Everyone thought Nancy Pelosi lost her mind when she used this one word

Democrats are in a panic.

Polls for Donald Trump and the GOP are on the upswing and their dreams of seizing control of Congress have been dealt a serious blow.

Pelosi tried to stop the bleeding but she used one word that had everyone thinking she has lost it.

The surge in popularity for Donald Trump’s tax bill is powering the GOP resurgence.

A Survey Monkey poll published in the New York Times showed that 51 percent of Americans now had a favorable opinion of the tax legislations.

Voters are seeing the benefits in the form of bigger take home pay and bonuses.

Pelosi committed a horrific gaffe when she referred to these as “crumbs.”

Now she is trying help the Democrats regain their political footing, but instead she is digging an even deeper hole.

She’s out blasting the GOP tax bill as “unpatriotic.”

And it’s leading many to wonder if she has lost her marbles.

NKT Networks reports:

“Pelosi said that instead, Republicans passed the GOP tax bill in the dead of night so that America people would not know about the legislation, allowing Republicans to “pin a rose on it,” as she described it.

“If what you’re doing is cutting the taxes at the high end and therefore not being allowed to invest in the future, you’re doing a grave disservice to our country,” Pelosi said.

A participant at the town hall interjected that it was unpatriotic.

“It’s unpatriotic,” Pelosi agreed. “I wish we could have come together to do a fair tax bill, but it is about our country.”

Labeling a bill that increased take home pay for every day Americans as “unpatriotic” is a bizarre statement.

It puts the Democrats on the wrong side of a growing economy.

Will it kill their 2018 chances?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.




    • let ’em keep it up! The laughs they provide us are great and are the best evidence of their obstructionism and show the American people just who they are. Too bad this came 9 years too late and we wouldn’t have a lot of these problems caused by these thieves and antim American traitors!

  2. How does this make any sense:
    “If what you’re doing is cutting the taxes at the high end and therefore not being allowed to invest in the future, you’re doing a grave disservice to our country,” Pelosi said.
    Her therefore and mine are opposing: cutting taxes at the high end allow the high end to make their own investments in the future, not the ones she wants the government to make. Oh, then she is not involved. Great news! Marie Antoinette can rest in peace.

    • Tell fancy Nancy to get qet a heart and life and also tell her that if she really cared for the middle class she and all of her Dem fiends ever want to win again they should work with Republicans instead of resisting and obstructing an get on the Trump train.

      • This liberal thief is one of the wealthies politicians and along with diabnne feinstein, they’re worth 300,000,000 million dollars each, thet’s MILLIONS of dolllars and don’t give a rat’s ASS about anyone else other than dianne and nancy. just ask people in california who have to live with the desisions of these worthless thieving hags!

  3. How about the latest re Ca. ‘appointment’ Illegal Mateo to a State
    0ffice position. The Trump administration is criticizing the State of California over a decision to appoint an illegal alien, Lizbeth Mateo, to a statewide office.
    Mateo was appointed last week to the Student Opportunity and Access Program Project Grant Advisory Committee by the State Senate Rules Committee.


  4. She got some nerve, talking about passage of legislation in the middle of the night. Ever hear of a little bill called The Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare?

  5. Democraps are ALWAYS on the wrong side of a healthy economy, in fact they are always on the wrong side of freedom and prosperity and a strong America. They are the enemy of the American system. They are more like Nazi’s or commies or Fascists or the like.

  6. Pelosi has wet brain she needs to retire she doesn’t know what she is talking about half of the time! But Democrats need to keep her because she is doing so much damage to their party and so is HIllary as long as they keep running their mouths about things they know nothing about they are good for republicans! So keep up the good work! MAGA


    • baggie boobs, 3 inch heels, big mouth, wrinkles all over, yaa, and she can stand up an wave those man hands of hers, in a skin tight dress, dyed hair, who is she trying to look important for the deplorables of this society , the american people as hillary called us.
      when will that old bag get over the fact shes done and go to bengazi.

  8. They will NEVER pass term limits; it would be against their principles (if they had any) We need a national referendum to pass it, and it’s high time!!!

    • They do not vote for these liberal crooks. They are the experts on stealing elections. Look how they made Hillary collect 56% of the vote, in a state where crooked Hillary had 26% support and Bernie had 65% of the support. We have to have honest elections if we want to have a government that represents our people and serves our needs. We can not allow this mass eclection fraud to continue.

    • Everyone should be aware my now that liberalism is a mental disorder. Concerning Pelosi she is a loose cannon and a loose cannon in politics is never a good thing but IF she had a brain she would be a truly dangerous woman

    • the problem with the water in california is too much mexican piss, it causes brain shrinkage. as you can see in the pelosi comments and the other democrat wizard who wants to use guns on pres. trump.

  9. Heil Hitlary!!! Nancy should have DEMANDED that she be added to the Dem’s 2016 presidential campaign slate as VP. Can’t you just see just how WONDERFUL our beloved homeland would be if those two dingbats had that kind of power. This is precisely why we have so many people fleeing to the hills in absolute panic.

  10. Doesn’t matter how goofy she is, Bay Area Dems will keep re-electing her to represent them in the House and House Dems will keep re-electing her to be their leader.

  11. She has a problem putting a sentence together, therefore, she will never make sense. God Bless the good people of California. Say goodbye Nancy.

  12. You don’t have to think that Nancy Polosi just lost her mind,she lost her mind a long time ago,she is and always has been a total liberal wacko

    • Yes term limits. And to Billy Bob yes there are elections, but it is hard for a new comer to unseat one who has held office along time. They have a war chest that is hard to beat and a lot of support from corporations that want favors.
      So term limits is better. We have them for the president, mayors, governors, why not them? They keep blaming the president who is in office yet they are in for decades some of them. Are we any better off?

    • I hate to break the news to you barbara, but ‘n’nasty’ nancy piglosi is worth about 300 million dollars, that’s 300 MILLION! This thief has stolen too damned much of my hard earned tax dollars and hopefuly the people of California are starting to realize she along with dianne feinstein, jerry ‘the clown’ brown and governor wannabee gavin newsoam are all comlicit in theft of tax dollars and i believe the legal term is EMBEZZLEMENT and the destrucyion of this once great state and tunring it into a dirty crime ridden and unaffordable S**THOLE, sad to say!!

  13. You can’t loose what you don’t have, she’s been Clueless to what American Citizens want for a very, very long time!!!! She thinks we don’t know what’s Best For Us and that She has the right to make OUR decisions for us……again, she’s totally Clueless to anything beyond her self…..

    • My wife and I have been married since 1963 ..she is now in a nursing home with dementia. My money ID running out and I don’t know what to do…please help
      Thank you

  14. We all know an old person who has crossed the line into some sort of diminished mental faculties. We care for them,and take them out of situations where they may harm themselves or others. This woman must have some dirt on the people that could do this. Why else would anyone allow this humiliation to our system continue?
    Slip a strong benzo into her green-tea,and get her into a nice,ritzy nursing home.

  15. I would say that Peloosi has just lost her mind, but that would be a lie, she lost that a long time ago. Something that comes out of this bitties clap trap will make you laugh. From one day to the next she has no idea who the real president is anymore. She can’t even bring herself to say, President Trump, she said that herself and keeps saying Bush or Clinton or anyone except Trump. No, this broad is off her medications again.

  16. It has long been the position of ALL liberals that to allow people to keep more of of their monies is the same as STEALING that money from the nefarious pockets that the liberals wished to line.

  17. This is standard nancy. Lies and confusion. Mass confusion on her part. With her continue confusion she makes the Dimms chances less. I do not know how the 2081 elections will go, But keeping goofy nancy around, I believe it does not help the Dimms chances.

    • Nancy is Embarrassing &&& 0n a Lotta ‘meds’, sorry to say.
      A New Day IS Coming, for sure – the Direction is Frightening.
      We have Temp. Band-aid w/Trump, Need Way More back-up.
      What do you see After Trump ???

    • I am sure you meant 2018 elections and not 2081 elections. Hopefully the bag of hot air will be long gone by then. Hopefully she will be gone in 2018.

  18. I remember well, ‘bomba Care was passed “in the dead of night” on Christmas Eve.
    No 0ne Read it. The rule Was, Sign First / Read Later …& that’s what ‘they’ Did…

    • ps. much of the Funding was usurped from Fannie Mae / Freddie Mac.

      Amen – Pres.DJT et al- THANK YOU – the ‘Individual Mandate’ IS GONE!!! (as i am ‘Alternative/Holistic’ type person ) & N0 Longer
      FORCED/taxed/Penalized in Forced Policy … hitler did that to his ppl before WWll… ie. universal healthcare/ free schooling &&&
      DISARMED. a bit off topic.

      >X-treme Left becomes Irate to Violence w/ Lower Taxes – reduces funding for ‘illegals’ etc in Welfare programs, thus a ‘lesser’ Vote.

  19. Pelosi thinks that the 39% tax rates that corporations were paying is a tax on the corporations. They pass the tax cost onto their customers, you and me! She’s an absolute idiot and doesn’t understand anything about the economy. Either that, or she just thinks Americans have to be paying interest on the national debt to our debt slave masters. If democrats want to take credit for saving America, repeal the phony debt money act issued by the federal reserve bankers. United States Notes are the answer!

  20. This old hag is a total WACKJOB. She needs to resign and put herself out to pasture. TAX HIKES ARE UNPATRIOTIC NOT TAX CUTS. What the hell is she bitching about she’s getting a nice big fat tax cut. So, shut the hell up Pelosi and crawl back into your coffin.

  21. If the tax breaks and bonuses are “crumbs” then please, give me more crumbs! She wouldn’t know a patriotic action if it bit her in the butt. All she knows is how to take from the American People. Could you please when she quoted MLK? I mean the quote she chose “groups of people are not meant to live with inordinate wealth, while other groups live in abject poverty”! She is the one living with inordinate wealth, while the rest of us live in abject poverty. What a HYPOCRITE!

  22. She did not just lose her mind. She lost it over 20 years ago. She may have been crazy all along. I have never heard her saying anything that made sense. She often doubles down on her stupidity. But let her keep talking. The more she says the better it is for Conservatives. But if our President keeps caving to the fake news media(Gun control) and to the demo rats(daca) he is going to lose followers.

  23. TERM LIMITS, No retirement, Go on Social Security and Medicare like the rest of us. No voting for your own pay raises.TERM LIMITS< TERM LIMITS< TERM LIMITS!!!!!!!

      • amen serving was a privilege not a way to get rich. harry reed is worth 400 million. did he save his paychecks. at 175 thousand a year/ has he been in office 400 years

    • Jim, the Congress is already term-limited, its called “ELECTIONS”. If your idea is so great then get off your butt, get out there, VOLUNTEER, WORK, and CONTRIBUTE ALL of your surplus cash to the candidate or candidates of your choice. In all due respect, simpleton ideas are for simpleton voters. I’m betting that you’re better than that.

      • Surplus cash?
        What’s that.
        Anything I get from Trump will have to be used to pay off debts incurred during the Obama administration.

      • I agree to term limits–it is unfortunate that too many nut jobs live in CA and keep reelecting her. They cannot see that they are living in poverty while she rakes in multi-millions of dollars for doing absolutely nothing for the people of her state and doing everything for herself. She is a hypocrite to the worst degree possible.

          • I would like to think that Republicans and Conservatives are getting smarter everyday. The left ? They only get dumber, if that’s possible. The fact that some of these brain dead politicians keep getting elected is sure sign that the people that vote them in are either just as stupid or are here illegally living off the taxpayer dime.

      • You’re wrong, Billy Bob Jones. We have term limits (aside from elections) for Presidents; there also need to be term limits for other elected officials, particularly Congressmen and Senators.

  24. Well, no surprise here. Pelosi, Waters,Schumer, Jackson-Lee, Warren. All pees of the same pod. A pod that obviously is rotting from the inside out. Nothing any of them ever say should surprise anyone. I think another name that could be added to this group is Adam Schiff. Hell, I guess I could go on-and-on with Dems that should be on a List of Congressional Looney Toons. I mean DAH? 🤪🤯

    • Isn’t it amazing how these democrats show up in Washington without a nickel in their pocket and 1 term later they are all millionaires. The only one that comes up short in comparison to the others is dumb ass Chuck Shumer, but I think he has his money hidden away somewhere, he is just too crooked.

      • If I go to a senator or congressman and offer any- thing of value, that would be bribery. If a lobbyist does the same thing that is “OK”. WHY??? Is it because most lobbyists are former congressman or senators.
        Why is this not a crime. An honest politicians would not allow this

    • That statement about illegals mowing the lawn proves that ‘Crumbs’ Pelosi is a Racists when it comes to Chicano or Mexican American citizens. Can you imagine the grief that ‘Crumbs’ Pelosi would call down on herself if she equated Africa American citizens with picking cotton!

  25. One man’s crumbs are another man’s cake- how about the voters in her jurisdiction show her what crumbs really are! And our country is riding on the mental health of this one? GOD help us!

    • Good idea Mare, except that Nancy (Crumbs) Pelosi does not live in the US House District that she is elected to represent. There is no requirement in the Constitution that a member of the House MUST be a resident of the House District that he or she is elected to represents. In fact ‘Crumbs’ Pelosi is a glaring example of White Privilege because her house district was Gerrymandered to help elect a poor under represented minority but ‘Crumbs’ Pelosi used her very own White Privilege to snag that House Seat for herself.

  26. The author is WRONG. Nutsy cannot loose her mind for you CANNOT loose something you NEVER had. The Democraps are trying to sell the LIE that Trump has mental problems but Nutsy CANNOT remember who is in the White House or how to do her Job. The Democraps HATE that Trump gave money back to the people as he promised which took money from Democraps vote buying scheme. Trump did what the Democraps have LIES abouf doing for the LAST 57 years which is actually cut middle class Americans taxes. Just like DACA Democraps only want the ISSUE not a REAL WORKING FIX. This holds true for every issue facing America. Look at the gun issue they blame the gun but the person who is at fault they make every excuse in the world. They deny that FACTS that people are the source of crime and EVIL not objects they use for their crimes. Nutsy and every other Democrap are BRAINLESS there for CANNOT be out of their mind.

  27. Nancy Pelosi just made the comment that a good immigration bill would be to just “mow the lawn”. This is insanity and even the stupid Democrats know it. Hilarious!

    • Linda, think of all the grief that ‘Crumbs’ Pelosi would call down on herself if she talked about African Americans and picking cotton like that. It just goes to prove that “Crumbs’ doesn’t have the best interest of the Black or the Brown citizens in her district in mind when she opens her mouth to stick her foot in her face.

  28. the demarat party all of them have gone bat shit crazy just listen to them.from texas,calif, newyork, florda, wisconsin, massachesets, conn ,utal mn, arizona,every one of those demarats talk shit and burry there heads in the sand on real topics

  29. They are blowing it big time. The more that unamerican lady opens her pie hole the better it is for republicans so let her speak.

      • Billy Joe Wages I feel sorry for those who are not WILLFULLY IGNORANT LIBERALS that are in her district. That holds true for those who due to the WILLFUL IGNORANCE of LIBERALS are CURSED with having any Democrap represente them in DC. Nutsy and company are the type of people NO ONE who is HONEST and TRUTHFUL could feel sorry for even if they were about to be the sushi at a Cannibal dinner. They make you feel sorry for the Cannibals.

  30. She is no longer a VIP to her party. She is acting desperate to get attention that she has had
    for many years. She has let this eat her up. By the way, what gang is she reaching out to with
    her right hand? Sorry, but please bow out gracefully. You are bringing down your party with these idiotic remarks. Please retire before you embarrass your family again.

  31. ONE WORD?!?
    Christ on a pogo stick, the last ten years of her career qualifies her for a permanent residence at the laughing academy!

    • “Nancy Pelosi used one word that left everyone thinking she lost her mind”?

      Evidently this means she hasn’t been rabid for the past decade or so. 🙂

  32. A good number of incumbents have announced their retirement before the next election. Why can’t she? She got choked on many issues already. Seem that her Californian liberal thinking is becoming … unnatural.

  33. Pelosi, Schumer, REED and ALL the rest of the Democrats need to head there selves to there own Grave Sites, as all they are is a bunch of WALKING DEAD that cannot bring any good to Our Country…..They only think about themselves and nobody else like they were elected to do….
    Democrats will BURY this Country if they are allowed to continue….and the WORST needs to be Indicted immediately and then work on down the list…..

    • Ronald, ‘Dirty’ Harry Reed has been drawing his retirement since 12:00PM on January 3rd, 2016. Since he despaired being lucky enough in 2016 to have the Nevada Tea Party nominate a Republican version of Nancy ‘Crumbs’ Peloci to run against him like the Tea Party did with Sharron Angle in 2010.

  34. Apparently she doesn’t have enough money – she wants all of it for herself and her rich friends. God forbid anyone else should be “wealthy”.

    • Connie, people do NOT need to be wealthy. But, we do need to be comfortable in having the necessities in life like a roof over our heads, basic, but decent food every day, the chance to take a bath/shower every day and clean clothing to wear. This would be a HUGE beginning for man people in this country!


  35. The only people who do not realize that Nancy Pelosi is a crazy as a s**thouse rat are the people who have their own issues to deal with. She also said that President Trump’s tax cuts would only benefit the rich. Now she is whining because President Trump’s tax reforms – she lost a tax benefit on her 3 multi-million dollar mansions in California and is expected to pay her “fair share” in property taxes just like every other California home owner without benefit of claiming them on her income tax. Too bad those tax cuts only benefitted the rich huh Nancy?

  36. America does not want Pelosi’s crumbs since she leaves Americans out of her biddings so she can live in mansions and take our tax money to benefit anti americans and her demo crew. HIT THE ROAD..And don’t come back Pelosi

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