Nancy Pelosi sold out America to this foreign power with one insane deal

Gage Skidmore CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is still one of the most influential voices on the Left.

Now Pelosi is revealing her true colors.

And Nancy Pelosi sold out America to this foreign power with one insane deal.

Confronting Communist China is the biggest foreign policy challenge of the next decade.

The Chinese Communist Party is putting a plan in place to displace America as the world’s lone indispensable superpower.

Americans are already worried that the Chinese Communist Party compromised Joe Biden through millions of dollars in payments to Hunter Biden.

In an interview with Bloomberg, Pelosi confirmed Americans’ worst fears that as long as Joe Biden sat in the White House, America would kowtow to the Communist Chinese.

Pelosi claimed America needed to find a way to “accommodate” the brutal Chinese Communists in the name of combating climate change.

“China’s a big country, and so are we. And we have to find an accommodation on how we treat each other. But, in terms of the three things I named: Security, China has been a violator of transferring technology of weapons of mass destruction to rogue countries, A. B, in terms of economics, they’ve been — violated almost every trade standard of access, of piracy, of obeying rules and the rest. And in terms of governance, Hong Kong, Tibet, Uyghurs, threat to Taiwan, and the rest. So, we don’t have shared values. But we have a shared planet, and we have to work with the Chinese to save the planet because they’re now, I think, the biggest emitter, if not us, they’re second, and they are part of the solution in all of this,” Pelosi stated.

Joe Biden and other globalist elites push the concept of the “great reset.”

This is a concept that claims leaders around the world can unite around the cause of fighting climate change to all impose their version of the Green New Deal on their country to create global socialism.

Pelosi alluded to the claim that she had “been a strong critic of China in so many respects, security, economics, and governance.”

However, Pelosi again admitted Joe Biden needed to look the other way in the name of fighting climate change.

“Still, we have to work together in certain areas and we have to find those. I don’t think we find them by rewarding them. I think we find them by mutual discussion about how we can go forward,” Pelosi added.