Nancy Pelosi stood in front of the cameras and instantly regretted this massive mistake

Nancy Pelosi is at war with Donald Trump.

And as much as she may not want to admit it in public, the Democrat Party’s goal is impeachment.

That’s when Nancy Pelosi stood in front of the camera and instantly regretted this massive mistake.

During her weekly press conference on Thursday, Pelosi responded to White House counsel Pat Cippollone’s letter rejecting the Democrats’ politically motivated fishing expeditions as a “do over” of the Mueller investigation.

Pelosi hysterically claimed the letter was a “joke” and “beneath the dignity” of the President.

Breitbart reports:

Pelosi said, “Let me just say this: The letter that came from the White House yesterday was completely outrageous.”

She continued, “It was totally outrageous. It says the president is above the law and Congress has no right to investigate any of the actions of the president, to hold him accountable in any way.”

She added, “When they are saying unless you have a legislative purpose, you cannot ask any questions. You cannot investigate unless you have a legislative purpose. But one of the purposes that the Constitution spells out for investigation is impeachment. So you can say, and of course with respect, if you said, we need this information to carry out our oversight responsibilities, and among them is impeachment. It doesn’t mean you’re going on the impeachment path, but it means if you had the information you might.”

She concluded, “We hope they would respect their oath of office and the separation of powers, and that they would respond to requests for information. That might be ratcheted up to subpoenaed for information, but just to say that that letter came from the White House was a joke, beneath the dignity of the presidency of the United States, and in defiance of our constitution, shame on them.

Pelosi is making it clear Democrats are trying to provoke a “Constitutional crisis” so they have grounds to press forward with impeachment.

Trump is fighting the Democrats’ subpoenas tooth and nail because Pelosi authorized an unprecedented fishing expedition in to the President’s personal life and finances.

There is no oversight purpose to these investigations.

The only goal is impeachment.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. please all AMERICAN voters
    check out the very dangerous Democrat agenda for 2020
    WE THE PEOPLE that LOVE America and Americans rights
    deserve the 2020 Republican right agenda–

  2. Pelisi has the iq of a gold fish. She does not have the common sense of a dog. And the morals of a chimp. She should be impeached, and sent to jail.

  3. The Far Left Wing Simpleton Liberals will not stop the Witch Hunt , they do not care how foolish or shameful it makes themselves look , they’ll understand one thing and one only , A Good Old Fashion American Butt Kicking , COURTEOUS of The RED WHITE and Blue , God Bless America and Our President Donald Trump

    • Why haven’t Republicans introduced legislation to remove Pelosi as Speaker. To think the 3rd in line to the Presidency is an incompetent drunken alcoholic.

      Pelosi together with her Media allies keep a narrative going, having called the USA citizenry ignorant of impeachment. Those ignorant of the subject are obviously, Pelosi, The Dems and MSM. In order to impeach a POTUS you need 2/3 of the House to vote affirmatively then proceed to the Senate for a 2/3 approval. Pelosi can’t get the 2/3 vote in the House let alone the Senate. The cry’s for impeachment have no basis in Law. In fact, why haven’t Congressional Republicans moved to impeach Pelosi for dereliction of duty, causing a national disaster at our southern border and using her position to undermine the well being of the country. The USA is fed up with Pelosi and her incompetence and inability to govern. I for one am sick and tired of Liberal petulance raising the anger of USA citizenry because of Dems lack of concern for Americans. Pelosi called for the imprisonments of our duly elected President, when in fact, she is the one that should be incarcerated for her lack of action at the Southern Border and overall abuse of power! #DumpPelosi #PelosiForPrison #PelosiArrestForPerjury. #PelosiForGitmo

  4. Why don’t you impeach yourselves, you bunch of lying dogs. If you want to bring the corrupt to justice, & are trying to find them. Just go, and find mirrors, for all of you, & look into them, & you will find, the ones to impeach. If you lying bunch, Nancy, Chuck,AOC,& all the rest of you, keep going the way you are going, in 2020 we will no longer have to worry about you. You will all, be looking at DC through your rear view mirrors. BY! BY!

  5. I am old (90) and sick to my stomach when I look at my computer and tell me what terrible things these so called righteous people are up to. Don’t they ever sit down and think about all the lies and objections they have done and/or caused like a bunch of small children on the wrong side of the park and trying to move all the other kids off their “property”? Surely they aren’t “adults”!!!!

    • As you are 90, you know the dems have been at this a long time. Through the 20s and 30s they were much worse. I find it ironic and funny at the same time that the dems, who supported slavery, were for Jim Crow laws, and against equal rights, now act like they’re the moral majority.

      • That is because they have brainwashed their followers into believing them. You tell folks the same thing day after day and the ones with weak minds are going to believe it.

      • The Democrats are scared that Bill Barr might find something that they are trying so hard to keep secret
        The Democrats are disgusting
        Look how they acted during the Kavanaugh hearings does this not tell us all what they are. Liars and not for American citizens.

    • Old and still kicklng, I am old also 75. I am a retired Master gunny sgt USMC with 30 years of service to this great nation ani can still kick ass. Where has the love of this great country gone? Our genaration were taught to love flag country and god. We taught right and wrong. The younger crowd are going down the road of no return. They better wake up soon or this country will be gone.
      The commy demogogs are nuts and full of hate it will never win.

        • Joe I admit to being a “hater”. I hate everything about communism. And that’s what your shithole party is about.

          • Hey Pukey Duke, you are also a racist,misogynist, an idiot and an unAmerican fool for backing the criminal, serial sexual assaulter Trump.

        • You should go by Joe the Dumber! If you can’t see what the demorats are up to then you have been eating at the “honey dipper” truck!!!
          You will fit right in……….

        • joe you just revealed your politics. You support a red flag with hammer and sickle. You hate America, its Constitution and all the traditional values that have made it the most desired place to live because of its being a nation under God with Liberty and Justice for all its legitimate citizens. Flies, fleas rats and roaches are all attracted to picnics. That’s why vermin (wannabe slaves) are trying to cross the border to freeload illegally on the handouts.

      • You got that right. I too am a Marine , not as long as you. But I agree with you whole heartedly. Semper Fi

    • Democrats have been at it at Lincoln’s day. They assacinated him because they did not want slaves freed. So what’s new? They just revealed that Beyond any/every reasonable doubt that they are unfit to rule. They killed the Democratic Party…now they are running around as ‘living dead’! Pity

  6. Pres. Trump is DOING the things he said he would do – no other Pres. “followed through” on promises made. LET HIM DO HIS JOB!!! (They (the Democrats etc. certainly are not doing theirs!) They are “shaming” America…

    • It is costing this country $104 BILLION DOLLARS as of this noontime. FOR ALL THESE ILLEGALS AND THE PRICE JUST KEEPS GOING UP

    • I’m proud of it joe blow. As for being a racist, I’m damn proud. It means I don’t think I have to stoop and bow to anyone to impress others. All races are different and I don’t expect any of us to act like each other. If so called minoritys want to be treated well then act right.

  7. Well Nancy….then why the hell didnt you do your job when Obama was president?? Birth certificate? fast and furious? benghazi? Hillarys email server? I could go on and on…

  8. Hey Nancy, If you care so much for illegals, why do’t you adopt some and/or invite them to live in your homes? You won’t because you are a hypocrite who has gotten rich off of government. You work for Banksters and the New World Order. So why was that plane you were planning on using with your immense family and friends (not to mention $100 grand of liquor your ordered) planning a 2 day stop in Zurich? Could it be you had “paper” to exchange? I notice that right after the Prez cancelled your misuse of that plane, you stopped talking impeachment. Was he privy to some plans of your’s?????

  9. The Democrats in Congress and in the Senate should not only be embarrassed they should be ashamed. Their presence in in DC is a total disgrace to this country! Nancy Pelosi is the “Head Clown” over this Congressional Mob and Chuckie Schumer is the limp-wristed, pansy-assed puppetier over a gang of losers. They should all be removed from office and driven out of DC on a rail after and proper tar & feathering!

  10. Instant regret in this article by Pelosi would not have regrets anyway you have to have a heart and a conscience to regret anything . She and most of her fellow Democrats in office don’t fit that description they would rather do a partisan impeachment for no reason then to let Trump be the president . The main reason of course if we stop to think about it that they want to impeach Trump is because they can’t buy Trump . They in Congress and all their lobbyist Buddys have not figured out how you bribe a billionaire .

  11. Pelosi is an embarassment to our country. She is not doing her job, has not accomplished anyting, and is wasting the taxpayers money. The people of California deserve better representation. She is the one who should be ashamed of herself. She has used her “government position” to feather her own nest by getting government contracts for her family and has become wealthy at the taxpayers expense. She is the epitome of what Trump meant when he said he would drain the swamp – he just needs some help from the people of California. Come on California! Wake up and send us an honest person!!!! Please

  12. Nancy Pelosi, how does it feel to be hated by so many people????? You are a piece of garbage and a true trouble maker. You are not in this for the people, only yourself. You will get yours and it won’t be long now, we the people will vote you out of office and one day you will meet your maker and you will go to hell with the rest of them. He is already taking your mind away from you, you are on your way out.

  13. If she weren’t so f-ing rich, she would never have been elected to anything. Rich folks just love messing up other people’s lives. If she were that ugly and poor too, she couldn’t have been elected dogcatcher of Podunk. Money talks, eh Nancy?

  14. Before Trump took office Pelosi wanted to impeach him – that seems to be her only goal in Congress.

    How can you file impeachment papers before the person has taken office since impeachment is to remove the person from office??

    She has little interest in doing the job she was elected to do and paid for doing. Since he will not bend to her will she is wanting him out of office.

      • Philip, I agree with you. Itook the same oath in 1963 I did my duty for 30 years. I retired as a master gunny sgt USMC I am proud of this great nation and at 75 years old I would fight for this country to be free and not be commy land. SEMPER FImm

    • A most wonderful idea – would love to see that happen! She’s as useless as her butt buddy Barry!!!!!

  15. Well, I see FRAU PELOSI, Propaganda Minister is at it again!! Exactly when will this ignorant, hypocritical power whore give up her attempts to divert attention away from the corruption of the Democratic Party as well as herself?? She cares nothing about the people of this country and never has…Personally, I wouldn’t give her air if she was in a jug!!!


    • DPK54, YO! Personally I wouldn’t walk across the street to piss on any of ’em if they were on fire! All these imbeciles do is propose more assinined legislation to restrict our freedoms and abolish them. The congressional and state democrats are going to be in for a rude awakening possibly in the near future. Honestly they insult the people each and every time one of them opens their mouths. I am truly in the belief that if their cute little piece of work regarding LGBT passes the ramifications for churches, education, personal freedom, interference in the family structure and core Christian values would be made ILLEGAL! I am NOT joking. Seriously if this passes look for armed rebellion in the very near future. THIS WHAT THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY FEARS MOST. THEY ABSOLUTELY HATE THE SECOND AMENDMENT. That old cow that mimics a speaker of the House needs to be shipped south of the border where she can live and be free amoung her little brown skinned Buds.

  16. Democrats have lost their wayand are no longer in the business of representing We, The people. They have nothing to offer other than discord.That’s certainly something to seriously consider come 2020.

  17. The DumbocRATS are more interested in over throwing a legally elected President then they are in helping to run the AMERICAN GOVERNMENT. They were elected to serve the AMERICAN PEOPLE NOT TO SERVE THE DUMBOCRATIC PARTY. The Republicans did very little, but it seems like the DumbocRATS have done even less. PATRIOTIC AMERICANS NEED TO VOTE VERY VERY BRIGHT RED IN 2020.

  18. I just choked on my hamburger.
    Yes she is on a fishing expedition….she must understand the rules of law. You can’t point to a crime if there’s no
    evidence. They have been snooping everywhere, and found
    nothing. On top of ruining cities, high taxes, regulations, screwing us, WHAT HAS BEEN DONE IN TWO YEARS.
    This is the most outlandish pac of throaty people, and a
    Imbalance of power.

    • ” ruining cities, high taxes, regulations, screwing us, WHAT HAS BEEN DONE IN TWO YEARS.”…You must live in KRAPaphornia!

  19. Sorry NANCE, as I have told you repeatedly … you are not BIG enough, BAD enough, and SMART enough to pin FAKE, PHONY charges on THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, g-i-r-l … !

    It’s truly time for you to put down the gavel — if you haven’t misplaced it — and call it a day. Your democrapic partie is in the ditch. Now we have to listen to the braying and excuse-making CREEPY JOE, as he tries LAMELY to convince America that DONALD J. TRUMP is doing a poor job … which nearly 90% of this nation knows is FALSE. Time for you to follow the sun, PEWLOSI, and not come back …

  20. Never has it been more evident that the Democrats have something to hide! They are scrambling to remove President Trump so as to throw more attention away from themselves! The proverbial pebble thrown to misdirect from being hunted and brought to justice!
    I find it curious that certain democrats don’t see their party for what they are and what their doing; can and will constitute treason! You better jump before it sinks!


  22. Everyday, every channel and every demoncrat tell the American people how hard it is for them to do anything because of the POTUS. That doesn’t say they couldn’t do their respective jobs of representing the people. The next round of elections will hopefully see the end of Pelosi, Nadler, Omar, AOC, Waters, Schiff and a collection of the most politically crazy idiots ever. All these months and the demoncrats haven’t addressed one major concern of the US people, all they do is cry because the Mueller witch hunt didn’t prove their loudly stated “FACTS”, which bore no truth. I honestly believe that AG BARR needs to open investigations into the lot of them. They came to congress average people, now they are millionaires how is that with an annual $176K, that’s isn’t representative of “We the People”. Maximo Waters is a complete radical racist fool,. who can’t deliver a statement that makes sense.

  23. I am for Trumps Reelection! But for anyone to be removed from Office should have been Obama’s and the Clinton (Bill & Hillary, now Sheila Jackson Lee, Bernie Sanders, Nancy Pelosi, and many more socelit party Democrats.

  24. Pelosi is old and feeble minded. She has done more negative things to America than any politician in our modern history! She is ready for a nursing home. She can barely put two sentences together. It seems like her goal in life is the destruction of America! Isn’t that impeachable offense.


      • Doivd, Please open your eyes and mine. This child play by the crooked
        demogogs is hurting this great
        country. Hilledilly lost its damn time
        to get the hell over it and move on
        and make this a better country for
        all. Old marine SEMPER FI. USMC
        Trump has done more in two and half years than all the presidents sence RAGAN.What the hell could he do with out all the dumd ass demogog sore losers

    • Most of the Democrats are acting like 12 year old children. They are still upset that Hilary lost. President Trump has done more for this Country than any President has before him. The marjority of American people are not stupid and can see exactly what’s happening and that it is still a Witch Hunt. They are very scared because President Trump has told the American People that he intends to clear out the Swamp. And many of them are the Swamp. We shall see how it all ends. Nuff Said!

    Dems just don’t get it because they are the puppets of the great deceiver, the master puppeteer; Satan. He controls them completely, and they are too stupid to even realize it. They don’t have the brain capacity to even grasp that they are being played for fools. They actually think THEY are in charge.

    • Would SOMEBODY just shoot nazi peloosely and get her out of her self inflicted misery??? 😒😥😰😪

    • How dare those dirty criminals point their fingers at our POTUS and dare to state that he committed a crime! Lets make them explain and show their past so called businesses and taxes! Pelosi should shut her big mouth since she’s in bed with evil dogs like El Chappo who paid her a large sum of money to allow sex and drug trafficking in our country! When will she be going to Gitmo?! DIRTY HYPOCRITES!

  26. Dems attempted every tactic they could find to alleviate the impact of “what goes around comes around” right after the Mueller investigation. It’s truly a pleasure to see them squealing at every truth that left behind along the trial.

    Liberals, truth hurts, isn’t it? After all, Obama is not a good man that you hope to see in him. His presidency is best described as dismal and unworthy. The big difference you see between him and Trump is that Trump puts America first in every category. Trump rocks! End of story.

    Pelosi is shriveling like a dried leaf. Her mind is full of desperations and lost.

    “Let turn the table around” begins!


      • Where do you get your information from? I’m interested in why you say these things. And please give me examples of what he has done to make you think these things about him.
        I’m very interested in where you get your info and what you believe he has done.

      • frankie – was yo momma in much pain when she hung her fat ass over the bathtub and shit you out?? 😗😒😥😰😀

      • FRANKIE,FRANKIE,FRANKIE,you know what the doctor told you if you miss taking your meds and now it’s showing !! let the nice nurse take you back to your room where you can talk to your demons !!! Yes,we know,you hoped George Washington would win another term as president !!

    • Shirley you jest.
      Excellant grammar and sentence construction pal. Written like a true libtard. You can’t put one whole meaningful sentence together and you truly believe we take anything you write as intelligent? Go peddle your garbage elsewhere. A person would need the IQ of a ‘sea sponge” to not recognize Pelousy and Co.’a attacks as grandstanding and gaslighting. Sponge Bob Shirley.

    • Badbob l agree with you.
      I am from Georgia and Jimmy Carter was the worst until rag head Obama got elected two terms by the same commy demogogs nuts.SEMPER FI

  27. Remember the commiecrats swearing to not support her for speaker? The lying bastards. And they want to call Trump a liar. They can all kiss my ass.

  28. Since Nancy PUTZ has done NOTHING for over 100 days since she took over the HOUSE of Representatives may be it is TIME for We The People to hold her accountable for DELRELICTION of DUTY….DOING NOTHING is NOT ACCEPTABLE when the COUNTRY needs to END Obamacare….SECURE the Border>>> do ROAD, Bridges, Airport and Air traffic FIXES….FIX the IMMIGRATION SCREW UPS by the OBAMA ERA if INCOMPETENCE!!!

  29. We don’t need to worrh as I truly believe Trump is a man who is appointed by God and Nancy Pelosi is self appointed. Ergo: she is double minded and will never prosper. Trump will win in 2020 if he just keeps moving in the direction he now is in. Barr is uncovering and let it happen. Truth will out and there will be no impeachment .

    • Juliet Baden Affonso, you said a lot Donald J. Trump is appointed by GOD and most, if not all, Democrats are appointed by Satan. The truth will win out. The Democrats know there is nothing in Trump’s credentials that can cause impeachment or any other legal problem for Trump or the Republicans. The only thing that is being proven is that Democrats are: 1. Totally weak-minded and controlled by Satan. 2.Dumb as a stump. 3. Able to get away with murder, literally. 4. Not worth being one of the parties in this great Nation. One Nation Under GOD. GOD bless you and GOD bless America.

  30. The only goal of the tons of “requests for information” initiated by the Congress is to find some sliver of information that can be twisted to support their claim that the President is guilty of all sorts of nefarious activities and is, therefore, unsuited for the office that he holds. One would think that the Mueller investigation would have uncovered such evidence, if it existed. It did not. Trump is in the process of turning over the rocks under which the members of THE DEEP STATE slither and the liberals and RINOs can’t allow that.

    Now if Hillary had been elected President, none of the Corruption would be coming to light. Hillary would be stifling that information just as Obama did, and with continued election of corrupt governments, no information would EVER be allowed to leak out!

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