Nancy Pelosi suffered a massive defeat that left Donald Trump grinning from ear-to-ear

Nancy Pelosi is desperate to stay in power.

She’s pulling out all the stops to ram through her left-wing agenda.

And Nancy Pelosi suffered a massive defeat that left Donald Trump grinning from ear-to-ear.

Nancy Pelosi made the sham January 6 Commission the centerpiece of the Democrat agenda.

With Joe Biden’s regime turning into an indefensible disaster, Pelosi is desperate to change the subject.

She’s using the January 6 Commission as a partisan witch hunt to dig up as much dirt as she can on Republicans ahead of next year’s Midterm elections.

Any type of communication, whether it be social media, phone calls, or text messages, are in Pelosi’s crosshairs as a way to try to embarrass Republicans.

Her latest fishing expedition for info has been President Trump’s personal communications and documents.

The Committee sought to grab hundreds of pages of National Security Documents from Donald Trump’s four years in the White House.

However, the Biden regime gave Pelosi a shocking answer when they refused to turn over the documents.

According to the White House, the documents “appear to have no content that might be material to the Select Committee’s investigation.”

“The documents for which the Select Committee has agreed to withdraw or defer its request do not appear to bear on the White House’s preparations for or response to the events of January 6, or on efforts to overturn the election or otherwise obstruct the peaceful transfer of power,” White House attorneys wrote.

The Biden White House calling this information irrelevant only shows how far Nancy Pelosi is willing to go in her partisan witch hunt against Republicans.

Just like with the sham Ukrainian impeachment trial, demanding National Security documents is yet another failed attempt by Nancy Pelosi to try to find an angle to successfully attack Donald Trump.

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