Nancy Pelosi made a surprising decision about impeachment that no one saw coming

Robert Mueller’s testimony was supposed to be the turning point in impeaching Donald Trump.

The former special counsel was expected to deliver the death blow to Trump’s Presidency.

But when it was all said and done, Nancy Pelosi made a surprising decision about impeachment that no one saw coming.

Robert Mueller’s testimony could not have gone worse for the Democrats.

Mueller could not remember basic facts about the investigation, had difficulty hearing questions, and generally appeared to possess diminished mental faculties.

That made it clear that the partisan Democrat lawyers – and not the supposedly Republican Mueller – were really in charge of the investigation.

Speaker Pelosi surveyed the wreckage and took the opportunity to stiff arm the pro-impeachment members of her caucus.

In a press conference on Wednesday, Pelosi admitted the Mueller Report was a bust and that if Democrats want to impeach the President, they would need to find other avenues.

Breitbart reports:

During a press conference on Wednesday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) stated that any decision on impeachment has “to be done with our strongest possible hand” and there are still “outstanding matters in the courts.”

Pelosi said, “My position has always been that whatever decision we make in that regard would have to be done with our strongest possible hand. And we still have some outstanding matters in the courts. It’s about the Congress, the Constitution, and the courts. And we are fighting the president in the courts.”

Pelosi is playing for time.

The Democrat base hates Trump and demands Congress impeach the President no matter what.

But Pelosi also can read a poll.

And the House Speaker knows if Democrats go down the impeachment path, they will not only lose the White House again, but will also lose their House majority.

That’s why Pelosi tried to steer her Party’s pro-impeachment caucus toward court battles that will take months to resolve.

So that way Pelosi can buy time and squelch the impeachment talk at a later date by claiming that since the election is right around the corner the Democrats should not even bother.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. She should have to reimburse the cost of the BS investigations she’s had done. And the excess baggage (friends and family) she brings all over the world should be illegal. The attempts to assassinate the president she dodged should be made public, investigate her and Chuck. Watch killer sweat, knowing her house of cards will be next.

  2. This is not the first time the demo-rats have overplayed their hand. Seems like every time they gain control of congress they misunderstand what the country really wants, screw things up, and as a result loose control again. Looks like business as usual again.

  3. Pig Lousy appears to be the only Democrat with any sense. The squid, i.e. squad, should keep pushing for impeachment. roflmao

  4. God Is On The Side Of TRUTH Because HE Is TRUTH ITSELF. The Only Praying done by any Sincere Christian regarding him is Praying to GOD to put a MAN instead of a MONKEY in the Oval Office!

  5. Dpw if there’s a petition out there to get rid of Omar. I’d be more than happy to sign it. Found out that she supports female genitalia mutilation a common practice in Islamic countries, which makes me scared to death of her and probably was sent here by middle eastern terrorists to eventually take over congress and the white house.

    • I absolutely agree with you!! What really frightens me is, the Democratic party seems to be okay with what this woman is doing. No one has seen the red flags flashing all over the place.

    • Yes…you are right. The best thing we can do is to make people aware of what Muslims practice…..and how they perceive us, the infidel. Maybe then people will be wise enough not to elect them into the US government.

    • Mutilate her genitalia, if it has not been done already. You will be damaging her best part, which is surely not her brain.

  6. People should not worry about the impeachment of Donald Trump as it will simply fail in the senate as it takes a 2/3 vote in the senate to make it happen and the votes are simply not there. This is just another attempt to make Trump’s life miserable all because commie Hillarass didn’t win the 2016 election. They are sick sore losing a*******.

    • They are not to want to take down trump only but they want to take down any republican president because they need to hide many their bad things they did in past 8 years.

    • I totally agree with you,we need to vote every Demorat out of congress,they have done nothing for our country or the people, It’s sickening

  7. The signed petition automatically emails to your representatives based on your zip code – I am on a 1st name basis w/mine – LOL! The “squeaky wheel gets the grease”!

    Make YOUR VOICE HEARD – Pass It On!

    The below URL will take you to We The People Petition Website Regarding “Impeach Nancy Pelosi for crimes of Treason!” — 201,588 signed petitions (& counting) sent!

    Please SIGN the Petition & Pass On the URL!

    • Shouldn’t be just ninny peolsi. schmucky schumer, adam schiff, “spartacus” booker, nadler, the awful obtuse cretin, talib, omar, and countless others should be on it too.

  8. Generally the clowns that perpetrated the failed coup are either killed,imprisoned or banished,
    Let’s have some justice here.

    • zee and Dan T., Yahoo! RR and PP are both letting me email. I guess I have been punished long enough! They are working on my computer now but not on my phone, don’t understand?????

      • Good to see your posts real m. Hey, did you see the recent posts from dufas Diane accusing me of posting as someone named Angela ? What an idiot.

  9. Well, we should be looking at treason. Obama and Hillary tried their conspiracy and failed. That’s obviously a treason. It’s illegal for the highest authority level to create false accusations against the presidential challenger. Long before Trump announced his candidacy, there were many big tech twists around with the conservative privilege to voice that couldn’t get thru. I was one of the conservative commentators that struggled. Enough is enough.

    I have had with all their BS. Review the monopoly laws that need to split the big tech giants into many fractions. No more oppression against our freedom of speech.

  10. Remove the courts from the influence of RINO & Leftist-progressive-cultural marxist saboteurs & subversives like Pelosi.

    • Nancy Pelosi can try all the tricks of the swamp trade but God is on our side and our President is a man who has received the Holy Spirit and is led and no words formed against him will prosper. If God be for us who can be against us. It is fun to watch a demonstration of the egotistical self styled leaders like Pelosi when confronted by the truth. We had a demonstration of that with Mueller whom I pitied because he was mixed in t=e pot with a pile of jackasses, excuse me, I mean donkeys. He was splattered with what comes out of the donkey’ backside and to us this dung was not even fit for the manure pile. Sad, Rummell could not even answer the Republican questions that were in the 2nd book. God tells us to laugh over our enemies and let Him be the avenger. So with a gleeful sound we win.

  11. It should be The clown four and those who continue to push this tax payer funded witch hunt that are impeached.

    • Yes Ratso, that would be the case if we still had MEN with pre-1960s balls instead of tits. Trump practically stands alone amid a pack of SWAMP slime in his administration, in the Congress & in the Supreme court. How is he even still standing? Real Americans better VERY SOON figure out how to get in charge of this CLOWN SHOW or it is finished for a long time to come. We will keep fighting but we will keep losing ’til we get Smart & win. Trump’s wins are considerable, but LONG WAY TO GO & never can there be any slightest let up against the enemy within. This will always be the way it is for freedom & rule of law – we have lost it by underestimating & failing to recognize the enemy. Now DJT has forced them to clearly & finally show their hand. This is not chess of any kind. It is poker.

      • Do not doubt.. God is on the side of truth… our President Trump is a man who is the choice of God and there are many of us who are praying and supporting him with our prayers and a mighty angelic force from the throne room of God on his side and America’s side. Rejoice and know it is going to happen and we already have the victory

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