Nancy Pelosi said two words that stopped Washington dead in its tracks

Democrats are moving toward impeachment proceedings.

There is no doubt about that.

And Nancy Pelosi said three words that stopped Washington, D.C. dead in its tracks.

Nancy Pelosi was interviewed by Washington Post fake news reporter Robert Costa for a “Washington Post Live” event.

Costa brought up the possibility of holding Donald Trump in contempt of Congress if he asserts executive privilege to block former White House Counsel Don McGhan from testifying.

Pelosi gave a long and rambling answer and said Democrats impeaching President Trump was inevitable calling Trump’s conduct “self-impeachable.”

Breitbart reports:

Pelosi replied, “Well, we don’t know that he has yet. Let’s take it one step at a time, let’s see where it goes. And I have said the president is goading us into, wants to goad us into impeachment because he knows, as do I, that that’s not a good thing for the country.”

She continued, “But the point is is that every single day, whether it’s obstruction obstruction obstruction obstruction of having people come to the table with facts, or ignoring subpoenas, every single day the president is making a case. He’s becoming self-impeachable, in terms of some of the things that he is doing.”

Costa asked, “Could there be an option for Democrats, that you would consider, of a narrow impeachment proceeding against President Trump about the issues you just raised, obstruction of Congress?”

Pelosi said, “Let me just say that right now, we have our committees doing the investigation. But since you mentioned 1974, at that time, Congress took months, months to build a case.”

Pelosi has tried to keep her foot on the brakes for impeachment.

But it’s clear that reluctance was always fake.

And now Pelosi is getting ready to let Democrats’ passion for impeachment run wild.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Let me lay out their impeachment. They will lose no viable charges, they lose big time. 2020 and 2004 republican wins with large majorities in Congress. That is what they are hoping for?

  2. They would rather spend millions more of our tax dollars to keep thier lie alive UNTILL next election. We see where thier pathetic minds are, instead of doing thier job that we pay then to do, to work for America and its citizens, they sit on thier azzes trying to figure out how to impeach Trump. HE’S CLEARED, IT’S OVER MORONS!

  3. Nasty Nancy Shuster Schumer and the rest of democrats are working to impeach President Trump but just like all their efforts on all the things their trying to conger up are all fake.

    • We should allow the demoncraps to attempt the impeachment of Trump with the stipulation that if he is not guilty all demoncraps, rhinos, and back stabbers that voted for and or participated in the process give up their right to ever be in government service now or in the future, loose all rights to their bank accounts, and server 10 years in prison. That should either stop the idiots, or put them where they deserve to be.

  4. All Trump had to do was say he wants Nancy to bring impeachment, now she has changed her mind, because it is something he wants. Trump keeps playing them like a fiddle.

  5. DO NOT VOTE FOR DEMOCRATS IN 2020. Instead of fixing the immigration and Health care issues, they are spending our TAX money to go after the President. And all the candidates for Presidency, if you promise welfare to all including illegals, where will you get the funds? Tap the SS, Medicare and Medical programs? The funds are shrinking due to illegals able to take advantage of the loopholes with our laws. Imagine allowing illegals to have driver license but voters id is a no no?

    • Pelosi is an idiot and she will not impeach our POTUS! These demorats are looking at prison time for all their crimes so they can stop their meaningless rhetoric, we the people are not listening to these nazis!

      • If anyone needs to be IMPEACHED, it is the whole DEMONRAT PARTY. All as these POS SOB’s have done since President Trump took office is obstruction of the PRESIDENT to MAGA. SO WE THE PEOPLE need to vote every DEMONRAT out of office in 2020. Especially get rid of these MUSLIM POS that Disgrace our country with their HATRED.

  6. Joe the Plumber couldn’t be DUMBER! You are an complete idiot. Trump is the Best President of all times. He has done more for ALL Americans combined. Nancy has lost her mind. Trump is going to win in a landslide in 2020. Also, Joe wait until the Ag and IG comes out with their investigations. The Dem’s are going DOWN bigly. The Democratic Party is done. They will never have power again. Joe if you don’t understand all the crimes that have happened, you are living in your parents garage. Wake up my friend you sound just like the rest of the un-educated stupid people. Trump has made me a proud American and I am a Native California. Thank You God for our wonderful President Trump. Thank You President Trump!!!!!!!

    I know she has done something real bad.
    Why else would she be so panicked stricken.
    The lies, moron syndrome, lack of patriotism,
    2020 will be the best year of my life. MAGA

  8. Let them Try because on Nov.4th 2020 they will be out of office. They can try but the house can’t Impeach they can only bring charges with Evidence so now they hope to find some in Trump’s Taxes and they have no legal right to see them as part of any Congressional Oversight without Proof of a Financial Crime !!!!!

  9. Why isn’t Pelosi being investigated for part in the assanation attempt when Pelosi and her stuff and Pelosi family members decided to take a vacation out of the country when the government was shut down if she was not in on it she dang sure knew about it but didn’t say anything and tried to get her family and stuff out of the country until it was over but once again the attempt failed so why is she not being investigated


    • The dems where my party ,but never again will I vote dem.once a great party of JFK, not the hate party of america.vets on the street and dems, they want to bring in millions of votes of illegals, and put them on Medicare and tax the crap out of hard working americans.i am now a dem party hater and ,registered independent and I call out for all the real american dems to follow my lead.

      • Very wise George…now if others would see the light we would be in good shape. Spread the word….I do whenever I can, because long ago… the early 80’s I was also a Dem. and I am so thankful someone shared the differences with me and how their policies are so against the Word of the Lord…and against our founding fathers ideologies…what at first made America great. I was only a Dem. because my parents were…but so glad someone opened my eyes to the evil they represent.

        • I was never one of those demonRATS. I saw through their hypocrisy early on. They profess racial equality and yet discriminate against Caucasians. They preach religious tolerance and yet hate Christianity. They squall about “gun violence” while killing babies by the millions. They evoke the Constitution when it suites their purposes, yet they are trying to take away our first and second amendment rights. They claim to want to make America safer while letting millions of third world criminals and terrorists flow freely across our borders. Their symbol is a jackass; stubborn and stupid, very fitting. The Republican symbol is the elephant; strong, protective and intelligent. Something for them to start living up to…

  10. How is it that this woman could devote 157 years of her wretched, angry existence to one thing, just one, and still be so woefully vacuous. One word of truth in Nancy Pelosi’s mouth would ignite a fire that could incinerate the whole of Washington DC.

  11. Poor old PIG losi trying to be important is a non important party that has lost it’s support of people with half a brain…

  12. MADAME PEWLOSI, you just keep babbling, blithering, and braying … that is your ( ONLY ) strong suit. And then the day will come in November 2020, when you wake up and say …. “uhhh … I mean, ummmm — what happened ?” haaaaaaaaaa

  13. The ones needing action against them are the democrats and FBI and other officials who perpetrated this fraudulent hoax and the ones attempting to thwart the 2016 election.

  14. Re-read the summary of the Mueller report one more time, Nancy. No more indictments are needed. You Nancy should know well enough that Mueller never followed the crumbs that would obviously lead directly to Hillary and Obama.

    Grow up, Nancy! Stick with the truth. We are getting there soon. The US Supreme Court would throw out your case. “Frivolous” is what it will be.

    Liberals … twisted with TDS mentality.

  15. Nancy despite the right to say what you want you are totally ignorant, not smart and filled with Trump type hatred. Reread what you wrote. You know nothing, certainly about this country’s history, or Soros, or Obama or Trump for that matter. If you knew Trump you would puke at the sexual assaulter.

    • Kudos Joe the Dumber, for at least recognizing how utterly stupid and ill educated Nazi Pussloosy is. However, you seem very angry that President Trump never tried to sexually assault you. You keep trying though, I’m sure you’ll find some other man that will grab your pu$$y.

        • Oh, I apologize Joe. I should have known you would idolize that old senile communist/fascist bitch. I know also, there’s absolutely no chance of getting through to all you mentally challenged and morally bankrupt communist Nazis. Most if not all of you don’t have two brain cells to rub together… Just like those fascist/communists in “government” you idolize and worship. The insane leading the morons, it’s sad and doesn’t bode well for “our” nation. None of you idiots listen to reason or truth, so I’ll just content myself with antagonizing you mental midgets.

          • You’re an insult artist like Trump, but you have no true thinking brain of what is right and wrong, ethical and unethical or even real. If you had an ounce of integrity, knowledge and actual intelligence Hoppy you know that Trump is a carnival barker, a constant liar, braggart, sociopathic malignant narcissist. He only cares about adulation, filling his lust for money, food, and bad women. The misogynous bastard doesn’t care about anyone of anything except for himself, not even his wives or he wouldn’t had cheated on them all numerous times. He’s evil, my Republican nephew who is very right wing even admits he’s evil. TRump punched his teacher in high school and was sent away to military high school yet still was a draft dodger. He preens around like he is a king, he is an aberration that no historian alive thinks that he is adequate, or redeeming or will be anywhere in history as being America’s biggest disgrace and Hitler.

          • ” you have no true thinking brain of what is right and wrong, ethical and unethical or even real.” Joe…you have described yourself very well.

          • “is a carnival barker, a constant liar, braggart, sociopathic malignant narcissist. He only cares about adulation, filling his lust for money, food, and bad women. The misogynous bastard doesn’t care about anyone of anything except for himself” … Joe, you have described a great number of dems, esp. Obama and Bill Clinton.

          • Jeez Joe, that’s one of the longest TDS BULLSHIT narratives I’ve ever seen! Gotta hand it to ya Joe, your mental illness runs deeper than most and your ignorance is legendary. Whatever Donald Trump MAY have done in the past is totally inconsequential. It’s what he’s doing NOW that matters, and so far he’s done great, notwithstanding the fact he’s had to fight the communist dumboNAZIS every step of the way. Joe, I think your brain cell is overheating with Trump Derangement Syndrome. You morons are a never ending source of comedy entertainment. Keep it up Joe, you’re really very funny.

        • Trump is so much smarter than you liberals. All Trump had to do to stop you from wanting to impeach him, was to say he wants you to impeach him. You are so intent on not giving Trump the support you should give a President. Now Nancy doesn’t want to talk impeachment. Trump keeps playing you like a fiddle and you fall for it every time.

    • Apparently Joe, you transcend the rest of us with universal wisdom.
      You got a plumbing job just to be humble I suppose?
      You know the old saying: “A plumber only knows two things; Sh*t flows downhill and payday is Friday.”

  16. And yet, it was the democrats that expressed concern on whether Trump would accept the 2016 election, of course, when they thought it was “in the bag”.

  17. Why are we even listening to this ignorant woman and her lackeys anyway. President Trump has done nothing wrong. Pelosi is laughable to even make these statements. Most of Congress could be impeached for all the dirty shit they have pulled on the American people. Something should be done alright; however it isn’t the President who needs a looking into. Let’s take a look at Congress; Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler, Schumer, Mueller, Rashida Tlaib (who also took her oath of office on the Koran) , Ocasio-Cortez and Ilan Omar. These are the people who need to be impeached. WAKE UP AMERICA!! If you do not like America and Americans and our way of life go to any other country of your choice. Traitors do not belong here. That is not racists that is fact. The Democrats are spreading lies about who are racists. Come into this country legally and want to be American and respect our American ways. I’m sure any other country would expect the same thing. Go spread you hatefulness and lies somewhere else. The media and Obama are trying to spread unrest so nationally against nationally and we are fighting against other. Obama and the news media should all be punished for their role in dirty politics. Everyone of them have committed crimes against America and Americans. Also Soros should be kicked out of this country for his role in all that is happening in America. Is anyone in Government man enough to do their job?

    • Nancy: You are so right. A public who will elected these corrupt, above the law individuals like nadler, schiff, ratshita, schumer, pelosi waters, booker, are the ignorant who will send the US into another Venezuela.

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