have been brainwashed so bad it’s pathetic! Common sense sorely eludes the demo’s anymore. It is like a bunch of bullying school kids, we are supposed to be adults and work things out but you demos only want your way or the hyway. You can’t accept anyone that thinks different than you so you throw temper tantrums and scream. God have mercy on your pathetic existance.

  15. 156 days? On vacation for almost half a year? Yes, yes, yes!!!!! Get so called President Trump out of Washington for that long and maybe the adults in the room will be able to fix his grievous errors that are dooming America, and indeed the rest of the World.

    • Eric, it’s ill informed, unmedicated/uneducated people such as yourself who need to be removed so we adults may continue to work. OUR PRESIDENT us doing a fabulous job – love my tax break, love the bonuses bosses gave out, thrilled NAFTA is dead and we have USMCA, thrilled with all the new millions of jobs created in industries other than food service – thus salaries are increasing and opportunities are becoming more competitive, am thrilled Justice Kavanaugh, etc., etc. #MAGA #TaketheHousebackfromtheDems2020 #TRUMP2020

    • Eric, no question you are a fuk ing liberal moron, I have a one way ticket for you to move to France where you can live your life with other fuk ing liberal morons

    • Eric do u think President Trump is the only President with vacation days? Look how often Obama and his male wife , that’s right male, yolk vacations on our dime? Many many times!!!!!!!! Trump donates his income. Did obuma? Trump is there fighting for our country while scum Pelosi is out partying without a care in the world. Absolutely disgraceful!

    • What are the grievous errors President Trump has committed in your eyes that are dooming America or the entire world. You sir need to get a clue, President Trump is helping the clueless also even though they are so clueless they do not realize they are being helped.

  16. Nancy is a Catholic who favors abortion. That should be enough for anyone to vote against her. A human life begins at conception. She says that walls don’t keep people out, yet she has a wall around her home. She favors gay marriage…an oxymoron. “Make and female He made them” and thus began marriage. Go Trump! MAGA and KAG. The Republican Party represents my values.

    • Taking about Oxymorons, putting the name of trump into the same category as the words, Truthfulness, Honesty, Honor, Dignity, Common Sense & A Fully Functioning Brain!

    • Thank you Barbara Ann for pointing out more of the discusting things Pelosi stands for. Again as I said earlier. Is this who u want representing you? Her and all her scum bag cronies? I pray she don’t become speaker of the house because she don’t speak for the people, maybe illegals etc, but not for this country.

    • The Democrats voted at their convention by a very loud voice vote to NOT support Christianity. They all want to be part of the New World Order, No Government, Borders, or “Christianity”. Go to their website and read it for yourself. They think the “Ruling Elite Billionaires” will give them positions of power. Ya, Right! Just like the Nazis did when they took over France! The Muslims took over Europe, and those that put the “European Union” into power sure didn’t stop the Muslims from taking over their “NO GO” zones.

  17. How many times can the DemocRATS prove that your safety and well being is not important to them? They are NOW voting against something they have been campaigning for for many years, just because Trump is going to ACTUALLY do what they didn’t. Now they are partying away the shutdown in exotic places while the regular working people are worrying about how they are going to pay their bills without a paycheck. Maybe this time you will pay attention.

  18. Meantime, ICE is forced to release thousands of illegals on the streets in El Paso, Tucson, and Phoenix, where the churches are whining that they have no place to house them. All thanks to liberal judges and demoncrap politicians that do nothing at all to stop this insanity. Folks, it won’t surprise me if we aren’t seeing the beginning of a civil war soon. The American people have had enough!!!

  19. These are Democrats att their REAL job. Using taxpayers money I’m sure one way or another. Democrats don’t care about the people of this country. Pelosi is scum. Wake up Democrats!! Is this who you want representing you?

  20. I believe Pelosi is of the same background as the people that want to invade our country. She must go. Pelosi thinks she has the speaker position sewed up, i hope she gets the surprise she needs and voting democrats wake up and get rid of the old hag, I also hope she takes Schumer. Feinstein, Loud mouth Maxine Waters, Mueller and the rest of them with her. Our President don’t seam to get intimidated by them that’s why I support him

    • Who ever picks the witch up at the airport needs to be made to take her immediately to have a face-to-face with the widow (and the 5mth old son) of the LEGAL immigrant that worked so hard to become legal and achieve his dream of becoming a good cop……only to be gunned down by a piece of ILLEGAL scum with gang ties. Since she represents California she needs to explain why she is refuses to fund building the wall to keep out this kind of trash……and why CA’s sanctuary cities keep harboring these criminals?? Of course she won’t do it……she’s the worst kind of coward there is living in her fine mansion and totally out of touch with the actual citizens of her state.

      • I wonder why Pelosi isn’t called on her stance in this matter? An American killed by an ILLEGAL in her state certainly deserves an explanation by politicians, especially if a pol is AGAINST constructing a WALL!!

        • If we can get Cally kicked out of the union all the politicians from there will be out of a job and have to leave and shut the f up, and maybe if we are lucky enough to get an AG with some balls will bring them all up on treason charges and hang them on TV for all to see.

      • THANK YOU Donna Lindsey – Right on target. I would like to add, pelosi,shumer, waters and the rest of their cronies (to many to list) are GUILTY of the MURDER of the Policeman – Corporal Ronil Singh – they will wine they didn’t pull the trigger, but they allowed the monster to stay. Sad.

    • True they are useless. That is why they hate him he’s like “back up off me fool” next. I love him he’s compassionate, resilient & not paid for by lobbyists, soros, clintons. He is his own man. So Eric & Betty you liberal idiots go kick cans. God bless our wonderful President. Trump rocks!????



    • And WE THE TAXPAYERS foot the bill for paloosely and all the others- yet I, as a Vietnam vet get screwed by the very same government! Something wrong with this picture! ????????????????????????

  23. Pelosi is a total waste of time and I do hope all those not wanting her as speaker will stand against her and make a way for a new party. She is the biggest over spender and thinks no one can stop her. Lets just see if she did make that BIG mistake.

    • She paid the dumb teacher of the year from Ct. $7000 for her vote which the teacher said she would not do if elected. True to form dumbocrat,lie to get elected. She was a history teacher, that should tell you something. Lying to the kids from the start.

  24. Rick Stein

    Nancy Pelosi has the intellectual capacity of a Pygmy. A headless gnat is miles ahead of her mentally. She sees herself as a queen, looking down upon the unwashed masses. How such an ignorant piece of human offal could accumulate the wealth she is reported to have is no mystery. Insider information and trading is something she and her likes think is an entitlement for themselves. With her vast “wisdom” she stated that one has to pass a bill to know what’s in it. Now she vacations at a millionaires resort on the big island of Hawaii while her “subjects” go without.. The electorate that are responsible for keeping this turkey in office deserve whatever they suffer. Unfortunately, the rest of us deep thinkers, like “Joe the Plumber” , must pay the price along with the under informed ignoramuses who put her in a position of power. May, when her day comes, she met with the Devil himself. Good riddance to bad rubbish!!!

    • d. trump is certainly not concerned in any way with “We, The People”! Hwever, getting his own selfish, spolied way is clearly the only thing that Oval Office Piece Of Gutter Trash is concened with at the expense of the true America,the real, “ We, The People”!

      • Betty, you read to many “FAKE NEWS” MSM LIES and what is sad, YOU believe them! “We the People” really do want and need a wall and and that is supported by several reports and straight out of President’s mouth! If you are a real person(I doubt that), I think you are a democrat so why do you hate Trump so bad when several of your presidents had whore’s and sex in the WH(Kennedy, LBJ and Clinton) and Hillary likes to “sleep around with both men and women and that came out of Slick Willie’s mouth. Now, I’m not saying “R’s) have not had whore masters in office too, but you talk and write like Trump is the only president with a past. Trump’s “whore’s were bought and paid for by Trump before he became president, he donates his pay, and when he flies to Florida, he takes his family and not forty-seven(47)family and friends like your hero, the Obama’s(you helped pay for all that baggage). Obama took his family and mother-in-law to Africa too! So you need to read more real news and stop posting hateful lies and you really need to stop call our ELECTED PRESIDENT TRUMP names. If you are a lady(I doubt that) try acting like one.

        • Thank you for slamming Betty!!! You spoke the true words need to b spoken. All we can do is pray for people like Betty and the likes of her. We all need to turn to God and pray through our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. We need to pray for this country that God shed his grace on. Pray for people to know God and see the light. We are to spread the gospel to all!!

  25. Pelosi represents all that is wrong in America. She is surrounded by fools with no brains. Governor Brown is the biggest jackass that ever held the office in California. He is deranged, has caused deaths among all the law enforcement agencies in his state, and is feeble minded at best!


  26. Certainly shows where the democrat priorities are. Pelosi and the rest vacationing while our president is working for the people. Any American that sees this and votes for a democrat is definitely part of the problem.

  27. THIS IS ALMOST A REPEAT of history. The French Revolution Marie and Louie the people where starving Marie “LET THEM EAT CAKE” (Pelosi and Schumer)the people want boarder security (Nancy and Chuck) open boarders for a new voter base. One should be careful We who were taught history in school all know what happened to Marie and Louie. Pelosi and Schumer could lose their heads when they come up for Re Election!!!Love it!

      • Angelika, tossing only can be done by the voters of their States. Or by a special petition. Both are very costly and none of us complainers have the monetary backing the elite have. Especially the ones that have Soros the communist behind them.

    • At least, like that White House WORTHLESS WORM, she certainly isn’t a Two Timing, Two Faced, Lying Lunatic, a M-F—king Brain Dead Retard.

      • You, Betty, must be looking at a group picture of the last administration and all his cronies when you say that. Have a Happy New Year. There ,I don’t have to be politicly correct cause I’m not a politician or a left wing a$$hole like you.

      • Betty – Hmmm… you sound like… ROSIE. Is that really you, Rosie? You did play “Betty” once (and apparently left your brain in the Stone Age)

    • People who vote DEMONcRAT are flat out ignorant. Waters incourage people to bully those who support President Trump, how stupid is that? Consider the party therein lies the answer. LIBERALS ARE BULLIES!

      • People that voted these stupid democrats in needs there head examine. All they care bout is illegals power and money..and getting rid of our president which they r afraid of.

  28. Why is Nancy and Chuck acting so stupid?? The majority of Americans want a secured border. That is why Trump was voted into office. Why doesn’t Nancy take some of these people into her home, that by the way has a high fence and wall around her manson. Act on what your big mouth is saying. It is time for these two nut cases the leave office now. They both are wasting tax payers money. Do your job or leave. You both are an enbarasment to our country acting like two year olds. Put America’s security first, get your heads out of your ass..

    • Wrong, what most Americans want as president is a Sane, Rational Someone who has at the heart the best interests of the American People & who knows how to act like an Real Adult with Intelligence, Common Sense & Compassion, which is way more at the present time than be said of that Sick Minded Bit Of Sewer Shit laughingly known as our Current President.

      • Hey Betty, if shit were brains you’d have an overflowing septic tank. I’ve noticed that all the “hate Trump” assholes are spineless morons that don’t have a single original thought of their own. All they’re capable of is parroting hate Trump rhetoric they hear from their gods in the Washington cess pool. Why we’ve let communist/libretard morons like you and your ilk become so prevalent in our America is beyond understanding at this moment, but I have faith that in the coming war we will rid ourselves of your filthy communist asses for good.

  29. And Pelosi mocks Trump for going to his golf course. I’m sure the her trip to Hawaii cost a lot more than Trump visiting his own golf course. I hop she’s paying out of her pocket and not our tax money. She should be in DC working out a solution.

    • Yes, and add to that the fact that Democrats are always criticizing those who have money as being rich and undeserving, and she further enhances their hypocrisy through her actions and not just her rhetoric!

    • Anything she does comes out of the never ending trough of tax payer dollars. Nazi is a waste of humanity and need ride off into sunset years ago and she is certainly in need of a tune up.

    • I can’t understand why they mock Trump for playing golf once and a while? Their leftist hero, Barry, played nearly every day? Nothing was said about that?

      • deerflyguy – Pres. Trump has a lot of business deals with a guest while playing golf. A lot of the WH accomplishments have happened while playing golf with his guest(s).

    “What do we want?”
    “DEAD COPS!”
    When do we want it?”
    “What do we want?”
    “When do we want it?”
    “What do want?”
    “Everything free!”
    “When do we want it?”

    • Antifa is the one the dumbs call upon now to do some of their dirty work. Soon, they are going to run into the wrong group of people who don’t give a rats ass who they are and they will be eliminated.

    Nancy going on vacation when illegals are pouring into our country creating health & safety issues, etc. is alot like the French Queen of the late 1700,’s, Marie Antoinette, who famously said–in response to food scarcity of her people–“Let them eat cake…”

  32. This country is in serious trouble if we think we can trust the likes of Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Shumer plus many of the Democrats!!! I am a Republican and I am not happy the way many things have been handled by my party but I for sure know that I can trust the Republicans before any one of the Dems!!! The only agenda that the Dems have is making sure they hurt President Trump any way that they can and they will pull out everything they can to do so. I hear that they are actually hiring lawyers during the middle of this government shutdown to help them with impeaching Trump???!!! Now this is genuine caring about the good old USA??!!

  33. Pelosi (as well as Schumer) is not known for taking an interest in what the American people want from their elected leaders only showing that she stops the Republican president or members of government ! Seems to me they could spend a little time on a party platform to tell us voters what they see to improve American government and voters lives!

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