Nancy Pelosi responded to a retirement question with this two-word answer

All eyes are on Nancy Pelosi.

There are rumors this could be her last term in office.

But Nancy Pelosi raised eyebrows with this two-word answer about retirement.

When Nancy Pelosi won the Speaker’s Gavel in 2019 she cut a deal.

Pelosi promised liberals that she would only serve two terms in the position.

Those two terms are up next year.

Many political observers expect Pelosi to retire rather than serve in Congress as a backbencher.

But Pelosi has remained tight-lipped on her future plans.

MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski tried wringing an answer out of Pelosi during her recent interview for Forbes Women.

But Pelosi wouldn’t bite.

When asked by Brzezinski to respond to the word “retirement” Pelosi shot back “What’s that?”

The Daily Caller reports:

In the interview posted by Forbes Women, Brzezinski asked Pelosi to respond to a list of words with her opinion. One of the words Brzezinski asked Pelosi to respond to was the word “retirement.” Pelosi laughed, looked at Brzezinski, and said, “What’s that?

Brzezinski laughed back and said, “Exactly.”

Pelosi may very well know her retirement plans.

But the Speaker is keeping them close to the vest out of fear that if she announces this is her last term in office Democrats will view it as a sign they are doomed next November.

Donald Trump still blames former House Speaker Paul Ryan for announcing ahead of the election in 2018 that it would be his last term.

Trump felt Ryan quit in the middle of a battle and it signaled to Republican voters that there was no point in turning out because their cause was lost.

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