Nancy Pelosi shut down a whistleblower that could expose this huge Democrat lie

Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats sunk to a new low.

Even for the left this was scrapping the bottom of the barrel.

Speaker Pelosi shut down the one man who could expose the Democrats’ biggest lie.

Democrats are pushing full steam ahead with their national gun registration database scheme.

The House is voting on this gun grab today.

When the Judiciary Committee held a rushed hearing and markup on the bill, Minority Whip Steve Scalise wanted to testify.

But Pelosi and the Democrats wouldn’t let him.

Breitbart reports:

Scalise said, “They’re moving a gun control bill this week. The Democrats have, with their hard shift to the left, they’re already moving towards taking away the right to law-abiding citizens to have a gun. So we’re having a hearing on gun violence in the new Democrat-controlled House Judiciary Committee, and Doug Collins, the Republican on our side, wanted me to be one of the witnesses to testify.”

Scalise explained, “Historically, if a member of Congress — Republican or Democrat — wants to testify before a committee and they have something unique to say, we provide that venue from him to do it. We’ve done it in the past when we were in the majority, and Democrats in the previous majority did. For whatever reason, the Democrat in charge of the committee says he won’t let me testify in that same forum. [He is] trying to block my testimony on gun violence. How ridiculous is that?”

Democrats are terrified of Scalise and his story.

A deranged Bernie Sanders supporter tried to assassinate Scalise and over 20 other Republicans as they practiced for the Congressional baseball game in 2017.

Scalise was wounded by a shot to his leg, and his life – as well as everyone else’s – was only saved because Scalise had an armed security detail by virtue of his leadership position.

Had a good guy with a gun not been on the scene it would have been a massacre.

But Democrats don’t want that narrative getting out.

They want to register guns as the first part of a plan to one day confiscate them all.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.