Nancy Pelosi made a wild prediction that had everyone thinking she lost her mind

Nancy Pelosi has exhibited may worrying signs that the 77-year-old Speaker of the House has lost a step.

Pelosi’s repeated instances of “brain freeze” where she loses her train of thought or stammers leads many Americans to ask difficult questions about Pelosi’s capacity to serve.

And now Nancy Pelosi made a wild prediction that had everyone thinking she lost her mind.

Appearing at an event at Northeastern University in Boston, Pelosi launched into a tirade about President Trump where Pelosi outrageously claimed that “civilization as we know it is at stake” in the 2020 election.

Pelosi’s defenders would argue this is just hyperbole.

That is not a comforting defense either.

Liberals like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez routinely overhype so-called “global warming” by falsely claiming that unless American citizens give up all their rights to the government, the planet will be destroyed in 12 years.

Either Pelosi is crazy or she is purposefully lying to the American people about the stakes of the election.

Few people believe that Western civilization will fall based on the results of the election.

But not only is Nancy Pelosi offering up this insane prediction – after all, Donald Trump kept America out of new wars, oversaw a peace deal to end the war in Afghanistan and set in motion policies that led to an economic boom – but now Pelosi is asking the American people to hand her and her party power based on this fear mongering.

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  1. Democrats can’t tell a lie from truth ! Their brains won’t allow it. They’ve been on a crying spree for so long, reality is a thing of the past. Immoral thoughts is all they can muster, ridiculous overloaded thoughts of how to make America worse than ever before ! Illegal immigration , sanctuary cities , harboring criminal fugitives, blaming everyone else for this , it’s racist remember who unleash the K K K. think hard DEMOCRATS ! They’ll lie straight to your face . Who’s making America great again , yep Donald Trump , the one and only , without Democratic help ! All they can do is complain without any solutions ! Perfect just perfect. Way to go Democrats you have done nothing .

  2. I really can’t believe that so many Democruds follow along with Nancy. She is losing her ability to reason and has no interest in American people except to keep her in POWER. Why don’t the not so far left Demo people demand her to retire or fire her and get a speaker who will cooperate with everyone and get something done.

  3. We the people don’t think she lost her mind we have known it as a fact for years. Yes if the communist left takes over and achieve their goal of making America a communist country then the free world as we know it will end.

  4. I’m not so sure she’ wrong! If we elect any of the Democrats America’s economy could look like Venezuela in a few years! This would cause a worldwide financial collapse!

  5. Nancy Pelosi what a pice of work! Pelosi I will not accuse her of using drugs, but at times she appears to be off her meds. How can you trust a person who says and does irrational things most of the times. For example tearing the president’s speech up on national TV at the president’s state of reunion,very disrespectful. I lost all respect for you and have totally tuned you out, for the record i live in the bay area. Nancy in order to get respect you should give respect. Six words truly describe Pelosi. THE WICKED WITCH OF THE. WEST. What a joke you have become a disgrace to your position. Maybe its time for you to retire, give it up to someone who is truly respectful, thoughtful, and cares about the future of our society. You have turned into a cartoon character. “Daffy Pelosi”

  6. Nancy Pelosi is a Trump hater and if she and others like her can’t eork with the other party, she and the others don’t belong in our government. They work for us? WE DON’T WORK FOR THEM

  7. I noticed the error in saying Nancy Pelosi was 77 years old. Nancy Pelosi will be 80 years old on March 26, 2020. Keep it straight, please.

  8. All democrats are probably a little concerned because Covid17 is preventing them from continuing their kindergarten educations. Although they most probably think that quarantine is spring vacation. The absolute idiotic feces that they come up with is intolerable for anyone with the IQ of a vegetable. President Trump must prevail in this year if only to preserve the sanity of the United States of America. Robert M. Pschirer

  9. Pelosi is just getting confused with her old age. She’s got Sanders and Trump confused.
    If Sanders were president that would be the end of western civilization as we know it.

  10. It is time to keep the screwey Louise’s and the screwey Louises of the Dem., party to pary on.

  11. Nancy, Biteme Biden, and horseface Maxi Waters have all lost their marbles. They are dimented lunatic liberals and need tobe driven out of our political system. Come on America wake up and send them, the demoncrats to the waste can this Nov. MAGA KAG

  12. Trump – This is Nancy Pelosi’s obsession that can drive her crazy. She cannot do any activity other than the thought of taking revenge on Trump, it is not clear why. In my opinion, she needs to resign and calm down.

  13. Pelosi threatens the POTUS and Schumer the Supreme Court justices. They’re not even hiding anymore. But let any republican do it and action is taken against them. It’s constitutional. Their favorite word. The republicans need to get off their asses and start prosecuting them. They’re aggressive and we need to be too. When the hell is Barr going to start doing anything. Still P.Oed that Chris Murphy and crew wasn’t prosecuted for violation of the Logan Law. If the republicans did that they would demand justice saying nobody is above the law. Another favorite saying of Nancy’s.

  14. N. P. should retire into a Convent where she can does some serious Soul Searching wtih some serious Panaceas before God takes her soul away! She is for the Same Gender Unions; it is Anta iGod! ‘Thou shalt not commit Adulatory!” Commad.” # 6. She is pro-Abortion, and Pro-euthanasia. Both are Murderous Anti God actions! “God is LIFE!” “Thou shalt not kill!” Commad. #5. If one could not lives with what whose RELIGIOUR believes, how could that one be truthful to anyother thing things which are part of whose DAILY LIVING? The substadcne of the PERSON is the YARD STICK of the SUBSTENCE of that person! From what we see daily and read about N. C. we could say that N. P. is SUBSTANCELESS HUMAN! How could she goes to receive the Holy Eucharist? God is Life! Abortion is Murder! The Violatio of Commandment # 5. “If you love me, keep my Commandments!” John 14:15! We do not need any more facts!

  15. What is next for the failed globalist and MSM? Character assassination did not work. Border control resistance did not work. Russian collusion did not work. Ukrainian collusion did not work. Slamming Covid-19 disease control efforts did not work. I am sure I missed some, but the point is democrats are hopeless. They don’t know how to win. KAG 2020

  16. Democratic leaders are going through a divorce with reality . In there world demons are praised , yet their narcissist, demanding that you believe everything they say, or they Will intrude on your life and demand you live in there fantasy world , of deceit, lies, unstable unhinged,immoral,unethical corruption the rest of your existence. Now think of what The President of the United States of America wants for you ! America First , what’s wrong with that?


  18. There is no question that Pelosi has lost her mind. It’s been obvious for quite some time. She needs to retire and spare the U.S any more of her and her party’s idiocy. She is a disgrace who taints the office of Speaker of the House.

  19. point of clarification on pelosi’s behalf: not ‘civilization as we know it’, it’s ‘civilization as we want it’ that’s at stake

  20. Pelosi’s Comment clearly expresses that she fears “Civilization will be Ended as we know it” by President Trump! Obviously, to her “Civilization” is the “D.C. Democrat Swamp and corrupt Deep State Government Bureaucracy” where Pelosi, Schumer, Biden, Shifty Shift, Hillary, Comey, Lynch, and Strozk infest!

  21. Gotta keep the Senate and win back the house!!! If the Republican’s can’t win both it 4 more years of what we have already had. The closer Pres. Trump gets to the bile of the swamp the worse it gets for the Democrats.
    Pray the Republican’s win the House and Senate🙏

  22. It appears that when you get the power that Nancy has and the money she has stolen from the people in this country. There is no one that can recognize that she needs to be in a mental care facility. And no group willing to put here in the institution.

  23. Of course they all are terrified at being exposed by draining the swamp, get Obama’s sealed documents opened up he was “ the icing on the cake” that made many Americans realize they had been “taken” for years by corrupt politicians…. treason…. I have a feeling the Kennedys were the last ones to honour the Constitution, hence their demise….Trump is smart and loves his country, God willing he will save it…

  24. The only way civilization could fall is if peloser invites the Entire Third World into our country for us taxpayers to support. The Third world illegals will become the dominant population of the USA, thanks to peloser, a certain billionaire funding all this illegal mess, and several other anti-American congresspeople. That seems to be their agenda for self-destruction of America as we know it.

  25. Lost mind Pelosi also recently said Trump will not be president in ten months one way or another, I call that a direct threat.

  26. She,s as crazy as a loonet bird , hoe does the dum o rats let her keep spouting off like this and LYING to the american pople

  27. See ya nancy! Dont let the door hit you on the way out! Go count squirrels with joe after november. He wont be able to keep count without help.

  28. Send us the Trump hats free and give us money too. Study the Good Holy Gospels of Republican Trump to make Christ work better for us. Donald Trump is our Good Personal Lord and Savior.

  29. Actually, Nancy is right on this one. Presently, our civilization is not. It’s badly corrupted by a serious social disorder known as liberal. If Trump is elected, and I certainly hope he is, we may be able to hold back the liberal tide of evil that has been released on us for another few years; depends largely on how fast Americans wake up and smell the feces in the streets. On the other hand, with the new virus laying eggs across our world, the decision may have already been taken out of our hands.

  30. I believe it to be no secret that Pelosi is nearly insane and we can thank President Trump’s election for bringing her disabilities to the forefront. I also believe that much of her stammering and delayed answers is due to her having told so many lies about Trump that she has to pause to remember what she said, relative to the question, weeks earlier. Pelosi’s insanity goes beyond simple to criminally so.

  31. heck her and Biden are suffering from the same thing they and then you have sanders with heart problems so the democrats need to find somebody that is in good health both mentally and physically and not crazy, Clinton or Obama

  32. Your right Christopher B…Think Maxine ever heard of an IQ Test??? I know one thing she knows about, making millions off fraudulent bank loans. Nancy and her husband have been making transactions of this type for years, then wants to go after Mr.Trump for screwing over the “Goose that lays the Golden Eggs” in the Ukraine…Party’s over..

  33. Everyone who runs for office or even RE-election should be mandated to pass a full physical exam, including a mental competency exam. and anyone trying to get onto a ballot for the first time should be mandated to pass a basic IQ Test. I know AOC and others would NEVER pass an IQ Test unless they cheat. I know Maxine Waters would fail both a physical and an IQ Test. She is insane and deluded that she is important.

  34. Be that as it may, HumpityTrupimpity has, through word and deed, earned impeachment.

  35. Pelosi is out of civilian. She knows she just a few more days from being throw out of office! AMERICANS CITIZEN know that these Democrat and RINOREPUBLICAN are drained us of our hard earned money! For their own WEALTHY LIFESTYLE. Fool on left can’t even prove anything they say. Not even by opening a can of worms!

  36. HEHEHEHEHEHE Pelosi and Biden both lost there marbles a long time ago. Just now catching up to them.

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