Nancy Pelosi suffered a crushing defeat that has every Democrat nervous

Democrats are counting on Nancy Pelosi to protect their House majority next year.

But the party was just thrown into chaos.

And Nancy Pelosi suffered a crushing defeat that has every Democrat nervous.

Political observers look at special election results for hints about how the midterm elections will play out.

The first special election since Joe Biden took office was held in Texas’ Sixth Congressional District.

This district was represented by Republican Ron Wright until he passed away from coronavirus.

Donald Trump carried the district by just three points in 2020 as Democrats made gains in the suburbs.

When the votes came in, they were catastrophic for the Democrats.

All 23 candidates regardless of party competed in the special election with the top two finishers advancing to the runoff.

Wright’s widow Susan and Republican State Legislator Jake Ellzey secured the most votes, meaning the Democrats were shut out from the runoff.

That wasn’t even the worst news for Democrats.

All the Republican candidates vote totals added up to 62 percent with the Democrats’ totaling just 37 percent.

That is a massive drop off from Joe Biden’s 48 percent last November.

Republicans only need to flip five seats next year to take back the majority.

The GOP over performing their 2020 margin in the first special election of the year is being looked at as a sign that Republican voters are more enthusiastic to turn out than Democrats.

And that means 2022 may be a Republican wave election year.

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