Nancy Pelosi threw this impeachment haymaker that took Trump totally by surprise

Nancy Pelosi declared war on Donald Trump and the notion that the American people are free to choose their leaders.

The Democrats are going all-in on removing President Trump from office and overturning the results of the 2016 election.

And Nancy Pelosi threw this impeachment haymaker that took Trump totally by surprise.

The only question left is not if Democrats will impeach Donald Trump, but when and on what grounds.

In recent days Democrats have gravitated toward filing articles of impeachment against President Trump for supposedly obstructing Congress.

Democrats are running a kangaroo court behind closed doors where they interview witnesses in secret and deprive Republicans of the right to subpoena documents or call witnesses.

Pelosi and her allies are so confident of their position they think they can stage their coup against President Trump on obstruction of Congress alone.

Politico reports:

Lawmakers say White House counsel Pat Cipollone’s letter sent Tuesday night to Speaker Nancy Pelosi — accusing Democrats of running an “invalid” and “illegitimate” impeachment probe — is the final insult in a long-running campaign of obstruction that will likely become a voluminous article of impeachment against Trump.

But they’re not prepared to impeach Trump on obstruction of Congress alone. As they contemplate their impeachment strategy, Democrats say they prefer any obstruction charge to play a supporting, rather than starring, role in their efforts.

“The [White House] letter isn’t an argument, it’s a diatribe. And it reflects what is a clear decision by the White House – obstruct, deny, stonewall,” Rep. Peter Welch (D-Vt.) said in an interview. “I think it would be a basis for proceeding but that doesn’t answer the question: Is it the time to proceed. Is the public there?”

Senior Democratic aides insisted lawmakers are still “finding the facts” and not seriously talking about writing specific articles of impeachment at this time, in part because Democrats are continuing to gather evidence against Trump. But Democrats readily agree that Trump’s blanket stonewalling of their investigations has veered into impeachable territory.

Democrats are hunting around for other grounds for their coup.

That’s because Pelosi knows they can impeach Donald Trump in the House based on what Trump had for breakfast.

It only takes a simple majority vote to ram through articles of impeachment.

The real trick is trying to convince 20 Senate Republicans to take a plunge and join the Democrats in voting to convict the President.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Instead of making Trump look bad, The demons are making themselves look bad. Cut the b.s. and give what the taxpayer voted them into office for. Honest days work.

  2. I do not believe Pelops Is running the house….I believe she is Shiffs puppet, and is encouraged to do whatever he suggests to her.

  3. Why does crazy Pigalosie think it’s so important to impeach our sitting president. What happened to the real work she is supposed to be doing? It makes no difference that she is ripping off the taxpayors.Time for you to sh?t or get off the pot.

  4. So we can’t send “The RedMan” to rehab??? Oh well, I’m sure it wouldn’t work anyway. Your right, you just can’t fix stupid and that will include ALL demonrat communists just like “The RedMan”.

  5. Exactly, why hasn’t the treasonous Nancy issued real subpoenas? Why not televise the secret impeachment testimony on national TV for the world to see? Why hasn’t the whistle blower that started the whole thing testified? I will tell you why, they have NOTHING. Because as much as these clowns hate Trump if they had it they would present it. You said realities????? The reality is you will be dumbfounded when you see what corruption, lies, money laundering, bribery, play for play crimes against humanity, human trafficking, etc that your beloved democrats were part of. Epstien, Bill and Hillary’s buddy, Ed Buck murderer, Hillary’s friend and donor, Weinstein Hillary’s buddy. See a common thread or you don’t care that her friends are disgusting and sick? Maybe that is what this as all about democrats have no moral compass!!!

  6. San Diego for one had more registered voters than actual residents, Los Angeles just removed 45,000 dead voters, laws were changed in California to allow people to go door to door and get people to vote, they gave the homeless cigarettes and donations for votes and democrats think that Trump didn’t win the popular vote? When you count illegal votes, bribed votes, dead voters, voting machine fraud, corrupt voting precincts and poll workers, yeah I think he won by a landslide.

  7. Its been proven, EVERY VOTE BY ILLEGALS IN CALIFORNIA WERE COUNTED. What part of that do you need proof on? RESEARCH!!!! Look at the arrests of the of democrats that worked in elections that were prosecuted and jailed for voter fraud, there are many in Texas alone, changing ballots, throwing away ballots, registering illegals. Look at the lawsuits in states, Florida alone had many. Corrupt democrats loading rental trucks and personal cars with ballot boxes in Florida. Keep your head in the sand and you can pull it out after your treasonous media, politicians and the like are imprisoned.

  8. In California and a few other states illegals are allowed to vote and their votes are counted. But yes we need voter IDs for US citizens. I would love to see Soros hunted down by the Delta Team and thrown into Gitmo for a military trial.

  9. Eric Ciramella is the whistle blowers name. He is a registered democrat, worked for the corrupt CIA, was a Ukraine expert that worked with Biden, has Ties and is pictured with the treasonous Brennan, worked in the Obama White House as well as the Trump WH for the NSC, until Trump fired him. He is a vocal critic of Trump, And Ciaramella worked with a Democratic National Committee operative who dug up dirt on the Trump campaign during the 2016 election, inviting her into the White House for meetings, former White House colleagues said. The operative, Alexandra Chalupa, a Ukrainian-American who supported Hillary Clinton, led an effort to link the Republican campaign to the Russian government.
    There is growing speculation that he worked with Schiff to initiate this whole impeachment scheme, since he obviously met with Schiff before he went the legal route of a true whistle blower.

  10. You are right and all part of the deep state corrupt world cabal. Bush’s were in bed with the Clinton’s. Old man Bush was executed for treason along with McCain both Republicans. Hopefully Bill, Hilary and Obama are next.

  11. Lets talk about the Russians. Hillary gave and approved for Russia to get 26% of America’s uranium and she got millions from Russia. Bill did a half hour speech and got hundreds of thousands. You imbeciles aka democrats don’t realize the biggest fans of the Russians are the democrats. They have made millions from the Russians, Ukrainians, Saudis, China and you pathetic sheep just follow along and believe the lies CNN, MSN and the rest spoon feed you idiots. Hillary is a whore for money and in bed with Putin and the rest for a buck. Why don’t you research real investigative reporters instead of talking heads PAID to brainwash you. Coreys Digs is excellent if you really want knowledge!

  12. Sandi you speak like a democrat! BUILD THE WALL, not just for illegals but for would be terrorists. The people coming are not just coming from Hispanic areas, they are coming from China, Africa, the Middle East, etc. You are only worried about the tax dollars, what about all the people that are murdered everyday by illegals? Democrats talk about national security, the wall will help provide that and save billions in handouts.

  13. Keep watching CNN its like this. You haven’t heard the Mueller Report ass wipe? NO COLLUSION. You democrats are not only delusional, you live in a fantasy reality. As far as Trump obstructing the impeachment farce, how? The only obstruction is the corrupt democrats in Congress led by a personified liar named Schiff. Republicans can not ask questions without the habitual treasonous liar Schiff’s approval. If the democrats actually REALLY had something on Trump, why isn’t it televised for the whole world to see? Wheres the 2nd hand lying whistle blower and why hasn’t he testified? Schiff said he had proof on Trump colluding with the Russians 2 years ago, so why didn’t he show it? Do you see how incredibly stupid you democrats are for following and listening to corrupt money laundering democrat politicians? Get off the plantation fool and quit being a useful idiot for the democrats. You will see who goes to prison for crimes and it damn sure wont be Trump!!!!!

  14. Nancy poloski and many onthers belong jailed for life all the wrong they did our Country they collect a pay check why ? They are what’s wrong with our Country and onthers involed even in previous president he signed nuclear deal why ragheads were yelling death to America burning our American flag it’s on video and Killery Clinton sold uranian to them to make the bombs They went against the agreement no cameras to show what their doing they secretly made bombs Obama’ cut our military to nothing he fired hundreds of top officials for no reason hired thousands of ragheads they all know our military secrets he put them inchage of all Americas top secrets he bought Judges lawyers all important people to know of America business he was put in White House for a reason to bring America down he is a very smart intelligent individual who has connections every where putting him in office put power in his hands against America I was happy we finally got black president so blacks can be proud knowing someday they can achieve the same but sadly Obama is against us Hillary got paid from foreign countries through her Chelsea Hillary bill Clinton foundation thousands she did so many wrong things she broke Obama too over hundred sixty laws Obama over six hundred never been charged if Our chosen president get impeached their surely will be biggest nastiest war we the people against them that’s why they want our freedom of choices our weapons they are already taking our freedom of speech and votes away we voted for Trump they won’t listen to our voter choice or voice democrats are the damage to our country they all need to be impeached I as an American free to vote vote democrats out when you took GOD out of our school out of everything yous should of been voted out

  15. She is a good deep state corrupt criminal, making millions under the table at Americans tax expense. She is a liar and is pushing the impeachment because she does not want the TRUTH to come out about the democrats and their dirty secret deals and evil deeds. IF there was so much dirt on Trump to impeach him, WHY ARE’NT THEY BROADCASTING IT SO THE WORLD CAN SEE!!!! Because they have nothing. Schiff has repeatedly lied, he said he had proof of Russian collusion, why hasn’t the lying crook presented it.

  16. Look up California it is documented, more voters than residents, just this summer Los Angeles removed over 40,000 dead people from the ballets, illegals vote in California. Dirty democrats gave the homeless cigarettes, booze to sign their ballot under a new law they conveniently passed, prook and documentation is everywhere.

  17. We need voter ID in every state for government elections. Illegals are not eliglible to vote. DACA isn’t eligible to vote. People should demand paper ballots because of machines can be manipulated. Why isn’t Soros being arrested for interfering with the elections?

  18. WE THE PEOPLE voted for Trump because he was a businessman… Yes we do need a border wall. Every country has a barrier/border wall. Trump is building the wall as promised, deporting illegals (not fast enough for me) bringing back jobs, fighting for fair trade with foreign countries, trying to get Democrats to engage in infrastructure, welfare reform, removing thousands off food stamps, etc. I believe in helping people in need, but I don’t believe in being a cash cow for them.. People must learn to depend upon themselves and not the government.

  19. Your correct Blue…. Those were the days when we had decent Democrats conservative/moderate who really cared for America and its citizens. Now they only care about themselves, fat paychecks and kickbacks.

  20. It is time for the Republican people to take back the House and denounce Nancy Pelosi. Congress needs to do their job and that is represent the interest of their constituents. WE NEED TERM LIMITS FOR CONGRESS.

  21. If Pelosi brings articles of impeachment against Trump they will loose badly in the 2020 election. I know many Democratic voters are tired of Pelosi and her Democrats and they will vote Republican in the 2020 election.

  22. If any Republican or RINO votes to impeach Trump their career is over. The Republican retiring from Congress I don’t believe will vote for impeachment as it would cast a bad reflection on the Republican party.

  23. How can Pelosi bring charges against Trump on obstruction when Bill Clinton, Obama, and Hillary Clinton and others have done the same thing? That is discrimination…..

  24. No, It’s like this:
    1.Trump’s businesses have actually lost money since his becoming President.
    2.The Mueller Report concluded there was no collusion between Trump, or any other American, and the Russians.
    3.There was no obstruction because there was no crime…. only a witch hunt in search of a crime and a smokescreen to occlude crimes committed by Democrats, media folks and Deep Staters.
    4.The giant money laundering scheme engaged in by Quid Pro Joe and Snorty McBiden should be investigated and every patriotic American should demand it…. including the President.
    5.The Democrats are continuing the witch hunt and the smokescreen.
    I will agree that there is a lot going on and I hope the House votes to impeach so a full evidentiary hearing in the Senate can commence where all the evidence gets put on the table for all Americans to see. But I suspect the Dems don’t have the courage to do that….. for some very good reasons.

  25. Unfortunately, it’s getting close to a time when the patriotic country folk are going to have to teach the sanctuary city folk a lesson. Place all sanctuary cities, no matter what size, under seige until they beg for forgiveness for how they’ve behaved. Without us they don’t eat. This may be the only way to avoid a violent civil war.

  26. I certainly hope so. What they are doing is not only wrong; it is illegal. They are trying to strip the president of his constitutional rights. If they do that to Donald Trump, what’s to prevent them from doing it to you?

  27. Where do we go from here? If Nancy wanted to be president why didn’t she just run? If she is able to get rid of Trump, then Pence, she would be president. They could then govern the country as they please. Nancy has already said we the people don’t get to choose. But wait, if Trump remains president what happens to all the democrats. Are they then subject to prosecution?

  28. Please throw water on her.
    Conservatives are coming to a consensus.
    1: We can’t live with the left.
    2: We are not only politically divided, but we are also morally divided.
    3: Due to illegal and legal immigration we are at a tipping point.
    4: Soon we will not be able to outvote the left.
    5: Revolution is the only answer

  29. The latest probe isn’t even legal yet! No vote was taken. It is mostly a probe by the biased news media circumventing the will of the people! No one can be expected to “co operate” till this becomes a legal investigation !

  30. California is in the process of ridding their voting rolls of thousands of dead people, illegal voters etc. due to loosing a court order instigated by Judicial Watch. There’s your proof!

  31. Every democrat in congress should be brought up on Charges of TREASON and TERRORISM for the dismissal of their Oath of office to protect America. Instead, they all have placed every America including our children in total and very real danger, young girls are being RAPED and ASSAULTED by ILLEGALS and other criminals that the democrats do not want arrested/tried and deported/imprison at hard labor for their crimes. Those the rape any female no matter of age should be castrated meaning everything cut off first and publicly televised.

  32. What a joke! Pelosi says the American people can choose their long as the democrats approve of the choice! Seriously! Like Obama lost!..Rude..yes but in this case it’s TRUE. Just think what could have taken place if the democrats had chosen to work together and make this country super great. They have chosen not to work but collect a paycheck anyway. Says alot without words.

  33. The only Obstruction of Congress is performed by Nancy Wackosi as she sits on needed legislation and Sheriff Woody and his “two other Stooges” (Nadler and SwalloWell) plus other assorted Lemming who’ve been lying to the American Public for nearly 3 years. ????

  34. Rehab won’t fix stupid. They want civil war and that is where they are headed. They won’t like the outcome.

  35. Wake up, stop listening to the fake news. Mr. Trump is the best president since Regan. Thank God he is working for the people and not for his own benefit. I guess you forgot he gives his paycheck to a worthy cause, he takes 1 dollar from each paycheck. He is trying to find out the corruption in our government. WAke the hell up, VOTE TRUMP 2020.

  36. All I can say at this point President Trump gets illegality Impeached there will be a civil war and it will be a nasty war they thought the first civil war was bad. Go ahead Impeach President Trump. Watch what happens ya bunch of commie loveing Democratic ass wipes

  37. OMG! colluding with Russian agents? wow

    emoluments you borrowed that from AOC in the Bar?

    Obstructing Justice? what Justice? trying to defend himself from Obama/Hillar Hoax and their criminal charges against him is is is obstructing?

    Now ah: Zelensky TOLD US ALL Trump did not do crimes!

    oh oh now obstructing Congress in their NO EVIDENCE YET Donkey Court behind closed doors?

    R U 4 Real?

  38. The only question left is not if Democrats will impeach Donald Trump, but when and on what grounds.

    In recent days Democrats have gravitated toward filing articles of impeachment against President Trump for supposedly obstructing Congress.

    Democrats are running a* kangaroo* ”more like hee haw donkey” court behind closed doors where they interview witnesses in secret and deprive Republicans of the right to subpoena documents or call witnesses.

    and he’s obstructing Congress and She’s gonna impeach him on something that they have not found yet?

    Nancy are you that Stupid? Judge Jeanine asked!

  39. Can’t agree. I think they’ve been very cautious, even timid. But they see what the realities are (so far) in the Senate, and obviously think they need MORE info/proof/documentation of Trump’s misdeeds to prevail, otherwise, just keep stacking misdeeds up, until the very weight of those tip the scales.

  40. Well, CONGRESS consists of the House AND the Senate. The House IMPEACHES, then the Supreme Court “tries” the case, overseeing the House’s “trial”, with the Senate sitting as the “jury”. There, got it now? Happy to help! Have a NICE DAY!!!

  41. Yeah, there ya go, let’s institute a POLICE STATE, like Trump’s heroes have in Russia, China, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, etc. etc. etc. GREAT IDEA!!!!!
    He does come off like a mafia boss, doesn’t he??? With his “great and unmatched wisdom”……..
    Sorry, bud, does NOT work for me.

  42. Hey, we are just getting started! There are many illegal acts the “president” has committed. 1. Violation of the emoluments clause of the Constitution (using your office for personal benefit-his businesses have flowered with all the foreign money coming in, trying to curry favor). 2. Colluding with Russian agents in the conduct of his 2016 campaign, as evidenced in the Mueller report. 3. Obstructing Justice (or attempting to) per White House Counsel Don McGahn’s testimony to Mueller. 4. Now, the Zelensky call, where Trump clearly links miltary aid and Javelin missile sales to Zelensky doing an “investigation” of sources of Ukrainian help to the Clinton campaign, and himself asking Zelensky for “investigations” of Hunter Biden’s role at Burisma, a Ukrainian Gas Co. while his dad was serving as US VP. (Asking a foreign source, especially a leader, for help vs your personal, political rival is a “thing of value”, and is ILLEGAL, per the Federal Election Commission chairperson, on TV the other day.) 5. And now, Trump is obstructing Congress’s inquiry/investigation into what may or not be more impeachable offenses, by blocking witnesses from testifying, and defying subpoenas that Congress has issued.
    Quite a lot going on at the same time, quite a bit to unpack, but hopefully it will ALL come out. And we the people have to listen to ALL the points, hear all sides, and sort it out, and let our Congress people know what we think. It’s a long and possibly painful process, but good Americans can take it.
    It’s part of being part of a Republic, a civic DUTY, even. Thank God.

  43. President Trump can review his Accomplishments while the “Donkey People”try to figure out ways to accomplish his takedown which is never going to happen because the Dimocrats are operating in a Vacuum sucking the air out of every nook and cranny in search of a crime that never took place ! We the People have had 3 years of “Witch Hunting” spending upwards of 25 Million Dollars with no accounting as to where it was spent and what it was spent on or for ! Time for the”Donkey People “to do something constructive for the American People because that’s what they are getting paid for

  44. There is something very wrong with the minds of the Democrats. It’s as if they are all overdosing on the same hate drug or a get Trump drug. They all need to go into rehab.

  45. The democrats have for the last 21/2 years, trying to find a reason any reason to impeach President Trump. All because it was Hillary’s turn to be president. The only mistake they made was they forgot about the people wanted. Now, the people are very tired of this debacle, the democrats have not done what they were sent to do, so Nancy may have been her own prophet when she stated she may very well not be the speaker after2020.

  46. There are so many screams, fights, scandals, tantrums around Trump’s impeachment. People are tired of this horror to exhaustion. My question is: does anyone know the reason for the impeachment of the president? And the second question: why impeachment is to Trump, and not to say Pelosi or to someone else, maybe there is at least some reason here?

  47. Eh, Madman, the Marines prime task is to land on beaches and conquer territory:
    They do not do police work;
    A president runs a Federal Guvmint;
    States(guvners) maintain order within states, and citizens;

    Just to remind you: The first thing communists do in order to wreck a country’s “system” is….do away with good manners and civility.
    After that, brute power’s a cinch

  48. Pelosi, get to work and do your job for the People of the USA. It is so stupid to find the reason YOU give for Impeachment is not valid and then you begin to search for a different reason. That is not the way it goes. Your initial reason is not valid. Now, I do not want a Senate Vote. If the initial reason is invalid and it is, there is no reason to say the Impeachment “request” goes to the Senate. It is dead in the water and goes away without the need of vote.

  49. There is basically zero chance of having 2/3 of the Senate vote to remove Trump from office. The phony impeachment is making Democrats look bitter, incompetent, and … wait for it… obstructionist. Running the investigation in the dark is a repeat of the Obama White House management after Obama had promised openness: There was no openness.

  50. While the Democrat Party is Gathering up their Articles of Impeachment or Gathering up their Skirts!!! I can only Pray Attorney General Bill Bar has a real nice Surprise for them when they bend over! And allow America to give it right back to Them! LOL

  51. Two terms is enough for any president. While you may like a good president to stay longer it is better to limit what a bad president can do. Think what kind of hellhole our country would have been if Obama could have gotten a third term.

  52. The ‘nomenclature’ of 0verthrowing 2016 Election
    Is 0VER & MOOT. POTUS IN YR. 3 ! Already ___
    > The 2020 ‘coup’ In Progress. FAIL ___
    BTW: “Ding-Dong the ‘witch’ Is Dead” well, 1 anyway
    ie Shep Smith
    @ FOX has been ‘exorcised’. Good bye. Good Riddance.
    A ‘few More’ – 0nce MR. Rupert gets ‘his LIB kids’ Under Control\\\

  53. Impeachment IS NOT a trial by constitutional mandates. Scotus as ruled several times that the ONLY rules governm
    ing impeachment proceedings are the individual RULES of each house of congress. It runs similar to a grand jury. THERE IS NO RIGHT TO CONFRONT YOUR ACCUSER (OR EVEN TO KNOW WHO IT IS). tHIS HAS ALL BEEN LAID OUT SEVERAL TIMES IN THE sUPREME cOURT.

  54. I do believe it’s because the LGBTQ Community in the Haight-Ashbury, [her home district], want to keep har as far away from there as is possible! She has openly admitted her “dislike” for the LGBTQ community! HOWEVER, I firmly believe that if she calls for a vote on the “Impeachment” issue, she’ll be putting the large nails into the coffin of the “Dummy-Crap” party of todasy!

  55. I doubt Trump is going to remove anyone who is truly deserving of government assistance from any government assistance program, more likely he is trying to get the foreign enemies (i.e.) illegal aliens and that includes the Anchor Baby and DACA trash.

  56. Obstruction of Congress that is like leaving the most deviant minded rapists and murders walk free as AO-C would allow, their investigation is invalid period, time for another 2 law abiding genuinely cognizant patriotic judges on the SCOTUS and bump all those lame charges the Communist party is trying to bring against Trump right up to the highest court in the land.

  57. I don’t trust the Democrats. But Trump isn’t any better we need a good Republican president that will tell the truth not lie help the veterans and the people who make it so we live in peace. We need a president who will forget about the wall. And who will stop all aid to them they come here and get a free ride free health care when people who served are country have to pay for their health care. Many have special needs and are not getting it stop giving them welfare food stamps social security SSI free health care housing assistance. They can have all their families live in one household and each families income isn’t combined together. But we can’t have family live with us we can’t get food stamps and etc. Put big signs at each port of entree. That says if you come here work for it no welfare social security no free nothing and pay taxes and make them pay a fee for 25 years if they want to draw social security when they retire. If the free help stpos they just might want to stay in their only country.

  58. I am waiting for President Trump to send in the Marines to arrest all of these Treasonous Democrat Politicians and sent to Diego Garcia and GITMO for the Military Tribunals.

  59. He has not committed anything that anyother president has done going back to Truman. I know, I lived it! Pelosi abd her bunch of cronies need to be expulsed from congress. Their behavior us very unbecoming of their position.

  60. No respect for human rights. AMERICAN elected government officials did the 9-11 attacks and the Pedosi-Schifty Adam and the pedophiles do not care who or how many died. Time to start arresting them, straight to GITMO, Martial Law legal PROCESS.

  61. Ya no kidding. What the hell is Trump doing by letting the dems dictate the way things are going. He needs to activate the reserve Marine Corp., surround the white house with troops and then send them into house chambers and arrest democrats for treason. Then ship them down to Guantanamo Bay until a military tribunal can be convened, try them and when they are found guilty of treason, hang them by the neck until dead, which is what the USA does to its treasonous actors. Game time is over.


  63. This is spot on. What a great definition of what is happening in this Country now. May God bless America and Our President Trump

  64. They will never get rid of TRUMP. And he will get re-elected in 2020 and 2024. Mark my word. Three term President to fix things and Drain the Swamp.

  65. Who are the Whistleblower’s why don’t they have names? When my City Manager received a complaint without a name it went in the trash!! If it’s not in writing it didn’t happen!!

  66. Nancy Pelosi has not called for a vote on impeachment in the house yet. All this investigating is just away for the Democrats to meddle in the 2020 election.

  67. How right you are about the insane running the asylum, and it seems that is exactly what is happening in the insane asylum of Congress.

  68. Politico is leftwing crap completely lacking credibility. Pelosi is as vile and evil as they come. She would remember her predecessor Speaker Foley.

  69. Grixzz man,

    If you care to WATCH, the only investigations and interviews that are happening behind those closed doors are those being done by DEMOCOMMUNISTS.
    (and they are “cherrypicking” tidbits to “leak to the press”
    The POTUS has been VERY transparent. The TRANSCRIPT after all was released AFTER “nervous Nancy” scream impeachment …AGAIN before she has even seen it. Shifty shiff didn’t like what he had read, so he made up his OWN “version” and got his butt CAUGHT. DEMOCOMMUNISTS are the ones causing the “problems” all because their “queen” crooked hitlery got her butt beat by “We the People”

  70. we may be free to elect the president , but it seems if yous don’t like what we elect ,yous fight every thing he tries to do , if you ask me ,having pelosi run the house is worse then having the insane run the asylum

  71. Ronsch,

    BULL EXCREMENT! If you DISCOUNT all the ILLEGALS that were “allowed” to vote, dead people, “multiple voters” and ON and ON PRESIDENT TRUMP won by a LANDSLIDE.
    Rob above was correct…In many districts MORE votes were cast than registered residents, and WE THE PEOPLE came out in DROVES and still outvoted all the FRAUD,schemes,and scams Because “We the People did NOT want OBUNGHOLE 2.0 (crooked hitlery) back in OUR oval office to carry on his “fundamental transformation” of turning our country into a third-world crap-hole.

  72. I can’t wait for the day they are all tried for TREASON!!! This is not only an attack on the president it is an attack on the American people

  73. The Demonrats have forgotten the constitutional guarantee that a person has a right to confront their accusers. That extends to an impeachment ordeal as well. But then – the Demonrats really are clueless when it comes to constitutional rights.

  74. There were a tremendous amount of illegal votes for Clinton. Some precints had more votes than registered voters. Soros has illegal voting machines in several states the automatically changed a vote for Trump to Clinton. A lot saw that and asked for a paer ballot. Some democrats were found to have voted more than once in different counties….These things ARE FACTS!

  75. There were a tremendous amount of illegal votes for Clinton. Some precints had more votes than registered voters. Soros has illegal voting machines in several states the automatically changed a vote for Trump to Clinton. A lot saw that and asked for a paer ballot. Some democrats were found to have voted more than once in different counties….These things ARE FACTS!

  76. There were a tremendous amount of illegal votes for Clinton. Some precints had more votes than registered voters. Soros has illegal voting machines in several states the automatically changed a vote for Trump to Clinton. A lot saw that and asked for a paer ballot. Some democrats were found to have voted more than once in different counties….These things ARE FACTS!

  77. I knew we hadn’t seen the Far Left Wing Looney Tunes Stupidest yet . They’re just asking for a trip way down below , where the Old Devil is patiently waiting with his Pitchfork at the ready , for there arrival to HELL’S GATE

  78. The majority of Americans voted for Hillary. Trump won only because of the Electoral College an 18th Century addition to the Constitution to keep the Southern States in the United States.

  79. Why is CONGRESS doing this, as they KNOW they can vote to impeach, but it takes the SENATE to actually do the impeaching!!! The Dems act like they don’t know what Civics is.

  80. When Mr Barr finally gets around to making indictments, those on the fence about impeachment will fall behind Trump. At present it is a horse race that Trump is slowly loosing because of all the accusations and witch hunts that are taking place. I just wonder why Mr Barr is waiting so long, I believe it would be a lot better starting the process based on indicting Comey, the lovers, Mueller, the fired FBI head, even Brennan and Clapper, just to get the finger pointing moving. Once Mr Barr starts making a plea deal the cards will fall. Even the FISHA deal will start it.

  81. She is setting herself up. I am embarrassed for many of my close people are democrates. This is very organized and shocking. They will stop at nothing. Yes, California has made themselves a home for opening the borders. It is an eye sore and it is not the fault of our current President. They know that they allowed this upon themseles. They are just looking for who to blame. California is looking at alot of destruction. Trust me there is more ahead. The leaders of that state are not advocating for these significant issues. They are more focused on taking down President Trump. Disater’s are upon them. You cannot predict God’s wrath. Much of it is their disgraceful leadership.

  82. Nancy, solve this problem. Bring up the Impeachment Inquisition for a house vote. That way you can issue real subpoenas. Come on. all the Trump misdeeds will come out to the light and not behind closed doors.

  83. Nutty Nancy and her cohorts have to do everything behind closed doors and on secret because when their cards are open to the public it is embarrassing for her. I think the trap has been set and Nancy and her buffoons have already stepped on the triggering device.

  84. The House and Democratic Senators Have Not Begun To Do Their jobs< All They Have Done Is Block Everything That The President Has Done! They are Lowlife Scum ! They Will Pay the Price at Election Time! Let Them See How They Can Live OUT OF OFFICE !!!

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