Nancy Pelosi stood in front of a camera and said the most unbelievable thing

Nancy Pelosi has a history of outrageous gaffes.

But the Democrat leader outdid herself this time.

Pelosi got up in front of the cameras and committed career suicide with one comment.

Pelosi – and the media – jumped to defend the Mexican gang MS-13.

In a meeting about sanctuary cities, Trump responded to remarks about the violent gang by calling their members “animals.”

Media outlets quickly circulated the clip and claimed Trump was classifying all illegal aliens as “animals.”

Pelosi compounded the error by standing up in front of the press and rambling about the “spirit of divinity” that the illegal aliens Trump spoke about possessed.

The only problem was Trump was talking about MS-13 – whose slogan is “Rape. Control. Kill” so Pelosi ended up rushing to the defense of a brutal gang.

Press Secretary Sarah Sanders put the exclamation point on the affair by dunking on the media and Pelosi during her daily press briefing.


  1. If she is so worried about the food insecure people in this Country why doesn’t she refuse to take her salary and send it to the hungry people plus donate some of her millions of dollars in illgotten gains to helping some of the needy American Citizens in the Country???

  2. There is he worst. army in allcentral can shoot on spot just for Ms 13 tattoo sweneed to round up all gangs lnc. Most attys stop almost drugs murders in us

  3. I doubt that a lot of people in this country know about the MS-13. Ask people on the street and see what reaction you get. To think that any member of Congress would support the members of that gang is outrageous and they should be exposed to the public. Anyone running against them in the election should have an ad showing the idiocy of Pelosi and others who agree with her. Common sense should show anyone that she is delusional and deranged, not fit to be in office.

  4. Every thing that hair brain nitwit says is unbelievable.I’l never understand what kind of ilk puts her in government as a representative of the people.I can’t believe people are that dumb.

  5. Nut case Nancy…It is better to be thought a fool…..than to open ones’ mouth and remove all doubt !!!

  6. Sadly Nutsy won’t be hurt by this IGNORANCE as she has said and done things as IGNORANT if not more so and the IDIOTS keep sending her back to DC. I know they do it so her IGNORANCE won’t Pollute the State but it just shows America just how IGNORANT Calipornians are.

  7. Thanks for qualifying “animals” as most animals are better than these gangs.

  8. I guess she would choose Hilliary as her new Vice President and Obama as Secretary of State. We would be worst than any third world country

  9. If they were in my voting district, I would attempt to have a recall election to prevent them from retiring with a pension, especially PELOSI

  10. I think Pelosi damaged her brain when she and Hilliary collided and both fell off their brooms

  11. They have signs of “DIVINITY” Doncha know!!!! Pelosium has left the RESERVATION again !!

  12. >Bullet is good enough( & get the hell outta there) Pronto squanto. Forget the ‘bounty’. Capish.

  13. Anyone who wears a MS 13 tattoo should be legally shot on sight and a bounty paid for his dead body. There is not one good thing anyone can say about them. They ARE rabid, vicious, animals of the worse kind.

  14. I dont think Nancy has the same pull she once did. I doubt we will see her in 2020, or even past 2018 for that matter. Her party is done with her, she has brought only shame and misery to the Dems.

  15. ps. Nancy, MS 13 don’t like Real Food, they like to eat ppl.
    Do You Get ‘that’ ??? Nancy et al.

  16. So in ending, Nancy say “thank you – bye bye”.
    Hey Nancy, please address the “spark of divinity”
    re MS 13 Eating ppl after they kill them .
    >>Perhaps you find them & give a ‘sandwhich’ or
    issue more ‘food stamps’ in Ca. – then maybe they
    don’t eat ppl.

  17. Pelosi is a symptom of just how pathetic my home town has become. It is at it’s most disgraceful low right now and this is pretty much due to the arrogance of gaggles of new comers seeking the ultimate cool, and the enormous quantity of weird denizens of this once proud city, once proud for all the right reasons.

  18. Wishful dreaming if you think Pelosi can do any wrong! First of all “Money talks and people squawk.” Pelosi has the biggest bankroll supporters in the country and she rules the roost with an Iron hand. She hand picks those she financially supports and they are all obligated to her. That said, it is normal convoluted political party practice for both parties and is the reason she will stay in office as well as the minority party leader. Just try to cross her, the wicked witch of the west will chew you up in minutes and spit you out like you were spit. She is a danger to our federation but only those in her district can make the change, and that will not happen in San Francisco, CA. She also has the liberal media behind her as you can easily see, or they would have cut her up eons ago.

  19. How would you like to be a democrat, knowing you are represented by the likes of Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Joe Biden, Sheila Jackson Lee, Schiff, etc. ? Then to know you are protected, no matter your party or independence, by Mueller, Comey, Dade and all those other incompetent FBI, DOJ persona. And just think, if Hillary would have won, none of these truths would have ever been exposed. Trump won because God really does love America.

  20. Intelligent, Sane people should pay no attention to Loony Nancy. She is quite delusional. Either that or she is smart in a criminal way, to steal money from the USA.

  21. I am so pissed that the Democrats R always defending everyone else, except the citizens of our Country. Why don’t they just move out of the U.S. & go defend these people in their own Country.

    Now this time it went to far defending M-13 over the American people, what the heck is wrong with them. In the last yr. M-13 stabbed a man 100 times, decapitated his head & body parts among all the other murders they have done.

    Why do Democrats defend people like this? And over the American people??? It was the American people that put them in office not the illegals. Why anyone would Vote for them in the 1st place is beyond my thinking? This is what your Vote means for M-13 & border jumpers. Nice going Libs.

  22. She needs to sit down and stay quiet. If Bill Clinton’s “friends” were to get hold of her, she would die by a 9mm “self inflicted” brain hemorrhage in the back of her head. Well……Arkancide.

  23. MS13 members have a “Spirit of Divinity” but the unborn children that get aborted, either late term or partial birth don’t? How do you not see the hypocrisy? Keep in mind that her party puts the needs of all illegal aliens ahead of US citizens, obviously for votes. Nancy Pelosi should be leader of the democrats for life. She constantly reminds us of all that is wrong with her party.

  24. She’s nothing but an old hag, and ready to be confined in some kind of home for the delusioned minded persons. She’s a very harmful old “thing”, no longer can she be considered a “person”.

  25. This Is Another Prime Example That Lends Credence To The Notion That The Democrats Are An Threat To This Country and It’s People And Should Be Expulsed From Participation In Our Government. The Democrats Has Proven Without The Slightest Shadow Of An Doubt That The Democrats Are More Of An Threat To The U.S. & It’s Citizens Than All Of Our Adversaries Combined And Must Be Neutralized For The Sake Of Our Nation And Of Americans at Large.

  26. Nancy “Wackosi” and “Mad Max” Waters are leading the gaggle of Dmes horse race but this put Wakosi a nose in from of Mad Max.

    The horse race is long from over, so stand by as Mad Max is warming up 🙂

  27. How does the “woman” stay in the position she is in?? Why is she not ousted stripped of any position she has anywhere? This is unbelievable that this is happening? damn it!! Please get rid of her!!Now M.S.

  28. You are denigrating sewer rats by referring Pelosci, as sewer rats.
    I would suggest ,that President Trump show two photo’s . One photo would be of a typical MS13 “member” , the second photo would be in living color and 16x 20 inches in size , a VICTIM of this gang.
    Perhaps she will close her pinhole long enough to “see the error of her ways”.

  29. Clearly Pelosi is one dumb no nothing that always puts her foot in her mouth. Instead of worrying about our amazing president who has done more with greater opposition than any predecessor, she should worry about her crooked husband and his own corruption.

  30. You hit the nail on the head; they’re incompetent. An addendum, thayrer salso liars, thieves and anti American traitors. who need to spend serious time in a federal penetentary under lock and key. I could go on but whay’s the point as I could be here all day enumerating all thee BS these liberals have foisted on us and America, but this is a good start and I frankly don’t want to waste any more valuable time on this subject!

  31. You hit the nail on the head; they’re incompetent. An addendum, thay’tr salso liars, thieves and anti Amrricva=n traitors. I could go on but this is a good start and I frankly don’t want to waste any more time on this subject!

  32. I just want everyone who reads this blog to pass it on which shows how the communist a.k.a. Democrat party really is. Nancy Polosi was up there with her little speech on how these MS 13 killers or gods little creatures. She went on about God shortly. First off animals instinctively kill to eat, these are below animals as they kill just to be killing. Secondly is Nancy Pelot see is a huge hypocrite but shows the Democrat party on how they use people things or whatever promotes their agenda, but in this case God as Nancy Was speaking about these people being gods creatures and how they shouldn’t be talked about that way but yet her year and a half ago Nancy Polosi was up there on TV,Telling her idiot followers, that they did not need God they have the Democrat party, this is how they use people want to promote their agenda and what they don’t need them they throw them under the bus as Nancy was just showing throwing got under the bus in the above sentence. They do this time in again and yet the idiots follow these people time and again. Learn now before it’s too late.

  33. Pelosi! The President was specifically referring to MS13 gangs. The horrible things MS13 gang members do are “animalistic”. Stop undermining The President. Pelosi, you Deep State “bullies” can no longer ignore your bias without consequences.

  34. They are incompetent, but the word you are looking for is STUPID! But that applies to all liberals and Demo-craps!!

  35. Pelosi represents only herself. She obviously is one of the reasons the MS-13 gangs are here in the United States. She thinks so highly of them, let her publicly fire her current protection squad and hire MS-13 members. Once inside her garrison, let’s see how long before it is ransacked and she is permanently removed from office, all offices.

  36. She snuffed it out, just like that bottle of Jack Daniels that she guzzles all the time

  37. About the only ones that either vote for her or support pislousi are those that live in san fransicko. Nasty puslousi is NOT worth even voting for, she/it hates everything that is not DEMONcrat, that one will always stand on the side of the illegals, and will throw all others under the train. At one time she even wanted outlaw shameful in the country and was shot down by congress.

  38. She is really stupid, what her problem is, is that she is suffering from the effects of Alzheimers, she has at least state two of that disease.

  39. Not only incompetent, these 4 WANNABEES are delirious n mentally derange. Maybe all their armed security guards should be remove, then transfer all the MS-13 gangs in and around their neighborhoods. Give them a dose of their incompetence.

  40. You are correct about these women. Can’t understand why they do the things they do unless they are just plain incompetent.

  41. Robert, you are right and that would cause an epidemic of every messing their britches….That thought alone would give you nightmares with her in the Oval Office.

  42. Pisslosi, Waters, Feinstein, Hillary are nothing but WANNABEES……….They are the Sewer Rodents that are shafting California……..

  43. Paul Ryan has already said he is retiring at then of his term, which will be after the mid-term election in November – if Nancy is re-elected to her seat and if Democrats take back the House of Representatives in the mid-term election – Nancy seems to think that she will be re-elected back to be Speaker of the House, which would put her in position to be President if Trump and Pence are both removed or left office.

  44. Pelosi represents San Francisco. The only way she’ll commit political suicide is if she has a 180 degree turnaround and comes out in support of President Trump.

  45. Butchy, to do that they first have to remove her cranial-rectal inversion. It will be a long process after all these years.

  46. Let’s put it this way. What else to you call gang members that brutalize…rape..dismember…behead…use barbaric torture to kill…murder innocent young girls/women..That’s not exactly passing out invitations to a party,or giving candy or flowers out to their unfortunate victims that I can see. So I agree with The Presidents comment about what they are because he is right. For Polosi to defend that garbage just tells us exactly what kind of a stupid nitwit she actually is. This is where she needs to be locked up…put into an insane asylum and throw away the blasted key. This dunce head is nothing short of DERANGED..No other word to describe her.Her and “:wacko waters” both need in an institution.

  47. “Spark of Divinity”? Even so, what does that have to do with the illegal invasion of our country by foreign nationals? How does that bestow upon anyone the right invade our country and undermine our society? But all the same, President Trump was wrong to call the M-13 gang members animals. That is an insult to animals. Most animals are better than these despicable thugs. Omnivores don’t commit these kind of atrocities. With few exception even predators in the animal kingdom only attack and kill for food or to protect their young. Nancy needs medical attention!

  48. Pelosi doesn’t belong in the White House,she belongs in a nut house.I I wonder if a lot of people realize if she was the speaker of the house ( God Forbid) under President Trump and if something happened to him and our Vice President,she is next in line to run this country.Its a scary thought.

  49. I am wondering if Pelosi has always been incredibly Stupid or has it just come on in the last 10-15 years? It has to take some time to become that Stupid. What does that say for the liberals who elect her and listen to her? Very disappointing.

  50. She is doing this on PURPOSE just to rile up her base and to PI$$ off Trump supporters, as I DON’T think that she would invite these “poor souls” into her house to have COFFEE with them, after all, the MSM always needs NEW fuel to “mince” the PRESIDENT’s words just to make it LOOK LIKE that the President said “something” horrible about ALL ILLEGALS, deep down, even her own base knows that she and the MSM are all EXAGGERATING and are OUT of LINE, just as Kayne West is talking “OUT of LINE” nowadays……!!!

  51. If people are sick enough to support nancy pelosie, even by california standards, that segment of society is doomed beyond help.

  52. And furthermore the lamebrain media accomplices will once again sweep this “spark of genious” comment it under the rug.
    And the people will forget.

  53. MS 13’s motto is “rape control kill” also?
    Same as the democratic party? How divine!
    Please don’t retire Nastibugeyelosi. Please don’t.

  54. Mrs Pelosi says all people and children have a “spark of divinity”? Yet she is willing to continue financing Planned Parenthood that aborts over 300 thousand infants a year? Mrs Pelosi? Where is your spark of “divinity”?


  56. Pelosi is good for one thing only: laughs !!! If the dems have any sense left they will have her dementia addled ass removed from all matters political.

  57. About the time you think surely Pelosi couldn’t come up with a more stupid comment, she make one that makes the other ones sound almost sensible, and I really don’t think she has ever made a really sensible remark. I never have heard her anyway.

  58. Nancy Pelosie has done more for the Republican party than any person on Planet Earth — thank you for your great disservice to your own Party — I am in awe at your pure stupidity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. Nancy Pelosi is a Mental case. She should be put away in a Mental Institution. She is supporting MS-13. She is evil.

  60. How in the world could anybody in their right mind think like a libatrud.I guess the in is close

  61. I happened to be 81 yrs. old, I listen ND I HEARD THAT president trump WAS REFERRING TO THE MS-13 GANG CALLING THEM ‘animals’ that they truly are ANIMALS
    AND IT JUST MAKE ME PISSED OFF WHERE ‘PELOOOSI’0 AGAIN ATTACKS THE PRESIDENYT OF WHAT HE SAYS OR DIDN’T SAY. TURN THINGS AND WORDS TO FIT YOUR AGENDA WITH FICIOUS LIES IS ONLY CONTINUING THE PATTERN OF HATRED THAT HAS BROUGHT INTO OUR COUNTRY STARTING WITH OBAMA and continuing with insulting remarks from a SENATOR WHO CHAMPIONS WERE OF DECEIT. Sweet NANCY, BE SURE TO TURN UP YOUR HEARING AID TO GET THE FACTS STRAIGHT and I’m positive that reason you have a fence around your home is to keep good and God fearing people from entering the privacy of your domain while you MS. PELOOSI are entertaining the members of the MS-13 GANG! In the future, please refer to the members of the killing MS-13 Gang members who support our country. IN OTHER MS PELOOOI you are a scoundrel and an enemy of our nation who has brought this wave of hatred across America. To make it short BICH–RESIGN YOUR MOUTH IS CONTEMPABLE!

  62. I cannot add much to what all the others are saying about Nancy Pelosi.
    They are so right.
    But I personally would add that people who think like Nancy about criminals are more than crazy, There minds and hearts are influenced by Satan himself or his demons.
    No rational compassionate human being could ever think or say such evil things unless there minds and hearts are in tune with or corrupted by evil.
    How can you possibly justify evil like MS13 or others like them?
    I can only think that the atrocities of Hitler or Stalin or others like them were worse but people like MS 13 hold a close 2nd.

  63. LIAR, LIAR, Pants on fire Nancy. Don’t the lies every stop??? This woman constantly turns things around, we saw the original tape & Trump was calling MS-13 animals. I agree with him, matter of fact, I would have called them a h*ll of alot worse.
    VOTE REPUBLICANS R U not tired of the Democrats Lies & Obstruction & Communism??? The World would be so much better without them. Libs defending MS-13 now I have heard it all.

  64. Your sacrifices mean something to a lot of Americans, more than you think! Remember who runs the media? That’s right it’s the left! And there are not as many left wing nut jobs as they might make you think! Thank you for your service!????????

  65. I just heard/saw above video of a shriveled up old, old white as snow senior citizen pretend to sound normal in a pantsuit. Didn’t she get the memo…. it’s over. Her fooling of conservative folk days are over. The train has left the station without her.

  66. I do wisj that Pres. Trump had not insulted all animals by calling MS-13 animals. Any animal ranks higher than any MS-13 member on the tree of life.

  67. I have a son-in-law who is exactly like the idiots you are referring to. Unfortunately, he has brain washed my daughter and my 2 grand children, both of who are old enough to vote.

  68. Why would anyone with even a smidgen of a brain listen to ninny Pilousy. This woman has the conscience, morals, character of a low IQ moron.

  69. I have a good idea we need another hunting season this one just for MS13 no bag limit and no license reguired with hunting year round

  70. Nancy is an old woman who is seeking attention. What she is getting is a lot of disrespect, regard and trust and she has lost a great deal of respect people had for her… more…..

  71. Totally agree. Our country will not survive if the libs get control. We must vote in record numbers or pay the price.

  72. I think Nancy’s handlers gave up on her a long time ago. MS-13 members are animals. Hunting licenses and tags should be issued.
    As for nancy, keep up the good work girl. Have another drink.

  73. That’s the problem. It no longer is the party of Truman, JFK, O’Neil, Truman, or any other Democrats of that era. Today’s DemoRAT Party is the home of the American Communist Party. Problem is, most life long Democrats have never figured that out.

  74. WHAT? She’s already put her foot in her mouth so many times, wearing SO MANY different shoes, it should be called the “SHOE CLOSET”. Now, she’s gone over the top protecting MS-13 “murderers”.

  75. They want to get the MS-13’s vote in the next election. That all immigration means to them.

  76. She is the best the Dumbocraps have to offer.You can expect just about anything to come out of that????mouth of hers.

  77. Liberalism is a mental disorder and Pelosi, Behar, Hillary, Comey, Whoopi, Baldwin, Beck, Waters, mcShame and Griffin are the poster girls!!!Just more liberal useful idiots on display !

  78. Deep State is everywhere!!! The liberal demoncrat Nazi’s party at work here!!!!!!!!!!!!Don’t forget the RINOs (Ryan, McShame , McConnell, Rubio , Romney, Sessions, Grahams etc..,) they’re just as bad! Drain the rat infested Swamp ASAP, President Trump!

  79. Pelosi is one crazy Democrat. First they misquote Trump, then she has another mouth overload and makes a fool of herself. We do need term limits, but Pelosi, has been like this for years. Trump wasn’t at all out of line calling the MS13 thugs “animals”, that’s what they are. I honestly will never understand anyone in their right mind voting these Democratic liberal White collar radicals into office. Enough is enough!!!

  80. And people in her district still support her!! Tells you something about the people huh?

  81. Just when you think Nancy Pelosi has just said the stupidest thing you’ve ever heard – she starts talking again. WE have to have term limits NOW. We cannot keep having these so called “representatives” hang around until they go senile.

  82. Nuttsey is a disgruntle old woman that will do and say anything that will get her into the news. She plays the radical media like a violin and the media is too stupid to see it.

  83. Let Nan take them home to live with her in her mansion.
    See how long she can go before being tortured, raped, murdered and robbed.
    These filthy beasts do not belong in this country and should be killed on sight.
    It is high time we stop protecting this gang, and other murderous cutthroats.
    Sarah is correct in saying that animal does not go far enough!!!

  84. Pelosi is demented and has no functioning intelligence. Come to think about it, this is true of the entire so called Democrat Party.

  85. Poor Grandma Pelosi! She seems to be suffering from acute Trump Derangement Syndrome. She needs to join Malicious Maxine for serious therapy. Both have lost any sense of reality. They are a disgrace to the party of JFK and Tip O’Neill.

  86. Nancy Pelosi is beyond the expectation of any logical – sane thought or comprehension . The woman needs to be ” taken out back – like behind the woodshed ” and put out of her obvious misery. How can anyone defend such behavior as what is exhibited by these “savages” – yes, they are animals – truly a menace to society – and need to be treated as such by eliminating them from existence – without redemption – rehabilitation – or twelve-step program options that progressives would probably push for them – “Oh sure, lets give the depressed – underprivileged – fatherless MS-13 gang members from broken homes another chance ” !

  87. Yes and get everyone you know who hasn’t ever registered to do it now! Tell everyone you know to vote vote vote!! If you care about this country VOTE!!

  88. Comments like this really shows what Democommies think about the American people. Rather defend illegal scum than back the POTUS. What a joke and to think people in her district will vote her back into office again. Not a person that reprents true american values. People better wake up and make sure that the Democommies don’t get back control of the house or this is what we will be stuck with as house speaker.

  89. Well she needs to feel how ms13 treats people. Of course, Pelosi might actually like to be treated badly.

  90. It is the state schools, the media and the democrat party. If you have kids, teach them history the right way. Heck, have them read the Bill Oreilly and Greg Gutfield history stories. Real history presented in an adventurous manner that kids love. Also Rush Limbaughs time travel stories.

  91. The BIG MOUTH liberals ALL meet the SAME criteria BE BRAIN DEAD then FLOP BACK INTO the CESS POOL, Pelosi waters, schumer, THEIR MEETING PLACE.

  92. Nancy Pelosi will defend anyone cannibal and invite them to dinner if President Trump called them an animal.

  93. This why the MS-13 has thrived on both coasts. Feckless, weak, cowardly liberals and progressives allowed them to profligate.

  94. Pretty much all democrats are communist. That is why the American Communist Party is unheard from. They merged.

  95. Possible more people will understand now why so many people are concerned about this politician and her ongoing career….Time to step down.

  96. The democrats and Big 4 media are defending MS 13. Really?? They are defending rapists, murderers, drug and gun runners. Well, if the general voting public gets wind of this then the midterms are a shoo in for us republicans.

  97. “Rape. Control. Kill” Sounds to me like they’ve completely abdicated from any “divine spark”. This woman needs to get out of the political arena, or at least, SHUT UP.

  98. OMG: She doesn’t represent me> In fact, I LOVE the suggestion that we place MS-13 gang members on the lawns of both her and Maxine Waters. What a couple of criminal pretenders they both are.

  99. I don’t have family, but I have close friends who are exactly the same as you described. When one specific friend starts spouting off, he sounds like a clone of one of the favorite liberal hacks!!

  100. I don’t have family, but I have close friends who are exactly the same as you described. When one specific friend starts spouting off, he sounds like a clone of one of the favorite liberal hacks!!

  101. I don’t have family, but I have close friends who are exactly the same as you described. When one specific friend starts spouting off, he sounds like a clone of one of the favorite liberal hacks!!

  102. Do we have to admit that she allegedly represents the people of California, I believe she has spent too much time with Walker Black Label, She is FRIED!!!!!!!!!!!!

  103. I’M Sorry to have to say this, but I don’t think Pelosis has the smarts that God gave
    to a goose.

  104. this country baffles me, I served in the Navy for my country. The sacrifices the I made does not look like they mean any thing. Time to wake up America

  105. I think the Soros led group is brainwashed. Obama’s common core program has devoured any sense of humanity and reality among left wing “Americans!”

  106. Nancy Pelosi cares nothing for American citizens and is willing to defend MS-13 gang members (no matter
    the heinous crimes they commit against Americans) to keep in power and take the country in a direction
    it clearly does not want to go. Immigrants are just fodder for her plan. As long as they weed her garden,
    now her lawn, and vote Democrat they can stay. If it was 1775 she’d be routing for the British!

  107. Liberals hear only what they want to hear. If it means misinterpreting an entire speach or a sentence or taking a phrase out of context, they will jump right on it. If none of that works, they will report their “interpretation” of what a non-liberal says. I have relatives that refuse to listen to original source material from “conservatives”, but will happily believe second-hand “interpretations” from their favorite liberal “hack”, never questioning for a moment whether the interpretation bears any resemblance at all to what was originally said and/or written.

  108. I Don’t Understand This Tearing Down America Hoopla That’s Going On.? I Don’t Understand How Any Normal person Can Stand by And Watch What These gangs Do.? The Minute The President say’s Something About These Types There’s A Fire Storm Of Screaming About His Racist Attitude. The Racists Are The Ones Standing By While Innocent People Die For No Reason.

  109. I think MS13 should camp out on the grounds of Pelosi’s mansion. While they are at it why not Waters? Anything to go against Pres. Trump.

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