Nancy Pelosi turned red with rage after CNN made this startling prediction

Nancy Pelosi always thought that the corporate-controlled media would have her back.

But even they can’t hide her growing problems.

And Nancy Pelosi turned red with rage after CNN made this startling prediction.

Nancy Pelosi is in the fight of her political life to hang on to control of the U.S. House.

With only a paper-thin majority, she has no margin for error heading into the Midterm elections.

But problems are stacking up for Democrats as Joe Biden’s Presidency circles the drain.

The Midterms are going to be a referendum on Joe Biden and Democrats’ catastrophic failures running the country.

CNN has been one of the biggest cheerleaders for Democrats in the corporate-controlled media.

Things are getting so bad for Pelosi that even they can’t hide it anymore.

CNN’s Chris Cillizza laid out the bad news for Pelosi with a blunt headline, “The Republican wave is building fast.”

As the country grapples with crisis after crisis caused by the Biden administration, the political environment is turning against Democrats in a major way.

The Cook Political Report, a nonpartisan election forecasting service, moved their ratings for 10 House races towards the GOP.

Cook is currently predicting that Republicans could gain anywhere from 20 to 35 seats in the House this fall.

With only a 5-seat majority, that would spell the end of the line for Pelosi’s time as Speaker.

“Given that President Biden’s job approval is underwater in dozens of districts he carried in 2020, any Democrat sitting in a single-digit Biden seat (or a Trump seat) is at severe risk,” David Wasserman of the Cook Political Report wrote.

“And even a few seats Biden carried by 10 to 15 points could lose — particularly in ‘orphan’ states without competitive statewide races driving turnout,” Wasserman added.

Joe Biden’s sinking approval ratings are becoming an anchor for House Democrats trying to hold on this year.

Gallup explained the damage a low Presidential approval rating can be for Democrats in November.

“In Gallup’s polling history, Presidents with job approval ratings below 50% have seen their party lose 37 House seats, on average, in Midterm elections,” Gallup explained.

Biden’s approval rating is currently mired in the 30% range to the low 40% range in a few polls.

Another election forecaster, Inside Elections, has even more grim news for Pelosi.

“Some Democrats are currently running ahead of Biden’s job rating but that isn’t sustainable on a broad scale as voters focus on races and realize control of Washington is at stake,” Inside Elections wrote.

“Democratic survivors in competitive districts will be the exception rather than the rule,” they added.

CNN’s Cillizza summed up the bad news piling up for Pelosi.

“The reality of this current political moment is that things appear to be getting worse for Democrats the closer we get to the election,” Cillizza stated.

“Fears of a wave washing away even incumbents previously considered safe now seem entirely justified,” he remarked.

When CNN is sounding the alarm, Nancy Pelosi is facing a political nightmare this fall.

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