Nancy Pelosi threw down one challenge to the Supreme Court that will make Trump furious

Nancy Pelosi took her war with Donald Trump to another level.

And the outcome of this fight could shape American politics for a generation.

Nancy Pelosi threw down one challenge to the Supreme Court that will make Trump furious.

Speaker Pelosi escalated her feud with Donald Trump over including a citizenship question in the 2020 census.

Speaking in San Francisco, Pelosi called Trump’s attempt to ask about citizenship in the 2020 census racist and part of a plan to “Make America White Again.”

The New York Post reports:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Monday blasted President Trump’s push for a citizenship question on the 2020 census as an effort to “Make America White Again” — claiming, “it’s not what our founders had in mind.”

“They want to make sure that people, certain people, are counted,” Pelosi said at a press conference in San Francisco that focused on election security.

“Just their people vote and not the general population,” said the Democratic lawmaker. “That’s why they’re fighting the census.”

White House officials did not immediately return requests for comment from The Post on the statements.

This remark was aimed squarely at the Supreme Court and specifically Chief Justice John Roberts.

Roberts ruled that while the citizenship question could be included on the census, the administration needed to come up with a rationale that passed muster.

Pelosi believes that by accusing the Trump administration of having racist motives, she can prey on Roberts’ fears of being criticized by liberal journalists and columnists if he rules in the administration’s favor when the census case gets back before the Supreme Court.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Jack said: “I don’t recall Joseph and Mary were asked about their citizenship!”

    Well, Jack, maybe you should go read what the evangelists said about that: in point of fact, Joseph and Mary were going to Bethlehem to be counted in a census. It was assumed by anyone living at the time that they were citizens. Non-citizens, i.e. slaves and aliens, were not counted. Look it up. Gee…

    • I have signed all petitions and stated that Omar be deported along with her brother(husband) children and father. She is no good for America. I am a veteran who had fought for this country, and as long as I am alive it will not be under sharia law

      • Omar’s “husband is a beard! Ilhan Omar is a lesbian who has regular foursomes with Rashida Tlaib, Linda “The Lesbo” Sarsour and Ramsea Odeh! These four libtard terrorists are Dirty Dykes!

  2. WTF? The general population of American citizens not WETBACKS. When any person wants to conveigh my rights to some one as undeserving as a lawbreaking freeloading piece of cat excrement I will never understand nor condone. I sincerely hope there is a special place in hell reserved for traitors. The Democratic party have attempted to weaken and make light of our God given rights under the Bill of Rights and inspired Constitution. Those who are democrats have made a mockery of our nation, laws, inherent rights and attempt at every turn to weaken and turn our great Republic into a socio/ communist regime wherein they will be totally in control. Piss on ’em. The only reason they have not been hanged or shot so far is the citizens belief in order and law. However, the Constitution AND Bill of Rights tell us what as Patriots our duties are. The time of correcting the curse of evil invading our land may be applied far sooner than anyone thought. God Bless America and keep Her safe.

  3. Here’s the facts. The commiecrats don’t want Trump enforcing anything. They want to pick and choose. And it depends on who’s in the White House.

    • We elelcted Mr.Trump as our President! Not N. Pelosi! She must learns to know her place! She is not our Choice as the leader of our Country! Please, tell her to stay away from other people’s Jobs! As they stay away from hers! Our Presdiet knows very well what HE HAS TO DO! He has his very own better abled helpers!! She has an ENVIOUS Heart! towrds President Trump!

  4. I am not ok with the mass illegals coming in to our country! I am definitly NOT ok with them being able to vote. It’s not legal.


    • Right on Rick, she gave her husband a huge government contract maybe she should be investigated. Nobody is perfect but we try our best. Wasn’t it the demoncrates who started the K K K and now antifa history repeats itself. And now putting such outrageous people in their party? It’s not our American way.God bless America.


    • She knowa all about illegals and how to get around the law,
      shes from a Mafia family in case you didn t know shes as Anti American as AOC not fit to breathe the same air as we do

    • Roberts is being blackmailed after Obama unsealed his kids adoption paper work.
      The big push by SOros for 80 more like AOC, Omar and Tliab is underway, entirely doomed is the DNC now.

  6. How many people that live in the golden state of California.Know that their governor is Nancy Pelosi’s Nephew? So far the governor has been signing nothing that helps the American citizens. California now has the highest gas tax in the nation. He is just a typical liberal Democrat just like Jerry moonbeam Brown. All the liberal democrats have done is raise taxes to support all illegal migrants aliens sanctuary cities. And this is because they need the votes of illegal aliens by giving them drivers licenses, and voting rights. In the 2020 election all the liberal Democrats have to go. Especially AOC OMAR THE MUSLIM WHO MARRIED HER BROTHER AND OBAMA LET HER SNEAK INTO THE UNITED STATES.THOSE TWO BITCHES HAVE TO BE GONE. BORN AND RAISED IN LOS ANGELES CA.IN AUGUST 1947 ALSO A UNITED STATES NAVY CA. VETERAN 1965 75. JUST SAYING.

    • Nancy, you lie so often that even you have difficulty remembering them. President Trump is trying to keep America, American, not illegal alien. You want to bring all of these illegals in to be supported by the taxpayers. I pay enough taxes and served enough time in the military To have a nice quiet life. What you are proposing is violence. How do I live in peace when you want to let in people with no rules of behavior, have health problems, have not been vetted so we get criminals, gangs, and the American branches of the cartels. You seem almost stupid, except you are just power hungry and greedy.
      Americans will be counted, and you and your party can go to hell.

  7. Every ten years, the United States government is required by law to complete the Census and count every person in the country. But even something as typically bland as the Census has become controversial under Trump. His Commerce Department is attempting to force households to disclose their citizenship status.

    This will discourage non-citizens from participating—and could result in the loss of everything from health care funding to congressional representatives for immigrant communities.

    Trump’s “all important citizenship question” — the one that will demand respondents tell the government whether they or other members of their household are U.S. citizens — is nothing more than an intimidation tactic.

    A question about citizenship status hasn’t appeared on the survey in decades and is designed to scare away immigrant families and historically-disadvantaged populations from participating in the count. And when these groups are under-reported, their communities — citizen and non-citizen alike — won’t get the funding or electoral power they deserve.

    That’s not a “radical left” talking point.

    In fact, two federal judges concluded the addition of the question is unlawful — one even ruled it unconstitutional. Independent research shows millions of Latino residents would be undercounted in 2020 if the question was added to the survey.

    The Census will determine where $800 billion in federal funds goes — which communities get funding for schools, investments in infrastructure, and more.

    The Census will set electoral representation for a decade. In 2021, after all people are counted, the Bureau will give each state its new population data. This data will determine the number of U.S. House seats each state receives and further inform how the people responsible for drawing maps draw new districts. That’s your representation in government!

    The Census is, in so many ways, the foundation for our democracy and it’s on the line because of the current Administration’s reckless actions.

    If the Census data states receive in 2021 isn’t accurate or reliable, it’s not hard to see what will happen: Funding and voting representation will be skewed for a decade, hurting communities who need help and support the most.

    We can’t let conservatives get away with this. The census has a MAJOR impact:

    It will determine Congressional Districts for the next 10 YEARS.
    It will determine which areas receive more federal funding.
    It will be used as a power grab for Republicans to RIG elections.

    Three judges have already ruled the citizenship question unconstitutional. It is more than a population count. The Census determines the distribution of political power and money from the federal government to our communities. When we aren’t counted, our communities don’t get their fair share.

    There’s too much at stake. Democrats are the last line of defense to protect the Census.

    • Have you been absent for the past 70 years? Were you absent in 2000?

      The Citizenship Question has been on our Census forms in one manner or another until the Marxist Muslim came into our House in 2010.

      You shame yourself and you brand yourself with the Marxist Democrats when you feign ignorance like the traitors of your Party.

      Your Party is in its death throes. People like you have turned your backs on your fellow citizens and pretended through your faux virtue signaling that your argument is valid. It isn’t.

      Census has ALWAYS been about Representation in the House. When you read the full context of Article 1, Section 2 you realize that NOT ALL INHABITANTS WERE COUNTED.

      Why weren’t the Natives and Slaves counted? They weren’t counted because THEY WERE NOT CITIZENS.

      • check your facts. The citizen question last appeared in 1950. All inhabitants were not counted fully, a slave was 3/5 of freeman. Last time I checked Obama attended a christian church and his daughters were baptized. Good enough for me.

        • You need to check your facts! The question WAS on the census until the traitor Kenyan pulled it to hide what he was doing! THAT is good enough for true Americans! Illegals have no right to vote or be counted as legitimate occupants for the purposes of political representations or anything else! I’m sick of being screwed over in favor of criminals!

        • John Goudge, want to try again? Try 2000 Census Long Form. 2010 Census was the first time it was not asked as there was no long form.

    • No if you are here illegally I want the citiizship on the census. If you are not from this country and have not become a citizen. Then you should not have aright to steal from the hard working Citizens of this country. If you want to be a legal citizen then you need to have to pay taxes as everyone else that has passed the citizenship test. I am like everyone else. Tired of you not paying your fair share. There are a lot of citizens living on the streets with there families just because the Democratic Party. Shame on them and you for not trying to follow this country’s Laws. Hard working Americans should be put ahead of illegals. If you want to be free then follow the laws to become citizens. If not then either go back to the country you ran from or follow the laws to get the benefits as every American citizen who pays taxes and have more of a right to collect the than someone who never tried to improve their lives. Just to go back as a millionaire to the country they ran away from. Not fair to the American people who have paid all their lives to be slapping the face by you and the Democratic Party. If not legal then no benefits for you until you make that decision. Anyone who is legal should be approved for you. Sorry but the truth is the truth. It is our money not yours to send somewhere else. Plus shame on the Democrats for turning their backs on what is right to the tax payers who pay their salaries.

    • WAKE UP FOOL that question was Once required on those formed; before the democrat rats had it removed–about the time the illegal alien INVASION began.

    • Too much of the brain dead bimbo. The census count means everyone. Illegals can take the deportation bus home or suffer the consequences

    • Vasu Murti, you must have dropped out of schoool in the 6th grade where they teach you about govt. The census has had a citizenship question on every census since 1820. Wake up you dumbo, you sound like a commie demoncrat asswhole!

    • Everything I just read is all a Democratic tactic to raise our taxes for illegal immigrants to use OUR tax dollars for their free medical, schools, and all the benefits we pay for. Full government control of our money to help illegals, not what we want. Census are for Americans who pay taxes….period.

    • I see-so you are in favor of letting illegal aliens pour into the country at the expense of it’s citizens? It is okay for you, as long as they don’t have to report they are not a citizen because that might cause areas to lose Federal funding? So let’s get this straight, we deserve to know how many citizens and illegals are in the Country, it is our Country! But if the true statistics come out it may inconvenience you? What about voting? You think it is okay to accept Federal funding illegally, and let illegals vote illegally, to be able to sway an election illegally? How is that any different from Voter Tampering to sway an election? ALSO ILLEGAL!

    • You obviously know fully well why we have a national census. You stated that it will set electoral representation for a decade………”this data will determine the number of U.S. House seats each state receives….”. You summarized very well why there’s a concern for the citizenship question: “The census determines the DISTRIBUTION OF POLITICAL POWER AND MONEY FROM THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT TO OUR COMMUNITIES.” This explains why the more liberal states, with liberal leadership, are so welcoming to the idea and practice of illegal immigration and don’t want the citizenship question on the census. You see it as a means of power and funding. As for the rest of us, we honor the law. We welcome people to this country, but we want them coming here through the legal process. We want them contributing to the wealth, health and well-being of our nation. We want them to have representation in government but representation as LEGAL U.S. citizens. Any other way weakens the strength of the representation of those of us who are legal citizens of our country.

    • So maybe this hater moocher can tell us why the simple question was legal under Democrat Presidents but not under Trump?
      This and the caravans are nothing but more than another Dem scam to pad the census, pad the fraud voter rolls, and do another cash grab.

    • Republicans and conservative patriots are the last line of defense to protect this great country against one sided congressional representation as the democrats are trying to get by skewing the numbers for more representatives. It is not about protecting the census.
      In Commiefornica alone, counting illegals would raise their congressional count by at least five thereby giving that commie state a huge advantage in congress.
      They also want to get rid of the Electoral College that protects smaller states from the big states overrunning the presidential election by using illegals in the popular vote.
      Democrat commies like Vasu Murti in this comment thread want the handouts using money taken from legitimate taxpayers.
      I see a civil war on the near horizon and liberals are prepping for the first volley.

    • LEGAL RESIDENTS have NO reason to refuse to answer the questions OR to participate! But ONLY LEGAL CITIZENS have the right to VOTE or are entitled to benefits! NOT ILLEGALS! They are NOT ENTITLED to ANYTHING here! Come legally and support your own ass or stay away! Clear enough? You have no right to break our laws or bankrupt our country! You have EARNED nothing!

      • I am an american citizen and I wouldn’t have answered the question. Sounds like good old fashioned fascist tactics.

        • Monty, no such thing. It is about knowing how many members of the Electoral College should go to each State. Illegals cannot vote in Federal elections legally and should never count for representation as that takes away from legal citizens and legal resident aliens rights. By the way, failure to answer that question is a felony when asked.

    • Vasu, maybe you should read the laws on the Census. In case you haven’t seen it, the Bureau of the Census is forbidden by law from sharing data on each household with ICE/CBPP or other agencies. They can only share aggregate info. So if Latinos are afraid of it, like you seem to be, maybe that is their/your problem. Not the general population of the US. Illegals should not count no matter the race/creed/color as they should not be here in the first place. And the last Census was the first one without a long form where citizenship was not asked. Because there was no long form in 2010.

    • Even MORE reason we need to know how many ACTUAL
      Citizens we have and how many ‘VISITORS’ are living in this COUNTRY! Citizens, ONLY, are allowed to vote , NOT visitors! That is what our Constitution says!!!!

  8. why is pelosi and other dems having such a twatwaffle meltdown over this question? it was on the census before and didnt odumma the traitor have it taken off the questionaire?

      • That’s an outright lie.

        Census 2000
        Page 4
        Section 13
        There were 5 questions DIRECTLY RELATED TO CITIZENSHIP.

        Section 12 asked you where you were born.

        Quit trying to REVISE HISTORY. It makes you look dumb.

      • I would ask YOU that same question asshole! Deal in facts & reality, not democrapic lies & revisionist history examples!

      • Ornery Sudna, maybe it is you who should research before before posting. BGB who posted below you is correct. And one in 6 households got that question in 2000 when the last long form was done.
        13 Is this person a CITIZEN of the United States?
        Yes, born in the United States→ Skip to 15a
        Yes, born in Puerto Rico, Guam, the U.S. Virgin Islands,or Northern Marianas
        Yes, born abroad of American parent or parents
        Yes, a U.S. citizen by naturalization
        No, not a citizen of the United States”
        You checked one of the boxes in front of the options.


    • There is no diplomatic agreeing with Iran. Sure, Obama & Kerry had an agreement, a very poor one where we gave them money, trusted they would only enrich Uranium for energy infrastructure, and every dimwit applauded. Only we had sever inspection conditions, and while giving them the benefit of the doubt they were sending troops to Syria to support theirs troops and killing Americans. Supporting troops fighting against our Allies, and preaching Death to America and Israel! This is who you want to do business with? You don’t pay a bully when they threaten you, you tell them no!

  10. I seen a bumper sticker in good old screw York wich I live in stating I support Donald Trump Stop Illegal Immigration now! I will NEVER vote DUMMYCRATIC again!!!!!! And kudos to that person with that common sense bumper sticker! I’m for LEGAL immigrants not Illegal big difference wake up America!!!!

  11. America is sick & tired of Pissloser the Hag..Omar the Barbarion, Cortez the Kotex, Warrdung Pocahontas, Whiskey Waters the freak, Fiensteer the uncontented cow & their
    entire DFL Bobble Headed Choir..

  12. The old Battleaxe can call it racist all she wants, but asking a citizrnship question is in line with proof of citizenship to vote. Had there not been such obvious and blatant voter fraud in 2016 by her party, the question wouldn’t need to be asked. It has more to do with that, than it does with redistricting. Give me a break, 12,000 residents on the roles, but 18,000 votes (for Hillary, of course)!

  13. See right out of the mouth of Nancy Pelosi, At one time The United States of America was all White. Back in the days when you could walk down the street and not worry if it is safe and won’t get some racist Black person or Hispanic that will Muge or Rape and kill you. A time when America was innocent where children could be children and Parents did not have to worry about their children and new they were safe. A time when you could go to the store and not even lock the door or even keeping the door open and come home and everything was Okay.

    • Everything about your writing indicates ignorance, your spelling, sentences, misplaced anger and hatred, and most racists have been known to be white, did you ever hear of lynchings, Jim Crow, slavery

      • Ornery, who are the Muslim Brotherhood?

        Who are the Black Panthers?

        Who are Black Lives Matter?

        Who are the Tong?

        Who are the KKK, Jim Crowe, Nazi and Marxists?



        It won’t affect your spelling.

      • I’m sure you believe what you say, but you are wrong. Most LABELED as racist by people like you may be white, but that didn’t mean they were. Most of the hatred and racism I see comes from minority ethnic groups. And yes, we’ve heard of Jim Crow and slavery-two hundred years ago! And it was mostly white men who died in a war that ended slavery. Oh, and most slaves were rounded up and sold into slavery by their own kind TO the white man! Quit hiding behind the past and grow a pair and better yourself now-you have more opportunities than any other time in history, why spend all your energy hating and blaming?

    • I believe there are more white people that kill people , than black people.I think it would be nice if you could feel what it’s like to be black for one day. Until you walk in someone else’s shoes, you should’t judge.

  14. What’s racist about it? People that are LEGAL immigrants won’t mind answering that question. Only the illegals will object. And, this will NEVER be a ‘white’ America. We have more blacks than we’ve ever had before. But, the majority of the different races are blacks. However, they are here LEGALLY, so they won’t object. Unless one of their leaders tells them to. I’m considered white, but I have black friends that would do more for me than my family. Or anyone else that needed it. I’ve found in my almost 70 years that if I treat others the way I want to be treated, it usually works pretty well. And,just because I’m white, has NOT priviledged me. Answers for tests were never made easier just because of my whiteness. My kids were never given FREE schooling, just because they were white. The only son that got any ‘free’ college, was because he went into the Navy straight out of high school, & became a Navy SEAL. So he actually EARNED that education. So if anybody is racist, it’s the Democrats. THEY established the KKK, THEY were the armed vigilantes that hung black men, THEY were the carpetbaggers that nearly bankrupted the South, after the Civil War. And, not even ONE of them voted to free the slaves, nor did any of them vote for the civil rights laws. So tell ME who’re the racists!! Also, I believe, & always will, that LBJ is the one that had JFK assassinated. Jackie O always believed it too.

    • Your history is so pathetic you shouldn’t be commenting. LBJ and many Democrats pushed the Civil Rights legislation with some moderate Republicans. There are no longer any more moderate Republicans in the era of Trump’s racist America.

      • Ornery, keep living in your delusional world.

        Who was it that kept raising Civil Rights? You must have missed out on that real American experience.

        FDR demanded Segregation of our troops. Oh, yeah, you forgot that.

        Ike began the assimilation of the Black people.

        JFK and family also wanted Integration. LBJ and GHWBush conspired to kill them all. We had many witnesses to that FACT. I was there. What a botched coverup.

        LBJ KNEW that his position was tenuous and he CAVED to the AMERICANS who were sick and tired of the Democrats Segregation politics.

        You didn’t know I am a Democrat since the 1950s. We loved JFK but hated LBJ and the Bushes. The Clinton crime cabal is typical for the Segregationist.

        Ah, then comes the inevitable Marxist agenda. Divide and conquer has been their tactics since before the Civil War.

        Get a black man to shame America’s Racism. Problem with that is the Democrats are the racists and I KNOW THAT FOR A FACT.

        The Democrat Marxist Progressive Party left me high and dry in the middle, a true Liberal. I’m not a Progressive and have ALWAYS HATED COMMUNISM. Marxism called by any other name is still Marxism.

    • Nazcy knows very little about our Constitution. She proves it every day.

      She opens her mouth and just like clockwork, the LIES come out. Amazing game show tricks.

      The Democrat Marxists are truly evil.

      • Bruce, as Speaker of the House she should set the example of following House Rules but yet she can’t even do that. When Obama spoke, a member called him a liar ( which he was ) and was censured. But yet Nancy not only did that but also left the House floor which was another violation of House Rules. And nothing happened to her. Time for the citizens to remove her from office for the good of the country.

  15. The citizenship question has nothing to do with race. Speaker Pelosi knows this. Just one more Democrat lying; it is really hard to find one telling the truth anymore. This has a lot to do with loading the country with people who don’t care about the country, just about making a fast buck; I.e. selling drugs, stolen property, sex, etc. Democrats are in favor of anything that will give them more power. Illegal immigrants just want free stuff and the Democrats will give them “stuff” using other people’s money, if they’ll vote for them.

  16. Nancy Pelosi is an unAmerican piece of garbage!!! It’s not white you stupid bitch, it’s culture!!! Why do you want hordes of people here who are not interested in continuing our Constitutional form of government or do you numbnuts want to eliminate that, too! You can’t have millions and millions of people just walk in and maintain your economy and culture. If you want Mexico north with the cartels then you are my enemy and the enemy of every other current American citizen. And if you ever attempt to give illegal the vote then you will get the bias you are promoting. And tell your daughter she’s right, a bunch of leftists is going to fall with Epstein. Chuckle, chuckle!!

    • The Democrat Marxist Progressive Party is our enemy. Anyone that promotes their hypocrisy is our enemy.

      America will stand up and fight.

  17. The democratic party is the most bigoted racist organization on earth. From calling minorities too stupid to get a voter picture id (a picture id is required for almost every other government service) to too dumb to achieve anything on their own, the democrats insult every minority in the country every day. And most minority leaders thank them for the insults.

  18. Pelosi has it all wrong. President Trump is trying to make America legal again. Votes of American citizens are being diluted by all the illegal votes taking place. The only ones trying to divide our country by race is the Democrats. We can’t let them get away with this!

  19. Last time I heard, US Citizens are very diverse and comprised of all races, gender, religions, ages, countries, etc. So how is it that a Census question asking a simplistic question about US Citizenship going to “make the US white again?”, according to Pelosi. We already have all colors represented as US Citizens. We are either a country of citizens who pay taxes, or we are a non-country of non tax paying citizens receiving the benefits of those who do. How could that be construed any differently than what is factual and true. Personally, I’ve worked too hard all of my life to give away hard earned taxes for “free” benefits for any one and everything they might want but didn’t earn it or pay into the system. It seems that the majority of people want to help others, so maybe look at local communities with large numbers of homeless and mentally ill US citizens, not any non-vetted foreigner who wants to come into the country illegally and give them all handouts. Change the immigration asylum policies, and get rid of the problem. Betcha liberals will bombard this comment with all kinds of nasty rhetoric. Bring it on!!!

    • Greg, I’m a real Liberal not a Progressive who highjacks the term.

      True Classic Liberals defend Freedom, our Constitution and the American way.


      We are Americans who love our nation and Constitution.

      We BOTH HATE the global Marxist Progressive Agenda which has historically brought SLAVERY to the nation it invades.

      We should have closed our Southern Border decades ago. We are now witnessing the Marxist invasion. They always use USEFUL IDIOTS to do their dirty work.

  20. Trump and the Census Bureau are really trying to determine how many American citizens there actually are living in the USA and how many non-Americans (citizens of other countries) live in the USA, legal or non-legal. When the Democrats pony-up and take responsibility for supporting illegals with their own personal $$$, then maybe the Census won’t be needed to count how many illegals are in the USA. Right now the Democrats think All tax dollars are theirs to use any way their devious little hearts desire to use the our tax dollars. Pelosi is not dumb but she sure has little regard for America’s citizens!

  21. This stupid bitch wouldn’t have a freaking clue what our founding fathers meant. She is a treason traitor along with every other liberal. Our founding fathers would have already hung all of them.

    • Liberalism is the EXACT OPPOSITE OF Progressivism.

      Don’t let the Marxists trick you into believing that they are the same.

      A quick study of the topic can be found at Prager U.

      Communists are racists, bigots, liars and slavers. Don’t confuse them. You would be hurting your allies.

    • old biker, so you want to be a felon? Either option you listed is just that. Or do you believe that as an illegal, it would violate their 5th Amendment rights? Despite what the SCOTUS has said, Rights under the Constitution only apply to those who are here legally.

    • The Dem. Party is the truest form of racism. They see color, while the Reps. see right and wrong. Always looking for an excuse to cheat on elections. That’s the gain for them.

      • Has everyone forgotten that it was the Democrats that formed and ran the KKK as well as fighting Pres Lincoln on Slavery???

  22. Most Hispanic people are Catholic and do not believe in Aborshion or Homosexuals so they may not vote for them but I think they may vote for the free stuff. Also I understand to get a drivers licence now you have to have 2 or 3 items to prove you are a citizen so how come illegals do not

    • judith, that depends on the State you ask for a DL in. CA for example has two forms. One which is RealID compliant and the other which is not. The RealID one requires paperwork as you describe including proof of citizenship.

  23. I don’t think she’s all there. Her’s and AOC’s eyes bug out. That tells me their on something, they are hipper and are always out get someone. I fell like they just need to stop all these lies and trying to back stab people. People can see through it.


    • I agree, it will change to Spanish speaking militant american.i remember Blacks and Mexicans could not work in the same field together,they would kill each other.think they are all about themselves.

  25. She thinks that the American people are stupid she’s wanting all them illegals in here so they can vote illegally that’s Nancy pelosi if y’all don’t get rid of her and vote her out of goddamn office you going to keep having this s*** she needs to go back to California and take her illegals with her and let them live on her farm or wherever no fuk she lives what a dumb c***

  26. Peloski is dying to surrender America….ISIS has told muslims in congress to take America down with hate, division and PC….Our enemy is in our midst.

  27. Aren’t these the same people who just had a Hissy Fit over suspected Russian Intervention in our elections?? Now they want anybody and everybody to have a say in our Countries Future?

    • They want illegal votes. It’s obvious! They will give away the farm to illegals but won’t help their own citizens? If we let this happen America will never be the same. Americans, we need to stop this insanity now or we will never recover! These traitors need to be voted out-all those who want to give to those who aren’t even Americans!

      • You are absolutely crazy, the question hasn’t been on the census for 70 years, educate yourself and find out why Denise.

        • OS, It is you who needs to educate yourself. See my other replies with the exact quote of the question from the 2000 long form. 2000 is not 70 years ago. In fact, it is only one Census away.

  28. Trump should show the nation how her great state of California have fallen to the woes of third world status. Overtaxed. Over-regulated. Leading to the rise of homelessness and drug abuses.

    Controlled borders is a national responsibility.

    Nancy would say anything for open borders. Yeah, she would say anything for George Soros.

    • Well, “Man from Grey”, if CA is such a basket case, how come we now have about 43-Million inhabitants with more coming everyday?

      • Jack, if you offer free everything, why wouldn’t they come? But what are you going to do when the bills come due? Nobody paying taxes will shut your State down.

  29. I certainly hope that the majority of Americans can see through this Liberal Democrat Bullshizzle!! The very life of our beautiful Republic depends on the defeat of these anarchist radicals.

  30. A census without a citizenship question is worthless. Pelosi sees dollar signs if all the illegals are counted. Also representation in Congress. All of the illegals if counted are your money in taxes going to support them.

  31. Everytime I read what’s going on in politics, I get so angry and frustrated, that supposedly intelligent people within govt., speak as if they are retarded. What a joke this whole charade is. God help from this insanity. Yours truly, Sane.

  32. One needs to know the answer as to whose a citizen or not in order to analyze and interpret social costs, including medical, education and entitlement programs. Ms. Pelosi should know that but in her rationalization tries to make a political matter out of it instead of a business forecasting concern. She also seems to forget that the white percentage of our population is on the road to becoming a minority when one adds the total number of none whites, including Hispanics, legally living here.

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