Nancy Pelosi used one word to describe police that proves she lost her mind

Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats are hoping to ride the Black Lives Matter movement to victory in November.

But the passions of the mob are causing Democrats to make major mistakes.

Nancy Pelosi used one word to describe police that proves she lost her mind.

One of the major focal points of any proposed police reform legislation or executive order by President Trump is the chokehold.

After a police officer killed George Floyd by kneeling on his neck, banning the chokehold became a rallying cry for protestors.

President Trump is expected to sign an executive order on Tuesday that will instruct the Justice Department to identify groups to provide accreditation to local police departments on de-escalation tactics that would be contingent on banning the chokehold unless an officer’s life was in danger.

Senate Republicans led by Tim Scott are expected to introduce legislation this week that also significantly curtails the use of chokeholds.

In an interview with fake news CNN, Nancy Pelosi expressed confidence Republicans would ban chokeholds.

But she crossed the line by saying police who used chokeholds were engaging in a “lynching.”

“I can’t imagine they wouldn’t have a ban on chokeholds. Let’s get reasonable. A chokehold is a lynching. That’s strangulation. It’s a lynching. I think that is almost like the lowest common denominator, but again I will leave it up to my negotiators, because as you know in a negotiation, it’s not what’s in or out, it’s the sum total of the different impact that the legislation will have in justice and policing,” Pelosi began.

“I think that the legislation for my members, from what I have heard them say, does it have a chokehold ban? That’s one of the basic questions that people ask. Look at what we’re talking about here. People who have been so — just had such injustice in terms of policing and the lives of so many people in our country. Let’s do the best we can, not the minimum that we can in this. This is about justice. It’s about redressing past grievances. It’s about, let’s see what we can do. I mean, chokeholds? Am I missing something here?” Pelosi added.

Pelosi’s comments that cops that use chokeholds are “lynching” blacks is dangerous rhetoric that will only fuel violence and anarchy in American streets.

The Speaker knows the rioters in the streets want to defund the police.

Democrats know that is a political loser so they throw rhetorical red meat about the police in hopes of winning them to their side in November.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date about any developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Jim 1937……..Baffoon?……….No I think you took that title. Careful, don’t think to hard…….you might hurt yourself!

  2. The choke hold should be done away with…A human being might die. But they don’t need to worry about a choke hold in Seattle because the police are not allowed in the CHOP ZONE. We won’t have to worry about the choke hold there because they’ll just shoot whoever they don’t like and then they won’t allow police to come in and save that human being. The Seattle Mayor’s “SUMMER OF LOVE” has turned into the WEEK OF THE WICKED. But a word of warning to the mayor…If you get on their bad side…you had better call Trump for help…if you don’t the local police won’t be able to help you…YPU MORON!!!

  3. Give some thought as to why Biden and the Democrats needlessly harp on the
    “choke holds” and passively give in to the meme that there is systemic racism
    in the police ranks and the American population in general. They seem to prefer destabilizing the country and encourage riots and lawlessness. How else do
    you account for their fawning for the extreme left votes when they already
    have them locked up? Biden could come out with supporting the police and
    recognizing that most are good, solid citizens. He’d still get the votes of the far left while showing he has faith in our country. It sure seems like he is throwing away his chance to win the election just to encourage the national divide that may well lead to civil war when the country proves hopelessly divided this November.

  4. Pelosi has had 40 years to resolve the issue and did nothing about it the President resolved it in several days. Sorry Nancy you are 40 years too late – (choke hold introduced by LA. Police chief Gates in her own State of Ca!. in the 80’s). *Trump 2020″

  5. Pelosi is fighting to hide the fact she is hiding Alzheimer’s Disease it’s slowly taking over her mind and as she is fixated on confederacy period that her father lived through and she is fixed on this time period in her families life. It proves that she is suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease and attempting to hide its Debilitating disasters way of eating her brain away and killing what brain cells left that vodka has not eaten its way through her mind and liver. She is in bad shape as her staff starts at 2 am in morning getting her ready for the day attempting to fix her and prepping her to hide the fact she is badly sick and far out of touch and so sick she is nothing but a tape recorded message now to the pandering public eye from her party. she once controlled?????? watch the robot in charge………’ll see it as she slips every now and then?????

  6. T, I think you’re the only person that actually believes anything she says! She lost ALL CREDIBILITY when she said the house had to pass the bill so they could see what was in it. Now your either a San Franciscoan or just an IDIOT! ITS ALL THE SAME……… YOU’RE AN IDIOT!

  7. Pelosi is a disgrace to America. He needs to be removed and indicted for her crimes against Americans. Including starting starting riots across America!! people probably don’t realize his but he has committed treason against the whole United States American people and that is totally just not acceptable!!

  8. Poor pelowsi is out of touch with reality. Kneltband couldn’t get io and blamed it on wearing heels. Half the time she can’t keep her teeth in and rambles because she can’t remember the lie shes suppose to tell next. The picture without makeup scared me so be thankful.someone helps her with the makeup. Shes a drunken old best that thinks she is a great person. Bless her heart. Her family was mafia and now she still believes she is queen mafia. Pathetic twit. Get that broom out and ride nancy ride.

  9. Another lie of a headline from renewed right… No where did she use a descriptive term for police in anything you quoted as your headline claims… And these trumpanzees eat it up

  10. Dr. Andrews is absolutely correct. Nancy PELOSI and friends are nothing but fools! .. although Nancy says she is Catholic and hate no one…..that makes her a liar because she and her cronies HATE DONALD TRUMP AND WE ALL KNOW IT. GO HOME NANCY BEFORE YOU ARE VOTED OUT!!!

  11. I guess the next time protesters come knocking on her door she doesn’t need to call the police to escort them off her property. I would love to see her property filled with thousands of conservatives with signs held up around her walls and let’s see what she does then.

  12. So what, another Criminal Fights the Law and the Law WON. It was due to other Medical Conditions that he Died. But the Truth is Don’t Resist or Run or Aim a Gun or a Knife, if you are not ready to DIE. Keep up the Good Work, POLICE.

  13. I agree with Pelosi, instead of the cops wasting their time putting a chokehold on someone who is obviously combatant and disobeying the police orders they should just shoot them and be done with it instead of this becoming a recurring action

  14. Being in Congress was not intended to be a life long job. They should not be allowed to serve longer than the President. Put TERM limits on them ,do not let them say No, to this reform. If they say no to term limits forceably remove them from office. Then they can not hold up the citizens choice . States have to remember they serve us not we serve them.

  15. All the democrats right now remove all your personal security that run around with you on all your daily schedules that includes your drivers who is also probably armed and your walls of protection around your homes and if something happen don’t call the police and get away or stick around to talk to them but if you say something wrong, watch out also remember there are no police help the reason, you all did not want them.

  16. Democrats invented lynching. Democrats owned the plantations. Democrats opposed giving equal rights to blacks. Democrats opposed desegregated schools.
    Now blacks overwhelmingly vote for democrats. Its a screwed up world we live in.

  17. Snott27 I’ve been around fags and never felt any fear of them. That lifestyle is sinful and wrong, but we all are sinners. A queer was an usher at my wedding. At least I didn’t worry about him trying to hit on the bride.

  18. Dr. Bruce, I’m with you. We have to make a stand. Personally, I believe that stand will involve lead and gun powder. The thought of being able to dispatch a whole crap load of liberals and an equal amount of Bulimic lives matter crowd once they abolish the PoPo is almost thrilling. I think that scumbag Chris Mathews said that about Oh Vomiting . While we’re at it, we must eliminate a whole gaggle of so called journalists. This is where the Donnie Donowitz treatment comes in. I see democrats and Nazis in the same stack! They should be treated the same.

  19. My prayers have been said. I would care less if I read in the paper that Nancy Pelosi caught the coronavirus with a terminal result. Same for AOC, Dianne Feinstein, Omar, Pressley, Tlaib, and a few more in Congress, and a few more in executive suites at Quaker, Nascar, etc.

  20. I want to say a few things about all that the Stupid Democrat/liberals. They want to get control of everything and everyone. However, there is a BIG problem with this. If they were to get control they wouldn’t know the first thing about what to do with this control. Just as the Fat guy with the funny hair cut in North Koria. They have proven time and again that they are fools. This leads me to another point. The Conservatives allow the liberals to walk all over them. With their not wanting to offend others and Political Correctness. All this is doing is pouring gas on the already raging fire. First off political correctness belongs to Satan, so through it into that fire. All Caucasian people must stand up to these loud-mouthed “BLACK LIVES MATTER” thugs and let them know they are just another name for “BLACK POWER” and all the other names used by half-witted black punk criminals. I agree that black persons don’t have the education that some caucasian have. However, when that is examined you will find that it is the fault of the people that go to these schools. The parents, or should I say, parent, because this is another problem that the people that live there cause. The girls, ladies, women, and mothers don’t lay down the law with there children. The single mothers are often bullied by there adolescent children. Thus perpetuating things. Does this happen among whites? Yes, but at a much lower percentage. Now getting back on point. The white, black, brown, red, and yellow people must treat this the same as the Watts riots and the unrest of the ’60s and ’70s. And for crying-out-loud is there anyone with any sence left in these cities. Can’t you see what is happning right in front of our eyes. And I don’t give a dame if I’m called racist of whatever. But you just can’t allow an all black court with an all black city hall and most likely an all black joury try a white Police Officer for a killing that IF it were committed by a black officer would be treated much easer. I haven’t had the luxery of vewing these cams over and over. But what I have seen is a incident where the police were trying to do their job and a large black man that was under the influance of some kind of substance. That began to fight the officers. He took a weapon from one of the officers. That IF it had struck one of them it would have disabled them. Thus allowing this very large black man, That was high on some substance, to get a gun and kill that officer. This, super strong, large black man turned and fired the weapon twice at the persuing officer. This was a case for selfe defence or at the very worse justifiable manslautter. NOT MURDER ONE! But this is where we have came. Just at GOD has taught us. In these end times ALL things will be turned upside-down. Look around people it’s here. We have made murdering babies legal. We have made perversion legal. There is a prime example of this in the bible. There was a man and his concubine that stopped in a city for the night. That city was Sodam and Ghmoriah. These cities were filled with homosexuals, perverts. There were two angles, All angles are young men, and the men of that city wanted to have there way with these men. They wanted to rape them. Well it turns out that they were given the young woman. Tha thinking might have been that these men were homosexuals and would leave the woman alone. AH not so. After all they were perverts and all perverts are controlled by Satan. Well that raped the yooung woman until she died. TURNING THINGS UP SIDE DOWN! Same thing today. Read your bible people. For Christ Jesus said. “I HAVE TOLD YOU ALL THINGS!”

  21. Scott27 if people don’t accept others being gay it doesn’t mean they’re afraid of it, it simply means they don’t agree. You loud mouthed liberals always insert your own facts all you know to do is lie.

  22. well, looks like kurus has taken its ultimate toll now. its about time !! at age 102 years of age !!

  23. A knee on the side of the neck is not a chock hold. We do not swallow on the side of the neck….only the front. I have watched and watched and the officer’s knee was on the side of his neck. Can’t people come up with a better excuse? AND THEN the police are charged. Give it a break!!!

  24. @Scott27 (real one) ……Why do you limps always claim that Conservatives hate gays, minorities etc.?? That’s all you twerps have are FAKE accusations!! It probably scares you to hear about the Log Cabin Conservatives or the Blexit that is going on!!

  25. Pelosi is a very sick human being! She is making it very easy for this independent voter to vote against any Democrat this fall. Pay attention Democrat’s if you back Pelosi you need to go also!!!

  26. Defund the police and it won’t be lynching, it will be vigilantism. No matter the color of the miscreant. Or the vigilante.

  27. NANCE, you get more PATHETIC by the day … You make it easy for this Independent voter to go REPUBLICAN in 2020. I’ve come to despise you in every way — but now it is my belief that any other Democrapic candidates who support you and your senseless doctrines have got to go too ! So let me remind you of who is at the top of my list : TRUMP IN 2020 !!

  28. I think President Trump is doing the right thing but yet again everyone is entitled to their opinion it is still a free country until the democrats take over

  29. I think Scott27 is gay because he seems to have something going on with Dr.J.D.
    There’s something odd about those two, and I don’t mean like in the odd couple movie.

  30. Scott27 I have a gay nephew and I love him just like the rest of my family. And Trump allowed two men to marry in the Trump tower. I’ve never heard him address this issue. So shut up and go away.

  31. The choke hold creates a picture of what it isn’t. As a law enforcement officer, I used the choke hold a few times, never injured anyone and it helped diffuse a situation. The thing, when applying properly, you really are NOT choking the person. What you are doing is applying pressure on the carotid arteries shutting them off. If done right,The person will pass out in 6 to 8 seconds depending on how hard they are fighting. You hold it for 1 or 2 seconds longer in order to make sure they stay out long enough to cuff. nobody gets hurt and they are usually clam when they come to.That is a real choke hold.I don’t see the need to ban it.

  32. Notatreasonweasel I’ve posted warnings about that myself. I despise commiecrats but I’ve never said anything about harming them.

  33. All the comments about lynching, choking, assaulting, and threatening harm to sitting members of Congress has been reported to the FBI.


  34. Vincent remember that if you don’t vote for retard joe you ain’t black. The republicans are working hard for good jobs for blacks. As for KKK and nazis, if you rounded them all up from everywhere in America the count would be far less than 1/2 of one percent of the American people. But your antifa and BLM thugs are hate groups. Even the liberal southern poverty law center has called the black panthers a hate group. The commiecrats expect you and your people to stay on the plantation. So go vote for them.

  35. Wicked witch Pelosi, and her coven, are deranged harpies. Never believed in Satanists before until the embodiments of Pelosi, Schiff, Omar, Biden — spiritual cleansing desperately needed.

  36. Come on renewed right there was nothing wrong with my post. You people there aren’t even fair anymore, twitterites!!
    Nancy Piglosi and gun moll are both idiots and fools!!

  37. Arnold Hill, I’m not gay but it amazes me why you Trumpers are so afraid of gay people.
    Why do gay people offend you so much. Is it because you are suppressing something?

  38. Nobody knows how much I wish PELOSI would go back to California and clean up her own mess and NEVER COME BACK TO WASHINGTON!! WE DO NOT NEED HER…..NOBODY NEEDS HER!!!

  39. Nancy Pelosi is the definition of the need for Congressional term limits. Death by lynching and a choke hold are two entirely different things. She has lost it.

  40. LAZY. Pelosi has stopped the entire House from returning to work. No work, no show, no pay. Laziest bunch of slugs. All they do is move their mouths. All talk, just bad breath.

  41. Vincent Miller. Just remember the KKK was started by your party, the democrats.
    And there are no more Nazis. We defeated them in WW2.

  42. Comrade Pelosi, among her Democratic co-hosts including Biden, have been bought and paid by Communist China. Made in China. Communist China has instigated a new novel nonmilitary war against the U.S. It is not about race, wealth, shame, guilt. Rather, divide and conquer. Destabilization. As Hong Kong capitulated, we are next.

  43. I can’t stand Pelosi, she’s the most HATED WOMAN in America!! She a HATE MONGER, who has her “panties in a wad”, cause she’s so JEALOUS of TRUMP! She’s been. USELESS POLITICIAN and is a DISGRACE TO WOMEN EVERYWHERE! She makes ALL WOMEN look like DUMB COWS!!

  44. Wow;
    I am an African American and there is no doubt in order to lynch someone they have to be in some sort of chokehold, whether by rope or with an arm, so what is the difference. Remember the KKK and Nazi’s are on the side with the Republicans. I must be a dumb African American because I did not vote for Barack Obama, however the people on my side would lyneh me with either a rope or an arm. Dead is Dead.

  45. The post by Scott27 below is not the real Scott27 but some troll that likes to play games. I am the real Scott27 everyone, and Pelosi is correct that George F. was lynched by the police.

  46. When are you going to walk a mile in Cops Shoes? Have you ever been involved in a confrontation? Have you ever been confronted with death?

    It doesn’t matter if you are a highly trained and skilled in self defense, it doesn’t matter if you in the best condition of your life!

    Things happen in mili-seconds and you respond accordingly! If you don’t, you’re dead! There were 57 Peace Officers Killed so far in 2020. None of them got a warning or a chance to decide how they would respond!

    You ask these guys to defend your liberties and maintain peace and yet you handcuff them from the start.

    Don’t act aggressively, be polite, don’t over react, maintain a professional composure!

    How many other professions are required to wear body cameras and recorders all day? Do you think we could get doctors and lawyers and business executives to record their daily activities?

    The next time you get assaulted or robbed or have an emergency, think about where your resources are! We’re you prepared? Did you have time to determine the best recourse? Was it a set up? Can you identify everyone involved and who is responsible?

    My heart and prayers are with Law Enforcement, they have my respect and admiration and I only wish I had the patience strength and integrity to be one of them.

    If we lose their support, the law will be interpreted much more harshly by armed citizens that have to make the stand!

  47. What is so sad, is that she is still in the house, and speaker, at best. How can a person who claims to be a common sense Democrat, go along with this woman. Keeping her there, shows there is no common sense, and the right of freedom,on the Left…

  48. Just remember, if Biden gets elected, Pelosi will be running the country.
    It that what you want?

  49. I would buy stock in rope if that was the case, there’s a lot of parasites breathing up good air, take Gun Moll for example…

  50. Nancy needs a dictionary. A lynching is forcefully removing a person from the custody of the police. What usually follows a lynching, is hanging, which cuts off a person’s airflow. What is her IQ again?

  51. She needs to be removed from Congress 30 plus years is to much .Term limits to 8years is the only way to stop this idiotic thinking. If the California democrats do not want her in their state ,then arrest her for her crimes against this country. Democrats need to stop voting a All democrat list, pay attention who you vote for. Not all Democrats are bad, but you can not want everything for free, someone has to pay.

  52. Gun moll Trump has more brains than nasty pussy. You or her aren’t good enough to kiss Trump’s ass. Go hook your lips on her butthole and see how much Botox you can suck out.

  53. Pelosi is a problem! One of two things: – alcohol or dementia, but both are dangerous for the country. Resignation is the only way out.

  54. Being a Christian, darn well knowing what the LORD has in store for people like her for Eternal Hell is nothing anyone in their right mind would like. This is never ending,” and Politics, Money, Slander and many illegal acts will not and cannot save her everlasting burning Disgraceful Spirit and Soul. I am not the judge,” Only God Can Judge and Will Do So.. Is this really worth it?

  55. She Lso knows that the BLM donations are going to the Democrats …so the more she can fuel the fire the more money roles into them…check out the BLM site look under donations….it shows where the money is going…sick sick sick…

  56. COVID deaths are on the rise because of nationwide BLM rioting but democrats are trying to blame it on opening the economy too soon.

  57. She still thinks she’s her Daddy’s Mafia Princess from his corrupt day’s as the Mayor of Baltimore, before her brother took over and followed suit !

  58. She has more brains than the moron-in-chief.
    Though I know you morons obey his every barely-strung-together word.

  59. Claiming the BLM crowd cares about black lives is as big a lie as claiming Islam is a religion of peace.
    Its right out of George Orwell’s novel 1984;
    “War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.”

  60. The More I see and hear about Pelosi, Omar, Cortez, Warren, Walters, and the rest of the Democrats – the Sicker I Get.!!! Still can’t figure out how these kinds of individuals can even exist…. Such Waste of Spaces.!!!

  61. Donald Trump is a Zionist run/owned puppet for the Israelis. His whole administration is full of them. Watch out people the JWO is here in Merica full swing! This has been going on for decades upon decades. Their evil plan for Centuries is going according to plan and the American people are all falling right into their trap. United We Stand Divided We Fall, Mericans!

  62. She is brain 🧠 dead 💀 and cannot use two words correctly in a sentence with messing up who is on third she thinks Obama is in the White House.

  63. Nancy,Nancy,Nancy will you please just shut the heck up!!!! We all know you are a fool just stop reinforcing that fact!! It is so disconcerting to know that YOU have influence in making decisions about running our Country. So PLEASE SHUT THAT TRAP!!!

  64. I can’t believe that the democrats think backing the BLM gang is the road to victory in November,one of us is going to be proven wrong and it’s not going to be me.

  65. Dolores she never was fit to serve. Her Marxist beliefs and policies have always been terrible for America.

  66. Any “dog whistle” she can use against Republicans and the President will do for Nancy and the rest of the bewildered, hate filled democrats. How many YEARS have police used this type of restraint? Not saying it is good, personally think it should be outlawed. But her attempt to add more gasoline on the fire just proves again how little she really wants to get done other than “get” Republicans and Donald Trump.

  67. She is not making a very good name for her evil party. The old hag bag is not only loosing her mind but her worn out body. Kneeling for eight minutes with a slave scarf? Then trying to get back on her feet gasping for help? Old botox face and boobs hanging down to the ground? Resthome time! I give her three more years. She will be more than calling for, “HELP,I’VE FALLEN AND CAN’T GET UP!”

  68. Oh no! Pelosi used a racist trigger word. You can’t say “lynching” anymore.
    Its not PC. It offends black people.
    Actually, I always thought a lynching was when 10 rednecks in pickup trucks grab a black man and hang him in a tree. Democrats did that a lot down south in the old days.

  69. She became something in the world.
    In short, those who want to change US constitutions,
    links and assistance from third countries.
    That person is a traitor, the government can spare them
    but the people did not tolerate the destruction of USA territory

  70. She is not the only Traitor in our Congress! There are to many congress member who have rob the federal reserve funds that was supposed to go to these COMMUNITY! But instead they were deposit into these people bank account! And which party control the FEDERAL RESERVE FUNDS? DEMOCRAT DO! REMEMBER CUMMINGS THE DEMOCRAT FROM BALTIMORE? CALLING TRUMP A RACIST WHEN TRUMP ASKED HIM WHERE WAS THE FEDERAL FUNDS MONEY FOR BALTIMORE? He was poison three weeks later!

  71. Pelosi showing her hate that has built up in head since she first ran for a Congress seat! She knows she trying hard to bring AMERICA to a civil War! Lynching is not a chokehold! It involves a ROPE! Something that the DEMOCRAT PARTY has around the black race neck since the 60’s! All these government program just to keep the black race from living a SUCCESSFUL LIFE!

  72. Poor Nancy is a vindictive nut case. The Democratic nut farm members have lost their way. It feels like they are setting up the country for a civil war. They better build a lot of safe spaces because the millennials will need them. Real Americans still believe in the US Constitution.

  73. Most of the commiecrats that were elected to Congress in 2018 promised to vote against Nancy for house speaker. They proved to be liars. No surprise there. They let AOC run the Congress because they know that Nancy, like retard joe, is too stupid to do the job. The commiecrats have lost what little mind that they had. But their stupidity is dangerous for America. Right Julio and snott27?

  74. I’m still laughing at Drunken Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats for their kneeling wearing “Slave Trader Scarves” in their photo op. Then to add fuel to the fire she complained about having to kneel for 8 minutes – what kind of “Good Catholic” would do that?

  75. Well, being a Democrat Pelosi should be an authority on “lynching”. After all wasn’t it the Democrats who did the lynching of blacks after the civil war. Wasn’t the KKK made up of 100% Democrats?

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