Nancy Pelosi was caught red-handed telling one lie that ruined the Democrats

Nancy Pelosi has a problem telling the truth.

Her addiction to falsehoods just came back to bite her.

That’s because she was caught red-handed telling this big lie that ruined the Democrats.

Pelosi and President Trump are locked in a back-and-forth over the government shut down.

The Speaker thought she scored a major victory when she fired off a letter demanding Trump cancel the State of the Union.

Trump responded by revoking a delegation of Democrats’ – including Pelosi – ability to use a military aircraft to travel to Afghanistan for a photo op.

Pelosi and then the Democrats then claimed they tried to arrange commercial air transport but that Trump foiled that plan by leaking the information.

Brietbart reports:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) on Friday canceled a visit to Afghanistan, accusing the White House of leaking commercial travel plans to the war zone after President Donald Trump denied her and other Democrats access to a military aircraft for a seven-day foreign trip.

“We weren’t going to go because we had a report from Afghanistan that the president outing out trip had made feet on the ground much more dangerous because it’s a signal to bad actors that we were coming,” Pelosi told reporters on Friday. “The fact that they would leak that we were flying commercial is a danger not only to us but to other people.

It is “very irresponsible on the part of the president,” Pelosi said of the purported leak. She would not answer how she learned that the White House had leaked the information.

In a statement, the White House denied leaking the speaker’s flight plans, calling the accusation “a flat out lie.”

“When the Speaker of the house and about 20 others from Capitol Hill decide to book their own commercial flights to Afghanistan, the world is going to find out. The idea we would leak anything that would put the safety and security of any American at risk is a flat out lie,” said the White House.

The White House responded by calling Pelosi a liar.

And her accusation crossed the line.

Political disagreements are one thing.

But she accused the President of trying to assist terrorists in murdering her and other Democrats.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


  1. Laurel you are spot on with this post dumbocrats would stoop this low to gain power Firing squad or hanging her choice

  2. You might think Trump is the Pu$$y, but he’s played this hand very well. The first shut down he caved – at the last minute. But what’s looming ahead will be on pelosi’s shoulders! She’s back into a corner and will get blamed for holding out this time! I love it! The more damage, disruption, chaos and confusion we can cause for them the better. Trump lives for exactly this sort of charade, he just knows how to win!

  3. She is the evil spirit of Jezebel as spoken of in the bible and identified by God as such. Shoe mer is her husband with no cojones just deceit in the mouth and full of it too. They too must answer to our Father whether they believe or not. Hell is waiting on you and yes you will be naked for the world to see.

  4. There you go with the lies again Dingle Barry. You moronic demonRATS just can’t tell the truth can you? ANY of the former Confederate States?? BULL SHT! At least three of them have much lower crime rates than Kalafornication & I wouldn’t trust any statistics put out by the fascist/communist demonRATS anyway. Get off our site you lying commie troll. Your BS stinks like all the rest of you sewer rats.

  5. If you live in any of the former Confederacy you live in the highest crime rate it states in the entire union with the exception of Alaska and New Mexico

  6. How ironic of Polocie…..she’s so worried about her security, and yet not worried about our security! She has a high wall around her house, why build it ,if it don’t work? She has security around the clock with guns, and wants to take everyone else’s guns! What a damn HIPICRIT!

  7. I wouldn’t you are full of anything but lies and the unwavering talent to see only what others do, embellish it and ignore what they themselves, the Democrats do. Look up the videos of Obama, Schumer and Biden who stated prior to the 2016 election regarding Illegal immigration. Back then, all those fine politicians were for border security.
    The Democratic Party has turned to flip flopping on the issues just to try and discredit President Trump.

  8. I wouldn’t say Dr. J.D. is full of anything but lies and the unwavering talent to see only what others do, embellish it and ignore what they themselves, the Democrats do. Look up the videos of Obama, Schumer and Biden stated prior to the 2016election regarding Illegal immigration.
    The Democratic Party has turned to flip flopping on the issues just to try and discredit President Trump. You probably already know this so I’ll copy and paste this so Dr. John Doe can’t ignore more of the facts. Take care.

  9. Yeah, well, she’s Suspect #1 now, so the MIB ????????????
    aka FBI/SS and half the Pentagon are watching her now. She can’t fart that they don’t tape record it.
    I’m out of here. Too many Communist trolls on here today for my liking. BYE!

  10. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
    CNN? WaPo? NYT? MSNBC?

  11. I think Bill Clinton is on adrenochrome. Remember during HRC campaign they called a Dr to give Bill his 2 daily injections of clear brown liquid? Bill was so sick and out of it. The Dr they got said he couldn’t inject anyone with anything he couldn’t identify. HRC was pissed! They called a second Dr who took Bill behind the curtains on the jet, and injected him. He came bouncing back out, rosy cheeked and smiling. The first Dr wondered what the shots were: vitamins? Amphetamines? What?

  12. Oh, sorry…the Liar in Chief, Barack Obama, left office two years ago. We have a President now who KEEPS HIS PROMISES and TELLS THE TRUTH!

  13. What about her “treasonous actions”, like conspiring to blow up the WH so she could be president? (Thank you, Donna Brazile, for letting the cat out of the bag).

  14. August…I’m not sure whether to laugh my ass off or puke my guts out. Darth Vader Ginsburg is one of the most evil and corrupt judges in history (performing gay weddings before she voted to legalize them).
    That “narcissistic wannabe-dictator” in the White House has done more FOR our country than ten Obama’s could ever do. He has kept every campaign promise except the Wall, and that’s because of the obstructionist Democrats in the House, led by the deceitful, mafiosi Nazi Pee-lousy, who just got “busted” plotting to blow up the WH and kill DT and MP, as well as a lot of other innocent people who just work in the White House. She knows they (the MIB aka SS and FBI) are watching her now ????????
    She’s Suspect #1.

  15. Let’s see…JFK was the most unfaithful husband who ever lived…LBJ had mistresses (Madelaine Duncan Brown for one)…
    Bill Clinton was a SERIAL RAPIST and philanderer, and Shillery LIED, called his victims BIMBOS…and ruined their reputations and lives…
    Barack Obama was a regular patron at the gay bathhouses in Chicago, where they have unprotected sex with STRANGERS…
    His “wife” is transgender, not even a transSEXUAL! He still has his parts.
    Speaking of Shillery, she sold 20% of our uranium to the Russians…Obama was caught on a live mic telling the Russian PM he could negotiate better “after the election” when he was back in office… and good old Maxine Waters, has Russian bank accounts.
    Name one time either Clinton or Obama EVER told the truth? Clinton was disbarred for lying to Congress. Counting the true statements is easier than counting the lies, Mr. Fact Checker.
    Fact Check this…
    You wouldn’t know truth if it hit you in the face, Mr. Truthistruth

  16. You are the one who needs the reality check! Name ONE thing Trump promised that he hasn’t done? Oh yeah! The Wall. Not for a lack of trying, just lack of cooperation on the Democrat side of the aisle.
    I’m sure you are bluffing about all the evidence of Global Warming…or Climate Change…oh, now they are calling it Extreme Weather!
    It’s true, this planet is undergoing a heating spell…just like it has MANY times in it’s history…just like the cooling spells called ICE AGES!
    Even if we have contributed to it by letting our cows fart, why not go after CHINA AND INDIA, the two biggest polluters in history? Not the US. We are not to blame for all the world’s problems, despite what your Marxist friends have told you!

  17. Voting FOR the Wall was all for show, as it has been for the last 4 or 5 presidents. Silly you! Things like that are good for our country never REALLY happen!
    Just like Osama’s “shovel-ready jobs”.

  18. No, she claims to be a devout Catholic. A disgrace to my Church! I wish her priest would deny her Communion because of her votes for abortion, just like John Kerry. Hahaha.
    They are trying to ex-communicate Cuomo of NY too. I wish they would. They are a disgrace to Christianity.

  19. She just needed to get out of Dodge while the mentally unhinged jihadist (and the FBI brass) blew up the White House, killing DT and MP, but also hundreds of innocent people who work there: cooks, drivers, cleaners, and maintenance
    Anyway, it’s called “Plausable Deniability”.
    Nancy: I had NO idea this would happen. How awful!I was out of the country at the time! How awful…wait, I’m President now?

  20. I wish that was true, but it’s not. The top two that popped up on Google were and
    Apparently you can fly to and from Kabul for around $1500, depending on your point of departure.
    Nazi Piglousi’s destination should be Hell with a layover in the Lake of Fire.

  21. I don’t know how Max dares show her wrinkled up old face in public. She has NO SHAME! She has been named the most corrupt politician in DC several times.
    People just keep voting her into office: have you seen her District? It makes skid row look like Club Med, while she wastes her time planning how to “Impeash fawty fie”.
    What’s really scary is that she is on the Finance Committee controlling the banks, along with AOC. Max will
    steal them blind, and AOC isn’t smart enough to balance her checkbook. I heard her credit rating was just over 400!

  22. I can hardly wait for that day to come! The other losers are losers, but conspiring to assassinate the President and his VP during a war? That’s past treason. She and her co-conspirators on that trip should all be hanged. I don’t think she ever thought it would be found out.
    I thought something was up when the FBI arrested a jihadist who had a COPY OF THE FLOOR PLAN OF THE WHITE HOUSE! You can’t buy those at a tourist shop in DC. The next day was when she was “put off the bus”, so to speak. Thank God for Donna Brazile’s big mouth! Why isn’t she sweating it out in an interrogation room right now? Find out what she knows before they scoop Nazi up and throw her in jail. Life in the US would be so much easier without her in office. One down, the rest of the swamp to go.

  23. Funny, we the People is in Portland. I used to work just a few blocks from there. We the People, despite the name, had mostly very Left-Leaning petitions, typical for Portland. That’s why we left Oregon
    I’m not about to sign any of them, or pay to join.

  24. Miguel, obviously YOU are the pussy, because Nazi Pelosi lost her big “power play” with Trump. She is losing the support of her party.
    You need to go back to wherever your caravan came from: get out of MY country unless you can show some respect for our President.

  25. Ha! Trump just got trumped by Pelosi. Now, the Orange Blob is caught between two strong women, Pelosi and Coulter!!! Which one will he dare grab by the pussy? Actually, Trump’s the pussy!

  26. I believe Nancy Pilosi should be drug tested as she always looks like she is high as a kite. We know she drinks like a fish and probable is an alcoholic so why doesn’t the president make her go into rehab for a few months and see how the demodcrats act when she is gone. She is a poor excuse for a leader of the House of Representatives!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Pelosi had it all set up. While she was out of the country Trump and Pence would be assassinated. She brought a large contingent of family and other traitors with her so that she would be with friendlies, witnesses and trusted contingent of deep state puppets.
    When she returned, she had planned to be welcomed by masses of belated unhinged liberals. Queen Pelosi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Trump was about a half dozen chess moves ahead of her however and he quickly stopped her move and almost checkmated her
    It’s just a matter of time before she loses the game. She will then be tried for treason and will die right alongside Hillary and Obama.


  28. Well Betty. Very clever using the word retard(s) twice in one sentence.
    What, are you repeating the 8th. grade?
    I would bet $10 you sounded off every word as you typed.
    More than likely at the top of your lungs.

  29. I agree with everything you wrote. However, I’m not so sure “We” blew it”.
    It is within the realm of possibility, that there are more idiots in this country than we bargained for. And the Democrats are shoring things up by wanting more illegal immigrants in this country and grant them the ability to vote.
    Please notice, I didn’t say the right or privilege to vote. Just the ability.

  30. Hmmmm, that may sound like a good idea. But more than likely, it will be Pelosi (Schumer, Bloomberg or Feinstein) in control of the Martial Law.
    Please observe, they are building up to that now.
    First step, criminalize and delete the 2nd. Amendment.

  31. Keith D – Her lips are still moving well after she’s done talking. I guess she’s playing in her mind the next lie she will tell.

  32. I am glad that the President called out Nanny Pelosi for the LIE she told! But he would have to stay on 24/7/365 to catch all of her lies. In fact I have yet to hear her say ONE true thing, EVER!

  33. RightWriter – I understand there is an ongoing investigation of voter fraud during the 2018 midterms (go figure). I don’t think there’s a final report yet. I hope it exposes many.

  34. Truth Wins – Yeah, a Californian who is for Trump and wall. I’m a native Californian but moved in 1994 due to cost of living. It wasn’t as political as it is now – that alone would be a reason for me leaving now. I still have most of my family there. I pray for them daily.


  36. Sharon: I hope what you’re saying happens soon. All we hear about is Clinton/Pelosi/Maxine/Chucky and others GOING DOWN. Although there is more proof of their guilt than ANYTHING they can improvise for President Trump, I haven’t seen ONE get their just desserts yet! Let justice be served!

  37. She may be (I agree she IS) a total jerk, but like it or not, she’s a total jerk with a LOT of POWER. However we may hate it, she IS Speaker of the House of Representatives, third in line to the Presidency (pray hard for President Trump and Vice President Pence), which makes her leader of the Democrat MAJORITY (we blew it!) in the House of Representatives. Assuming she CAN exercise some control of her majority caucus (245 Members of the House vs. 199 Republicans), SHE is in charge. Worse, once a party takes control of the House by a margin as large as the Dems have now, they’re VERY hard to get rid of — it COULD take TEN YEARS before Republicans can take back the House, possibly even longer).

  38. ‘mini’ g’ Yes. __
    GOOD jfk ‘dems’ Rare,
    basically No Longer Exist
    Except for a V. slight ‘spark’.
    > Adjusted words. Let’s see if
    this get’s thru. God Bless U/yours
    Frances. SAVE USA.

  39. A bunch of Demonrats are under investigation. They all will be going down, along with a few FBI agents before Trump leaves office in another six years. LMDAO Suck it up Demonrats ,because he will get another term!


    Signed ////
    Stockton, California

  41. The Pres made 1 mistake…He should have waited til the wicked witch landed in Afghanistan to cancel her flight & then removed her security ????

  42. Pelosi – the old hag should be put out to pasture and forgotten. She is nothing more than a total jerk.

  43. She needs to be drug tested for Nazi Beliefs. Her actions are as Un-American as any foreign enemies that would attack us. They said that America is so Powerful that, America could only fall from within. Maybe there needs to be a close investigation of who Pelosi actually represents.

  44. You are so right!! The far left has left our Country in grave danger and they don’t seem to care. We as people and a fantastic Country should not tolerate the hateful attacks on law abiding citizens.

  45. She is a ‘mini’ satan god (little ‘g’)
    Dems Are ‘coming 0ut’ & want to go
    w/POTUS For the ‘Sake of 0UR Country’.
    > Some GOOD Dems SEE. Their hands are tied
    & may be ‘blackballed’@ Pelosi & her
    ‘shotgunn wimp rider)schumer, ahem cough-cough,
    ARE BLOCKING the ‘Good Dems’.

  46. She is a ‘mini’ satan god (little ‘g’)
    Dems Are ‘coming 0ut’ & want to go
    w/POTUS For the ‘Sake of 0UR Country’.
    > Some GOOD Dems SEE. Their hands are tied
    & may be ‘blackballed’. Pelosi & her
    ‘shotgunn wimp rider)schumer, ahem cough-cough,
    ARE BLOCKING the ‘Good Dems’.

  47. Nancy Pelosi knows that given the opportunity she would give terrorists the information to kill President Trump so she assumes that everyone is as evil as she is.

  48. Nutsy is a Democrap which means if she is breathing she is LYING. Well in her and Hitlery’s case they LIE even if they are long past breathing as is apparent with their advanced ages prove. Their smell is another sign they have long past the living stage.

  49. repost @ april. V.V. Important.
    Take 15 min. Get 0FF msm tvnews.
    KNOW ‘Brief History Bio’ re Pelosi.
    >Post 0ften & E’vry Where. SO PPL ‘KNOW’.
    JANUARY 21, 2019 AT 5:36 PM
    who really is Nancy Pelosi, it will send chills through your body
    > & for the ‘advanced’: ‘Q’. boom.

  50. Gerald Ladd. ABSOLUTELY.
    = WHEN ‘DID’ she EVER CARE 0r
    visit 0ur Soldiers = NEVER !
    > But when she visited ‘pope’ she
    IN ‘Blasphemy’ ‘washed feet’. W/
    ‘franks’ permission. Epitome of Bigotry/
    Hypocrisy. wow. ___ ‘lucifer/satan’ minions,
    at best In ‘full ‘Dis-play’. 0u. 0uch.

  51. Nancy Pelosi is a lying, anti-American traitor! She needs culling, as does Chuck Schumer. I’ve grown tired of the arrogant disregard that they show for the American People. They think that we are insignificant and that they are above the law, just like the Clintons and Obamas. I’m one American Patriot that is ready, willing and able to prove to them that they aren’t!

    We have reached a point when we can no longer afford to ignore the lawlessness and treason within our government. Our enemies, both foreign and domestic are coming at US like a pack of starving wolves and it’s them or US. I choose US!

  52. Kudos april.
    ALL NEED ‘turn 0FF’ msm, 15 min
    Know This – pelosi’s closet.
    > POTUS KNOWS & IS >Kind IN
    Many respects.
    > i know ‘Q’ april, Thnx.
    > PPL ! WTFU. that’s all. VIEW THIS.
    & Absorb re pelosi etc. Maybe 2x to
    ‘get it’. boom__

  53. The best Oscumma “truth” of all – “If you you like your insurance, you can keep your insurance.”

  54. FYI: the ‘w’ word (wall) is 0ffensive
    to many.
    > Say “BARRIER” 0r “Physical BARRIER”
    >Dems are ‘leaning’ 6 already. More want
    to come on board. pelosi blocks.

  55. Hi Di. pay time. Say “thank you”.
    ‘i’ Lied 0ver 50,000 x. Gotta a
    ‘prob’ w/that. How many you got ???

  56. Remember When pelosi sees popey &
    ‘washes feet’. Remember ‘THAT’ ? I DO__
    She IS a Bigot/Hypocrite & NOT to mention
    BLASPHEMOUS. Period. ___
    ps. i ‘AM’ a ‘recovering’ RC. boom.

  57. 0n ‘babie’ abortion meds. Way past Botox.
    Search: Adrenochrome / + Ambrosia.
    > HIGHLY ‘taboo’ subject ‘matter’.
    Ahem, cough-cough.

  58. 0n ‘babie’ abortion meds. Way past Botox.
    Search: Adrenochrome / + Ambrosia.
    > HIGHLY ‘taboo’ subject ‘matter’.
    Ahem, cough-cough.

  59. Realitycheck. ( & please do a ‘reality >Check<)
    Your 'logic' In 'this case'
    IS QUITE ERRONEOUS. Bluntly put, WRONG<.

  60. reality check, Well if you were to take the time to really check it out a lot of these scientists, scholars, historians, economists and journalists have lied to us. Also Obama was one of the biggest lairs of all. You should read “252 Documented Examples of Barack Obama’s Lying, Lawbreaking, Corruption, Cronyism, etc.” August 29,2013. Liberals seem to believe what ever the left wants them to without checking it out for themselves, especially if it’s about Trump or conservatives. Oh ya, I worked with Historians, Scholars and Scientist for a lot of years.

  61. > Perhaps POTUS ‘protected’ Even ‘them’ From
    a ‘nasty’. Ever think of that?
    > Also NO ‘commercial flights To a ‘war zone’.

  62. Bentley. EXPLAIN W/example(s) Failing
    Economic Policy. FYI: the Executive Branch
    Does NOT Make Laws. Congress Makes Laws.
    > How can you input a comm w/0ut Basic knowledge.

  63. Yes, Correct, POTUS Sent 1st Lady/Son to Mar-a-Lago.
    PERHAPS there WAS ‘Intel’ to get 0UT of ‘dodge’. Capish.

  64. She does do that and she is always doing something strange with her mouth is that her dentures don’t fit properly or is it like a nervous tick that she has with her mouth? I don’t understand what it is as she does she certainly does lie and Schumer lies as well we all know that politicians lie. How about term limits they’re never going to happen why not? Because neither the the of the House of Representatives or the Senate will vote for term limits never going to happen. Also our founding fathers never lived past 60 most of them, anyways, so they didn’t put term limits in it wasn’t issue that they thought that they knewhow to deal with.

  65. It’s probably already been pointed out that you can’t fly commercial to Afganistan from the U.S. as it is a war zone.

  66. Best damn post I’ve ever read… Right on man I’m with you ???? there are a few million of us who feel this way…

  67. I agree Annette! Nanny and crying Chuckie wouldn’t know how to tell the truth if it beat them over the head! I also agree that POTUS should get all the money he needs to build the whole wall! So we don’t have to go through this again

  68. She has nothing to do with the government. Piglosi is speaker of house, her job is to fix the problems not make it worse like her and her cronies aare doing. They don’t care at all about the real people of this country, just the non citizens that they want to vote for them and to give them our hard earned money.

  69. Term limits, no pension or health care and most of all, no insider trading. If caught, lose all money and property and jail time mediatory No if ands or buts..

  70. And pay their own healthcare. Why should we have to pay for their families also. They don’t do anything at all for we the people and spend about $70,000 a year on illegals. WE need to take our country back once and for all,period.

  71. You people are crazy. You would not book flights on a commercial flight. No room for all your secret service people. You must need a whole lot of them since your about the worse hated woman in the U.S. But can you trust them now that you insulted them?

  72. Corruption Runs Deep….Now let’s hope and Pray that the President and the Republicans step up and get the jobs done.!Start Lockum up.

  73. Are you really that stupid Trump NEVER HAD THE SIXTY VOTES IN THE SENATE TO PASS THE BILL FOR THE WALL.lets just tax all the money sent out of America 10% I send money to the Philippines every month would be glad to pay the tax and I’m 100% disabled

  74. Polosi and Schumer are both liers. How do you two sleep at night. Bet you don’t sleep much. My god what is wrong with you crazy people. You have cost way over the $5.7 billion Trump asked for. Now I hope he does the emergency and asks for other price of $ 25 Billion. Should just get the whole amount while he is at it

  75. Ive only seen! Pictures of Corrupt Nancy with Muslim terrorist….! Three were just elected into the government and look where them dam Demorats put them! Where the$$$$$ is….! Maxie, Chucky,nancy, Killary,obo, Soros and more All need to be investigated….. Drain the evil, corrupt, terrorist Out of We the People’s house now… Lockum up……….

  76. Ive only seen! Pictures of Corrupt Nancy with Muslim terrorist….! Three were just elected into the government and look where them dam Demorats put them! Where the$$$$$ is….! Maxie, Chucky,nancy, Killary,obo, Soros and more All need to be investigated….. Drain the evil, corrupt, terrorist Out of We the People’s house now… Lockum up……….

  77. The demon rats are just power hungry, I think lies from demon rat number one is committing political drowning with no life preserver. They don’t want the wall, they want a system they can shut down and let them in , like Obozo did with blacks burning cities. Let them vent and cross the border. Ask your respective representatives exsplain the thousands of dollar tax returns for the illegals and claims made of people that never came to the country. It makes me sick of dems.

  78. She also lied about the “Trump responded by revoking a delegation of Democrats’ – including Pelosi – ability to use a military aircraft to travel to Afghanistan for a photo op.Their was no Delegation ,it was 7 Democrats the rest of 300 yes 300 ,were Family and Friends going on Vacation on Tax payers Dime with a Fully stock Military Jet of Booze ,Wine ,and FOOD. She thought she had Won and now it was Party TIME for 7 days that she didn’t have to stay in DC and Negotiate..Those poor 800k works really believe she is working for them..Wake up Democrats you no longer have a Party..MAGA..

  79. All the people you listed ,working and getting paid by the government one way or the other. They say what they have to to keep the grant monies flowing. And the “reality tv star” gets paid nothing by the tax payers.

  80. Most of the nuts have been in office 30-40 years. They created all the problems and now want to convince us they have the solutions.


  82. Term Limits, live by same laws as public does, stop the stealing if caught prison, do away with pensions go on ssi same as public!

  83. And why does Pelosi have a wall around her mansion? I thought walls were immoral. And where is the “compassion” that she wouldn’t even meet with the Mothers who lost their children to illegal immigrants murdering them? And why did the DemeoRats vote FOR the Wall in the years before Trump? And now all of a sudden they are against it. Let’s see some specific answers to these specific questions. Who is first?

  84. This proof that Nancy and many others in Politic Power are ADDICTED to political power. Their actions are hardcore denial and withdrawal.

  85. Yeah, but it was ok when Oscumma did it during his regime and the media used that photo of the child in a cage that was also taken during the Oscumma regime against Trump which backfired big time. Your low life “leaders” and their media puppets care nothing about the safety and security of this nation. They only want the limelight and FaceTime and will do NOTHING about illegal immigration. They have failed for over 20 years to do ANYTHING!

  86. yep, SUPPORTING the ENEMIES of America….then talking about patriotism and American “values”…!!!! Some REALLY DON’T know of WHAT they are talking about….Very, very CLEAR with THIS/his post…..!!!

  87. If Trump loves this country so much, then why is he doing the bidding of Putin, trying to get the USA out of NATO, dropping all sanctions on Russia, unwilling to sanction Saudi Prince for brutal murder of American journalist, kowtowing to Kim Jong Un and taking so much money from Mar-O-Lago and DC hotel of government money – – for trips and secret service.

    If Trump is so smart, then why did his college professor say to everyone that Trump “was the dumbest g^dd^mn student he had in 30 years”? Sadly, Trump has the capacity, but it is Trump’s laziness and arrogance that contributes to his ignorance and led many of his own staff to call him an “idiot.”

  88. More than Trump who has shown he does not even care about ripping children from their parents, or about creating THE LONGEST GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN IN HISTORY.

  89. Welcome back, Scott 27. I loved the post by reality check that said: “How sad it is – – – believing that scientists, scholars, historians.
    economists and journalists have devoted their whole lives to deceiving you – – – while a reality-TV star with decades of fraud and exhaustively-documented lying is your only beacon of honesty.” When evidence surfaces, the Trumpers call everyone but the liar in chief is in error or lying . . . and they don’t recognize themselves as cult followers.

  90. Overlooked fact – – -ever since 9/11 when everyone became aware, with some planes piloted by terrorists could have taken out the POTUS and Vice-POTUS at the same time = meaning the Speaker of the House is next in line – – that they extended the Speaker to have the protection of flying military aircraft. Nancy as next in line after the VP, has that right.

  91. HOW . . . . can you then . . . .. support a man who has been fact checked daily by the Toronto Star DC bureau chief and has tracked over 6,000 lies or misinformation put out by Trump!?! If you are SO upset about liars, how can you support someone who blatantly lies several times a day?!? He lied about his affairs, lied about the payoffs, said Cohen paid out of his own pocket (whopper) lied about his campaign having collusion/conspiracy with Russia.

  92. What do these CROOKS need to fly around the world for at this crucial time anyway….Plus, in case nobody has told her yet, our MILITARY guys have NO interest in seeing HER or any other of her CROOKED MINIONS….They LOVE the President O N L Y….!!!!

  93. How sad it is – – – believing that scientists, scholars, historians.
    economists and journalists have devoted their whole lives to deceiving you – – – while a reality-TV star with decades of fraud and exhaustively-documented lying is your only beacon of honesty.

  94. No, it was Paloozer’s office, Skippy Schiff and the others that were going to take ANOTHER junket, at the taxpayers expense, while they do nothing about the shut down. Get your worthless backsides to the negotiations table and work this out like adults you are supposed to be.

  95. Trump sends his wife down to his Floida golf resort on a military plane…
    More pornogaphy from the Republicans, along with failing economic policy.

  96. LIE LIE LIE..that’s all you hear the DIM wits say about Trump 24/7…Now we know they just make stuff up..and the sheep follow them

  97. Actually it was the MSM(brothers & sisters in liars)! Trump cancelled the trip as he should have, but he did not put it in the paper or on the news tickers.
    Big difference!

    The House rejected a GOP measure to pay furloughed workers but keep the government closed in a 222-195 vote.

    Six Democrats voted for the GOP measure, offered as an alternative to a Democratic bill to reopen the government.

    The House rejected a GOP measure to pay furloughed workers but keep the government closed in a 222-195 vote.

    Six Democrats voted for the GOP measure, offered as an alternative to a Democratic bill to reopen the government.

  100. Too many seem to forget that during his campaign he repeatedly promised in front of bigly crowds that Mexico would pay the wall!????
    Now it’s time for him to prove he’s the man worthy of his words and use his tremendous self proclaimed negotiator skills and just accomplish that. ????
    Insane promise of course but he made it and his voters bought it. ????
    So he’s picked the wrong negotiaton opposition: it’s Mexico he should be cajoling—not harassing Democrats!????
    And why now?
    For two years he’s had republican majority in both chambers—why didn’t he demand the funding then?
    Why wait when the votes would not be secure?????

  101. Scott is definetly NOT on a
    ‘high horse’ ( A Horse would
    dump him in a heartbeat & maybe
    even ‘stomp’ him) bwar har-har.
    Horses ‘smell’ bad ppl & don’t
    like them. Scott, is ‘high’ 0n
    ‘something else’, kinda like jd .

  102. Almost but the delusional narcissistic megalomaniac wannabe dictator???? is now in the White House and honorable judge Ginsburg is one of the few remaining defendants of democracy ????

  103. Actually it was White House who leaked the information just by making the denial public. ????
    If they don’t realize that they have serious problems in logical and rational thinking—as well as patriotic GOP Christian people commenting here…????

  104. ALL LIARS shall have their part in the lake that burneth with fire and brimstone according to Revelation 21:8 no fire extinguisher can put that fire out, no priest or preacher can get you out of that place. She has no fear of God she just his name to deceive people to make them think she is a good person when she isn’t. Pelosi is a child of Satan because Jesus said, “That is a LIAR from the beginning and the father of ALL LIES.” That removes all doubt who she is kin too.

  105. Nancy is a Catholic because her parents decided she be baptized as an infant. Nancy. Decided her own version of her religion. It is called A & P Catholicism go to the credo and pick and choose what dogmas you wish to follow. The rest you throw away because they either inhibit making the money you want or they interfere with your political ambition.

  106. Nancy is a LIAR Nancy is a LIAR, and to boot lying to your own people the democrats, shame on you for taking advantage of tax payers taking their money for a trip to Afghanistan again shame on you for stealing from the tax payer by taking money to pay for your trips, it’s time to give President Trump the money to fix that damn wall, before more trash comes out about you, can you stoop any lower Nancy you are a embarrassment to your party and yourself how can any one ever trust you again,(not that I want to). Nancy you are a real scumbag.

  107. President Trump did say that they could go. He just made an error by stopping their departure due to tax payer expense. It’s to bad they are in office. The sooner they are removed the better it will be for all. I guess we noticed that they really didn’t want to go in the first place since going commercial is beneath them. True despicable hypocrites.

  108. poloser has so many millions , but wants taxpayers to pay for her vacations!!!! JUST LIKE OBUMMER DID, COULD NOT OR DID NOT PAY HIS SCHOOL LOANS UNTIL ELECTED president!!!!

    PAY THEIR OWN WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  110. Let the terrorists kidnap Pelosi; so what? Nobody would pay the ransom since it would be a chance to get rid of her.

  111. Oh my, Rep. Pelosi lies? Really? Whoa, what a charge! Well, after looking back at her various statements since she has been the Speaker twice I must say you are correct. Now, what is disturbing, the Democratic Party Members really do not care if she bull-flat lies. They keep on putting her in office and Speaker. That should say something about the honesty of the Demo Party. Don’t you think?

  112. I wonder whose going to make it to the cemetery first Miss Nancy P or Ruth B Ginsberg one can only hope that might breakdown and make the trip together after that we can celebrate ITS MILLER TIME.

  113. Hey Nancy!
    Islamic terrorists would have no reason to come after you except to honor you.
    Between you and Obama, you are terrorist’s best friend!

  114. I am sure teaching them what no good liars they really are President has got to be tuff to take the Bull Chit these low lives a lesson Chuck and Nance are dumb as a rock yes he Got mad and Left AS ARRAGANT AS NANCE WAS OFFERING $1.00 Dollar for the wall SO FAR HE IS THE BEST WE HAVE HAD IN MY 87 YEARS THESE PEOPLE STRIVE ON IGNORANCE AND STUPITY PERIOD !!!!!!!!!!!!

  115. Eddy, Yes it is sad that no one is perfect. Unfortunately President Trump did make that error in judgement. It’s a sad day. That error in judgement just brought us 1 day closer to Civil War II.

  116. The President should have let those Demo-Lib swamp creatures fly into Afganistan. Terrorists could have possibly solved all our problems.

  117. And your true queen Hildebeast is the absolute harbinger of the demoscum truth? Yeah right! Paloozer is nothing more than a lying pawn of hers and none of them give a flying buzzards sh!t about the Constitution or the legal American citizens.

  118. This is the real issue. TERM LIMITS.
    Trick question #1: Why did the framers of the Constitution NOT put in term limits?
    Answer: Because the average life expectancy foe a white male in 1789 was 40 years. No vaccines. No antibiotics. No anesthesia. No exotic surgeries. Pregnancy could be a death sentence. Even a simple urinary tract infection could kill you. Ergo, not even a consideration.
    Logical question #1; Why did the Constitution become amended so that a U.S. President could not run for more than 2 terms?
    Answer: So that we would not have despots or dictators…like we have now in the Senate and the House. The equivalent of despotic, wealthy Earls and Barons who are only self serving swamp creatures.
    Resolution: TERM LIMITS. And a secondary clause allowing Supreme Court Justices to serve 10 years…maximum. Perhaps only five. Otherwise you end up with the likes of the the likes of RBG. One foot in the grave.
    And how about a mental status evaluation for anyone over age 65 or someone deemed to be a sociopath or a psychotic?

  119. Scott: I reread Judy’s post very carefully, and I could not find anything that was inaccurate. Please point out the untruths. Thank you.

  120. Ive read and reread all these reports (especially FOX News) and nowhere did it say they would be traveling by commercial-air (key words – “will be”). He said if they want to travel, go commercially, which ALL government personnel should do, or fly stand-by. I ACCUSE pelosi OF TREASONOUS REMARKS AGAINST PRES. TRUMP!!

  121. Amen & Amen to not listening to the true news. How simple minded it is to believe the lies those hungry news people throw out with no facts behind them. One is starved to try to get ahead of the other. We all know how that works!

  122. There is no doubt about it. She is definitely mentally unstable, and that is the best that could be said about her. She is also a corrupt, lying hypocrite. She can’t fly because someone knew she was coming, making it to dangerous. She won’t make any effort to help with the wall, leaving all of us in danger from illegal aliens, but according to her that’s ok. Every time she opens her mouth, she lies, or says something really stupid. She and her cronies are Americas greatest danger.

  123. Maybe “Pig”losi’s brain(?) was botoxed into Oblivion that is filled with unadulterated Botox chemicals!

  124. Sonny, you just named it. Just last week there was a Muslim article that said : By , I believe it was year 2030 , the Muslims would have enough Muslim Representatives and Senators in The House and Senate to ” RUN ” the United States Government. That’s the reason there are more of them , Plus , Mexicans , in our Government, NOW . These supposedly Immigrant Citizens do not give a tinkers damn about, ” American Citizenship ” and freedom. All they want is the Power to change America to a Muslim Society.

  125. I agree, she does have a mental problem. Just watch her. She will be speaking her rant and all of a sudden she goes blank and when she starts talking again it is unrecognizable gibberish. I believe every person in congress should have an evaluation every four years.

  126. Pelosi is a Pathalogical liar. In addition to that she cannot put two consecutive sentences together, and mumbles mindlessly. It is frightening to think this washed up old Hag is third in line to the Presidency, and IS THE FACE OF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY.
    That party is doomed, with leadership like Pelosi, Schumer and Durbin, who are in this for no reason to hold power and line their own pockets. Thieves and Liars all.

  127. Birds of the same feather flock together! Pig”losi” is a poor excuse for a human being along with Wa”turds”!

  128. President Trump and loves this country more than you ever has, has more brains in litter finger than you do in your idiotic body, every time you run your mouth you show you have NO brains at all.

  129. You are delusional, keep on sucking communist democrat teat and believing all their lies, if their mouths move they are lying along with lamestream meadia and you too. Pathetic is your ignorance.

  130. This idiot along with Chuckie needs to be officially named enemy’s of the State. These 2 should be tried for Treason.

  131. Don’t all you fools recognize that Presidentress Pelosi is equal to the President of the United States? So if she ever summons you to an audience, remember to remove hats or other head gear or she might do what Dracula did to some Muslim emissaries who refused to remove their hats and promptly had them nailed to their heads!

  132. Son you is drinking way to much MSM Koolaid – de-program before you become even more stupider. CNN – Putin gives Trump his orders, only an idiot would nod his head and say Yep

    Sure it would just be wonderful to have 3-6 million more Muslims in the USA so we can begin the transition to Sharia Law and then just open the southern border completely and let all of Mexico and South America into the USA and then we can have a country where immigrants rule like over in Europe , Sweden , Germany

  133. The reasons are simple – Trump is a republican, which they hate ALL republicans. Also he BEAT their queen Hildebeast. Hence the endless lies from media and the relentless two year tantrums from the demowhiners.

  134. Ronsch, here we go again, trying to quote the main stream conspiracy news again when you know damned well the media hates Trump. Pleas quote some lies that you personally know about. I will also give some lies that Obama told that the media let slide. Obama lied about “keep your doctor, keep your insurance plan, average family saving 2500 dollars. Then we have Obama changing laws with out congress, the ACA start date was changed by Obama illegally. Changing federal immigration laws by EO, DACA when Obama himself said he did not have the authority to do and congress would have to do it. How about “It was a video” concerning the Libyan Ambassador. How about claiming executive privilege when Holder was being questioned by congress about Fast and Furious? Anyway, please give some examples.

  135. Scott27, so you are quoting main stream conspiracy news again?? Whet the hell is that?? None of the main stream conspiracy news likes Trump, they haven’t since day one with no explanation. How the hell did they know how Trump would govern? No one knew. That is the point. The conspiracy news media started right in on him and they have not let up. They lie and distort the news so all you idiots can get riled up. Maybe you are smart enough to see that it is the conspiracy news media that is dividing this nation, or have you not been paying attention?

  136. Not demofats its dumbocraps!! She lied on no security for the state of the union address she lied about commercial airlines she is a person who is only worried about her power!After the POTUS speech she proved it by chucking 800,000 workers under the bus along with DACA people.

  137. The proven can’t happen wirh Democrat criminal law enforcement in charge of investigations and in the roles of Jury and Judge.

  138. it time to come together as citizen of the usa and work together as you are being paid to do you were voted in office to settle thing in congress to make a better america not to fight on tv see who is got the biggest lie .Pelosi who is at age is not of sound mine to make decision for the younger people who need to study the constitution of the usa we the people voted the president in to make a better country for us all to live in we need to get God back ln our lives

  139. So…..Pelosi said it was ‘irresponsible for the president to dance her trip to Afghanistan’….NO! It was irresponsible for YOU to live the country with YOU being a main person negotiating with the President on the WALL!!! AND…with eighty-six persons with you! I’m sure you have done this many times with the TAXPAYERS footing the bill. Now, I will say this again…PUT THE WALL VOTE NOW!!! You just want to make the President look bad, but YOU are looking VERY BAD, because when Obama was president, the Democrats voted to build a WALL….now, because President Trump wants it (AND THE MAJORITY OF THE AMERICAN WANT THE WALL) YOU now don’t want toe WALL. Put the wall bill for a vote!!!!

  140. Nancy Pelosi is supposedly a Catholic. Then she shows up at a Planned Parenthood event. Has Nancy Pelosi been drug tested?

  141. Jim Sullivan – Mike would probably be charged with sexual assault or rape. Probably even before they met in person.

  142. Scott: Perhaps you need to get off your high horse and listen or watch another news channel or perhaps you do not want too. Everything Judy said is true get on the Internet and check out everything she posted if you dare. And do not use CBS, NBC OR ABC OR Breitbart that is how you do not know what is really going on in this world.

  143. Bob Trahan – What? Obama never lied? LOL. I wonder how many scandals on Obabma after all the investigations are over. I think Obama meant that no scandals had been uncovered yet.

  144. ATT. theolddog:
    I have never heard Trump
    lie //// And if he did lie,
    it probably had something to
    do with saving your ass!

    Signed ////
    Stockton, California


  145. Speaking of believing anything. Do you honestly thing Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer have our country’s best interest in mind?

  146. Yes, Mike, you are soooo right!!! She ranks right up there with ISIS as the #1 enemy of the USA and Freedom!!

  147. You are the pathetic and delusional one! The simple fact you wont listen to FACTS as well as the truth is saddening!You are the total fool to think that Islam belongs here in the U.S. the self proclaimed enemies of our culture and religious freedoms! If you feel anything the left is doing is right or righteous then u are one lost human being and the biggest fool i have seen yet online!You wont get it until its too late for you!When FEMA comes to call i sure hope you go willingly!!!?You seem to be the one that will swallow what ever the left is feeding you! Bet your an atheist too arent you? May “only” and “always” GOD BLESS AMERICA!

  148. Judy is right! But perhaps YOU are too brain-washed to know it– (or gas lighted to use your expression)

  149. Pelosi ruined the Democrats when she was voted to be the Speaker she is nothing but a liar, word twister and a crook that uses people, she was thought well in Boston

  150. Diane….Wake up! You’ve bought into the lamestream media and communist, left wing radical piglosi & schumer rhetoric…very naïve:(

  151. Well, Leslie, those weren’t the sources I had in mind, but they would certainly give you a balancing view. Not sure about Buzzfeed, but the others you note here are serious enough about facts that when they get something wrong.. as everyone does occasionally, those sources have enough integrity to own it, apologize and correct it. When did you ever see that in the sources you follow?

  152. Scott 27
    (like being in Wal-Mart)

    Signed ////
    Stockton, California


  153. Hmmm.. I think it may have something to do with a serious lack of “proven,” Bob. We used to live in a country bound by the rule of law until this most current administration took over. This country is not Trump University… or Trump Airlines… or Trump Casinos… or Trump Steaks… all of which failed miserable for reasons ranging from outright fraud to incompetence.

  154. But you just keep buddying up to those russians (now drumpf wants to use russian-owned steel in his wall, idiots).. because they certainly have your and our nation’s best interests at heart.

  155. I would be more concerned about a plot to assassinate Pres. Trump and V.P. Mike Pence by Pelosi thugs. That would make her President of the United States. That’s a very scary thought. There was already a thwarted attempt just last week but the guy was arrested in the attempted plot by undercover FBI. The necessecity for her and her extended family, personal security and staff to leave the country leaves me to wonder, why the rush during a shutdown? I sure hope there’s extra security for Pres. Trump and family, Mike Pence and family and all those close to the president. This reeks of something bad yet to come.

  156. Perhaps, Michael, the one you call president should read the Constitution; except I forgot, he doesn’t read. Someone could explain it to him, perhaps.

  157. Don
    Be better than they are. Nancy does not care about any issue or policy. She does not care about America or Americans. She cares about her power only. As you say all politicians lie. All people lie. But few mix lying with arrogance and a general lack of integrity as she does. She is morally bankrupt. Go ahead and defend her, that will say everything we need about you.

  158. There’s no reason to waste taxpayers dollars on the Democrat’s vacations calling it a trip for the troops. And throwing in a stop to kiss nato butt. That’s not any of Pelosi’s business any dealings with nato are the Presidents you corrupt carrier politicians are why the USA has such crappie deals now. Leave country business to a business man that knows how to run a country

  159. Exactly! They are, however, only serving themselves and Soros. I am sure they would be in debt, had he not financed all their campaigns, etc. They are towing the line for Soros as repayment.
    Oddly, Soros and Pelosi have large walled complexes. They should remove them since they object to the immorality of walls.

  160. Powerful women I am a woman and I don’t steal from the poor , I don’t lie about the President,I don’t use tax payers money to take my family on vacations and say it is business ,matter of fact what is a vacation just a word to me , I drive a 94 4×4 Chevy that might just make it back home on its own , I don’t have a wall built around my home as she does and you call her powerful , haha she is a loud mouth person who needs medical help badly , then you take the so called mouth that made the comment on tv what they was going to do to President Trump,excuse me I again am a women I would never use such language out in open let alone on national tv ,that’s not a woman at all so please don’t degrade real women by the likes of those you think are so powerful . You want real power , then by all means, call to God his son Jesus and President Donald Trump now that’s POWER !!!!!!!!!

  161. You “know by gossip”? Kara, are you even aware how ridiculous a statement that is? But come to think of it.. it really does fit right in with where most people seem to get their news on this site.

  162. You really need to look around, Judy. That post is so full of blatant lies and half truths and total distortions. There are other news sources besides Breitbart and Faux News.

  163. You can see that most people on this site are pro Trump and there are very few libs. I would say that you are totally outnumbered.

  164. “ruined the democrats”?? My word, you people will believe anything, no matter how outrageously made-up. You have been gaslighted for so long and so effectively by the liar in chief that you really don’t know much about the real world, do you? Shameful lack of patriotism and defacing of American values held since day one.

  165. This country is in a crisis and Pelosi, Schumer and the rest of the Dems keep taking vacations. She has repeatedly refused to meet with President Trump in order to negotiate an end to the shutdown, building the wall and securing our borders. She threatened House Reps not to meet with President Trump. 800,000 federal workers are not receiving paychecks but Pelosi, Schumer and the rest of the Dems are which is a national disgrace. She vacationed in Hawaii during the Christmas holidays during the shutdown. The Dems took another vacation in Puerto Rico with 100 lobbyists who were only there to bribe them and get what they could from them; and then Pelosi was going to take yet another vacation with other Dems using military transport all paid for by the American taxpayers. President Trump had a right to stop her and one would have hoped that she would’ve gotten a reality check that she should be in Washington doing the job to which she was elected and for which she’s paid by the American taxpayers but she refused. She must be forced to explain to the American people why she supports illegals, open borders, is against the wall being built and securing our nation and is willing to put American lives in jeopardy. And too, she continues to refuse to meet with the angel families of Americans who have been murdered by illegals. She has long forgotten that she was selected to serve and she works for the American people. The salaries an exorbitant expense accounts that Pelosi, Schumer and the rest of the Dems need to stop immediately. Once it hits them in the pocket that may give them a reality check that they’re supposed to be doing their jobs. It was always apparent that Pelosi is challenged mentally but the reports that she is an alcoholic are becoming more credible with each passing day. It’s a given that she doesn’t want President Trump to give a State of the Union message because he will legitimately outline her continuous refusals to negotiate and her abysmal failures for which she has no defense.

  166. Angel mothers went to visit piglosi at her office and she would not speak to them, she is a coward and she is a danger to the American citizens. She is putting herself before the country she is supposed to be serving. A total disgrace.

  167. One would think that the terrorists skulking about in Afghanistan would be loathe to do anything at all to a group of American liberals since they have ideologies that have so much in common.

  168. We know buy gossip that Nancy’s husband just wants her in DC but I wonder what about Schumer”s wife since he spends so much time with Nancy in public as well as private.
    She better start checking on him since we know all the DEMS have a lot of free time and that is where the gossip meal gets its info.

  169. I agree with SusanL. It is too bad that Pelosi and Schumer cannot put their efforts into promoting passing laws and regulations that are needed for the benefit of America. They have forgotten that they a a job to do and it is not okay just to play dirty nasty politics. They should reread and understand the oath they took to assume office. Maybe Nancy cannot remeber that long.

  170. You are the one needs to be behind bars for believing them Dem o rats.I will you one. thing. I guess you want be a slave of them

  171. Since Pelosi accused the President of trying to assist terrorists in murdering her and other Democrats, if you are so scared then resign from congress!!

  172. Oh BS Diane, many of us that are retired military and have worked for years for this government see the abuses and the lies on both sides of the fence! The biggest reason that Trump is in office is the fact that Hillary used an authorized and un-secure server. She belongs in prison where most of us in the intelligence and security fields would be if we had done what she did! And please do not give me that BS that many in government use un-secure servers! That is a blatant lie; Some abuse their email for personal use but that is not authorized and illegal depending on the extent of the abuse. But to set up an un-secure server in her home, to avoid being held accountable to her constituents, is highly illegal and borders on treason! Her use allowed other governments to access classified info for State Dept programs and may have resulted in the deaths of those working behind the scenes to protect this Country! As a prior Intel analyst and security manager working special programs, I wish I could personally arrest her and throw away the key! Her transgressions and arrogance are why you now have Trump in office!

  173. Pelosi and Schumer are so out of line. I am embarrassed for them and the Democrat party. These top level government officials will not agree to protect the Sovereignty of our Country and its Citizens.

  174. I agree with Rush’s name for him: Chuck You Schumer. And Pelosi? That idiot was already saying “no deal” before Trump even began his speech yesterday. Who the hell is this Diane? Go away. You are on the wrong message board

  175. Wow Mike, that Diane broad seems like a real winner. Why don’t you buy her a new dress and take her out for dinner. Of course I’m kidding. If she looks anything like her personality – she would be a real pig.

  176. Diane, no women are powerful. Not you, Democratos and republicans. You damn lousy women are going to hell for that matter. Listen up, i love my american people and my dear country. I am the most of powerful woman for my American country. You need get that damn straight!!!!!!

  177. No, you just completely and blindly support the worthless and perpetually lieing demomaggots who keep shoving their excrement into all of your orifices. Google can’t even begin to keep up with the lies your demigods and their main stream media puppets spew out. Wake up, go get a full body enema and see the real truth. If you can’t figure that out, then go get some bananas and scratch your armpits you useless demolemming.

  178. I am becoming more convinced that she and Maxine suffer from the onset of dementia. And I AM NOT joking.

  179. pelosi and shummer are liars and lowlifes liberal scumbags why should the American people pay for her traval when she and the democrats have caused the Government shut down screw her and her clown show.

  180. Google is so far left they are about to fall off the cliff. If you want to see lies then look up Obama. Also remember we need to sign the bill to see what’s in it. lmao. You libs are really sick and need help. Go to your safe space and suck on your pacifier.

  181. Yes, Diane, I would like for you to list 6,420 lies. Where do you get your information? You talk as if we are to take you at your word. So, if you want to convince us, please list them and tell us of your sources.

  182. We all know that Americans will NEVER be able to co-exist with these evil brainwashed lunatic liberal. Lock and load. Time to water the tree of liberty.

  183. Most idiots will find something and not understand a word of what’s said. I bet you think Obama never lied. Right? Take your meds and lay off of the kool aid.

  184. In general references to criminals above, why are not the proven criminals behind bars: obama, H. Clinton, Holder, Lynch, B. Clinton, Comey, Mueller and that’s just for starters.

  185. Jay – I DO support America…….just not the criminal that sits in the Oval Office (for now). He needs to be behind bars with the rest of his Crime Family.

  186. Mike W – want me to list all 6,420??? Just google Trump’s lies since inauguration. You know how to do that, don’t you? If not, get someone to help you. May I also suggest you turn off Faux AlmostNews…… your ignorance is showing.

  187. Nancy pig Pelosi has been speaker for two weeks or thereabouts – so when did she plan this
    trip?? And what makes her think she has authority over a sitting President to tell him when he can give his SOTU address? Complete insanity . Can you imagine Speaker Paul Ryan
    behaving this way towards obama?? The democrats have no respect for the office of the president or America! how shameful ! How do these people get elected? Term limits anyone?? God save America! Trump 2020 ????????????????????????

  188. What planet do you live on Diane?? You need medical help to deal with your TDS!
    Do yourself a favor and try researching the truth and support America!!

  189. powerful where — she is the biggest rip off artist and the biggest blowhard in Congress along with Diana and chuckie

  190. Do you mean like the woman who was President Trump’s campaign manager – and was the FIRST woman to ever do so. perhaps you are talking about the current first woman ever to be C.I.A. director?

  191. She is and always has been habitual, pathological liar. The Democrats are known to be unable to tell the truth. They put her back as speaker knowing how evil she is, now they will all fall like dominos, as she takes them down one at a time. She knows this is her last power grab and she cares nothing of anyone but Nancy. As long as the ignorant democraps let her run the show it is their suicide by Nancy.

  192. Pelosis’ real reason for not going to Afghanistan is because it is a pro-gun zone and if she packed then her extreme left opposition would eat her alive. Coward.

  193. Lying, cheating, creating demonstration, freak shows, violence and committing perjury is exactly what the liberal democratic party has performed in the last 3 months.

  194. Pelosi is the DNA for the DNC! How mny honest souls could anyone hopes to find within the DNC? “Birds of the same feathers flockkng together!” as they say!

  195. Oh well cry me a river ? you go to Afghanistan ,you old bat ! How does it feel ,you did not see that coming now did you ,we had a good laugh over that one .And neither did that daughter of your Just as blind as you Hope she can stop the bleeding haha

  196. Nancy Pelosi was caught red-handed telling one lie that ruined the Democrats



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