Nancy Pelosi stood in front of a camera and said the most unbelievable thing

Nancy Pelosi has a history of outrageous gaffes.

But the Democrat leader outdid herself this time.

Pelosi got up in front of the cameras and committed career suicide with one comment.

Pelosi – and the media – jumped to defend the Mexican gang MS-13.

In a meeting about sanctuary cities, Trump responded to remarks about the violent gang by calling their members “animals.”

Media outlets quickly circulated the clip and claimed Trump was classifying all illegal aliens as “animals.”

Pelosi compounded the error by standing up in front of the press and rambling about the “spirit of divinity” that the illegal aliens Trump spoke about possessed.

The only problem was Trump was talking about MS-13 – whose slogan is “Rape. Control. Kill” so Pelosi ended up rushing to the defense of a brutal gang.

Press Secretary Sarah Sanders put the exclamation point on the affair by dunking on the media and Pelosi during her daily press briefing.