Nancy Pelosi unveiled her secret weapon that could wreck Trump for good

Democrats spent the last two years hunting around for a silver bullet to take down Donald Trump.

And they may have just found it.

On their first day in power, Nancy Pelosi revealed this secret weapon that could wreck Trump for good.

Democrats unveiled a new bill that would allow them to get their hands on Donald trump’s tax returns.

The left believes Trump’s tax returns contain political dynamite.

Liberals contend Trump hid his returns because they show proof of Russian collusion, criminal tax evasion, or embarrassingly low amounts of charitable giving.

There is no evidence any of these claims are true.

But Democrats still want to get their grubby hands on Trump’s returns.

Politico reports:

The new bill would mandate that the president and vice president release 10 years of their tax returns. It would also enhance ethics rules for White House employees and give the Office of Government Ethics more enforcement power.

The reforms proposed by House Democrats would also make sweeping changes to voting rights, election security, lobbying and campaign-finance law. It would significantly expand public financing for elections via a matching system for small donations, give authorities more resources to investigate foreign agents who lobby in the United States and create a new code of ethics for the Supreme Court.

Another change to campaign-finance law in the bill: A requirement that super PACs and other groups that spend more than $10,000 in an election disclose their donors within 24 hours. Nearly 70 super PACs found ways to delay disclosing their donors during the 2018 elections, according to a POLITICO analysis. The issue has gotten little attention from lawmakers, and activists in contact with House Democrats initially said it wouldn’t be addressed in the bill.

“[Voters’] cynicism is deep, their skepticism is broad, they don’t know if they can get their democracy back,” Rep. John Sarbanes (D-Md.), who is spearheading the bill, said Friday. “The Democratic majority wants to give you your voice back.”

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Mid-January 2019 poll
    A CNN poll shows similar numbers as a ABC poll. 56 percent of the public opposes Trump’s wall; 52 percent say that the border is not in “crisis.” But it’s Trump’s approval rating—37 percent approval, with 57 percent disapproval—that is the most intriguing. The approval for the President comes primarily among whites without college degrees, 45% of whom approve and 47% disapprove, marking the first time his approval rating with this group has been underwater in CNN polling since February 2018.

  2. Much ado about nothing!! Pelosi makes these grandiose promises even though there is no chance of passage through both chambers. Even if it passes the House and Senate, it will get vetoed by the president. Tax information is covered by the privacy act for all people unless proof of corruption exists…..not just supposition! The background of Pelosi and family would not withstand having a tax review and a witch hunt.

    • yes trump can veto it and send it back and if they get a 2/3 vote it goes back to the seate and if they get a 2/3 vote it then become law but senate refuses to let anything from the house they believe trump wont sign

  3. The speaker should watch out for herself she had inside trading on visa and made 203% profit on the millions she used and her father was a crooked politician in the city of brotherly love she is scum from way back

    • Nancy Pelosi better watch her back because back in 2010 I filed a criminal Complaint with the United States attorney General’s Office in San Francisco with her name on it as an additional defendant to a criminal complaint filed in 1997 and it is still sitting on the United States Attorney Generals desk to be processed.

      • Amen but don’t stop with Chuck and Nancy… Make Everyone,..Mad Max, killemal harris, Jackson-lee race crimes everywhere she looks, THE DNC… The Clinton’s Obama’s LOOK AT ALL OF THEM…all 10 yrs of them. The 10 years of campaigns, pesonal, and charity foundations all of it. Just for fairness get Harry the Troll Reid’s,lying DOJ and FBI under Obama and Trump..IRS under both administrations.
        They want to go Hunting the Buck, then they wanna bring their hunting skills up to date & need practice since they are so antiguns.

  4. I read a comment by Charles Carroll, signer of the Declaration of Independence this morn and something to think about with this new House. “Without morals a republic cannot subsist any length of time; they therefore who are decrying the Christian religion…are undermining the solid foundation of morals, the best security for the duration of free governments.” This is what they have been doing for years and we the people sit back until all our cheese is gone and we cry “What happened”. Beware of what they do and go beyond the laws and Constitution and we think what they are doing is correct. BEWARE!

    • Bonnie, GREAT ADVICE. This world has changed like I have never imagined, and NOT for the good. I am glad that I am not young again, maybe in heart, but not in age. I don’t believe this country will ever be the same because the Devil Advocates (Demorats) are right there to ruin everything. They need to wake up and smell the roses before it is too late. MAGA


    • She has been around so long she has something on enough of the lifer (been there for ever) democrats she called in their markers

    • Nancy Pelosi gets voted back into Congress by way….. I’m guessing….. kickbacks and promises that one can’t keep….. crooked politicians…. she sure didn’t get voted by in office by intelligence…. something wrong with Nancy’s cognitive reasoning…. gone bad…

    • Basically it is because she has a lot of corrupt contacts (like deep state). She makes and (keeps) promises to support these creeps no matter what. As a consequence, they donate a ton of money to her. Also remember that it is not the actual people who run the California government, it is the thugs who own the large corporations who want slave labor and tax incentives. Something akin to Huey Long’s Tammany Hall in days of old magnified to the nth degree.

  6. Pelosi, Schumer, Obama, Clinton and every other Democrat needs to show their tax returns and Obama’s records need to be unsealed as well as the executive order that Obama placed on Holder’s records regarding Fast and Furious. We Republicans need to take the gloves off. It is time to fight fire with fire.

    • I agree with Wyoming man except I would make it mandatory for all Congressional leaders to make 10 years of their tax returns public as well. Also, since Pelosi Schumer Obama Waters etc who have walls surrounding their estates give asylum to those who want to come into this country unvetted.All MS13 members welcome.

        • Amen. I am glad to see someone else saying it besides me. Also Nancy Pelosi thinks it is unethical to do her job as Speaker of the House not to mention she is illiterate. I am trying to get a Seminar business going on the United States Constitution so hopefully I will have it up and running in the next month or two.

    • Trump should seal his tax returns just like Obama sealed his records. Exposing his tax returns just gives the Democrats something else to investigate and waste a lot of taxpayers money even if nothing is found.

      • I don’t have a big problem with this Bill as long as every member of Congress has to do the same. Anyone as rich as Trump does not do their own taxes. It done by a big accounting form and they have a lot of regulations they have to follw when filing someone’s taxes. So, I doubt there is anything illegal in his returns. And yes, I would like to see owe-bama’s college records put under the light. Especially his states as a student or a foreign exchange student.

    • I read somewhere that Clinton’s daughter is worth several million dollars already. Also read that Obama’s daughters are also worth a couple million each. If true there is something very crooked going on.

  7. These lefties become more and more unhinged every day! It’s actually pretty comical to say the least! It just shows the American people who they really are, and I know for a fact they are loosing more and more voters every day!

  8. Screw Pelosi’s law. Leftists are criminals. Mr. President: If this BS law is passed , DO NOT COMPLY. Unseal Butfuk H Obamarx’s records first.

    • Why has Obama’s records been sealed? Unseal them!
      I’m so sick of shummer, mad Maxie, pelozzi and all the rich communists. How did they get power again? Probably by cheating. Recall them all!!!

      • Probably Obama’s are sealed so we won’t find out that he is not a natural born citizen of this country which should make everything he signed invalid.

      • They got power again because the Republicans didn’t do their job… You have to connect with your constituents, hear their concerns, try to work issues regarding their concerns… let your constituents know what is going on with their concerns…it’s call being proactive…. Constituents don’t want politicians bull, they want results…

  9. If Nancy want that then ,why stop there, let’s get everyone working in government to have to show their tax
    returns, including their spouses returns as well let’s get it all out there M. Waters, D. Finesrine, N. Polsie C Booker, C Harris the whole works, including their spouses, whey stop at the Predident & Vice President.
    Let see what dirt they have to hide.

    • Mary if we the people Use the Constitution as in Article 8 Section 1 Clause 18 to Enact Laws to enforce the Constitution .(Not Laws to Weaken the Constitution)Also see Article ! section 9 Clause # 3 No Bill of Attainder or ex post facto Law shall be passed.( that means Shall not Pass Laws that are Made after the Fact or after a act that has always Ben there) As well as Article ^ Section ! clause 2 The Constitution And the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof;and all the Treaties made,or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land; and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby, any thing in the Constitution or Laws of any State to the Contrary Notwithstanding.(and therefor that wold weaken the Constitution and prevent the law of the Land From being Executed in other-words it wold be an Expost Facto Law therefor it can not stand up in A Court of law.)

    • They will be hoist on their own petard, just as they were by the so-called “nuclear option” of voting that Harry Reid got passed. What that did was ALMOST restore Senate votes to just 51% needed, as set out in the Constitution in the first place. It was the Democrats that called for the super majority to pass, at a time they held the majority too. SURE, let them get this in and THEY WILL BE BURIED under their OWN CRIMES!

  10. do you all realize trump already shone his true colors, why do you all think he doesn’t want the senate to vote on any bill they think trump wont sign , because if it passes the house it goes to the senate if they pass it, it goes to trump which if he vetoes it goes back to the house and if they pass if withy a 2/3 vote it goes back to the senate if they pass it with a 2/3 vote it is ratified without trumps signature this is why he is demanding they not pass anything they believe trump wont sign. so you all can believe its to protect americans that wall is to protect him from loosing everything, so if you still think he is looking out for you maybe you should ask why he rfed the bill that they offered that would of reopened everything also upgrades to the wall while they finished negotiation instead of flat out refuse the bill? always remember he knows how hard it is for everyone living on a paycheck

    • Well, you should be hanging your liberal congress person in effigy and asking them to give him the 5.7 Billion for the wall, so all of your democratic bills can go through. What bills are you liberals proposing to handle the situation at the border. You have the house now, so why are your fellow liberals sending up bills to address the border issues? Oh, maybe because democrats who say they are for border security are blatantly lying to you. Even when you owned all 3 branches of government under Clinton and Obama, why did no democrat pass a bill to secure our border? Send us your proposals on border security if you are all for it. Not ONE bill from any democrat, that will address the situation. THAT”S YOUR ANSWER!

    • It is sad that voters don’t have a clue what it takes to amend the constitution. Go back to school! This is part of the liberals dumbing down this nations voters by removing classes in government from classrooms in order to get a degree – in universities also. It should be a requirement for ANY degree and no entrance to post graduate education without a clear understanding of how this government is supposed to be run.

    • Phantom, You’re an idiot. Trump knows that the Republicans in the Senate are pretty stupid and will pass things with all kinds of Democrat BS in it. Just look at how stupid they were about waiting until the last minute to try to pass a budget. The people of America are tired of this Continuing Resolution crap. It allows nothing to be accomplished and it is in violation of the rules. Congress is supposed to pass a budget to guide the country’s economy just like General Motors or any other Corporation. Instead we wind up with a patch job that the crooks in DC use to get away with not doing the jobs they were sent there for.

      • Agree!! We, as voting citizens,are at the mercy of some naive, uneducated, self-promoting political jackasses who seem to think they are smart because they are in D.C. Not all, but many. We need to educate ourselves in order to fight for truth and true representation addressing our needs and expenditure of our earned tax dollars! I am a senior, lived in the USA 70+ yrs and I have seen our Congress degenerate to the level of immoral, insensitive imbeciles. Wake up, Americans! Die right!

    • Phantom Your Right he has Shown his true collars he is well within the Law of the land the U S Constitution he is doing his Best to Build the wall without having to use Article 4 section 4 Republican form of Government and protection guaranteed the several States Where it States this as Follows (The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened) against domestic Violence. PEOPLE Nowhere in this Article of the U S Constitution Dose it Say that The United States Or in this Union that it will Guarantee a Democratic Form of Government.Nor will you see anywhere in the Constitution the word Democratic or Democracy. it Dont Excist in a Republic.

    • Build the wall to protect us our wallets, criminals, drugs and illegals who not even qualified to work here, does not speak English, sickly and you where part of your tax goes? It goes to supporting these illegals on health, education, social services (the most expensive is the health dude) and it cost every states $2 Billion dollars for illegals. Are you not tired of paying your taxes which part of it goes to illegals instead of fixing our homeless problems, infrastructure proijects?

    • I sure don’t follow your reasoning–what do you think he would lose if the wall is not built? The wall IS a needed protection-ask the people who live in Texas. Sadly, many who want no wall want their friends and relatives to have free access to the welfare offered in the USA, I am a life long Texan so I know what I am saying is true. There is a lot of crime coming through Texas now. Believe the boarder patrol folks.

  11. Someone ask Pelosi’s husband (who owns 6 Companies) why he will never hire a
    union person. He despises unions and he has never had a union person
    working for him. Humm

  12. gee how about releasing yours Pelosi and schumer for the last 20 years or for as long as you have been in your positions….I want term limits for the house and senate to control all the monetary gain and stop the positions from being their lively hood on the backs of tax payers….it is suppose to be a public service job and not a career

  13. We have yet to thoroughly investigate Obama on several issues. There is the matter of eligibility from several aspects. Place of birth, parents citizenship, his Indonesian citizenship etc. and much more. He matter is far from settled, and it leaves a festering lump under the rug it was swept under.

  14. We can cuss and discuss forever….BUT until we step up to the plate and get these stupid assed Dems out of our lives this crap will go on…They can’t comprehend that its not President Trumps Wall, it is AMERICAS WALL…and the dumbass Dems can’t understand that?? Then every illegal that comes into OUR COUNTRY, lets pass out all of their addresses and hang welcome signs on their doors……To let them keep coming in will take a terrible toll on our country !!! I am 75 and have lived through this since day one but it has changed. Back in the olden years, the immigrants wanting to come to America came in legally and worked. They didn’t come in to live off the system. WAKE UP LIBERALS AND SMELL THE SWAMP, THEY ARE WAITING TO GET INTO OUR COUNTRY!!!!!!

    • We must demand that ugly ass pelosi year down the wall around her house.
      When God made hypocrites he put the crown
      On pelosi’s head. And she wore it easily
      Because the weight of her brain was so light.

    • The Demorats have Hearing issues. They don’t understand. I for the life of me don’t understand how the Demorats too the house. Who would vote Demorat except retards.

    • Louise, you are a jewel. I am also 75 and see the truth in earning the privilege to live and work in the USA! Our ancestors suffered thru Ellis Island and sacrificed for us. We must now fight for our children’s rights and protection. God help us!

  15. Stupid old broad. Any law has to go through the senate and be signed by the president. She cannot just pass something and institute it without approval. She needs to remember, Trump has ALL the dimwits secrets.

  16. Three Cheers for Nancy Pelosi for trying to bring down that Oval Office republican Retard. That White House WORTHLESS WORM & His White House WORTHLESS WHORE!

  17. If by some outright twisting of logic, the 9th Circuit makes it mandatory for President Trump to release all his tax returns, then everyone who demanded the release also be made to release their tax returns! It would be interesting how Pelosi made millions trough her husband’s no-bid contracts because of her influence and the Maxine Waters shenanigans with election donations to make her daughter rich! Then watch them try to exclude themselves from their actions just like they do from their injurious legislation!

    • Even if the 9th circuit did that it would be over turned. They don’t have the authority to over ride established law. only the SSC or congress can do that.

  18. sick bitch –you dont have the power to do a damn thing and you are just blowing air when you speak– you and your evil tribe wont get away with anything so have fun trying

    • Jeanne, You are so right about in talking about two Oval Office Idiots & a pair of republican Ridiculious Retards who are full of Nothing but CRAP SHIT! d. trump AKA White House WORTHLESS WORM, m. trump AKA White House WORTHLESS WHORE!

  19. The House and the Senate comes first. If they want to pass a law like that we get to theirs first. Make it transparent for them first. Then once we can look at their taxes we can make the decision on the next Presidents taxes. If they are not willing to do that they need to be out of the office.

  20. The House and the Senate comes first. If they want to pass a law like that we get to theirs first. Make it transparent for them first. Then once we can look at their taxes we can make the decision on the next Presidents taxes. If they are not willing to do that they need to be out of the office.

  21. I think it is rather funny. They make all these wild demands but they do not have to answer to any of them. They to cut their pay and benefits but you will never hear a word about that. They want to raise our taxes. They want to let the Muslims take over. Do they not realize if the Muslims take over the Democrats will also have to follow their rules. Democrats get out of President Trumps ass and wake up. And Obama is brought up all the time, because he screwed us so well and is still trying to screw us. Wake up people before you are on your knees to the Muslims, or lose your stupid head. Start fighting for us the people and stop fighting with President Trump. because if the Muslims take over. I will make sure you pay first.

  22. Excuse me, In order to have Any bill become law, it has to be passed by BOTH Houses of Congress AND signed by the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. There’s no way around it. Do any of the half-wits who had anything to do with this story know what they are talking about? We all should be hearing a very large NO at this point. 1st the bill would need to be passed, then the Senate (Republican majority) would have to approve it, then, the President, The guy they are trying to shaft would have to sign it. I don’t believe he would do that. ANYONE who thinks this bird has wings is as stupid as Nasty Pelosi & Schmuck Shumer.


    • Louise, you are a jewel. I am also 75 and see the truth in earning the privilege to live and work in the USA! Our ancestors suffered thru Ellis Island and sacrificed for us. We must now fight for our children’s rights and protection. God help us!

  24. First, in order for this to become a law, it would have to pass a vote in the House to be sent to the Senate. It would then have to pass a vote in the Senate to be sent to PRESIDENT TRUMP to be signed into law. No way it makes it into law.

    Second, very nearly every potential Democrat candidate for 2020 is either currently in the House or in the Senate. Are they going to vote for this, if it requires 10 years of THEIR tax returns to be published? I expect a lot of collusion for it to ALMOST pass but not quite.

    • Hey FrankC, See my post (above) You and I seem to be on the same track. Nasty Pelosi must be having brain farts to come up with this piece of stupidity. She has been around long enough to have know this, so she is either trying to frighten people or has completely lost her mind. ( Actually, I thought she lost in many years ago when she said about “obamacare”, “You have to pass it to see what is in it”) BTW, The Senate could add, What’s good for the goose is good for the gander and add ALL Federal elected offices. They democrats would be falling all over themselves trying to get out of DC.

    • Actually Pelosi should be in Jail for congressional insider trading, a few years ago she made a 100$ return in less then 30 days in December ???? amounting to $150K, just like Harry Reid became a multi millionare during his tenure in Congress, but he said he made good investments? Yah. these thieve legislate in private, invest in private, and make millions and they also feed their families with goodies. Term limits, 100% transparent legislation, and a lot more.

  25. Why doesn’t President Trump just call in some of the goombas from the hood. Get the Demoncraps all together and start shooting fish in a barrel. If it worked for Capone, it’ll work for you, President Trump. Enough of the Idiocracy! Time to take our country back!

  26. turn over your tax returns pelosi ,they waste 4 trillion every year and want to amke a big deal out of 5 billion , get a life ,if they love the illegals so much let them move south of the border to help them , they don’t belong in our country , and sick of democrats telling me what our country is , when they have no idea what living in america is like because of their stupidity , hiding behind their wall with ss to protect them and the millions they stole from us

  27. Who in their right mind voted for the likes of Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Shumer along with a few other Dems???!!!! All they are concerned about is impeaching President Trump and getting their own liberal way!!! Nancy and Chuck, it is very obvious that you do care a hoot about running the government of this country. The Democrats will be the true death to our country as we know it!!!!

  28. All these Dems do is make themselves look like pure idiots, like the dancing Cortez and
    the other senator that was cussing in public, really makes them look good????? And to think these people were voted in for this prestigus position, I pity Trump to have to put up with these fools.

    • The Democratic party has turned to a bucket of crop, they are like spoiled kids who want a sucker. They think all they have to do is accuse and cry loud and they will get their way. Maybe I’m wrong but I thought you had to be an adult to serve.

  29. Nancy your ate up with the dumb. You can’t get his records and you should know that oops sorry forgot how dumb you are. Your dealing with the president of the United States. We the people voted him in now leave him alone so he can do his job.

    • I suppose all has forgotten that within the last 2 years, Trumps tax returns were made public & we all saw the returns. His tax lawyer showed us the returns. Also, there is NO law that says anyone that runs for President or becomes President must show their tax returns. God forbid they make such an issue out of tax returns, when anyone, who isn’t even a natural born citizen can be President, especially, if your name is Obama!!!!

      They all have a big surprise in store for each of themselves, as Trump already has the dirt on all of them & he will drop the bomb at the perfect time, making total fools out of all of them & probably many may spend jail time.

      Ha Ha Ha! I can’t wait to see what Trump does to them…

      • Why is it others lie to the FBI and go to prison and others don’t? Both Clintons lied neither went to prison. Rules and laws should be for all in politics or not. Politicians should have same health care and retirement as everyone else.


  30. The problem with all this is that democrats are trying to create a crime-going after a person because they don’t like him. These are totalitarian tactics-which, supposedly the democrats reject-but maybe not if it’s they who are using these tactics. Democrats need to go-one and all!

  31. So WHY aren’t you idiots asking……WHY doesn’t he just release them? What’s he hiding? Guess you’re just not curious to know (or smart enough to decipher them). You can bet Mueller HAS them.

    • The same reason I would want to kept mine under wraps as a businessman. It’s called The Competition. As a small business owner myself, I know exactly what could happen if my competition could read my tax returns. Every year I shred a year that falls outside the required 7 year keep. I shred time cards; I shred purchase receipts; I shred invoices. I even shred my notes. It’s called protecting my company secrets from another competitor who might want to go thru my trash looking for clues on how to overtake my market positioning. There is more here than a Nixon saying “I am not a crook”. Frankly, if Mueller had the tax returns, he wouldn’t be indicting the people he has been screwing over with bullshit that the stature of limitations ran out on long time ago. Mueller has shit.

    • Yes Diane, he should release his tax returns as soon as Obama releases his school transcripts, his “real” birth certificate, documentation of his student loans for non-citizens, his three or four different social security numbers, and the many other things that have been buried. Don’t hold your breath.

      • FedUp – Time to move on from Obama. 45’s been in office for 2 long, horrendous years now. Trump’s a crook, THAT’S why he’s not releasing them.

        • My STY (staɪ) n, pl sties
          1. (Agriculture) a pen in which pigs are housed and fed
          2. any filthy or corrupt place (WHITE HOUSE)

          LOCK UP TRUMP

          BYE BYE

      • Classic response from diane…move on from obummer…not answer ANY questions about HIS hiding EVERY SHRED OF EVIDENCE ABOUT HIS LIFE AS A MUSLIM. She just spews lies about PRESIDENT TRUMP…gee that has such a wonderful ring to it… PRESIDENT TRUMP, doesn’t it?!?!


    • His tax returns are about 3 feet high and involve many operations and are very complex. The IRS has been auditing them for at least two years. When I worked for the IRS are large case group could audit a large corporation in one year. They audit large corporations, and likely Trump, every year. I think they are stalling because they have not found anything and by holding the left (which includes the IRS) can claim that he is hiding something. If they had them they wouldn’t know how to read them but just make up lies to make him look bad.

    • Well he may considering sending them his tax returns immediately after every member of congress has submitted their tax returns first and they all are first investigated in the same manner that they intend to investigate his.

    • Yeah Diane, I wouldn’t be surprised if Mueller had them but can’t show it cause there is nothing derogatory in it. As a matter of fact it would show Trump as the most prolific donor of our age to charities and in the end it would show Mueller’s back door dealings with some unsavory IRS agents to name just one bureaucratic entity in his pocket.

    • Diane maybe you should ask the same questions about that pos Obama’s college records. Why on earth would anyone seal their college records?? Because the pos is hiding a lot that’s why. It doesn’t matter how long Trump has been if office Obama used his entire 8 years blaming Bush for everything. You don’t get to have it both ways. God liberal are f**king stupid.

    • If Mueller has them and there was ANYTHING he could use against Trump he would have already made his move. The Dems forget if they are able to get Trump’s tax info, we’ll be able to get the same info on the next Democrat president the elect. Stupid move… Dems aren’t exactly known for their honesty!

  32. Who cares what the Dems propose unless some brain dead RINOs still exist in the Senate like Cory Gardner or Susan Collins. Unless they have the votes to over ride a Presidential Veto on any of their rotten schemes, it’s DOA. For the most part, expect a lot of “Symbolic” gestures much like the Republicans voting 41 times to gut Obama Care in the Republican controlled House during the Obama years.

    • Yes there house has unlimited ability to say or pass anything that they want.It will not turn into law. An opportunity to say what they want too.

  33. Perhaps Trump’s tax returns show nothing more than what his competitors in the real estate business would LOVE to know. Could Trump sue the DNC and every liberal in Congress for wrecking his business?

  34. No one has to show their tax records in this country, some chose too, and some chose not too! It has nothing to do with anything! This is why it’s called a ” Witch Hunt”! These people become more and more unhinged as the days pass! They are pathetic, and Trump has done nothing wrong, they are still hoping to find something! LMDAO. So with that being said maybe we should do some more digging on Nancy for being paid off by the big Pharmacutical company’s, she’s already received a million dollars off them, and she puts it all in her face, but unfortunately it still did nothing for her looks! They have lost their minds, and don’t remember the Republicans have the majority of the Senate, they have to get their votes to pass anything they want done, and even so, they still need the signature from yours truly our President!

  35. Very interesting especially since the courts have already ruled that Income Taxes are confidential. They cannot be revealed or forced by a subpoena. Nancy you as usual are a day late and a dollar short.

    • Yes that is absolutely correct but when has a Democrat listened to a Court Ruling that counters their objective? The Dems are already scheming to pack the Supremes if Trump gets another Supreme Court pick. I see it mostly as playing to their base that they “aren’t caving” even though the wind is knocked out of their sails. We are going to see a lot meaningless crap get passed by the Dems that will be DOA. A tactic they learned from the Republicans passing 41 times to gut Obama Care during the Obama years.

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