Nancy Pelosi sent Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez flying into a rage with one sentence

One of the biggest stories in American politics is the emerging civil war in the Democrat Party.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her socialist followers are trying to pull the party far to the left.

But Nancy Pelosi won’t give up without a fight and she sent Ocasio-Cortez flying into a rage with one sentence.

Pelosi and other Democrat leaders are resisting the fact that Ocasio-Cortez and her allies like Ilhan Omar are leading the Democrat Party.

In a recent interview, Pelosi dismissed Ocasio-Cortez for winning in a district where a “glass of water with a ‘D’ next to it” would win.

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

On a trip to the U.K. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi dismissed the idea of democratic socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D., N.Y.) being representative of the Democratic Party.

Pelosi addressed questions about how to handle the left wing of her party in the House during a talk with London School of Economics and Political Science, and she said Ocasio-Cortez needs to understand she cannot set the agenda. She implied Ocasio-Cortez is failing to appreciate how Democrats need to appeal to the rest of the country, saying the freshman congresswoman’s district could be won by any purported Democrat—living or otherwise.

“This glass of water would win with a ‘D’ next to its name in those districts,” Pelosi said. “Not to diminish the exuberance and the personality and the rest of Alexandria and the other members.”

Donald Trump’s plan for the 2020 campaign is to make the choice a referendum on the Democrats imposing socialism on America.

Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats know they can’t win that contest.

So they are frantically trying to sideline or downplay Ocasio-Cortez and her fellow socialist agitators.

Pelosi may share Ocasio-Cortez’s policy goals, but she knows Democrats can’t win elections with unpopular figures like Ocasio-Cortez as the face of the party.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Nancy D’Alesandro Pelosi is elected to Congress from a district where even a senile old woman who cannot get a sentence out straight is elected because she has a “D” next to her name.

    • Hello Demoorats you are all in insanity because your brain has low IQ.So you all need to be removed from Government offices immediately now. So our President Trump can do his job that Dems can’t do for last #40 Years, Chicken Shit Morons.Thank You God Bless U.S.A.

  2. Aww, let her keep making a fool out of herself Nancy! It’s apparent to anyone educated, that she is NOT! History, Economics, Accounting…She doesn’t have a clue! Let her keep on. All she’s doing is assuring a conservative victory(s) in 2020. She’s so out of touch with the vast majority of educated citizens; “demoncrat”, republican, independent, it doesn’t matter. Let her keep proving how much of an idiot she really is! LOL!!!

    • Nancy may hold a gavel, but she has absolutely no control over the House. Additionally, she is a pusillanimous wimp. As for OAC I cannot agree that we should just let her keep on incriminating herself. The fact is that there are too, too many naive and gullible people who will be swayed by her verbiage, and numbers count.

      • I disagree respectfully. Her disrespect, and provable idiocy of history in particular, lead me to believe that the unveiling of her stupidity, through her outrageously uniformed ideas can do nothing but help. Aside from a bunch of uneducated “herd animals” (humans are mammals, and animals)in the inner cities, the rest of the country is provably “center right”. Her mouth, will ultimately drive educated moderates solidly away.

  3. A Civil War between AOC and PEWLOSI ?? I say, let’s get ready to rumble ! The site for their showdown would HAVE TO BE along our Southern Border. Loser must move to south side of THE WALL, and must reside there a minimum of 70 years; Winner must move to south side of THE WALL and must reside there a minimum of 75 years — ” WHY ” you ask ?? This is their joint award for LIKING these wonderful would-be invaders from the south, who they deem to be such important and vital contributors to the American Way of LIFE !!

  4. Michael Horwitz may hold the answer to our prayers . He is subject to release his findings on the possible treason of Hillary and Obama . In short the genesis of the Mueller investigation. Spying , conspiring to overthrow a sitting President. He will turn in his investigative report sometime between May and June to AG Barr.Unlike Loretta Lynch , Barr is looking forward to serving justice. All this crap coming from Dems. or media won’t amount to anything compared to the MOAB Horowitz is going to drop. Have you noticed Trump is pissed. He is tuned in calling for Justice. It’s happening folks.

  5. The Democrats have a cadre of misfits, a whore, a thief, perverts, and do-nothings running against Trump. Trump will bulldoze them into oblivion.

  6. These dummy rats are hanging themselves with people like Cortez, Omar, and Amid. All three of these rats are a disgrace to America, a disgrace as citizens, a digrace for Washington, and mainly as humans! But this is the new Democrated party!

    • The party of HORROR and DISGUST….!!! WHO in it’s right mind would “vote” for THAT/THEM, yeah, the ones who are NOT in their right mind or have LOST their mind, THEY are ALL “DANGEROUS”…..America “WATCH OUT”….!!!

    • Don’t forget Tlaib! Tlaib and Omar are lesbians who have threesomes with Linda “The Lesbo” Sarsour! Sometimes, Tamika Mallory joins them and makes it a foursome!
      AOC is a lesbian who has group sex with her lovers Ashleigh Banfield, Ariel Gold, Angela Davis, Sonny Hostin, Michelle Goldberg and Maria Cardona!

  7. Pelosi ‘UPSET’ add Schuner etc.
    EXPOSING the Dems For what ‘they’ Really
    ARE. & In Past, ‘hiding’ The Truth,
    Also, ‘naming’ Bad Apples.
    Pelosi = ‘granny smith’
    Schumer = ‘crab apple’ ??? whatever.
    good nite/God Bless.

      • 0NLY a MAJOR ‘incident’ To one of ‘them’
        Could ‘possibly’ BACK ‘them’ DOWN __
        TO LET ‘FEAR’ BEKNOWNST To ‘them’.

      • AOC is a lesbian with many lovers! She sleeps with Ashleigh Banfield, Ariel Gold, Angela Davis, Sonny Hostin, Michelle Goldberg and Maria Cardona – usually in groups! Sometimes, Tamika Mallory and her GF – Natalie Portman – joins AOC’s lesbian lovefest! So do Lorde and Lana Del Rey!

          • Actually, you should hope she is because it validates intersectionality! Being that she’s a warped left winger who sides with evil – she might as well or should be one, thus AOC sleeps with more women in a month than President Trump does in a year!

        • That’s terrific news ! Somebody should be NAILING AOC, right ?? Just please send me the tapes … have been hoping to see her 34D’s … as she has NO OTHER ASSETS.

  8. So much corruption and trickery by the Democrat politicians. 2 faced lies are so well demonstrates towards the public voters. Then the air gets cleared and Zap! Truth comes out!
    That’s why I left the party sides on Republican Party, in every issues Republicans wins .

  9. Nancy is mad because AOC has more followers on twitter than she does. The old fossil can’t understand how a young dumb as a stone ignorant woman could be more popular than her. Cat Figth.

        • She supports Hamas and is a far-left extremist, which makes her an automatic lesbian! Her lovers are Ashleigh Banfield, Ariel Gold, Angela Davis, Sonny Hostin, Michelle Goldberg and Maria Cardona – they usually get together for their lesbian pow-wow in groups! Sometimes, Women’s March Leader Tamika Mallory and her girlfriend Natalie Portman joins AOC’s lesbian orgy as do subversive pro-terrorist musicians Lorde and Lana Del Rey join AOC’s Sapphic Lovefest!

  10. Dem Party = full of drama from the top to the bottom. Corrupted.

    Too many strange bedfellows can create dog-eat-dog world atmosphere.

    Time to abandon the sinking ship. Pathetic.

  11. At least the Republicans believe in the sanctity of life!! That’s just one of the many reasons why I’m not a Democrat anymore. Pelosi is another!!

  12. Gawd! You just can’t make this stuff up. If we won Pueto Rico in the Spanish American war, then this is one war we should have lost. Maybe Spain blew up the Maine just to get rid of it. This Banana Republic reject is one of the reasons nobody takes the House seriously. What a bunch of clowns, but dangerous clowns. Take a look at Puerto Rico and this is this vapid Morton’s idea of governing. All the BILLIONS of dollars that was pumped into that island after the hurricane destruction and not a damn thing to show for it. Supplies rotted right on the piers and landing strips because they were waiting for somebody to it for them. The power grid, water facilities, hospitals, schools and infrastructure is still a shambles because no one with an ounce of sense took charge. Meanwhile the billions just evaporated from corruption, theft and crooked politicians. This is all Cortez knows, and that is her plan for the UNITED STATES.

  13. Not funny. We in Big Trbl.
    Bad ‘apples’ Rotting the Barrel.
    Pelosi is a ‘Granny Smith’.
    You All ‘name’ the ‘other apples’.


    • Again Nancy got Trumped by the Master of the game. She always said we must welcome immigrants with open borders and not turn them away. So our president said since you want them you can have them in your sanctuary cities, and Nancy flipped. She can’t get up early enough to win with our president.

  15. Oh my goodness! Just think what the uproar would be like if Donald Trump had said those ‘glass of water with a D’ comments!
    I encourage him to quote her and see what happens.

  16. A glass of water or an empty head. Think of what a lefty you have to be to have Pelosi shaking her head. If old fart Bernie is the nominee in 2020 and AOC the face,of the Democrat Party, they will lose 44 States.

  17. Ever notice how pelosi never goes back to San Francisco….she is always on some junket to somewhere else….conclusion: the litter box is full where she is from.

  18. It’s funny to see the Democrats eat their own. The Republicans sure don’t have a strategy. They are as useful as a screen door on a submarine. Someone tell me what good the Republicans are good for? I mean other then being gutless, and cowardly?

    • They do something for the American people. the Democrats are way to busy trying to impeach Trump and getting rid of him. They have accomplished nothing.

    • We don’t need a strategy. The Republicans have a winning candidate who loves and serves and cares for us. Trump would do much more if he wasn’t always being obstructed because they like to play politics instead of taking care of what America needs. It is a simple matter of saying…”YES” to keeping us safe. The Dems have proven over and over that they are 1.) Jealous that Trump sits in the White House (get over it!) 2.) They are full of hate and corruption (Justice is coming!) And I will only add 1 more (though there are many more) 3.) They are murderers (love supporting the killing of innocent babies and selling their parts for profit. Planned Parenthood donates money they get from this to the Democrat Party….How it is legal to do this is one of the great mysteries to be solved.) Who wants to be in this Party?? What demented, tortured souls would associate themselves with this?

      • I would never vote for a murdering party like the DEMOCRATS, killing innocent babies and selling heir parts for profit. That does in no way please God Read Matthew 18:6 I’ll say half of the Scripture: it were better for him or her that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he or she were drowned in the depth of the sea. so read the first part.

      • I’ll say this God have mercy because His word says: Matthew 18:6 it were better for him or her that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he or she drowned in the depth of the sea. Now read the first half.
        I would never vote for a murderer that kill innocent baby’s and sell their body parts.

  19. The Democrats need to start another investigation to see if she colluded with the Russians. Someone did. It wasn’t Trump, who could it be? oh I know, it was Hillery.

    • Absolutely it was Hillary and she turned the tables on what she did to blame President Trump. It’s a no brainer that Russia would have preferred Hillary because they already knew she was for sale and could be bought with a donation to the Clinton Foundation again, just as she did when as secretary of state she sold them 20% of our uranium. And to add insult to injury, the USA did not get the money; the Clintons did. That’s why she had to bleachbit her e-mails so that this truth would not be exposed. And why she smashed Blackberries that we taxpayers paid for. Why was she never charged for this? Sore loser Hillary has handcuffed this country since Donald Trump won the election that in her mind should have been hers. Imagine how much more he could have accomplished had he not been saddled with the hoax and the lies and the witch hunt.

    • You may have something since AOC can’t run for President. So what if the Russians need someone on the DEMS side to stir up trouble and we see how she has amounts of money and this in her first term something doesn’t line up. Why is Nancy and the DEMS so afraid of her? It just might be a Russian connection. If our country doesn’t get a handle on this now, then here we go again with the next Russian connection. This country doe not need a one political party running the country. The DEMS need to decided if they want to know what caused them to lose so bad. Just maybe they were going to get beat no matter what, as they have been really dumb in the way they see things.

  20. I understand the outrage at Ms. Cortez ridiculous prattle. I also understand Trump’s fight against “Fake News” and agree with him 100%. That is why an article like this stating AOC flew into a rage bothers me. She may not have been happy, but she never approached anything like rage. The left uses fake news all the time; why do we need to stoop to their level? Just write an article exactly as this one was written and skip the outlandish headline. It would look so much more professional.

    • Yes it was Hilary and that other President. The one with the dumbo ears. It’s all coming out soon and I can’t wait for the Dems. to fall flat on their faces. The whole bunch of them.Schumer, Pelosi, AOC, Booker, Waters, Saunders. and one hundred more like them. Like peas in a pod.

  21. No surprise, majority of grey matter deficient democrat electorate simply looks for D before they pull the lever or mark their ballots. Very little to do understanding political positions, all about party. AOC is the proverbial bottom of the barrel scraping.

    little want-a-be!
    AOC must have been a
    shitty minded brat
    as a kid //////
    when i see her talk //// It
    looks like the words
    are coming out
    of her //

  23. Cortez is a festering sore on American’s backsides. Better she be gone other than make a bigger joke out of this country, than Pelosi and a number of other Demorats already have!!

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