Nancy Pelosi stood in front of the cameras and said the craziest thing in her life

Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats are brimming with confidence.

They just won back the Majority in the House, and they think they have Donald Trump on the ropes in a fight over funding the border wall.

However, the Democrats’ plans were thrown into chaos when Nancy Pelosi stood in front of the cameras and said the craziest thing in her life.

Donald Trump demanded five billion dollars in funding for his proposed border wall in the December funding fight.

Nancy Pelosi made it clear she would rather shut down the government, than give one penny to secure America’s southern border.

She even rejected a deal of amnesty for the so-called “DREAMers” in exchange for border wall funding.

Breitbart reports:

Pelosi said funding for the border wall and DACA are “two different subjects.”
Trump has indicated that he would be willing to shut down the government before Christmas if he does not get $5 billion of the $25 billion needed for his border wall.

Schumer indicated that he would be open to approving $1.6 billion in border-wall funding but got immediate backlash from left-wing Democrats like Rep.-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), who demanded “$0” for Trump’s “racist” border wall.

Pelosi is likely to take a tough stance on funding the border wall because she needs the support of left-wing Democrats like Ocasio-Cortez and Democrats in the Congressional Hispanic Caucus (CHC) to regain her Speakership.

Pelosi has not yet locked down enough votes to win the election for Speaker of the House.

So it’s not surprising Pelosi would stake out the most extreme position possible on Trump’s wall.

Any sign of weakness could invite a challenger to jump in the race and deny her the Speaker’s gavel.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Remember the French Revolution –this is again showing you that the Queen Pelosi is spending our tax dollars for her face lift?! Her throat really reveals her aging body–not the face–BTW me think her boobs are also stuffed!

  2. Nancy Pelosi should have never been in politics, old day Boston mafia got her in! and shes a prime example of why we need term limits!! Shes half nuts and her brain is going so far left shes dizzy! Been around corrupt Hillary to long and has a big mouth daughter that worse than her!! All they want to do is fight Trump! Stir trouble and do nothing for American people! Let these stupid imigrates into this country!! Hope one cuts her throat! Dems must be proud of this one! Anyone who could betray this country and vote democratic for trash like her and Schumer need therapy! More trash coming in behind them, they need stopped!Now they want porn tax to pay for illegals health care? Bullshit! Send the bastards back

    • Someone came up with, during a “Government” shut down, the Government officials such as Pelosi and Schumer shouldn’t get paid neither. I thought that was an excellent idea! They aren’t worth the money they get now as it is.
      Truly Yours
      The Peasant

      • His evil woman shoild be thrown out of her job those who puy her thete are unametican ..she hayrs americs snf wsnys to do all the damage dhe can there is no getting the partirs together with her brewing hate god bless and help Americans to keep our government strong ive never seen such open hate why just becsuse the demacrats lost the election thst they tried to win ctockedly to win

      • HEAR! HEAR! That’s the gospel! Pelosi should never have been in politics. But a “government shutdown” should be total. None of this “I’m essential to the country crap” for any non-essential.
        Essentials are “garbage collectors, and farmers, maybe a couple more, BUT Not Senators, or Reps. These people are long-range thinkers (or they should be) and NOT essential. We seem to be furloughing the wrong people.

      • We have no idea how much money these fraudulent politicians steal. And just them to keep running for office when they know it not a job but a service to our country. And they aren’t worth their weight in feathers.
        I say let’s change our government rather than keep
        voting for the same scammers. But let’s face some facts people in this country are pretty much wasted and extremely lazy. It’s amazing they have enough energy to watch football.

  3. DEMS run there party by lying and black mail. They have more hidden in their closets than anyone. Pelosi is a user and abuser. Just ask her daughter no one knows her better.

  4. I vote that we arrest all of the lawmakers for treason and hold Military court on them for we are at war, and see who comes out of that trial as Americans capable of working in this country as lawmakers

  5. Nancy, Chuck, Alexandra (F-ing lair) Cortes and the other far left lib nuts are making EVERYTHING partisan and NOT what is good for the country. I think that along with Kamila Harris and the other three, we should send them over to the Mexico side as emissaries. I will bet you a dollar to a doughnut, they would be killed…….. Oh well, no real loss……..

    • I second your idea. A new horde is at this moment being organized and will be on the road soon. As bad as I have to say this, I am afraid our Border Patrol will not be able to contain them. And the notion that we are being cruel to the children is being told long and loud despite the fact that the children that died had NOTHING to do with being in America. Probable the trip did the damage, that’s on the parents. And we are going to give them money for compensation????

  6. G Soros sold his soul to the Devil under Hitler, he is still living by feeding of the evil energy money and they put a lot of money in his area just like the Clinton Foundation-nothing is new…He should NOT be living in NY–if people knew where in NY, we should be at his door just like the ANTIFAs did with Tucker who had encountered and threatened at his HOME as they did to the others…that goes for the Clintons, Pelosi, Waters, etc. Rise up our Sleeping Bear and stand up–for no one will help you…only those who love our country

    • M B, When the “crazy” person was sending the pipe bombs through the mail to liberals, I remember hearing that one was in Soros and the Clinton’s mailboxes and they lived within fifteen minutes of each other in upstate NY. I don’t recall the name of the town but we have all heard it in reports about HRC.


    • I wonder why someone hasnt already eradicated this vermin from the planet. Before long if not already some patriot will step forward and begin removing these from pos from America

    • I wonder why someone hasnt already eradicated this vermin from the planet. Before long if not already some patriot will step forward and begin removing these from pos from America

    • Even HORSESHIT has more sense, it first stinks, then it disentigrates and fertilizes what it touches, unlike liberals, their BULLSHIT seems to go on and on and nothing positive comes from it.

      • The demorats will never get anything done unless they get rid of Pelosi’s,shumer,waters and the rest of the idiot Democrats that but are in Washington DC.

    • Pelosi has that “Michael Jackson nose!!!” Go ahead and tale a look at it. She also seems to again have had her eyebrows lifted up pretty darned high!

  8. Interesting how the word “ILLEGAL” in front of the word “ALIEN” is now defined as “RACIST”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Or is the word “ALIEN” the “RACIST” word?!?!?!

    I thought that to be “RACIST” it was REQUIRED to refer to a “RACE”!!!!!!!!!

    I don’t know what “RACE” the words “ILLEGAL” or “ALIEN” is referring to!!!!

    Can ANYONE explain the concept of “ILLEGAL” or “ALIEN” being a “RACE”?!?!?!?!

    • Let’s see we’re the illegal aliens here when the colony sent the Declaration of Independence to the British? If not… end of story. Whose country is this anyway??
      Tell them to git the f*** out or the Donald can order our military to start making bombing / strafing runs on them. Hey lobs sorry if that puts your panties in a bunch!

    • Well, from my perspective an Alien is someone not from earth, and if they arrive without proper entry visas and documentation they would be illegal, so . . .

  9. Napolitano: Judge Found That Trump Ordered Cohen to Commit a Crime |
    Fox News legal analyst Andrew Napolitano on Thursday explained to “Fox & Friends” why Michael Cohen’s plea deal could have serious consequences for the president, The Daily Beast reports.
    “A very, very telling statement came out of the judge’s mouth yesterday,” Napolitano said. “The judge finding that the president ordered and paid for Michael Cohen to commit a crime.” He added, “That is very telling.”
    Host Steve Doocy then asked, “What crime?” Napolitano replied, “The intentional deception and failure to report campaign payments.”

  10. Why does Ocasio-Cortez have a say in anything right now? She hasn’t even been sworn in yet or started the job. I can’t believe they let this person with the equivalent of a Third Grade Education into Congress. WOW – what is this world coming to? BUILD THE WALL!!

    • Cortez is going to keep on the Dems until they get tired of her whiney voice and wanting everything FREE<. SAHe is so brain-dead, she has no idea where the money is coming from. I will say she has balls, telling our govt what to do before she is even sworn in. The Dems are going to be the ones to have to listen to her childish chatter until they get sick of her, and tell her to shut the F-c- up. DOn’t open it unless you have what you are talking about FACT CHECKED. I agree, even a stone is smarter. She is almost embarrassing to the Dems.

  11. The acting President should stay off the golf course and take a course in civic. Knowing the difference between a democracy and an autocracy might give him some credibility. He was elected President not Dictator. His experience in bankruptcy does not help him in his present position.

  12. i still want to know how she made 20 million dollars the year she past a spending bill that sent 1 billion to the co. her husband works for , and no one will even look into it

    • I suggest that Ms. Pelosi invite all those who wish to come here illegally to her home and all the liberal dems. They can feed them, house them and clean up after them. Slao pay all the bills they runup. That is when they are in trouble pay the court.

      • Every person who wants the illegal immigrants to be able to enter the United States against the law should take one family into their homes and support them because our Citizens are tired to taking care of them!

  13. It is unfortunate that Congress has given themselves the power to control their own salaries AND throw in a pay increase every so often with the excuse that this prevents outside influences from affecting their votes on various bills.

    Since Congress has created numerous departments populated with unelected bureaucrats there is actually very little that Congress DOES. Sadly, any government shutdown would affect only the lowest echelon of all these departments. Congress itself would be unaffected. Too bad the affected units of government cannot be reversed.

  14. Were those that oppose the wall to consider the following, maybe reality might prevail for them, but I would not bet on it.

    USA sent over $127 million in 2016, $180 in 2017, annual aid to Honduras. USA sent over $295 million in 2016, $257 in 2017, annual aid to Guatemala.
    That is over $860 million in two years and this is the thanks we get, invasion of disrespectful souls bent on illegal entry and unlawful claims against us. Thank you president Trump for stopping this insult. We still have sent over $96 million in 2018 to just these two countries even after this assault. Think of the hurricanes, fires, and killings the USA has had to deal with in the same time period, yet we still give generously to other countries. Is it time to put an end to it until respect and gratitude are reestablished?

  15. OLE BOTOX NANCE is JUST Practicing her new COMEDY routine called ” the PLIGHT of the USELESS NUTS” for her next performance at the LAS VEGAS Bothel aka the US HOUSE of REPRESENTATIVES

  16. The insane left winged Democrats care more about illegals than American Citizens is just disgraceful! Where are all the Democrats/Republicans that promised to secure America’s borders if they were elected but are too afraid to stand up to these traitors to America? I for one are going to keep track on how my representatives vote and will remember in 2020.

    • The next time a US citizen is raped, assaulted or Murdered by an illegal, our legislators should be sued for failing to detect eject and protect us.

      • Paula, I agree completely. Our legislators are getting away for free for not fulfilling their promises to their voters, and for not paying attention to what the voters want. If the only way we can get back is every 4 years by voting them out, that’s not soon enough. There has to be a way to make them more responsible during their terms. How about a performance review once a year. If they are deemed incompetent or unresponsive to voters’ needs, a cut in pay and a public drubbing. That would hurt their chances for re-election.

        • TERM LIMITS!!!Make them pay into and receive Socal Securty when they retire instead of their exorbitant pensions! Let them all use Obama Care for their healthcare insurance! If we eliminate the “Perks” that go along with those positions and the power they have while in them, maybe, just maybe, this country would be better off! Power corrupts, Absolute power absolutely corrupts!

        • We have to strengthen our voting regulations and have people watching that no dead people from Chicago are voting in other states. Stop the mail in and early voting. Get rid of Soro’s Machines. They’re all rigged in the demons favor. Have Voter ID
          I know California is becoming a 3rd world country but there must be enough people who have seen their nonsense to vote them out. When Republicans are winning, they find mail in votes from all over. Really?

      • No they should have to take full responsibility and go to prison, they don’t care because they have armed security and do not care about those who standard of living is in decline because of people that should not be here, its funny when you ask theses P.C. morons how many illegals they will take into their homes, support and take personal responsibility for they don’t want to comment, I guess they fell us little people or deplorables should bare the burden.

      • Beg to differ with you, Paula Brady. Why wait until someone else is raped, robbed, killed, etc.
        ” Schumer indicated that he would be open to approving $1.6 billion in border-wall funding but got immediate backlash from left-wing Democrats like Rep.-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), who demanded “$0” for Trump’s “racist” border wall”.
        With statements like this coming from deep state establishment traitors. masquerading as and accepting a salary from We the People for representing We the People, but working against measures to make our borders secure and improve our safety and putting illgal immigrants ahead of American citizens – We should give all congressional members with this attitude a “No Confidence” vote and declare them enemy combatants of America and Americans! Next we demand the immdiate arrest, detainment, and prosecution as an enemy combatant of this nation. This is the best route to DRAIN THE SWAMP of all the traitors and send a message to all future wanna be congressional members or POTUS – NO MORE TRAITORS TO THIS NATION WILL BE TOLERATED.
        It should also send the message to new newly elected new world order puppets who come aboard spewing new world order lies and propaganda as facts, instead of doing a little research on her own re hoaxes like climate warming will not be tolerated.

    • That’s for sure….everyone should do that. The wall is very important to our nation…security purposes, vetting purposes, and for the welfare of those attempting to come here legally and for the safety of our border agents and police. Also one of the most important, being that it sucks the breath out of our nations economy to support all these people. The savings on that alone is worth the cost of the wall, which will pay for itself in a matter of years.

      • Did you catch, in the White House meeting, where Pelosi said a border FENCE is OK, but a wall is immoral? What? Before you think she’s just befuddled or laughable, consider: Presumably, a “fence” would be much, much easier to go over, under, around, and through, compared to a propper, defended, high-tech wall. That would be in keeping with Pelosi’s agenda of open borders, unchecked illegal immigration, and no border security. At the same time, she would get to say that she was for a border “barrier”. Pretty crafty at first glance, but I think most people can see through the intended deception. Remember, open borders means NO borders. NO borders means NO country. THAT’S what Pelosi and the Marxist Democrats stand for? The rest of the country should rise up against them.

    • NEVER confuse these STUPID KOMMIES with FACTS … In their alternative PLANET of LIES they live in they think that “OPEN BORDERS” IS National security

    • If we are spending over 116 billion a year for illegals who walk into our country It would seem a wall would reduce the numbers to the the point the money saved would build the protective wall or fence. It would reduce drug running, human trafficing, criminal’s,terrorists, disease, planned caravans and other negative results which the liberals seem to support in spite of the damage to our nation and we the citizens. If liberals don’t give a darn their constituents will soon be existing in a living hell.

  17. Isn’t it just wonderful, PELOOOOSI is concerned about the support from

  18. I just ask that she be ripped from the gavel and someone else get to try it out, they will be better than her. Just keep your mouth flapping Nancy you have lost it before and you can lose it again. May lighting come right down on you and your gavel.

    • I totally agree, she is an air head and probably one of the most obnoxious we have ever had and so often she looks like she is totally ‘losing’ it right there and cannot grasp a simple word. Are the dems that dumb, to want to support this totally stupid insane blabber mouth. Let the imigrant evil ones camp on her door step, see how fast her big mouth would tolerate that act.. hmmm?

      • Oh my, The Democrats don’t think they are dumb at all. You must have missed Maisy Hirono’s (Democrat-HI) declaration that the Democrats are TOO SMart for the rest of us to comprehend.
        And I agree, Let Nancy take down her Racist Exclusionist Walls around her homes and welcome, feed, educate, House, provide medical care etc for the migrant mob. But She doesn’t want to spend her money, just raise taxes on the rest of us.

    • No, let her stay Speaker. When she forgets to take her meds, she is reduced to a blubbering idiot. How many times has she done this. She looks like a deer caught in the headlights. Let the dementia overtake her.

      • Trump is an example of what happens when dementia takes over – – – you can’t read, you can’t keep staff and people working for you, you talk or tweet incessantly.

        • Lara,
          We are so sad that you are suffering from dementia.We wish you the best be safe so that you are not killed by a terrorist before your mind is completly gone.

    • What scare me is if anything has to Trump and Pence, she’ll become President! I’m surprised Clinton’s goons haven’t tried anything, so she doesn’t end up in prison. Scary!

  19. She shouldn’t even be in office, for she has broken her oath of office to protect the American people. By not Funding the Wall it puts our country in a high risk range from Drug Traffickers, Terrorist, People that have Major Warrants such as for Murder, Rape, Robbery, Sex Trade, and many of the illegals having dangerous diseases. Contact your Senators & Reps tell them to Build the Wall NOW! U.S. Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121.

    • She and the rest of this bunch are WORKING for the RICH, Super-RICH bilderberg CARTEL, some of these members are george soros, ohomo, and of course the clintons’…Supporting not just OPEN borders but the total DECLINE of Western countries, so, they need the “votes” of ILLEGALS swarming into the USA, as well as Europe, bringing DOWN these “rich” countries that they all are LEECHING off on….WHERE will this END….Well, to get just RICH or RICHER – SUPER RICH/RICHER and the rest will be DIRT POOR……

    • What is crazy is that the Democrats used to be concerned about the DACA people and Trump wants to make an exception to the immigration policy in exchange for building the border wall to stop further illegals. She is only against it because she is fearful that the goof balls like Cortez will not vote for her for Speaker if she supports the Wall. If she is worried about looney tunes like Cortez that does not know her ass from a hole in the ground she cannot be very effective in leading any initiatives the Democrats want to bring forward for the people. She therefore has no business being Speaker of the House!

    • Because in Trump’s first year in office, the Dems said they would support the Wall, if Trump would give the Dreamers a path to citizenship! Now it’s two different subjects? That’s what is Crazy about it!! Do you Not remember that offer by the Dems? Gotta keep up with the whole story!!

      • Dim o crafts are only looking out for their own sorry asses They care nothing for working people and the USA ! Nasty Nancy needs to just be gone! They got the house back by fraud everybody knows that. The President is trying to be for the people and put USA first but he has to fight every day with the nut jobs like her. Trying to bring him down! Democrats are a nasty rotten bunch of heathens

    • hahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaha! LOL!

      Expect, since the Judge in Cohen case concluded that Trump ordered Cohen to commit a crime – – so better expect impeachment trial WILL happen!

      • Lara,
        Will never happen.There will be blood in the streets.We the people will stand up to this invasion on our country and take Pelosi and send her to Venezuela or better yet to Gaza.How dare she go against of what the American people want by majority.

      • Hahahaha Lora! Expect civil war to beginif that should happen.
        Enough is enough! Oh and your side doesn’t like God or guns!
        Demoncrats kill babies and Nancy said you don’t need God if you have the Democrats. Oh Oh!

  20. Pay attenstion very close attention to the dumorats when they get the House. They will spend more time and tax payer money investagating Trump again at the expense of the American tax payer. And they will spend no time on us are our country! They put themselves before anything. We just had to spend millions on this fake dossier, only to have them put us through this crap again!

    • When Pelosi dies (hopefully soon) they should engrave her most famous saying, “we need to approve that (Obamacare) to see what’s in there”. THAT is what History will remember her for, if at all.

      • Oh yes, I remember her saying that and will make sure my children
        remember it also. It shows her mindset, which is a cross between
        asininity and insanity. Better known as “my way or none! And what
        will she gain by this? In VERY SHORT ORDER, the hatred of the U.S.
        citizens who do not want their communities overrun by people who
        couldn’t fix their own countries! (Nor did they want to – too much work,
        taking over someone else’s is faster). And then there is all the elite’s money
        who is paying for them to harrass us at our borders. America – the land of the
        sell-outs, “me-first’ population. I’d move to another country if I was a few
        years younger. All you people can hope for is for younger people who have been
        taught right to stand up and DEMAND that Washington either do its constitutional
        duties or get the hell out of dodge!!!

        • “We have to pass it to see what’s in it”-Nancy Pelosi

          The only thing dumber/worse than Pelosi talking is when this dilapidated old bag tries to act cute – it’s like she still thinks she’s doing tire commercials. Her mileage warranty expired a hell of a long time ago.

          • Tire commercials, reminds me “She was actually “Miss lube Rack” 1956, in California”! She actually had pretty nice legs back then! Like you said Mike W. her warranty Expired somewhere in the 1550’s or early 1960’s!!

      • Border wall funding will come, when you threaten to take away their PAYCHECKS, until you get it, MR. PRESIDENT!!! Don’t know if you could do that, or if it would stick, but THAT would SURE shake them up!!

    • Holy mackeral! I like your style! I have been preaching the same since obama got into office. Nobody dared to go against his decisions. Everybody knows why. The elitists dont care about the welfare of this country: they have gov clout and their own WALLS AROUND THEIR COMPOUNDS! But America does not have the audacity to protect us with a wall!! The democraps want all those NEW votes to perpetuate their CONTROL of all us drones/taxpayers!!!


      • 57% of Americans do not want to expand the Wall! You are pushing the wall against the will of the American people – – as shown in Gallup and other polls.

        • Lara,the liar
          The polls i read is that the American people want the wall..Please send me your address so i could give it to the people who are invading our country could go to your house for you to take care of I know why you say these stupid things is because you are one of them.Did you get your welfare and other freebies this month suprised you want to share your benifits with the invaders.

    • I totally agree those stupid Democrats might vote on a bill here or there like they’re doing something for their constituents but their main focus and the media will be going after President Trump it’s spend all the money they feel like cuz it’s not theirs, if these Democrats wanted to continue their stupid investigation they should pay for it out of their pocket we’ll see how long that lasts they’re so full of s*** worthless no mind a holes

  21. Nope, San Francisco the one time jewel of california, now a giant nightmarish, unaffordable and getting to be of not unliveable CRAPHOLE. Got a great idesa: why dowsn’t ‘nasty’ ‘pigliosi’ come on over and clean up the piss and SHIT defiling our streets? better ywt, she can do this without rubber gloves, serves this disgusting liberal bitch!

    • Remember when one of California’s liberal mayors. ( the one who warned illegals when Ice was coming to town) spoke the promise that soon all states will look like California . Will it take druggies, streets used for toilets, ramshackle pieces of cloth for tenting, disease, rats and filth to convince illegals how much they are cared for by the liberals? The liberals should be arrested for the plight they have placed illegals in their so called state. That is the aim of the liberals who are Globalists to continue their weakening of America. If people don’t wake up and put a stop to this, we the people will be sharing the lifestyle of illegals.

    • all those dims are criminals they just lie and get away with it.President Trump did nothing wrong but pay off black mail why aren’t those people being arrested. and Cohen is lying. I remember hearing a tape that Trump told Cohen to pay by check out his own money. Democrats should be investigated.

    • I agree with Steve. Pelosi is definitely insane, and is showing her contempt for the American people with her anti wall, anti Trump rhetoric. If there is any impeachment done, she should be the first to go, then on to prison for her anti American ways. Build the WALL! We do not want nor can we afford anymore illegal criminals in our country, unless crazy Pelosi takes them home with her and pays for all their needs out of her own pocket. We know that won’t happen.

      • Phyllis, we would do well to take down all the walls around any of Pelosi’s many properties and leave her undefended from all of us (the deplorables), not to mention all of the illegal immigrants who will soon be able to find her addresses. Wouldn’t that be a kick to watch?

        • Patricia, I love the taking down her walls thing and do you think it would be wrong or illegal to send put her address(s) on social media so, any illegal criminal in Cali would know where to go for a free meal, a warm bed etc.??? If it’s not illegal I’ll do it…

  22. I blame the assholes that pay little to no attention to what’s really going on in politics and voted these morons back into a position of power. Anyone that voted for the democrats screwed the rest of the country and should be held accountable for it. If you know anyone that will admit to doing so kick them in the ass because that’s what they did to you.

    • Thanks Big Joe, I copuldn’t have said it any better or more succinctly! i live in California and have to deal eith the repercussions of the idiots who never seem to learn their lessons. The liberals are all about them, always were and their attitude sweaks volumes: all for me and F*CK everyone else and the American people as long as I live my Champagn luxury lifestyle, the American people can eat SHIT hit the gutter and rot !I attribute these liberals getting reelected to voter fraud, pure and simple. After all, who in their right mind would vote for these lying all for me thieves who do nothing positive for the people and keep jackn’ up the taxes to pay for all their ‘freebies’,’and hand outs’ and plain ole’ giveaways’ while the quality of living goes into the toilet and the voters end up getting SQUAT? Inquiring minds need and deserve to know!

      • We need to see how they have illegally spent our SS money and have started with our children’s. We need to see what we as a whole can do about it. Make them personally responsible for it?

      • William, you are right. The elitists care nothing about America or its enslaved taxpayers. The elitists have their compounds protected by WALLS, DOGS, GUARDS and cameras!! But America cant be protected by a wall, the f’n democraps need/want all those NEW VOTES fr amnesty so the rest of us deploable/taxpayers can be CONTROLLED!!!

    • Do U think for one darn minute that these stupid liberals care one damn minute what happens to the Conservatives, these ignorant people are insane, ignorant, and really EVIL!

    • You must be another dumbocrat too. Pelosi has the mentality of a kindergarten failure, and her brain-dead mouth is a good example of her lack of any knowledge of that WE THE PEOPLE want for our United States Of America.

      • Thank you, Richard Van Horn. The replies I have read on this page make me hopeful
        that maybe, just maybe, there are a bunch of you still out there and ready to fight for your country if need be.
        BECAUSE: you wonderful people, YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE TO FIGHT. BUT YOU CAN WIN!! I know, I was alive when Hitler shot himself & darned sure old enough to remember. it!

  23. And the people responsible for the Democrat voter fraud haven’t been charged with a crime let alone arrested. That Snipes woman in Florida is suing the government. Go figure that one.

    • She’s crying the typical Dimocratic cry, it’s not my fault, here’s what happened etc. and Susan, she’ll probably never have to pay a fine never mind do jail time. If she was a Republican she would have been in jail by now… ..

      • What I can’t understand is why was she not fired long ago, this isn’t the first time she pulled sh*t, where was Scott when she’s violated the law before ? She should have been fired, jailed, long ago.

        • I’m guessing because, this is the first time her ballots and ballot counts were called into play and that they have rock solid proof???

          • It was the first time that the real news got wind of it and published it. In the past they have just been sweeping it under the rug. Now she’s retiring. Now don’t try and tell me that there is any justice in that. All these years that they have proof of what she’s been doing underhandedly with the votes and and she’s been getting away with it, now they are letting her get away with retiring with full retirement and all the benefits that go with it with absolutely no repercussions for any of her actions . Tell me it isn’t so. That is just too much to take. That is the most outlandish thing that I have ever heard. I don’t care what color she is, what she did and has done is just out and out wrong and crooked.

        • She didn’t get fired because of this right here, she’s screaming racism . This is why Democrats let blacks do their dirty work for them. You ever notice how many blacks are in their party? It’s every where, they get by with murder if they are the color black period!I worked for the School district they had to keep them even when they should of been fired!

    • It is all about their paycheck they lost–it is al about money, lifestyles–etc.
      there will be no more income so they SUE for income

  24. Nancy Pelosi was the stupidest arrogant putz ever to be House Speaker! Remember folks, she wants to vote to pass the Bill before reading the damn thing! That’s like flushing the toilet first before sitting down to leave a dump! Or like going to work nude, then getting dressed!!! She will make the most foolish decisions again and again and again – – – I have no doubt!!!

    • it is their paycheck they are fighting for not anything else–the focus is on them with their message hoping to get a few more bites to retain that income…does that sound like what Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY)and all the others do by servicing with lips?? About money/power/control–look at the Clintons, Soros , etc….It is never for “We the People”

    • I like the thing on flushing the toilet before you go. Puts it in perspective. All the democrats have said publicly, they will vote down anything Trump puts out. They don’t know what it is but will vote it down, to hell what’s good for America. The damage they’ve done and will do is unbelievable. And Nutty Nancy is pandering for votes. Now that so many gullible people believe their lies and BS, she has to fight for what they want so they vote for her. And again, to hell with what’s best for the country. I think they all lost their minds or are so corrupt, they can’t let honest people in, or both.

  25. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY),dumber than a stick who does not understand the 3 judicial courts, and other stuff–sheesh…is that what NY represents?

    • N.York & the New England northeast region, along with the 3 coastal western states, represent the DUMBEST voters we have on the country.
      Look at their economies to see just how dumb they are.

        • As a Californian, I couldn’t agree more. Governed by Jerry Brown, a hippie from the 60’s more often than not. But, you have to lump the whole west coast as Bob lumped the east coast. Washington state and Oregon are just as flower power as California.

    • The district she represents has some of the dumbest and most criminal people in the country. No worries the dems have 2 years to dig their graves for when they get buried in 2020.

    • A.O.C. is the result when good people do nothing. I’m a left coaster (Calif), so I know little of N.Y., so I do not know how many good people there are in that state.
      Complacency by good people is the problem.

    • I live in NY and yes this is what the democrats in NY do all the time and the people who vote for them are just as stupid as the ones they vote for

      • Illinois is just as corrupt! They don’t even have a Republican running in Chicago. Just Democrat against Democrat. They are
        Totally corrupt! They don’t even try to hide it! It’s like Russia. One communist party! How sad! The home of the Daily machine and dead voters. Oh and Obama once said “I was steeped in Illinois politics.”

  26. 12.5 Million Illegals cost the US taxpayer $338 Billion every year. Just stop paying Illegals already here and they will go home and there is no need for a wall if they don’t get free SCHIET from the Taxpayer.

  27. People like Nancy Pelosi and her friends on the left fail to recognize reality! This once great nation is going down because it is so divided. It simply will implode! I don’t only say so. . . God does! Every great nation and empire has imploded because of division and family breakdown! But then, we never learn! So sad, but true!

    • Yes. The war on the “Establishment” and traditional values by the Democrats has been festering in society and Government since the 60’s. Now, this “love child” of politics has grown legs and is running for any office.

  28. Well, at least the American people now know where we stand with the democratic party. We’re at the bottom on their agenda. They don’ t give a damn about national security or homeland security. Look no farther than Hillary Clinton, Debbie Wassermann Schultz, the hacking of the DNC and John Podesta computers and the murder of Seth Rich. It says it all. The ONLY THING the democrats care about is money/greed and power, for which they will abuse both as well as us, the American people.

  29. My opinion is that “Pelosi Galore” will be speaker. Reson: there are too many of the old timers who have shared her bedroom and they can’t risk the scandal. So they will back her and put pressure on the juniors to get on board. I don’t see an absolute land slide but I’m betting she will be the speaker so I’m ready for some more of her idiot ideas.

  30. MR. PRESIDENT, stick to your guns. This wall must be completed and border defended, to protect the integrity of our country. If your leverage is to shut down the government, the Democrats will likely cave in — despite the continual braying of the female mental midgets PELOSI and OCASIO-CORTEZ (who continues to one-up herself every day with stupid declarations — the wall is “racist ??”) …. P-LEASE…….

  31. AO-C is now a step above comedienne. She has become a traitor to the U.S. way of life and a fascist. Don’t forgdt she threatened to use her position as a U.S. government official, (U.S. Senator) to officially silence a twitter conservative fkr telling the truth about her. I think ethics charges have been or soon will be filed against her.

    • Bob, I read an article last night with this headline; Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez could be in major trouble for violating House rules. And she has not even started her job in the House. So, you’re not wrong…

        • I hope that doesn’t happen, Bob. There’s another article I read last night and I hope this does happens before the new year; Republican senators led by Ted Cruz introduced a bill aimed at funding Trump’s border wall. The WALL Act would give the government $25 billion toward construction and would be funded by what supporters call “loopholes” in the current immigration system, according to the Hill…

    • Her initials are really prophetic, in the gas industry AOC stands for Abnormal Operating Condition. Description is right on target.

  32. I totally agree with President Trump, and let’s look at the last government shut down, and how it harmed the democratic party, causing Schumer to cave in very quickly. The only thing I would say is that we should hold out for the entire 25 Billion it takes to totally complete the wall.

    • Jerry, maybe we won’t need a shut down? Republican senators led by Ted Cruz introduced a bill aimed at funding Trump’s border wall. The WALL Act would give the government $25 billion toward construction and would be funded by what supporters call “loopholes” in the current immigration system, according to the Hill…

    • Let’s go for the entire $25 billion needed for the entire wall. Pelosi and Schumer want to play hard ball, call them on it. We’ll reduce their pay and take 10%, or more, out of their paychecks to help cover the cost of the wall and see how fast they deliver.

  33. I’m ready to see the Left have to work really hard to get anything done. Since President Trump has the Senate he will get what he needs to move his plans forward and the 5 Billion needed for the WALL will come full circle and Nancy and Chuck can just have their usual meltdowns. In the coming 2019 it is going to be existing to watch what the Left tries to do and all the rabbit holes they will go down. God Bless You Mr President and all those who serve the Senate.

    • Kara, lets hope this works out? Republican senators led by Ted Cruz introduced a bill aimed at funding Trump’s border wall. The WALL Act would give the government $25 billion toward construction and would be funded by what supporters call “loopholes” in the current immigration system, according to the Hill…

  34. What she said isn’t shocking to me because I’m sure she has no reason to worry about her safety or the safety of her family ! I’m positively sure she n all her family aren’t us ordinary Americans whom live in Cities,n Towns n not gated residence n truly I feel the Democrats will do everything n anything just for votes,I myself was a Democrat but over the past number of years I m no longer one! Their party is nothing but all about themselves not America n the American People in fact they are all for open borders which will definitely bring n it has criminals into this Country!We must in order to keep our Country for what it stands for n redesign to the fullest immergration rules to enter into this Country,it certainly need much revamping n the Wall must not be denied of immoral idiots that live in expensive Estates n have no idea what many Americans of all colors go through everyday! Innocent people n children have been killed,n children n elder women have been sexually assault by the criminals entering this Country illegally by immigrants! I know in my heart would like to show the Democratic Party how we truly feel about our President Trump n start a fund by donations to build the Wall n give what ever people could afford n it should be tax deductible!Those who stand with the President lets give some feed back n see if it is do able ! It would show the President n The Democratic Party they won’t win n the Wall will be built!! ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    • i think the hard working people of all groups, should have a say in how the tax money they pay should be spent, and the 1st priority is the wall, and 2nd is end of all freebies to illigals, ice and National guard in their big old army trucks, pick up all illigals, put on trucks and take to plane and return them to their own country, same for caravan, they want to come here go to their embassy, and file for entry to our country, legally. we have to show them new sheriff in town, and lots of changes……i could go on and on, but maybe later……….we need to take a stand and contact our senators and representatives, and let them know they work for us and they better start taking care of us, they don’t want to, then we will move mountains to have them terminated from their positions, we are done with them and their bull shit and stomping on us, the AMERICANS….

  35. I am going to tell all of the intelligent People out there and I don’t mean you, Democrats. That these Democrats and Nancy Pelosi, if you fail to vote in support of the Border Wall funding and these Illegal Aliens come into The United States Illegally then THE PEOPLE and our Militias should have to take care of the situation because you refuse to protect the American people from these Invading Criminals and Terrorists. I’m not saying me but our Militias should take care of it. Wake up America.

    • The pathetic thing is, the Democrats do not know what active part they (should) play in the security of America. They are like a bunch of childish flower children.
      Their vision of Nirvana is based on a pipe dream.
      The Problem with Nirvana is; 75% of the people think it’s a great place to live.
      Twenty-five percent think it’s a great place to pillage.

  36. They have funded the wall TWICE in 2006 and AGAIN in 2013!! What is the difference now??? POLITICS! How could these CREEPS ever win the house?? Oh yeah THEY VOTE DEAD PEOPLE!!!! I GUESS THE FECES AND NEEDLES ALL OVER NASTY’S San FranSICKO has been cleaned up , has it??? Or was that just for the MID TERMS??

    • Easy:
      Give the illegals a California drivers license, then let them vote, and as a last result harvest the extra votes.
      Result, flipped 25 California house seats.

      Did you know there is a street where nude men and women walk in the middle of Fransicko? Yes. Absolutely butt naked, in the middle of Fransicko! We had some friends visit there and were strolling thru Fransucko (another version) when they turned the corner and almost walked right into another couple, naked. Our friends turned away and kept walking only to encounter another man walking his pooch, naked. At that point they looked around and saw several other people in different naked conditions. So they retraced their steps back out from that area to where everyone was clothed…and normal! Interesting that no one tells tourists about these psychologically perverted people and that perhaps tourists shouldn’t tread there.
      NO ONE I know goes to Fransucko any more because of the homeless and now the nudists. Guess the nudists have to cover up now with the cold weather…or they might lose some appendages to frost!

      As for Pelosi, she belongs in that nudist area, but people might MISTAKE her for an ugly boney tree! She is not worth anyone’s time because she just gets more stupid as she gets older. San Fransucko definitely reflects her idiot mentality.

    • Nope, San Francisco the one time jewel of california, now a giant nightmarish, unaffordable and getting to be of not unliveable CRAPHOLE. Got a great idesa: why dowsn’t ‘nasty’ ‘pigliosi’ come on over and clean up the piss and SHIT defiling our streets? better ywt, she can do this without rubber gloves, serves this disgusting liberal bitch!

  37. nancy and mad maxine, live in big homes. they like anybody coming into this country, except not next door to them. they are in truth the salt and pepper set of the liberals.

  38. This half wit can’t couldn’t put two sentences together. She has done more damage to our country than any any other politician in my lifetime.. She is the swamp and the perfect example of why we need term limits in Congress and our Senate. What a perfect example of a bafoon.

  39. If Donald makes any concessions for securing our borders such as amnesty for those illegal DACA recipients he will be betraying the trust of those who elected him, amnesty, a pardon basically the same thing giving those who violated our laws a free pass.

  40. I wonder how one of them idots would feel.If one of those ilegals kill one of there family members.This is why we need that wall.I also heard that they have diseases.

  41. The middle class tax payers will end up having to pay for food stamps, welfare, etc for these illegals. Building the wall will cost a lot less.

    • I agree with MR.WARD.
      ALSO THE DEMOCRATS HAVE STATED that once they take over this so called Witch Hunt into Comey and Clinton will stop.
      Makes one wonder what it is they don’t want us the people to know.
      You would think they would want to know the truth as much as anyone.
      But that’s how the Democrats are. Big on talk no action.

  42. Nancy Pelosi is about as exciting as Insect Worship! I cannot imagine how such an incompetent woman ever got to the level of FedGov DC responsibilities and activities that she has. Hopefully, someone with some common sense will come along soon and send her back to San Francisco permanently. America better wake up … incompetent players like her have got to be removed from their positions … ASAP!

  43. The Council on Foreign Relations seems to have snatched the minds AND the votes of the American public. I see dogs being beaten daily, not knowing all they have to do is stand up on their hind legs and walk away a distance and look at the mess from afar. Have hope with Obama, get a beating. Have hope with Lyndon, get a beating. Have hope with Trump, get a beating. Have hope with Carter, get sent to your room until you are motivated to beat your own head against the wall, until you realize it feels so good when you stop. There IS a way out. You will be the salvation of your own house.

    • Please read ex-Vatican cardinal, pen named ‘Avro Manhattan and his first person journal of Vatican/British/Rothechild conspiracy against the U.S., called ‘The Vatican, Moscow, Washington Alliance’. It explains alot. Available on Facebook for free, or on Ebay or Amazon for $2.00 -$400.00 a copy, depending on the week.It simplifies the immigration/ American war monger behavior with a 1987 publishing date.

  44. What does the border wall, and 20,000 guns, have in common? Both require 20,000 people to function, and 100 people to maintain.

  45. I Don’t know about you but I’m so tired of the criminal democrats never getting shut up or shot down. They do criminal thing and never get stop or put in JAIL. It is time to start prosecuting them.
    This is our country where we stop CRIME. The democrats are the biggest criminals. One CRIME after another. Clintons Obama Comey Feinstein just to name a few. We the am people need to stand up and be counted. Bank in the early days of our government they all would have been hung. Bring back the old days. God Bless America God Bless Trump.

  46. WELL CRAZIEST things have been coming out of her mouth with greater frequency lately from MADAM CRAZY BAT CHIT NUT JOB … MAY be it is time for her to have ahead Check up by a Proctologist!!

    • She also said that the WALL was too expensive. Yet, NOT HAVING A WALL costs us $234 BILLION OF OUR TAX DOLLARS. Using good old school math that means that the wall pays for itself the FIRST YEAR and saves us $209,000,000,000 THE FIRST YEAR ALONE.



    • Holy mackeral! I like your style! I have been preaching the same since obama got into office. Nobody dared to go against his decisions. Everybody knows why. The elitists dont care about the welfare of this country: they have gov clout and their own WALLS AROUND THEIR COMPOUNDS! But America does not have the audacity to protect us with a wall!! The democraps want all those NEW votes to perpetuate their CONTROL of all us drones/taxpayers!!!

  47. WELL CRAZIEST things have been coming out of her mouth with greater frequency lately from MADAM CRAZY BAT CHIT NUT JOB … MAY be it is time for her to have ahead Check up by a Proctologist!!

  48. She goes home at night to her milti-million dollar house that has walls, gates and fences around it to protect her. Yet, she doesn’t want the same protection for the rest of us. She needs either a reality check or she needs to go. I vote for the latter…

  49. To make a difference in Congress we first need to make a different way to vote and make sure it is fair as well as lawful. We had too much cheating going on in this last election,I think the Communists would not have taken the House if they had not cheated. There is a new idea that is getting lots of attention because it has been done by the Left. It’s called vote harvesting and seems to be done by going by the homes of voters to get each separate vote from one house. There has to be a way to clear out all those who plan and pull off the mass voter fraud,only then can we be sure to get in office the people that really care about this country. We also need a way to let this Congress know how fed up we are with those that are not willing to do the people’s business. We now have more members that are there to please their donors and not we the people.

    • It is not rocket science a vote machine that gives a cert number right at the time you vote with the copy of what you voted so you have proof you did or did not vote for something . Per even a recount . We have so many people that also vote for who ever is winning so they can just sY they voted for them and be on winning side ?! Crazy . Hilliryitis

    • The California asswipes voted harvesting into law so they never get voted out of office.Seems like the only way to stop this crap is hope they melt when they put their hand on the bible when they take the oath of office.

  50. I must repeat myself: The mentally, morally and spiritually deficient Lie-beral DEMONocrats are suffering from the insanity of satanity whose only expertise is bullshitology under the cloak of self righteousness. Piglosi and her syndicate comrades have the “look-at-me-see-how-nice-I-am” (LAMSHNIA) sin-drome (syndrome). They are totally USELESS!!!
    If you want to learn something- listen to Dinesh D’Souza. He is my new hero.

    • Anyone in who is a Citizen of hits Country, who can not puts waht cpuld servs the Country BEST is not a Trau Ameircan! We must put our Country First before, self, family, county, or STATAE~ If the Country is noit SECURED, the woud be NO CLUNTRY to anyone! it is like having some one else living in you hoome and you have no say about what are the RULE< bu the TbILLS ARE YOURS! Because the house is in YOUR NAME! Wake Ameirnca, Supot YOUR ~ Our President who is the Head of our Country! He never takes any thing from HIA OFFICE for HIMSELF! Thnik, if you can not close yoir front and lock it, would be at PEACE when leave your HOM? do you want others to move in the telling you, your home is nologewr yours? THINK!! GOD~ Country, ~ family ~ Me!

    • Anyone in who is a Citizen of hits Country, who can not puts waht cpuld servs the Country BEST is not a Trau Ameircan! We must put our Country First before, self, family, county, or STATAE~ If the Country is noit SECURED, the woud be NO CLUNTRY to anyone! it is like having some one else living in you hoome and you have no say about what are the RULE< bu the TbILLS ARE YOURS! Because the house is in YOUR NAME! Wake Ameirnca, Supot YOUR ~ Our President who is the Head of our Country! He never takes any thing from HIA OFFICE for HIMSELF! Thnik, if you can not close yoir front and lock it, would be at PEACE when leave your HOM? do you want others to move in the telling you, your home is nologewr yours? THINK!! GOD~ Country, ~ family ~ Me!


    • Ronnie P. It looks like that is what we are going to have to do to get Congress (both houses) to do WHAT the voters want. We need to start now by notifying our Congress members what we are going to do. We also need to go to and make it known there as well. We have to make lots of NOISE or they won’t believe we mean what we are saying! It is going to take all of us on board to make an impact statement.

    • The only way is to vote against those who will not stand up for us! I don’t vote a straight ticket anymore (mostly Republican) but even at the state level, that’s not working anymore! Cut out the big limo’s and expensive dinners and give them piper cub airplanes to fly home in (Nancy, you may have to stop a few times to refuel though)! I wish I could afford to eat and travel like the do, but on my Soc.Sec. check I have a 15 year old car and eat beans a potatoes when I can!

      • Uglybad, I’m on SSID myself and have a 15 year old Jeep too so, I most definitely understand where you are coming from. Pelosi lives in a multi-million house behind walls, gates and fences but, she doesn’t approve of a border wall for the American citizens that vote for her. As for DACA, she is hiding the true meaning of it because, its true meaning is Democrats Against Citizens of America and that pisses me off…

  52. That bitch is as crazy as mad Maxine. That’s why I refuse to be under control of commiecrats. As a free American, I’ll never give in to their madness. We need a movement in this country to break their stranglehold on out laws and security.

    • Dan,
      You and I are very much likeminded on this subject, probably many others as well.
      I believe we are going to be forced to take our country away from the demonrats one way or the other including going to war against these crazy fools, it amazes me at how many people have fallen for their whacked out was of thinking it makes no sense at all. I am all in even at my age besides I will absolutely die before I ever live in a commy USA no matter what the cost may be. Demonrats you will be defeated at any and all costs.

      • Jeff: This scenary reminds of the movie “The Body Snatchers”: once you fall asleep the aliens take over your brain which is happening to a lot of people in this country. It happened to my only sibling brother who turned on me and has not spoken to me for two years because I told I voted for Trump and like the things he is doing for this country. I do believe there will be some form of a Civil War. The Democoms have already started it via their Antifa gang.

    • Hell, does she ever say an intelligent thought? The safest place for her is in the woods with Hilliary where she can only harm the environment with her presence. I do not think she has an intelligent cell in her stagnant brain and she wants to be a leader? MAGA RVN 68-69

      • That’s all the Communist AKA Democrat party is comprised of the mentally ill who seek the distraction of this country for their own power and much behind and under the table money the will get from the one world order billionairs, if anyone would just look a the Democrat treasonous congress bank acts here and abroad they might scratch their headband wonder how people like Maxine waters and many like her who went to congress empty handed and are now millionaires and how they got that way, maybe selling America down the drain for power and money like the little Twitt Cortez who doesn’t know anything about anything and has no comprehension of life or history!

    • As an interim solution which might drive the Left Wing Radicals out of office like Pelosi, Waters, Feinstein, Harris, Brown and Schiff by California voters would be to forget the Wall for now and just put signs ON THE BORDER for the alien invaders stating to avoid arrest and prison they must go through the Tiajuana Border into California and stay in California being a sanctuary state that wants them. ICE will not go after them unless they cross into another state. Also any illegals currently in the other states now should go to Califiornia immediately or be arrested and deported to their home countries. The Democommunists have already turned the once beautiful and great state of California into a cesspool – SENDING ALL THESE ALIEN MURDERING DRUG-DEALING CRIMINALS, AND FREE-LOADERS to complete the ultimate bankruptcy for the state, caused by the endless invasion by these out of control criminals and freeloaders should change the thinking of the average California to get rid of these communist bastards running the state and return it back to being the kind of state it used to be. At that point everyone will want a Wall across the southern border.

  53. I believe that many liberals still wanted the wall.

    There are also many gun-toting liberals out there too.

    We should try to reach out to them.

    Pelosi don’t speak for every liberal. Nor Ocasio-Cortez speak for the Old Guard Democrats.

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