Nancy Pelosi raised eyebrows with what she just said about Donald Trump

Nancy Pelosi was jumping for joy.

She just ran circles around Paul Ryan in negotiating the $1.3 trillion omnibus spending legislation.

But it was what Pelosi said about Donald Trump that raised eyebrows.

Ryan and Mitch McConnell lied to the President.

They tried to sell him on the fact that the legislation included a $1.6 billion down payment on the border wall.

That was not the case.

The legislation included money for repairs for existing fencing and 30 miles of see through fence.

The bill banned money from being spent on the 30 foot tall concrete prototype Trump recently toured.

Pelosi made that clear when she taunted the President on the House floor.

Breitbart reports:

“Democratic leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi taunted Trump during the House debate on the bill on March 22, saying:

He has said in one of his tweets this morning how happy he was because he got the $1.6 billion to start the wall and more to come. That’s not completely true, Mr. President. There’s some resources for fencing and repairs and the rest there. But some of that money is for technology and other ways to protect our borders. We all have a responsibility to protect our borders, north and south, but if you want to think that you’re getting a wall, you just think it and sign the bill.”

Conservatives were up in arms over this legislation.

Led by Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell, they GOP establishment betrayed every single campaign promise they made.

The bill expanded the gun owners registration database and reinstituted Barack Obama’s gun bans.

Ryan and McConnell stuffed the bill with $500 million in funding for Planned Parenthood.

And there was no money for the border wall.

GOP voters look at this legislation and wonder why they should turnout in November since the Democrats control Congress as things stand.

Do you agree?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.



  1. also they are all tit suckers and they dont want to loose their coushy jobs
    that is why we need VOTER ID A MUST AND TERM LIMITS

  2. I agree. I cannot believe i voted for ryan and Romney and volunteered yo help them.
    They do not appreciate that Trump helped them have jobs.
    No other person could have the guts Trump does. The abuse he and Melania has lived with is abominable.
    None of these elected people care about the citizens who live here.
    They are treasonists.
    Also letting the clintons and their group and the obamas still getting away with what they are doing and the lies are ridiculous. I am furious.

  3. They just thought they were pulling the wool over his eyes. He knew some things they didn’t-the way it was set up, he has control over a lot of that, by using the military to build it.

  4. It might be time for a rally in DC with all our long guns and warn these miserable, lying pricks that American Revolution, the 21st Century sequel might be playing in a state/city near you–Mr. Ryan and Mr. McConnell and whoever else in Congress is frustrating the will of WE THE PEOPLE!!!!

  5. Unfortunately, “We, the people” used our most powerful weapon, our vote, to get D. Trump into office and then we don’t use our votes to get the RINOs and Democrats in Congress out! Conservatives need to consider Congressional elections just as important as Presidential elections. We get a good man in the White House and allow the clods in Congress to negate all his work. It’s a shame!

  6. Many of those in our gov’t ARE the “enemies within”! They aren’t going to support Trump regardless because they WANT America to fall!

  7. Am a Trump supporter. Trump is a patriot that wants a “swamp free” America as well as a great America for our citizens. Too many enemies & law breakers are allowed to operate against America and it’s law-abiding people from within….am I wrong that politicians are failing to cooperate with this President because of some meritless grudge and stand in the way of law & order at all levels of gov’t. This President needs the support of our gov’t officials for the overall positive welfare of our nation. Can you anti-Trumpers read/hear and understand that Mr. Trump understands America is in mortal danger from invaders in many guises, as well as an enemy from within…I ask that
    our elected gov’t officials help our President and stop with these personal wars against our President. America must have the most tolerant common people on this planet that is being overwhelmed by some intolerant-greedy & failed elected officials. Are we to survive this anti-Trumpism that is resulting in “anti-Americanism.”

  8. Keep your friends close???? but keep your enemy’s closer???? & and have the wisdom to know the difference????

  9. I have always believed Paul Ryan and McConnell were traitors to President Trump. I don’t trust them and I’m glad Ryan is stepping down. McConnell should also go downnnnn. President Trump knows he has a nation full of prayers for him. God Bless Trump and God Bless America

  10. Raymond just made me so happy! Pelosi damaged her pea sized brain when she fell off her broom! You done good Raymond. Thank you for your observation! We are used to being lied to from all levels of government and continual back stabbing by those we elected to serve us for countless years. Can we take a breath and think? Crazy Elf, Barry, Zee, Mare, LP,Patience is Strength & Quiet Defeat is Best to name only a few…who is our President? DJT. Give him a chance. A patience man who has control of the money whose dealing all the cards he can without drawing excessive attention to himself while getting others to think they are getting exactly what they want. He’s got control of the funds while having one hand on the drain. Patience. So what if he has to look like a bad guy on the surface when he’s got the American people’s back when it’s all said and done?? I would love to see Ryan polisi and other slime out of government but Trump is juggling all the whiny babies at once. The easy obvious thing would be to pull the plug all at once. Not his best move. Gotta balance and be patient for the best way to roll the most sorry heads. Remember folks we are riding a train full steam ahead. We need to use more pray more patience instead of I want it now cause I’m sick of this or that mentality. He’s a conductor on a train hauling the USA with everybody wanting a piece of us even our own government. Better drive at a steady pace and not run us off the track. He’s lining up his Trump cards and when the deal goes down I hope the man plays his best hand and makes every card count that he can. Not all the cards are winners but I bet you some Trump money the hand will be a winning hand! And MAGA Is the end game here. Trump chose this war zone when others sold us and our jobs out of our own Country. Trump won the election not hillary clinton. Just think where we would be if that heifer was in office??? I’m ready to take my chances with President Trump any day. I don’t see anybody else forgoing a paycheck. Guess they could. It may be a drop in a bucket to him. But it’s still his. Oh wait no it isn’t he’s helping our Country with it! Every little bit adds up. A few $100,000 here…there. Let’s quit worrying about wanting our way. Let’s look at the big picture. Let’s win the war not all the battles that will get us there. Lets take the majority of the wins back. Not the party. The party can come later. If we get rid of the better part of the trash ….parties won’t matter so much. Because the bulk of the trash replaced with be a better group of folks to Work for us instead of against us. Teamwork. Stop fighting each other. Put our heads together and work together for a change. That would be a novel idea. Veto or win the war from within? Has anybody fought with us lately? Thanks Raymond. You made me feel better man! Needed it!

  11. Send McConnell and Ryan 12 cents each. The two pennies is for your 2 cents worth; the dime is for them to get off of.

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