Nancy Pelosi made this jaw dropping announcement about impeaching Trump

Ever since Democrats won back the House of Representatives, one word has been on the lips of everyone in Washington.


With all the buzz floating around Washington, no one could believe Pelosi made this jaw dropping announcement about impeaching the President.

Midterm election exit polls showed 78 percent of Democrats favored impeaching President Trump.

The left turned out to elect a Congress they believe will overturn the results of the 2016 election.

Many liberals expected impeachment to be the new majority’s first order of business.

The only problem is the one person who disagrees is Nancy Pelosi.

She convinced her caucus to hold off on impeachment until Robert Mueller turns in the report from his rigged witch hunt.

Politico reports:

Incoming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her top allies are trying to stamp out the impeachment chatter spurred by a rapid-fire series of revelations that have brought special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe ever closer to the Oval Office.

Their goal: Give Mueller space and time to finish his work before considering impeachment proceedings while satisfying the Democrats’ burning desire to aggressively investigate Trump in the meantime.

“We must wait to see the entire picture and then engage the American people about how we go forward as a nation,” Pelosi told POLITICO in a statement. “We must protect the integrity of the Mueller investigation, so that the American people can get the full truth.”

Democrats know impeachment as a partisan issue will only help re-elect Donald Trump in 2020.

There is no chance the Senate will vote to convict the President, so Democrats moving on impeachment will only be seen by the American people as a partisan coup to nullify the 2016 vote.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. No you can’t impeach a member of Congress the only we can get read of them is not to vote for them when they try to run again for office. Once they are in Congress only Congress can have them removed from office and I don’t see it happening with a democratic Congress

  2. Nancy PEEDLOUSY is an absolute LOOSER! That OLD WITCH is the one that should be impeached!
    Obviously, One does not have to show that they even have a very tiny, tiny, tiny spec of a BRAIN to be the speaker of the “outhouse”.
    Give it up NANCYPANTS, step out of the way, and allow a REAL LEADER to be da speaker of the house.

  3. Americans have been awakened up to lies and deception from the democrats who hate America and it’s values and freedoms. Vote Trump 2020 maga the he’ll with these traitorous cowards and moslems get out of the United States Americans and take these treasonous traitors with you they are completely useless.

  4. Jackhandy, very funny comment! Could you believe the stupid reasons Green gave for impeachment?
    The Dumbocrats don’t seem to know what impeachment means. It doesn’t mean he has to leave office. It means they believe he has committed certain crimes for which he can be tried. They have no evidence of anything, because Trump hasn’t done anything even close to impeachable crimes. Even if he is impeached, he has to be found guilty.
    Bill Clinton was impeached, tried and found not guilty of lying to Congress (although he clearly did) and he finished his second term in office. It’s a tough process to win.
    Even if Trump was impeached, tried, and found guilty, Pence would become president. They can’t replace Trump with some “ultra-left marxist democrat”, and they can’t overturn the election result. They can only have recounts, which they did, and it came out even worse for Hillary! I don’t know where they get this “over-turn the 2016 election results” stuff.
    If they ever succeeded in getting rid of Trump, they better bring a lunch, because there will
    be a Revolution!
    If you notice, a lot of stuff that goes on has been instigated by Hillary Clinton. Also notice she relives events that have happened to her. “Trump-Russia collusion” was her idea, but she’s the one who made illegal deals with the Russians. The strippers accusing Trump of adultery and payoffs? Bill, I suspect.
    Impeachment? I think the Steele report was based on Bills hi-jinks too. He was impeached, causing her humiliation, damage to her reputation, and financial distress. Now she wants Trump to go through it. Everything she does is always payback, using things she has been through. It’s called transferrence. She, Pelosi, and AOC are the most corrupt and dangerous women
    we’ve ever had in our government. Keep your eye on all 3.

  5. Mike Pence, as Vice President, only casts a vote if there’s a tie. I would hope the Senate wouldn’t pass this crap.

  6. Mueller was a part of the Democrats crimes! That is why Hd was appointed to investigate ! They knew he would not accuse any of the Democrats of wrong doing. He has heightened the double standard hypocrisy to heights have NEVER before seen! You have Democrats who were proven to have done the very same things that Republicans were accused of and the Democrats got off Scot Free while Reoublicans are looking at massive fines and extended jail time! It is a proven fact that the Democrats and Hillary paid for the dossier made up by Steele, absolutely nothing verified by it and they were told before it was used it was NONVERIFIED but they sold the whole bill of goods to the FISA court without telling them the whole store! They even signed off on it declaring it to be verified and true!!! I am appalled at the way the Dems just do whatever they want to do to suit themselves and are allowed to get away with it!

  7. President Trump will NOT be impeached as it takes two thirds vote of both the senate and house plus a vote by Mike Pence to proceed. It is an act of desperation by the left to try anything they can to remove Trump from office and replace him with an ultra=left marxist democrat and reverse everything that he has done. The is a very stupid idea and just shows their ignorance.

  8. She knows just how much the word Impeachment will help re-elect our President.That is the fear for her. And when the Wall gets done they will no longer have the House under there control. They will be the biggest bunch of loser in history.

  9. Folks. the whole effort by Prosecutor Mueller & the criminal Democrat House to impeach President Mueller is total “fake and fraud and will end up in total failure and here is why “!! It may pass the Democrat House but it will never pass the Senate!! The criminal Democrat number Senators numbers 46the number needed to impeach is 67, which means that 21 Republican Senators, have to vote for impeachment and that is not going to happen!! This criminal Democrat Party Mob told a BIG FAT LIE to their radical voters, who are going to get violent for being lied too by their criminal Democrat Party after impeachment fails!!! The whole thing is a waste of our taxpayer money by the millions also!!!!

  10. No. It does not matter. The liberal commie demoncrats want control and power over the people and our nation at any price. We have been sold out by the democrats who control most of our Government. We need to vote all democrats out asap. Wake up America.

  11. How about the Clinton’s and there foundation. Investigate them. No the Crooked Democrats can get away with anything. Love my President Trump. Leave him alone. Sure he is not perfect. Which President has been. At least he loves America.

  12. Good point, Michael. I think many are just waiting for Trump to implode, with criminal charges after one another, then traditional republicans will retake the control of the GOP back over – – with people like Ryan, Romney, Flake, Kasich, Bush, Corker etc. in charge and the Trumpers shoved out of positions of power.

  13. NY Att. General Underwood cited “a shocking pattern of illegality involving the Trump Foundation – – including unlawful coordination with the Trump presidential campaign etc.. “The Foundation operated as “little more than a checkbook to serve Mr. Trump’s business and political interests.”

  14. Just to threaten a legal action (impeachment) with violent action – -and “dead Democrats” is unpatriotic and unconstitutional. If fools take up arms for purposes like this, Scott27 is right – — it would be “domestic terrorism” and the legal authorities, perhaps including the national guard WOULD shut you down in a heartbeat. This talk by people like Brent and Ron says more about the Trumpers than it does about anyone else – – – you don’t believe in democracy or rule by the people. Your threats are not going to intimidate your opposition and you may be facing imprisonment or worse if you are foolish enough to act on such threats.

  15. Another example of the “American Way” – – – now the neo-Fascists want to give jail time for not voting their way. Attacking the media, vilifying their enemies, powerful and continually Nationalism – – all classic marks of German, Italian and now Trumper fascism.

  16. There are new ways that Mexico may be reconsidering their earlier stance on the wall. After much consideration, they have concluded: “no f**king way Mexico will pay for your stinking wall!”

  17. Of course Trump has. He has obstructed justice numerous times, he has committed campaign felonies with Cohen (Cohen plead guilty to two felonies), and now this: Trump Foundation Scandal
    Dec. 18, 2018 – NT Att. General Underwood cited “a shocking pattern of illegality involving the Trump Foundation – – including unlawful coordination with the Trump presidential campaign etc.. “The Foundation operated as “little more than a checkbook to serve Mr. Trump’s business and political interests.” For example, Trump directed $100,000 in foundation money to settle legal claims for a settlement over Mar-O-Lago instead of paying the expense out of his own pocket. And there should be even more coming from Mueller and his team.

  18. The right-wing propagandists make up these stories like Uranium 1, which has been debunked numerous times, even by Fox News. Shep Shepard of Fox Debunking Uranium One BS

  19. A lot of people may not understand, RC, that most of the money was other people’s money and tax exempt – – so if you use money only meant for charitable contributions for business purposes, not only is it fraud but likely to have tax repercussions.

  20. Of course Trump has. He has obstructed justice numerous times, he has committed campaign felonies with Cohen (Cohen plead guilty to two felonies), and now this: Trump Foundation Scandal
    Dec. 18, 2018 – NT Att. General Underwood cited “a shocking pattern of illegality involving the Trump Foundation – – including unlawful coordination with the Trump presidential campaign etc.. “The Foundation operated as “little more than a checkbook to serve Mr. Trump’s business and political interests.” For example, Trump directed $100,000 in foundation money to settle legal claims for a settlement over Mar-O-Lago instead of paying the expense out of his own pocket.

  21. that is all the demonrats can talk about. 1) they must not have any concern about USA business;2) clearly illustrates we do not need them; 3)Our “Elected President” is doing a great job inspite of all the distractions caused by the demonrats.

  22. So let me get this straight, Kerry, Mueller and Hillary worked to sell uranium 235 to Iran, were they registered as foreign agents???? When obuma sold munitions to I believe isis, was he registered as a foreign agent?? Oh silly me, they were democraps!!!!! Protected by the FBI, and D.O. injustice, can anyone prove me wrong. If so I would be the first to say I was wrong!!!!!!!

  23. You morons need to read ex-Vatican cardinal now pen named ‘Avro Manhattan’ in his first- person journal, ‘The Vatican, Moscow Washington Alliance’ where he DOCUMENTS and cites memos and events where he took part and researched involving the efforts by the Vatican, British Empire and Rothschilds in their 240 year old quest to overthrow the U.S. republic. ALL of the recent out of control American military for the British and EU, The MASSIVE IMMIGRATION PROBLEM, POISONING Americans with Fukushima radiation, a contaminated Gulf of Mexico, etc. ALL involves conspiracy and implementation by these entities in covert regards. Get on it or be a lost parakeet. It is up to you. Never trust a member of the British Privy Council in the dark.

  24. Why do the idiots of this world continue to re-elect this brain dead woman….. As for impeachment why not look at Elizabeth pokiehiny Warren or goofy Maxine Waterhead both voted most corrupt politicians of 2018 and both in need of removal. As for goofy Nancy she knows the procedure for impeachment as she was likely there during the Andrew Johnson impeachment and Bill Clinton’s impeachment anyway first and foremost there must be a crime committed that rises to the level of impeachment, now that there is no credible evidence that Trump didn’t have any dealings with the Russians I don’t see that happening….They should go after the ones responsible for all that which just happens to be demoRATS all the way up to and including O’bumbler and Hillary Clinton so maybe this mueller person should be investigating them when he gets done with his current witch-hunt

  25. Exactly, exactly! “Impeached on what grounds?” You stated it all. I have yet to hear one reason. There is none. Name one reason. Gee.

  26. Pelosi is a fraud and TRAITOR AS are all progressives in this Vietnam Vet’s eyes, and he has had a degree in government since a year PRIOR to serving in the 1968 Tet Offensive and surviving it in an Infantry unit DESPITE the use of Agent Orange used on us and approved in the first place by Democrats who entered the war and then expanded it to enrich the military-Industrial Complex Eisenhower warned us against in his 1960 Farewell Adddress! WE SHOULD HAVE LISTENED! Pelosi is exhibiting caution by not immediately impeaching Trump when there are no grounds for it. She is waiting until the Mueller Revelations can be twisted to fit their attempt and increase the likelihood but, IF SHE IS SUCCESSFUL, IT IS ONLY A MATTER OF TIME UNTIL WE LOSE EVERY FREEDOM , CHOICE AND RIGHT CONSTITUTIONALLY PROTECTED BECAUSE IT IS ONLY AS SAFE AS THE GOVERNMENT WILL TO DEFEND AND UPHOLD IT; NOT DISDAIN AND IGNORE IT WHICH IS ALL THE LEFTIST LUNATIC CONSTITUTIONAL APOSTATES ARE GOOD FOR. They ARE, the enemy within and advocate clandestinely, the Deep State and U.N. Conspiracy to END the U.S notion of Sovereignty and manifest destiny and then once in control, establish a One World Dictatorship which would make the former U.S.S.R.look like a walk in the park. They care not at all about you , law and order or national identity. The have violated their sworn oaths as guardians of Constitutional Integrity for the last 5 decades and more and: THIS SORRY, DEGENERATE, DEPRAVED, MINDLESS,DEPRIVED OF SANITY, PARASITICAL IRRESPONSIBLE AND UNACCOUNTABLE SOCIETY IS THE RESULT. God Help America as He is the only One who can and He is certainly No Progressive Democrat who are NOTHING but Communists by another, different title!

  27. WHY would you waste time and resources on a facility like that? I hear Iran is looking for a few “good people”. Send them there!

  28. Send her back to the flake and nut factory from which she came. Those who voted her in must of necessity be as off the rail as she is. Stop this nonsense. Help build up the country rather than tear it apart for the sake of some crazed fanatics who lost the election and can’t get over it.

  29. I totally agree. If they want a civil war bring it on, we elected him, like you said, to Drain the Darn Swamp! One way or another we will get that Wall too!

  30. I have come to the conclusion that way to many people DO NOT understand Donald. He is out to drain the swamp, a problem that I have been Calling for, for many, many years. The establishment has been running this country and the politicians for far to long. They think that they are elite and far above both the law and those of us who love this Country, our Constitution and our Bill of Rights. The Elites are also absolving us of our freedoms that so many of us have fought and died for to preserve. I have a feeling, that they want a civil war, so that they can take away ALL of our freedoms and enslave us like the rest of the world.

  31. This is nothing more than Nancy Pelosi playing to the ‘Stupid Left”. She wants to keep them on the hook with a “hot dog on a stick” approach, until she gets elected speaker. Then she will force them to swallow the hot dog and choke on it. She knows there is no way they will ever be able to remove President Trump from office, and an very expensive impeachment process will doom the democrats from office for the next 30 years. Nothing worse than building up the hopes of the extreme left, only to see a failed impeachment process, blow all of those hopes up. Even her strong supporters will run for cover.

  32. I believe absolutely , ALL , of these Top Democratic Leaders should be Bussed to the nearest Phycological Infirmary or Hospital , under armed Guard , and given Tests to confirm if they are basically CRAZY or see if their Minds are rapidly being eaten by all of their Hatred of President Trump and their despair because they lost the Presidential Election – Could be though it’s just a bad case of STUPIDITY . TSgt., Vietnam Vet. & Systems Analyst, Retired.

  33. Brent, surly and Ron… don’t bet the farm we don’t have arms. Also, quit dreaming. The US military would shut you down in a heartbeat for the terrorists you aspire to be.

  34. i would hold on the civil war talk til they get done, since he has my guess 6 or 7 serious cases going including profiteering off the presidency, ny wants it so him or his kids can’t have a non profit fund for at least 10 years along with them criminally charged for misuse of a charity for personal and campaign fund along with several agencies but from what i read trump charity is being closed now

  35. Damn Right and there will be a lot of dead democrats too! They don’t like guns and don’t own them. Right???

  36. because trump wants to claim he finished the wall as he promise even thou he to this date has failed because his promise was he would build the wall and mexico will pay for it so far only one has paid for it is the us and in there last meeting he told them he saved so much he could renegotiate and get mexico to pay for it so how will he complete his promise when he has to make the us pay for it but take credit for his campaign promise he broke is the point

  37. I agree about using God’s name in vain plus, I don’t believe it is necessary to use any name calling. I understand it helps one’s self to be able to vent anger at the Democrats for being filled with so much hate that they will sacrifice this Nation for their own personal gain, that said. Makes me wonder WHY, if articles of impeachment are filed against any sitting POTUS, IF those articles can not be proven to be true when tried by the Senate, their should be some relief that could be charged back to those who filed the articles in the house, for damages that will have caused grief and hurt to the reputation of the POTUS and his character and well being. Those damages, which might be hard to calculate, should be sufficient that would cause hurt and grief to the filling Representative, such that they would lose their seat in the house and other punitive damages, maybe even monitary gain to the POTUS. This would insure that the filing parties would have to absolute and positive evidence proof and just not a witch hunt, hoping that the filing would produce an investigation that MIGHT produce a smoking gun, win or lose, at tax payer expense.

  38. Well if there was an actual just god they would all instantaneously be struck down, wow!, you religious zealots seriously need to focus on what is relevant, I knew an old alcoholic Jew years back whose favorite phrase seemed to be the exact same phrase you condemn Thomas Carnezi for using.

  39. Too many. We have to elect Republicans who will support Trump. That should be the first question asked when a Republican is running for any office in government. Do not vote for anyone who does not support Trump but do vote Republican for those who will support our president.

  40. I vote we have Polosi Impeached. And anyone else who stands in Trumps way of completing his 2 terms and all his Campaign Promises.
    Why in the hell would they say no to 5 Billion but just a few years ago vote for over 16 Billion. They must of had someone working the border deal and they were going to split up 10 Billion of it if it passed. It just does not make sense at all. All the DemonCraps should be convicted for Obstruction of Justice. This man has worked on and fixed almost every Campaign Promise he made in less then 2 years. Not 1 has ever tried to do that little own done it. Shows you just how crooked the left is. Just a whole bunch of obstructionist is all they are.

  41. I just want them to stop wasting our tax dollars on this stuff!! All, as far as I am
    concerned is water under the bridge and let’s get on with working to help this nation. Quit picking on the leaders we have chosen to work for us. GO AWAY!!! It’s getting old.

  42. You are 100% absolutely correct!!!!!! These Liberals are soooooo stupid and evil – and more than obvious in their disinterest in what is good for this country – only thinking of themselves and their greed – plus hatred of Trump, who is the greatest POTUS we’ve ever had!


  44. You will never impeach our president. He has done way to much for this country. What do you want a third world country like Cortez wants,open borders? you people are crazy.

  45. Unfortunately, the Dem House of Reps are coming soon. Pelosi would create many accusations that would prompt many new investigations against the President. The GOP leadership must act fast on all the conspirators involving the fake Russian dossier. Once they collect sufficient evidence, the House of Reps would have to end all these unnecessary investigations.

    The FBI rogues must be prosecuted. Comey must be identified as a white-collar criminal. The American people need to see their corruption as soon as possible.

  46. This woman is not concerned with breaking the law. The Democrats in the House will not do anything to stop her charge to try and remove our President. I am not too sure that there won’t be enough RINOS in the Senate to remove him from office. Time will tell and when the street fighting starts I can only hope it includes Congress. We are losing our country and there seems to be enough politicians to remove the Constitution.

  47. Thomas Carnesi, I agree with your comment except your taking God’s name in vain. That makes Christians’ skin crawl worse than the “f” bomb. Thank you for the points your comment made.

  48. Trying to overthrow a sitting president is treason. The penalty for treason could mean death. Is Pelosi that stupid?

  49. Pelosi realizes that continued obstruction of legislation that VOTERS want will not get re-election of dems in 2020. With 53 repubs in Senate IMPEACHMENT not forthcoming!!!

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