Nancy Pelosi waived the white flag of surrender in one fight that could cost her everything

Nancy Pelosi made a major mistake.

This was a massive self-inflicted wound.

And Nancy Pelosi waived the white flag of surrender in one fight that could cost her everything.

Democrats are struggling to raise the debt ceiling by trillions of dollars.

Republicans won’t provide any votes and Democrats fear adding trillions in debt to the $3.5 trillion socialist welfare bill will sink it with the Party’s moderate members.

So Pelosi needed to round up 218 Democrat votes to pass a debt ceiling increase tied to a new government funding bill to try and pressure Republicans to allow Democrats to suspend the debt ceiling until next year.

If Democrats can suspend the debt ceiling they can avoid having to raise taxes by a specific number of trillions of dollars which Democrats fear will wind up in campaign commercials.

Pelosi and her pals aren’t stupid – so they’re trying to hide their Socialist vision for America.

But the radical-wing in Pelosi’s caucus – politicians like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar – aren’t afraid to put their Socialist plans on full display.

They knew they had Pelosi over a barrel and used their leverage to block one billion dollars in funding for Israel’s Iron Dome missile shield in exchange for their vote.

The Iron Dome is supposed to help protect Israel from missiles fired by the terrorist group Hamas.

Republicans slammed Pelosi for caving into anti-Semitic radicals in her caucus who do not care if innocent Israelis live or die.

This blunder by Pelosi is now sure to show up in Republican attack ads next fall and it added another negative headline in a series of difficult news cycles for Democrats.

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