Nancy Pelosi said seven words about coronavirus that she instantly lived to regret

Nancy Pelosi and her allies were thrown back on their heels by polls showing the American people approving of the President’s handling of the coronavirus outbreak.

Their desperation is leading to a series of major mistakes.

And that continued when Nancy Pelosi said seven words about coronavirus that she instantly lived to regret.

Nancy Pelosi appeared on fake news CNN’s “State of the Union” program where the Speaker of the House made the outrageous claim that Donald Trump killed Americans with the coronavirus by supposedly not taking the virus seriously at the outset.

“The president, his denial at the beginning was deadly,” Pelosi ranted. “His delaying of getting equipment to where it continued – his continued delay in getting equipment to where it’s needed is deadly. Now the best thing to do would be to prevent more loss of life rather than open things up, because we just don’t know.”

Host Jake Tapper let that obvious lie slide.

Not only did President Trump take the virus seriously from the start – he banned travel from China back in January – but it was Pelosi that actually downplayed the virus.

Pelosi toured the Chinatown section of her San Francisco district in late February and insisted Americans go out and live their lives and attend mass gatherings.

Just like in the Russian collusion hoax where Democrat accused the President of coordinating with Moscow when it was really the Hillary Clinton campaign colluding with foreign spies, in the case of the coronavirus it was Democrats that downplayed the virus and didn’t take it seriously while President Trump restricted travel to delay the viral outbreak in the United States.

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  2. There are other afflictions besides covid 19 and that is a node missing in the brain, Pelosi has had this illness for a long time.

  3. Why doesn’t the “media” publish that Obuma was the one to not replenish medical supplies… not President Trump… and that Obuma put many more immigrants in detention centers than President Trump, etc., etc., etc!!

  4. The DemocRATS and the media don’t know when to keep their collective mouths shut.
    Someone needs to tell them to engage their brains before putting their mouths in gear.

  5. Pelosi is a windbag spewing lies about the GREATEST PRESIDENT IN MY LIFETIME!! He was put in place by God to save America and Americans! The Democrats are so FILLED WITH HATE AND JEALOUSY they can’t stop to thank the President for trying to SAVE EVEN THEIR LIVES! They are like little children throwing a tantrum, saying “I hate you”! They need to grow up and ACT LIKE ADULTS!

  6. Nancy, you are such a hypocrite. It was not Trump, but you who did not take this virus seriously. The end of January, Trump canceled all flight to and from China. What did you do, you were trying to bring visitors to Chinatown. So if Chinatown did not have the virus, you we’re welcoming it in. Please do not say anything as you sound like you are drunk with all the stuttering.

  7. Nancy. It is sometimes better to remain silent and let people think that you are a fool, rather than to open your mouth and remove all doubt. You should live by this statement every hour of every day.

  8. Pelosi has to be related to George Soros.. Their facial expressions and their overall appearance resembles each other to closely for them not to be.. This senile Hag has to be replaced in November if not sooner.
    I just can’t believe that this is the best the demorats could come up with to run the House of Reps. What a bunch of Morons!!!!

  9. If they where in charge they would cover it up ever chance they can. Fix the number of deaths. Wow if I had to say it they are all blind to the truth. So sad they is no hope for them. Trump 2020.

  10. The left wing radicals have shown us all we need to know about them during this crises. I have no doubt they will continue to cast blame, shout obscenities, and pretend they are going to do something meaningful (without defining it – probably another impeachment hoax). What you can be sure of, as they are demonstrating, is that they will not be supporting any of the Presidents task force efforts which are tremendous and lack nothing in way of response. On the other hand, democrats have done nothing, and are an embarrassment, shame and disgrace to the American Hero’s who are fighting this terrible plague.

  11. Our President has done a perfect job with the virus. Obviously the progress of the virus changes every day so his actions and decisions must also change. For some strange reason the Dems are too stupid to realize this. They are not able to be flexible. Viruses are wild and we cannot predict from day to day — The Dems cannot understand that they cannot control the action of a virus or the actions of millions of people. Some people will not self-quarantine and it is these people that travel the virus around the world. Wish Noisy Nancy would fall down the rabbit hole and then someone could fill it with cement to keep the US safe from idiots. Norma Milton

  12. h hope people will remember what a witch e has been. Anything Trump wants to do, she is against it. Remember we are having an election in a few short months and we need to get the
    house, keep the senate and the White House so we don’t have to look at her, Schumer, Nadler
    and Shift. What a relief!

  13. Mancy Pelosi is a sick,demented,lying,disgusting, despicable, disgusting, intolerable, DEPLORABLE disgracaceful,wretched,vile,pitfful,detestable,ignominious worthless,insignificant,low-life, individual who deserves to be voted out of office. Pelosi has displayed she has a serious problem incapable of representing the American people. Pelosi has proven thru her action she should be voted OUT of office. Pelosi is the example why TERM LIMIT should be considered.

  14. You and I know the truth. What we need in November are more Americans waking up and see who’s been hiding behind that mask all these years. We must not allow a continuation of the corruption in government which has been ruling us for decades. An unelected bureaucracy dictating rules affecting our daily lives and our country.
    And the corrupted “elected” officials who rule the swamp.

  15. The Democrats keep trying to find more impeachable conduct on the part of President Trump and are continually putting verbiage out there and hoping it will grow into that impeachable offense. They are VERY fearful that the 2020 elections is already decided, for the most part. That is why Pelosi keeps floating any verbiage she can in the hopes it will take root and grow.

    However, so far this has actually hurt the Democrats even more. Most Americans hear this crap and are thoroughly disgusted by it. Make no mistake, the American people are not taking this lightly. They see this for what it is and the only thing Pelosi is doing, at this time, is getting President Trump higher approval ratings and more votes come 2020. This, same as the Russia Collusion nonsense and the Ukraine nonsense, is just making Americans more angry with the Democratic party.

    Go, Nancy, Go!! Don’t stop, please!! You are ensuring that Americans are taking notice of the truth!! Thank you, Nancy!

  16. Lets tell it like it is: Nasty Nancy delayed the corona virus bill for weeks trying to sneak in her own selfish, unrelated agendas. So SHE was to blame for many people, hospitals, nurses etc for denying people supplies and help they needed and SHE was responsible for people dying because they couldn’t get the money they needed for treatment. She did it so she could blame Trump for not responding fast enough. EVIL woman!!!

  17. Nancy and Joe must talk a lot to each other because they talk like they have brain dead Ideals but Pelosi she has a lot of ball talking about President Trump not doing his job. all Nancy done for over 3 year. done not a thing for the American people.but Nancy can`t take any credit for helping Trump just think Nancy just think how Great Americans doing with out the Democrats but you did hold up C19 funds Pelosi your the Idiot

  18. The sad fact is that her congressional district is comprised of grey matter deficient morons just like her. They all must be breathing the same crap fumes from the district’s streets. How else could one explain it?

  19. All this is why the swamp needs drained and get a term limit in congress and senate to stop this kind of crap

  20. Ever hear of Alice in Wonderland and the role of The Mad Hatter.
    well that’s Old Nasty NAN I the flesh. I really think that she is blinded by her hate for Trump’s success. I wonder if the group of hateful morons
    Will wake up and smell the fragrance of TRUMP’ 2020’s greatness?

  21. California make the biggest mistake vote that jackass into congress see i’m from California but i leave in South Carolina right now i love it here.all this outsider going to washington and trying to tear down our beautiful America.I’m army vet serve 20 yrs and you know what no matter what happen right now America still the best country in the whole world God bless America he will save us from this varius.

  22. is all what she say hard to believe will can exist a person like her hope God help all American people open eyes and w/o hate just put at senate and congress people will work for our loved Country no politics just take big salaries tax payer money STOP HER ASAP

  23. Wilson nailed it. Pelosi and her Clown Crew and aptly named the “Do Nothing Dems”. Any American who would vote for any Dem needs to look in a mirror or get their heads examined. I don’t remember a more incompetent and corrupt group………..since Obama.

  24. Pelosi is drowning and gasping for air. She knows the democrats have nothing to offer. She knows they have no electable candidate, and no chance of defeating Trump in November. She is already despised by every non Trump hating American.
    Drowning and gasping for air. I hope enough Americans are smart enough to vote this evil skank out of office.

  25. Pig Pelosi is a evil hearted pos just like her asshole father was he was a dirty low life she a dam liar drunk need her ass voted out of Congress the real American people are sick of her and other swamp rats can’t trust a rat like pig Pelosi ignorant scum

  26. Her only agenda is to hurt the president. I hope that the skank gets the coronavirus and dies. No threat here. Just wishing that nature would take it’s course. The world would be better off without nasty Nancy.

  27. PELOSI could not tell the front from the back of a jackass! Nothing come out of her mouth that is TRUTH! I wondered if that the way of Catholic SUPPORTER? Just lying as Satan follower do! Won’t be surprised if there a few old Democrat get call home by SATAN!

  28. Why is nancy piglosi allowed to grow and sell marijuana on her Napa Valley estate? Nobody else could get away with this but her nephew is Gov. Gavin N. This woman knows no bounds when it comes to evil intentions. Please CA Demos vote her out, she doe not give a rat’s behind about you.

  29. Nancy PIGlosi is a horrible lying old bitter demented toothless hag. Every time she opens her mouth she tells lie after lie and it is a chore for her to keep her teeth from flying out of her big ugly mouth. I pray every day for GOD to save us from this witch.

  30. The dance continues. Potus and his teams of professionals are fighting to fix problems while the Left and the media, and their bands of political thugs and character assassins, are out to fix blame. Cuomo has stock-piled over 10,000 ventilators that Potus has sent him while Cuomo cries to the media that he doesn’t have enough ventilators to provide to the people who need them.
    Potus works hard to put forth a positive outlook about how Americans working together can overcome this pandemic, while the Left and the media continue to cry that this epidemic is caused by Potus because he didn’t move fast enough, smart enough or quick enough. All nonsense. This Marxist Left have been trying for 3 yrs to overthrow this President, and weaponizing this epidemic is just their latest attempt in that effort.
    Time and time again, this president’s entrepreneurial leadership has outperformed the Marxist Left’s lynch mob tactics to bring him down, and he continues to do so. Potus demonstrates American exceptionalism at work.

  31. When will people realize the Demon-Craps and The She Wolf are nothing but buzzards waiting for good people to drop.But we still Stand Tall..and I’ll take all those checks coming to American people,The Demons don’t need them ..They are not true Americans..

  32. It seems to me that the Biggest Mistake Nancy the Ding bat makes daily is going on tv with NOTHING TO SAY but sPIT OUT NONSENSICAL Diatribes to show how badly she mISSES HER LOST MIND

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