Nancy Pelosi stood in front of a camera and lit her career on fire with one move

Nancy Pelosi is getting desperate.

Impeachment was a political loser for Democrats and the President’s re-election prospects are brightening.

And things took a turn for the worse when Nancy Pelosi stood in front of a camera and lit her career on fire with one move.

Donald Trump’s third State of the Union was pitch perfect.

The President conveyed a message of “American Comeback” by highlighting everyday American heroes and their story of overcoming obstacles.

President Trump used this backdrop to portray an optimistic America basking in the glow of a historic economic boom that was made possible by Donald Trump’s “Make American Great Again” policies.

But Democrats could not stand for a revived and prosperous America.

America succeeding meant Donald Trump was succeeding.

And Nancy Pelosi and her allies would rather the country fail than see Donald Trump re-elected to a second term.

At the close of the State of the Union, Pelosi stood up and in full view of the cameras tore up her copy of President Trump’s State of the Union speech.

Pelosi was roundly condemned for her actions.

Vice President Mike Pence went on “Fox and Friends” and declared the American people would hold Pelosi and the Democrats accountable for this childish stunt.

“I was not sure she was ripping up the speech or ripping up the Constitution,” Pence declared. “The contrast here was a president who spent an hour and a half making a speech about America and Nancy Pelosi, in the final moments, tried to make it about her and I think the American people see through it and see through the pettiness and see through the politics.”

Pelosi betting everything on impeachment backfired.

The President’s poll numbers are improving and now the Republicans stand a chance of taking back the House if the President can win a resounding re-election victory.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Dump the Democrats on election day, Deplorables go to work and recruit votes for The Trump and all Republicans and Independents.
    Remember the Democrats kill Babies and sell their parts
    Pelosi lives in a mansion and does not even take care of her homeless. Rumor has it that Nancy was a hippie and booed the service members about Vietnam. Most of the guys that served were victims of the draft. She did not care!

  2. Yes…The Dem Dingdongs are constantly “shooting themselves in the foot”, as most of us do on occasion.
    However, instead of fessing up or simply stating a mistake was made, they double down and of course, blame the gun.

  3. Nancy nancy nancy when will you learn sprinkles are for winners , trumps still your president and you still suck as a leader and as a mother . You failed as a human being . You think it sucks now … wait till you stand at the golden pealer gates on judgment day . Wish I vould be their to see you fall in to hell . One good thing about go to hell is … you won’t have to make new friends .
    Trump 2020 … make them cry again … approved by deplorables everywhere

  4. Poor poor little Nancy got snubbed had a child reaction she need a long time out ; with out all the retirement pay she think’s as her due. Only benefit not all offices held, she is already a milloinare, why should she get more.

  5. Luv reading the blurb comments!

    Pelosi seems deranged, unstable, and, emotionally dysfunctional. Plus, immature with poor sportsmanship. Psychological therapy, including medications, would help.

  6. very unprofessional. If she was a school age child, a time out or suspension may have been induced. She needs to get her head screwed on straight and her priorities straight which involves seeing that Americans are served

  7. ‘Pelosi is a Congressional disgrace to the Chamber of Congress, to her party and to herself. Her behavior BEHIND the speaking President was singly designed to distract from his SOTU speech, tonguing her teeth, shaking her head ‘no’, signing to her caucus, raising the speech pages up/down, flipping pages, audibly mumbling and refusing to stand when appropriate showed a shocking lack of decorum and propriety in that august Chamber. She deserves to be removed and stripped of all benefits, not censured, for her lack of respect and self-control. Her behavior showed the world she has degraded too far below her position as No. 3 and must be removed.’

  8. Democrats do you think this is south America ? We’re all onto your senseless game, you’ve committed more ethics crimes and abuse of power than the President ever has. Your all on notice! Pink slips are in the mail. The lake of fire awaits . Your lies , accusations, abortion, illegal votes, ya you know ballot stuffing like California , 1,500,000 illegal votes for Clinton. She didn’t win the popular vote.

  9. Pelosi been on a big nasty power trip the day she was elected. Who ever running against her I pray they have everyone’s backing & support. We do not need all this negativity in are country.

  10. Pelosi been on a big nasty power trip the day she was elected. Who ever running against her I pray they have everyone’s backing. We do not need all this negativity in are country.

  11. Nancy P. (I.m.o.) Needs a server PSYCO-EVALUATION, and Shock treatments, before SHE’S allowed to retire in DISGRACE.!!

  12. Well said Joe Morrisco except for one thing – you said that you pray to God for our President everyday! You need to pray to President Trump – he is GOD! God Bless Us All! Putin/Trump 2020



  15. Concur with comments, esp. JIM1937.

    Horrible role model. Pelosi demonstrated poor sportsmanship. An embarrassment to the American people.

  16. Nutzy Pelosi says Don Trump looked like he was on drugs or something like that when he gave the State of the Union Address when in fact she looked like she was high on LSD or maybe even PCP. Did you noticed how fidgety she was throughout the whole speech? Her face twitched all the time and she kept on jostling her tongue against her dentures relentlessly. Then the proof was in the pudding when she crazily ripped up his speech. She then said she prayed for him, but then stabbed him right in the back with this stupid impeachment fiasco. Nutzy, you’re nuttier than a fruit cake and crazier than a loony toon. Only crazy, stupid, uninformed, ignorant, shameless, self centered, racist, lovers of abortion, haters of good and those perverted to unrighteousness voted for you and it is those same idiots who will vote for you again.

    I now turn to you good people in America. Please vote in President Trump again and vote in a straight ticket for the Republicans. If there was ever a time for you to come to the aid of your country and your fellow countrymen and women, now is that time. Amen.

  17. Pelosi knew full well she was committing an offence not just against POTUS Trump but against every guest for the speech, every American Citizen watching the speech, and against Federal Law and the US Constitution.
    she needs to be ~Prosecuted~ to the fullest extent possible for her transgressions.
    Not just for the sake of Justice but to remove this Stain from the Soul Of The Nation.
    Veritas Vincit

  18. Yes. The USA needs to keep President Trump at the helm, as President of the USA for another term, four more years. He is the most competent man to oversee the USA and keep America great.
    . He is the most competent man to over see the USA and keep America great. He has
    followed through on all of his promises to the American people Thank you, President
    Trump. America thanks you for all you have done to make America great. We need you
    to remain in office for another term.


  20. Nancy Pelosi is a national disgrace, and an insult to all patriotic Americans! She embarrassed America in full view of the world with her classless, angry, hysterical, partisan, display of hatred and disrespect for the President of the United States!
    Her actions were beneath the dignity of the Speaker and she is no longer competent to perform the duties of Speaker!
    Nancy Pelosi should resign, now!

  21. My blood pressure is way over the top because of the undignified and ungracious, Petty Betty, Nancy Pelosi. My irritation and anxiety is a lot better when I read columns in RealClear Politics, and Heartland Diaries USA by Mr. Miele, who captures the grotesqueness of Nancy Pelosi. It is definitely “misery wants company.” I loved everything President Trump said today. If he didn’t seem gracious to Nancy, perhaps she has Alzheimer’s and should be reminded that she participated in an intricate plot to BURY him. If the FBI had been found to have done 1/10 the sedition against Obama, people would be in prison. If President Trump did not meet Nancy’s idea of dignified behavior, then her judgment is completely flawed. I sent the following to RealClear Politics because the behavior of the sub-human anti-Trump selfish people really bothered me today:.

    “Has anyone heard of The New Way Forward Act? Ilhan Omar and other seditionists have submitted a bill which would allow ms-13 gang members more lenience and tolerance in our courts of law than anything to date. “End the Prison-to-Deportation pipeline” Tucker Carlson just scared the stuffing out of me with this report. In May 2018, the extremely sanctimonious and self-righteous Nancy Pelosi spoke about MS-13 after President Trump called their murdering, raping, malignant behavior something the United States will not tolerate and said they were “Animals.” Nancy pompously said, “We are all God’s children. There is a spark of divinity in every person on Earth,” yet she never sees that spark of divinity in President Trump! She finds it in murdering soulless felons and thugs. She is an embarrassment. She said you have to wonder about the President about not seeing divinity in machete wielding men. She is a disgrace and a moron to question the President’s policies to rid the country of this horror. She became speaker of the house 6 months after that. We’ve been in misery ever since.”. I pray every day the Republicans maintain their momentum and take back the house and hold onto the Senate. And I honest-to-God pray for President Trump every day…..often, all day! I want the message of rejection to hit the Democrats in their conniving, arrogant, and sanctimonious faces.

  22. The only trouble about the demoncrapos is theydon’t understand the word LOSERS, they started impeachment proceedings before the ink dried on the newspapers printing on beating that clintbutt head . Mr Trump
    will not kiss their butts to their demand and it flat pisses them off . I better
    close before I get too verbal.

  23. Nancy Pelosi for what she did at the end of State of The Union speech was disgust to say the least, she can be fined, sent to prison for up to 3 years and be removed from office. 18 U.S. Code 2071 concealment, removal or mutilation.

  24. Nancy Pelosi is from crazy California. She can’t even take care of her district; it is San Francisco needles, drugs, homeless, crap all over the place, and what doe’s she do? Throw a tantrum in front of the whole world! Her daughter was on T.V. yesterday, defending her mother. If I were her, I would head for the hills. I would never admit Nancy was my mother!! I would hide somewhere.

  25. The Renewed Right made a mistake in their review of Nancy’s behavior. She tore up 2 copies of the State of the Union address!!! She was REALLY on a rant!
    To you people who are raising children, this is the picture of a person who was given everything she ever wanted except their father’s love. She is a total mess.

  26. I think we should consider a funding drive to purchase airline tickets to Venezuela for Nancy and her gang! That regime already has all they desire and they wouldn’t need to overthrow anyone. Perfect!

  27. Plain and simple. When House Speaker Nancy Bigmouth shred President Trump’s copy of the speech she acknowledge her personal defeat and the total Democrat defeat in the Congress. She acknowledged to ALL of us in America that they have already lost their seats in the Congress to be replaced November 2020. She spoke for ALL Democrats that they are the Party of Defeat and will go into bitter retreat for the next 5 years

  28. It’s either Parkinson’s or Dementia, maybe a touch of both. Whichever, she needs to resign and get out of the way. Put her out to pasture before she does any more harm.

  29. I guess Charles didn’t know Romney invested in Stericycle, the baby fetus disposal company long utilized by Planned Parenthood Clinics. Mitt also received an $10 Million kickback from the investment for his campaign, class act I see. Deep Faith my ass, just another lying politician like gin induced No Nothing Pelosi…

  30. step back and analyze. the old girl is eighty years old and some mistales are going to happen. at that age she still has the physical power to shred paper.

  31. Charles L Counts – You need to do some checking of resources. Mitt Romney is NOT reliable. He votes AGAINST his party as much as he votes for it. I think it would benefit the country if he would do something else. He is NOT a Republican.

  32. What could we expect of her? After all she was raised by a crooked mayor! What kind of morals would one have growing up in that kind of example. Her little temper tantrum in front of the entire country is proof of her temperament. She doesn’t care who she hurts, including the people she is supposed to be representing. I can’t figure out why they keep re-electing her.

  33. WHERE is the charge for “Destruction of Government Property”….Our two tiered judicial system is in PLAIN VIEW.

  34. Mr Mitt Romney is the only true honest person there his faith is so strong it comes from his heart. He speaks the truth.

  35. JforT…You really need to change your screen name. Trump GOT justice. He was acquitted of all wrongdoing, as he should have been. He has done nothing wrong. Since you hate this country and our president so much, you are free to move elsewhere. Please do

  36. President Trump has done more for America and Americans than alleged child molesting Clinton and racist muslim plant Obama combined! Yet the demoncrap and rhino/ Republicants partie’s combine to debunk Trump and lie to Americans. As a patriotic vet and life long republican I personally world rather see President Trump be made permanent monarch of America than see the demoncraps make Obama (I’m)potentate!

  37. Justice for Trump, you have described YOURSELF very well. Absolutely NOTHING you said about Pres. Trump or Rush are true. Both are great men. You need lots of help for you vile hatred. It is clear that satan is your master.

  38. I am a registered Democrat.But after the B.S. that has been impeachment.Im proud to say #walkaway i will in fact be voting for Trump.I sincerely hope that other Democrats see the light. #WALKAWAY #WALKAWAY

  39. Nancy Pelosi’s Childish Tantrum move did nothing for her or her Floundering party !
    Watching her make all those facial expressions as if she was being tortured by a super tight Girdle or some other Female Appliance gave proof through the night that she was still there but wished she was in a bar somewhere with Booze in hand! I for one wish she wasn’t there because she did nothing to improve anyone’s “Big Picture” She was more like a Stain on the Carpet and for all her cooperation she would have been better off staying home !

  40. Pelosi acted worse than a 5yr old, showing her disrespect, her jealousy, her venom and why she should BE REMOVED from Chairing the House. What a complete disgrace. She is NOT exemplary of ANY woman I know! On behalf of all women, her behavior was disgraceful and I apologize to our President for her childlike behavior!

  41. Wow JForT, i would agree with u but then we would both be WRONG! amazing how you DemonRat follwers are so concerned on Trump giving Rush Limbaugh the Presidential medal ( who by the way has been a respected journalist for decades) i guess thats whats throwing you for a loop, you wouldn’t know a real journalist if it bit u in the ass, cuz u are to busy waiting for the Clinton News Network to tell you what to think! No of you jackasses had any problems with Obama giving the very same award to Robert De Niro though!!! Amazing your Hypocrisy knows no boundaries!

  42. My God, pelosi is such a child.
    I’m really surprised Trump didn’t confront the “do nothing Dems” at the SOTU, as they sadly sat dumbfounded, listening to all the things Trump has accomplished. The demoloons showed America, and THE WORLD, just how ignorant they are.
    I was kind of hoping pence might pick up the gavel…..

  43. It’s now very clear that all of the Botox shots Nancy for her smiley unwrinkled face has had finally turned what’s left of her brain into a small lump of gelatin.

  44. Richard the asshole calling him or her self justice for trump is too stupid to realize that Trump has gotten justice. Justice for Trump is just another commie fool that’s pissed because our side is winning.

  45. That previous blurb by Justice for Trump is a bunch of crap. What have the Dems done for 3 years except try to bring down Trump. Look at the condition of the country right now. It is in better shape then ever in my lifetime and I’m 88 years old. Thank God for Mr. Trump. Amen.

  46. She seemed unusally fidgety, she kept licking her teeth and moving her mouth nervously, she seemed to be under the influence. And, there are images of her putting small tears in the papers while they were stacked before her so it was a prepared action. She acted shamefulky,and is any member of the Republican party has done the same thing,CNN and MSLSD would have been screaming for that person to be censured. I have never seen behavior like this since my children were in diapers.

  47. These so called leaders of the do nothing party are the real criminals. They take tax payer money and do nothing for this country and it’s people. Only the one’s that they see as worthy of their benevolence. They can’t stand the fact that Trump is such a huge success and has done more for America than they ever have. They want us to be broken and miserable and beholding to the scraps they would throw to us.

  48. With everything Pres. Trump has accomplished in 3 years , here’s something to ponder:

    If the President can accomplish all that he has with the DO Nothing Democrat Commies ON THE Payroll, think how much more he can accomplish and SAVE with them NOT on the payroll !!!
    They burned thru millions of taxpayer dollars.

  49. Trump is such a loathsome creature and liar, spitting out his words, preening, and giving the thug, Limbaugh the Presidential Medal is beyond sickening. One moment of anger by Pelosi isn’t one billionth as bad as what Trump does everyday to pollute the Presidency, country and world.

  50. Pelosi is the poster child for spoiled children everywhere. She didn’t get her way, after wasting four years and millions of tax dollars on a witch hunt. She could have used her position to direct attention to any number of problems that need solving, i.e., the nation’s decaying infrastructure, better schools, crime prevention, nursing home abuses, and on and on.
    Her lack of concern for anything and anyone not serving her interests borders on psychpathic.

  51. Again, Red man bad! Yet we endured 8 years of Obamas failed presidency, there is no comparison between the two. Obama’s policies and actions divided this country, now she is taking the baton from him and further dividing us. This us shameful and dispicible!

  52. I have never in my life seen such hatred as in that Pelosi witch! She is so full of hate that she can’t accomplish anything. She should be thrown out of Politics!

  53. Shameful Shameful. The hatred is running in full force, and it is getting to the point where people are seeing that the Democrats are very hateful and liars. Lies, come back as bitter pill to swallow…

  54. The unstated message here is that unless the GOP wins back majority status this November, we will see another two years (2021-2022) in which the House does little more that attack Donald Trump!

  55. One clue for you Pelosi. Better start fast, because Trump was acquitted! Now he can come after YOU AND THE WHOLE HOUSE! AND THOSE DEMOCRAT IN THE SENATE! Don’t think he worry about ROMNEY because UATH will remove him soon!Barr and Durham are ready for the field day of arrested! They will bring charge of SEDITION and Treasonous to the whole DEMOCRAT party. Including OBAMA AND HILLIARY. I hope every one get the firing squad!

  56. I think Pelosi is finished. I don’t see how the democrats can hang onto the house after all of this. 3 years and millions of dollars wasted on NOTHING. No accomplishments whatsoever. They couldn’t even satisfy their own rabid base by impeaching the president.
    Who would vote for them now?

  57. Seriously, I don’t expect Nasty Nancy will suffer any consequences for her tasteless and illegal stunt. The House won’t support any resolutions for censure or expulsion. The DOJ will waffle around like the Keystone Kops they are, and the Federal Bureau of Icompetents will never go after her. In the end, she’s ensured re-election in her district through her actions, because the Fruits and Nuts loved it.

  58. Pelosi has never care about AMERICA! You can go all the way back to her first term in the House. All she care about is MONEY! LIKE her con man father! Is she a kinfolk of Hillary? Who also came from a family of con people! Pelosi need to go home and cry wolf! Then resign or RETIRED! Those four terrorist in the House has got under her skins. Or did OBAMA threatened to have BLACK PEOPLE come after her? She has lost it! Just as Maxnie Water! Age is showing their true feeling about this country. They HATE AMERICA! I can’t understand why NOTHING WAS DONE BY HER OR ANY HOUSE member on Hillary selling URANIUM TO RUSSIA! Or Obama and John Kerry getting the HOUSE REPRESENTATIVE TO PASS A BILLION DOLLARS TO IRAN! Knowing Iran could purchase the URANIUM FROM RUSSIA to make a nuclear weapons! Here is a BIG DANGER PICTURE OF THE HOUSE AND THEIR SUPPORTER! Aiding the ENEMY OF AMERICA! MORE LIKE DEMOCRAT ARE THE ENEMY OF AMERICA! Trying to DESTORY AMERICA from WITHIN!

  59. I understand Trump not shaking her hand. I wouldn’t want her commie cooties. As stupid as she is she probably didn’t wash her hands after wiping her ass.

  60. Pelosi just dug her own grave and has probably stepped into it. Worse yet, there are many, many more American’s now ready to fill in the hole.

    At eighty years of age, I have never seen anyone cut their own throat as surely as she did today. I have always given her more credit for intelligence, than she has just shown. When the chips were down…..she went with them!

  61. I guess the Democrats like to keep shooting themselves in the foot. Wait till the Durham report comes out and they start handing out indictments. That ought to really finish them off when their lying and corruption is legally exposed.

  62. I wish Trump would investigate every one of the democrat congressmen and make public all the dirt they find on each one and make them answer for it. I know Trump is not a perfect man, none of us are. There has only been one perfect man and they nailed him to a cross They tried to crucify Trump but failed. Pelosi says Trump won’t be president one way or the other.Trump needs more protection and needs to seriously start draining the swamp cesspool.

  63. Nancy should now concentrate on restoring and cleaning up the district in SanFrancisco she represents. It’s about time she serves and truly represent the people that have kept re-electing her! Stop the hypocrisy! She’s a perfect reason for TERM LIMITS, my fellow Americans!!!

  64. Shameful, I wonder what her grandchildren thought of her silly gesture, maybe she chose to rip up the speech, instead of throwing herself on the floor, kicking and screaming…..
    Get a grip, Ms. Pelosi…put on your big girl undies..respect your position, and The State Of The Union address by our President.

  65. We should be thanking Pelosi. All she accomplished was showing the entire country that her along with her bubbling band of Bafoons not only care nothing about what is important to the American people, but that they have absolutely no respect for us. She has helped Trump move up even futher in the polls! She should be happy that Trump is President, she will have 7 million more jobs available for her to apply for come November!

  66. If Pelosi and her party continue the witch hunt both should be brought to justice for obstructing the work of administration, . The duties of the three branches cannot properly function under the intended destructive actions of the LEFT

  67. Nancy Pelosi is demented and going senile. Half of her press conferences only show that she is an alcoholic and yet nobody in her party will speak up and call her out for it. She needs to retire and declare that she will not seek reelection. THIS would be her only saving grace. She could state she is not seeking another term and then maybe she could bow out with some semblance of dignity. She definitely should not remain in congress any longer than to the end of her current term in office.

  68. They aren’t going to do anything to the queen Nancy. She’ll run, get relecte, and nothing will change. She should have been dragged out of the chamber by her hair.
    If you did by using her teeth, they just fall out.

  69. Nothing left to say about this beyond evil piece of utter scum named Nancy Pelosi – whose time has come, after sucking off the system for years & years as a lying, thieving hypocrite – she needs to get the hell out of our Congress NOW – and just a p.s. – the slurring speech at today’s prayer breakfast spoke volumes – Nancy, either your dentures are about to fall out, or you need to lay off the vodka. SICK WITCH.

  70. This is what the left wing does when they don’t their way, just throw a temper tantrum and mommy will give in and give them a sugar cookie. All Americans must turn you’re backs on these type of people.

  71. I don’t even recall acting like her when I was a kid. She needs to be impeached, thrown out, reprimanded, and get an evaluation from the ethics committee along with AOC, and Omar.

  72. Nancy Pelosi should be kicked out of congress and take the rest of them with her. They don’t like President Trump, our country and the rest of us and we don’t like them Go away because you are the people who divided and started the problems in our country Shame on all of you.

  73. House speaker is so unprofessional. She needs to find prayer for her hatred of the Country and the people of America for forgiveness. As for the hatred of the pen collector’s they too will need to pray at the polls in November.

  74. Not shaking Pelosi’s hand was rude, unprofessional, and simply childish on the part of Trump. As childish, rude and unprofessional as Pelosi ripping up the speech. Both behaved as immature children. Now, symbolism aside, Trump has never been a typical politician, nor has desired to be. He is blunt, crass and to the point. BUT, as such he
    is nearly always correct, and in three years has made himself into one of the best POTUS in American history. Trump 2020.

  75. She chose not to introduce the president as he is always introduced…”high privilege and distinct honor” and when he didn’t shake her hand, she had to grandstand and tear up the speech! Keep digging your grave, Nancy.

  76. The commiecrats should remove her from the speaker position. I don’t know whom among that bunch of idiots should be put in. The liars said that they wouldn’t vote for her as speaker after the last election. But it’s all good. Kevin McCarthy will take over next January.

  77. Get rich the Qbama way, steal one billion from Iran’s cash, they will gladly pay that. Thieves and Alzheimer’s patients govern America. Congress and senate was never meant for a lifetime!

  78. Pelosi is the most unprofessional witch I have ever seen in my life. They want to call Bolton…Let them. It’s time to start calling Comey, Strock, Page, Clinton, Lynch, Holder, Barry and all the other ilk in for questioning. If they try to over throw this president again by making up a crime and charging him with it…I hope they all spend the rest of their life in prison for treason. Has anyone looked into how the Obamas got all their wealth. Could it be they took a cut from the 150 Billion in cash he flew to Iran? Just asking? All IMO

  79. PELOSI set her ASS on Fire twice in 2 days proving Over again that despite her Publicity Releases about being a great tactician, and Legislator she proved to be a lOSER via the ill devised impeachment IOWA and her INCOMPETENCE in Legislating>>>Insteda she proved to be an oVER THE HILL STUPID with TDS self promoting IDIOT …not interseted in solving the Coutry’s issues many created by her party … WAKE UP AMERICA !!!

  80. Pelosi is an EVIL woman. She is a liar, hypocrite, and a crook.
    She has a personal vendetta against Trump ever since he canned her plain flight.

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