Nancy Pelosi stood in front of the cameras and made the worst mistake of her life

The fight over Donald Trump’s proposed border wall is reaching the final phase.

Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats thought they had Trump right where they wanted him.

But then Pelosi stood up in front of the cameras and made the biggest mistake of her life.

At her weekly press conference, Pelosi was asked about a House and Senate conference committee on border wall negotiations.

Pelosi flat out said there would be no wall money in the deal.

Politico reports:

Speaker Nancy Pelosi has drawn a firm line in the ongoing border security negotiations: There will be no wall funding in any deal congressional negotiators reach to avert another government shutdown.

Pelosi told reporters Thursday that she would allow a vote on any agreement the conference committee reaches in the next few weeks, but added, “There’s not going to be any wall money in the legislation.”

Pelosi has made similar comments before, but her remarks came just hours after President Donald Trump insisted that his desired border wall is “getting done one way or the other.” He later said Thursday that he wouldn’t accept anything short of a wall — even a different kind of physical barrier.

“If there’s no wall, it doesn’t work. [Pelosi’s] just playing games,” he told reporters. “So, if there’s no wall, it doesn’t work.”

Pelosi and the Democrats drawing a line in the sand on the issue bodes poorly for them in 2020.

Trump won the 2016 election on the issue of immigration.

If the 2020 campaign is dominated by talk of immigration, Donald Trump will win again.

Should Trump declare a national emergency it will surely be tied up in court.

But it will also allow the President to frame the 2020 campaign as a referendum on the Democrats’ support for open borders.

And that is an argument they can’t win.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Nancy is all about herself. She wants the power of the congress and the presidency. The good of the country and the citizens in it are not on her agenda. We, and I refer not only to conseratives, but also those on the left are the unwashed masses in her personal “Game of Thornes”. We are expendable. She is but one of the Washington D.C. elite working to put us to under their jack boots. Worse case scenario, civil war. Remember what the democrats did to the country during the last civil war. All because they wanted cheap labor. Same Same today.

  2. Dr TJ, if you are a real physician, you would understand the necessity for the wall. Ice and Border Patrol are quarantining thousands of illegls at the borders due to infectious disease and flu. L. A. now has an outbreak of typhus that has not been heard of for years. Maybe your just a pretend Dr. or a Doctor of propaganda for the left. I lived at the border. We need the wall. Pelosi and Schumer have not even been to the borders so they are ignorant and in denial. May Nancy P experience some of the ills others have suffered from illegals. Oh! that’s right. She has protection and a wall.

    • Spot on and well reasoned. You are wasting your time trying to educate a leftist moron. You would have more luck talking to your dog.

  3. Trump should direct ICE to drop the most EVIL VILE ILLEGALS behind the walls around Nutsy’s place. Then see what she says about NO Wall. Send her all the Rapists because it would do two things 1) Stop them from Raping anyone else since trying it with her would cause all those who did to have their penises cut themselves off and commit suicide by jumping into a blender all on their own. and 2) She would see just how many Criminals cross the border she won’t allow to be properly maintained.

  4. The Border Patrol wants the wall; I think they are more qualified than Nit Wit Nancy to determine if walls work. BUILD THE DAMN WALL! PROTECT OUR PEOPLE AND OUR COUNTRY !!! Vote out the Damn-o-rats !!!

      • Chuck I agree. Nancy pelosi’s was asked repeatedly to go to the border personally and see for herself and refused to go. Even after border patrol agents invited her. Now if that doesn’t say it all then I don’t know what does. She makes decisions based on what???? What the hell is she even doing in WA? Whoops! She’s there for the vacations for herself, friends, and family that taxpayers are stuck with paying for. Shes a real piece of democratic hypocrisy.

    • Most get their so called votes by fradulant means. Notice how so many extra votes were showing up to be counted? Most states where demos won had more voters than the state had legal voters. This Time there had best be some stringent laws in effect.

      • People say dumb Californians voted for Dems, we deserve the scum. But, the majority in CA did NOT for for Dems. We see how they’re ruining CA. Dems are stealing elections, just like in Florida, but likely they got caught there. We NEED Voter IDs & Federal oversight for all the massive corruption. Dems have Millions of illegals voting repeatedly. We NEED Federal help. The politicians are all corrupt.

      • Gayle you just said exactly what I have been worried about. The condition of the wall really matters little when talking about voting in 2020. We KNOW they cheat. They PROOVED it, by not accepting the vote counts in a few districts. They needed the write in ballets recounted, and if possible, recount votes received in the polls, by machine, to keep the Conservatives busy while unattended Dems shuffle cars full of write in votes around, pretending they were “lost,” or “miscounted.”
        “Look! I just found 103,492 write in votes in my friend’s car! She’s out sick today!” All votes they “found” are for Dems. Or “Look! These write in votes we just found under the sink in the bathroom! We we’re checking to insure they are legable. These here half million are not filled out correctly or we can’t read them. We gotta trash this bunch!” There go half million Rep votes. Of course I’m exaggerating, but in Florida they were driving ballots around unsupervised. One person can claim whatever they wish. Just like “Well, I had my own private server to make it more convenient to have work to do on the road, in the office, and at home.”
        Not to mention what might happen to the machines. What if they need “calibrating”? Then whoever the company who does that, is linked to some high up Dem Senator, and the company has a five million dollar deposit in thier account to be used for the charity of thier choice!? And you win a free cruise! Again made up, but this is frying small fish to the deep state. I can’t think of when the Obama administration last appeared honest. With no proactive plan from President Trump, he is sunk for good in 2029.

        • I don’t think you are exaggerating all that much. Alot of money disappearing on the democrats watch. Just pelosi’s trips with her friends and family, wineing and dining them at taxpayers expense is exorbitant. And that’s just one person. Think of all of them added up…in the millions of dollars. Its inexcusable and should not be allowed to happen. They should pick 5 taxpayers up off the street and plunk them down to oversee all of the outrageous spending in the house and senate, (for starters) and stop whatever spending the 5 cross off their lists. For starters mind you. And absolutely no back talk from any of them, just stop it immediately. Guess how much money we would save on the idiots who are supposed to be doing that job now and aren’t. Billions!

  5. And the bipartisan intelligence committee announced that they have no proof of any collusion,and they have access to classified material which mueller does not.plastic poos must be having a seizure.wait til he declares a national emergency and build the wall..MAGA…we just keep winning

  6. Is pe”low”si on drugs? Or slowly going into dementia. She is definitely demented. She is one ignorant idiot. Those who put her back in this position are equally demented.



    • I do not remember voting for Pelisi for President. I voted for Pres. Trump. How is it that she can tell the president how to run this country. I have been a Demacrat all my life. As was my Father. The Democratic party no longer represents me or my family. Certainly not demented Pelosi.

  7. This article erroneously stated that Trump won the election based on his stand on immigration. However, the evidence says otherwise because the American people do not agree with Trump’s positions, especially on the wall. Most of you are not interacting with people outside your group, and therefore think you are in the majority, when you are NOT. The AP/NORC Center for Public Research Poll in Jan. found overall only 34% of Americans approve of Trump’s job performance, down from 42% a month earlier. Trump remains the only president never to have reached 50% approval in Gallup’s polling. And, overall, 49% of Americans oppose the plan to build a massive wall along the border; 36% of the nation is in favor.


    • I think your numbers are made up because after the SOTU address the ABC poll showed that something like 70% agreed with his border/immigration plans. If your numbers aren’t made up I think they are grossly outdated because more people are understanding that the proposal isn’t for a border to border wall, and a strong barrier just makes sense.

      • The good Dr. is too brainwashed to get out of his debase group of leftist snowflakes. These people can’t help themselves.

    • To Dr. JD, your poll numbers are on the wrong polls – they are numbers on approval of Trump, not his policy on the wall and immigration. Over 70% approve of the wall, and Trump’s pushback on illegal immigration. I would suggest you read your poll results more carefully and stop confusing yourself.

      • Ever notice that it is getting much harder these days to speak with anyone outside the conservative group? That pretty much says it all right there. Intelligent people learn and are wisely moving to the conservative side of political issues since seeing for themselves the insane stance the democrats have put out there. They want to support everyone who sneaks in this country, criminals included, with the taxpayers footing the entire bill. Who in their right mind would agree with that?

    • If walls don’t work why not tare the rest of the existing wall down. Also all the wealthy should remove theirs, it is immoral!!


  8. What Nancy Pelosi has done is slap every American citizen in the face. This shows the democrats care more about aiding and abetting terrorist, MS-13 gang members, criminals from all walks of life to come across the border and do whatever they wish. When these illegals come across our border they don’t come alone, they bring weapons, drugs, diseases from all over the world to spread to our children and us too.Democrats wants open borders and to abolish ICE, to allow illegals to vote in our election, how un-America is that?. Democrats are anti-God and America and America’s worst enemy.

    • The President calls for “unity” and bi-partisanship in the SOTU speech, and people like you are exactly why this will never happen. Like a cult, Trumpers vilify people that do not agree with them, even if they are members of their own party – – they are radicals who will not listen to science or reason.

      • You are insane. Any Christian who votes Democrat is insane. Any Jew who votes Democrat is insane. Any woman who votes Democrat is insane. Any white man who votes Democrat is insane. Any any legal immigrant who votes Democrat is insane.

        • True ANY so called “Christian’s” who vote demoncrat is voting in favor of abortion, same sex marriage, against Israel {God’s Real Estate} and evil. You will answer to God. DemoncRats are the party that is anti God. They want liberal judges. Look at how they lied on Justice Kavanaugh & all of the evil they endorse. Yet you still voted for those demons in Nov 2018. I’m not saying the Republicans’s are faultless but they have a lot more going than the demoncratic party. Obama flat out allowed the White House to be draped in 🌈 colors to honor what God hates & embraced same-sex marriage. He probably flipped the switch. Where was the outrage. Yet President Trump has done more good in 2yrs than obamanation did in 8, & you hate him.
          He has done more for the Christian’s than Obama dared to do. But you were blinded by “he’s black”. You sold Jesus & Christian values out for a “black man”. Shame on you Christian’s.

      • Oh Lola how misguide you are.its getting built one way or the other.trump has no choice.bilfy?they are vilified cuz they are villains.edpecially this new nitwit cortez that worried about cows just don’t get it.your party of liberals are making fools of themselves.

        • Buthcy, you might as well be talking to a brick wall. These morons are a complete waste of time. They are lost forever and don’t even know it. We need to save the next grneration if there is still time. America’s future freedom and liberty are depending on it.

        • Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is demanding that televisions now be built in America instead of Built In Antenna as it states on the back if every television thus far.

  9. If Trump wins re-election in 2020 the Democrats will self destruct. The Media and all the Dems are so sure that the entire population hates Trump that they will win in a landslide. The Democrats have become so radical in their policies and proposals that they will lose if they keep up their arrogant and snooty behavior of hate for Trump. If Ocasio Cortez and her ilk are the spokesmen of their party only idiots will vote for them.

  10. Pelosi, Schumer, sanders and others are un-american and should be recognized as such; They are only political rats and belong in a hole just like regular rats.

    • I agree. They both want power. They should not be able to come against the President like they have. They are both disgusting people.

      • All of the anti-wall politicians have forgotten their main job. Or, specificaly, whe we “hired” them. They work for us! The American people.
        They aren’t supposed to be working for their own petty, political agenda.
        Work for the people that elected you or get the f*** out.

    • Those guys you mentioned are the most vile despicable kind of anti-American troglodytes that one can imagine. I only wish if any more innocent people have to die at the hands of illegal aliens that it’s their families that have to suffer. Maybe if some of their relatives die a horrible death at illegals hands they might change their tune.

      • Charles although this comment is harsh, it is true. Very appropriate name for them. Troglodytes😂Vile, evil rat’s. They would be 🏃 to build the wall.
        Let one of their family members get murdered by an illegal, they would sing a totally different tune. Check out the videos of those turncoats calling for a wall but now since President Trump wants it it’s immoral. Immoral is an appropriate word for those evil trolls.😈🦍👺👹

  11. Did Nancy Pelosi think of voting FOR Trump ? Now THAT would be a serious mistake. Nancy believes in PROPER Border Security , using ALL the technology and tools available, not just some the Great Wall of Trump that won’t stop anyone from going over, under, around or through it. Let us not forget that in December- before the Shutdown – BOTH SIDES had agreed on $1.2 Billion for Border security ( including money for the Wall) when Trump the Great suddenly demanded FOUR TIMES the Bipartisan-agreed amount, with no attempt at justification other than that he WANTED it. That is the action of an ignorant ,Paranoid, spoiled Child. And 1,000,000 Families suffered for 35 days .

    • They are already using modern technology to protect the border. If they detect some one trying to enter illegally they have to send men to stop them.
      Do you want swarms of illegal immigrants entering our country? A wall would stop them.

      • Right on, Phyllis. A wall or barrier, once built, works 24/7 for no pay and does not need to be given orders. Nor is it subject to political interference.

    • In that “agreement” for 1.2 Billion, it was stipulated that is was for Security only, no barrier or wall (what ever term you choose). Trump remembers his history well. The Dimwits are attempting to do to him what they did to Ronald Reagan. Throw a fit for what they want and promise to address his wishes after they get their bubble gum. The never delivered for Reagan. Peloser and Upchuck cannot be trusted as the history proves.

    • did Nancy care that those people were going without pay checks did not bother her one bit.She will let them go without again And Soros sits with pockets bulging. Is Nancy financing all the illegals.

    • A few years ago Pelosi, Schumer, and other Democrats voted for a wall but it was never funded. Nancy will never approve anything that Trump wants because she is a hateful, spiteful, woman who thinks she has all the power in Washington now that she is Speaker again. She cites “technology” as some kind of panacea although she probably has no idea how it would work. She wants it because she is receiving big bucks from Silicon Valley industries. I don’t know why there is so much hate for Trump but it is so toxic that it is poisoning the atmosphere in this country, and many people are acting on their anger by assaulting those who disagree with them, either verbally or physically. There seems to be no restraint on those who think they are entitled to harm people because they disagree with them politically. I have never seen such division among political parties; there is no civility among the liberals who declare themselves the RULING CLASS.

      • Please don’t lose site of the fact that Maxine Waters started this violence with her bigotry via her own mouth at a staged public rally. I don’t recall the number of brain deads in attendance whoever I’ll guess it was maybe 10 in that ‘when you see them at…’ video now somewhere on youtube.

    • How come people from Texas and Arizona are reporting 95 percent less illegals since they have walls?just another liberal liar throwing shit against the wall to see what stuck.why must liberals alway liege get their lying points across?

    • Did anyone notice the way Petty Pelosi controlled the herd of white coats during the SOTU? She clapped, they clapped. She stood, they stood. A lame brain controlling a herd of no brainers.

  12. Nancy is so very bitter that she does not think before she speaks . SHE IS JUST AN OLD BITTER IDIOT AMONG OTHERS PEOPLE YOU NEED TO MOVE ON. GOD BLESS PRESIDENT TRUMP! GOD BLESS AMERICA!

    • Pelosi has a forked tongue like the devil, you can see how the tentacles are moving all around her mouth, over and under her teeth trying to get out every time she is on camera in the background. Sick little person.

    • I feel sort of badly for Nancy. She appears to be in the first stages of Alzheimers. She can’t complete a sentence without searching for words and stuttering. I think someone should speak for her or she should be removed.

      • I have the same opinion about Nancy. She’s acting like a loony, out of touch, old politician who’s past her prime. And her new Dem girls are following her lead.

      • She called California …chocolate …and instead of saying, Happy Valentine’s Day, she said, Happy Thanksgiving. She’s losing it big time.

        • I hate to say it but it would be a blessing for America if Nancy Pelosi Hass to be removed from office because her brain is turning to mush.

    • The Democrats said end the shut down and we will negotiate in good faith! Before they even start talking Pelosi says no funds for boarder wall. That’s the Democrats way of saying stick it and shut the government down again because we don’t care about who it hurts it’s all about not giving President Trump the wall the US citizens want because we have to protect our future votes.

      • My opinion is if they don’t agree to sit down and negotiate on a wall that they previously voted for and were prepared to put more money into than trump is asking for, then they ate not fulfilling their obligations under their oath to the American people. So if they ate refusing to do their jobs, and if the government is shut down, they should under no circumstances receive a paycheck. I don’t believe the taxpayers are obligated to pay them for refusing to do their jobs plain and simple. Where is this legislation at? Who protects the citizens when our congress refuses to?

        • We protect ourselves and our families and friends. Have your guns, cleaning kits and ammo stock ready for use. Civil War II I fear is not far in the future. The muslim enemy needs to be eradicated from our country due to their invasion we are now experiencing.

  13. This is actually working out amazingly well. Trump is going to have the high ground on this issue through the next election and will be able to carry the issue into individual House Districts. Trump should have an easy ride and should be able to punish many Democrats for their resistance and block-headed obstructionism. The stupid Pelosi statement denying any negotiation sets up Democrats as hard-line extremists.

    • The only reason air head Nutty Nancy Pelosi is in the US Congress is because of her mobbed up family from Baltimore Maryland in the 1950s and 1960s

      • Absolutely. her mob father who was mayor of Baltimore could not run for governor of Maryland because of his corruption scandals. Apple didn’t fall far from the tree. Nancy is as crooked as the day is long and she want President Trump’s tax returns for the past ten years. How about we see how much she was worth when she entered Congress and how much today. All that time she enriched herself, her husband and the rest of her family.

        • They have been hiding their fraud in the government for years. Pretty much all of them. They protect each other and are fighting to keep their SECRETS secret. Donald Trump is a force uncovering scandal after scandal with these individuals. They have so far been at the republicans throats, but wait until the demos. Start getting investigated. Oh my Pelosi it won’t just be her millions spent on vacations at taxpayers expense.

        • mrp — Excellent comment, that should be the new standard for financial records. If you demand financial information from anyone, you have to publically release your own, once they have been reviewed then we can look into whether or not your request is valid.

    • The Drugs go from Pakistan to Mexico to your children….Wasserman’s Pakistani IT guy is blackmailing Pelosi and the whole DNC…..Biggest security threat in America’s history.

  14. Good old plastic poos pelosi.a mentally deranged hag that thinks she is calling the shots every time she waves her man hands around like she is having a seizure.

  15. It is quite apparent by Nancy Pelosi’s stance, as well as the other democrats as a block, that they do not care a bit about our nations sovereignty. It seems that all they care about is getting votes any which way that they can. Even if it means having millions of illegal invaders get on illegal voting roles. These roles are prevalent in states like California. I am very surprised that the people of California have not voted these crooked people out of office already. They are being taxed into poverty just so those in power can build up their illegal voter base. I wonder, just how much longer can the legal citizens of California continue to pay the cost of all of these illegal voters?

      • I know what you mean ,they are building houses in Delaware ! The development I moved into the builder is hiring illegals to do the work ! The only ones who can speak English is the foreman who get his orders in English and relays those orders in Spanish to the seven or eight hispanics working for him . Not one of them can speak a word of English . Now tell me they are here LEGALLY ! Time to start throwing people who hire illegals in Jail . Demand business owners use E-verify !

      • I prefer Nasty Peloser! But pelousy is good too. DumbocRATS were too stupid to pick someone with integrity, and a brain, to be Speaker of the house.

    • The reason the likes of Nancy Pelosi want open borders is especially for the votes of illegal immigrants. Used to be you had to be a US citizen to vote in this country; however, Nancy & Co. changed that because that’s the only way they can win. Thus, they endorse voter fraud, and vote against voter ID.

      • The thing is they already had too many voters in California to help them, once they won California any extra votes could not matter.
        With the electoral college we do not let 1 state with 50 million voters win, it is popularity across the country, not isolated coastal cities with millions of votes.
        Hillary achieved her alleged popular vote win by California’s voters, notice how they did not help as they were all in California, now if they spread the voters out across several states then the votes would help them.

    • I grew up in San Francisco under Willie Brown, Pelosi, Feinstein and all the other fruits and nuts. I thank my stars and heavens that I moved away after university and my entire family is no longer being stripped poor by these wacko liberal leftists who enrich themselves while buying votes and power.

      However, no one seems to bring up or want to remember that the damn wall at the Mexico-California border SHOULD have been built 60 years ago and not waited until California and USA were over-run. It was 60 years ago that my parents received letters from SF Board of Education suggesting strongly that their children learn a 2nd language. That was pretty interesting advice–it was the reason that was dreadful! Basically it reminded the residents that fairly soon, ENGLISH WOULD NO LONGER BE THE FIRST LANGUAGE OF SAN FRANCISCO, THE BAY AREA OR THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA. The languages we were offered were Mexican Spanish, Cantonese, and French in grade school. But these were augmented by Latin and German in high school.

      By the time I left the Bay Area, English had dropped way below in language usage AFTER SPANISH, CANTONESE, VIETNAMESE! If everyone spoke the national language which is still ENGLISH look at all the savings from printing multi lingual ballots that none of the illegals can read anyway. This has been going on way too long!!!


  16. Find out which drug cartel is paying off Pelosi and the other democrats. Both profit from illegal immigration. There’s more to it than meets the eye.

    • Dem’s position is ONLY intended to ensure they win in 2020, I can see it as clearly as I see the Sun. The wall MUST be built, ask me, I have been crossing the border from my home El Paso, TX to Juarez, MX daily since year 2000, and have seen and experienced all there is to about border crossing issues, drug mafia, violence, and the strength of boarder cops (they want the wall). Imagine or visit and see what it is like trying to stop a human tsunami (in thousands)not afraid to get hurt or die; between very difficult and impossible; i.e. WITHOUT a wall. Republicans (not just Trump, very strong but a lone man trying to pull a caravan of 18-wheelers without the engine) need to get united and hit the opposition “right between the eyes” as in a Kansas farmer story I heard years ago. Wake up Republicans senators and congressmen, do something; invite boarder patrol people and thousands of people who cross the border daily for a large convention. Prepare for the legal battle emergency may ring. Many other ideas, but where are you hiding?

    • You got that right Bigjoe…. There in lies the damn problem of all the damn Dumbocraps head crying foul!! THE WALL STOPS THEY’RE PAYOFF!!!… If indeed this is true!! I think it would be easy to find out for damn sure!!!

    • And the fact that the dems are being funded by the cartels…is exactly the problem. The party is over Ms. Pelosi. It’s over.

  17. Demonrats put illegalls before those that do it right to come here. They put illegalls before Americans, they fight with everything to kill babies, and even light up New York to celebrate it. They want people’s guns, and say if it saves one life it’s worth it, and yet never say anything about the drugs crossing the border and killing thousands, MS 13 killing Americans, woman being raped, child trafficking ect. They only care about power and greed.

  18. President Trump played his cards right. He gave her the time and he might as well given her the rope because she just hung herself!

    • She did not back down to Trump’s bullying – -and the true story is that McConnell went to Trump twice the Thursday before Trump caved and said he could not hold the line much longer. Trump had to fold or risk being overturned by Congress.

      • WTF are you talking about, he hasn’t folded on border security. The amazing part of all of this is that the wall wasn’t his idea, it was the result of experts on border security from 10 years ago and almost all of DC agreed but didn’t follow through. POTUS is just trying to make good on a promise made to the American people by these same pos politicians under Reagan but pulled the football away before he could kick it.

  19. Seems this women’s daughter stated the she would cut your head off and you would not know you were bleeding. Really she has done that to the Democrat Party. She is not smart enough to figure out that the american people want the wall to be built. Ifthey fight this in court in will go well into next year and they will do all of the judge shopping they can to get their way. However that will only keep they issue front and center for the 2020 elections they lost once one the issue they will loose even more on the issue in 2020

  20. Someone should hold a press conference in front of Mrs. Pelosi’s home, do a President Reagan style speech by declaring “Madame Speaker, tear down this wall!”

  21. Betty, too bad your mother didn’t believe in late term abortion or did she and you survived having your brain sucked out of your skull!!!BTW we cant drown Pelosi since sh*t floats!

  22. Majority of people yelling no wall aready have one around them plus armed guards and security. No guns no walls just unarmed guards. Watch them all go nuts. Security for them but no one else.

  23. American’s are for the wall. Screw Pelosi and not in a sexual sense because nobody in their right mind would consider that. She is really a dumb human and yet their, the Democrats, party elected her leader. You Democrats that want to leave our borders open and not secure them are dooming your party. You will lose. You think because you won the House back you are right? Wrong. I hope your party is split so many ways you go down in flames.

  24. No wall then tear the wall down around her house also. She doesn’t need a wall around her house either. Watch her scream someone takes down her wall.

  25. It will seem obvious that Trump will have to declare an emergency and build the wall by decree when Feb 15 comes around. It is his duty to do this because of two emergencies. emergency#1 damage done by illegals, over 4,000 dead every year. The CBP recommends not a 2000 nuke wall but a 234 mile addition in some sections. Pelosi is doing an obstruction of this for demented reasons. Emergency#2 Pelosi is interrupting congress and causing a government shutdown. She is not willing to comprise any funding for the wall section or anything related to it. The ssssolution for both is for Trump to build the wall by emergency declaration and executive order. the only thing i would suggest is to get an approval resolution passed in the senate. After Schumer promising to roll up his shirtsleeves and be blindsided by Pelosi some democrats may want to sign onto this?

    • If the President has the enumerated power to declare a national emergency, he may well ignore any court challenge. Would not be the first President to do so.

      • That is what I was wondering. Since she is so addiment about not building the wall, one wonders how her husband is making all of his money? Could it be the cartel or could it be trafficking itself?

  26. This thread is entertainment!
    The far lib left Pulosi fans getting beat up by the Trump supporters.

    Question is – Are all of you ready for the next level in this fight?

  27. Here’s an idea for the wall. Make it as two upside down back to back letter J’s thirty five feet high. Besure the hooked portion is at least 10 feet from the straight portion.

        • Hi E. G. . Hold on… That’s curved at the top. I described that wrong. I fixed the description to Mysty when she indicated it didn’t make sense. I’m sorry about that. That’s my fault. Curve on top or it won’t work.

      • Hi Mysty, Lets try this Take to Christmas candy canes and turn them on the straight end. That has the curved part upward. Take two of those and put them back to back so the curved parts are positioned opposite of each other. Build the curved part so that it is 10 feet out from the straight part. That way no one can reach the straight part to climb down. Keep the curved part solid and smooth to where the two straight parts would be fused or welded together. That way a grappling hook can’t have anything to attach to. No way up or down. The straight part can the slotted enough so that border security can slide a Y shaped hook through to push away ladders as well as watch what is going on. 35 feet high, 10 foot curve. Coat the curve with that new anti-stick ceramic to keep it slippery. It’ll work. It’s simple.

    • I still recommend thirty foot tube with camera’s and electronic servalence inside made in sections in area’s needed to put more people to work. Made out of stelth technoledgy.

      • Your 30 foot tubes could be placed with the wall at line of sight distances. A tower leg base to wall height then your tubes on top of those legs. That combination would work really well, especially with a NOC controlling your tubes. (Network Operations Control).

  28. Trump is wasting time and placing the future of our country in jeopardy. The Democrats will NOT allow a dollar for the wall, declare the national emergency. It exists, DECLARE it. State the activist “judges” will not usurp Constitutional authority, and that the wall will be built. Tell them to write their opinions on toilet paper and put them to work.

  29. someone needs to ask her , why she was a wall around her home , if walls are immoral, like always with democrats , just do what i tell you to do , not as i do ,

  30. When Trump builds the wall they should tie that bitch Pelosi and Schumer to the wall and feed her the drugs that’s coming over killing Americans, I know she would not have to worry about sex trafficking

  31. Pelosi and the other liberal liars that have dishonored their oath of office all need to be removed for breaking their oath of office.

  32. It is getting to the point with Pelosi and Ocasio-Cortez’s lunacy that maybe they should be “Baker Acted” for their own and certainly our own protection. They both may either be suffering drug addiction or alcoholism but they definitely mentally unstable.

    • Nan-Nan is suffering from dementia.
      Have you ever listened to her
      My husband’s grandmother had Lewy Body dementia.
      She really hated men. Her favorite saying was “shit on a rock”.
      It was her response to everything. It was sad but at the same time humorous.

  33. The wall WILL GET BUILT!! The president has OTHER WAYS of getting the funds to do it with!! SO, PELOUSY and SHUTDOWN SCHUMER CAN GO SUCK AN EGG!!! Your stagnant, putrid, vile standoff that you are expressing, WONT HOLD UP FOR LONG!!! Along with crow, you will be eating your words!!!

  34. Peloosi seems to either mentally ill or a traitor to America. She has become an enemy of our country by refusing to to protect our Constitution, our borders, our security!

  35. Down with pillosi! we need the wall, our country is being bankrupted by these illegals who can’t even run their own country.stand by Trump!

  36. Maybe we should follow the example of former East Germany and seal are border with land mines a 1000 foot wide “death strip” would do the trick and watch the illegals get blown up if they try to cross it. GOOD RIDDANCE!

  37. Any mistake Nancy Pelosi Made is Nothing Compared to the Mistake the USA made when two years ago it put a WORM & a WHORE in the White House & a Brain Dead Blond Orangutan Ape In The Oval Office.

    • Betty, go home. Peloser is a massive mistake from birth. President Trump and First Lady Melania have more class in their little toe than you or your loser DemocRat party.

    • So we should have made an even bigger mistake and elected that worthless, lying, pig Hildebeast Clintstone? She is as worthless as a pile of dog excrement.

      I guess you really wanted to have her there so Billie Bob could open up his bordello again.

    • why dont you return to the land you so love and live with the people who are living under the thumb of the dictator, Maduro in Venezuela

    • Are YOU in the White House now. What a nasty way to talk about yourself. I don’t know you but you certainly have no manners and are quite the potty mouth.

    • if you don’t like it then leave , we put up with that traitor who wasn’t even an Americanthe least you liberals can do is shut up and quit mzking waves

    • Betty your mistake is being a gullible, liberal, Demwit imbecile. Your IQ is so low you will believe anything you are told by the lying fake news.

      • Apparently you can’t do math. Even simple problems. Let’s dumb this down a bit. A president is elected for a 4 yr term. Obama was elected twice, unfortunately, for a total of 8 yrs. His 8 yrs ran out in 2017 because he was first elected in 2009 and took office in Jan 2010. If you add 8 to 2010 you come up with 2018. Obama left office, after the election of 2017 in which Trump was elected, in Jan 2018 and Trump took office at that point. So your assertion that Obama was only elected 6 yrs ago is not only false but actually impossible based on normal mathematics. I could be wrong which would then mean that you took progressive math and still think 2+2=2.

    • A worm and a white ? Gee Betty , I wasn’t aware that they let you in the white house ? Did you go to visit the ‘King of Choom and the Mighty Mooch ?’

    • Betty you are obviously obsessed with and only have limited vocabulary which is of a filthy nature. With your limited vocabulary you are not able to communicate with people. Go buy a dictionary, read it and remember what you read. If filthy vocabulary is all you come away with then try a mental health professional.

    • Ms . Betty , I would respect your comments if you would make points and would back these points with factual data . Your foul accusations of the President and the First Lady go without merit . If you would make statements such as he started with a million dollar gift from his father , he declared bankruptcy, he was an adulterer, etc . These are factual statements and could not be contradicted. To say that the First Lady was a model , a foreigner, a beautiful educated woman , etc . These are factual statements and can not be contradicted. When the best you can come up with is name calling and accusations of immorality toward our Our First Lady and our President , well it sounds like you are extremely jealous of the Wealthy, Educated, and people of a certain class which I surmise you are neither a party to any of these . Jealousy and ignorance is something that we cannot fix in you or your kind but we will all be praying for your redemption. I pray daily for all that cheer for abortion , want to do harm to our citizens , our politicians ( no matter what political party they subscribe to ) that they do what is best forThe United States of America , I pray for all to come to Christ and love each other as he loves us . Ms Betty I will continue to pray for you that your heart is healed and that you start to be part of the solution to cure the hate in this country and not be a part of the problem .

    • You are sick. Sick. Sick! In Russia they sentence you to 15 years in prison for saying something like that about our President!

    • Betty Betty Betty ….you are way late with that assessment, the kenyan and Micheal are gone. By the way, the idiot kingdom is looking for their queen, you really should head back to the home.

    • Betty you must have lost track of time it was 11 years ago when the worst president ,whore B-)and ape was put in the white House (tho Obama’s

    • Betty: Here’s a Quarter! Now, go find someone who cares! You are a DISGUSTING Creature, evidently a DEMON CRAP! Did you write nasty things about the former MUSLIM-IN-CHIEF? He borrowed the two girls to have us believe they were his. NOT SO. Their REAL father is suing the Obamas to get their daughters returned to them. Oh, Michelle is not a lady! He is Michael La Vaughn Robinson. If you viewed pictures of “Michelle,” it’s quite evident that he is trying to hide his “package.” There’s a lot more to his “greatness.” Both of them are already in GITMO!

    • Goodness, you just sound so bitter, betty. Ah…bitter betty. Good nickname. Especially for someone who really has tipped over the edge of sanity. I’ll pray for you that your heart will change from a hard granite stone to a heart filled with the love of Jesus.

    • Speaking from across the Atlantic Betty , I thiink you sound like someone who missed taking your meds or else you,are mad Nancy Pelosi’s alter ego. Whichever, you’re brain frizzled! GO BACK TO YOUR CAGE!

    • Betty, too bad your mother didn’t believe in late term abortion or did she and you survived having your brain sucked out of your skull!!!BTW we cant drown Pelosi since sh*t floats!

    • This inhuman thing called Betty is just a troll.calling names like that when it knows it not to be true shows a skitso personality at the least.godless anti American poor excuse of a human racist

  38. Nancy Pelosi is telling Donald Trump that he has nothing to lose.. declare the National Emergency and build a Border Wall to protect Americans because this is Job One of the President of the United States, protecting the legal citizens of this country.

  39. That money is the American peoples money. we demand you give our president the money to build the wall. our tax money is not yours to keep.

  40. If the damn fascist/communist demonRATS obstruct the building of the wall then President Trump should station a hundred thousand troops along the border with orders to shoot to kill any invading aliens if they so much as put a toe over the border. If any do get in then put them in front of a firing squad in plain sight of all the other illegal invaders and execute them. That would stop this invasion pronto. Then we need to gather up all the fascist/communist demonRATS and do the same to them, starting with pukeloosi, upchuck schumer and sore ass commie soros.

    • Absolutely Mr. Hopkins…………………… These Americahating chumps need to be rounded up and some western justice done when someone was caught being a horse thief……………….. a rope or some led would work nicely in public for all to c after the list of lies etc are read and last but not lease TREASON!!!

    • A Trial would come first then if any are found guilty ( in my mind that would be TREASON )then sentencing!!!America the people in charge are ruining our country and all we hold dear!!!

  41. Nancy Peelosi represents the 12th district of San Francisco, the city of urine, feces and needles.

    As long as California is remained as the state member of the United States, the US military should intervene to enforce the existing US laws.

    California … is unquestionably the worst state. Nancy Pelosi, Kamala Harris, Feinstein, Schiff, Maxine Waters, … ugh.

    • Californication is where the Demoncrats breed and feed on the local citizens. Pelosi is head demon and P.T. is the “Demonator” — only the Left doesn’t realize it yet. But they will, only by then, it will be too late to do anything about it!

      • How do we live here? With lots of prayer!!! I live in a very democRat neighborhood (I think there maybe 5 out of 20 houses that are conservative?). One thing we totally agree on, is we do NOT talk politics at gatherings. We do have some common agreements, but they are far and in-between (abortion, gun-control [believe it or not, there are some democRats that do not agree with gooberment taking our guns], Common Crap teaching in schools, etc).

      • It’s very hard!! I saw the writing on the wall and change over to a Republican. People are dumb don’t want to admit democrats are wrong. Getting the hell out of California.

  42. Nancy, who do you think they will blame with every murder, rape, beating by illegal aliens if the people elect democratic? It’s you, Sweetheart…you and Chuckie! You will not only have lost a presidency in your party, but you will have responsibility for lives ruined and ended. Is that really how you want to go out? You’re not getting any younger Nance!

    • If only she would listen but her hatred is securely steeped in EVIL, there is ZERO room for any sort of knowledge or real compassion when you are so deep into that burning hatred – greediness for more & more power, monetary greed, narcissism, absolute lack of ANY morals that creates a MONSTER pushing an agenda that is decayed with ruthlessness & corruption. She hates PRESIDENT TRUMP so much because he had the audacity to beat hitlary, stop THAT train of true communism, was rich enough to fund his OWN campaign and wasn’t open to be bought by ANY LOBBYIST or other corrupt politicians. He is STRONG, a CHRISTIAN and that further infuriates her!! She will reap all the rewards from all the evil seeds she’s sown all her life and WILL regret her actions for all eternity. NOT A HAPPY CAMPER.

  43. Present Trump’s response to a Federal Judge should be OK you made the ruling now enforce it. This is all BS when some liberal judge in California or Hawaii makes some dicision that is binding on the entire US.

  44. These next 2 years are just a personal venvdetta by pelosi against President Trump. It’s
    not politics. Just declare the emergency and build the wall!

    • Declare an emergency and build the wall and let Pelosi so soak her head. She hates the president so much that she would be against anything he wants to accomplish. The Democrats are no longer any good.

        • The Only Americans who don’t Hate trump are those republican Retards who are Too Busy Kissing CRAZY donald’s Shit Filled Asshole.

        • The lefty goal is destruction of our
          American Bill Of Rights Constitutional REPUBLIC.
          This isn’t new,
          read: “How Alexander Hamilton Screwed Up America.” (Could drop the ‘UP’.)
          And about more recent sabotage of our government please read:
          “Blacklisted by History: The Untold Story of Senator Joe McCarthy and His Fight Against America’s Enemies”. Senator McCarthy was essentially 100% right.

    • Pisloso and Schumer refused yesterday to even SEE the parents of the young man who was murdered by an illegal alien at Christmas time. Pisloso and Schumer refuse to even acknowledge this family. Only BEASTS would refuse to greet Angel Families! Shame on Pusloi and Schumer!!! They are slime.

      • This isn’t the first time they have refused to meet Angel Families and it won’t be the last. They both are to ashamed to meet tbem because they know they are legally and morally wrong. This is all personal for them therefore they are happy to hurt the country and when people die in the process why should they care. Their personal agenda takes precedence. These traitors need to be removed from office somehow.

  45. Pelosi is a rich, out of touch, dimwit, ding-bat. I think we need to count and scrutinize the votes that put her into office. ANY votes coming from the sanctuary republik of kalifornia need to be re-counted. I can’t believe there are sheeple out there that believe she does American taxpayers any good. I vote to IMPEACH Pelosi!!!

      • Someone needs to IMPEACHMENT Pissloosi IMMEDIATELY – and take Chuckie, her puppet with the glasses on the tip of his nose, along with her, the sooner the better!!! Let President Trump run the country for the reasons he was elected – TO MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN and SAFER!!!

  46. Calling Nancy Pelosi an idiot is an extreme insult to idiots everywhere. Her level of stupidity is in a league all of it’s own. Even the worst of idiots have enough sense to pull their foot out of the fire. It is going to be a real shock for her when the Democrats impeach her insane ass.

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