Nancy Pelosi was caught red-handed telling one lie that ruined the Democrats

Nancy Pelosi has a problem telling the truth.

Her addiction to falsehoods just came back to bite her.

That’s because she was caught red-handed telling this big lie that ruined the Democrats.

Pelosi and President Trump are locked in a back-and-forth over the government shut down.

The Speaker thought she scored a major victory when she fired off a letter demanding Trump cancel the State of the Union.

Trump responded by revoking a delegation of Democrats’ – including Pelosi – ability to use a military aircraft to travel to Afghanistan for a photo op.

Pelosi and then the Democrats then claimed they tried to arrange commercial air transport but that Trump foiled that plan by leaking the information.

Brietbart reports:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) on Friday canceled a visit to Afghanistan, accusing the White House of leaking commercial travel plans to the war zone after President Donald Trump denied her and other Democrats access to a military aircraft for a seven-day foreign trip.

“We weren’t going to go because we had a report from Afghanistan that the president outing out trip had made feet on the ground much more dangerous because it’s a signal to bad actors that we were coming,” Pelosi told reporters on Friday. “The fact that they would leak that we were flying commercial is a danger not only to us but to other people.

It is “very irresponsible on the part of the president,” Pelosi said of the purported leak. She would not answer how she learned that the White House had leaked the information.

In a statement, the White House denied leaking the speaker’s flight plans, calling the accusation “a flat out lie.”

“When the Speaker of the house and about 20 others from Capitol Hill decide to book their own commercial flights to Afghanistan, the world is going to find out. The idea we would leak anything that would put the safety and security of any American at risk is a flat out lie,” said the White House.

The White House responded by calling Pelosi a liar.

And her accusation crossed the line.

Political disagreements are one thing.

But she accused the President of trying to assist terrorists in murdering her and other Democrats.

We will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.