Nancy Pelosi raised eyebrows with what she just said about Donald Trump

Nancy Pelosi was jumping for joy.

She just ran circles around Paul Ryan in negotiating the $1.3 trillion omnibus spending legislation.

But it was what Pelosi said about Donald Trump that raised eyebrows.

Ryan and Mitch McConnell lied to the President.

They tried to sell him on the fact that the legislation included a $1.6 billion down payment on the border wall.

That was not the case.

The legislation included money for repairs for existing fencing and 30 miles of see through fence.

The bill banned money from being spent on the 30 foot tall concrete prototype Trump recently toured.

Pelosi made that clear when she taunted the President on the House floor.

Breitbart reports:

“Democratic leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi taunted Trump during the House debate on the bill on March 22, saying:

He has said in one of his tweets this morning how happy he was because he got the $1.6 billion to start the wall and more to come. That’s not completely true, Mr. President. There’s some resources for fencing and repairs and the rest there. But some of that money is for technology and other ways to protect our borders. We all have a responsibility to protect our borders, north and south, but if you want to think that you’re getting a wall, you just think it and sign the bill.”

Conservatives were up in arms over this legislation.

Led by Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell, they GOP establishment betrayed every single campaign promise they made.

The bill expanded the gun owners registration database and reinstituted Barack Obama’s gun bans.

Ryan and McConnell stuffed the bill with $500 million in funding for Planned Parenthood.

And there was no money for the border wall.

GOP voters look at this legislation and wonder why they should turnout in November since the Democrats control Congress as things stand.

Do you agree?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.



    • They just thought they were pulling the wool over his eyes. He knew some things they didn’t-the way it was set up, he has control over a lot of that, by using the military to build it.

  1. Set term limits— kick the career bastards out— they have sucked enough out of us—they need to live in the same world as the rest of us not their private little bubble where we are the peons and they are the kings—get out and vote to get rid of the Pelosi/Schumer dems and Ryan/McConnell idiots

  2. Unfortunately, “We, the people” used our most powerful weapon, our vote, to get D. Trump into office and then we don’t use our votes to get the RINOs and Democrats in Congress out! Conservatives need to consider Congressional elections just as important as Presidential elections. We get a good man in the White House and allow the clods in Congress to negate all his work. It’s a shame!

  3. Keep your friends close😇 but keep your enemy’s closer😇 & and have the wisdom to know the difference😇

    • Am a Trump supporter. Trump is a patriot that wants a “swamp free” America as well as a great America for our citizens. Too many enemies & law breakers are allowed to operate against America and it’s law-abiding people from within….am I wrong that politicians are failing to cooperate with this President because of some meritless grudge and stand in the way of law & order at all levels of gov’t. This President needs the support of our gov’t officials for the overall positive welfare of our nation. Can you anti-Trumpers read/hear and understand that Mr. Trump understands America is in mortal danger from invaders in many guises, as well as an enemy from within…I ask that
      our elected gov’t officials help our President and stop with these personal wars against our President. America must have the most tolerant common people on this planet that is being overwhelmed by some intolerant-greedy & failed elected officials. Are we to survive this anti-Trumpism that is resulting in “anti-Americanism.”

      • Many of those in our gov’t ARE the “enemies within”! They aren’t going to support Trump regardless because they WANT America to fall!

        • also they are all tit suckers and they dont want to loose their coushy jobs
          that is why we need VOTER ID A MUST AND TERM LIMITS

    • It might be time for a rally in DC with all our long guns and warn these miserable, lying pricks that American Revolution, the 21st Century sequel might be playing in a state/city near you–Mr. Ryan and Mr. McConnell and whoever else in Congress is frustrating the will of WE THE PEOPLE!!!!

  4. I have always believed Paul Ryan and McConnell were traitors to President Trump. I don’t trust them and I’m glad Ryan is stepping down. McConnell should also go downnnnn. President Trump knows he has a nation full of prayers for him. God Bless Trump and God Bless America

  5. Send McConnell and Ryan 12 cents each. The two pennies is for your 2 cents worth; the dime is for them to get off of.

    • But we need too put up others too elect to replace them!! It’s
      Very important too get out & vote for Reps, or
      Else there will be worse problems with the Dems in

    • I agree. I cannot believe i voted for ryan and Romney and volunteered yo help them.
      They do not appreciate that Trump helped them have jobs.
      No other person could have the guts Trump does. The abuse he and Melania has lived with is abominable.
      None of these elected people care about the citizens who live here.
      They are treasonists.
      Also letting the clintons and their group and the obamas still getting away with what they are doing and the lies are ridiculous. I am furious.

  6. When National guard is at the border, let them have orders to fire when fired upon!
    Let them train there every year, and set up camp there. Always leave security force there year around. Camp Perry in Ohio even had a restricted artillery firing range over miles of Lake Erie. Has been there since WWII.

  7. For Republicans to retain control of the House and SENATE it is vital that Mitch McConnel and Paul Ryan unreal their lips, and criss criss the Country to explain the contents of the Omnibus Bill, their lackluster NEGOTIATIONS and how they plan to overcome the missing elements of the President Trump’s agenda, if they continue to be the LEADERS OF THE REPUBLICAN PARTY IN CONGRESS FOR TWO MORE YEARS.

    • 2018 AND 2020 will be a tough choice for AMERICAM VOTERS to make. Will Republicans be Republicans or RINOS or something else. AMERICANS can not trust either party to do what is best for AMERICA, they are more interested in what is necessary for the benfft of their party. US FIRST, THE HEKLL WITH AMERICA.

        • There are several states that have passed this convention of state but we need more so we can get back to the true Constitution look at article V in constitution we can set term limits, etc

          • We already have a perfectly good Constitution and Bill of Rights that are not being followed. Making more laws to break won’t force Our lawmakers to follow the letter of the law
            Instead we need to hang some of Our defiant law-breaking lawmakers,
            I’m sure if we sacrifice a few, the rest will come around

          • This is absolutely the WORST POSSIBLE time to seek a ConCon (Art V convention), unless your desire is to throw away what’s left of our Constitution! Think it through! How many of your states votes are dominated by leftist urban centers? Well, WHERE do you think ConCon delegates will be selected from as well??? It will not be a room full of wise, educated conservatives, and, contrary to popular belief, what they do in that chamber is NOT CONTROLLABLE from without! Do you know what happened last time a similar convention was held???

      • Why are the democrats winning on every part of legislation when the republicans are in the driver’s seat???? We definitely need new fresh faces that want to stand up for the people that want change. I am an independent and voted for Trump because I wanted something different than what we had for the pass 8 years and before. Not sure but it seems like we are doomed to fall.

    • you need to get rid of mcconnel and ryan.
      then you have to quit electing people like Romney who is nothing but a super RINO (read flaming liberal democrat/ communist)
      you need to get a SUPER majority of REpublicans in or else we are TRULY FINISHED!

  8. I will send specifics, it will take some time. don’t get impatient.

    As for gutting the 2nd amendment, call it what you will but it’s the Brady bill all over again. Register all weapons, just like Cuba and Nazi Germany did just before the started confiscating them. Classifying look alike as assault weapons when they haven’t a clue what an assault weapon is. Writing an Obama type executive order to out law bumper stock, for Christ sake we are going back 8 years to the regulatory governing of obama.

    • ok. save this site. or i give you email.
      > & admit – ‘we’ approaching ‘bottom’ when
      the mid-teens are ‘riled’ by the Left. i
      saw a vid of grade school gal talking ‘smack’.
      This is Not Good. The LEFT WILL Sacrifice
      the ‘children’, & Don’t Care__

  9. I understand what you are saying but as I read it, the bill, has specific statements as to what the money can and can not be used for. So I am a little hesitant to be lead down the bull sh*t trail again. I will follow the money and see where it leads. If I’m wrong, and I hope I am, we’ll know soon enough.
    But that’s no excuse for gutting the 2nd amendment.

    • I have a copy of the BILL. If you know specific pgs of what $$ can & cannot be used for, tell me & i;ll plow thru it. Reading 100 pgs each day, IS quite a Task. 2nd A = not gutted, by any means,

    • No joe, Potus did not ‘cave’ to Pelosi etc.
      > BILL is Diff than ‘Budget’ .
      > E’0ne needs to understand what just happened.
      >In a ‘BILL’ a POTUS uses Funds ‘allocated’ (in
      this case, over TRILLION in 6 mo.) to be used at
      His Discretion. & Congress CANNOT Stop that. (haha)
      > EX: Can ‘slow down’ funds/ not use & ‘sit’ on funds allocated
      and/or Re-Direct to somewhere else.
      > obama DID this for 8 yrs !!! ie Never signed a ‘Budget’ per say,
      but signed ‘BILLS’ & put the Funds wherever he pleased, UNFORTUNEATELY, not for the good of USA, but to ‘cronies’ or wherever All that $$$ went.

    • Gutted? Really? He came no where close to that and never will. Why is it people like you who hear one small thing and are ready to jump ship? Why not just come out and say you’re now a Democrat? Do you think our country will continue to be the best in the world when you chicken shits turn and run just because he gave the sims an extremely small victory while he did s quick shuffle on the sims with that omnibus bill that he just declared that the wall is a matter of national security and will use money designated for national security to pay for the wall then get Mexico to pay for it through tariffs and other fees. Can anyone here see the genius of President Trump? All those dimes laughing thinking they got over on the president when in reality he just got over on them big time. They’ll be crying in a couple of days when they realize it’s them who were taken.

      • Easy Munge – e’one has to learn ‘stuff’. who is out there to
        ‘splain ‘stuff’ . Sure isn’t media. Some talk radio. 0therwise
        where do normal ppl go to learn.

  10. Come on now Nan, say it with me; God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference, see ya at the meeting tonight!

  11. The demoncraps will never get our weapons, over our dead bodies. That wall is going to get built one way or another or the demonrats are dead where they stand, they will not get back in office and we will make sure of that.

  12. I just read this on another blog and I think ( I hope) President Trump has just “beaten” the rinos and dimwits at their own game!! Hope someone can research it and prove it’s real.
    Text of a Letter from the President to the Speaker of the House of Representatives and the President of the Senate
    Budget & Spending
    Issued on: March 23, 2018

    Dear Mr. Speaker: (Dear Mr. President:)
    In accordance with section 7058(d) of division K of the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2018 (H.R. 1625; the “Act”), I hereby designate as an emergency requirement all funding so designated by the Congress in the Act pursuant to section 251(b)(2)(A) of the Balanced Budget and Emergency Deficit Control Act of 1985, for the accounts referenced in section 7058(d).
    The details of this action are set forth in the enclosed memorandum from the Director of the Office of Management and Budget.

    • Budget is Diff than a ‘BILL’. POTUS Signed a ‘BILL’.
      ALL Allocated Funds are to be used at the Discretion In other words, POTUS just Signed a TRILLION + BILL to be
      Used V. WISELY for ‘us’ etc.
      > obama did this for 8 yrs., but funds were not used to help USA.

  13. When one talks about gun control and gun laws any data base can be hacked and those who are not gun owners are open to home invasion and death. That is the stupidity of our government and our millenial generation. It also means that this nation is as venerable to gun confiscation as Nazi German was during the second world war , leaving the citizen venerable to a treasonous government that will disarm you and leave you defenseless to a Marshall law run government.

  14. Got outfoxed again by the Demms. shame on our conservative leadership for folding their cards and going home crying. They really do not deserve the right to be in the majority…but think of the alternative. Makes me sick. I still have to vote for them to give Pres. Trump a chance to get his agenda/promises pushed through.

      • Betrayed. You cannot trust ANY of the Democrats, and I am beginning to wonder if our President or the people of the United States can trust any of the so called other party. Come on people can’t we all pull together???? President Trump is doing his level best but needs help from God Fearing American’s

    • We weren’t outfoxed at all! Trump is declaring our southern border a national security threat. In doing so, he can use money from the Military endowment, of which there is billions of $to build the wall. There is more than enough money to build the whole wall that he wants. Watch him collect it back from the Mexicans. It will happen

    • magee-maybe not, read my post above and see if you can research the Act he’s referring to. If that is “for real” the dimwits should really start to scream and cry!

    • Do not worry. Trump out foxed them…..beat them at their own game. He got enough money for the military for national security so he can use that for “national security of the border and a WALL !!!! He will use the military to build it

  15. It’ time to retire Ryan and McConnell. They are suppose to represent US, WE Want the WALL. The hell with the tunnel, it will not prevent ONE AMERICAN from being KILLED, Whose BLOOD will be on the HANDS OF ALL THOSE WHO VOTED AGAINST THE WALL>

    • I have said all along that McConnell and Ryan can not be trusted and will stab our President in the back first chance they get. I have absolutely no respect for either one of them and think they need to go. Our President Is working hard to bring this country back to the glory we all use to know and turncoats like these need to go. As for Pelosi, she is without a doubt the dumbest person I have ever seen or heard.She thinks when she makes her speeches that she comes off sounding so smart but God forbid It Is the other way. California must be pretty dense to keep sending her as a representative from there state because she is only making them look worse

  16. I’m not sure they can dictate how the money is used, since the okay was already in place for ‘a border wall’ with no distinction on what kind of wall. Course Pelosi wouldn’t remember that would she? Democrats agreed to a border wall back in the Clinton era when the last amnesty was granted. They just never bothered funding it. So sad old hag, you really didn’t win anything.

    • That wall was promised in ’86, the Reagan era! I was, and still am, in AZ : cattle fences are NOT a “wall” by any stretch of imagination! And I will bet you if Trump tries allocating the money differently than outlined in that monstronsity, the 9th circus will screambloidy murder, again and he won’t carry through, JUST like he’s done with his “refugee”/ immigration bans! Still waiting for those to be stopped too.

      • Trump appropriated money for national security for the military. He is using THAT money to secure the border and build a wall for our “national security”. The military will build it. He out foxed them.

        • Yes, could be – we’ll see. It is all ‘savvy semantics’.
          Let’s hope so. The Entire TRILLION+ BILL &&& he better Damn WEll DO the Rite Thing. i think so.

  17. This Country is Doomed. Crooks run the Country and I don’t mean our President. It’s the typical Politician that runs this country. Donald Trump was voted in because he isn’t a Politician. We are in BIG TROUBLE. I love our President but I hate to say his hands are tied when it comes to Crooked Democrats and Crooked Republicans.

    • Your comments are spot-on Cynthia! I am terribly disappointed that President Trump signed this huge betrayal of the American People. This is just more proof that Democrats and Republican Rinos don’t give a damn about the American People-It’s all about lobbyist money and Illegal Immigrant votes. We are in BIG TROUBLE!

    • Definitely, Mitch and Paul just sold the midterm election to Dems for Soros money. Rinos both of
      them. Trump’s next book will be Art of the Steal as they have already 2 impeachment votes; leaders
      sold him out, his base will leave. No wall, planned parents funding, New York tunnel and increased budget!

  18. This is not a budget bill, it is an omnibus bill- under the emergency budget act Trump can spend the money any way he wants and can defund somethings and over fund others…it ain’t over..the demo and repubs just got played by Trump. MAGA

    • I agree. One of the Republican Senators said the same thing. Much like President Trump eliminated subsidies for Obamacare that had been in a previous omnibus bill signed by Obama. I think President Trump felt forced to sign this omnibus bill in order to assure for funding for the military prior to the meeting with North Korea. I’m hoping that once they get to the actual budget, he will cut much of what the Dems put in this bill for themselves, and direct that funding towards his own projects like funding the border wall.

      • From what i understand: ‘the Wall’ is Completely ‘funded’ thru Military. & the corp WILL Build the Wall. EX: shifting ‘funds’.
        for ‘National Security’. Yeah.

    • CORRECT Mare, a POTUS Can Spend that TRILLION + at His Discretion.
      >Congress CANNOT STOP a potus from doing so.
      > DJT is a ‘blue collar’ Billionaire, Let us Pray He Doesn’t ACT
      like a ‘kid in a candy shop’. ie Advisors ‘steering’ him where he
      shouldn’t go.
      > obama USURPED ‘BILLS’ for 8 godforsaken yrs!!!

  19. What is the difference, you vote for a Repubican and the Dems still get what they want and Pres Trump is screwed.

  20. Personally no I do not agree. You all think things are bad right now?? IF we let the DemocRATs actually get control of either the House or the Senate, then things will get a whole lot worse! The first thing on their agenda will be to IMPEACH PRESIDENT TRUMP. The second thing on their agenda will be to reverse all of the tax cuts that have been put in place and then they will RAISE YOUR TAXES. Then the third thing on their agenda will be to GIVE CITIZENSHIP TO ABOUT 3 MILLION ILLEGALS. Then the fourth thing on their agenda will be to BAN THE 2ND AMENDMENT. So you just take a hard look at the agenda items that I have laid out. And then you tell me that you are going to stay at home on election day! And I will tell you when all this happens that you better just bend over and take it cause if you stay home on election day you will have no one to blame but yourself.

  21. Yesterday I criticized POTUS for signing the Bill. Today I apologize since now I understand what a Omnibus Bill means. It says the POTUS got his military funds that must be spent according to Congress and Senate declaration and lots of garbage that POTUS can spend as he likes. Therefore, his action just might be what makes the signing of the bill worthwhile. Best to you Mr. President..

  22. Trump should have turned things around before he signed the bill. He should have thrown it back in their faces when he went out to sign it on national television and said I will not sign this crap sandwich even though there is funding for the military because of all the pork there and no money for the wall. Bring me a bill everyone can read in an hour or don’t bring one at all.

  23. I understand why Trump did not veto the bill, military money. But I am still disappointed. Shame on the Republicans for allowing the Dems to get everything they wanted and what did the Republicans get? Come on; planned parenthood, a New York tunnel and everything else. Really?

  24. For those paying attention. America betrayed again by the 2 leading republicans (Obama Era lackeys). President Trump had his hands tied on this one. But, who does one vote for that is any better now??? Just disappointed in a great lack of leadership in our so called leaders in both parties.
    Sadly, communist America is a goal of these elites and globalist, and it slowly is becoming a reality.

  25. If pelosi and schumer had brains in their heads they would rattle around like peanuts in box cars!
    I further believe President Trump just stuck it up their collective asses since they did not pass budget but an Omnibus bill. POTUS will spend the $ as he sees fit.

    • No…yes Ryan and McConnell betrayed, but it is the very reason we must vote. By not voting Republican, you are voting Democrat. We worked hard to save our couuntry, don’t give it away.

      • Not so! STOP letting the globalists lock you into the “you must vote R or D lie”! Either is a vote for THEM! Vote outside their wills!


  26. Ryan and McConnell actions are UNACCEPTABLE. TRUMP’S signing the bill is ALSO UNACCEPTABLE. Result is lost votes for the REPUBLICAN PARTY. GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. This is a clear betrayal of the Republican base and of patriotic Americans. Vote out every Republication who voted yes on this bill. They are all RINOs. It can be corrected in the House in two years. Then we can begin erasing all the bad legislation that may have gotten through. You’ll never get rid of it with the current incumbents still in office!

  28. I agree the republicans are just Dems in disguise. No need to vote at all, Soros backing them all, all they do is lie to get elected. They all should be thrown out.

    • Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell should be shot. What they did was treasonous and should not go unnoticed. Action must be taken by the President to stop this kind of crap from happening. If the President wants advice I have plenty for him to consider. Next time read the damn bill and listen to the people who voted for you. Veto, Veto, Veto.

  29. I just Hope that President Trump indeed has an ace up his sleeve. It’s pretty obvious that he was betrayed by both Ryan and McConnell — especially Ryan. I was happy to see that quite a few republicans voted against the bill in the Senate. With the present state of the military, there wasn’t much the President could do IF he wanted and up and ready armed force. I just hope he remembers that time honored phrase “first time, shame on you — second time, shame on me”!

  30. Hello America…
    Listen, I was pissed off when I first heard POTUS was going to sign & then he did? I couldn’t believe my eyes! But…I have learned something about our beloved President, he doesn’t do ANYTHING w/o knowing ALL the angles first! One has to understand just what Barry Soetoro did to our Military over his 8yr occupation as Resident! He damned near decimated it…if y’all don’t know or understand, go & check out our readiness!
    With the looming problems with NOKO/Russia/ISIS & possibly China…our Military is WEAK!!! With this money, well I believe it will definitely help!
    You TRUMPERS out there: you’ve been there from the start & we simply cannot abandon our POTUS when he truly needs us!
    Another thing, I cannot stand these damned RINOS…to me they’re worse than the dems, BUT…If the DEMS GET IN…
    Y’all think shit is bad now, y’all go ahead & vote the dems back in. Y’all go ahead & put fake ass faith in some other ID10T…& when you lose your tax cuts & they increase everything they (DEMS) can get their hands on & they go back to making the bad for America deals again, I don’t want to hear ANY of y’all cryin’ in your beer…oh woe is me! We should’ve let Trump do what he was doing!
    Because I’ll be right here sayin’ it:
    I TOLD YA SO!!!
    I know our POTUS is braggadocious, I know he loves him some Twitter…SO DAMNED WHAT-GET OVER IT!
    Y’all better get some damned backbone, stand up, & praise your President!


  31. From a post of another with which I agree. I KNEW Trump knew what he was doing all along! Crazy like a fox! From my friend Karron….

    On Trump and what he just signed.
    Here’s something I just came across:

    It’s not an official ‘Federal Budget’. It’s an Omnibus bill…not a Budget…He outsmarted them again…Congress basically screwed themselves by not passing a Budget…

    Per the Constitution…the President must adhere to a Budget set forth by Congress and direct the expenditures as provided therein.

    This is another one of those big Porkulus Bills, like they gave Obama for 8 years. This is not a Budget..

    An Omnibus Spending Bill may have some ‘instructions’ as to how the money will be spent…but Obama ignored them.
    He spent the money, or didn’t spend it, however he wanted to.
    And Congress didn’t do a thing about it! Because they couldn’t..

    I think our President observed how this happened, year after year.
    He is bound to realize that those ‘appropriations’ for different things in these Omnibus bills…are merely ‘suggestions’.

    So like Obama, Pres Trump can spend this money on whatever he wants to.
    Or…not spend it.

    Planned Parenthood?
    What if our President decided to tell the Treas Dept to ‘slow-walk’ that money to Planned Parenthood…until the Senate gets off their ass and confirms his appointees?

    Sanctuary Cities?
    What if our President decided to ‘slow-walk’ that money too…until those Sanctuary Cities assist ICE in rounding up criminal illegal aliens?

    Splodey heads? From the Dems and the Enemedia?
    Why yes.
    There would be a colorful display of splodey heads.

    But what could they do about it.

    Our President could just say…’What! Congress should’ve passed a Budget.’

    done finished…research was done…and it is so very humorous actually….our VSG..just said just give me money for the military and the wall…put anything else you want in it…and those goofballs did.

    In this case, as per above….he doesn’t have to spend a dime….because it is not a budget…and even if it was…researched….he could still spend as he please…
    Congress appropriates….up to the President to spend it…or not….as he pleases.

    • Wow! If this indeed is accurate, that’s a horse of a different color. I need to retract my disappointment and send regrets for comments. Thanks for the information.
      Glad soem peole are more resourceful than myself. I admit it.

      • appropriate money for all discretionary government spending. That is what an omnibus spending bill does. Note the key word ” discretionary “. That one word puts it in Trump’s hands as to whether to spend or not. He can tell the Treasury not to give some or all of the money out.

    • And WHAT on God’s green Earth makes you think, even for a nanosecond, he will defy the leftist courts when they decree he has to stick to that omnibus? He hasn’t done so on anything where there is NO ambiguity in the law, as there is here!

  32. Those who commented that President Trump didn’t keep his promise….you are so wrong, look at what he has done in just his FIRST YEAR as President…. The bozo before him never ONCE kept his promises….but people’s memories are short, all those drugs and boozing it that Liberal Progressives do….shortens their memories.. Anyway, President Trump doesn’t smoke nor drink, and his mind is sharp… He has JUST GOTTEN STARTED as a great President, don’t criticize him. Do any of you keep all your promises you have made? Doubtful. But what is more important is that Ryan and McConnell are RINO’s, (Republican in Name Only), have always been, and are not true Conservatives. President Trump is more Conservative than most of the GOP in Congress anyway. When I Vote, I look for R then C, for Republican Conservative, and Vote those people in before just the R. The next bigger issue than the wall would be TERM LIMITS FOR ALL OF CONGRESSIONAL MEMBERS…..That will drain the swamp quicker….and more appropriately, Clean House and Clean Congress…..get rid of the Rats and Dirt.

    • Judy, 0bama did keep one promise. He said he would have the most transparent admin ever. He was right. We could see right through all his lies. *snicker* *snicker*

  33. I think that too is an excellent idea that Dennis mentioned. President Trump didn’t cave, he knows what the Pelosi’s and Schumers’ kind are all about. He got more money for the military which the Pelosi’s -type and Schumers-type would never allowed. So let them Think they won,but in reality, they did what President Trump wanted them to do, give more money to the military, and YES put military bases all along the Mexican border with the U.S.A. and allow the see-thru fence, that way the military can watch even better than the wall…..President Trump outsmarted them again, but they don’t realize it yet…. Don’t be so quick to write President Trump off, he has an even better plan than the wall anyway. Wait and see, be patient, the best is yet to come that will indeed Make America Great Again……

  34. Well Mr President I hope you know what you are doing but Ryan and McConnel and Pelosi seem to have lied to all of us once again! If we don’t get a wall pretty soon I’m done voting for anyone in The Republican Party they are corrupt and a bunch of liars just like the Dems maybe we need to vote you all out and get all new people in congress to much corruption on both sides I was hoping Trump and his administration would be different but letting the democrats have their way you might as well let them control the House and the Senate because that is what they are doing anyway! Very disappointed with you! I’m worried you just lost your base!

      • James you don’t know much about omnibus bills do you? Even though it passed , and trump signed it, he still controls the money . He gives it out when wants to, inany amount he wants to. The Dems outsmarted them selves , now he can tell them to get it you do what I want done!

      • James, we now know that the top Republicans are part of the swamp. DT can’t do it all by himself. I agree he should have vetoed the omnibus bill. Please don’t lose faith, but pray that those apposing DT will be voted out.

  35. We got screwed but the military is going to get money. Voting is that important so we can get all the liars out of the govt. One man cannot do it all by himself. You all sound like whiney babies. You should be ready to fight.

  36. YES I disagree!! Should have been vetoed!!! There was support for security in Jordan and some other odd named middle east country!! RYAN and McCONNELL SHOULD BE RUN OUT ON A RAIL!!! LIARS AND LOW LIVES!!! OUT FOR THEIR OWN AGENDA ONLY!!! USELESS TO AMERICA!!! LIBERALS!!!

  37. If McConnell and Ryan are not replaced the Republicans will lose the Senate for sure in November and the House and White House in 2020. There will be no good reason to even go to vote. The Rino Republicans care nothing about what they promised us.
    “Fool us once shame on you. Fool us twice shame on us” I am done being fooled

  38. Trump you disappointed me, you should have veto it. I was with you all the way until you did this we the American people want that wall NOW. Otherwise it will show in November plus why was there money sent to Parenthood that kills children what the hell is going on with this country Trump I hope you didn’t give into them you were my last hope

    • Apparently we, the right, have elected a bunch of self centered idiots! Ryan & McConnell are the head idiots but right now I’m thinking Trump is a close 2nd. I agree with Rob, we want the wall NOW, but since everyone caved INCLUDING Trump it doesn’t look like we’ll get it. Therefore I don’t see anyone, right or left, that deserves my vote. I will vote for term limits (ONE) for the house, senate and pres however all current need to go. What a waste of our money!

    • He didn’t- he just outplayed them all…the emergency budget act provides him with the power to spend all that money the way he wants to. It wasn’t a budget bill where his hands would be tied= it’s an omnibus bill- Congress just handed him all the power! It’s brilliant!!!

  39. The entire time Obama was in office Congress sent him “Omnibus Spending Bills” and he spent money whenever and wherever he wanted…It seems that this is NOT a budget the President is obligated to follow per the Constitution, but simply a suggestion on how congress thinks the $1.3T should be spent?

    • That’s a fact!
      That “Omnibus BILL” allows for the POTUS to spend the monies anyway he wants. Basically, taking the control away from Congress!!!!!
      *Side Note – The Supreme Court just ordered Obama to “…repay $400 million dollars…” back. This is contingent on Obama to follow what the Supreme Court has ordered. And, as we ALL know, Obama has NEVER followed the Supreme Court’s decisions!

      • P.S.
        On Obama’s (and the Democrats) spending habits:
        As he became more powerful, no one actually knows where the monies went!

  40. Don’t kid yourselves, Trump will make they pay in the long run. He’s nobody’s fool. And Pelousi will eat her words before too long. She’ s nothing more than a complete
    MORON. iF SHE ever were to try bording a bus, the driver will just say

    • I hope you’re right but it seems to be the same old game the republicans are in power but the democrats lead and control. I find them pathetic.

      • Raymond just made me so happy! Pelosi damaged her pea sized brain when she fell off her broom! You done good Raymond. Thank you for your observation! We are used to being lied to from all levels of government and continual back stabbing by those we elected to serve us for countless years. Can we take a breath and think? Crazy Elf, Barry, Zee, Mare, LP,Patience is Strength & Quiet Defeat is Best to name only a few…who is our President? DJT. Give him a chance. A patience man who has control of the money whose dealing all the cards he can without drawing excessive attention to himself while getting others to think they are getting exactly what they want. He’s got control of the funds while having one hand on the drain. Patience. So what if he has to look like a bad guy on the surface when he’s got the American people’s back when it’s all said and done?? I would love to see Ryan polisi and other slime out of government but Trump is juggling all the whiny babies at once. The easy obvious thing would be to pull the plug all at once. Not his best move. Gotta balance and be patient for the best way to roll the most sorry heads. Remember folks we are riding a train full steam ahead. We need to use more pray more patience instead of I want it now cause I’m sick of this or that mentality. He’s a conductor on a train hauling the USA with everybody wanting a piece of us even our own government. Better drive at a steady pace and not run us off the track. He’s lining up his Trump cards and when the deal goes down I hope the man plays his best hand and makes every card count that he can. Not all the cards are winners but I bet you some Trump money the hand will be a winning hand! And MAGA Is the end game here. Trump chose this war zone when others sold us and our jobs out of our own Country. Trump won the election not hillary clinton. Just think where we would be if that heifer was in office??? I’m ready to take my chances with President Trump any day. I don’t see anybody else forgoing a paycheck. Guess they could. It may be a drop in a bucket to him. But it’s still his. Oh wait no it isn’t he’s helping our Country with it! Every little bit adds up. A few $100,000 here…there. Let’s quit worrying about wanting our way. Let’s look at the big picture. Let’s win the war not all the battles that will get us there. Lets take the majority of the wins back. Not the party. The party can come later. If we get rid of the better part of the trash ….parties won’t matter so much. Because the bulk of the trash replaced with be a better group of folks to Work for us instead of against us. Teamwork. Stop fighting each other. Put our heads together and work together for a change. That would be a novel idea. Veto or win the war from within? Has anybody fought with us lately? Thanks Raymond. You made me feel better man! Needed it!

  41. The stinking democRATS and Rinos care NOTHING about the American people and what WE need or want… They care about themselves, cause trouble for president Trump, tear down America and represent law breaking illegal aliens… they are appalling!! what we need to do it vote out ALL democRATS and Rino and take this country back from the cesspool… Trump is constantly being slammed by these idiots… God Bless President Trump… but he should have vetoed this bill… the only reason he signed it was to fund our military.. the sick appalling Rinos and DemocRATS would hold our military hostage to get the garbage they wanted in the bill … they do NOT deserve to hold any office…. time to get them OUT

    • That’s exactly right. There’s an election going on TODAY in I think New Orleans! I don’t care about it but if they get another Democrat in there it’s just another person to vote against MAGA!

    • Ty for this reply you are right what is upsetting with rep party they have their own rats in own people not supporting and respecting president. Those republicans should be kicked fired they stab their own members including president
      Example McCain the illegall staf he has done against president wow He does ant have to go to jail he is Done Cancer is eating him a live he is dishonest and embarrassing for all USA
      He got what he deserve he is an idiot

      • Cathy, McCain has been in Sedona since December and did not vote on this bill. To my surprise Flake actually voted nay on it, but he & McCain seldom voted differently, so it’s highly likely McCain would also have voted nay.

    • I agree, but I CAN”T vote for the other party under any terms. They are worst. Trump doesn’t stand a chance with both parties fighting him. What happen to us(America)? This is more than GOD can fix. I can’t name one that in congress that will fight for America, they are in for the money & POwer

    • Today is one of those days that is difficult to be a Christian. I know we should not feel hatred, but I must say that I have never hated anyone as much as I do Donald Trump!
      He has double crossed his supporters one time too many, and now he has lost all of them (who have any sense)! I am hoping for Rand Paul as our next President, but I really believe that trump just handed the next presidency to the demoncrats. We’ve been sold out, totally.

      • I can’t help but think trump has an alternative motive we don’t see. He is either compromised or he just tricked everyone again. I pray it’s B. He wouldn’t just sign a spending package until he understood it. There is something we’re missing

        • They backed him into a corner. They gave him the military spending he wanted, but crammed it full of other wasteful spending. He either had to veto the entire bill and shut the government down (which he would be blamed for) or sign it to get the military spending (and get blamed for signing it with all the garbage in it), He was in a lose/lose situation either way. He was not happy about it and told them he will never sign another bill like this one.

          • It isn’t a budget. It is an omnibus spending bill. He can spend the money if he wants. But he doesn’t have to.

          • No, he won’t ; he’ll never get another bill like this that he SHOULD HAVE VETOED , but chose not to, and screwed America, as well as made himself a LAME DUCK already!

        • Curtis, have you not read the majority of these posts? They say it all—-POTUS was just handed an “OMNIBUS bill” he is legally allowed to spend the $$$ as he sees fit!
          Come on y’all…Y’all gotta think 1st! This will be fine!

  42. We must stop output of control politicians. We are headed for another revolution by the PEOPLE l hope to take our country back. This is why we cannot let our government take our weapons to defend ourselves. This means all types of weapons needed in war.

    • I have no respect or like for anyone in Washington DC. They could care less about the people that elected them, and expected them to do what the people wanted.

      Plus, I just cannot stand Nancy Pelosi and her band of crooks. I would have to throw a party for all the people who agree with me if she just up and died. The country would be so much better off without her and the people that back her crooked ways.

      • Pelosi and Schister have sold their souls to Satan, along with many others, so we know just who is running Washington, Crazy California,and as a matter of fact, our entire country. MAY GOD HELP US!
        PLEASE PRAY.

    • I find it nearly impossible to believe or understand what the Democraps feel that they have accomplished. Do those idiots actually believe that voting americans will not be re-alerted next November of just how CROOKED, Non-caring and STUPID they have been? Do they not realize that they havn’t fooled President Trump, they have fooled themselves! It becomes more evident as each day goes by, that the Democraps are, and Have been, slowly opening the LOCKS and puting America in a leaking dike that will SINK THIS GOVERNMENT!!!!!!! Each stupid act that these politicians are responsible for allowing to occur, is not only harming the American image thru out the world by their downright STUPID stuff they are fostering and encouraging, but these acts are building the cornerstones of the future leaders, and Thankfully, Paloser and Chumley are either going to quit or get voted out of office soon! America might have a chance yet!! As with the Clintons, The BIG ZERO, Horrendous Holder, and all of the 9 government dodo’s that are responsible for depleting American Uranium by 20% will soon see themselves facing special prosecutors, and the sooner the better!!! What they did is CRIMINAL, and I can hardly wait for ALL of their grandchildren to read or hear from friends and classmates just how crooked their elders have been!!!

    • Because of this. ” appropriate money for all discretionary government spending” Note the very key words “appropriate” and ” discretionary spending “. That means money is available but discretionary means it doesn’t have to be.

  43. There was one good thing today, and one bad thing. The good thing is the funding for our military, they damn sure deserve it. And the bad thing is- trump was upset because he couldn’t be funding DACA.
    …OMG! What just happened here? They mean more to him than the wall THAT HE PROMISED US HE WOULD BUILD? How in the hell could we have ever ‘dreamed,’ that our hearts are just as broken as the illegals! Because from either side- we both got ****ed.
    Our frigging president is a RINO in drag, he did the unthinkable- the bitch pelosi is happy. God forbid, I can’t stand the thought of how happy schumer is, it makes me want to throw up 🤢. All we can do now is patch up the old POS wall and keep watching them come in any time they want. He lied to us, he fooled us REAL good as he stabbed America in the back.
    I don’t smoke but I guess I’ll light a cigarette since we all got ….

    • No, no, everyone take a collective breath and wait and see what is going to happen. Quit condemning Trump. He still needs us on his side. Remember it is up to him to spend the money as he sees fit. He will sling mud in Pelosi and Schumers face yet. He is not going to give them their way. Please hang in their with him otherwise we are doomed.

  44. While Obama was the president, the congressional Democrats would do anything for him.

    But Mitchell and Ryan …

    You know the Omnibus deal may boost the Democrats’ midterm elections.

  45. Leftwing or rightwing what’s the difference it’s the same bird..we the people need to fire everyone put them in prison for treason against the American citizens.. they have been stealing from us all these years.. That’s robbery. Stop paying them our tax dollars until our debt that they put us in is paid. Take all of their money and put it towards our national debt. They work for us we pay them. So we will pay them crumbs. Treat them the way they treat us.

    • Sounds like a plan! Also vote for none of those who supported this fiasco! Let them KNOW they will not get your vote, if you are in their districts.

  46. Pelosi is cancerous like Schumer and the rest and like all americans know she’s still playing illegal immigrants. Hearts of stone and pure evil but she hasn’t won anything. God is on the throne and woe unto them for all their lies and watch violence never change in america cause of all the illegal guns sold underground by gangs etc .They are so stupid cause criminals don’t buy guns at gun stores and Trump admin need to ban all movies and video games that have guns in them and harsh penalties for any retailer that sells them Start with Hollywood.

  47. The wheat fields of Washington DC are so infected with weeds,like Ryan and McConnell, that you can’t even see the wheat. Trump is surrounded by the enemies of the American people. We were sold down the river generations ago and didn’t even know it.

    • Unfortunately, Trump just proved he’s 1 of them, when he signed that obscene joke. To what purpose a military that no longer HAS a nation to defend? Like the man who gained the world but lost his soul, there is only Losing in this move!

  48. Obviously, the Republicans are going to stay seated on their hands & the Democrats are going to run the Country. Even though lots of twittered to the President to VETO the bill, he didn’t do it so what’s his excuse? I’m a little tired of this BS.

    • President Trump signed it only to get the military funding that’s so desperately needed. We need to get back to being the best there is and ever was.

    • He obviously doesn’t read his tweets from people. Of course, vile as many are, I don’t blame him. But the WH was taking NO CALLS either! Not even voice mail! I tried yesterday afternoon, and 3 times this morning before he signed that thing! There’s NO EXCUSE for that, especially when something as crucial and destructive as that bill was coming down!

  49. We have once again been stabbed in the back by RINO’s in our government again lead by this wanna be paul ryan. His name doesn’t deserve capitalization. Remember him next election.

  50. Since the bill didn’t give the president the money for the wall but to build the military…why not move all our military posts like Ft Carson in Colorado to relocate on the border where they can train for the kind of terrain they will be fighting in and to learn how to protect our borders. With all our post lining the southern border and patrolling it would put a stop to any illegals trying to cross their lines. I dare them to try!

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