Nancy Pelosi made one phone call about coronavirus that had mind-blowing consequences

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats are walking a tightrope.

They want to sabotage Donald Trump without being seen as rooting for America to fail.

But that all collapsed when Nancy Pelosi made one phone call about coronavirus that had mind-blowing consequences.

Democrats know the Presidential election is likely to be decided based on how voters judge Donald Trump’s plan to guide America through the coronavirus pandemic and then re-open the economy.

Democrats recently had a caucus-wide phone call to discuss their strategy.

And on the call, Speaker Pelosi called the administration’s response to the coronavirus “almost sinful.”

POLITICO exclusively reported:

Pelosi sharply criticized Trump’s handling of the coronavirus outbreak, telling Democrats it was “almost sinful” how his administration had failed to live up to promises to make testing available to all Americans and quickly address the mask, gown and glove supply shortage in hospitals across the country.

“The more misrepresentations he puts out there, the more it obscures the truth,” Pelosi told Democrats, according to multiple sources on the call. “We have to insist upon the truth — what they’re saying is not knowledge, is not facts, is not real.”

Democrats are scrambling to find fault with the President’s response because the administration’s plan to manage the pandemic is working.

Their campaign to “stop the spread” of the coronavirus is resulting in far fewer hospitalizations and deaths than the experts projected.

Democrats are now at the same time demanding a national plan while simultaneously claiming the President is an out-of-control dictator for wanting to propose a national plan to re-open the economy.

Pelosi and her allies are in a difficult situation.

None of the doomsday scenarios about hospitals overflowing and there being a shortage of ventilators or other needed equipment came to fruition.

So now they are fabricating scandals about the administration’s coronavirus response.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Nancy wants power and fame and will lie to get it. If anyone is sinful , it is her. She favors abortion up to the ninth month, no problem to her. In fact, with the first Corona virus bill, tried to squeeze in Planned Parenthood, which failed. Her Kennedy Center for the Arts and PBS got through, showing that entertainment was more to her liking that the citizens of the US that needed the money. In fact, Nancy doesn’t care about her own district, otherwise she would clean it up. Nancy doesn’t work but vacations a lot and loves trying to remove Pres. Trump from office the best way that she can. She is a glutton and rubbed it in about having 24k fridges and very expensive ice cream, Next, she has stated that the next Corona bill will not pass unless mail in voting is accepted. This would allow them to cheat, by allowing illegals, and the dead to vote. It would also allow people to vote more than once. Not only that ballots would be changed. not counted or lost in the mail. I certainly hope that people like Nancy Pelosi, AOC, Maxine Walters, Schiff, Schumer, and others like them are voted out of office.

  2. Democrat voters prove P. T. Barnum’s comment that a fool is born every minute. They elected Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, A.O.C., Adam Shiff, Chuck Shumer and the list goes on.

  3. MARIO….
    Very good but under the law.. inadmissible in Court….. However you are 100% RIGHT .That what goes on in the SWAMP IN DC . Is what you and most American’s have come to KHOW That the FACT is many Political HACKS will never be punished!!!!! IT’S CALLED SELLING THIER SEATS FOR DOLLARS…Control Control Control…THE HIGHER LAW ENFORCEMEMT ARE OWNED… That’s why no JUSTICE has come DOWN!!!!!!Blog on friends it’s the only way to get the message out…

  4. Pelosi and Schiff orchestrated the sham impeachment proceedings which diverted the nation from Communist China’s subterfuge of COVID-19. Further, Pelosi arbitrarily withheld the Articles of Impeachment for a month, thereby holding the nation hostage. Clearly, Pelosi is a Communist Chinese stooge.

  5. James of the 75th RANGERS.

    FELLOW Oath KEEPER Honor and Respect…Just to let you Know that there ARE HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS fellow OATH KEEPERS and Family members just Waiting for POTUS to make the CALL…Very well TRAINED personnel that WILL PROTECT AMERICA AGAIN AT ALL COSTS!!!!!

  6. You cannot Legislate the Evil out of this world folks. In the end, you’re going to have to give good men guns and set them loose. The good Lord gave us a small nudge to protect the Holy Land and World, and protect we will do. You can stand beside or right behind, but don’t stand in front.

  7. We know who is JusticeForTrump… He’s actually Nancy Pelosi, and Chucky Schumers abandoned son… Like his PARENTS He and his two above named parents have nothing Good to say to American’s… His name is CHUCKY PRICKLOUSY…

  8. Ok justass. Get retard joe in office and tell me how that works out. Him and his idiot son are like sheriff buford and his son in the smoky and the bandit movie You need to respect your betters, like President Trump.

  9. Tyree and bj are Satan’s children, he has brainwashed their pathetic brains to attack people who are really trying to help us from the Criminal-in-Chief, who is Satan’s favorite devil on earth.

  10. Scott, you keep coming here and showing what a fool you are. Pres. Trump has no desire to be a dictator. FACT. He loves this country and knows the Constitution much better than you do. He has done only good for us, but your sick hate won’t let you see the truth. You are a very sad creature

  11. justicefortrump…It is you who will no longer be here. When Jesus returns only those who belong to Him will be here. There will be a new Heaven and a new earth and you will not be a part of it. God gave us Pres. Trump and he is on the side of Christians and has done a lot for us. But you can’t stand him because you have rejected God and follow satan

  12. justicefortrump…You are an extremely sick LIAR!!!!!!! Thank God that we will no longer have to put up with you when Jesus returns. Have fun in Hell with your master satan

  13. You Trump sadists back a mobster, a sexual assaulter and you question Biden and Obama. You all don’t deserve to live in our great country for stupidity and cultism.

  14. Hey Julio, No, Scott 27 and Julio both, Your CCP Handlers are calling you and the rest of you Democratic Communist stooges to heel.

  15. Scott27.
    Pleeeeeaze! Would you call FDR a dictator? Stop parroting Lib/Pelosi talking points. Bone up on history and the Constitution and perhaps we can have an intelligent conversation!

  16. Scott27? that must be his IQ which is probably too high. Nancy Piglosi is the ugliest person on the face of this planet. She does not care a rats ass about the health of the American people. She continues to hold up the funds for those who desperately need these monies. Schumer lies just like the wicked witch of SF. Both of them need to called out for their traitorous actions against our country. Come Calif. and New York take a good look at the pain and death these two BOS are causing. MAGA GBA KAG


  18. I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again–Pelosi, Schummer and Schiff are the worst viruses to ever infect our beautiful country.

  19. Trump should just keep running ads showing that #uhing stupid piglosi inviting people to China Town.
    Seriously, she was totally irresponsible and ALL AMERICANS need to see that footage.

  20. A vote for any Democrat is a vote for more LIES, DECEIT, FABRICATION and HYPOCRACY. End it by voting Trump 2020! Keep Senate and Turn House RED!

  21. If you want to know some truth about China I would suggest you look at who benefits from business deals in China. Pelosi’s son Paul is up to his neck in China business deals. So is Biden’s son Hunter. How many more politicians are complicit in deals with China? Answer that if you dare lib morons.

  22. There are 2 philosophies that I live my life by; AND I am NOT a Liberal psychopath

    “The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those who speak it.” George Orwell (1903 – 1950)

    “If you do not take an interest in the affairs of your government, then you are doomed to live under the rule of fools.” –Plato

    BOTH statements have PROFOUND effects

  23. Scott27, how do you chose which of your many troll names you post under each day?
    You have so many to chose from.

  24. Snott27 you don’t know your ass from your elbow. You’re just another brain dead libturd trying to be an armchair quarterback. Stick to what you know. Which is nothing.

  25. Dan T… I see you’ve matured.. not. Go ahead and stay at your 5th-grade level and pretend to tell me I don’t know what I’m talking about. Laughable.

  26. Avatar666. You are right on the button with that statement. Even people who have come to America from other countries in Europe know that to be true. A man from Romania told me what is happening today in America happened 35 years or so agao in Romania. The government promissed everybody everything for free and as a consequence were elected. Then when inpower they began taking everything back or didn’t provide it in the first place. (Broken Promises). He fininhed by saying : “You cna’t talk to a Democrat in the U.S. They are brainwashed into thinking that the government should be responsible for their existence from cradle to casket”. When effect, they only want to control you and your freedoms.

  27. DC
    Great well thoughtful words… Wisdom cries out in the Streets but few hear it.. Higher Honor and DEEP RESPECT TO ALL FIRST RESPONDERS…That may LOOSE their LIVES HELPING PEOPLE THEY DON’T EVEN KNOW!!….LEAVING LOVED ONES In a great emptiness … Great Focus DC Words of Wisdom THANK YOU.

  28. How in bed were the demo-rats with the chinese?? Just look back at the time when Peelosi was in chinatown urging people to come out and join her and the chinese in open crowed streets. She was not afraid because she “PROBABLY” was already given a medicine that stopped the virus. An investigation should be made into the chinese connection with the demo-rats. Just look at the Biden PAYOFFS to the Bidens and the control of the companies by china that were allowed under the obumma and the demo-rats administration. WHY HAS SHE NOT BEEN INFECTED WITH THE VIRUS????

  29. Sad that in the Greatest Nation on Earth, the person that’s third in line for our leadership, doesn’t have a single leadership bone in her body. How can any patriotic American Citizen with any common sense actually think or believe in their heart that she cares for any of us? She has proven over and over that she doesn’t. The Coronavirus is just another glaring example of these sad facts. Democrats and those on the fence, please open your eyes and put your political bias aside and please use your GOD given COMMON SENSE. Our country is fighting to survive against an “enemy” we cannot see…our country needs ALL LEADERS ON DECK with one goal.. to help us get through this ASAP, save lives, and when SAFE, get our country up and running-heading back towards the growth and success levels in every category that our great nation had attained just prior to this horrific Coronavirus Pandemic…Please join me and PRAY for all our front line workers, doctors, nurses, paramedics, hospital workers, restaurant drive through workers, grocery store workers, delivery services, PRAY for Our PRESIDENT, VP, all our leaders that they collectively make the best decisions for all of us, for our country, and ALL PATRIOTIC AMERICANS that are risking their lives for others… and please PRAY for all scientists all over the world that they find a CURE, a VACCINE ASAP.. We must come together as a people, as a nation, putting aside our petty differences, our political biases. This Coronavirus does NOT discriminate… This is not the time for pointing fingers, casting blame, spreading misinformation for political gain or political posturing… this is not the time for politics, period. The time for all this petty nonsense is over and done. WE NEED EACH OTHER NOW MORE THAN EVER. We cannot defeat this invisible enemy if we are a fragmented society. For our very survival, we must all remember who we are… WE ARE ONE NATION UNDER GOD INDIVISIBLE WITH LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL….🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸❤️ GOD BLESS EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU AND GOD BLESS OUR GREAT NATION. 🙏🙏

  30. If Malcom X were alive today, I think he would think of himself as one of the “people” instead of either black or white.

    “Malcolm X warned us: “The worst enemy that the Negro have is this white man that runs around here drooling at the mouth professing to love Negros and calling himself a liberal, and it is following these white liberals that has perpetuated problems that Negros have. If the Negro wasn’t taken, tricked or deceived by the white liberal, then Negros would get together and solve our own problems. I only cite these things to show you that in America, the history of the white liberal has been nothing but a series of trickery designed to make Negros think that the white liberal was going to solve our problems. Our problems will never be solved by the white man.”

    Jason L. Riley is the author of “Please Stop Helping Us: How Liberals Make It Harder for Blacks to Succeed” (Encounter Books), out now.

  31. You cannot have an honest debate with the democrats. They will lie each and every time they discuss an issue.

  32. Snott27 we have a commander in chief trying to lead us through this pandemic caused by the commiecrat’s Chinese comrades. The White House and governors should be on the same page. It’s you leftist loonies that’s trying to be dictators. So stfu. You don’t know what you’re talking about. You idiots would like to see mass deaths if it would damage Trump and help retard joe.

  33. Julio Richard Laredo is another biased citizen intent on misrepresenting the facts: Tim Morrison, former senior director for counterproliferation and biodefense on the NSC, wrote in another Washington Post Op-Ed, “It is true that the Trump administration has seen fit to shrink the NSC staff. But the bloat that occurred under the previous administration clearly needed a correction. … One such move at the NSC was to create the counterproliferation and biodefense directorate, which was the result of consolidating three directorates into one, given the obvious overlap between arms control and nonproliferation, weapons of mass destruction terrorism, and global health and biodefense. It is this reorganization that critics have misconstrued or intentionally misrepresented. If anything, the combined directorate was stronger because related expertise could be commingled”

  34. Nancy Pelosi knows she is out this November, as well she is too too OLD..It’s a last stand for her…. Her deep Hatred for Trump for the past three years she lost all focus.. Trying so hard to bring him down she never addressed any back log bills that were in Congress… Then trying to unload them in the Coronavirus relief bill.. Which did not work.. Three years wasted on Impeachment, Millions of tax payers dollars wasted… Now she wants to Impeach POTUS AGIAN.. If you listen to her speak she can’t even finish a sentence, she just can not find the right words….SHE IS DONE.. Yes she PREYS for Trump every day.. But if notice I wrote PREYS, NOT PRAYS..Preys on Trump as a HUNTER KILLER… I viewed the HORRORS in her district 100,000 Thousand plus HOMELESS AMERICANS living in the STREETS..70,000 plus Homeless Americans with the VIRUS…And she CALLS POTUS A KILLER. Trump will have another four years, and yes another four years of Impeachment too…

  35. And meanwhile, drumpf declared he has “absolute power and authority.” He apparently has never read the Constitution; and you all want to side with a dictator? Don’t ever claim to be patriotic Americans.

  36. Nancy Pelosi flew the D.C. to delay the Corona Virus Stimulus Bill to throw the JFK art center donation of $25 million. This is her way of “” Don’t let a good crises go to waste”” The bill also includes $88 million for the Peace Corps, an independent US government agency that sends American volunteers abroad. The organization suspended all operations last week and evacuated its volunteers. Its director said operations will return to normal “when conditions permit. “In addition, the measure provides an additional $324 million for diplomatic programs, $258 million for international disaster assistance, $350 million for migration and refugee assistance and $95 million for USAID operating expenses. How will this help the American people that are out of work for months they have lost months of pay a lot more than $1200. The country needs that money now, are they going to sit on It and wait until the Corona Virus is over. What about the people that lost their jobs and health insurance? What are we going to do when the hospitals and rescue service go bankrupted? I’m in fear of the future that the government I depend on makes unintelligent decisions that cost lives and take advantage at a time of intense difficulty in this country.

  37. Can we get a list of nancy P-Loosley’s accomplishments during this Pandemic ? Other than that Entourage she led and encouraged others to join in Chinatown,because she thought that the Chinese Coronavirus was racist, and harming Chinese businesses so she gathered some Newspeople (I think they were ) and was inviting people to come to Chinatown (In the midst of the Pandemic) This is Wrong in so many ways and she criticizes the President ???

  38. Some one needs to ask Pelosi if the democrats are plain stupid and irresponsible or did the deliberately give the citizens the opposite advice as Trump so more people would get infected and we’d have higher fatalities. She knew and so did NY dems, LA dems, Chicago dems and so on that gathering in large crowds would cause a massive spread of corona19 yet they did. So was it to sink Trump or is it that they are just plain stupid? I’ leaning towards they did it to sink Trump by infecting more people and getting higher fatalities.

  39. Puke Piglosi and the rest of the Moron Demoncrackheads are still grasping for straws wasting Tax Payer money on BULLSH-T INSTEAD OF DOING THEIR JOBS!! REMEMBER THIS SH-T IN NOVEMBER AND VOTE THE SCUM OUT!!!

  40. Queen Nancy is an idiot….bad enough, but she is a STUPID idiot! She must think the American people are lining up behind her. Maybe she should look around…we’re NOT there! GOD is in control and she could be HIS next target! Apparently she hasn’t gotten the message!!

  41. I pray to God that Nancy Pelosi gets voted out of office this November. She really should be booted out by the House but we know none of them will ever have to pay for their crimes.

  42. If there weren’t so many useful idiots in this country democrats would never win an election.

  43. Now is the time to talk to others about needing a total flush out of the swamp. I believe there are closet Democrats on the Republican side that vote with the Democrats. If they come from your state it’s time to ask them what do you stand for the U.S. or the Democrats with their China ties. Don’t forget who got the million-plus from China.

  44. Tim Morrison, former senior director for counterproliferation and biodefense on the NSC, wrote in another Washington Post Op-Ed, “It is true that the Trump administration has seen fit to shrink the NSC staff. But the bloat that occurred under the previous administration clearly needed a correction. … One such move at the NSC was to create the counterproliferation and biodefense directorate, which was the result of consolidating three directorates into one, given the obvious overlap between arms control and nonproliferation, weapons of mass destruction terrorism, and global health and biodefense. It is this reorganization that critics have misconstrued or intentionally misrepresented. If anything, the combined directorate was stronger because related expertise could be commingled” ( here ).

    On March 14, 2020, John Bolton described the changes made to the team as streamlining. He tweeted: “Claims that streamlining NSC structures impaired our nation’s bio defense are false. Global health remained a top NSC priority, and its expert team was critical to effectively handling the 2018-19 Africa Ebola crisis. The angry Left just can’t stop attacking, even in a crisis.”


  46. My problem is there are so many DIMOCRATS that believe her . I’m hoping there are enough of them that see the light and vote Republican and the house turns conservative.

  47. President Trump is doing a great job in this what I call a huge masquerade brought on by the liberal psycho paths, using this insane model that is so inaccurate. The models of infected people ,deaths the need for ventilators ALL FALSE!!!! Using this to scare people into shutting down the economy and the world. You cannot stop a virus!!! That’s like trying to stop a common cold!!! Just try and keep God in your heart and life…no one in this world can defeat him…when he returns all of these so called politicians ,senators ,heads of state and everyone will kneel and call him king of the world!!! And Hopefully your name will be written in the book of life!!!!

  48. Nancy,Schumer,Schiff should all be brought up treason charges. These un-American pieces of garbage need to be removed from office.

  49. Everyone needs to ignore this Julio character. He’s not real. He makes comments that he thinks will get a rise out of smarter people. He doesn’t care about the answer or the truth. The little panty waste will go away just as stupid as he was when he decided to throw his two cents into the conversation. Starting now, SHUT OUT JULIO. We all want to tell him what he can do with his opinions and it’s hard to read what he says and not react but that’s how you get rid of the little gay blade.

  50. If a Democrat would have been in, most of us would have been infected , their xenophobic attitude and willingness to let thing slide would have been a mistake , (a costly one) they haven’t a clue ! We are Americans this is our country, you have to decide live it our way of leave. We are a Christan Country , It’s God and his son Jesus Christ . Well never change that.

  51. The Wicked Witch Of The West , now she’s special isn’t she . The Old Witch needs to crash n burn on that Old Broom she’s flying around on up in the sky , preaching hate and disrespect against our President and our great Country the USA . Nancy zip your Pie-Hole you old Ding Bat . We The People , have had more than our share of your simpleton stupidity , now that’s a fact !!

  52. 100 miilion coronavirus will fit on the head of a pin. I’d like to take an Orkin sized spray pump full of it and fire it up Nancy Pelosi’s blowhole.

  53. For the love of God – Please Please retire Nancy and get in your nursing home. Why were you and Sleepy Joe still trying to get people to go to China Town towards end of February beginning of March – when Trump was already stopping travel from suspicious countries end of January. You have no clue what’s going on. And certainly are not offering any valued added to the American People.


  55. Nancy should truly tries to GROW – UP and sees realities as they are! The President is doing an excellent JOB! Jealousy is the Enemy of MANKIND since the Garden of Eden! Throw it away from the Heart, before it does greater damage and deeper harm to the SOUL, for which Jesus died to SAVE!

  56. Puklosi has no idea how time consuming it usually is to get a diagnostic test available for preliminary investigational testing, and how much harder to get approval for general use. As a physician, I am AMAZED that President Trump succeeded in getting a test available for widespread rapid diagnosis in such an incredibly short time. I also applaud Abbott labs for their development of a portable rapid test. Now if Piglosi can just explain how to gear up to test 320,000,000 Americans within the approximately two to three weeks since this testing device was first announced…

  57. Nancy puklosi is a poor excuse for a human. She has fought tooth and nail to get our great president out of office plus a fre others like her.he knows these dispicibles hate him, so he’s going to do everything he can not to do anything wrong.

  58. Yes right from the start it was obummers fault we couldn’t get things started with the covic19
    Our president had to jump through hoops to get everything on the up and up too move forward. And when it was done it was that sick pillousy that stepped on it and waited till she done something and blamed our president for sitting back and doing nothing. If you don’t believe it look it up ppl.

  59. Julio, made two typos on the web address: “.com” instead of .co, and “been” instead of bee. Don’t know how to edit my remarks on this thing. If you can’t find it, look up remarks Tim Morrison, former WH official, made on this issue. “Because I led the very directorate assigned that mission, the counterproliferation and biodefense office and then handed it off to another official who still holds that post, I know the charge is specious.” specious means FALSE. It was alleged by multiple officials of the Obama admin, including in The Washington Post,that the president and his then security advisor John Bolton dissolved the office at the White House in charge of pandemic preparedness. False, false, false. But, the Demos use the same tactic over and over: “Say a lie enough times and people will believe it”, and Demo voters are swallowing it whole.

  60. Nancy better look in her mirror to see sinful. We all sin and must be forgiven. But Nancy has rejected the only One who can forgive her

  61. julio, why do you keep asking the same extremely stupid question that we have already answered several times??? The answer is not going to change no matter how much you want it to. NO, HE DID NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now go somewhere that is more suited to your very low IQ

  62. Julio Richard Laredo: No, he did not. Instead of blindly asking someone here on this string, LOOK IT UP. a bunch of us did, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Go to

  63. When Nancy Pelosi speaks, guaranteed to be a lie. The woman is nothing more or less than a proven pathological liar.

  64. Julio, the answer to your STUPID IDIOTIC question is NO. Trump did NOT disband ANY pandemic team, CDC, emergency response or whatever What WAS done is the merging of THREE
    overlapping gov agencies dealing with diseases, etc. Speaking of pandemic teams, the
    WHO needs to be DEFUNDED right NOW due to its support and outright culpability in the coronavirus spread from Red China. That is right, Dems, WHO GUILTY of hundreds of thousands of deaths all over the globe.

  65. I believe Nancy should take a look at herself. Did she or did she not put a hold on everything so she could try and get her pet peeves in the stimulus package?
    Now who’s calling the kettle black Nancy.
    Seems to me you have a bit of blood on your hands.
    The people see through your foolishness and your hate for our president. Catholics hate also.

  66. Julio so what if he did, you useless crippled old bastard? It’s in place now and is working. Your pet coon dropped the ball with the flu outbreak and caused more deaths. You want to talk about that you asshole?

  67. Who would believe the knowledge or so called facts of a drunk Communist pig that can’t make a coherent sentence and calls themself Speaker of the House. This woman is an disgrace to the United States of America and couldn’t speak except for maybe at a AA meeting.SSND…

  68. These Progressive/Regresses doing the damn-est to screw American people. Sickening bunch! Who the Hell can Not see thru their BS? Oh yeah, those who listen to Liberal Media DNC controlled news/so-called networks. Cnn,Msnbc,CBS,ABC and NBC.

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