Nancy Pelosi shut down a whistleblower that could expose this huge Democrat lie

Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats sunk to a new low.

Even for the left this was scrapping the bottom of the barrel.

Speaker Pelosi shut down the one man who could expose the Democrats’ biggest lie.

Democrats are pushing full steam ahead with their national gun registration database scheme.

The House is voting on this gun grab today.

When the Judiciary Committee held a rushed hearing and markup on the bill, Minority Whip Steve Scalise wanted to testify.

But Pelosi and the Democrats wouldn’t let him.

Breitbart reports:

Scalise said, “They’re moving a gun control bill this week. The Democrats have, with their hard shift to the left, they’re already moving towards taking away the right to law-abiding citizens to have a gun. So we’re having a hearing on gun violence in the new Democrat-controlled House Judiciary Committee, and Doug Collins, the Republican on our side, wanted me to be one of the witnesses to testify.”

Scalise explained, “Historically, if a member of Congress — Republican or Democrat — wants to testify before a committee and they have something unique to say, we provide that venue from him to do it. We’ve done it in the past when we were in the majority, and Democrats in the previous majority did. For whatever reason, the Democrat in charge of the committee says he won’t let me testify in that same forum. [He is] trying to block my testimony on gun violence. How ridiculous is that?”

Democrats are terrified of Scalise and his story.

A deranged Bernie Sanders supporter tried to assassinate Scalise and over 20 other Republicans as they practiced for the Congressional baseball game in 2017.

Scalise was wounded by a shot to his leg, and his life – as well as everyone else’s – was only saved because Scalise had an armed security detail by virtue of his leadership position.

Had a good guy with a gun not been on the scene it would have been a massacre.

But Democrats don’t want that narrative getting out.

They want to register guns as the first part of a plan to one day confiscate them all.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Andy, what is your problem with our president? You talk as if you’re mad at the world, most of the American people do get refunds that because we know what we need to do when it’s tax time. God help the American people and the president and all the families who have been infected with the virus. Trump for 2020 and if you want to crawl back under the rock from where you came from. They’re is too many of the American people who have guns and got them the legal way, so if they want to come and get any them the Democrat”s will find a way that they’re not going to like.

  2. This is their way of taking control of everything. By pushing GUN LAWS and close down the business. We better stand up and get ready to FIGHT BACK! Or the next thing is your BANK ACCOUNT! DEMOCRAT ARE PLANNING TO STEAL THE POLL IN NOVEMBER.SO BIDEN CAN BE PRESIDENT!

  3. Andy–you must have gotten your CPA the same place AOC got(was given) her degree in Economics. Grow up–get turbo-tax and learn something about taxes. The rest of us pay a lot and do not rant about it.. Be thankful your mom let you live in her basement.

  4. Andy –just watch what happens next week when a huge number of Demomarxists are indicted for pulling off the largest political scandal– a political coup against President Trump in the history of the USA. Will you apologize for all of the propaganda you have spouted or are you just a pathological LIAR? You probably even tout AOC– NEW GREED DEAL

  5. Nancy, never wants the truth to be spoken when lies will take care of everything. She is the most corrupt person on earth and sees nothing of the life of a good American. She needs to go and I had hope the Triplets (AOC,OMAR & TILAB) would do her in. It might have worked but AOC decided to take over things. Thanks goodness AOC is in all kinds of trouble so she not going to be the answer to ridding us of Nancy. I am so thankful we have President Trump and hopefully we will get things back in hand and his 2nd turn will be greater than the first.

  6. Reply to Andy: Yes, Yes, Yes, in total agreement with your statement! Nancy Pelosi, along with Schumer, and all of the other Democrats agreeing with them are all about themselves, and becoming richer, and MORE POWERFUL!

  7. YES, YES, YES! I totally agree with you Jerry. How will you convince those Democrat citizens to stop voting for the liberal democrats?? Those running for office will PROMISE to “GIVE THEM FREE EVERYTHING”, So they fall for their skeems. In hope, that it’s true. 40-50 years of promises and people still don’t see it…they keep “HOPING”! Sad….

  8. You hit the nail exactly on the head. What the demorats forget is all the vets and currently active duty people that took their oath VERY seriously. I envision a majority of our armed services taking OUR side. It will be a NO CONTEST affair !

  9. One more act of TREASON by the leftist libTURD democRAT COMMIES!

    Breaking their oath to DEFEND and PROTECT the Constitution of the United States of America!!

  10. Diane Feinstein also, she & her husband are worth $19 Bil., call IRS & Pelosi too, her husband got worth Bil. with govt. contracts Pelosi got him. Mueller got a $30 Mil. bonus from Lock Heed for a contract he gave them when he was FBI director & Comey worked with Mueller at the time.

  11. E.G. sorry they blocked my message, CIA Brennan registered himself as a communist, Obama hired him, many of our foreign agents died after Brennan got the job.

  12. E.G., yes CIA is involved, Brennan was appointed by Obama, Brennan registered himself as a communist & Obama knew it, put Brennan in a CIA director & friends with SOROS, many of our foreign under cover agents died right after Brennan got the job. Why is he allowed to stay in America.

  13. Especially TEXAS, Mex. authority told me there is a woman raped in Mex. every minute, no hand guns allowed in homes in Mex. more than 1/2 of the homes in Mexico have a fence. Been there, seen it.

  14. Andy, you must live in NYC. Because only people who would vote for AOC are that stupid. Your standard deductions went up this year but only stupid people who think that they should get a break on their state taxes from the rest of the people in the US are just plain out of your mind.

  15. Andy, For the first time in decades I’ll be getting a refund. So take your liberal lies and leave. Those deductions were replace with a higher standard deduction along with lowering the tax rate.

  16. Andy, don’t you know the word “redistricting” ? That is the Dems doing exactly what you accuse the GOP of doing. Voter ID needs to be the law of the land and if you can’t prove you are a legal resident, you need deported post haste.

  17. Man, would you get off that crap!! Black people have been voting in droves for democrats more than a half century. What has changed in the states and cities they govern? Nothing! Chaos, schools in a mess, killings (blacks killing blacks as much as ever). It’s not guns killing people. People are killing people, y’all!! And the blood of innocent babies dying in the womb (and outside of it, too). Their blood is calling out to God! That’s why the USA is in disarray!!

  18. You have to put the whole picture together. AOC’s Green new deal will force everyone to live in the cities because they won’t have cars, trains or planes to travel. Food will be in very short supple – how will it get from farm to city with no trucks? Now that they have us all rounded up, no guns in hand, it will be easy to take over with some sort of marshall law. We’d be sitting ducks! So watch out for how popular the demoncraps are elevating AOC and her insane deal!!

  19. If a Democrap is breathing they are LYING and those like Nutsy, Schmuck and Hitlery do it even if tgey are not breathing.

  20. You hit the nail right on the head! And it’s not only the politicians either, the CIA is involved as well, and have been all along! They would bring in the illegal drugs, and pay for it by providing weapons to our enemies! Great free country we live in! People in charge are FREE to do anything they want, but we certainly aren’t! The hypocrisy is beyond belief!

  21. I agree! The current batch of DS owned democrats are the worst I’ve ever seen! Apparently the former Clinton role of wicked witch of the east has now been handed over to Pelosi as wicked witch of the west with Feinstein as her backup! Would love to know what Feinstein is using to bully, bribe, or blackmail Senator Murkowski from Alaska to make her change her votes!

  22. I’m getting tired of typing. It’s good that we can still debate our issues peacefully. 1st amendment lives on. Now I think I will go and oil my 9 mm!

  23. Hunters, patriots, believers in the freedoms guaranteed in our Constitution, DON’T REGISTER ANY OF YOUR OWN FIRE ARMS!! If they don’t know who has weapons, they will be less likely to be able to confiscate them.

  24. It’s a republican trick.illegals won’t vote for fear of being deported if they would have to list themselves into a data base. Then they gerrymandering the lines to keep poor minorities, namely black people from voting

  25. That’s because you know what you have to do ahead of time. What? Do you claim large pay tax deductions during the year? There is no free ride my friend. You either pay now or by April 15th? My sister got a great refund last year like you might have gotten but all of a sudden, her CPA said she owes 10 thousand dollars!
    You watch. Unless you don’t claim taxes all year and work under a 1099 then don’t pay because you work for cash! You might do ok until you get caught. Then you don’t have to pay taxes when you’re in prison. God bless the little people. Trump’s a cheat, a con man, and a thief. He works for Putin ( maybe? ) Russian mob and North Korean drunk little fat man. He’s a narcissist, pathological liar and he lost 42 cabinet members because nobody can work with this madman. Why do you think the White House has all “acting” directors and cabinet heads? Trump doesn’t believe his own inteligence people and has nobody but Fox news anchors Clouture and Hannity. They are the ones telling him what to do. It’s military coup time now before we end up in a nuclear ww111 with Iran or Russia

  26. I suspect it may be easier than we think. All you need is for people to believe that it is somehow “patriotic” to give up guns to show good faith, in that you are against violence. To cooperate, you voluntarily give up your guns, perhaps for a “reward” of a couple of bucks, and you go home feeling righteous and a good American. It has worked locally in some cities. Scary, but the dumbing down of America is nearly complete. You do not have to think, we will tell you what you should do and have. Let us take the burden of freedom and choices from off your shoulders. It is too stressful for you. And wow, people eat that up!

  27. Anything to control the masses. Democrats will resort to anything necessary to stop the American public from being able to defend themselves when the Democrats try to take over America. Pelosi and Schumer are doing anything and everything they can to obstruct the President and his attempts to bring back any vestige of normalcy to America. They need to be stopped at all costs. It is time for all conservatives to vote every Democrat out of office by voting for every conservative Republican who is running for any office!!

  28. Has anyone put together the Left’s obsession with and the correlation between infanticide (abortion in-general), and gun confiscation … theirs is not a concern with the preservation of humanity. It is quite the opposite. REMEMBER … these are the same people who believe the Earth is over-populated ! I have a solution, for these so-very-concerned citizens … SELF SACRIFICE… literally !

  29. I’m with the rest of you. No one is taking my gun without a fight with me down and out. God Bless President Trump. I wish some deranged nut would blow Pelosi, Harris, AOC, and the rest of the crackheads away.

  30. Getting richer????? Trump, a retarded is taking your year end income tax return and even though you may have gotten a refund last year, you probably will have to pay a good chunk of your money this year because Trump forgot to tell the little people like us that he took away our standard deductions, including interest deductions on your house, daycare etc..and he’s going to give it to his Billionaire friends! Know what you’re talking about if you are going to make a false statement like that. You have no clue! Start saving for your income tax payment in April. Might want to hire a tax consultant now!

  31. And you are an idiot. We would be at war if that idiot cartel Clinton was in charge. Just think of it you dumbass, at least he is doing something about it. So you just keep your head up your ASS, because you cant handle the TRUTH !!!!

  32. The only reason Pelosi & Schumer and the rest of the DNC CRONIES want to disarm American Citizens is to then take us over & enslave all Americans to the power of the DNC Mafia Gang. We’d be serfs to the corruption of the almighty RICH Pelosi Witch, Schmuck Schumer & the rest of this UN-AMERICAN GANG OF OUTLAWS………GET LOST, can’t stand looking at your face(lift) anymore!.

  33. I heard on the radio today(Feb. 27, 2019) that the DEMON RATS scuttled their own bill because the GOP added a little bit to it. GOP’ers ADDED that ILLEGALS would have to go into the data base too! The DEMON RATS didn’t want to inconvenience their VOTER BASE!!!

  34. Traitors? Check your income tax return and see if you get a refund. All the so called standard deductions have been taken away. Better save!

  35. Of course you would say if you’re a Dem don’t answer this message. You believe in the 1st amendment? No. Because you are a Trump idiot. I just wanted to let you know that NK will never denuclearize like Trump and Pompeo claim. Trump still in love with the NK drunk.

  36. Sunk to a new low? Democrats are so far in the toilet that can’t ever get the stink off of them. They think that Putin helped Trump get elected, so that Trump could do what to repay them? Isn’t Trump in Vietnam today working against Putin to get NK to give up their Big Guns. Does that help or hurt Putin? Are we the biggest exporters of crude in the world now? How does that help Putin? If you’re a Dem this post doesn’t apply to you, you’ll never accept the truth.

  37. We who support the 2nd amendment know the facts.
    Those opposed to the 2nd amendment don’t care for facts and do not want our Constitution.

  38. Don’t forget that they have pushed the debt to the point that everyone’s 401K is vulnerable to confiscation. That is the only way they see of appeasing those that they have borrowed from.

  39. The reason that drugs have not been contained is because Politicians make too much money off of them!

  40. 🙂 We will not comply!! Anyone in LE thinking that this is right step right up and get ready to be put down. Make sure you kiss you wife and dis goodbye cause it may be the last time you ever see them again! Arrest these tyrannical traitors that are in violation of the US Constitution. “Shall not be infringed.” is clear about this and we will look at any that attempt to be tyrannical in nature and begin a civil war that will put this to a end permanently!!

  41. Exactly, but that’s what they want. They want to call Marshall law, and the fact is they need peoples guns, because the globalist plan on killing millions of us all over the world. They have consticration camps set up in every state under Obama, they ordered 3,000 gullitons, ordered millions of body bags and large caskets that hold up to six body’s. They want to bring down the population to 500 million. This was suppose to happen under Hillary but she lost, and Trump stands in their way. Go YouTube this. Even Cortez is calling for stopping people from having kids,and killing all cows. She also said 80 is to long to live and they need to get rid of the carbon foot print. This is the war between good and evil. The problem is we are all being watched, and listened too. The globalist are Facebook, Twitter, AT&T, CNN, MSNBC, Google. They will shut down phone services when it starts.

  42. That is the absolute truth! They are liars and hypocrites I.e. Brain dead Nancy screaming for Trump to release his tax records something she refuses to do!!

  43. Pelosi and her Damn-o-rats don’t give a damn about the American people and 0ur country. Their only interest is power, control and getting richer !!! They enter Congress with little or nothing and come out millionaires. Traitors !!!

  44. Don’t worry these same type of idiots have been in a war against illegal drugs for over 60 years – there are more illegal and dangerous drugs on the streets today than when they started. These idiots can’t round up a few million illegals – Hell the Democrats couldn’t even successfully RIG an election. This is all grandstanding for the pinheads who vote for them. IF they could somehow magically melt down every gun in the country by tonight – by tomorrow there would be truck loads of iILLEGAL – UNTRACEABLE guns all over the country open for business.

  45. The day that they start to confiscate guns will be the day that millions of gun owners will rise up and form an army to resist. That will be the beginning of the civil war that, unless the Army sides with the people, will create more bloodshed than the first civil war under Lincoln.

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