Nancy Pelosi melted down in front of the cameras and there is only thing left to do

It’s not unusual for Nancy Pelosi to talk to the press.

But what happened crossed all boundaries of normal.

And now there is only one thing left to do.

At her weekly press conference on Thursday, Pelosi suffered 16 instances of “brain freeze” in the span of 15 minutes.

Grabien reports:

“During her weekly press conference Thursday, House Minority Leader’s train of thought seemed to ran out of gas … 16 times.

The 77-year old California congresswoman repeatedly paused in the middle of her sentences while searching for her next words.

In all, Pelosi stumbled 16 times over just 15 minutes.

At times, Pelosi stared vacantly into the distance as she gathered her thoughts.

“This week we had … March 5th … marked the 6th month — the end of the … time frame,” Pelosi stumbled, attempting to explain the expiration of President Trump’s deadline on reforming Deferred Action Against Childhood Arrivals, or DACA and the urgency of resolving the issue.

Addressing a question on the fracturing within the Democratic Party, Pelosi began, “The most exhilarating …” but then struggled to find her next word. Finally she settled on “thrill,” and went on to say that the various competing fractions within her party make it exciting.

Discussing a Senate bill that would reform Dodd-Frank, Pelosi said, “You might say, How do we help communities banks, um, how do we help, um …” and then completely forgot what she was trying to say.”

This has become a common occurrence. The influential Drudge report has been cataloguing these episodes for many months.

She routinely trips over her words and loses her train of thought.

And some believe this is a sign her career is winding down and that she should retire.

Pelosi is already an albatross for Democrats running for office.

Democrats thought they were going to win the special election in Georgia’s sixth congressional district, but Republicans turned the race into a referendum on Pelosi and emerged victorious.

Her San Francisco liberalism has dragged down Democrats in Middle America for years.

Now will voters look at her on camera performances and judge her too erratic to be speaker?