Nancy Pelosi unveiled her secret weapon that could wreck Trump for good

Democrats spent the last two years hunting around for a silver bullet to take down Donald Trump.

And they may have just found it.

On their first day in power, Nancy Pelosi revealed this secret weapon that could wreck Trump for good.

Democrats unveiled a new bill that would allow them to get their hands on Donald trump’s tax returns.

The left believes Trump’s tax returns contain political dynamite.

Liberals contend Trump hid his returns because they show proof of Russian collusion, criminal tax evasion, or embarrassingly low amounts of charitable giving.

There is no evidence any of these claims are true.

But Democrats still want to get their grubby hands on Trump’s returns.

Politico reports:

The new bill would mandate that the president and vice president release 10 years of their tax returns. It would also enhance ethics rules for White House employees and give the Office of Government Ethics more enforcement power.

The reforms proposed by House Democrats would also make sweeping changes to voting rights, election security, lobbying and campaign-finance law. It would significantly expand public financing for elections via a matching system for small donations, give authorities more resources to investigate foreign agents who lobby in the United States and create a new code of ethics for the Supreme Court.

Another change to campaign-finance law in the bill: A requirement that super PACs and other groups that spend more than $10,000 in an election disclose their donors within 24 hours. Nearly 70 super PACs found ways to delay disclosing their donors during the 2018 elections, according to a POLITICO analysis. The issue has gotten little attention from lawmakers, and activists in contact with House Democrats initially said it wouldn’t be addressed in the bill.

“[Voters’] cynicism is deep, their skepticism is broad, they don’t know if they can get their democracy back,” Rep. John Sarbanes (D-Md.), who is spearheading the bill, said Friday. “The Democratic majority wants to give you your voice back.”

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



  1. Bonnie, GREAT ADVICE. This world has changed like I have never imagined, and NOT for the good. I am glad that I am not young again, maybe in heart, but not in age. I don’t believe this country will ever be the same because the Devil Advocates (Demorats) are right there to ruin everything. They need to wake up and smell the roses before it is too late. MAGA

  2. yes trump can veto it and send it back and if they get a 2/3 vote it goes back to the seate and if they get a 2/3 vote it then become law but senate refuses to let anything from the house they believe trump wont sign

  3. Nancy Pelosi better watch her back because back in 2010 I filed a criminal Complaint with the United States attorney General’s Office in San Francisco with her name on it as an additional defendant to a criminal complaint filed in 1997 and it is still sitting on the United States Attorney Generals desk to be processed.

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